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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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continuing on the beach and in many homes and the people we spoke with are angry at governor christie says his remarks about the storm and about the local mayor were arrogant and innocencive. >> he was surprised to hear it. >> i heard one crazy mayor say this is worse than sandy. >> he was surprised when he heard from christie apologizing. >> i think he was jen you'lly sorry for what he said to me, and i would like him to let the residents and business owners and first responders down here know he understandss what we wet through. >> when i slept on it, and woke up this morning i didn't feel good about what i said about him. >> for the families, the damage is done, especially after that
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same comment at the town hall meeting. >> you want me to go down with a mop? >> he put out this mop. >> he is bullying everyone on the media and making us look like idiots and he has turned his back on us. >> he tried to clarify his remarks acknowledging the damage. >> what i object to is any type of characterization of what happened in jonas to be anywhere near what happened in sandy. >> now, the governor says damage assessments are still underway and that process two-thirds complete. that assessment will determine if the state can apply for federal disaster aid. they have met with the 70 of the 91 businesses effecting by this storm. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> all right trish thank you.
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meantime new jersey's two senators spent the day surveying the aftermath across the state and even pitched in to help out. the action cam caught up with cory booker in camden dressed in a rutgers hoody, he laid down salt and shoveled snow with mayor dana redd. >> when i was down in d.c., and away, someone cleaned my walkway and driveway. i want to pay it forward. especially the seniors and elderly. that is the jersey way, the american way. >> from there booker joined with senator john mendez. for a tour of the damage at the jersey shore. the group made stops at wildwood, sea isle city and atlantic city. meanwhile the massive piles of snow continue to cause problems in our area especially in the lehigh valley, where we saw the highest totals in the
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weekend. walter perez has this story from allentown. >> the blizzard dropped a record of 31 inches of snow in the queen city. carlos still lives on queen streegt. castro says on sunday all the neighbors came together and shoveled the alley but we ran out of places to put the snow and one alley is clear but our cars are still trapped, i don't know what to do. >> meanwhile road crews are shifted their efforts from a plowing operation to a hauling operation, as you can see dump trucks are filled with snow and then delivered to several locations on the out skirts of town. and getting around by vehicle is still a challenge getting around on foot is no picnic either. there are sidewalks buried or feet of snow. people have not shoveled because
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there is nowhere to put it. >> there is only so much you can do. >> they are asking the people of allentown to remain patience. >> whatever is necessary we'll do it, but it's going to take sometime getting to everything in the city of allentown. we are not talking hours we are talking days. and in center city philadelphia, it's again like walter is telling us it's been three days since the blizzard dumped three feet of snow across the city. philadelphia public schools are back in session tomorrow but before the kiddos head back to class they are soaking in the final few moments in the snow and out of it too. outside you can see the snow men proudly standing tall in franklin square and the sleds at the bottom of the art museum steps, they may be broken but that is because they were put to
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good use. while mom and dad were shoveling they were keeping busy. >> we made a 10 foot high hill in our side yard and we go down that every day. >> i am sleeping in every day and making snow forts. >> sleeping in sounds good. we caught up with crowds getting away from the cabin fever at the franklin institute. parents love to sneak a little science in there. philadelphia public schools will be open tomorrow, that is it kids the fun is over. we are waiting for word from the archdiocese to see if those kids will have class or one more snow day. >> it's nice while it lasted. >> thank you. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph has the latest on the soggy weather we are seeing. we see showers pushing in from the south and west and the
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temperatures have really responded despite the clouds this afternoon. 51 in millville and even to the north and west, low 40s and melting going on today. a rivet of moisture approaching from the north and west and we are socked into the cloud from new england to back to ohio and tennessee valley, there is that area of showers that continue to pull in from the south and west. as we look closer on double scan live radar, the same thing for montgomery county near landsdale and norristown and media on the virgin of a few showers in delaware county. and that goes to southern chester and lancaster county. no worries of freezing on the roadways because the temperatures well above freezing. as we look at the evening planner, a few showers around. 40 at 8:00 and then we drop into
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the upper 30s through 11:00. we are not looking at icing develop through the early evening hours north and west late tonight there could be patchy black ice but we'll continue the melting process as we look ahead to the forecast. temperatures staying in the 40s even if not some days going into the 50s and no big storms in sight. that is a good thing going in the seven-day forecast. we'll show you all the numbers coming up rick in just a bit. >> thank you. as we continue cleaning up from the blizzard, stay with for updates on what is coming next. can you rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan as well as the latest information from our team of meteorologists. >> leaders say they have reached a compromised from atlantic city's future. mayor don guardian was there to announce the larger role in the city's finances and help to restructure the gambling debt. he says it's the only realistic
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way to overcome the deficit. the mayor was considering bankruptcy but after weighing the option he decided to enter into a partnership with the state and governor chris christie. >> we reached an accommodations and i think everyone is working off the same sheet of music. >> the governor says that legislation will be introduced next month and the proposed interestsvention would last no more than five years. a garbage truck caught fire in the middle of a neighborhood in hamilton township at 2:00 this afternoon. a garbage truck powered by natural gas went up in flames. they tried to put the flames out themselves and the tank exploded. fortunately nobody was hurt. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. how we looking so far now? >> another day of melting.
