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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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philadelphia international. it's cold across the region david murphy has the details coming up. a historic business in new jersey goes up in flames we're live on the scene of the devastation. now, the details still developing at this hour, the new leader of the philadelphia eagles has arrived, doug pederson landed late this morning at philadelphia international airport. "action news" was there as he stepped off the plane. we were first to show you the video on the air. he flew in from kansas where he worked under former eagles head coach andy reid. he played quarterback for 12 seasons in the nfl mostly as a backup. in 1999 he played for the eagles. he was chosen as head coach as jech -- jeffery lori fired chip kelly. we'll have more about doug
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pederson at it's been a bitter cold day across the delaware and lehigh valleys. it will continue. take a look from sky6 live hd at spring mountain. these conditions are perfect for the resorts in the poconos. there's the potential of more snow later in the week. let's check in with david murphy with the details from accuweather. all bundled up. i'm trying to demonstrate how people should treat the cold today and this afternoon and this evening. if you have plans to get outside, satellite shows you there's sunshine out there, some clouds perhaps trying to filter in later on. it's been a bright morning, but it hadn't helped very much. 20 degrees in philadelphia. the windchill was down to 4 in the city and below zero in reading and lancaster. a very cold start. we have not bounced back all that much. we're at 24 in philadelphia. 26 in new york city, pretty much the same mass of cold air into
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washington and richmond, virginia and out to the west in the upper elevations of western pennsylvania, 9 in pittsburgh. a cold air mass in the mid atlantic states socking us. the windchill makes it feel like it's 9. you can't get relief elsewhere around the region as the cold air sweeping in from the west is part of the story today. we'll get a high of 28 probably around 3:00 p.m. and then you can see how we are falling from there. 27 by 4:00. after dinner in the evening we'll be in the low 20s. sometime after midnight, quickly after midnight we'll see the number dip into the teens and the winds still a factor all night long. rick, things do get better over the next couple of days and i will have more on that much-welcomed change coming in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. thank you., by the way, is your complete resource for
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information as the dangerously cold weather continues, rely on constant updates from accuweather and our team of meteorologists to keep you and your family safe. a fire destroyed a popular historic restaurant in cumberland county, new jersey. the hillcrest tavern stood since 1782. it was on the unit morocco of west broad street -- it was on the unit block of west broad street princeton ton. >> reporter: the story this morning was fire and ice. as you look behind me, crews had de-iced broad street. the well regarded landmark at the top of the hill is a charred ruin. an automatic alarm notified firefighters at 5:00 a.m. we went defensive and went to second alarm.
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>> reporter: given the strong overnight winds, the flames spread through the upper floor and roof of the strawlg -- sprawling restaurant and bar. authorities were afraid it might spread to the adjoining structures and a third alarm was struck. the winds made it tough for the firefighters on it is scene. i have to give kudos to the county government they opened up the courthouse for us and rehab the people in the courthouse, they were coming out of the back of the buildings, there was a solid sheet of ice on them. >> reporter: the tavern dates back to the 1780s and stop on the trenton to cape may stage coach route. in current times it was a popular eatery. it's very sad, i lived here all my life, this was our cheers, we come here quiet
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often. we'll mills a lot of friends and workers there. it was the person where everybody knew your name and everybody was friendly. this was cheers. it is sad, very sad. >> reporter: cheers of coursement reference to the at them sitcom cheers of the 1980s. what's next? there's an investigation into the cause, they have brought in an excavating machine to take the building apart it's too unstable otherwise for firefighters and investigators to go in and figure out what sparked the blaze. live in bridgeton, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." thank you, a water main break led to icy roads in chester county this morning. happened on swede ford road in east whiteland township. the road is closed between church and phoenixville pike. drivers are being detoured around the area. philadelphia police are investigating a reported attack on a woman near a septa station in germantown. a woman told police a man
