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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> we do know that the shot was confirmed by a security officer on location. so we are searching this building. it's very large building. nothing going on right now. everybody's safe. no one was hit. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling as officers escorted three students out of the school in the spring garden section of philadelphia. police say there was a fight, a shot was fired and a shell casing was found inside the school. a student shares this video with "action news" claiming that it was filmed today before that shot was fired. >> there is surveillance video. i don't know if it captured that. we're going through it right now. >> reporter: parents and family members were stunned by the news and rushed to check on their children. >> he's in the 12th grade coming to et cetera get him out now. he called me and i'm here. you can't play with these type of things. i done seen what's going on with the news. >> she just told me she heard gun slots in there hallway and she was scared. >> reporter: no injuries were reported and police are working to figure out how someone managed to get a gun inside the school.
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>> seven floors in this building about 80 classrooms so it's going to take us a while. >> reporter: all right, so back out live you see this is still an active scene. the good news again, no one was injured in this incident. i can also tell you just moments ago we saw police hauling out two more students in handcuffs. we're right now waiting on an update from the police department. live in spring garden, gray hall, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, a busy afternoon there. gray, thank you. now from our delaware news room. a mon was found dead inside a new castle home. who he is are trying to solve the mystery of what happened. they spent the day at a house in the mallard point development. that's where they found the man's body around 10 o'clock last night. they say this was not random and they are currently looking for a suspect. trish hartman will have a live report on this investigation coming up at 5 o'clock. >> an accident involving a gloucester township school bus sent 15 people to hospitals
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today. police say the bus was slowing down with its yellow lights activated when it was rear-ended by a car. it happened this morning as the bus was transporting students to anne mullen middle school. 12 of the students along with the driver of the other car and two children in that car were all treated for minor injuries. a mattress in the road caused a crash today on 495 in delaware. it happened about 2 o'clock this afternoon in claymont. four cars collided trying to get around that mattress. four people went to the hospital. we are not sure just how badly that were hurt right now but that road is back opened at this 4 o'clock hour. >> it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. some parts of our area saw a brief snow shower today but it's nothing like what we were bracing for this time last week. >> not even close. the action cam was outside our new jersey news room in trenton. we spotted some flurries falling earlier this afternoon. take my word for it. >> yes, we will. >> it was snowing out there. but there's no snow coming our way this weekend. in fact, word is it's going to
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warm up quite a bit. >> yeah and that would be a nice change i would have to say after a weekend of a blizzard. >> yeah. >> here's the video that we mentioned. it's there. there were flurries today as we promised in trenton. of course the flurries falling across we were told it would just be brief. let's head outside to meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest on the forecast for the weekend. >> reporter: for the record i believed you. were did have a round of snow and rain showers with a front passing through and now it's all about the winds but satellite6 along with action radar showing earlier this afternoon we did get that round of some showers and again some rain showers as i show you on satellite six along with action radar and now the winds are howling. it is very gusty out here. as you can see with my hair. wind gusts philadelphia 31 miles per hour, cape may 21 miles per hour, allentown 23 and wilmington reporting wind gusts of 36 miles per hour. so, definitely bundle up. here are the graphics as we step outside. the wind chill currently makes it feel like 32 in
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philadelphia, but it feels like 25 in wilmington. 26 in allentown, 25 in reading. if you're heading to the poconos to get in any skiing this evening definitely dr. he is in layers. the current wind chill 15 degrees. so it is your friday evening planner showing that temperatures will be dropping down below freezing by 11 o'clock but i am tracking some big changes as we head through the week. it starts cool then a big temperature turn around in and our next storm system will be rain. i'll talk about the timing when i come inside and fix my hair for the accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> we'll see you when you come inside. we believe you to this we are heading into the last weekend before the iowa caucuses and candidates in both parties are making a last minute push for votes. the republican candidates are trying to captor ris capitalizet night's debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning today amid polls that show them neck and neck. "action news a anchor rick williams is live in des moines with more on the country's
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first presidential contest. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, sharrie, that's right, thank you. as you mentioned the candidates both democrat and republican are sprinting towards the finish line which of course is monday night, the iowa caucuses. voters finalling having their say in this presidential race. many of the voters say they can't wait to finally be able to choose a candidate. well, as important as the iowa caucuses are in this state they really are much of a mystery to the rest of the country. >> iowa is nothing like a primary. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: villanova professor matt k. rb. l says it's different. there are no private voting booths. instead,. >> in iowa you have to declare your allegiance to a candidate publicly. >> reporter: voters will meet monday night at precincts around the state in schools veteran halls and in smaller precincts even some homes.
