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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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plane and get him here to scene on the dotted line. he landed atlantic aviation. he headed straight to the eagles novacare facility. pederson's first order of business will be to assembly a coaching staff. this is a homecoming of sorts. pederson played for the birds he played for the team in the 90's and was a coach under andy reid here. a news conference is slated for tomorrow afternoon but we have heard from owner jeffrey lurie today in a statement lurie expressed his excitement over the hire. laurie went on to say doug is a strategic thinker compelling leader and communicator and someone who truly knows how to get the best out of his players. all of these factor what is were initially attracted us to doug and we believe he's the ryan man to help us achieve our ultimate goal. pederson takes over a team that went seven and nine last season. sharrie. >> we'll z ducis thank you. when fans of course first
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heard about pederson it's fair to say there were more than a few doubters but now they have had some time to process that decision. chad pradelli he continues our live team coverage and he is at logan square this afternoon and chad what are the fans saying who you talked to this weekend? >> reporter: well, sharrie, many fans are saying the same thing they've been saying for the past few days. they don't like the hire of doug pederson. they wanted a coach with a higher name profile and a more extensive track record. doug pederson stepped off the plane atlantic aviation and into the philadelphia spotlight. he was officially named the head coach today but the rumor had been swirling for days. he was said to be the man of owner jeffrey lurie and his right hand man howie rows man and many fans have been less than thrilled. >> he was a joke as a quarterback and i don't think he's going to be that much better of a head coach. >> we don't have a good track record. >> reporter: pederson has never been an nfl head coach.
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he was offensive coordinator for andy reid the past three seasons in kansas city nd helped lead the chiefs to 11 straight wins this season before getting knocked out of the playoffs last week. time will tell how good of a coach pederson will be. he wasn't the sexy pick. chip kelly was at the time and we've seen how that has gone. so, some fans are preaching patience. >> i like it. >> reporter: why. >> because he did good with the chiefs. got them to the playoffs. got a good record. >> give him a chance. i mean, he's new. his first coaching job. >> reporter: and some fans say the real key to pederson's future will be the assistant coaches he hires and surrounds himself with. live in center city, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad, thank you. here are a few more details about doug pederson. the 47-year-old was born in belling ham washington and went to college at northeast louisiana. he's married and has three sons. he played for the eagles in
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1999 and despite seven years of coaching experience including four with the eagles, this will be his first head coaching job at any level above high school. we have more video of doug pederson's arrival in philadelphia on along way closer look at the new head coach's career. you can also take part in our facebook poll about the new hire and see reaction from fans and former eagles quarterback ron jaworski. remember when pederson meets the media tomorrow, we'll bring it to you live. look for coverage right here on 6abc or stream the coach's news conference on or on the 6abc news app. >> all right. time now for a check of a frigid accuweather forecast. >> on this holiday let's head outside to meteorologist adam joe's seven. hi, adam. >> just being out here for a minute or two you already feel like that stinging wind on your skin especially when you're not in the sunshine and early this morning when we woke up those wind chills were pretty low. in fact in philadelphia felt like 4 degrees, reading a degree below zero, 5 degrees in
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trenton, two lonely degrees in wilmington and atlantic city at the shore not escaping this harsh wind where it felt like 4 degrees early this morning. feels like 11 in philadelphia, 11 in millville and only five in wilmington, lancaster and reading, even at this hour mount pocono 5 degrees below zero and also feeling like the teens at the shore. a lot of sunshine through much of the day today and just a few clouds bubbling up to the north and west of philadelphia this afternoon with that very cold air funneling in with those winds coming in out of the west-northwesterly direction and this arctic air that is in place will remain in place for at least another 24 to 36 hours so overnight tonight, for much of the area from wilmington, philadelphia, trenton to the shore and south, zero to five. it will feel below zero for most of our counties in pennsylvania once that sun sets and throughout the overnight hours and the poconos between five and 10 below. so, in that full accuweather forecast another bitter day on tap for your tuesday.
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and then slight moderation in temperatures through the rest of the week and we are tracking the possibility of a late week storm. we'll have more on that with that seven-day forecast and what we could or could not expect coming up when i step inside to that very warm toasty studio in just a minute, alicia. >> it is toasty. come on in. >> thanks for reminding me. >> outside you know it is cold with a capitol c and while most people were able to take a break from commuting and heading out today because it is dr. martin luther king jr. day and a holiday, others had no choice. they just had to hit that arctic air and bear it. the winds whipping teeth chattering people all across center city shivering. everyone including the little furry guys. you're going the see a dog coming up in a sweater. how cute is that? everyone got the memo. layers are the way to go today. >> dress in warm layers. >> layers. >> plenty of layers. >> plenty of layers. >> and hoodies. >> hoodies and shirts and gloves.