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assaulted her near the queen lane train station at west queen lane and lawrence street. he drove off. did i needs are working with the -- detectives are working with the victim to put together a suspect sketch. authorities are looking for four people who stole a car and rand into the back of a tractor-trailer and crashed into a sign and took off. this is how it looked in olney overnight. nobody was hurt. but detective's brought in k-9 units to try to find the suspects. now to the race for the white house. things got testy between bernie sanders and hillary clinton the bromance between donald trump and ted cruz seems to be over. lama hasan has more. >> reporter: with two weeks left to go until the iowa voters turn
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out, candidates are packing in every last event and attack in the final days. >> reporter: the presidential candidates were out in full force spreading their campaigns across iowa and new hampshire today. ted cruz said if he is president he will employee donald trump to build a wall. many turned out to see donald trump who has not been holding out about cruz. it isn't just the first and second spots that matter on the republican side. you'll determine who the folks in the other 48 states even have a chance to choose from. >> reporter: with two weeks left the attacks are flying, republicans versus republicans and democrat versus democrat. sharp barbs were exchanged between hillary and bernie
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sanders. you received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> reporter: in the spin room, the former president offered a review of his wife's performance. i loved it because it combined everything not just to be on the side of right, but what to do. she is the best doer, i've ever known. most are saying bernie sanders came out ahead last night in the debate. what effect that will have on voters in new hampshire we'll find out when they turned out to the polls. a day of service today as people handle martin luther king. thousands have been volunteering at girard college the 21st annual greater philadelphia
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martin luther king day of service. the volunteers were doing see different projects to celebrate dr. king's legacy. local dignitaries gathered for a ceremony at 5th even market. the iconic liberty bell was tapped 12 times at 1 noon. there was a luncheon held for the king association. there's much more to come on "action news" at 1:30. an intense search to find marines after two helicopters crash off the coast of hawaii. hear from the loved one of a pennsylvania native who are praying for good news. this uber driver attack in california went viral, but a lawsuit was launched and it is not by who you might think. alicia vitarelli has the story in just a moment.
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high surf is complicating the massive search effort for 12 marines missing after two helicopters crashed off hawaii. the coast guard said there's no plans to call off or spend the search. the marine corps released the names of the marines they range from 21 to 41. one is adams schoeller from adams county pennsylvania. he is a very caring outgoing person there's not enough words i could say, his heart is so big. another marine on the helicopter is brian kennedy from philadelphia. three of the americans released in prison swap with iran are resting at a medical center in germany that includes pastor saeed abedini will return to the
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u.s. following medical valuations. a 4th american chose to remain in iran. obama administration pardon the seven iranians. a man cap youred beating an uber driver is suing the driver. alicia vitarelli has the surprising twist to the story. >> reporter: not only was the driver who was assaulted suing the man who beat him up, but now the attacker, a drunk taco bell executive is suing him back, this is a case that was caught on camera. there is now the infamous video that's been viewed more than 2 million times on youtube on a uber driver assaulted caught on camera. the latest lawsuit is a shock, the attacker a former taco bell executive is suing the man he
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beat up. benjamin goldman is filing the suit despites making the apology days after the attack. i'm not that person. >> reporter: he admitted he was drunk at the time and charged with assault and battery, he pleaded not guilty, but those charges are still pending. the uber driver is also suing him for unspecified damages. i didn't expect it to get violent to be honest. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: goldman is claiming the driver illegal video taped the fight and seeking $5 million in damage for severe emotional distress and humiliation and anxiety and severe and pain and suffering, and the lost of his job. i think the driver is going to be okay with respect to the video tape, the auto tape will present challenges. >> reporter: in the meantime, his lawyer declined to comment. at no time did mr. goldman
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consent to be video taped by anyone else. as for the driver his lawyer said the lawsuit is bogus. we'll see how it plays out. thank you alicia. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, we'll check the chilly draft as we look outside -- forecast, as we look outside looking at the chilly airport. david murphy happens the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast stay with us.