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each party does it a little differently. >> i'm not just shouting slogans. >> reporter: the democrats break off into groups, each one supporting its own candidate. if a group is considered too small, the people in it can either choose to join can there can candidate's group or just quit. and this could lead to some wheeling and dealing as voters move one candidate to another. once the groups are set the number of votes for each candidate is determined by the size of each group. those votes will determine the number of delegates for each candidate and the overall winner for iowa. >> we know how that story ended. >> reporter: for the republicans, supporters of each candidate have an opportunity to give a brief speech again in front of everyone. then they fill out private ballots which are tallied up and then sent to the party officials. even though it's a vote, it is not binding and party officials will meet later in the year to divvy up the actual delegates. in both cases, the public nature creates a very different dynamic than what most other states are used to. >> think of it like this. it's as if you're going tout a public space with your
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neighbors, your friends coworkers and publicly declaring your support for a candidate. quite different from what we're used to doing in the privacy of a voting booth. >> reporter: so, it is a complex process. the iowa caucuses. but one that iowans take great pride n it's become a cultural event in this state and as we mentioned voters can wait to take part, they're very excited. that's all they were talking about today. coming up at 5:00 we'll tell was some of the candidates were doing to get out the vote and at 6 o'clock we'll explain why the iowa caucuses are so important. live from balmy des moines, iowa, just kidding, rick williams reporting live. back to you. >> i was going say you look really warm there rick. thanks very much. the philadelphia auto show rolls into town this weekend. more than 700 cars filling philadelphia's ultimate showroom at the pennsylvania convention center and it kicks off with tonight's black tie tailgate our own alicia vitarelli live with a preview of the big event.
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looks like you're in one of those fancy new cars, alicia. >> reporter: i am in a very cool jeep at camp jeep. this is steve, he's my driver and hey, look who we picked up along the way. meteorologist adam joseph. this is really cool. >> i'm on the phone back here. >> reporter: we'll get to nim just a minute. what's cool about this is you can take a ride on this test track or you can get behind the wheel with some pretty cool simulators here at the show. hey, see what i mean. oh, my gosh. uh-oh. do i have to pay for damages? have you ever seen me on the schuylkill? i took a swing at the new dodge viper racing through an obstacle course. i should know this is so true to life, the speed and the motion did get me a little bit here. the cars to peruse range anywhere from $15,000 to $500,000.
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there's a rolls-royce. even the every day brands like lincoln and cadillac are becoming autonomous meaning pretty soon they won't even need us, the drivers. >> what we are seeing is a component of that autonomous driving in these vehicles. association many, many vehicles you see with lane departure warning, with 360 camera degree angle around seeing what your car looks like, to adaptive cruise control to the air bag, automatic braking. >> reporter: another star of the show here carly lloyd, world top champion delran's own. she will be here for a pretty cool show and tell on that course right there here at the pennsylvania convention center. the show runs through next sunday, february 7th. adam you ready. >> i'm off the phone. >> reporter: you buckled in. >> i'm buckled. >> reporter: steve let's hit it. >> guys, looks like fun.
