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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m., thursday, january 14 and developing this morning. we have a winner! , plus two more in the historic powerball drawing. find out where the winning tickets were sold. we're following an accident that sent two philadelphia police officers to the hospital. accuweather is tracking a warmup, plus some rain before the terms plummet again. tracking a warmup sounds good after yesterday. let's find out about that with david murphy and karen rogers has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: all right, guys we're off to a cold start, certainly cold enough for coats and gloves. take a look at satellite, a lot of cloud cover around this morning, we'll see breaks in the clouds as we go through the morning and in the afternoon. and a couple of snow showers earlier, they are pretty much off the map now. they were very quick and putting down nothing more than flurries. 27 degrees. 21 by allentown. 26 in wilmington. this afternoon we do see that
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expected improvement. by 88:00 a.m. 26 and noon, 38. 3:00 p.m., 43 degrees that's ten degrees better than yesterday. with windchills in the teens, it will feel like 25 degrees different. we have rain on the way, i'll detail that in the seven day forecast. karen, what about roads this morning. >> reporter: we have a couple of disabled vehicles. westbound on schuylkill expressway near montgomery drive a truck is stuck in the gore point. watch for that guy off to the side. as we switch our camera view, i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city looking good no delays from long horn and bensalem. so far so good on i-95. i-95 near the airport we have a disabled vehicle in the median, not blocking a lane at this point. the basement fire under control, but you may see crews in west
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philadelphia near race street. we have an issue with an accident police on the scene at broad street at walnut street. 42 northbound traffic no delays just yet maybe a tiny bit of volume coming in from deptford or turnersville. there were three winning tickets in the 1.6 billion-dollar powerball drawing. large crowds gathered outside a 7-eleven in chino, california late last night. one of the winning tickets was sold right there. now you would think the worker at the 7-eleven was the winner himself. it was standing-room only as the crowds chanted and screamed for him. the other owner was overjod about his convenience store
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becoming famous. the luckiest machine on the planet. make sure everybody comes in here to play. i'm very, very happy whoever bought the winning won from here. i'm thankful to the chino people who support me all yearlong. before you rip your tickets to shreds, there are second price winners in new jersey and pennsylvania worth 1 and $2 million. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, the powerball was 10 and the power play was 2. two philadelphia police officers were in the hospital after an overnight crash in an unmarked car after being hit by and alleged drunk driver. annie mccormick is at the accident investigation division with the latest details. >> reporter: it was described as a violent crash that sent two police officers to the hospital. they eventually did catch up with the suspect who is now in their custody.
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well, take a look at the video. this happened last night around 11:30 at the intersection of b street and east west moreland in kensington. that unmarked police car was responding to a call with lights and sirens activated when they were hit by a driver under the influence who ran a red light at the intersection. two plain clothes officers were inside the police car. one broke his finger and the other suffered head injuries both taken to temple hospital. the suspect ran, but 24th district officers nabbed him a short distance away. the 20-year-old driver climbed out the drivers side rear window of the nissan an fled on foot about four blocks west where he was apprehended by other 24th responding district officers on front street. when uniformed officers caught up with the 20-year-old male he
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struggled with and fought with the uniform police officers that took him into custody. >> reporter: and the suspect was taken to the local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. he was taken there initially. he will be charged with dui and resisting arrest. he was drive winning an spider license. reporting live outside the accident investigation division, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you, annie. hundreds came together at the city of victory church in wilmington to remember two young lives who were lost in a house fire. the mother escaped the fire with her 2-year-old but it was not able to return to save her 3-year-old and 3-month-old baby. the community has had an outpouring of donations for her and her husband mark. the fire is under investigation. allentown marry cavall is
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expected to plead guilty. the former finance director pleaded guilty on monday. allentown mayor has not been charged. the markets have been making investors queazy, a lot of down down down, we'll see if they have to reach for the pepto today. it's been a sharp selloff on worries of a disappointing season. futures are pointing to a mixed open. we have a report on jobless claims. new figures show the decline of gambling in atlantic city. casinos took in $2.5 billion that's less than half of what the industry made at its peek 9 years a ago.
