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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the eagles said they concluded their search for a head coach and there are no interviews left. pat shermer could have been announced at any time but not doug peterson. he cannot be announced until the current playoff run ends, they take on the patriots this weekend in foxboro and nothing is official until his team is done, he met with eagles brass on sunday and he told the media that that interview went very well, is a former quarterback coach under and rye reed and in fact he spent four seasons on andy reid staff and andy reid brought him to kansas city as well. and chip kelly lands on his feet with the san francisco 49ers,
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they will hold a press conference with him next week. he calls the job a tremendous opportunity and met with the 49ers last week no word on how long the contract san francisco is and we do not play the team next year. they cannot make anything official until kansas city is out of the playoffs, if they lose on saturday we could have an announcement as early as sunday. and now the investigation into philadelphia police officer, jessie hartnett, today federal officials are weighing in on the attract on january 7th, authorities acknowledged this is a terrorist investigation with suspect, edmond archer claiming he shot the police officer in the name of islam. gray hall is live now. the big question is, is archer
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part of a bigger threat to philadelphia cops. >> reporter: you are absolutely right it is the big question and one that has philadelphia police and the fbi on high alert, it appears tonight that the answer is no, and it appears the suspect acted alone. they are working hand and hand with philadelphia police to pull ought the pieces together in the ambush shooting of jessie hartnett, hit three times at close range, he had the strength and courage and presence of mind to go after the assailant. edward archer says he shot hartnett in the name of isis. and james comey says there is no confirmation he is aligned with any terror cell. >> we see no indication that he
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is part of an organized cell or follow on plot connected to that. archer is charged with attempted murder and his mother says he is hearing voices, richard ross says as the investigation continues, officer hartnett has serious damage to his arm and a long road to recovery. >> we are concerned about his physical and psychological recovery, the city is on high alert and officers are patrolling in pairs. >> speculation is what made this thing one wild in people's minds and scaring people. and the mission is to stop extremists from attacking in the u.s. but attacks like the one on hartnett are difficult to prevent. >> we see a rise of a lone wolf problem. >> reporter: and back out live a quick note that the fraternal order of police is holding an
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event for officer hartnett. in the meantime this investigation continues if you have information you are urged to can't police. live in northeast philadelphia, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you gray. a late afternoon fire at a trenton senior living facility has turned deadly. it started at 4:00 and it's at the luther arms building on south street near market and the victim was found inside of a sixth floor unit where the blaze broke out. no word on a possible cause, philadelphia police arrested the man behind eight gun point robberies last month, police charged eric haines for the crimes on west oak lane and that he stole cell phones from people waiting at septa bus stops, police arrested haines during a traffic stop and that they recovered a handgun and items
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linked to the robberies. a man who plead guilty to torturing a center city jewelry store owner, a judge today denied the question to change his plea. he is schedule to be sentenced on kidnapping and attempted robbery charges, authorities say he and two others tied the woman up and beat her and dumped her at a cemetery when she didn't know the code to the safe. newark police are investigating the robbery of two studentses at the university of delaware, they are looking to identify the man and woman on these videos, they used the stolen credit cards at two stores in wilmington but the victims say two men robbed them at 5:30 tuesday night and one victim suffered minor injuries. none of the owners of three winning power ball tickets have
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yet identified themselves but we know where the tickets were sold. with $1.6 billion on the line one was sold in mumford, tennessee, a town of about 6,000 people and another ticket was sold in chino hills, california a suburb of los angeles and one was sold in melbourne beach, florida, we have happy power ballplayers, vernon odom is live at the wawa on spring side road in burlington county. a $2 million winner there vernon? >> reporter: that is a winner even if they did not hit the big jackpot of over a billion dollars but that person has yet to come forward with their good news and identity, but never the less there is excitement at this wawa all day long. >> yes i'm going to try again. >> donna of willingboro refuses to throw in the towel as she
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displayed her now worthless power baltic the. she continues to come to this wawa especially because there was big winners here last night. it yielded a 2 million there's payout for an unidentified customer and another customer won a nice chunk of change. >> we have a $2 million winner and a $100,000 winner as well. >> i play it here every time i play. >> you played this last one? >> i sure did. >> you didn't win though? >> i don't know, i'll run to my house and pull my tickets. >> a lot of customers said they should have played here and thinking some of the good luck could have rubbed off on them. >> i came in last night and played here, and filled out the paperwork, the line was so long i went across the street to play and i didn't win.