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drive safely. tune in tomorrow night 7 o'clock for our auto show preview special. karen rogers adam joseph melissa magee, ducis rodgers and alicia vitarelli all of them giving all of us an inside look. we'll have a test drive, lots of them and the latest technology plus a list of everything you want to see at the philadelphia auto show always a great event. >> i think alicia warned us about her driving skills. >> yeah. best she's in the passenger seat. >> in the passenger seat. it is time for the "action news" traffic report and alicia is not on the roads. >> that's right. you can all thank us for that. matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center. matt it has been a messy and eventful afternoon. >> it sure has. watching a bunch of autos on thinthe afternoon. they're stuck in a stand still on the southbound side of the blue route, 476 from just past the mid-county tolls through this point at ridge pike the whole way on down to route three west chester pike at
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broomall that's where we had an earlier overturned truck that sparked a fire. it's been a mess most of the afternoon. a bit of good news is that overturned truck accident just cleared so all lanes on the southbound blue route are reopened but the speeds are still in the teens from plymouth meeting down broomall. watching a crash in lower providence shutting down trooper road southbound. rittenhouse road an alternate around that. over in bucks county, some traffic light troubles giving us issues this afternoon along new falls road at 413. the fire police are out there health you three thahelping yout normally busy intersection. 95 accident off to the side. one vehicle involved there. police still on the scene and it's a slow go of course from past 420 on down to 320. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon. elsewhere in delco watching those really slow speeds on the blue route. just 11 miles per hour in the southbound lanes. if you think okay i'll take 320 as a good alternate it's a standstill there as well so maybe stay farther to the west on 252 or 352 for your travels
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instead. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt see you then. thank you. still ahead at 4 o'clock today the eagles finish out a busy week by signing another of their key players to -- well, a huge contract. >> all right. plus, stunning news in the flint water crisis. one public official says some people were getting bottled water a year ago. even while the public was told to keep drinking from the tap. >> and a heads up for runners across the region. we've got details on the lottery for this year's blue cross broad street run. >> and we'll also head back out to the auto show. adam joseph is live where they're getting ready for tonight's black tie tail game. hi, adam. >> reporter: there we are. you know what, i was in the jeep but alicia kicked me out. what's up with that? i'm going to find my own jeep. we'll go on that course. i'll give you that accuweather forecast. we saw snow showers today, a little cooler on saturday but wait until you see the numbers in that four-day as we go he into the month of february. that coming up when "action
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news" returns. >> ♪
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>> michigan governor rick snyder says he didn't know state workers in flint michigan were getting bottled water a year ago. even as the city's residents were told the water was unsafe to drink. well... was safe to drink. that's according to a spokesman for the agency that manages state buildings. he says those buildings switched to bottled water in january of 2015 after the town's drinking water failed a test. but officials say the failure was not because of the lead that's currently contaminating the town's water supply. an official warning about the water didn't go out until the fall. everyone in the city is now drinking bottled water. >> the philadelphia eagles made a move today to lock up another one of their key players on offense. the team signed offensive tackle lane johnson to a six year contract. partners attaps n reporting that deal is worth $63 million with 35 and a half million
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that of guaranteed. johnson is the third player the eagles have locked up this week. they also reached new deals with tight ends zach ertz and brent celek. we'll hear from lane johnson coming up in sports tonight on "action news at 5:00. >> the obama administration is expanding a data collection program aimed at making sure companies are offering equal pay for equal work. back in 2014, the president ordered the labor department to collect data from federal contractors on what they pay employees supporter by gender race and ethnicity. all business with 100 or more employees will be included in the program whether they work for the government or not. the equal employment opportunity commission will collect the information and the government will use it to fine companies that are not paying workers fairly. here's a look at today's closing numbers. ending the week the dow up nearly 400 points, nasdaq were
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you unhundred seven points. the s & p 500 up 47. >> well, the lottery for this year's blue cross broad street run will open monday morning. the 10-mile race down broad street has a limit of 40,000 participants but of course there are always far more people who apply to sign up. this year's lottery will be opened from monday morning just after midnight and stay opened until february 12th and race organizers are letting people enter the lottery as groups for people who want to run together. the race itself is scheduled for sunday may first so it's almost time to start training. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> it won't be us this year. >> i run it almost every year. >> good for you. >> it's just daunting starting. >> let me know if you decide. >> it's time now for accuweather and another trip to the philadelphia auto show. >> all right, adam joseph now live inside the pennsylvania convention center. look like he's in the jeep course, adam. >> reporter: i'm in the camp jeep course here at the
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philadelphia auto show and steve, you guys got to have the million dollar view on this mountain. >> take a look at the million dollar view with us. >> reporter: you've got this obstacle court where you kind of go around. anyone can do this any point during the week. i feel like you're going straight down. what kind of elevation is that. >> coming from about 12 feet down to the bottom end of a 30-degree ramp. >> reporter: it is pretty cool here. it was a little cool outside today, steve. thanks for the hookup. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> reporter: you can do many different interactive features. this just one. this obstacle course goes in one circle. you go the to try it out. as we take a look at some of the numbers, it's been a little chilly to end the week onofre. we had some of the snow showers that passed through but you know what, they did not accumulate whatsoever. right now 36 in allentown, reading 36, philadelphia 41 degrees, 40 at the atlantic city airport and upper 30's
