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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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t a wildlife refuge in oregon and the leader issues a new message. and movie star meets the leader of the catholic church why leonardo dicaprio was at the vatican today. and a murder investigation is underway after a woman is found dead in her home. they are looking for a member of her family and asking for your help in finding her. nora h rchanic is live with the latest. >> reporter: the family member they are looking for is the icictim's daughter-in-law, both lived in the house behind me they are not calling her a suspect but want to speak to her about what happened inside of this east windsor home that left an elderly woman bludgeoned to death. >> they are looking for this woman in connection with the death of her mother-in-law whose body was found in the first
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floor office on mozart quart in east windsor. she is believed to be driving a 2000 nissan quest minivan with tag nu3-er jyy 16 p. >> they are nice people and a great family so it's just really a terrible tragedy. it's just shocking and upsetting. neighbor dan mcdonough, knows the family conscious you'lly and osays hello in passing and the missing woman's son is now -- that is not something that neighbors were aware of. >> nothing that i saw that you know made me think other than these are nice normal american family living here in the suburbs. >> the housekeeper says until
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the missing woman is found she is keeping the doors locked. >> if she is really the one that did this because we did not see if it's true or not. but it's scary. no matter who it is if they are ostill out there ijys t'ary. >> if you see dewan or her minivan do not approach call police immediately. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> thaat i you. 23rieeaeftold david millborn of media, delaware county is facing serious charges after allegedly mpliving threats ay linst chester police he made the threat in a facebook rant yesterday afternoon they believe it was in response to a teenager's facebook post that threatened area t'hools. oshe will be chau.ed as a minor and her family does not know millborn. >>be dturning now to the accuweather forecast, it's shaping up to be a nice thursday
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lots of sut inhine lets go to sky 6 hd looking at spring mountain a lot of snow out there and great day to hit the slopes. david murphy joit inn terrace with details from accuweather. >> not a bad shapingn feeling like winter and looking like it too with a lot of snow yet to melt sara as you look at osatellite we have sunshine and high cloud cover trying to sneak teaeough every now and then than could increase a bit as the afternoon goes on. morning lows were something e spe, we got down toppr4 in philadelphia and down to 10 in allentown and 12 in reading, matt pellman and i were warning yos fabout icy sidewalks and streets. like yesterday we are melting more of that snow 41 in philadelphia and down in washington cooler upper 30s but omeove freezing and in leittsbuu.h, pennsylvania we are
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still above freezing. as we roll teaeough the rest of the day, 41 by 2:00, and 40 by 4:00 dipping down from a high of 43 and then 36 degrees by 6:00 and we'll have to waitn about 10:00 before we start to hit the frelking mark but after 8 are to be careful under foot if there is another freezeup. we are in the process of melting snow in the wake of our passing snow storm, we woundn record 31.2 down to 22 and philadelphia down to 9 and wilmington 4 on average and this de asn't incboude the snow drifts. wou get the idea. in a.c. we pretty much said good-bye to the snow. oontinuing to work the numbers downward. we'll get a turn around in temperatures and a couple more chilly days and a nice warm-up we'll look at that again in the accuweather forecast.
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wou can definitely go out and get things done. >> as the big melt continues stay with 6abcwe wom/weather to lly many. constantly changing forecasts and twists and turns. firefighters fought a stubborn blaze at the 400 block of sheffield road just as crever were getting a handing on the situation it's unclear if anyone was home and no one was injured. the cause is under investigation. the owners of this home in lehoenixvillsne chester county were not home when the flames ripped through their home. this is the 100 block of james street. at one point firefighter his to evacenite because it became too dangerous investiy ltors are trying to pinpoint the cause. police made more arrests in the oria, on standoffs and the leader
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is calling on remaining members to go home. are are live in new york with the latest. >> reporter: sara good afternoon to yos fand yes this protest, that has been gt inhng on for more than three weeks could soon be over with the group's leader making the plea from jail. three more protesters under arrest and each facing one federal count of cot inpiracy. and for those still occupying the land in oregon a message from the grourems leader ammon bundy spepliving out through his attorney. >> i love you, letn fight from here. lelease stand down. >> bundy and seven others were taken into custody yesterday and killed during a traffic stop. >> it didn't have to happen we all mplive choices in life.