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>> and gloves. >> those guys have a good routine. they should go around like a public service announcement. frigid air and gushing water turned roads to ice in chester county this morning. a water main break happening on swedesford road in east whiteland township right outside the chester valley golf club. crews are still working on it. there are some closures in the area still so heads up on that. man, it is a cold one out there and with the arrival of this dangerously cold weather keep an eye on the forecast at you can rely on constant updates from our accuweather team and of course all of our meteorologists here at 6abc helping to keep you and your family safe. rick. >> all right, alicia, thank you. today people across america are hong new york the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. but instead of relaxing on this holiday folks everywhere are using their day off in service to their communities. "action news" reporter katherine scott has details on one of philadelphia's signature events. >> let's get to work. >> reporter: these
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volunteers made the wok look like fun at the 21st annual greater philadelphia martin luther king day of service at girard college. >> it feels good to come together with a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds. >> reporter: from building bird houses to sorting books, 5,000 volunteers took part in 150 projects, activities and work ships. all with the goal of strengthening our communities. >> we do what we can to make our community stronger, more just. >> perhaps the biggest blessing that any of us as human beings could have is that of service to our brother. >> reporter: there is also a and important educational component here and not just for kids. everyone can learn something. >> service can be meaningless if you don't know what you're doing it for. >> look at the experience you've created. >> reporter: 140,000 volunteers throughout the region are pitching in today. organizers say that's a national record. and the biggest king day event in the nation. the hope is that this day is
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just a starting point. >> this should be a springboard to a commitment of ongoing civic engagement and communities involvement. >> once again as part of this event they held a job fair included in that job fair were workshops on interview stills and resume writing. it's all part of an effort to promote economic justice. in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> well, thousands of volunteers teamed up today to give one local school a makeover. the action cam was unside the mary mccleod bethune school in north philadelphia. volunteers painted mourn 80 murals. they installed benches in the school gym and playground. during the school year city year volunteers serve full time in philadelphia to provide support to students with the greatest risks of dropping out. >> a busy day even on this holiday. >> yup. >> time for the "action news" traffic report on a monday. >> and we go thrive autumn marisa in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. welcome back. >> thank you so much.
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it's not our typical monday afternoon commute that we're used to seeing out there. nice and clear for the most part. we have an accident here on the schuylkill expressway. these are eastbound lanes at gulph mills. it's over to the shoulder right now and penndot is helping them out but cars are slowing to see what's going on. overall though it is very nice and a smooth ride out there. you can see the big picture speeds across the region very high on the blue route, not our typical speeds there. a little more congested around the city. i'll show you a shot that of right now. here we are on the vine street expressway. you can see both directions really nothing going on out there, just a nice slowdown as you make your way on those westbound lanes up to the schuylkill or eastbound lanes to 95. moving along we have a few incidents to tell you about. the first is in west deptford township. friars boulevard and grove road we have an accident out there to report. and in bucks county this is in falls route one past 32, we have police activity and there is some congestion in that area. we did also have a tractor-trailer that has been cleared off of the south street westbound lanes on the schuylkill expressway. and taking a look at the ben franklin bridge it's a nice
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clear ride out there. again not used to seeing that on a monday afternoon and over to new jersey we go on both lanes southbound and northbound lanes of the 42 freeway nice and clear as well. taking a look at mass transit, we have our septa buses, regional rail and new jersey transit on a modified holiday schedule so keep that in mind but patco is running on a normal schedule. and everything is looking on time out there. no reported delays right now. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. >> much more still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 the latest on the prisoner exchange between the u.s. and iran. what it took to get five americans back home. >> plus, the latest on the deadly shooting at a local homeless shelter. today police gave us new details on the person they're looking for right now. >> and a massive fire rips through an historic landmark in south jersey. what we know about the flames that destroyed a building that had stood for centuries. