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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 20. we're working on several developing stories. >> one person was killed in a fire that ripped through a delaware home. we are live with more on the investigation. >> and the allentown city council may call for its mayor to resign. >> and we have the late of the track of a storm that could bring snow to our region this weekend. accuweather updates all morning long. >> people want to know. so let's head over to dave murphy. he's got accuweather and matt pelman is in for karen rogers with traffic. good morning. >> heading into what appears to be a busy weekend around here looks as though we're looking at less harsh conditions today. we're seeing the numbers come up a little bit. sunshine early on with clouds trying to dig in through the north. overall looking at a sun and clouds mix through much of the day. temperatures are still cold this morning. 22 degrees in philadelphia but
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remember yesterday we were in the teens so this i this does represent an improvement. whips making it feel like it's down around 10 in philadelphia, yesterday wind chills were around zero yesterday. clear, cold, less wind though. 21 degrees by 6 o'clock, 22 by 8 o'clock. yesterday we were forecasting numbers in the mid teens so again, a little bit of improvement and this afternoon we are going to spend some time over freezing for the first time in several days. by 10 o'clock we're up to 27. 31 by noon and then your high of 35 hits at about 3 o'clock before we dip back to the freezing mark by about 5 o'clock. new model run just flame a couplcame in acouple minutes ag. i'll let you know what this means for this weekend and probable for friday and a good portion of saturday matt. >> good morning, david, good morning, everybody. some improvements here on the roadway front along 95. we had that traffic stop in the southbound lanes approaching girard. that's gone as is northbound
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construction that was in the left lane between girard and allegheny. northbound work by cottman has also cleared out and there wasn't any work along the vine street expressway. so, everything is opened here in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. but not too far away in center city we still have some closures from last night's big four alarm apartment building fire centered at locust and 21st. instead of locust, chestnut or pine are some eastbound alternates for you this morning. instead of 21st and 22nd think of 20th and 23rd. in that area you can find icy conditions and congestion because of the roadblock catches that remain in place. had overnight construction on the turnpike in new jersey northbound. they were working in the outer drive those crews have packed up and gone as have the work crews along 295. they were blocking a couple of the ramps but everything is reopened now. on 42 if you're traveling from turnersville or blackwood coming northbound along 42 towards 295 no problems. walt whitman bridge, ben franklin bridge, betsy ross
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also all in the clear so far on this wednesday morning. matt. >> thanks, matt. firefighters spent much of the overnight at the scene of a fire at a new castle county home and we learned early this morning that one person never made it out alive. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live along abington road in talleyville to fill us in on the investigation. annie. >> reporter: good morning, matt. and this fatal fire completely destroyed the home behind me. i want to go to a picture that we just received from firefighters that were out herelily this morninhere early . the medical examiner just removed the body of the person that was killed inside this fire. okay, we don't have that uncert but so taking a look at the picture that was just there, that is taken at the scene. as for the fire i want to move into the home, what is left behind from the home.
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we were told that this all happened just before 11 o'clock last night. that's when fire crews did respond out here. they say that the fire was engulfed, it's a split level home when they came out here, they had reports that there was somebody who was trapped inside. they did find that person in a rear bedroom inside of this home. they say that it was just too late. now, again, like we said within the past hour the medical examiner was able to remove that body. the fire marshal is still out here on the scene and we are told that they are going to be out here at least through day break. they need to still sort through the rubble. talking to the fire marshal they cannot say a cause yet or origin. they are hoping to find out that sometime today. an autopsy is expected sometime today as well. for now reporting live in talleyville, annie mccormick channel6 "action news. matt and tam. >> thank you. two people were hurt during a two alarm fire at a rooming house in north philadelphia late last night. firefighters battled those flames on the 1600 block of