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for dover and sea isle city. as we look at wind chills, we have a wind that's pulling in out of the west-northwest as a front came through. that's what brought some of those snow showers so it feels like the 20's across much of the area. 25 reading, for wilmington, 29 in millville and even below freezing in atlantic city and wildwood. satellite and radar will show that really all of those snow showers are now off the coast so we're beginning to clear the sky as the front is progressing to the south and east. it did look like there's a lot of clouds to the north and west but they will break up overnight tonight and that energy that passed through is fueling a big storm near halifax. thankfully we did not put these two pieces of energy together to give us another big storm. so, overnight lows tonight 22 philadelphia, 16 in allentown, 19 in wilmington, 25 in cape may. again, it turns very cold late tonight and the skies will also clear out. as we go through the upcoming weekend here on your saturday, looking pretty good here. it is a cool start to the
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weekend but we're going to see the sunshine 8 o'clock on saturday morning just a few high clouds north and west of poconos. then as we go into the afternoon on saturday, some high clouds will be streaming in at times but no precipitation. and saturday definitely will be the cooler of the two weekend days. but you know what, they're both not bad as we end the month of january. here are the numbers. 40 in philadelphia, 40 in millville, 41 atlantic city. 35 in allentown. near 40 in trenton. again, just a few of those high clouds coming in during the afternoon. your four day at 4:00 forecast will show as we're 40 degrees tomorrow we're going to really jump it up the second half of the weekend on sunday with that high temperature coming in at 48 degrees. a decent amount of sun, just a few clouds and then a warm front will start to drift through on monday and that could spark a shower or two under mostly cloudy skies but very warm with that high temperature coming in at 52 degrees and then partly sunny and a little cooler on tuesday. behind that system it will try
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to drag a little cooler air down to around 50 degrees but then those numbers will jump again as we get into wednesday, we'll have that in the second half hour with that exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. so, we have much more to show you both alicia and i on the floor here. we'll kind of roam around show you what's going on brian and sharrie, and if i find something i like that you think you may like, just give me your credit card and i'll purchase two for one, one for me, one for you guys. >> two maseratis on her. [laughter] >> that would be for me and adam. >> okay, all right. three then. thanks, adam. >> all right, coming up at 4:30 a free program that will help save you money at the gas pump, some plus details on free beer in freebie friday. >> a bust leads to a police chase that ended with an officer injured. we've got a live report coming up in just minutes. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> january is human trafficking prevention month and some advocates in new jersey are calling for more
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awareness. members of a state task force spoke today in trenton. they called for a bigger focus on preventing new victims from entering the horrific cycle of abuse. they hope to teach more citizens and law enforcement how to identify possible victims in order to free them from their captors. >> septa and local leaders celebrated the opening of the new and improved 69th street transportation center today. and the action cam was in upper darby as they cut the ribbon on the newest terminal. septa spent $19.6 million to make the improvements. a federal grant paid for the project. about 35,000 people use that 69th street transportation center each and every day. >> needy families in the delaware valley got a huge boost today and it's all thanks to your generosity. 6abc general manager bernie prazenica and dunkin' donuts paren antidepressant check philadbundance. that's the money raised from
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the 6abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive. it's $65,000 more than last year. and philadbundance can use that money to feed 300,000 families in our region. >> such an awesome effort year and in year out. 6abc so proud to deliver that check today so thank you. much more ahead here on "action news" at 4:30. a prostitution investigation leads to a police chase in bucks county. two people including an officer are injured. "action news"'s vernon odom gathering the details right now. he'll join us live next. >> and sky6 hd looking live at the blue cross river rink where there's a fun free event this weekend. we'll have the details ahead in freebie friday. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a new version of a life saving drug. a local county is the first in the country to carry it. we'll explain the benefits. >> plus a teenaged girl accused of murder faces a judge. we have an update to the case that has rattled a camden community. >> and crews are getting snow off the streets in trenton but where they're putting it seems to be causing well a whole new problem. nora muchanic will be live to explain in just a few minutes. >> but first two people including a police officer were injured in a wild afternoon car chase in bucks county. police say it all started when
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they were in the middle of a prostitution bust and it ended when the suspects crashed into multiple vehicles. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at the bensalem police department with the details. vern. >> reporter: good evening, sharrie. a left town man age 37 who already had a number of arrest warrants out on him is under arrest at this hour. allegedly he had a violent confrontation with bensalem police. he's been arraigned on a new set of charges at this hour. this is michael britain of levittown age 37 under arrest in bensalem facing multiple charges including aggravated assault on a police officer during the course of a drug and prostitution investigation. around noontime police say, two undercover detectives approached this audi driven by britain who had a female passenger in the car. britain tried to flee in his car. >> the vehicle then attempted to elude police striking two
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unmarked police cars and one of my detectives. the detective was pushed into another car but he appears to be uninjured. >> reporter: from there a police chase ensued briefly going in and out of philadelphia before the audi struck a third vehicle. this time at state road in bensalem where two suspects were taken into custody. >> the driver of the vehicle had numerous warrants out of bucks county for drug and other violations so these are two individuals certainly involved in the drug trade and drug world like everybody else that we come across in our line of work and we'll be taking them off the streets. >> reporter: brian, moments ago police sources told me that the female who was allegedly in the car with britain has been released and will not face charges in this case. live in bensalem bucks county, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon thanks very much. philadelphia and septa police are looking for the man who stabbed a passenger on board the bus this afternoon.