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> developing right now, police have released new information about the man wanted for a deadly shelter shooting in north philadelphia. police are looking for this man, 32-year-old john brock. they say he opened fire inside the station house transitional shelter on north broad street early yesterday morning. brock had been evicted from the shelter saturday. police say he came back hours later and targeted the two workers who kicked him out. >> when he returned several hours later, he actually asked someone else are those two employees working. >> 43-year-old edward barksdale was shot five times and died. the second worker is in stable condition. we will have much more on this story coming up on a live report at 5:00. now to the latest on the five americans who are enjoying their freedom today after a prisoner swap with iran. today we're learning more about the secret negotiations that set them free. boston university graduate student matthew trevithick is
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the first to return home arriving back in massachusetts after being detained for 40 days in iran. the other three exprisoners are getting much needed medical treatment at a u.s. military base in germany. among them jason rezaian who was held for more than a year and a half on charges of espionage. >> he's doing okay. he's mostly been neglected for a long time. >> now the fifth american chose to stay iran today. today bbc news has confirmed in exchange for the release of five of our prisoners the obama administration agreed to release seven iranians charged with violating u.s. sanctions and to drop arrest warrants for 14 others this on top of paying $1.7 billion to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government. now today the obama administration also stressing that this deal to release these five men right here has
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nothing to do with the recent nuclear deal with iran that just went into effect. rick. >> look forward to the rest of them coming home. >> yes, we do. thank you alicia. the coast guard has found life raft as it continues to search for those 12 missing marines including one from our area. crews say they found three life rafts that were carried aboard the choppers some were inflated but it's not clear how that happened. rescuers have been searching around the clock since those choppers went down off the coast of had a half 12 marines were on board including captain brian kennedy who is from philadelphia. >> one man was hurt after a car went off roosevelt boulevard and into a tree today. chopper6 was over the wreck on the inner lanes near fourth street. it happened around 11:00 a.m. and you can see the tire tracks from where the car went off the road. police have not said what sent the car out of control. they say the driver had to go to the hospital but is expected to be okay. traffic was tied up in the area until police could clear
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the wreck. >> well, people of all ages spent this day of service sorting shelves in montgomery county. volunteers helped arrange donated goods in montgomery today. all proceeds benefits area charities. in new jersey, church members helped make and serve meals to the less fortunate today. members of the tabernacle baptist church helped out at the quest food pantry in burlington. a clothing drive was also held for those in need. >> it is time now for another check of accuweather and you better bundle up because it's a brutally cold day out there. >> and that's not keeping everybody indoors. sky6 taking a live look at the independence blue cross river rink in penn's landing. the weather is perfect for ice skating. there are a good number of skaters enjoying their afternoon off on this mlk holiday. let's head to meteorologist adam joseph who is outside -- >> if i was dressed like this there's something going wrong
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upstairs in my head. >> looks like you're outside. >> skiing and snowboarding can coming down at spring mountain in montgomery county but i tell you some people thrive off of these temperatures. they've been waiting all winter for it and you can see the skiers snowboarding loving it on spring mountain. you can see the snow guns have been on all day making snow after getting just a little bit of a coating here over the weekend. we take a look at those temperatures and they really have tumbled over the last few days. it was 53 on friday, 54 on saturday, 42 on sunday and then today we've dropped to 25 degrees. our normal this time of year is 40 degrees so that arctic chill has moved in and this is going to last a little longer than our first two rounds that were only really a day. wind gusts right now 29 in philadelphia, still gusting to to 32 in wilmington, 31 reading, 24 allentown. even at the shore winds gusting into the lower and middle 20's and you factor that wind in with the air temperature, you put that in
4:19 pm
the equation and this is what it feels like when you walk out. 11 philadelphia and millville, five in wilmington, five in reading, five in lancaster and five below up in the poconos and typically during the overnight hours winds will tend to ease once a system passes through but unfortunately, that wind is going to stay up overnight tonight. we have some clouds that have developed off to the north and you can see those lake effect snow showers streaming from the west to the east well to our north. these clouds will fall apart during the overnight hours tonight. and everyone has been chatting about this late week storm but the energy that will eventually develop the storm on the east coast is still over the open waters of the pacific. here is the coast of california. this is not expected to make landfall in california until sometime late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. once that makes landfall in the u.s., then our computer models can really assess where this could be and where the storm sets up on the east coast. still to early what could tell