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west lehigh avenue. witnesses say people inside the building were jumping from the roof. >> the neighbor ran across and just set the ladder right there because they seen everybody jumping down. it was real wild. >> reporter: you heard people screaming. >> yeah, heard people screaming. >> one person was taken to the hospital. a second person was treated at the scene for an ankle injury. the red cross is assisting five other residents who have now been displaced. >> two philadelphia firefighters are recovering this morning from another fire that broke out in center city. flames began erupting on the four story building at 21st and spruce streets at 5:30 yesterday evening. the blaze was so intense that firefighters struck four alarms. part of the building collapsed sending two firefighters to the hospital with minor injuries. investigators say the fire started in the basemently we'll have a live report from the scene in the next half hour. >> new this morning kindergarten students in lehigh county will be spending a full day in the classroom starting next year. the park land school district approved full day kindergarten
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classes last night. it will be implemented in all district elementary schools starting in the 2016-2017 school year. survey sent to district parents showed 80 percent in agreement with a full day kindergarten program. the allentown city council is moving toward a no confidence vote that would call on its mayor to resign. that's is set to happen today. the motion says that mayor ed pawlowski is no longer an effective leader and he can no longer carry out his duties as mayor. the vote is in response to an fbi investigation into government contracting practices in allentown. pawlowski has not been charged though with a crime. >> turning to accuweather we have that storm coming up to talk about and a little bit of a warmup today. >> well, yeah, i mean, it's going to feel better also because the winds aren't going to be as strong so that's guilty storm tracker6 live double scan will get today's call out of the way because it's mostly good news. nothing going on on radar. as we take a look outside we have a cold start out there but you don't see the camera bouncing as much as we saw yesterday and the day before as the winds have eased back a
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little bit. temperatures right now across the region in the low to mid-20's. the winds are down to about 10 miles per hour instead of notice much strong are gusts that we had yesterday so wind chills making it feel like it's about 10 to 12 degrees in most neighborhoods. cold certainly but in the as bad as yesterday when some spots were below zero wind chill-wise. we'll get sunshine early and then clouds will probably start to share the skies with sun but generally a pretty bright day. up in allentown 33 is your high, still cold obviously but with less wind it will feel more comfortable than yesterday. down the shore we'll go for a high of about 36, sun mixing with a few clouds and again not as windy generally more comfortable. and in philadelphia a high of 35 with sun and clouds, less wind. winds only running west at about seven to 13 miles per hour. here's how those numbers are going to climb. we'll be in the 20's for much of the morning and the 30's for most of the afternoon with that high of 35 at 3 o'clock. here we go with the friday and saturday storm. it's going to be both dames we are looking at the energy associated with what is going to become our winter storm
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already over the west coast. by friday at about noon it's going to be right in the center of a trough around saint louis and atlanta and then from there it pushes to the east, transfers its energy into a coastal low and we expect a nor'easter to develop. the question, of course, is how much snow we get out of this and where exactly the track sets up. seems like we always talk about that. you know, the models were in better agreement on what was going to happen with this a couple days ago than they are now and a new one just came out that really likes this first scenario. in this case, it would be a strong storm. it would hug the coast and give us problems with coastal flooding but it would also be so close to the coast that the heaviest snow band would be pushed to the north and west of the i-95 corridor and in philadelphia and places close to the city the snow would probably mix with rain at times and then especially down to the south and east of philadelphia. the other scenario however that's still out there is to have a weaker storm that's farther off shore. in that case you would have the heaviest snow pulled down out of the northern and western suburbs.
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maybe plant it right over philadelphia or even shifted south and east of philadelphia so where exactly the placement of the snow is going to go is very much in question. in terms of how much snow we're going to get we'll probably be able to fine tune this a little more over the next 24 hours but we're thinking the best chance of wherever in heaviest snow band sets up would be about a six to 12-inch band, about al 40 percent chance of that but right behind that we are allowing for a little bit more. again it just kind of depends on which model you want to look at. one then thing we're certain about is effects at the shore. we're looking at wind gusts on saturday morning up to 60 and the model pushing them up as high as 70 miles per hour. that going to produce some coastal flooding and beach erosion down the shore as this storm passes by. another thing about this it looks like it might be delayed in its arrival a little bit so let's talk more about that. today not as harsh 35 degrees, not as windy. tomorrow 36 not a bad seasonable days, a little bit below average. friday clouds build during the day. most of the late model runs are suggesting that the snow arrives a little later in the game.