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this morning in a variety of useful activities, they learned a skill that could save a life. they spent the morning training an practicing cpr. it was part of the martin luther king day of service. meteorologist david murphy is back with a closer look at the frigid forecast. >> reporter: that's the word, rick. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us the snow showers that came through with a dusting in some areas, a little more than inch down the shore and a couple of inches in a couple of places,
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that's all gone. sky6 live hd looking at wilmington, delaware. you can seem the camera shaking a little bit because of the strong blustery wind blowing through the region all morning long. the current temperature, 24 degrees, dewpoint, the air dry at this point. winds out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. we are seeing gusts higher than that. you combine that in philadelphia that gives you a windchill of 9 degrees. again the reason we have the severe windchills because of the wind. these are the sustained winds numbers coming through. in some places you see them lag down to 12 in trenton. in a number of spots we have numbers in the high teens you put that together the temperatures combined with the wind you have raw windchills. feels like 7 in wilmington, 6 in reading. 5-degree windchill in lancaster. 11 in millville. 12 in trenton and 11 in allentown so very raw conditions
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you want layers and all that extra gear if you're heading outside this afternoon or evening. satellite shows you the clouds to the north and west to us are indeed managing to creep closer, it's a sunny morning, we could transition to a sun and clouds mix later in the afternoon. clouds and sun, windchills in the single digits and no better than the high teens. high temperatures, near the freezing mark, the best spots down south, really in cape may, is no better than philadelphia. 22 degrees by 4:00. 23 degrees by 6:00 p.m. we'll have single digit and low double digit windchills. by 8:00. 21 degrees at 10:00 p.m. tonight we'll be back in the teens in philadelphia. so it is going to be a cool period. as we take a look at the windchills between now and all the way up to 6:00 p.m. a lot of single digits out there, maybe some low double digits as i
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said, as we go to 11:00 p.m. we have windchills in the single digit territory and getting below zero after that in a couple of spots. again, tomorrow, we're looking at a frontal boundary getting on out of here. it may be on the windy side, but it will be cold with the temperatures in the upper 20s. i could see the winds dieing down a bit tomorrow later in the day and then as we transition into wednesday, things will feel a little bit better. 28 degrees is the high. windy and cold conditions for martin luther king, the windchills pretty severe. tomorrow sunny and cold high of 29. fairly harsh, but not as bad on wednesday afternoon. wednesday in the morning when we get up it will be in the low 20s, you can see the overnight low of 22 on tuesday night. that's what you got greeting you on wednesday morning. thursday we bounce back to high of 40. friday all eyes on the afternoon into saturday morning there's a
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coastal low pressure heading up from the south. the question is where does it track and what precipitation does it bring to us. there are a couple of models suggesting there could snow, and maybe a decent amount of snow. that's not all the models, we don't want to pin our hat on that. friday late in the day into saturday morning is the time period to watch. the beatles have been reborn and making a stop at the kimmel center like never before. karen rogers has this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the beatles tribute band rain is gearing up for the 2016 national tour recreating the iconic journey of the world's most celebrated bands. s -- it is four great performers performing they perform live and they do all the songs that you know from the
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beetles to i want to hold your hands to hey jude. >> reporter: the concert takes audience members back in time for a note for note of the re reincarnation of the legendary foursosm. foursosm -- foursome. they give you the feeling that you are sitting in a concert and in that time. the performers change from tour to tour, but it is basically amazing touring musicians. >> reporter: this show will feature new video backdrops and added songs. if you have seen rain before you ever not seen it like this. it is great time to come back and revisit the wonder of the show. people love it. that's why we bring it back every two or three years. sometimes we wonder if people
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think they are actually seeing the beetles because they go crazy for it. >> reporter: reign will be at the merion theater from january 11 to the 14th just in time for valentine's day. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. well, the critic critics ce award was held last night. spotlight picked up the best pictures, top acting prizes for room and revenant. amy schumer won for best actor. she decided to poke fun to the reaction of her new photo in the calendar. this is where i get brave, that's what you want everyone to say a naked photo of you goes viral, they want -- you want them foss to say, what a brave
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moving up to 1:00 p.m., meteorologist david murphy has a last check of the forecast. >> reporter: it is cold out there, rick. the story is we take a look at the high temperatures this afternoon not getting that high, 26s and 27s and 28s on the maps. cold air is giving you witch in the single digits -- windchills in the single digits. winds gusting out of the west at 35 miles per hour we'll be talking windchills in the low double digits and upper single digits. down the shore 0 in cape may. -- 30, in cape may. windchills in the single digits this afternoon.
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here's a look at the stories coming up on "action news" beginning at 4:00 p.m. we'll have more coverage on the arrival of new eagles coach doug pederson when we learn about his time in town and when he could be introduced to by the team. a girl shared herer with a friend and saved her life, why as he is in trouble. we'll have that. don't forget to watch us at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. for david murphy, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. see you later.
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