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what happens at the end of the week until that energy arrives in the u.s. tomorrow. tonight clear and cold biting wind 14 degrees in allentown, 15 reading, 16 philadelphia. teens down to the south. factor in the wind and future tracker wind chills tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock -- 10 o'clock tonight i should say one in allentown, zero reading, zero lancaster, six in philadelphia. then as we go into tomorrow morning, zero in the city below zero to the north and west. going back to work and school, definitely bundle up and warm that car up and one lonely degree in millville and tomorrow afternoon much like this afternoon wind chills staying in the teens as the wind will not ease here until late tomorrow night into wednesday. so, your four day at 4:00 forecast windy and cold tomorrow a-high of 29 degrees and then it turns cloudy on wednesday. there could be an evening flurry or snow shower as a weak system passes by. we're bumping it up to 38 degrees and we stay at 38 on thursday with sunshine and a few clouds in the afternoon. and once that system develops
4:21 pm
we could see snow arriving here late friday into friday night but notice the air temperature. it is 36 above freezing. we have to be very careful as to where this storm could develop or track because that ocean is very warm. it could pull some warm air in so that something will continue to track and we'll know a lot more once that energy over the pacific is in the u.s. tomorrow night. >> but there is the potential that this could be a major -- >> looks like it could be a pretty big storm on the east coast somewhere. >> six to 12. >> not saying that. >> keep an eye on it. >> yeah, we'll keep an eye on it. >> one to two. >> feet. >> inches of course. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a student shares her inhaler with a student who was having an asthma attack. why she's in so much trouble for doing it even though doctors say she likely saved her friend's life. >> it stood for centuries but burned in minutes. the fierce fire that ripped through a local landmark. >> we're talk about the cold and the snow. the big question in big talkers do you find it all
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funny? we know one toddler who thinks it's hilarious. it's a viral video you will not want to miss. keep you smiling through all this throughout the week. remember "action news is is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and also you can communicate with us on facebook we're 6abc "action news." on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be a part of "action news." >> ♪ puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit
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>> ♪ >> the naacp and the black clergy of philadelphia celebrated dr. king's national holiday. local leaders and ministers held an interfaith prayer for the city of philadelphia. the service was held at bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia. voter registration booths were set up at the church in honor of dr. king's fight for equality and today's keynote speaker was jonathan jackson from rainbow push coalition. >> acadia university in glenside held a different kind of volunteer event in honor of
4:26 pm
mlk day today. the public was invited to drop off various items they no longer wanted but other organizations could certainly use from clothes to electronics to old books. even canned goods and toys. whatever's left would be discarded and recycled here. it was all part of acadia's university so-called shredding e wait and repurposing event. they've recycled 10,000 tons of electronics in the past. in pen salk can ken new jersey thepennsauken new jerseye food bank of south jersey. volunteers sorted through boxes of donations. >> kids in delaware county hit the hardwood for mlk day. county council members took farther mlk junior day hoops from the heart youth basketball clinics. three clinics were held across the county including route here at haverford college. the program started back in 2002 to engage youngsters and raise donations for the
4:27 pm
county's antipoverty agency. >> nice. still to come on az news at 4:00, fire destroys an historic tavern loved by a community who is sad to see it go. we're live in hillcrest as demolition work gets under way. >> with winter in full swing germs are everywhere. coming up in what's the deal, we have a specific tip to help you kick the common cold. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues to cover acts of community service as people throughout the delaware valley honor dr. martin luther king's legacy. >> and what if we told you you could buy a home in philadelphia without having to spend a single penny. we'll explain the virtual price tag coming up in big talkers. >> also coming up you don't want to miss this little girl's priceless reaction. hear why she's cracking up at her dad's explanation of snow. [laughter] >> but first at 4:30 only a burnt shell remains of what was once a historic tavern known as a local watering hole. a fire tore through the beloved cumberland county restaurant and bar this morning. the building so badly damaged that heavy equipment is already tearing it down. "action news" reporter john rawlins is lie at the scene in hillcrest with the details. john. >> reporter: hi, well, that heavy equipment has done its job sharrie.