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in many cases and some cases we are trying to make the snow go quicker and that has quieted a slow go this afternoon. schuylkill westbound they are removing snow by 202 and at times they stom all the westbound traffic in the local lanes here by 202 by mall boulevard. just the express lanes getting by heading towards the turnpike and then the traffic rolling once again. if you go west of the conshohocken curve, a wall of stopped traffic because of this snow removal effort underway in the king of prussia. and removing 422 around pottstown they just reopened them and speeds in the 20s and 7:24 may be a better bet. more snow removal going on along route 100 northbound past 202, the right lane is blocked there, in cherry hill temperature, a crash in haddonfield berlin road and if you are closer to the shore in atlantic county look
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for a crash approaching 30 the white horse pike, one of the lanes blocked in that location as well. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, another back to workday for people and students around the region, word of a pothole on creek road in belmar and word of flooding, we really have something for everyone. we'll check the issues again coming up in the next half hour. >> still ahead, reports of an active shooter sends s.w.a.t. teams into a hospital. and when officers moved in they didn't find what they expected. >> and chaka fattah could lose his defense team. what he told his team when they complained they were not getting paid. >> and the sixers are talking about practice. today they unveiled the layout for their brand new headquarters, we'll show you what camden's newest tenants are planning.
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breaking right now one person has died in a school bus accident in indiana. it happened outside of an elementary school in lawrence township. the bus appears to have veered on to a roadway and the person killed was an adult and at least two children were seriously injured but they are expected to survive. we are following developing news, reports of an active shooter at medical center in san diego appears to be a false alarm. someone reported hearing three gunshots in the basement of a hospital building prompting s.w.a.t. officers to respond with guns drawn and employees walked out with their hands up and medical patients were told they might have to evacuate and navy officials posted a facebook message telling people to quote, run, hide or fight.
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several sweeps of the building found no evidence of a shooting. >> we have done a number of clearing sweeps of the building and as of this time we have found nothing which substantiates those reports. >> three schools near that hospital were on lock down but that has since been lifted. back here a federal judge told congressman, chaka fattah, to rethink his decision on focusing on campaign fundraising and instead raise money for his legal defense. he was in court for a hearing over his legal defense team. fattah's attorneys asked the judge to dismiss them from representing the congressman because they say they were not getting paid. the judge did not make an official ruling and questioned why other lawyers with take the case and risk not getting paid themselves. the judge does not want to delay the case. we have a brand new first
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look at the sixers training complex under construction in camden, the sixers releasing the first images of the facility set to open this year. the team says the new space located near the camden aquarium will be the largest training complex in the entire nba, they call it their crown jewel and it features things like a roof deck, hydro therapy rooms and a player restaurant and a lot more. and while they are looking for a naming rights partner, the sixers say they are very much looking forward to this partnership with the city of camden. >> we look forward to doing projects together with children specifically. but also being a good community partner and helping the city grow and be the great city it could be. >> all of that in the new video, the sixers currently train at the college of medicine next to
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us here at 6 abc. their new facility is being built in stages and set to be up and running later this year. >> thank you. here is a look at today's closing numbers, we have green arrows across the board and the dow is back above 16,000, up 282 points and the nasdaq up 50 and the s&p 500 up 27 points. this weekend's blizzard led to records to people watching on demand videos while confined to their homes. comcast says that 1.3 million people were watching tv shows or movies through the exfinity system. that is a record for one time. they said on demand viewing was up 50% in our region and 56% in baltimore and washington, d.c. the most popular show was "game of thrones" and the most popular
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movie was hotel transylvania. >> i haven't seen either? >> hotel transylvania is funny. >> i was watching entourage. >> i was watching adam joseph all weekend. >> that could put you right to sleep. we look at shawnee, one place enjoying the recent snow after making up for a lackluster december and early january without any precipitation whatsoever, so skiers and snowboarders getting out and enjoying. if we look at philadelphia specifically for the number of storms per decade where we saw a foot of snowfall, we had back to back decades where in the 2000s we had a foot or more. this decade already three storms of a foot or more. the 1990s only one the blizzard
