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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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approaching storm. we went from a blizzard watch to a warning but no matter where you live we expect it to be a major storm. just a short time ago the mayor of philadelphia declared a snow emergency in the city and that starts at 9:00 and meanwhile our meteorologists continue to track the storm. we'll check in with melissa magee is a moment but first david murphy with accuweather. >> this is what the models showed since sunday or monday and an area of low pressure from atlanta and a front extending to the south and warm moist air creating a wide swath of warm air from the southern part of virginia up through washington and some of the light precipitation coming closer to us at this point. all of this will get a lot worse overnight tonight and into tomorrow when we get a coastal low pressure forming and that
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passes us by as a classic nor'easter, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan the local view is showing things moistening up by baltimore and south of dover, maybe light snow in southern delaware but the majority of this is having a hard time defeating the dry air in place until the evening hours, we have a blizzard warning. and as rick mentioned it's upgraded as a watch and that center portion of the area is where we expect the heaviest snow bands combined with wind gusts that gives us poor visibility. but even places where you look at a winter storm warning down to the south and up to the north, you have snow on the way. and the coastal flood watch again on shore winds especially during the day saturday and into sunday are so strong with this nor'easter we are looking at moderate to major coastal flooding not only along the back bays and beach front with breach
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erosion but tidal waterways fairly high up into the delaware bay. monica malpass has more -- >> we are tracking the moisture as it moves on it, if are you out and about on the roads, you are okay until now or 4:00 or 5:00 as we watch the snow develop from a southeast to northeast direction. as far as the afternoon rush is concerned, we are not expecting weather related travel delays on the road, it's mostly cloudy for the rest of the afternoon and temperatures are in the mid to lower 20s. right now mostly cloudy and temperatures are quite cold but 4:30, 5:00 the snow comes in south portions of new jersey and delaware. as i advance this to 8:00, 9:00, it approaches philadelphia and knocks on door of the i-95 corridor and extends northward
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and westward to include the poconos and the lehigh valley and the storm intensifies into the overnight hours and throughout the day tomorrow. as far as expected snowfall and what we are expecting here. 3 to 6 inches of snow for the poconos, you are well away from the center of that storm system. allentown reading and northern lancaster county and north chester and bucks, 6 to 12 inks of snow. 12 to 18 inches of snow philadelphia and points south and west and a location across eastern maryland where we could find 18 inches of snow or more and extend this higher to include portions of the delaware valley 3 to 6 inches across the immediate coast. the big shore impacts as well for the rest of tonight and into saturday, more rain than snow expected there, gusts from 55 to 65 miles per hour and moderate to major coastal flooding say big concern with significant beach erosion.
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coming up rick, when meteorologist, david murphy, returns. when that will end in the exclusive accuweather forecast. the runways will look different tomorrow at this time and it doesn't happen often but there are no flights departing or arriving tomorrow. all airlines are canceling their flights. meantime penndot is making final touches to get areas ready before the snow hits and the agency's command center is on high alert, most crews are resting until they get the call tonight. >> before the snow falls, we want the crews to get the trucks loaded with salt and they move to our assigned area and then we start salting the roads. >> penndot is using more than 300 traffic cameras to track the snow all over the region. septa announced they are
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suspending most of their services starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and the exception is the cct service for dialysis patients and the market and broad street line. and the trains will continue to train from washington, d.c. through philadelphia up into new york and boston, officials say that they will continue to monitor the storm and will suspend service if needed. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney, declared a snow emergency, that means all cars must be moved from emergency designated roots by 5:00 tonight or they will be towed. residents can put their cars at all city owned garages for a $5 fee and city officials want folks to stay inside and stock up on their supplies. >> i suggest the netflix and pay
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per view, enjoy being home and don't go out until we give you the all clear. >> more than 600 city plows and workers will be out clearing the streets. officials in the suburbs are also bracing for the worst ahead of the approaching storm. both montgomery and delaware counties are under states of moneys so they can reach out to state agencies for help should they need it. resources are on stand by. and they have a resounding message for residents. >> it's a weekend and most folks are home and we enjoy them to enjoy the snow, and stay off the roads and urge folks to use common sense and be safe. >> if we have a heavy snow storm, it's best thing is to have it on the weekend and people will be off the highways
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and we encourage that. they have beefed up staffing at call centers. now lets head out to gray hall, in havertown, delaware county where residents are getting ready for the big storm. >> reporter: hi rick, you can imagine it's a mad rush to get the supplies like the snow blowers and the salt and other supplies, people are flocking to g gas stations and their cars to make sure they are filled up. >> it's non-stop since we opened our eyes for that matter. people are just on it today. >> workers at rj power equipment in havertown says that business is booming for the last couple of days, customers are making sure they have a snow blower or theirs is in good shape. >> everybody waits until the last minute for everything, that is normal for snow.
