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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning everyone, it is thursday, january 28. and we're following several news stories this morning. police in delaware have arrested a man for making threats against police officers. a philadelphia congress gra gas gra -- congregation was left to clean up after a fire. republicans will debate tonight without their frontrunner, will he show up in the end? we have weather and traffic with david murphy and matt pellman good morning.
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>> reporter: it is cold, temperatures are down in the 20s and we have cloud cover overhead and we have melting snow refreezing on sight streets an parking lots. 14 in allentown. 15 in reading, 14 in lancaster. 20 in millville, 30 degrees in sea isle city. that's not wind out there, that's nice. 26 degrees by 6:00. 267 by 8:00 a.m. mainly clear, again, be careful of icy patches as you walk toward the bus stop or the car, for that matter. the call for this afternoon, 39 degrees by 1:00 p.m. the high 42 degrees with with ar amount of sunshine and light winds it's not a bad afternoon ahead. we have mild air still ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll have that coming up. we have a fear some people will go slip sliding on this thursday
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morning. take it easy as you head out. youthful find things like this right here, i drove one over the ramp from fox street to the southbound side of the boulevard. if you try to come to a stop, you'll slip slide into the southbound lanes. getting word of traffic light troubles on the boulevard bye-bye berry. this is the vine street expressway in center city. no overnight construction. for the most part the road is dry, but again watch out for the icy spots as you're out and about this morning. icy spots at did dekalb pike at johnson hospital snow removal crews have been working hard, the sunshine has helped us out, as well. we've had a lot of melting, but there was a refreeze overnight.
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belmawr, camden county, route 42 at creek road a few headlights heading northbound toward i-95. no major delays heading toward the walt whitman bridge on this thursday this morning. an 8-year-old is among four people in delaware being treated for exposure to carbon monoxide. they got sick from high levels of the gas inside a home on tree lane drive in bear, new castle county. neighbors are being checked out. there are no reports that the carbon monoxide has spread to other homes. this is news, the american touristed killed in gren -- tourist killed in grenada is the wife of a doctor. she died from an expensive skull fracture.
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david benjamin was charged with cap poll murder. she workedded at a children's hospital in atlanta. the congregation of philadelphia brewerytown section will be surveying the damage today. a small fire broke out on cecil b. more avenue late thatcher. no cause of the fire is known at this point. a treat caved in in pennsauken. the crews had to wait to shut off the water. they pulled the suv out an hour ago. gloucester township police need your help identifying that man. on january 17 he forced his way into businesses on lower landing road once inside he grabbed a safe and plunge supplies.
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he loaded everything into his vehicle. he tried to break into two businesses earlier in the day. chester police have charged a man for making threats against police officers. the threats came in response to an arrest that we told you about yesterday morning. annie mccormick is live at the chester police station with all the details on this story. good morning, annie. >> reporter: that's right, those threats aimed at chester police is what put the media man behind bars. the threats were directed at chester police officer in response to want arrest of a 17-year-old chester high school student. now, tuesday night, the teenager posted to instagram she would shoot up several schools in the chester area and it ended with all blacks must die in her posting. she posted the tweet on a dare on sleepover in chester
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township. hours after she made the post, the fbi and local authorities swarmed the home and police say she admitted that she wrote it. she was arrested, apparently the posts that this 23-year-old man directed at police was in response to the 17-year-old's arrest. both are facing serious charges. the 17-year-old faces several charges and millborn faces terrific -- terror irving threats. it is not clear if he is related to her or knew her. hillary clinton brought her campaign to philadelphia last night at the navy yard. the republican candidates are preparing for the gop debate in the iowa caucuses monday wowld donald trump. >> reporter: the fox news donald
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trump controversies continues, trump defending his decision to skip out on the debate by fox news. i was not treated well by fox, i have zero respect for meghan kelly. if someone did that didn't show up at the interview, you know what you would say, you're fired. [laughter] >> reporter: the texas senator now challenging trump to a one-on-one debate, trump tweeting his response saying can we do it in canada. bernie sanders meeting with the man he would like to replace at the white house. president obama's long discussed meeting was a way for the president to show neutrality in the close primary race.
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back in iowa, former president bill clinton stumping for his wife ahead of the iowa cause of action can you says. donald trump will be hold be an event for veterans in iowa at the same time of the fox news debate two miles away. rick williams will be there for the iowa caucuses. watch for his live reports from des moines starting tonight on "action news" at 11. up next, a northern new jersey boy is recovering after being attacked by a cocoon as he walked to school. a truck driver is sharing a story of heroism during a blizzard, strangers came to his rescue as his rig sangled over the hillside. >> reporter: if you're dressing the kids, dress them warm, we'll have a fair amount of sunshine
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and light wind. we'll have the forecast coming up with milder air on the horizon. this story is new on
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"action news," a truck driver filmed an incredible act of courage by a group of strangers on the pennsylvania turnpike. another trucker lost control of his truck near bedford, the truck dangled off the hillside. other helped linking arms to form a human chain. working together, they pulled the truck driver back to safety. it's a lot colder than yesterday at this time. could be refreezing. >> reporter: could be on sidewalks, maybe on the edges of i'd streets. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry this morning. taking a further look outside and sky6 live hd looking at the platt bridge, south philadelphia, we can see traffic is still light. on the main roads doesn't look like we have problems out there,
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which is nice. temperatures 26 degrees, winds calm, which is good, the windchill therefore is the same as the temperatures. we expect the wind to be light today less than yesterday. there will be sunshine early and high clouds may streak in later in the day, but it looks like it will be fairly bright out there. temperatures have dropped in the 20s and teens across the region. yesterday we had melting, so, as matt mentioned, ices patches are likely out there. 27 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 34 degrees by 10:00. it will get above average high of 42. high clouds streaking in as the day goes on. that temperature two degrees above average. wind are light today. high temperatures across the region. upper 30s, allentown rtd and lancaster -- reading and lancaster. 42 in millville.