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back over to you. it's getting colder. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live showing we are mainly dry, there were quick-hitting snow showers pushing through, the last one on the map right above where it says atlantic city. that is shooting toward the coast. in allentown and pottstown there might be some of this, none of it is heavy. sky6 live hd looking at center city. fair amount of cloud cover to start out, as we head into the morning and afternoon we are checking the return of sunshine. it's cold to start out, 27 degrees in philadelphia. i'll point out that the numbers are better than yesterday, but the big change we don't have that strong blustery wind we had yesterday morning and through the day. winds are lighter, it's a lot easier to take this 27 than yesterday's 22 or 23. 23 in trenton, 26 in millville. not a lot of wind. lots of cloud cover, as i
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mentioned, but there are breaks to the west and we'll transition to clouds and sun mix. in the lehigh valley, clouds and sun, not as bitter, coat weather, but not as windy. down the shore, clouds and sun, milder, 45. a little bit of a breeze, but not as blustery as yesterday. it's the same story in philadelphia, 43. ten degrees better than yesterday and feeling 20 to 25 degrees better because we don't have the windchills in the teens today. clouds and sun milder, running out of the west at 8 to 16 miles per hour. 26 by 8:00. 34 buy 11:00. 41 by 2:00 p.m., the high of 43 at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow, warm front comes through, we get up to 50 degrees, it will be milder, 50 degrees. by nighttime late at night into saturday morning we're looking at rain out of that, a quarter to a half inch.
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as late as 11:00 p.m., the rain may be south of philadelphia. overnight it builds through, 8:00 a.m. saturday morning, we're looking at rain pretty good here, maybe snow to the north and west of the area. by 11:30 or 12, most areas are drying out. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high 43 not as harsh. pursue on saturday, rain at night. sunday, brisk and chilledy high of 40. that's the average high for sunday's date. monday, mlk day, brisk, 33 degrees, windchills in the 20s and teens at times. we stay in the 30s and wednesday. italy shares key clues that led to a suspect nat murder of -- in the murder of an
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american woman. >> reporter: we are heading toward the northeast extension and accident. coming up, 89 best and the the -- the best and the worst oscars and aresy welcome ban
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cam is live in ardmore where you can still ea little bit of the leftover -- where you can still see a little bit of a leftover coating of flakes we had in the area. 6:13, 29 degrees. still decorated for christmas. karen, chestnuts are roasting on the open fire. >> reporter: we have an accident on the the northeast extension this is just coming into us, northeast extension southbound traveling at 35 miles per hour. the accident is blocking the right lane, the car ran into the median barrier. watch for emergency workers coming to the scene. expect slowing coming down from quakertown with the new accident on the northeast extension southbound. we have a disabled vehicle stuck over here. we have penndot on the scene, i-95 by the airport, as you you're heading southbound
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looking at penndot in the median, it's not causing a delay, not a big problem there. the accident in wood woodbury, gloucester county we have police on the scene there. cumberland construction blocking a lane northbound past main street. so far 55 looking good. 29 degrees in philadelphia. when you factor in the winds feels like the teens. yesterday the high was 29 which was terrible. 43 is the high today it will feel better than yesterday. emergency crews pulled three skiers from the mountains along a montana idaho border following an avalanche. they were near look out pass when they triggered an avalanche. one man was caught in the snow an partially buried. the other two men called for help and the injured man was flown to the hospital with a broken leg. we have details on the murder of an american in italy.