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all the procrastination that goes on. >> lindsay says she will not be caught without a working snow blower. >> i had to pick up a couple of screws to make sure my snow blower would work. >> for hours before the snow is expected, we found people at the garden center loading their cars in preparation sfwli was just down at r and j, and spent 1500 there's on a blower and now i'm spending $90 on snow melt. >> if you need gas you may run into long lines like the one we found at this sunoco. >> it's wise to top off your tank you never know what will happen so that is what i did. >> now everybody is waiting for the snow. >> the storm looks big. i'm expecting something more like 96, a foot maybe two.
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>> all right back out live, a reminder if you don't have the essentials to get you through the storm, you may want to head to the store right now because stores may run out of supplies. live in havertown, back to you. here is a live look at spring mountain, the poconos will get snow but not as much as philadelphia, of course any snow here is a welcome sight for skiers and to keep the ski season in full swing. and we have something great to check out on facebook it's a look at the biggest winter storms in philadelphia of the past 25 years, it's been nearly six years since the city experienced a blizzard. it was 2003. philadelphia got more than 30 inches of snow? 1996. that remains one of the snowiest
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in history, how many do you rememb remember, you can leave a comment in our comment section. we love to read them. be sure to send your videos of the current conditions along with your family, friends and pets, hopefully enjoying the wintry weather, use the #6abcaction or email us at there is much more to come on "action news" at 12:30, the snow is already falling down south, a look at how the storm is affecting the areas before it gets to us and how other cities are preparing. and we are taking a live look at sky 6 hd the center city skyline, simply overcast. it's chilly out there though. melissa magee has the full winter storm forecast for you when we come back.
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and we continue coverage of the winter storm heading our
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way. katherine scott is live at philadelphia international airport where we mentioned that all flights for tomorrow are already canceled. >> reporter: that is right rick, but right now the passengers are getting out of town and that could change, but tomorrow all the flights are canceled. here at security there is a line here and it's busy at the airport today. we are hearing that airlines are not planning to leave flights here overnight. check with your carrier to make sure your flight is still scheduled. travelers at philadelphia international airport have their tickets in hand and they are not looking back. >> i was suppose to leave at 6:00 but i thought i would get out early. passengers scrambled to change their flights, worried if they waited too long they would be
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stuck. >> some of our friends left last night that were suppose to leave later today. they started precanceling flights yesterday and then this morning the airport announce there had are no flights in or out of philadelphia tomorrow. >> if you were planning to fly on saturday, don't come to the airport because your flight has been canceled. >> reporter: but the airport has 465 employees and contractors dedicated to snow removal, crews will be out during the duration of the storm and hopefully it will be clear enough to resume flights sunday morning. >> they are clearing runways and the aprons and roads outside. this is a continuous operation for us. >> reporter: and septa is suspending most of their services, and the exception is cct for dialysis passenger
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except the broad street and market frankfurt lines. >> they are important to carry personnel and hospital employees and other essential workers during the storm. >> back here live at the airport, the boards look pretty good right now, but a lot of changes could be in store. a lot of airlines are contacting their customers but if you look through travelosity or others, check before you come to the airport if your flight is scheduled for tomorrow you already know it's canceled if it's here at phl. >> katherine thank you. the storm is already hitting hard down south, areas like baltimore and d.c. are expected to be hit the hardest. alicia vitarelli is live at the big board with more on that part of the story. >> you know it's a taste of what is to come here, roughly 70 million people across the nation could be effected by this, and
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22 states are on alert. not just the snow but potential ice and flooding and today in our nation's capital they are bracing for the worst. >> potential snow totals continue to creep up at the nation's capital. and it could be a historic blizzard with more than 30 inches projected. this trader joe's in washington, d.c. is forced to limit customers to 10 at a time. and even the federal government is playing it safe, they closed at noon ahead of what could be winter mayhem. >> d.c.'s public transportation including bus and rail service is also closing later today. >> we see a major lineup for a storm system affecting at least 50 million people. >> at reagan airport all is on stand by, they are offering
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waivers to change their flights and the pep rally canceled ahead of the nfc championship game and this is forced to limit the amount of snow equipment that each customer can purchase. >> the fast of the thing is the snow shovels, we are down to the last few of them. >> reporter: washington could see more than two feet of snow and a state of emergency is declared there as well as virginia, you mentioned baltimore and maryland the state of emergency there and tennessee and north carolina and right here at home in pennsylvania as we await the snow that is heading our way. >> millions and millions of people can be affected. thank you. coming up the forecast for the winter storm when we come right back. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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meteorologist, melissa magee is back now as we continue the countdown to the storm. >> it is imminent tonight through tomorrow and sunday.
