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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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details in a disturbing discovery outside a catholic charities office in trenton. a crossing guard is suspended after contacting the mayor about a snow-covered walk. melting snow could refreeze and cause black ice on the sidewalks and parking lots. we have david murphy on the big board, and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we have cloud cover to the north and south, we're looking at a sunny start later on. it is cold, testers -- temperatures dipped below freezing. different story this morning 21 in wilmington. 19 in trenton. 1 in allentown. 15 in reading. across the entire region, melting snow from yesterday may have frozen up on sidewalks and
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secondary roads, as well. matt pellman will talk about that in a moment. if you're heading out this morning, mainly clear skies early this morning, icy patches are possible and temperatures in the 20s in philadelphia between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. we'll get more melting underway. 34 degrees at 10:00 a.m. 38 by noon. 42 degrees by 3:00 p.m. before spotting back to 38 by 5:00 p.m. a fair amount of sun with high clouds building as the day goes on. matt pellman what are roads looking like early on? it was not a good day for frosty the snowman yesterday, a lot of melting happened and it seeped on the roads, you can see that right here, northbound lanes of the blue route where it moved on the roads and it row -- refroze overnight and creating icy patches. there's a vehicle schuylkill expressway westbound the vehicle ran off the road into the snow.
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no emergency crews on the scene. this ramp from the blue route 476 northbound to the schuylkill expressway westbound is partially blocked with the accident. we'll watch it as the morning continues. also having traffic light troubles in northeast philadelphia along the boulevard between calmly and byberry. word of a crash in juniata park a minivan ran into parked cars at j at the pep boys. no delays on i-95 or the schuylkill expressway or the one that connects the two, the vine street expressway, all fine on the vine with no voarcht construction. fun -- overnight construction. gunfire erupted in a north philadelphia neighborhood. shots were fired and the victim returned fire. he was hit in both arms. two other cars were riddled by
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bullets. a fast-moving fire damaged a home in chester county. crews arrived to thick smoke and flames on james street in phoenixville. there were no reports of injuries. a community is rallying behind a crossing guard who was suspended from her post after predicting the children in her care. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: good morning, tam, this crossing guard is a 16 year veteran the only thing on her mind was the safety of children she didn't think about breaking the chain of command. the intersection has been cleared near bingham elementary, a lot of students cross everyday and said she was worried about their safety. parents an residents are rallying behind gina bound
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recorded a snow logged intersection that forced students to walk in the street. she sent the text to the mayor asking for help. for that she was suspended for two days fordination. she admits that the property channel to contact but said the sergeant was not working that day. he forwarded the message to public works to get the intersection cleared. he would not comment on a personnel issue. they said they have specific procedures employees are required to follow that enabled the the quickest
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response. if she doesn't take action who will they come down on? her. many are rallying behind her to get the suspension overturned. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." a gunman shot and killed a man in the juniata park section. the action cam was there after the shots were fired. a 20-year-old man was hit leaving a mini mart at pointblank range. surveillance cameras captured an out-of-control van smashing into two cars and house in philadelphia. only "action news" the video. maria was in her home when she heard gunshots and ran to the door. police say someone was firing several shots at two people in the van. the driver lost control wiped
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out a handicapped piking sign and crashed into her brand new 2016kia. i don't know what to think. >> reporter: the driver of the van kept backing up moving forward shashing the car five times. the impact eventually sent her car into her daughter's car parked behind her. the two men in the van took off. police believe they survived the shooting. they did make an arrest in the shooting and looking for others who were involved. from our new jersey newsroom trenton police made a disturbing discovery outside the catholic charities office. workers found a human feet -- fetus inside a box. the person who wrote the note was unsure where to take the fetus. police in oakland and
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evesham township are investigating incident of attempted luring back on january 16. this is surveillance video of two boys 10 and 11 walking down petersburg's way. they ask the boys if they want candy. the boy uses his cell phone and calls police, the driver pulled away. a car approached three boys the same day. federal agents made arrest in connection with the standoff at the wildlife refuge in oregon. an unclose ber of people are still there.