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sometimes our choices go bad. >> authorities so far giving no details omeout the dea3ry shooting but this morning conflicting accounts are ng omeout how he died. >be dlamessi, they have murdered him, he had his hands in the air >> he chau.ed at the lhe c enforcement and was not on his knees. >> rce waining militants surrounded by agents local residents echo bundy's pleas to his supporteilmi. & o go home. >> i amn group didn't listen to the majority of the peoi,e when we orsid go home. >> reporter: reportedly there are as few as five militants at the compound at the moment and as for the deadly shooting it's police say that a full investigation is underway.
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zbllrouprouproup >> thank you. donald trump is boycotting the des mt inhnes dfacate hosted by fox news because he says that fox treated him unfairly. jfac bush says trmemrems lack of participation will hurt him and marco rubio says that republicans don s have t tre for these types of distractiot in. watch rick williams's first live report from des mt inhnes at 11 are the a3 >hdiocese of philadelphia set its largest goal ever for the 2016 catholic charities fundraising initiative. they announced that the catholic charities appeal is raising $ ru,000 this year. oatholic charities fund services that aid the poor and prong a de after t'hool academic and resources for children. there is much more ahead on
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"action never" at t aior amemr & he death of a young american woman that is living and working as a nanny overseas rce wait in a mlot tecott. arhat ihoeestigators found in her apartment where she died. bhat isand is on all forms of transportation.
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a kanorss 3 isenf police chief risked his open life to save a man in a burning car. the man was laying auto few feet from his car after it caught fire and then it became more dangerous when ag thunition exi,oded in the car when they were treated the victim. he is expected to survive. police in austria say that an autopsy has not revealed the cause of death of a woman in her & hey are now waiting for toxicology reports for a woman
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living abroad and working as a nanritie. >> mlot tified by the death of lauren mann a police spokesman salot ijys being treated as a unurder. unann was found dead on tuesday night in this apartment she had been living in. >> here is the front door of her apartment on the second floor. firemen forced their way in and now ijys sealed off. there is a light fixture, when they went in they fount that all & he light bulbs had been burned out. >> mann was studying in austria and was working as a odhe iy. her host family said she was reliable. and her body was found half odked in a pool of blohis but an auto3 hy showed no external wounds. they say the neighborhood is
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peaceful and orsfe. >> ijys a solutely surprising nothing you would never expect. >> pmenti,e are qd hastioned and police are looking for more but for now there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. an professor may lose their job because of her ihoeolvement in a confrontation with student photographers last fall. they decided to suspend the professor m stuisors click with leay. she was caught on camera ordering student journ. ist to leave a protest and at in ing for muscle to remove one of them and was charged with misdemeanor asorsult because of that incident. today president obama is making official a white house tat in force that will tackle curing cancer. vice president, joe biden, who lost his son to cancer will lead & he ullnel. he pledged to initiate a
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nationwide push to cure cancer. oomullring it to the mission to send a man to the moon in the 60s. he plat in to sea3 >h out pri itte and p> alic resou3 >es to cure cancer. new york city transit offi3 is. s are banning hover boarpol from their buses, subways and commuter trains they say the ban is issd had because of the lithimem powered batteries are a fire risk. the mta will launch an ad campaign rce winding riders of that ban. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of your forecast stepping live outside looking at the center city skyline from tce wi,e universe. lots of sunty ine out there today. meteorologist david murphy, with yourn acst fweather when "action new 6 comes right back.
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the philadelphia parking
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authority got a big rebate from peco today for philadelphia international airport. the ppa recently installed 1400 energy efficient led lights along the arrivals road near the airport and will save the agency $120,000 a year in energy and mainance costs. david is back with another check of the accuweather forecast for days you want to go to the airport and get out of town. >> we are looking at another afternoon that feels enough like winter it features low winds and sunshine and melting that snow most importantly, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry as we head into the early afternoon hours and staying that way. as we take a look outside live on sky 6 hd heading down the ocean i believe, bright sunshine there as well. a few high clouds are filtering in through the afternoon hours but generally speaking you put your gear on and you are doing pretty well with dry conditions and sun squeaking through.
