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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again, sara is off, here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. getting to work or school has been brutal today, the brutal temperatures are really hard to take, meteorologist, david murphy, tells us when the harsh conditions will improve. and a massachusetts teenager is accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide and now that he is gone they want to charge her in connection with his death. and some big name actors say they are boycotting the oscars. >> and the bitter cold is even worse today outside and the bitterly freezing temperatures prompted the camden county officials to issue a code blue emergency and in philadelphia two schools closed early today because of problems with their heaters. lets go outside and look at sky 6 hd, even with the sun shining
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the skyline looks frozen at this hour. david murphy is braving it on the terrace, you can the latest. >> it was cold yesterday but feeling worse today. we have a fair amount of sunshine across the region, and clouds are trying to come down from allentown and reading but they are high and thin enough where you get sunshine and they look like they are falling a part a bit. it's made worse because of the wind speeds, wind speed of 23 miles per hour, a sustained wind of 31 in reading, these are not even wind gusts, they are higher than that at times. it's giving us a raw feel 25 is the current temperature in philadelphia and all of us are similar temperature-wise. but windchills are severe, feels like 10 in philadelphia and single digits in trenton, allentown and lancaster and dover and the airport in
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atlantic city as we roll foo the afternoon. we'll stay on the cold side, 26 by 2:00 and probably the same by 4:00, dropping down from a high of 27 and temperatures not moving all that much down to a cold 23 by 10:00 and close to 20 for an overnight low, the live view on satellite, go to the west coast in san francisco, precipitation is spilling in off the coast and that is an area of low pressure transferring itself to another low by dallas and shooting down to our south by the end of the week season friday night it looks to make a turn up the coast and has the possibility of bringing us some snow, the big question is whether or not we can get rain mixed in and lessen our amounts, but we have the possibility of a large snow storm toward the end of the week and in through saturday. i'll come in and talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, but the word for the wise is stay in and if you go out bundle up like i am.
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>> days like this one are particularly tough for this one that uses public transportation, katherine scott set out to find out how commuters in our area are coping with the bitter cold. >> reporter: people are getting a shock when they walk outside today. after several months of relatively mild temperatures, it seems like winter finally settled in this week and hasn't gotten a warm welcome. >> it's cold out here. >> from wissahickon to chestnut hill. >> i'm trying hard to like the cold. >> it has received a chilly response. >> it's very cold. just want to go home and go back to bed. >> i have on tights socks, long johns, two coats a jacket, three scarves. >> it was a frigid wait at the bus stop this morning with no sun yet to even get a little
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warmth. >> it's cold out here it feels good though. >> we were ready for it. >> just wrap up because it's cold. >> the air was already cold within the windchill it felt like the single digits, even below zero in some spots. but it wasn't all complaintses. >> i think it's really refreshing, it's winter it should be cold, a beautiful day and the sky is blue and it's not damp just cold. a good cold. >> the question is, will we get a good snow later this week. some hope. >> my grandson said if we don't have snow, the trees would have lost all of their leaves for nothing. >> if we have snow it sounds like it will happen on friday night. than makes them happy, because that means they could enjoy it on saturday and they wouldn't have to worry about getting to work. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> with the dangerous cold and snow possible on friday, stay
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with for updates to the forecasts see tracking models and real time conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. in other news we'll finally hear from the eagles new head coach today. doug peterson is set to talk about his new job this afternoon. he was kansas city's offensive coordinator for the past three seasons, he played in the nfl including the eagles in 1999. peterson will speak at a news conference today at the nova care complex in philadelphia today. "action news" will stream the press conference live at and 6 abc. and have complete coverage starting on "action news" at 4:00. well, the man accused of killing an employee at a north philadelphia homeless shelter is now behind bars, john brock sourpderred yesterday, police
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say he opened fire sunday morning, 41-year-old aaron barksdale was shot five times and did not survive, another worker was wounded but is in stable condition. family members held a vigil in the victim's honor of the flight. police want you to look at these surveillance videos, they say these men are stealing from cars and people are making it easier leaving them in unlocked vehicles. they are going around and checking door handles at night. parentses are protesting the plan to transform two philadelphia schools into so-called renaissance charter schools, advocates joined moms and dads for a rally this morning, they are asking for the school reform condition to reject william hite's proposal to turn them into charter schools and the district