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either late in the afternoon friday or maybe not until sometime friday night and then the heavier snow later friday night and overnight. 34 is friday's high. then saturday another high of 34 degrees. depending on where that track goes we could get some snow, maybe some rain mixing in in parts of the region and of course it's also going to be very, very windy. so, that's the scenario there. in terms of the shutoff, the heaviest snow probably in the morning, maybe early afternoon. but the last of the snowflakes or raindrops probably don't end now until late saturday night. sunday then windy and chilly, dry, 38. and back up into the 40's next week. >> got you david. thank you. 5:10 now. still ahead on "action news" residents from a small 10 nd community are out to disspell rumors about the family of a missing toddler. >> the oscar winning actor who has been hailed as a hero after a dramatic rescue and why he's staying modest. matt. >> if you have to get to an airport for an early morning flight, things look good along the platt bridge headed towards i-95 and philadelphia international airport. we'll see if things are looking better on the northeast extension than they
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were last evening coming up after the break. >> a college out west is examining what it means to be white as part of its upcoming whiteness history month. details later in the morning buzz.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here, that's spring mountain as they get the slopes ready for the day. they'll open up at 4 o'clock this afternoon. it is 5:13, 26 degrees out there right now.
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>> going feel better than yesterday, though, getting above freezing, less breezy so that's good. matt what do you have on the roads. >> we'll take what we can get at this point. good morning matt and tam. we done have a whole lot on the roads which is great news as you head out on this wednesday morning. live in radnor township delaware county. this is the blue route 476. northbound go the taillights towards the schuylkill. during the midday what we'll have is a little construction in this area. they're patching the pavement. it's not pothole season yet but already you're starting to see a few pop up. northbound between route 30 and the schuylkill expressway watch out for restrictions during the midday today. on 476 the northeast extension all the overnight construction zones have cleared out and my oh my, it's looking a whole lot better than it was last evening when throughout the evening rush the southbound northeast extension was closed. that overturned fruit truck is long gone this morning. so everything is reopened and you're good to go coming down from the lehigh valley. had overnight construction here in upper providence delaware county along the route one media bypass. that is cleared out of the way but crews will return tonight at 8 o'clock.
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and in the kennett square area, a new work zone started yesterday. continuing through january 26th along kennett pike. the eastbound lanes just a short chunk between byron road and hillendale road they're working during the midday some peco work from 9:00 until 3:00. use hickory though get around that. let's do the commuter report early on this hump day morning. some of or friends talking about that ongoing construction in salem county that continues to close route 130 in both directions. that work zone, the bridge work going through early march. matt. >> thank you, matt. a tennessee toddler disappeared into the woods during a hike nearly a week ago and rumors are swirling on social media about what may have happened to two-year-old noah chamberlain. friends are disgusted by suspicions that the family had something to do with the boy's disappearance. some say the story the family gave the deputies about when the child went missing just doesn't add up. police called off the search last night due to the extreme cold. >> i'm erin o'hearn at the big
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board. while he knows what it's like to be a hero in the movies now oscar winning actor jamie foxx is being hailed a real life hero after he saved a man from a burning car. that was him -- that was fox embracing the crash victim's father who was very emotional when he thanked fox for rescuing his son. fox was at his home monday night when he heard a crash. he called 911 then ran out the find the driver still buckled into his seat. you can see from these photographs just how serious of a crash this was. fox unhooked the driver and dragged him away. the actor said he kept telling the man that angels were surrounding him and that he would make it out alive. >> as we pulled him out, within five seconds later the truck goes up. i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it as like, you know, you just had to doing. >> he was here when he needed to be here. he was here for my son and as far as i'm concerned he saved his life. >> well, the man who is in
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there car was taken to a nearby hospital with broken bones but is expected to recover. police have charged him with driving under the influence. matt, back to you. >> thanks for that story. the flyers six game winning streak came to an end against toronto last night. maple leafs defenseman matt shot gave them the three to two victory. it's 5:17. lower fuel prices are pushing airlines into record profits. >> fewer americans are getting behind the wheel especially young adults and we have the reason why. david. >> it's cold out there again this morning but not nearly as harsh as yesterday. still you do need all the extra gear on the kids as we have temperature in the 20's and wind chills down around 10, 11, 12 degrees, something like that. when we come back we'll give you your day planner forecast and i'll get you to the airport.