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ashley olson suffered two factors to the skull. she was found nude on her bed. senegalese man was arrested, he was seen on surveillance with olson the day before his death. camille cosby is said to be deposed january the 2 in connection with the lawsuit in massachusetts that accuses bill cosby of defaming 7 women. he faces criminal charges in pennsylvania. 6:15, coming up a preview of the oscar nominations just a few hours away you can watch them live right hear. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids warmly, we have temperatures in the 20s, with winds so much lighter it's not as harsh. this afternoon it will be
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milder. i'll have a look at the day planner forecast coming up next. we'll check out any precipitation at our most commonly traveled destinations. >> reporter: in tech bytes, user will be able to conduct free video conference calls from all mobile devices. they will be rolled out in the coming weeks. ford has unveiled a new could have service, drivers can book advance parking and arrange ride share twips expected to launch -- trips expected to launch in april. google maps has captured every tiny detail of the miniature wonderland that covers 8,000 miles of tracks which reminds me of mr. rogers'
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snrl a conshohocken neighborhood looked like an ice sculpture. a service line broke sending a geyser up in the air. the sub freezing temperatures caused the water to freeze and it clogged nearby drains causing a flood inside a business. >> reporter: every time we see those images, wow that was something. we have an accident on i-95 it doesn't look terribly serious, it's in a busy spot i-95 at cottman not seeing police on the scene just yet. you see everybody they don't have flares out, so they will get behind them and need to get off in the right hand lane.
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southbound jammed from past academy to cottman. live in delaware, i-95 approaching highland avenue no problems between the delaware state line and the airport. good to go on i-95. mass transit is looking good. >> reporter: cold morning, karen, temperatures in time 20s, not as windy as yesterday and we're on our way to a better afternoon. today's high, 43 around 3:00 p.m. a little bit breezy, but not like yesterday. you'll need a coat this afternoon, better than over the last couple of days. at the airport, no major delays or precipitation in our most commonly traveled destinations, it's out toward atlanta and dallas we have clear skies, i take that back, but up near jfk we have a the snow shower not causing any delays. "healthcheck," a new report finds dirt medical scopes did more damage than perceives known. three people got sick with life
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threatening super bugs. at least 25 outbreaks were tied to the specialized devices which are lighted tubes used down the mouth, throat and stomachs. they are used in 700,000 procedures each year in the u.s. a bill that would require child proof package for e-cigarettes is heading to the president's desk. calls about children who have ingested the nicotine liquidities have tripled in the last three years. nicotine can go deadly for children. flyers return home to face the rangers. they are down 2-1 in the third period, wayne simmons scored his 1 12th score of the season to start the sun -- the turn around.
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the flyers beat the bruins 3-2. still no word on when the eagles made a decision on the offensive coordinator doug peterson. he is talking about his interview said everything went great. he was a playoff game against the patriots to prepare for. he added for what he hears, the eagles have stopped interviewing additional candidates. eagles other than jeffrey lori is not talking. three stores across the country told winning powerball tickets. a live report is coming up at 6:30. >> reporter: a wing ticket -- a winning ticket was sold here, i'm have more coming up.
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looking at the tall buildings in center city philadelphia on this thursday morning, 6:25, 29 degrees on city avenue. getting a warmup from yesterday. yesterday was blustery. lady antebellum will perform saturday august 13 on the sands steel stage in bethlehem. tickets go on sale tuesday at 10:00 a.m. they start at 54 degrees, 6abc has been a proud sponsor of musikfest for more than a decade rumors are swirling about
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patty labelle, the 71-year-old is dating her 41-year-old friend. hollywood is hitting alarm extra early for the oscar nominations. the star wars is part of the buzz, is it going to rack up nods? will lee -- key cap decap decapt a nod. the razzys has been announced. 50 shades of gray and other films including paul blart mall cop ii.
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scriewp at her ascending -- jupiter ascending. powerball players are feeling the love coast to coast, find out where the winning tickets were sold. a series of gun battles and bombings in innotice -- indonesia are being compared to the paris attacks.