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>> in pennsylvania, three $1 million winners in three different towns, one at this star expression in bethlehem and another in chester county, the first win at this land hope store. >> the first time land hope sold a winning ticket. >> how does that make you feel? >> awesome. >> reporter: jim, tonight we have been contacted by a group of employees at a wilmington, delaware auto dealer saying they have the winning ticket for new town square but that is not confirmed yet. i am vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> if you have not checked your tickets yet, here is a look at the winning numbers, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the power ball 10. charles ramsey is taking on a new opportunities and heading
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to drexel university as the first distinctished visiting fellow, and he will work with criminology and justice studies department, earlier this week he began working as a consultant for the police department in wilmington delaware. a judge is requiring bill cosby to be present at a hearing next month as they look to disqualify kevin steel in the sex assault case against bill cosby. >> that he had a deal with former d.a. bruce caster that he would never be prosecuted for the alleged sexual assault against andrea constand. steel says there is no evidence that any such deal exists. coming up on "action news" tonight, a philadelphia charter
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school is celebrating a high mark on a recent progress report, and school officials are sharing how they have become an academic success, ducis rogers back with the options still open for the eagles to fill their head coaching vacancy. >> i'm tracking a developing storm that starts off wet and another system that ends our weekend white with snow and cold air. we have the details in the accuweather forecast. more when "action news" continues tonight.
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america in philadelphia. slash eastern. a new progress report for philadelphia public and charter schools shows the two-thirds of
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the school facing significant challenges and it places 36 schools in the highest performance tiers, "action news" reporter, annie mccormick visits one school where they are excited about their success. >> what was your first reaction? >> i screamed. >> a scream of joy because philadelphia academy charter school got a good grade on a recent progress report aimed to study progress. they got a good rating. >> for the staff to teach in the way they see if it but providing them with great materials to do their jobs effectively, they formulate the results based on testing and student parent involvement and college prep. >> we basically doubled the amount of instructional time for
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math and they are able to work on grade level goals they set for themselveses. >> we are trying to provide for the child that is accelerates and everything in between. >> anna marie says it's a balancing act including their investments into technology. >> i think you really see the look on the kids' faces or when they are handed an ipad turned to work on page 42 and pleurales show the school's commitment to the arts, with school funding at a stand still, and receiving 20% less than public schools do they are aggressive with grant writing and funding. >> they tell us they have programs in place to make sure all the kids get along so school is fun, reporting in the northeast at -- >> academy charter school.
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>> annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." with music, dance and spoken word and song, some talented young people paid tribute to martin luther king. ♪ ♪ the kimmel center celebrated in advance of dr. martin luther king day by showcasing local talent from schools and arts organizations in philadelphia, this is the 14th year for this event. [ applause ]
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so there is a compelling indication that doug peterson is in fact the next coach for the philadelphia eagles. >> apparently he is reaching out to people to be part of his staff. the eagles said we have concluded our search for a head coach and no further interviews
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are necessary. we are told that doug peterson was reaching out to people to be part of his staff. nfl rules says you cannot hire a coach while he is in the playoffs, kansas city faces new england saturday in the playoffs. peterson is a former eagles quarterback and was here for four seasons under andy reid as the quarterback coach. >> keep in mind what the philadelphia eagles are looking for here, an offensive minded coach someone that they can build their organization around ideally, someone that is connected to andy reid and know what's it is like to work and play in philadelphia and doug peterson fits all the criteria, doug peterson is one of those guys he played for don shula.