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>> new on "action news" a new study finds americans are losing an interest in driving. at least some of them. transportation research institute at the university of
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michigan says the number of people between 16 and 70 years old who have a driver's license has dropped since 2011. the availability of public transport and smartphone neighborhood ride services like uber and lyft means fewer people need to drive themselves. millennials aren't buying cars. >> they don't want to hold onto things, homes, cars. >> i love driving i find it therapeutic. it makes sense considering what i do. so far things look good here in bucks county. there goes a car headed northbound along 95 toward the scudder falls bridge in mercer county. going to the southern end of our viewing area no problems through wilmington along 95, 495 and 202 the concorde pike also look fine as does route two kirkwood highway. mass transit is on time so far this morning. keep in mind if you ride the market frankford line between church and arrott, between those stations you're boarding all trains from westbound platforms from 8 o'clock each
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evening through the end of the service night. that just started yesterday. it's going through february 1st. >> matt, you ought to try some driving on friday night and saturday morning to see how therapeutic that is. it's going to be cold today but not as harsh as it was the last couple of days. 21 degrees by 7 o'clock. 24 by 8 o'clock. your high today is going to be that 35-degree reading at 3 o'clock. and it won't be as windy today. so, wind chills not nearly as harsh. if you're traveling this morning we're not looking at any major delays between philadelphia and any of our most commonly traveled destinations so there is a little snow out in chicago so that could be a spot that has some problems later. a lot of cloud cover down to the south but no precipitation at this hour, tam. >> thank you, david. going on to health check health experts say teens are not tested for hiv as often as is recommended. fewer than one in four high school students who've had sex have ever been tested for hiv that's according the a government study. the centers for disease control recommend routine hiv testing at least once for teens and adults.
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young adults faired slightly better although testing rates have declined in black women and they are a high risk group. >> ♪ >> good morning. topping america's money profits are soaring for the airlines. >> falling fuel costs contributed to delta making over $4 billion in profits last year. other airlines are seeing similar windfalls. >> the airlines say they're pouring those big profits back into new planes and new terminals but those pesky fees those will stick around but this isn't good news for the airlines. more than 40 percent of americans didn't take any vacation days last year. >> apparently. so one reason not as many workers are receiving paid vacation time. everyone loves french fries and chocolate. >> why not combine the two. that's what mcdonald's figured. it's the mcyes choco potato t it has two kinds of sauce dark and white. >> you'll have to cough up a lot of money to buy these. it's only available in japan. why do they do that to us.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. that's not around here. you're taking a live look, this is 65 southbound in louisville kentucky where they're dealing with thumbs it's bringing down a pretty steady driving snow there but that's not a system that's coming to us. dave murphy has got his eyes on something else coming our way later in the week. >> okay. and it is time for the morning
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buzz. a group of college grads quizzed about the supreme court have given tv's judge judy a big promotion. it appears that 10 percent of them believe she's actually a supreme court justice. the statistic came from a survey of 1,000 college grads done for a report called "a crisis in civic education." the survey also stated that nearly 40 percent didn't know that congress has the power to declare war. no word on the percentage of students who thought canada is a continent. fans of hbo's game of thrones can earn college credit for watching their favorite tv show. virginia tech's religion and culture department recently offered a course on the popular tv show. the professor said he wants students to explore why fantasy is so often tied to the middle ages. now february is black history month. but a community college in portland oregon is introducing another cultural heritage month in april and it's raise something eyebrows.
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it's called whiteness history month. the organizers say they wanted a new way to address race and racism critically examining white privilege and racial power structures. conservative critics are calling it whiteness shaming and say that it was a sign of pressure to be politically correct. probably a lot of talk about that around the water cooler today. guys. >> thanks for those stories, erin. time right now 5:27. still ahead dirty doctor. a physician in new york is accused of sexually abusing his patients. the details in the next half hour. >> also university in the northwest of pakistan has come under attack by armed militants leaving almost two dozen people dead. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. >> ♪ >> developing now on "action news," fire devour a four story apartment building in center city. crews spent the frigid night there watching for flare ups.
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>> the death toll is rising in pakistan where gunmen stormed a university. >> let's get right to it. it's 5:30 on this wednesday. dave murphy has the track and matt pelman is filling in for karen. good morning. >> we'll start you with this morning. things are little bit less harsh. still cold out there. you can see clouds displaced to the north and west. at times we'll see clouds mixing with sun today. temperatures are still cold as i mentioned. 22 degrees in philadelphia but remember yesterday we were in the teens and down closer to the single digits in some spots. also when we factor in the wind this morning, yeah, sure, there's a wind chill of 10 in philadelphia and 14 in allentown. nine in millville. but yesterday we were talking about below zero wind chills in a lot of cases and plus the wind itself is only running at about 10 miles per hour this morning. so, not as harsh, getting a little bit better. on the bus stop you still have to dress the kids very snugly. it's cold, less wind. temperatures in the low 20's between six and 8 o'clock.


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