4:30 pm
the tavern is no longer a shell. it is just rubble. investigators spent the afternoon sorting through that rubble searching for the point of origin of the fire and a possible cause. the first indication of trouble came as a signal from the hillcrest tavern's alarm system about 5:00 a.m. arriving firefighters found heavy fire. strong winds fanned the flames. a third alarm was struck. last night's cold was a problem. >> every time the water hit the ground it just -- instantly it's ice in this weather. it nearby courthouse was opened so firefighters could be rotated out of the icy conditions. >> they were coming out of the back of the building. even doing exterior operations they were frozen. they were able to get inside get their vitals rehabbed and back to work u with the fire extinguished investigators moved into the charred ruins looking for a cause. part of the tavern dated to the lituate teeth century and
4:31 pm
was a stop on the trenton to cape may stage route. the contemporary hillcrest was a popular eatery and bar. patrons and employees gathered today at times it had a feeling of awake. one man brought flowers and tossed them onto the charred timbers. this woman had worked there 26 years. >> i loved this job. i had fun. everybody was regulars and great food, great drinks. just horrible. >> it was nice on the weekends. everybody would get together and shoot a little pool, you know, listen to the jukebox. >> just going to be a million memories about this place that just are going to be just that, memories. it will be no more new memories i guess is what i'm saying. >> reporter: so, a historic building that dates we believe back to the 17 80's, at least part of it was. now the 21st century was stale beloved place to meet and greet friends here in this part of cumberland county. fire investigators still working on a cause. live in bridgeton, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> john, thank you.
4:32 pm
philadelphia police are trying to find four people wanted in connection to a stolen car. investigators say the driver crashed the vehicle into the back of a tractor-trailer before hitting a sign when the car came the a stop, the driver his three passengers took off running and this is what the scene looked at the intersection of adams avenue and kressonville road. officers called in k 9's to help in the search but so far no one is in custody. >> workers at philadelphia international airport are making their voices heard on this mlk day. >> ♪ we believe in freedom cannot rest ♪ >> service workers held a rally today calling for higher wages and union rights. similar rallies were held at airports in other major cities including boston chicago and new york. we've reached out to the airport for comment but have not yet heard back. members from three fraternities were hard at work today in the west oak lane section of philadelphia.
4:33 pm
community volunteers helped them out cleaning up the family recreation center on mansfield avenue from scrubbing the floors and the courts to painting the bathroom walls, the building got a major makeover on this martin luther king day. >> adam is back with a closer look at those temperatures and when you add in the wind chill, that's really what makes things cold. >> some areas north and west did not get out of the single digits today even in the afternoon in the peek of the day with those wind chills and never mind those skiers and snow borders with that extra weekend and this extra day off in the mountains. take a look. right now live in shawnee got the sunshine but the air temperature is just 12 degrees, westerly wind at 18 and the skiers enjoying a wind chill of six below zero up in shawnee and then you look at bear creek, a little closer to philadelphia in berks county temperature of 21. west-northwest wind 23, the wind chill is just 5 degrees. you can see that line there with the skiers and the snow borders waiting to go up the chair lift and at philadelphia
4:34 pm
international airport your temperature 25 degrees and you can see those smokes stacks just blowing all the way to one side with that west-northwesterly wind. dewpoint is one below zero. that basically means there's no moisture in the air and you get that chapter feeling on your lips and the cracked hands with the wind chill of 11 degrees, so these are the days to moisturize. now i'm a health reporter. >> yes, you are. thank you adam. >> anyway, we'll have that seven-day forecast, we'll talk about warmer temperatures and a chance for that storm at the end of the week. >> adam does it all. >> yes, does he. >> some days in thanks adam. the city of chester kicked off its martin luther king day of service with an inspirational performance this morning. >> ♪ and after that volunteers who had gathered the chester salvation army community center started to prepare care packages for the hungry. children worked on arts and crafts projects about dr. king. their works of art will be displayed throughout the city.