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of 96 and 80s only one, and if you look back when history started for records, we haven't had more storms than the 2000s and 2010's, we can't say we had big storms all the time. it has been recent. >> we see rain showers to the south and west of philadelphia in chester county and montgomery county and eastern and southern lancaster county dampening the roadways here and helping to wash the salt and melt the snow. coatesville to coreyville, a pop of yellow heading to oxford and crossing to chadds ford and if it survives going into delaware county. some areas are getting wet here this evening. all numbers are well above freezing, no icing concerns. saw in millville and 52 in atlantic city and even low 40s to the north and west. and a big change from 24 hours ago, we are 10 degrees warmer in
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trenton and philadelphia and more than that for millville and the shore line, not as much and still decent north and west in burkes county and 4 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. it's a small ribbon of showers, it won't last long and not much will accumulate but clouds are lagging all wait back to the ohio valley so a cloudy night after the showers, any areas seeing black ice, have you to live north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike. philadelphia 35, and millville and dover and the boardwalk and trenton near freezing but the upper 20s to the north and west. future tracker 6 at 9:00 p.m., the showers are already falling apart and moving away and we start with clouds on your wednesday morning and maybe a quick shower at the shore and as we look at the numbers around the region, 44 philadelphia and 42 in millville and 40 in
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allentown and more melting tomorrow and brighter in the afternoon. the four day at 4:00 forecast, 40s for tomorrow with the sunshine returning and then mostly sunny here thursday and a dip down in the temperature of 40 degrees and then they'll be a strong piece of energy passing through on friday, turning blustery and sparking a flurry or two and nothing of concern, and saturday clouds and sun behind that still sitting at 40 degrees and if you want it way warmer, wait until you see the seven day in the next half hour. >> i like that. >> sounds good. >> a local man is a million dollars richer and wouldn't have known about it if not for the blizzard. >> and it started out as a disgusting discovery in a child's lunch but ended with the class getting a new pet. you'll love that also in big talkers today, you know all of that spot saving going around during this snow storm, the
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the big digout continues from the blizzard of 2016 and if are you wondering where the city of philadelphia is putting some of the snow. look no further than the roosevelt boulevard. the grassy median has become a dumping ground. the storm coverage continues at 4:30 in south jersey, vernon odom will have a live report from camden. police in mantua are looking for the man that broke into a seafood restaurant through a hole in the wall. they gave us surveillance video of the crime that happened on january 19th, they say a man got into the sunny side seafood on lancaster avenue through a wall the business shares with the vacant property next door. he got the cash register open and grabbed the money and took off. police want anybody with
4:26 pm
information to give them a call. meantime a fire in south philadelphia forced people out into the cold this morning, it started at 4:00 a.m. on the corner of 20th and bainbridge streets. it houses a business on the first floor and the apartments above it, firefighters say there were flames shooting out of the first floor when they arrived. a man and his girlfriend found out they are a million dollars richer and may have missed if not for this weekend's blizzard. the man bought a power ball ticket at the sunoco in newcastle but that was february 1st of last year, the man and woman were snowed in and started checking old lottery tickets and realized they had a winning ticket. the winner that chose to stay anonymous says he will put the money toward real estate. it's never too late to salute and say thank you to our
4:27 pm
veterans in world war ii. 17 wwii vets were presented with the highest military award. the distinguished military award, it was reauthorized in 1988 by then governor kaine. it was part of a statewide veterans program. >> congratulations to them. there is more ahead in the next half our of "action news." camden police head out to the city's neighborhood and this time they are not looking for crime but looking to help people that are still snowed in. vernon odom will have the story in a live report. i'm nydia han, prices on tvs are good right now and it's a good excuse to by a big screen for the super bowl.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with charges filed against a driver in a canal crash. and a suspect targeted a verizon store in broad daylight. >> and a lizard becomes a class pet coming up we'll talk about how the originally unwanted
4:30 pm
critter became the class mascot. today police officers went door-to-door in camden helping them dig out. vernon odom joins us live on what has become a long process. >> reporter: rick this is the second winter the second year for operation guardian, to build better relations with the folks here in the city. camden police patrolled the east side cramer hill section looking for trouble not the criminal kind but folks with problems post blizzard fallout. example, shoveling out the drivers getting stuck on side streets hours after the storm ended. >> kathleen has lived in this neighborhood for 56 years, she has never seen the camden police in this role during all of those winters. >> the first time i have seen it was yesterday. what is that? >> the cops helping someone get unstuck.