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racist graffiti have been vandalized for the second time in two months. police say if they catch the culprits they will face hate crime charges. we'll turn to accuweather let's see refreezing from the dip in temperatures. matt pellman is reporting an accident out there, and there are icy patches on secondary roads, ramps and sidewalks would be an issue this morning, too. extractor double scan shows you we are dry. as we look outside, yup it's cold. there's temple university tennis courts behind the liacouras are a -- liacouras center. 2r50 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures are colder and have dipped below the freezing mark from allentown down to the
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shore. you have a chance of icy patches with refreezing of melting snow. 15 in reading, cruel survey the cold -- you'll survey the cold numbers and one bit of good news is that the winds are light and calm. we'll have sunshine later on and high clouds streak in later in the day. creek it's a good looking day. we have experiencing melting after all the mild air that came in after the snowstorm. 29 inches was on the ground in allentown and now it's down to 9 inches. wilmington, 4 inches in atlantic city most of the snow is gone there. we'll continue to melt today. in the lehigh valley, sun and clouds, light winds, down the shore milder we'll get up to 45 degrees, sun and clouds there not very windy today. less windy than yesterday in
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fact. 42 degrees in philadelphia. mostly sunny and chilly. winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. even without the wind all the sunshine and above average temperatures and above freezing temperatures we'll continue to melt. 38 degrees by noon. 42 at 3:00 p.m., again that's the high. overnight tonight we'll dip below freezing in philadelphia and most of the suburbs getting there, so a little more refreezing possible by tomorrow morning. more clouds building in overnight and winds on the light side. tomorrow we have flurries around during the day and brief snow shower, the latest model run by noon wants this in the northern suburbs, anybody can see that doesn't look like anything more than a nuisance tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 42. spotty snow shower clouds and sun, 41. saturday, cold, 39 degrees, back up to 46 on sunday that's the beginning of a nice trend. monday, might be showery, but 52
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for the high, on or about 50 on tuesday, mostly cloudy rain at night. a front approaches on wednesday, ahead of it we go up to 56 degrees. likely rain on wednesday. after that we'll dip into the 40s and get cooler for a while. we'll take what we can get. 5 5:11. a michigan woman is hue mail -- humiliated and forced to shake her before a during a traffic stop. >> reporter: we have a snowy situation this morning an icy situation spots like this are very slick, we'll talk about the crash and where the pennsylvania turnpike is closing today after the break. president obama will offer thoughts about the oscars controversy that's later in the morning buzz. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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good morning, everyone, starting out cold, but we'll recover. 5:14, 29 degrees looking at the platt bridge. getting up into the 40s later today. a little refreezing and more melting. let's head over to matt pellman come out of the my neighborhood, there's a little patch, it looks like water, you hit it you fishtail, take it
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slow. >> reporter: we have a lot of icy patches, tam and matt, especially coming out of the burbs, on the blue route, northbound, the schuylkill expressway westbound somebody lost control. they ran off the ramp into the snow pile. you can see traffic on the ramp moving slowly, the ramp from the blue route 476 northbound to the schuylkill expressway we westbo. meanwhile, on the turnpike, no problems on the turnpike in our area. overnight construction has cleared. a warning if you're traveling west toward pittsburgh or ohio they are going to close the westbound turnpike starting at 9:00 at the breeze wood exit. that's way out there, but if you're going towards pittsburgh it will give you problems, they are removing one of the trucks that ran down the embankment over the weekend. as they clean up they expect the
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westbound turnpike to be closed westbound starting at 9:00 a.m. as we go farther north in norristown, see why they needed to that. this is 202 dekalb pike at johnson high highway. look at the snow and ice, it's a mess on 202 in norristown. construction on the commodor barry bridge if you're heading from chester into gloucester county just one lane is getting by, that, too could cause delays this morning. new on "action news," a woman in michigan has filed a lawsuit over a routine traffic stop that she thinnest went to far. the video shows trenton police officer asking hood to shake her before a. i was sexually humiliated
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and violated and embarrassing. hood is asking for $50,000 to settle her complaint. new on "action news," a university of missouri professor may lose her job because of her involvement in a confrontation of student photographers last fall. she was suspended with pay pending further investigation. she was caught on camera ordering student journalists to leave a protest and asking for muscle to remove one of them. she was charged with misdemeanor assault because of the incident. a philadelphia man is answering a call for help in a big way. he drove ten hours to michigan to bring water to a community in need. he heard about the community in flint, michigan. he collected 50,000 bottles.
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fcc want to overhaul clunky table top set boxes and how they work. wednesday wants to correct a breach and it's neighborhood chain restaurants.
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mayor jim kenny cruised into the pennsylvania convention center in a custom dodge viper. following behind kenny, the popemobile the fiat that pope francis used during his visit to philadelphia. which you can keating was behind that wheel. the pontiff topped to bless his son with cerebral palsy. bobby hill the choir singer who wowed the parkway crowd with a solo performance. the fiat 500 will be on display and auctioned off. philadelphia auto show preview
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special airs at 7:00 p.m. join adam joseph, karen rogers, melissa magee, ducis rogers, alicia vitarelli for the up-close look for the 700 cars on display. and you i will be there signing auto graphics. autographs. come on out. >> reporter: some of the snow melted yesterday and overnight refroze. i ran into a slick spot fox street on-ramp to the southbound boulevard the bone right-hand side of the screen. main ramp of the boulevard traffic is moving nicely. we'll see traffic on the city avenue bridge when the falls bridge closes. monday, february 1. they say about 40 days, the closure begins monday. everything is good on mass
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transit we're on time. , dress the kids warmly. we have temperatures below freezing, 26 degrees by 7:00. only 431 by 9:00. above freeing through the afternoon high of 42 at 3:00 p.m. if you're heading to the airport no major delays between here and any of our most commonly traveled destinations, like yesterday we're dry from chicago to orlando. researchers studying schizophrenia links it to a problem trimming back of connections to brain cells. researchers suggest that the brain goes too far, a risk of schizophrenia may go up. a possible change coming to your cable box, cable and
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in the morning buzz, first up talking about this there's a lot of controversy over the all white acting nominations. the president obama has spoken out on race before but hard but necessary work coming together with tolerance and inclusion. he hit that familiar theme talking about the oscars. look for talent and provide opportunity for everybody. i think the oscar debate is an
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supression of the broader -- expression of the broader issue. does this guy look like michael jackson to you. this is joseph fines, brother of actor ray fiennes. he is set to play michael jackson in the british made-for-tv movie. michael jackson a lot of looks in his life, it's supposed to be about a road trip he made with elizabeth taylor and marlin brando. thieves cut the cheese they
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carbon monoxide leak in delaware sends four people to the hospital, including a child. chester police arrest a man threatening them for how they handled another set of threats made against city schools. a passer by in north yesterday wrestles away a racoon that attacks a little boy on his way to school. let's head over to david murphy with accuweather and matt pellman is in for karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're plowing at the end of the week, some of us have to be careful of icy patches because the temperatures will drop. a lack of significant cloud cover around the region, we expect early sunshine and cloud


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