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developing now on "action news," a triple crown three tickets matched the record powerball drawing and we know where the winning tickets were sold. city under siege, indonesian police take down suspected terrorists who carried out attacks. a driver runs away after he realizes the other car was driven by police. good morning, everybody,
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you're looking at a a bunch of people who didn't win the powerball. >> reporter: we're cold, bus stop not as better as yesterday. satellite showed us we had flurries this popped through earlier. those are off the map. and cloud cover around. that will break up this morning. 26 in wilmington, 23 in trenton. 21 in allentown. if you look at the numbers, we do not have the strong winds we had yesterday, so it's easier to take. it will get better this afternoon. 26 degrees by 8:00 still cold there. noon, 38. 3:00 p.m., 43 that's ten degrees better than yesterday. it's going to feel about 20 degrees better this afternoon. we have rain coming in part of the weekend, i'll detail that in future tracker 6 coming up. karen. >> reporter: we have a couple of accidents in a bad spot i-95 southbound at cottman. the accident is right here, i'm surprised we're not seeing police on the scene. we're watching everybody get
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stuck behind them. blocking the left lane on i-95 southbound. no emergency workers on the scene. maybe they are stuck in the backlog. you can see how heavy traffic is. all it takes is one lane blocked and you jam up. we're jammed from past academy to cottman. an accident involving a car that ran into a median on the northeast extension southbound approaching lansdale. now you see speeds in the 20s, expect delays coming down from quakertown with the accidents and emergency workers responding to the scene. we have another new accident, allen torn road at oxford circle. the car filmed on its side. watch for that one. looking live on 422 eastbound traffic is getting heavy approaching trooper to 23, a ten minute ride a 3 minute delay from oaks to 202. developing overnight, powerball record jackpot will be
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split three ways, that's how many tickets matched the $1.6 billion drawing. that were sold in california, florida and tennessee. we go live outside the 7-eleven in chino hills, california. crowds showed up to celebrate, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, tam, someone who shopped at this 7-eleven is one in 292 million. those with the odds of locking down the niewj jackpot. -- huge jackpot. and a winning ticket was sold here. can you believe it, america. a wild record jackpot. >> reporter: it was a billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. the win powerball number good luck to you number 10. >> reporter: that moment changing the life of the lucky powerball player who bought one of the winning tickets here at this chino, california 7-eleven,
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crowds of people showing up last night after it was revealed. it's almost like we won even though we didn't, because the community won. >> reporter: call it a sign of powerball fever sweeping the nation. tickets selling at a frenetic point at rush hour. drawing long lines inspiring people to cross state borders from powerball 3 nevada into california. crossing national borders in the case of canadians like this. everyone has the fever. more than 300 million tickets sold wednesday for a prize that got too big to fit on billboards. but the cash value comes close, lottery officials reported it comes out $983.5 million.
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it's not just the jackpot winners who scored. lottery officials say there were 7 states with 2 million-dollar winners and 23 states with 1 million-dollar winners. the jackpot is back down to a measly 40 million bucks. i'll still take a winning ticket. let's take a look at the winning numbers because there are match five tickets in new jersey and pennsylvania worth 1 and $2 million. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 with a powerball of 10. the results are scrolling along the bottom of the screen. developing news, a fire tore through a row home this morning displacing four adults and two children. two people had to escape through a second story roof. nobody was hurt, crews have placed the fire under control. the red cross will help those displaced by the fire. new two philadelphia police
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officers suffered minor injuries when the driver slammed into the side of their unmarked patrol car. crime tape surrounded the scene. the 20-year-old driver stuck the patrolmen and climbed out of the rear window and started running. other responding officers caught up with the driver and took him into custody. he is suspected of driving drunk. a pregnant woman was a passenger in a pick up here had a crashed on the schuylkill expressway. police say the truck flipped over the median at the university city exit. the driver was heading westbound when he lost control and landed on the other side. he and the woman are in stable condition. police in philadelphia are investigating a deadly stabbing. a walgreens security guard found the victim in the parking lot behind the drugstore. this happened on the 300 block of north 63rd street. the 36-year-old man was stabbed multiple times and died at the hospital. the walgreens was open at the
6:36 am
time this happened, and police are looking over surveil ascertains video. time right now 6:36 fbi director james comey will visit the philadelphia field office this afternoon. comey confirmed the bureau is investigating the ambush shooting of the philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett calling it a terrorist attack. the suspect edward archer pledges allegiance to isis. a tip came in that he was part of a larger group of -- targeting police officers. police received a call from the jacob malone's lawyer. him he resign from the church in november and is currently out of the country. a philadelphia elementary school is closed for the rest of