4:31 pm
>> in my life -- >> the police force is reaching out like never before. in many cases going door-to-door to see if the elderly and infirm are okay in the wake of the storm. >> we are checking on the residents in the areas making sure they are comfortable. >> officers holmes and sims grew up in the city and are happy about the makeover. >> without reach like this what do you think? >> it brings people closer, i was born in the city and i have family and it's changing. >> something as simple as snow they don't want to call but we are out here and we'll do it even if they don't want it. >> they appreciate the change of climate in a town that was racked by crime and poverty. >> it's not just harassment and arrests, they are putting names to the officers that serve and protect. >> reporter: sharrie you could
4:32 pm
feel the positive vibes stemming from this community outreach. live in camden, new jersey, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> building community relationships thank you sir. the action cam was in northeast philadelphia this afternoon where many snowy streets need to be cleared. this is what it looked like on lardner street and a backhoe was busy working on stevenson street. and penndot has a new way to clear snow, chopper 6 hd was over head as crews used a machine that employees at the norristown yard winterized for snow removal. now the belt loader scoops up snow and puts it on a conveyer belt and dumps it into a pickup truck. the philadelphia water department is still trying to fix a water main that broke recally this morning in
4:33 pm
rhawnhurst. two cars parked on the snow covered street also flooded and 60 properties in the area are without water and should be turned back on this evening we are told. meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us and the story is the cleanup from this weekend. >> thankfully mother nature is helping by melting as well as keeping the temperatures up. >> speaking of water there is rain too. as we look around the region, a lot of clouds upstairs and warm with temperatures of 49 degrees with the southwesterly wind pumping in the warmth and a windchill down to 44 degrees but again not bad out there. 51 in millville and 52 at the atlantic city airport and 47 in trenton and lehigh valley 41 and lancaster coming in at 39. as we look at double scan live radar here are the shower as approaching center city not heavy but this is good news, it's washing the salt on is the
4:34 pm
roadways and helping to melt the snow in the areas of yellow in lancaster county. that light green is just some light showers hitting the windshield wipers. we'll talk about the exit of the showers and a cool down in the seven-day forecast before we get a big warm-up. i'll have the up and down numbers coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> a 21-year-old man from collegeville faces charges stemming from a deadly crash in october of last year, robert hoffman was behind the wheel in upper providence township. he is charged with two countses of homicide by vehicle and he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. and did not have a valid drivers license. two including hoffman made it out safely. >> a man is recovering after flipping his vehicle in broomall, delaware county,
4:35 pm
chopper 6 hd was on the scene and the crash blocked traffic and caused delays on the ramp i-76 northbound. trucks had to pull it out of a snow bank on the side of the road. meanwhile, crews are trying to clean up a spill in the schuylkill river. some of the red dyed fuel is trapped in the icy waters and federal and city and state agencies are using absorbant materials to remove the oil and the left over snow is making it more difficult. the source and the cause of spill remain under investigation. >> gas prices are down all across the country. it's a trend that is giving drivers some peace of mind around the delaware valley. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more. >> gas prices in philadelphia are down 23 cents a gallon from last year and the savings are even better in new jersey and delaware.
4:36 pm
it's great for drivers braving the winter cold. jeff jericho has more coming up on that at 5:00. plus, classes resume for many children in our area after a long weekend. with all of that time off comes the risk of a lice outbreak. the signs they should look for as their children head back to school. philadelphia police are looking for the man that robbed a rite-aid in olney. on the 5600 block of north fifth street on friday, he asked the employee for a pack of cigarettes and put his hand in the jacket like he had a gun. the robber was last seen on olney avenue. >> philadelphia police are looking for a bold robber that walked into a verizon cellular store in north liberties and
4:37 pm
brandished a handgun. he was wearing an emblem, in case you recognize it. police say he tied up the employees with zip ties while he went through the safe and stole phones and tablets. if you know who this guy is call philadelphia police and all tips remain anonymous. there is still more to come on "action news," tires screech and baseball bats fly in texas. more on the aggressive road rage incident caught on camera. plus, a high school wrestling champion says good-bye to his undefeated record but it's all for a good cause. how he made another athletes dream come true ahead in big talkers, adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 comed right back. stay with us.