4:35 pm
the action cam was also in germantown as philadelphia's mayor jim kenney stopped by martin luther king high school. volunteers that were spent time today painting cleaning and sprucing up the classrooms. many of the students who helped out completed their community service hours. the mayor also took time to sit in on a discussion teaching students what to do if they're ever stopped by the police. >> a group of volunteers in trenton made it a point to have a day on instead of a day off. they endured the cold and spent the day giving back by cleaning up the city. home depot donated $200 worth of supplies to help out on their efforts. decked out in heavy coats hats and gloves and armed with rakes shovels and trash bags, today was truly a team effort. >> well, a new report says the world soon could look a look like the cartoon the jet sons. remember the jet sons? "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room with more on that. hey, monica. >> hi, rick, i remember the jetsons. a new report is one of several
4:36 pm
ahead of a big economic forum in switzerland that has this interesting development. it says millions of jobs could actually be lost to machines with artificial intelligence like this one and it could happen as soon as in the next few years. we'll let you know which jobs are most at risk of being replaced. also coming up tonight at 5:00 it's something you might associate with summertime but really tonight there's new information about how widespread these ticks are that carry lyme disease. we'll tell was experts say is the reason behind an explosion in the tick population. we'll have those stories as well as an update the very latest on that weekend shooting at a homeless shelter, all that at 5:00 when you join me. sharrie. >> monica we'll see you at 5:00. people in new jersey spent this day of service helping their neighbors in need. volunteers helped collect and sort toothpaste soap and other toiletries here at choose united methodist in blackwood camden county. all of the items will be taken to the neighborhood center a nonprofit that serves the community in camden. and there's much more still ahead on "action news"
4:37 pm
at 4 o'clock. coming up an incredible rescue caught on camera. see the life saving moments from a firefighter's point of view. >> excuse me. plus, the way two middle schoolers responded to an asthma attack gets them suspended. we'll explain what happened coming up. and controversy surrounding the oscars yet again. a look at the growing movement to boycott the awards show ahead in big talkers. >> meteorologist adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues in just a moment. >> ♪
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4:39 pm
>> ♪ >> new information coming in about the water emergency that continues in flint, michigan. we are learning that the national guard is sending more troops to boost its presence in that city. 70 guardsmen are now stationed there which is nearly double the prior number. yesterday alone the troops went door to door delivering bottled water and filters to more than 5,000 families. flint's drinking water has been contaminated with lead ever since the city changed its water source to save
4:40 pm
money. a firefighter's helmet camera captured an incredible rescue in fresno, california. he quickly puts his ladder up to a second floor window where he finds a woman and a baby. in one quick moment of panic she passes the little one through the window. the firefighter grabs the baby then hands the infant off to another firefighter so he can help the woman down to safety. everyone made it out and the building's owner says he plans to install more smoke alarms in the meantime. >> ♪ >> in health check at 4 o'clock, a pair of dallas seventh graders have been suspended because one allowed the other to use her asthma inhaler during an attack. alexis kyle was gasping for breath in gym class when her friend india rush offered her inhaler. that violates school rules against sharing controlled substances like prescription drugs. the girls and their families say they understand the need for rules but this punishment is excessive. >> i'm being in trouble but the thing is she's getting in trouble, too. she tried to help me.
4:41 pm
>> asthma gets worse every seconds. >> the little girl saved her life. the reason we say that is because we have been to situations where she was in icu. >> both girls are honor roll students and this violation could hurt their records. alexis says she wonders what school officials would do if their child was in her place. >> hm. big talkers now and there's a growing movement among hollywood's elite to boycott the oscars over a lack of differs s the #oscars so white is trending for a second year now on twitter after for the second year in a row no african-americans were nominated in a best acting or directing categories. spike lee posting this on instagram today with the picture of dr. martin luther king jr. saying he's fed up writing 40 white actors in two years and no flava at all. even though he was just given an honorary oscar he says he cannot support what he calls the lilly white awards this year and will not be
4:42 pm
attending. actress jada pinkett smith posting that you say video message saying we must stand in our power she says begging for acknowledgement or even asking diminishes dignity. her husband west philadelphia native will smith was not nominated for his role in concussion. a lot of people considering that a snub this year. it is a real condo but the price tag is virtual and what could be a first of its kind real estate transaction here in this area four units are up for sale in manayunk if you buy using bit coin. susanna kunkel is the listing agent for falcon condominiums. right now the asking price for the condos about a thousand bit coins. in u.s. dollars we're talking about 365 grand. the goal target the tech sector and the entrepreneurs who get it. today she told me there are a lot of advantages to using bit coin to seal the deal, secure, but the bit coin to dollar