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he lived in south jersey and there are a lot of boxes to check for doug peterson. >> earlier today tom coughlin withdrew his name for the job and that may have accelerated things for peterson and coughlin was concerned about being able to put a staff together himself especially with the giants elevated ben mack do-. chip kelly is named head coach of the san francisco 49ers it's a prestigious job and he interviewed with them last week, the only team he met with. a news conference will be held next week with tom gamble he was fired by howie rosen at the end of the 2014 season that further strained the relationship between kelly and rosen, he said
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as one of the most historic franchises in the nfl, i understand the high expectations this position demands and embrace the challenges ahead. the sixers home stand continues they are home to the bulls tonight and the sixers are home since they lost to the cavs, chicago has lost three straight games but they are still the third best team in the eastern conference and jaime apody asks mike schmidt about tonight's challenge. >> what kind of challenge do the bulls give. >> oh man where do you start, they are big and strong and we played some of the top teams in the east and this prepares us for chicago. >> lots of movement with coaches in the nfl, a week ago you had ten names and now one it looks like
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. everything is relative, you can feel the warmth today. >> it's amazing when 47 feels warm, but compared to yesterday with windshields in the teens, tomorrow and saturday in the 50s and then things change dramatically by monday, it gets very cold again. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are rain free out there, but did you see something strange in the sky tonight? a lot of people sending me photos of things like this, this is from pottstown, pennsylvania, what is that?
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it's known as a sun pillar, a vertical shaft of light, formed by ice crystals in the cirrus clouds, they are reflecting the sunsetting and it's gorgeous and a lot of people are posting this on my facebook page. it's known to be the source of a lot of ufo sightings in the past. yesterday's high was only 29 degrees, today 47 yesterday windchills were in the teens and it felt 30 degrees warmer and normal high is 40 degrees, so 7 degrees above normal. i'm tracking rain on friday night but this is the really quick hit of rain, it will be moving in from the south at 9:00 and should be out ofe at 6:00 friday morning, areas northwest just really a sprinkle, a quarter inch of rain
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but close to the coach looking at potential of an inch of rain late friday night into early saturday morning. temperatures are still mild for january, 45 degrees in philadelphia, and trenton 37 and millville 38 and wilmington 45 and allentown 45 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing us clouds with the sun pillar shots, and this is associated with low pressure that form a coastal storm and had is what will bring us this quick hit of rain on friday night. tonight is a dry night and not that cold considering it's january and the normal low is 25, 33 in philadelphia and allentown 23, and wilmington 31 and millville 30 degrees, high pressure is sneaking off the eastern seaboard and a warm front brings us winds from the southeast. 52 degrees we start the day with sun and the clouds roll in and the coastal storm brings us rain
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friday night into early saturday morning, what happens on saturday it strengthens, it deepens, as it pulls away it brings us winds of 20 miles per hour, we'll see the return of sunshine and temperatures are mild and 50 degrees, don't get used to it, by monday another shot of arctic air colder than yesterday and as it arrives sunday night, like tuesday night, could have a round of snow showers and even a snow squall, the exclusive accuweather forecast, 52 tomorrow increasing clouds and rain friday night into saturday morning and then the sunshine is back and breezy with a high of 50 and sun we step down to 40 degrees, snow showers or a snow squall on sunday night and monmartin luther king day of service, if you are volunteering dress in a lot of layers, 28 degrees and windchills notice teens and slowly we begin to climb out of the deep freeze thursday up to 38 degrees, we'll have an update on the timing of
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the snow at 11:00, finally tonight an exhibit at mutter museum. the exhibit is made up of painings of ailing body parts and the artist captures the interestscate details of her subjects and sets it among gold leaf, the first ever appearance on the east coast, it's on display through the month of july. world news is david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and it's entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the showdown. the battle even before they take the stage tonight. a dead heat between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa. and now, the gloves come off. what ted cruz said about new york city and how he's explaining questions about his finances now. the new terror attack, similar to paris. westerners, a starbucks targeted. also breaking tonight. the record win. we're in three towns across america at this hour, where powerball was won. and the first clue. the teachers now racing to get their money. developing now, a rare hurricane brewing in january. and now, the nor'easter about to barrel up the coast, dangerous driving tomorrow. and the envelope, please. the new oscar nominations tonight. and nearly 40 years after rocky balboa stepped into the ring, is he back for his final knockout?


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