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with baseball bats flying a violent road rage incident was caught on tape in texas. the man in the gray shirt got out of his vehicle an approached the driver of the black truck, he approaches it with a bat and the other man grabs a stick and the two start fighting. >> it was early in the morning and it was weird. i thought one would get knocked out or something. >> nobody got knocked out but meets are trying to find the man holding the bat. a man known as a tv detective died in new jersey, abe vigoda died in his home in franklin park. he played fish in the tv series barney miller and played the role of the doomed mafia soldier in the godfather. he was 94 years old. on health check, a new
4:41 pm
partnership to aid information sharing for health agencies in new jersey. state agencies formed an agreement to share and analyze data from hospitals, all of this information will be funneled through regional operations intelligence center in ewing township. it handles cyber security and incident reports for the entire state. when the snow starts so does the spot saving. the city's residents are infamous for cleaning out a spot and then putting something there to save it. the philadelphia police department's hilarious no savesies video went viral over the weekend but they are serious, this poster, ala rocky, where sylvester stallone goes one to one with a cone. it's not worth fighting over we
4:42 pm
don't wants more sequels in this series. #~ no savesies. guess what they are on patrol. so you have been warned and that includes my neighbors, you got that message. this story we love today, this is a green lizard with quite a story to tell. he is now thriving happy and doted over and well fed. crickets obviously. the first class in riverside elementary school in princeton. green fruit loop almost didn't make it. a mere victim of solid packaging. >> a kindergartner named fay and her mom found the lizard in a bundle of greens they got at an organic market. the poor thing was living in their fridge, inside of the greens, it was cold and lifeless when they found it.
4:43 pm
warm and sound, green fruit loop is the mascot in the science lab and they are nursing it back to life and they are loving the life lesson and he is tucking a little science in there, creeping it right in. and finally to the ultimate tale of champions and the real meaning of winning. in massachusetts a high school face-off between a champion wrestler and a special needs wrestler, he was undefeated until now. that is andy howlin. and he said he gave him a run for his money. >> he threw in a good move on i when with pressure. >> did he surprise you? >> yes, he was a tough kid. >> you had a nice move? >> yes. >> did it feel pretty good? >> yes. >> the school says they are both champions and devon says this is a win win here and if anyone was
4:44 pm
going to overthrow his record, andy is the only guy he would want to lose to. you know what guys it was a fair fight. great story. thanks alicia. lets get a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman is wrestling with traffic, are you winning or losing? >> most cases we are losing and losing again this afternoon. still dealing with the effects of the weather, wet road surfaces and slush out there as well. and plenty of accidents, like one on the southbound side of 26th street south of the schuylkill expressway. since then they blocked both of the southbound lanes anded pushed it to the side. this caused big delays to spill back on to the schuylkill itself and eastbound is a slow crawl, with speeds of 12 miles per hour from the vine into 26th street. watching a crash in port richmond at allegheny avenue.
4:45 pm
and one at lower merion at the exon station and luckily the flooding at the brooklawn circle has subsided. but they are working to remove the snow along the schuylkill expressway and i think that might be the crew leaving right there as we watch live, this is 202 over top the schuylkill expressway and we see big westbound delays on 76 from the curve on out to 202, because of the snow removal. they got finished clearing out the snow on 100 northbound and everybody reopened there and the crash in cherry hill blocking a61 has cleared and in galloway township look for a wreck on the garden state apartment way approaching 30 and taking out the left lane in this location. here is something we don't hear about often, jetblue says it is adding leg room to all of its jets, the airline wants its
4:46 pm
planes to be more suspicious and modern and entertaining. there are inseat power outlets and free wifi. passengers will be able to use it before the plane reaches 10,000 feet. all the 130 airbus planes will be redesigned starting next year.