4:43 pm
exchange rate does fluctuate regularly so if you're the buyer you got to get that contract done when the time is right. also you have to know how to use bit coin and i don't think i'm cool enough for that. i'm going to follow that one for you. finally snow. you think it's funny? there's one cute toddler who thinks it's a riot. this one called snow, what of her dad explaining how snow works has this little girl in stitches. it's so contagious social media is sharing it. >> snowfalls from the sky. [laughter] >> and it blankets everything. [laughter] >> it covers it completely. [laughter] >> that's daddy's funny in toddler speak. i know the fellow parents totally understood that. this little girl thinks snow is so funny, such a curious little phenomenon isn't it she's laughing so hard she's
4:44 pm
actually crying at some point. adam would just be a comedy act around there especially this weekend coming up especially if he goes and starts pulling out the doppler radar this girl is going to be in stitches. >> rolling around on the floor. >> but we won't, that's for sure. >> storm tracker6, it's hysterical. >> autumn marisa in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. a lot of people off but there's still traffic. >> there is rick and sharrie, hello. not as funny as that was but still nonetheless looking much better than our typical monday after commute. i'm sure there's some people giggling to themselves out there that they're getting home much quicker this afternoon. the schuylkill expressway going from the blue route to the vine taking you only about 20 minutes right now. it doesn't get much better than that and the same in the reverse so certainly can't complain this holiday afternoon. taking a look at the big picture speeds across the
4:45 pm
region nice and high. again we're not used the seeing this on our monday afternoons so we'll take it. 51 miles per hour on the schuylkill expressway. you can see 53 on the blue route. moving along showing you the vine street expressway, you have a disabled vehicle take out the right-hand lane. no problems out there right now in those westbound lanes making your way up to the schuylkill. was giving us problems earlier but it's clear now. a few incidents to tell you about. this one is the schuylkill expressway westbound off-ramp to 291. it's closed actually due to an accident on penrose avenue right now and one more to tell you about in delaware. 495 southbound approaching 95 we have an overturned vehicle. we'll keep an eye on things and we'll bring you an update in the 5 o'clock hour. back to you sharrie and rick. >> thanks autumn. >> coming up meteorologist adam joseph homeland security youjoseph has youraccuweather f. hopeful it's one that won't make rick cry. >> or laugh.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> ♪ >> adam joseph is back now and we're talking about temperatures and this was the coldest of the wintertime. >> yes, afternoon with the wind chills and the air temperatures of the year, of the season and we have one more day of it tomorrow before the temperatures start to bounce back up to near normal in the middle of the week. as we take a look right now double scan live radar all is quiet, a few clouds to the north and west but sunshine really in control today and of course that really biting wind out of the west-northwest. in fact right now it feels like five in reading, five in lancaster, five in wilmington. 11 in philadelphia. the same for millville and five below zero up in the poconos. as we look at satellite and radar, very quiet across much of the country right now especially east of the rockies. just a few clouds and some lake effect snows kind of driving in with that wind coming in off of the lake so it's really most of them are not frozen at this point because the winter has been so warm so those lake effect snow machines going to work and those typical places east and
4:49 pm
southeast of the lakes. tonight at home it's clear, it's cold but that biting wind continues. 42 end to 16 for the air temperature. those winds won't ease all that much still speeds sustained 12 to 20 kicking those wind chills near zero for many locations tomorrow morning. in fact, that bus stop forecast windy, cold, wind chills near zero in the morning. so, it's a good morning maybe to keep the kids in the car waiting for the bus to come. 16 is the actual air temperature at 6 o'clock and 18 at 8 o'clock. here's future tracker. 11 o'clock tomorrow morning five in allentown, six philadelphia. four in millville. that's the wind chill. then as we get in tomorrow afternoon much like this afternoon where wind chills at 4 o'clock on tuesday remaining in the teens area wide and at 3 degrees in mount pocono so it's quiet but cold tuesday and then it's quiet and a little warmer come wednesday. that end that storm potential is fairly real here for late friday into saturday. we'll be watching later on in the week, a weak low pressure
4:50 pm
coming in from texas and the deep south it will start to deepen as it moves across atlanta and raleigh and this cold arctic air that's in place will be departing and moving away so we're going call it stale cold air but the question is, is it going to be cold enough the entire storm to be all snow? what's going to happen the low will go off the carolinas and the ocean temperatures right now are running 8 degrees above normal. this can can hurt us or this could help us depending on the placement of the low because what it could do is pull in a lot of warm air. if the storm explodes closer by the coast but if it does develop further out to sea that cold air will still be in place for most of the region to bring a pretty sizable snowstorm so again, we have to wait until this energy arrives the west coast tomorrow for the models to kind of sample it perfectly to see exactly where that storm develops. your seven-day forecast exclusively here on "action news." windy and cold tuesday, 29 degrees.