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the week because of a boiler explosion. a may maintenance worker sufferd serious burns from the blast in west oak lane yesterday afternoon. the school is expected to reopen next week once the heating system is repaired. it's cold now, but we're getting a recovery today. >> reporter: we are, it's getting better this afternoon, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry, we have snow showers most of those are off the coast, looks like in reading or allentown, looks like you'll have one of those. as we take a look outside, we have cloud cover this morning we are expecting breaks in the clouds pretty quick and we should winds up with a mix of clouds and sun. tempts are cold, 27 degrees, winds are running at 8 miles per hour. unlike yesterday where we had single digit windchills today not as harsh. as we go through the day, it gets better. here's the cloud cover, breaks out to the west, breaks to the south. we'll get sun back into play and
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we'll call it a mix of sun and clouds. 28 degrees by 8:00. cold by 11, 34 degrees. the high today is 43 ten degrees better better than yesterday. the winds easing back a bit today. 5:00 p.m., 38 degrees, the high is 3:00, 3:30 p.m. more of the same, better temperatures north to south. 37 in allentown. 38 in reading, mid 40s down the shore. low to mid 40s closer to i-95. tomorrow we have a warm front coming through, behind it will get milder, high of 50. that's ten degrees above average. at night, into saturday morning, we have an area of low pressure that's going to be close enough to bring us a shield of rain, probably a quart inch to a half inch overall. future tracker 6 showing you by 11:00 friday night we're looking at this rain arriving. this is something that will push in late friday after we've
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enjoyed a nice high in the 50s by the afternoon. it rains overnight. by 7:30 it looks like rain. if you're heading past the poconos it could be snow. the whole thing gets out of here by lunchtime. that's consistent on the the models over the past couple of days. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, not as harsh, 43. more clouds an friday, a nice high of 50 the rain holds off until night. saturday morning, the rain ends by midday maybe before then. i could see sun returning in the afternoon. mild high of 48. sunday, back to reality day, average high of 40. monday, 33 degrees on martin luther king day, windchills in the 20s and teens at times. we stay in the 30s, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, as well, kids. thank you, david. 6:39 we're following developing news, a capitol city in asia
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comes under attack. a u.s. based company is at the center of the siege. cruel twist of fate for college students who spent their breaks helping others. >> reporter: the blue route, eastbound traffic is jammed as you head toward the curve with the accident scene. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway and i-95, a lot going on this morning. it's anything but your garden variety drug bust, see the smuggling operation in veggie form coming up next on "action news." > 6:42, look at those cars
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coming across the ben franklin bridge. 29 degrees to start. a little chilly, getting better later. let's head over to karen rogers it is a busy time on the roads. >> reporter: we have a couple of accidents coming in the latest one on i-95, southbound at cottman, a place that's jammed anyway. this is thes first accident scene i-95 we have the accident i watched a tow truck pull up, hopefully getting ready to tow this. we have penndot on the scene with the arrow board. i was showing this accident before any emergency workers got here blocking the left lane. we have a ventricle in the right lane -- we have a vehicle in the right lane. we have a penndot blocking the right lane, as well. if they block the right lane and the left lane you know you're
6:44 am
stuck. a mess on i-95 southbound creating a jam up from academy to cottman. we have penndot blocking the right lane as well as the left lane blocked here, only the middle lane getting by, that's a terrible situation. let's look at the backup, i-95 southbound a 26 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. you're heavy here, you really jam up approaching cottman, because at cottman you have the accident scene with the left lane, looks like the right lane blocked, as well. that's a big one on i-95. northeast extension southbound approaching lansdale we had an accident that ran into the median. it just cleared, but you're slow, 39 miles per hour, these lace -- delays are coming down from quakertown. allentown road blocked at green street an accident involving a tractor-trailer partially flipped over. sumneytown pike or 63 is the at night -- alternate for that one. germantown pike accident in
6:45 am
woodbury in gloucester county has cleared, so broad street is moving better. a quick look at temperatures, 27 degrees in philadelphia. tease -- feels like the teens. it's dry out there, even though we have the accidents popping up. in the afternoon, high of 43. several media outlets say isis has claimed responsibility for an attack in jakarta. witnesses heard an explosion near starbucks. one customer was hurt. all locations are closed as a precaution. the president said the situation is under control. the coordinated attacks are similar to those carried out in paris last year. an olympic gold medalist faces assault charges against her father.