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4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now and we are talking rain in the area and warmer temperatures though. >> overall temperatures are above 40 and above. and 50s splashed in there as well. >> wow. >> there is a little rain but that is not dampening the winter
4:49 pm
spirits. from valley forge national park and the birds excited with temperatures near 50 degrees, and the log cabins and fresh snow, that is pretty much still on some of the roofs and of course plenty on the ground, as we look at double scan live radar we are dealing with light showers especially northern newcastle and chester and verge of philadelphia and central bucks county. not heavy rain just disorganized here passing from the southwest to the north and east and some dam many roadways along the northeast extension and schuylkill expressway and 422 as well as route 1 as you head south of philadelphia, as we look at almanac, 10 degrees above the north carolinaal of 40 degrees, quite a turn around after a deep snow pack, to get temperatures to respond that large, the record 74 set back in
4:50 pm
1950. 46 in sea isle city and cooler in the north and west but still above that 32 degree threshold. not a lot of moisture but you'll deal with light drizzle and on and off light showers and they start to push off the coast by 8:00 or 9:00, for tonight early showers and then after midnight, watch for patchy black ice far to the north and west where temperatures drop to 28 degrees, and many areas including philadelphia will stay at or above freezing through tomorrow morning. on wednesday clouds in the morning as the front moves away from the west and returning sunshine and wins 7 to 14 miles per hour cooler than today but 44 degrees, the high slip as way on thursday but still mostly sunny as it will be between two systems, one to the northern and one off the coast and a touch cooler with a high temperature of 40 degrees and then the storm
4:51 pm
off the coast remains well off the coast as we get into the end of the week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast returning sun tomorrow and 44 and lots of sun on thursday and step down to 41 and on friday, the northern system over the great lakes swings through with a lot of clouds and blustery and windy and 41 degrees and could be a flurry or to around but that is about all. and behind that sunshine returning on saturday 40 degrees and then we turn up the thermostat outside here on sunday, 47 degrees and then on monday into tuesday, staying mild with high temperatures both days back to back at 50 degrees. so as we approach the month of february the temperatures looking pretty good here if you like it warmer. >> february looking nice. >> so far. >> the beginning. i know, i know. keeping my fingers crossed. >> quick break and more news when we come back. stay with us. winter is hard on your nose.
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in the market for a new tv, now may be the time to buy, they are getting ready for the next round of merchandise but there are a lot of choices out there. >> retailers have options as they clear their selves, and consumer reports shares tips to find the right set for your home. big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper, you can get a 65 inch, 1080 p for under $1,000. >> a regular hd set is still a great choice and the game is not body cast in 4 khd this year. a screen that is 50 inches or bigger is a good choice and also important is a wide viewing angle, this is where a tv comes
4:55 pm
in happenedy, both sets have unlimited viewing angle, that means everybody gets a great view no matter where they are sitting and a tv that handles fast motion without blurring they tested out how each set performs if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, check out the lg, costing $3,000 and is one of consumer reports' highest rated tvs. plus uhd will help you when more content becomes available. brand new modelled hit store shelves in february early march, and consumer reports has several deals or tvs available now for a 55 inch television consider the hd models from sony and samsung, and from you looking for bigger, there is a brafia and panasonic
4:56 pm
for $1700. you can get more information on buying a big screen tv at >> finally at 4:00, we see them on horror movies and adventure flicks and the real thing arrived in philadelphia, the human mummy is on loan to the franklin institute. the 2300-year-old mummy, annie, for anonymous. it's an interactive journey that unearthed the mysteries of an ancient civilization, it opens to the public and stop by and see annie the mummy. >> that video got my attention. thank you rick. and thank you for joining us for "action news" at 4:00, for rick williams and adam joseph and brian taff, join us tonight and
4:57 pm
every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here is monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00 live around the delaware valley is returning to normal after one of biggest snowfall on records. we are live with the latest on cleanup efforts. and an apology from chris christie after a comment he made about a south jersey mayor. and more concerns about the zika virus, and folks that have traveled to infected areas around the globe.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. cleanup efforts from this weekend's blizzard rolls into day three. chopper 6 hd found plenty of clear roads, good news for drivers hoping to return to a routine. it's tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the continued progress made by
5:00 pm
cleanup crews after the blizzard of 2016. philadelphia public schools will resume class tomorrow, that is one hint that life in the delaware valley will get back to normal soon. sara bloomquist is live with the details. >> rick and monica, you can see this is leopard street still snow covered this afternoon, we are making considerable progress and we even see some sunshine today and trafficking getting through some of these smaller streets and meantime the city of philadelphia is keeping up tds efforts try to get to all the residential streets. >> here in port richmond some roads are still covered in snow and while they are still passable some are down to one lane and making room for another car could mean getting stuck on the side exactly what happened here. stan was among those that jumped in to help. >> not


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