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this afternoon we're dry with clouds and clear spaces. at times there could snow showers popping down from the north. this will be light and quick. by 3:00 p.m. this is off the map. most of it is concentrated in the morning. friday, clouds a flurry, chilly winds high around 39 degrees or 40. it will be windy tomorrow overall, with that light possibility of a snow shower here or there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun giving way to some clouds today, high of 42 degrees, tomorrow we have the spotty snow shower otherwise clouds sunny breaks possible. high of 41. on saturday, clouds and sun, 39 degrees is your high, we're back up to 46 on sunday, and really starting sunday that's when we'll start to turn the winds out of the south afternoon improve things around here. monday, a shower is possible, mild, high of 52.
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looks like 50 mostly cloudy skies on tuesday, rain possible later in the day or at night on tuesday. wednesday, rain is likely with a frontal boundary coming at us, mild, 56 degrees next wednesday. after that it gets a little bit cooler, but it looks like we have a milder trend. remember when we're not on the air check out not too bad today, sunshine a little cool. i'm starting to see patches of lawn. listener to this. a 6-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a racoon walking to school with his mother. the animal ran across the street and jumped on his back and climbed on his face. a man was heading to work when he heard the mother screaming for help. he grabbed a pole and started
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beating the animal. i killed the racoon, i kid jumped up, he was screaming and crying. the child was taken to the hospital with deep cuts, bergen county animal control will have the animal tested for rabies. the results are expected tomorrow. insures institute for highway safety said systems can reduce rear end crashes by 40%. it has front warning systems that can cut the crash by 23%. the major stock indices were all in the red yesterday. the dow fell 222 points. the futures markets points to a big gain in the opening bell. hold on to your wallets.
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facebook will be offering users new way to express emotions about posts they see. they will be symbols for angry, sad, wow, ha ha, yea and love. celebrity photographer sold this picture of a potato for $1.080000. he saw a photo of the irish potato and simply had to have it. he told it for $1 million. that's what i said. i can't believe. believe it because it's on the news. construction workers make an unusual discovery while working underneath the ground at the oregon state football stadium. we have a dead deadly night
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in the city of chester.
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how it is, ho, love, or 45, 30. >> reporter: i know we've lost a lot of it, it's melted and refroze overnight. we're live in chalfonte. here comes a vehicle see if they can stop at the red light. the light is green so they can proceed which makes sense at stump road and lime kiln pike 152. you have the melting from the pile that seeped on the roads. icy patches as you head out this morning. along i-95 it's dry, no overnight construction by cottman avenue. the traffic out and about is moving fine. watch out for what melted yesterday seeped into that right lane, might be frozen this morning. traffic light troubles on northeast philadelphia on the boulevard between calmly road and byberry road. overnight construction maintenance crews out and about
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on the northeast extension that has cleared with speeds in the mid 60s, southbound from quakertown and lansdale. meanwhile, on the new jersey turnpike they are working on the inner drive northbound from mansfield township up toward the end. watch out for the crews on the inner drive, but the outer drive is available those crews should be cleared by 6:00. 42 overnight or work in the northbound lanes, moving okay. moving well on creek road toward 295. tornado tore through broward county. the touched down bringing winds between 90 and 100 miles per hour. one car was lifted from the southbound lanes. highway into the northbound lanes, with the driver inside. the driver suffered minor injuries. philadelphia police
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department honored jess i hartnt who was shot at close range. police charged edward archer with attempted murder. archer later said he shot hartnett in the name of islam. heavy fire broke out in phoenixville we have information at 5:00 a.m. the cheese stands alone it's suspects pull off a cheesy fencing operation. > there are new developments
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after a deadly night in the city of chester. "action news" has learned that one of the victims shot here at 12th and morton avenue have died. firefighters helped two victims waiting for a ambulance. a third person ran to a nearby house to get help. police don't know the motive for the deadly triple shooting. an hour earlier chester police found someone shot to death inside a van on the 600 block of up land street. this murder is unsolved this morning. three is sororities at duke university have come to a hat. -
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have come to a halt after alcohol related incident. thieves pulled off two big cheese they sold the bricks of cheese for less than a dollar. $90,000 worth of cheese is missing from another heist. authorities can't understand why they are wasting their time saying cheese is not a big think to swiem. swiem -- swipe. crews working around the stadium found bones from a bison and camel it is believed they
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date back ten thousand years. construction has been moved elsewhere while they examine the bones. a crossing guard hired to expect children walking to school is off the job this morning. a man fighting for his life after a shootout in a north philadelphia neighborhood. the story when "action news" comes right back.
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good morning, everyone, 5:00 a.m., thursday, january 28 here's what's happening.
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details in a disturbing discovery outside a catholic charities office in trenton. a crossing guard is suspended after contacting the mayor about a snow-covered walk. melting snow could refreeze and cause black ice on the sidewalks and parking lots. we have david murphy on the big board, and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we have cloud cover to the north and south, we're looking at a sunny start later on. it is cold, testers -- temperatures dipped below freezing. different story this morning 21 in wilmington. 19 in trenton. 1 in allentown. 15 in reading. across the entire region, melting snow from yesterday may have frozen up on sid


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