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it happened in the city's frankford section about 2 o'clock. officials say the two men were arguing when the one stabbed the other. all of this unfolded on the route 56 septa bus on torresdale avenue near paul street. the victim was treated at the scene. traffic is moving again after a serious accident on i476 southbound in broomall. this afternoon a truck crashed and caught fire. this is the view of the wreckage from chopper6. there was no word of any injuries or just how that crash happened. >> the 17-year-old girl charged with murdering a 13-year-old in camden will remain in custody. today the suspect was in court but police have not released her name because she's a juvenile. 13-year-old nathaniel plumber jr. was shot and killed january 7th. the suspect was arrested two days later in connection to another shooting that happened in october. >> well it may be hard to believe or maybe not, but it was just one week ago that the massive blizzard started dumping feet of snow on our
4:33 pm
region. most areas have made major progress with snow cleanup but one neighborhood in trenton not too happy. nora muchanic joins us live to explain their concerns and their complaints. nora. >> reporter: hi there, brian. residents say they know the snow from the storm has to go somewhere but they didn't imagine that all the trucks, the steady flow of trucks coming in this lot here on taylor street would keep them up at night but that's what's been happening and it's not the only concern they have as trenton continues to dig out from the blizzard. >> oh, my god, all night long, all night long. >> reporter: some residents on taylor street in trenton have had enough of the steady flow of trucks in and out of the city owned lot in their neighborhood it's where all week contractors have been dumping snow that's being removed from city streets and piling it high around the perimeter of the lot. >> you hear the backup, you hear the trucks constantly, you know, going over the curb, backing in, backing out with
4:34 pm
that sound. >> i have to apologize. it's just a means to get it all done. >> reporter: jackie is trenton's public works director. >> most of them work until 6:00 or 9:00 but occasionally we have to go to if it's a safety concern. >> reporter: it's not just the noise residents are worried about. it's also this giant pile of snow that's being pushed against the fences near the backyards of the houses on taylor street. >> my concern is what's going to happen with the snow once it melts. >> reporter: this man can watch loaders piling up snow behind his fence. >> this is a flood zone. we've had major issues during hurricane irene. or building was flooded. >> reporter: the public works director says 750,000 tons of snow fell on trenton and a week later this city is still digging out. employees hall garbage first in the day then switch to snowplowing and are joined by a small army of private contractors focusing on corners and side streets. >> it just starts piling up. you don't have nowhere to go with it so you just got to truck it out.
4:35 pm
>> woke me up kind of early but it's better. i don't have to struggle with my car sliding everywhere. >> cleaning the streets after the last two days but before that we couldn't move nowhere. >> reporter: hopefully that's changing as the crews move from street to street clearing the snow and dumping it in lots like this even with warm weather coming, it's going to be awhile before all of this melts and you can be sure that the folks on taylor street will be keeping a close eye on whether or not there's water in their basements. live in trenton, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." sharrie, brian. >> quite a pile behind you, nora, right there. >> reporter: yeah. >> nor remarks thank you. >> thank you. >> turning to accuweather and a mild forecast on tap for this weekend. >> alall right, let's check back in with meteorologist adam joseph live at the philadelphia auto show. you found a nice ride there, guys. >> reporter: hey, you know, it's white, we've had a blizzard, so they kind of go hand in hand, right? how much is this car alicia. >> $500,000.