6:46 am
peek a boo street pushed her father down one flight of stairs and locked him in the basement. street is expected to need not guilty. "good morning america" will have more coverage of street's arrest coming up after "action news." and new this morning, two new york college students and american health care worker was killed in a bus crash in honduras during a mission. this happened yesterday while they were on their way to the airport to fly back home. officials say the bus had a mechanical failure and veered off the road and fell into the ravine. the mission trip includinged -- included students from columbia and barnard college. u.s. border patrol office in texas and k-9 team found 3,000 carrot shaped packages of pot hidden among veggies.
6:47 am
antonio cromartie is expecting twins with his wife despite having a vasectomy. it will be the 1 11 is 12th children. we are awaiting the winners of the powerball ticket. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the 20s, the winds are not as harsh. this afternoon we're getting better, i'll have the day planner forecast if you're out there running errands, that's coming up next.
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time for a spree of "g.m.a." amy robach joins us live with a look at what's coming up, including the powerball jackpot and the winners, amy. >> reporter: did you hear something about that, matt and tam. yes, we're talking about lotto fever the enormous jackpot split among winners in california, tennessee and florida. look at the celebrations in california. we're live with the winning locations. coming up on "g.m.a." the race to the white house, trump loses his cool on the cam pain -- cam
6:51 am
pain trail. man is in custody this morning for killing 35-year-old ashley olson. we'll tell you what we know about the suspect so far. it is huge day in hollywood we're cowjt down to the os -- counting down to the oscar nominations, we'll bring them to you live as they happen. matt and tam. very exciting, thank you amy. >> reporter: we have excitement on the roads we don't want, an accident schuylkill expressway past the curve. you have heavy traffic with police and penndot on the scene. heavy from the blue route to the curve. live in new jersey, 42, northbound slowing from 41 to 295 and mass transit everything is on time this morning, dave.
6:52 am
cold this morning, northern and western suburbs in the low 20s. as we jump the river to south jersey, mid 20s here. same thing up and down the state of delaware. it's cold, coat weather, certainly, gloves, too, not as harsh as yesterday. 38 by noon, the high will be 43 degrees, there will be a bit of a breeze blowing, but nothing like yesterday. it will feel better especially as we head into the afternoon hours. a mix of clouds and sun. current members of the arm forces and veterans will enjoy free days down the jersey shore. the new law allows them to have access to certain beaches without buying a beach tag. it applies to their spouses and children. girl scouts cookie sales kick off today. check out the cookie locater, to
6:53 am
find out where they are being sold, the cookies are being sold online.
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top stories at 6:55, three tickets matched all the numbers in the $1.6 billion powerball drawing purchased in florida,
6:56 am
tennessee and this 7-eleven in chino, california. the winners have not come forward. two philadelphia police officers suffered minor injuries in an overnight crash. a driver who was drunk slammed into their unmarked car in kensington. fire forced four adults and two children out of their west philadelphia home. crews arrived to fire billowing from the basement and the first floor of the house. this is i-95 at cottman and all the accident has been pushed off to the side. we're jammed from approaching academy to cot mant on i-95 -- cottman on i-95 southbound. a big accident on allentown road. chopper 6 is heading to the scene involving a tractor-trailer creating a mess there. cold this morning, in the 20s, not as windy as yesterday. it will be milder and more comfortable, later we'll have a high of 43 degrees, cruel kneed your coat and improvement. thank you, david, thank
6:57 am
you, karen, thank you matt. thank you for being with us, we'll be back with updates. "g.m.a." will have the oscar nom nom --nominations.
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[ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. we have a winner. not one, but three. here are the lucky numbers. >> first number is 8 -- >> nose winning tickets sold in california, tennessee and florida share a $1.5 billion prize. celebrations break out overnight. so who are the country's newest mul multimillionaires? the search is on to find them this morning. and we're live where the winning tickets were sold. a deadly terror attack overnight. a series of explosions outside a starbucks in a busy downtown shopping area in jakarta. a firefight on the streets. americans warned to shelter in place. we'll have the very latest this morning. olympian arrested. picabo street charged with assault accused of pushing her fa


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