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responded by saying, the new charter schools will continue to serve children in the neighborhood with guaranteed admission for current students. in washington the u.s. supreme court agreed to take up president obama's new immigration plan that could shield 4 million people from deportation, the justices will consider undoing lower court rulings that block the plan from taking effect. if they rule in favor of the white house, president obama could move to put that into effect during his last year in office. an alleged match fixing scandal is rocking the world of tennis, some of the sports biggest stars are speaking out and demanding answers. abc news reporter elizabeth herr is live with the full story. >> reporter: those allegations were made in a report by the bbc and buzz feed and the report did
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not name players, but are claiming that it includes 16 players including a grand slam winner. this week's australian open overshadowed. making headlines instead are reports from the bbc and buzz feed, say that officials suppressed evidence of match fixes by players and failing to investigate suspicious matches. >> i try to not only be great and historic and you know if that is going on i don't know about it. >> many of the sports stop stars know nothing about it but want to. >> i would love to hear names and it's concrete stuff and then you can debate about it. >> it's bad you want to be aware of the people potentially involved in this. >> according to defending
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champion, djokovic, someone was approached on his team offering his money to lose a first round match. >> was not approached directly, we threw it away right away and did not even get to me. >> djokovic questions why the players are being investigated, when william hill where you can bet on the games is a major sponsor of the australian open. >> the agency, william hill is not implicated in the scandal and while the association of tennis professionals are denying the allegations, buzz feed is standing by their report claiming they have text messages to prove it. live in new york, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there is more to come on "action news" at 12:30, a driver trying to flee police after a hit and run ends up in a canal, find out what happens when a car
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is fished out of the water, and just releases sting and peter gabriel will go on tour, we'll find out when they stop in our area.
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a hit and run suspect's failed escape attempt ended up in a canal. new york police arrested him for reckless endangerment and leaving the keep a crime and the driver is accused of sideswiping a sedan just as a mother secured her 1-year-old baby into the car. tributes are pouring in for beloved musician glenn frey, the cofounder of the eagles passed away at 57 and they called him a legend and nicky six says thank you. and don henley says that frey
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was a brother to him. funeral arrangements are not yet announced. and a teenager accused of taupting her boyfriend to suicide could face charges of manslaughter. that michelle carter used her cell phone as a tool to make her boyfriend take his own life. her lawyer says it's sad but not a crime. >> michelle carter is one step closer to standing trial for allegedly convincing her boyfriend, conrad roy to commit suicide. carter now 18 is said to have encouraged him in dozens of text messages. >> she went back when are you going to do it, stop ignoring the question, question mark, question mark, question mark. you can't keep pushing it off. >> he died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 2015 after locking himself in this kmart parking
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lot in his truck. at one point he was telling her he was getting out of the truck because it wasn't working. >> he was scared and she told him to get back in the truck. >> it's inconceivablinconceivabd someone do that, ep courage someone they game to clof. >> according to court documents, he had attempted suicide before he met carter and one week before suicide, he expressed his desire to take his own life. he wrote, i can't get better i already made my decision and now the defense is trying to have the involuntarily manslaughter charge dropped. >> he brain washed her to the point where she is now accepting his idea of this is my only option. >> in a statement to abc news, the defense says that michelle's
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communication were by no means threatening and roy made his own conscious decision to take his own life, adding this is a tragedy not a crime. >> that was lindsay janice reporting. we are hosting a live web chat now about sports medicine and invite you to go to and join in, answering your questions about sports injuries and prevention. go to to submit your questions.
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meteorologist, david murphy is back now with a closer look at the frigid digits. >> take is seriously rick, live double scan live radar shows it's dry, lets go golfing shall we. well there is no wait for the tee time.