4:36 pm
half a mill. >> wouldn't it be nice if you won the powerball. >> reporter: this was my dream car as a little boy. always wandered one. >> now it may be a little crushed because i don't know where we would put the car seats in here. >> reporter: i have kids now, so. we'll get a babysitter and take this baby on the road. we got to wait until after the winter. speaking of winter take a look at the winds. winds of change are really moved in this afternoon. they've been whipping up in the last hour, speeds of over 20 to 30 miles an hour. in fact near 40 miles an hour in wilmington and dover, 32 miles an hour in millville and 23 in the lehigh valley and that's bringing down wind chills right now across the area, feeling like the 20's to the north and west, allentown 26, reading 25, 25 in wilmington and millville 29 degrees, but don't get used to it because it's a big warmup as we go into the month of february. i'll have that in the seven-day forecast and the best thing about this car, i swear, is the doors. >> yeah. >> reporter: ready. >> ready. >> reporter: open up these doors which obviously are not
4:37 pm
like a conventional car but the harder thing is getting out. the harder thing is getting out of the car as you get older it's not as easy. but anyway, guys, we'll have that seven-day forecast coming up with that full accuweather forecast. man, that's work actually getting out of that car. maybe my dream has been crushed. >> i feel very cool right now. >> we need sliding doors that go back like a minivan. is that a maserati. >> lamborghini right. >> and i have the keys. >> lamborghini. >> lamborghini, okay. >> that's what we call the lambeau doors. >> i got the keys. >> see you guys. meantime university of delaware police have just released a new video that puts a hip hop spin on campus safety. "action news" anchor monica malpass she's live in the news room with more on this video. hi, monica. >> reporter: hi, sharrie that's right you probably heard of drake's hit song hot hotline bling. take a listen.
4:38 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: it is called cop line bling. cop line bling. new at 5:00 the message they're hoping this video will deliver to students in newark. plus thousands of priceless artifacts are on the move at penn all because of some new construction. tonight katherine scott will take us inside the detailed process that took more than a year to plan. these are priceless objects and artifacts. they don't want to mess them up, right, sharrie. >> all right, monica, thank you. we'll see you at 5:00. delaware county police officers are the first in the world to carry a new version of a life saving drug. until recently narcan was only available as an injection but now it's available as a nasal spray. it's an easier way to reverse a heroin or pain killer overdose. delaware county officers are the first to get it. they say they have already saved more than 170 lives since they started using the
4:39 pm
original narcan in 2014. >> and still ahead here on "action news" today, it's freebie friday. we can't give you a free lamborghini but we have word about a beer festival, one of philadelphia's ice rinks that won't cost you a dime. >> big talkers are coming to you live from the philadelphia auto show. hi, alicia. >> reporter: hey, guys. if you think these beauties are the most expensive on the showroom flooring they aren't. i'm going to show you which one has the price tag coming up in big talkers.
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>> we've got breaking news at 4 o'clock. chopper6 hd is live over the scene in camden county in the clementon area where there has been a pedestrian accident. the accident was reported around 4:15 on the white horse pike at brand avenue. you're taking a look at live pictures here. we're still trying to sort out what vehicles were involved. but what we do see is police
4:42 pm
activity here in the streets and it appears to be some type of school bus that is in the middle of this intersection. we also just watched one person at least being loaded into a medivac helicopter. that person is being tended to for whatever injuries there may be. we're hearing the injuries are serious. again, this accident happening as camden county officials investigate this auto-pedestrian accident in clementon. the accident again happening at 4:15. we are hearing that the details are sketchy but the pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and that vehicle did stop. >> a judge will allow the so-called affluenza teen to remain in a juvenile detention facility. ethan couch will remain there until a judge decides if his case will be transferred to the adult system. couch returned yesterday from mexico where he had been on the run with his mom for several weeks. the 18-year-old is still on probation for a 2013 drunken driving wreck that killed four people.