4:51 pm
it turns cloudy. there could be an evening flurry on wednesday as a weak system comes by but there you can see that arctic air leaves. up are 30's for wednesday, thursday's quiet and dry and then some snow arrives late on friday but those air temperatures are above freezing at 36 and then rain and snow likely and continuing into saturday at 34 degrees and the sun returns sunday and we warm up to seasonable levels monday of 42 degrees. so, we're really -- we'll real eightly start to snow late tuesday and wednesday. the ocean is so warm it could throw the forecast in one direction or another. >> possibly it could be a rainy event or it could be all snow. >> could be either one. >> thanks a lot. >> stay tuned. >> all right. >> nothing say about that. >> going to florida. going to the dentist could be scary but it's a necessity for all of us including the little ones. today some children got free checkups and students thanks to the students from the harcum college dental assistant program. this was their way of giving back to the community in honor of dr. martin luther king. >> high school students used this day of service to give
4:52 pm
back and let's just say hair was the main event. dozens of women are cutting their locks and donating their hair to help cancer patients. cosmetology students from eastern technical school and professional stylists are enthroned do the hair cuts. each donation has to be at least 8-inches and the event is being held at springfield township high school in springfield, p. a. it runs until 6 o'clock tonight so there is still time. walk ins are welcome. >> ♪
4:53 pm
♪ to be not a gift.
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it is not a given. fearless is a choice. one that's yours to make. will you be bold? will you be brave? you can. because you have the power of a card that opens doors in all fifty states. the one most accepted by top doctors and specialists. independence blue cross. live fearless. open enrollment is now. go online and sign up today. >> a sore throat runny nose coughing sneezing, the sounds of the season and. we're happening yo helping you . >> reporter: a review looked at results from 67 trials and found good old fashioned hand washing may be the best way to
4:55 pm
keep from catching a cold. studies in children found those taking zinc had fires colds. probiotics may be helpful but vitamin c the gold standard of cold fighters did not seem to help the average patient. neither did echinacea. medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can relieve the aches and pains but they won't make the cold go away quicker. almost all colds are caused by viruses so taking antibiotics is not recommended. sometimes you just have to wait it out. and wait. they may keep you warm but are your gloves making you sick? experts say they could be crawling with germs picked up on railings, doors, strollers. and very few people ever pop them in the wash. abc news tested 27 pairs for bacteria while most are harmless, nine of those tested positive for things like staph and mrsa which could be harmful if they came in contact with an open wound and
4:56 pm
one sample with a corona virus which doctors say is one of the causes of the common cold. >> that makes you want to wash those gloves or throw them away. >> disgusting. >> one had staph. that's scary. >> i would be more conscious about my gloves like where i put them. >> any time your glove comes in contact you're taking away some of the bacteria that was on that surface. >> do not fret yet. the bacteria and the viruses don't live on the fabrics for very long, minutes, hours at the most and besides washing them they say try avoid touching your face with your gloves and do not take them off with your teeth like this. right, you know how people do that. >> yeah. >> so if you touch something and you have the gloves, so just don't do that. >> oh, okay. >> hadn't thought about it. good point. >> mind your gloves. >> alicia thank you. and that's it for "action news" at 4:00. now for rick williams, brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and
4:57 pm
every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead on "action news" at 5:00. see you in a bit. >> all right rick. coming up next a manhunt is under way for the suspect that police say opened fire inside a philadelphia homeless shelter. we are live with the latest. plus the area's top elected officials join with community members to pay tribute to the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king. also a man who was discovered clinging to life in subzero temperatures shares his gratitude today with the men and women who saved his life. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> eagles new head coach doug pederson stepped off the plane today officially launching a new era in team history. monday night the big story on "action news" is the formal announcement of pederson as as the birds new coach bringing high hopes. >> pederson won't be officially introduced until tomorrow. jaime apody is live at the novacare complex tonight with
5:00 pm
all the details. hey, jamie. >> hey there rick and monica. wow, it's finally happened. we finally have a head coach officially. doug pederson is still inside the complex behind me. he's been meeting all day with his new owner and his new gm and who knows who else is in there. meetings all day the he's expected to leave the complex at 6:30 and go to din are at eagles owner jeffrey lurie's house. we were there when doug pederson touched down in philadelphia before 11:00 a.m. this morning greeted with smiles and a nice little sports coat there. pederson of course the offensive coordinator under andy reid with the kansas city chiefs. former eagles quarterback and coach as well but he's never been a head coach in the nfl. in fact he hasn't really been a head coach except for when he coached in high school about 10 years ago so that will be interesting so expect him to bring along with him some expertise as part of his staff much he's formulating his staff inside as we speak and "act


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