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and we have sped up the arrival of the precipitation. we'll talk about that. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, it's still dry and quiet across our region but overnight tonight at the tail end of the evening rush we expect it to move in through a northeast direction. we can talk about the temperatures, 27 right now in philadelphia, 27 as well in wilmington and 25 for allentown and the lower 20s for both reading and lancaster. along the coast cape may 27 and 29 in beach haven. here is the storm we are tracking and awaiting, satellite 6 along with action radar showing united states the area of low pressure over alabama as we speak just to the west of atlanta. you have all the gulf moisture this is tapping into and cold enough already to produce snow through the ohio valley and approaching the mid-atlantic region, this area of low pressure transfers its energy to just off the coast of the carolinas and we are expecting
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the storm to intensify and strengthen as we go through the rest of tonight and throughout the day on saturday. the call from accuweather for the rest of the today, we are tracking the increasing clouds and cold conditions, 34 is the high with the northerly wind that pushes down all the colder air, future tracker 6 pushing out the precipitation for you, if you head outside now until 4:00, 5:00, you are okay, no weather related travel delays on the roadways, but we watch the moisture approach at 4:00, 5:00 this evening, across areas in lancaster and southern sections of new jersey as well. this will continue by about 8:00, 9:00 approaching philadelphia and the i-95 corridor and more than likely move across the northwest suburbs through the lehigh valley. picking up in intensity at 5:30 tomorrow morning, you'll notice mixing going on at the immediate coastline and rain across southern sections of new jersey there in wildwood, the storm
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system ramps up and continues through the rest of the day tomorrow and the evening hours, we'll talk about when the height of the storm will occur, about 5:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on saturday, through the overnight hours through the afternoon tomorrow, snow rates, because we are under a blizzard warning, 1 to 3 inches of snow per hour and power outages expected. and gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour especially at the coast and most roads are impassable with visibility reduced to a quarter mile or less. expected snowfall tonight through saturday night. we are calling for 12 to 18 inches of snow for philadelphia and mown holly southbound into wilmington. 6 to 12 for bucks county and northern montgomery, and 3 to for the poconos. 6 to 12 across interior sections
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of jersey and 3 to 6 there in wildwood and southern sections of atlantic city. there is an area we have to add, extend 18 inches or more across areas in maryland and that could be extended in portions of our area as we update maps this afternoon. as far as the future wind gusts, it's a big one, winds gusting from 50 miles per hour in atlantic city to 55 in wildwood and 57 miles per hour in dover, that is why significant beach erosion is a big concern, especially at the time of high tide. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, showing you the snow -- throughout the day, i'll repeat it, blizzard conditions likely tomorrow with a high of 33, windy and chilly on sunday as everything driz up and clears out and get the shovels ready. an updated snowfall map coming up today at 4:00. >> another quick break and more
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news when we return.
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our coverage continues, pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, declared a state of emergency. and that helps to clear up funding and resources if and when it's needed quickly. wolf also urged all residents to prepare all possibilities and to be safe. new jersey has not yet declared a state of emergency, governor chris christie plans to stay in new hampshire where he is campaigning for the nomination, he says his cabinet survived superstorm sandy and is confident they will handle this nor'easter as well. now melissa magee is back with a final check of the forecast. >> we have the blizzard warnings posted rick, for the i-95 area and metro portions and the pink
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shaded counties a winter storm warning for lancaster and wildwood. this goes through sun morning. expected snowfall 12 to 18 inches for philadelphia on southbound along the i-95 corridor and 6 to 12 for allentown and 3 to 6 for the poconos and there is an area we have to increase the snowfall map. that will do it for "action news" at noon, can you join us for "action news" today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the latest on the imminent snow storm. for melissa magee, david murphy i'm rick williams have a good afternoon we'll see you on "action news" beginning at 4:00.
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