4:43 pm
>> torrential rain in oregon has caused a second massive sinkhole. this is drone video showing just how big the holes are are. they have already swallowed part of a road and a parking lot. police are redirecting traffic while they try to figure out how to stop the sinkholes from growing. the first one opened up in december and the second happened just yesterday. >> all right, now to another check on the roads this afternoon. >> let's check in with matt pelman keeping an eye with theup date here. >> yeah, bunch of developing situations on this friday afternoon, brian and sharrie. one of them is right here along 95, northbound lanes and we're kind of doing where is waldo? can you see the car right here in the trees, it's kind of red in color. ran off of the northbound side of 95 right here approaching the betsy ross bridge. you've got emergency crews, the firefighters on the scene here and they've got the two right lanes blocked as you come north on 95 which is creating huge delays coming out of center city. again, they're trying to pull that car out of the woods. it's down the embankment in the trees, 95 northbound approaching the betsy ross
4:44 pm
bridge the scene. we had that earlier truck accident with a fire on the southbound blue route by broomall. it's long gone but still looking at slow speeds the whole way from mid-county down to route three west chester pike. a bad crash in lower providence blocking the southbound lanes of trooper road. rittenhouse road gets you around it. upper marma wreck along south gulph road at gypsy lane. traffic light troubles in falls township along new falls road at 413. burlington county a leftover from this morning, and you know how i feel about leftovers, don't like them, northbound side of 130 approaching beverly road there's a water main break take out the right lane by the dolphin diner. we just told you about the blockage of the white horse pike in clementon. might want to stay on 322 as an alternate. we'll keep tabs on that. alicia down at the auto show. >> ♪ >> reporter: thank you, matt. yeah, and the big talkers we showed you expensive cars. check this out. the three cars right behind me
4:45 pm
here are worth a combined $50 million. that's because they are world champion sports cars. we got a cobra here and 2gt40's. these are the most expensive ones here at the auto show. to the other big talkers now and they're rumored to be dueling divas and now the queen of soul aretha franklin is taking on fill's own patti labelle in the food business. we've told you about miss patty's pies especially the sweet potato ones and how they have been selling out at wal-marts all over the u.s. she is about to get some competition from aretha who said in a tv interview that her pies and other food products are going to be reigning supreme adding that "miss patti is going have to move that pie to the side. ." aretha is planning to market chili gum bow and baked chicken even though the two are rumored to have a little bit of a beef apparently it's going to be up to the pies now to decide who is queen.
4:46 pm
yesterday we showed you mattel's new line of barbies and of course making waves everywhere because they look so much more like us and that has women everywhere rejoicing. this new line of barbie is called fashionista coming in all different shapes and sizes curvy tall petite with seven skin tones and 24 hair styles. well, while there are a lot of big celebrations for barbie some turned their attention to her male counterpart ken famously buff the big question, where is his real life makeover? one guy tweeting now that barbie is supporter i'd appreciate a skinny dude ken doll or bloated college years ken do. another i'm totally up for curvy barbie. so does that mean we're gonna' get balding pot bellied ken: then of course the pictures all over twitter with a guy named benjamin joking i'm most excited about dad bod ken. give the guys a break. don't the new barbies need a
4:47 pm
real ken. anyway pretty cute stuff. we're here at the auto show. we'll be here all night for the black tie tailgate as well. we'll see you for that. coming up on "action news" and more "action news" at 4:00 right after this. >> ♪
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4:49 pm
>> ♪ >> all right, i think we managed to pull adam away from that lamborghini long enough to convince him to do the accuweather forecast. >> let's see where he is now. adam, what do you have at the auto show and what's up with the weekend forecast? >> reporter: yes, you did pull me away from that lamborghini. you had to tear me away but i'm going to the different end of the spectrum so to speak because there's so many different cars. you got all of the antiques to check out. you got 700,000 square feet so if you're coming wear the most comfortable shoes you can. also over 700 cars, 40
4:50 pm
manufacturers, opens to the public tomorrow right through the following weekend and not only do you have cars but you have big trucks. take a look at that from digger land there, the backhoe. that would be cool for the kids to go up, get some pictures. they got a stepping stool there so that would be pretty awesome. i know my boy would definitely like to check that out. as we look at the forecast, storm tracker6 live double scan we did have some of those snow showers that passed through during the day today but they are all now off the coast. so, they are long gone. we're starting to clear that sky out but the winds of change have certainly moved in. in fact, we take a look at how it feels when you step out the door right now. it feels like the 20's. 26 degrees in allentown. 22 in lancaster. mid-20's even south of philadelphia in the city itself 32 degrees with the shore coming in right around 28. as we take a look at satellite and radar, we're dealing with the clouds moving off the coast as a weak piece of energy rotated through and this energy is now pulling
4:51 pm