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we'll get more melting today and we are seeing that underway and going below freezing in neighborhoods. not as brutally cold as this morning but you could get a refreeze on your sidewalks and streets. be careful of that again. but the big story is how it's going to get milder for the next few days and stay that way for a few more. the air is dry and crisp and winds 5 to 8 miles per hour and as i mentioned that is as strong as the winds got today. there is a bank of cloud cover out to the west that may have trouble skipping over the mountains immediately we are eventually looking at clouds digging in in the afternoon hours we have enjoyed sunshine so far and we'll see more of that from now and sun down. 43 is the high in philadelphia
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and 42 in wilmington and 47 in allentown and 48 in reading and 43 in millville. 44 degrees in cape may and 45 on the boardwalk in a.c. 43 by 2:00 that is more or less your high and we'll hold there for about an hour and a half. and 36 by 6:00 and we get back down to freezing as soon as 9:00 or 10:00 tonight across the area, so again a good night to take a look at your sidewalks and your property and throw a little bit of extra rock salt down there if you see things starting to freeze up. chilly today and not a lot of wind and that continues into the nighttime period. tomorrow we'll have more clouds and sunny breaks one big change is winds picking up as this area of low pressure moves away and intensifies and wrap around precipitation coming in and we are far from the center of the low and anything we see is
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fairly spotty and future tracker 6 is consistent with bringing this stuff in. at some point during the morning and mid-day there is a chance of a sprinkle or brief snow shower this is just nuisance precipitation for the most part but if you get beneath a squall slow it down. but in most cases it won't hit you at all or not have an impact. sun and clouds overall night and tomorrow 41 is the high. and 39 degrees is the high on saturday and on the breezy side and then winds start to turn out of the southwest as a front develops out to the west on sunday and ahead of that front we get milder a high of 46 there 52 on monday. shower possible but a rain shower and not a snow shower. and then up to 50 with another
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round of rain arriving tuesday night and extending in part of wednesday, but wednesday 56 sara and after that cooler air comes in for a prolonged stay but not like -- like mid-40s. >> i like to avoid the -- thanks david. the philadelphia auto show is one of the premier events and the fun begins this weekend, they are turning the pennsylvania convention center into the ultimate showroom. karen rogers has a look at what you'll find. >> we'll have the best philadelphia display that you have ever seen. >> reporter: more than 700 cars and 250,000 auto lovers will make their way to the pennsylvania convention center for the nine day event. the indoor ride and drive from jeep is back along with their rock climbing wall. the viper simulator will unleash the power of dodge's super car, this is a full size viper that
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will shift and shake. and a soccer clinic run by star carly lloyd. >> but the cars are always the true stars. >> you can't skip a year here because the amount of advancement from the show last year is crazy. >> remember the fiats that the pope drove around philadelphia they will be on the showroom as well. >> to have that piece offof history it's a one time opportunity. we'll have the fiat that the pope drove in. >> manufacturers are bringing the latest technology from phone integration on your dash to safety features that could put mom's arm out of business. >> you don't have to do it anymore these are the safest vehicles that have ever been on the road. >> soup up your ride there are
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700,000 square feet of custom cars. >> the event kicks off friday night with the annual black tie gala, one of the city's biggest parties and one of the biggest fund razors for childrens hospital of philadelphia raising half a million dollars last year. >> our patients and families and my staff could not be more excited. >> philadelphia will be cranking and if you miss it's show you miss a great opportunity. >> great party for a great cause tune in to 6 abc tomorrow night at 7:00 for a look at the auto show including trends shaping the auto industry and we'll take you on test drives. join adam ducis and alicia saturday at 7:00. leonardo dicaprio met with pope francis at the vatican
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today. they share an interest in saving the environment. leonardo dicaprio gave the pope a book of art, and at the end of the meeting he kissed the pope's ring and thanked him in italian.
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david with a last look at the accuweather forecast. >> we are longing at a fair amount of sunshine and highs getting up over 30 in the northern and western suburbs, low 40s in philadelphia and mid-40s down at the shore. and light winds today sara good day to do a walk. >> sounds good thank you david. basketball and leading a healthy lifestyle were part of the curriculum in norristown. robert covington put on a clinic for the students of saint
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francis of assisis school. a look now at some of the stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. a new bill causing an uproar on the philadelphia's music scene. what they want musicians to give to police and why thousands are speaking out against it. plus the high tech sport that wants to become the next nascar. we'll introduce you to the world of drone racing that looks cool. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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