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you could lose your golf balls out there it's so windy. 25 is your current temperature and wins from the northwest at 23 miles per hour gusting as high as 30 to 35 and your windchill is only 10, that is what it feels like as you step outside and we have single digit windchills in the out lying suburbs, sunshine and cloud cover trying to make a run at the northern suburbs and at the same time falling apart and most of the us will wind up mostly sunny this afternoon, not that that will help a lot with the bitter wind, here are your highs, it looks like everybody will be similar, 26's and 27's on the map and down at the shore you have a chance of getting to 30 not that that will make much. a difference. looks like we get up to 27 at 3:00 and back to 26 at 4:00 and then slow to decline, 23 degrees at 10:00, a chilly afternoon and evening forecast, windchill wise it's a factor the rest of the
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way today. from now until 6:00 we are at 11 degrees on the windchill monitor, the same as what we have now. by 11:00 we still have windchills around 11 because the temperatures dip at the same time the winds do, it's hard to make it comfortable out there at all. we have the situation for the weekend, it is looking like the weekend, the low pressure is coming on shore and in california, it transfers the energy to a weak low in the united states. as this tracks through atlanta and raleigh and to the coast we expect it to intensify, the big question is do we have enough cold air in place, and can this low zap it into action. if we can't get that interaction, if we can mix rain in. -- excuse me, that would mean we
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would wind up with less snow than kind of mix going on. i think the best chance of the higher snowfall totals are in the northern and western suburbs we may see rain out of all of this, and that depends the track of the low and right now it's on the other side of the country but most have this long range scenario with some snow coming in late friday and friday night. the snow potential for friday night into saturday and strong wind gusts are part of the package and the track is uncertain and you change the track a bit, you may change the forecast. but for now i would prepare for potential of snow friday night into saturday, get your stuff done before they be. windy and cold and a high of 27 degrees and the windchills hang close to 10 degrees the rest of the night and a few clouds and less wind and could see flurries around late in the night and
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thursday 38, and sunny not bad. and friday and saturday, the bull's-eye, the snow arriving likely on friday afternoon and friday night and hopefully mixing with rain on saturday, if we don't get the mixing it could be a lot of snow to shovel, the wet snow hard on the back and heart. >> that is all we need to hear david. go to florida right now. now to the latest on the anger surrounding the oscars, the academy responded to calls for a boycott from some of the biggest stars, they promise big changes to change hollywood's diversity problem. >> reporter: spike lee, and jada pinkett-smith say they will sit this year's ceremony out. this prompted the academy president to react and very quickly. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching.
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jada pinkett-smith posting this video why she will skip the night. we can no longer beg for the love and acknowledgment and respect of any group. >> also, joining the boycott is director spike lee who challenged it this past november while accepting his own hon airy oscar. >> lee writing in an instagram post, that he cannot support it and posing the question, how is it possible for the second consecutive year, all 20 contenders under the actor category are white. >> some wonder how this year's host, chris rock, will handle the controversy on the big night. some of the most notable actors, idris elba. and will smith snubbed for his role in concussion. >> and in a statement from the
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academy president, she admitted she is heart broken and frustrated by the lack of inclusion and promises the academy is working to change the makeup. and it's set to be broadcast on february 28th and chris rock is hosting and we'll see what happens between now and then and a lot of eyes will be on chris rock to see how he handles especially the opening number there. >> turning to our people scene, two of musics most iconic artists, sting and peter gabriel will unite this summer for a tour. the rock, paper, scissors tour will go to camden on june 26th, it was formerly called the susquehanna bank center, tickets go on sale january 25th.
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we are going to take one last look at the forecast. david murphy takes us into 1:00. >> sunny and cold and staying that way the rest of the evening, highs in the neighborhood of 28 and 27 in the northern and western suburbs and windchills in the single digits the rest of the way and windchills getting up to 10 to 12 degreed this afternoon and the shore getting to 30 but feeling the same rick. here are stories coming up later this afternoon at 4:00. a billboard in virginia is grabbing driver's attention for all the wrong reason, why a company's smokey display could end up backfiring. >> and a boyfriend that popped the question 148 times, he must
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be very wealthy. coming up later today on "action news" at beginning at 4:00, that does it for us beginning at 4:00, for sara bloomquist, david murphy, i'm rick williams, have a good afternoon, stay warm and we'll see you later.
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