itself into a storm that is developing east of new england and to eastern and southern parts of canada, so thankfully everyone on the east coast missing out on this now big storm. as we look at the evening planner you step out on this friday night, 36 degrees at 7 o'clock. at 8 o'clock, 34. 32 at 9:00 and then dropping below freezing by 11 o'clock as we kind of pull the clouds out of here. as we look at the forecast for tonight as we go into the latter part of the overnight hours those numbers will drop off. 16 in the suburbs as the winds really diminish after midnight, clear and cold. 22 in philadelphia. and again those gusts that are now between 30 and 40 miles an hour will relax between about 10 and 20 miles per hour after the midnight hour. as we look at the forecast for saturday sun just a few clouds but a chilly day with a high temperature of 40 as a warm front as you see is just to our north and a series of low pressures that will ride to our north and west. what this will do is set up high pressure off of the carolinas and bermuda pumping those winds out of the south
4:52 pm
for the second half of the weekend. just a few high clouds on saturday as that number goes up to 48 degrees and that low cuts across the great lakes so we'll miss most of the precipitation with this on monday but as that cold front pushes through we could see a shower or two. so, how does this register up in the poconos? as you go into the weekend a beautiful weekend to ski and snowboard. partly sunny with temperatures in the upper 30's and then on sunday, mostly cloudy and milder up there, almost somewhat spring skiing with a temperature of 44. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow will be the coolest day over that next seven day period as temperatures are right around that 40-degree mark and then we jump into the upper 40's on sunday and february begins on monday. mostly cloudy, a shower at 52 degrees. a little dip here but still way above normal tuesday at 50 degrees and dry. and then a warm front lifts through, cold front approaches wednesday. warm windy wet, 60. and then much cooler thursday and friday with those
4:53 pm
temperatures going back a little closer to normal between 42 and 44 degrees. all right, you saw earlier in the half hour, brian and sharrie, that you can go on a jeep -- camp jeep ride here, kind of an obstacle course but also they have simulators here this year. they're not turned on yet. they will be tonight. this is something also that's cool for the kids as well as the adults. you guys, you got a whole week to check the 700,000 square feet at the philadelphia pennsylvania convention center. >> pretty remarkable place. adam, thanks very much. >> freebie friday is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> freebie friday now. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, head down to the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. this weekend is the second annual winter fest brew fest. unlike some other beer festivals this one is completely free. you don't need tickets for a
4:56 pm
specific time and the beer samples don't cost a dime. the festival is inside the lodge and runs from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. on saturday and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. sunday. >> and free loyalty program can help you save money at the pump. sign up for shell's fuel rewards program. you'll get 25 cents off each gallon after your first fillup. then you can earn more savings when you shop dine out and buy groceries. >> finally this freebie is for the teens in your family. the philly stamp pass allows students ages 14 to 19 who live in philadelphia to get into some of the city's top museums and at tracks for free. the pass is good for one year. you can sign up for it and find more information about today's freebies, just go to our web site >> of course we hope you have a great weekend. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 today. i'm brian taff. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5 o'clock. hi, monica.
4:57 pm
>> hi, guys. up next a delaware neighborhood is on edge after a man was found dead in a new castle home. new at 5:00 police have identified a victim and a person of interest. plus, "action news" is live in iowa with just three days to go until the caucuses it is a race to rally support. we'll have those stories and more coming your next at 5:00.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> i am really surprised. i'm shocked to tell you the truth. i'm scared and shocked. >> a delaware community is on high alert after a man was found dead in a home there in just the past hour. police have identified that victim and the person of interest in the case is the homeowner himself. it is friday night. rick is on assignment. brian taff joins us. the big story is that deadly investigation now under way in new castle county. >> the body was discovered last night at the end of a normally quiet cul-de-sac on the 900 block of eider court. trish hartman is live at the scene with the investigation. >> reporter: well, brian have just released the
5:00 pm
victim's name as well as a person of interest. the victim is 47-year-old sean spence of new castle. the person of interest the man who lived in that house. police say it all happened right here on eider court. his name is gregory parker and police believe he knew the victim. this is the man sought by new castle county police 52-year-old gregory parker. he's 6-foot 8225 pounds and lives in the house where police say a man was found dead last night. police were called around 10:00 p.m. for a welfare check. inside on the first floor they found the body of 47-year-old sean spence having suffered significant injuries. >> with enough knowledge and experience and training they know that that's not a natural death. >> reporter: adrian toss cano says when he saw flashing lights outside parker's house late last night he knew something was wrong. >> we were watching the news and it was a homicide and we were kind of a little shook. >> reporter: in the daylight officers continued to investigate removing evidence from the home and shooting video footage. police want to


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