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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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sunday, january 31 i'm nydia han in an along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." crews rushed a man to the hospital overnight after being found beaten and unconscious on the streets of west philadelphia. the race is on in iowa to
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rally last minute support. well go to a key college. let's talk turkeyy how would you like it if flock of turkeys were roaming around your neighborhood. i'm nora muchanic coming up on what to do with the fowl problem. let's go over to chris sowers, no turkeys. >> reporter: no, because they are always roaming around my backyard. we've bumped the high up to 53 degrees. 46 in quakertown. had a in slatington. saint david 50. chester and center city, checking in at 49. south and east, 56 degrees in vineland. same number for gandys beach. woodbine 49. hammonton, blue berry country, 54. ewing 47 degrees.
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dover 54. it's a delightful afternoon out there, just a few high, thin clouds stretching across the mid atlantic states this afternoon. the shower activity here stays to the north. so it's nice comfortable finish to the weekend. forecast for today, 53 degrees, sunshine along with high, thin clouds turning milder. today starts a series of several days where the numbers will be well above average. when i come back we'll talk about the possibility of record highs by midweek and rain thrown in there, as well. details in ten minutes. right now police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man while sitting inside his car. this happened around 11:00 p.m. outside a grocery store on the 6000 block of pine street. police say the gunman walked up to the 21-year-old victim's black hyundai and opened fire blowing out the drivers side window. that driver was hit repeatedly. he died at the hospital. police do not have any suspects or motive. we are learning more been a
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an early morning bar fight in bustleton section. three police officers were assaulted while trying trying tk it up. they were called to the bar after security heard gunfire outside. officers arrived finding a large crowd and 21 people engaged in a phils fight. as they tried to break up the crowd, one person attack all three officers. three people were arrested. the officers will be okay. police are looking for a pair of armed robbers, one of whom may have appear as a cop. a man flashed a police badge or what looked like one. they stole $100 from the man and took off. police are looking for what led to an early morning beating in west philadelphia. police were a called to 62nd
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and arch. there they found a man unconscious and bleeding from his home. ens witnesses say five men attacked the victim. officers took him inside the police van to take him to penn presbyterian. on the way to the hospital, the van was hit. nobody was hurt in the crash. no arrests have been made in connection with the beating. tomorrow philadelphia drivers could be facing more congestion on their way to work. the falls bridge will be closing to vehicles tomorrow for two months. trish hartman is live in east falls where people are planning plan b. lots of people watch channel 6 for coverage everyday. >> reporter: that's right, nydia, this work is expected to be completed by april 1. crews will install special brackets under the bridge and in the meantime drivers are planning other routes.
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on the day before the scheduled closure of the falls bridge we found drivers who knew about the repairs. it is what it is. >> reporter: and others who didn't. what are you going to do? i don't know i have to figure out that out now. >> reporter: in december, city officials announced the closure after inspectors found rust and corrosion. crews will strengthen the steal beams beneath the road. folks we spoke to are bracing for more congestion. it's hard to go the across the city avenue bridge is hard right now. i hate to say it it's going to be crazy until april. >> reporter: the bridge will be closed only to vehicles and pedestrians and bikers are thankful and glad to hear about the repairs. bridge we pairs are an important issue. >> reporter: for many people including this gym owner and runner the bridge is a way to
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cross the schuylkill river. the environment is incredible. the atmosphere is incredible. it's a good place to train and work out. >> reporter: now this fix is a temporary one, city officials say a full restoration of the iconic bridge is planned five years from now. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thanks for the update. candidates for president were up bright and early to continue their push for support across iowa. chris christie held a town hall a couple of hours ago at morning side college in souix city. the clock is ticking we're 32 hours and less from the contest for the 2016 election. >> reporter: rick williams is in iowa and visited a college playing an important role in the contest. >> reporter: drake university has hosted more political events
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than any other college in the state. from a democratic debate last month to a town hall meeting last week. even donald trump's veterans' fundraiser held last thursday. students here are caught up in the excitement and enjoying the political spotlight. we have a fantastic student body that likes to engage in political conversations. >> reporter: kevin is the student body president and admits to being a hillary clinton supporter, but he said there's a healthy mix of republicans and democrats on campus. there are some not caught up in the caucus craze. i would like to go to see what it's like because i never experienced anything like that before. >> reporter: bernie sanders and donald trump are expecting many to turn out on monday night. many are wondering if college students are committed to the long process that is caucus
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voting. drake will have five caucus precincts. in 2012 they only had one. because we see so many candidates on campus, they can be informed voters and they can make a decisive pick to who they want to represent them. >> reporter: drake's popularity in the media has made the school more attractive to prospective students like this high schooler from dubuque. it's cool to meet all the candidates, it's like you have a vip pass to everything. >> reporter: one more point about drake it could be featured prominently on caucus night, hillary clinton is expected to be there to watch the results to come in. finishes victorious she is going to hold a victory party in the student union building. rick's live reports
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continue tonight on "action news" at6:00 p.m. rick and "action news" is posting updates on twitter leading up to the cause of iowa. action cam was at the auto show. it takes up 700,000 square feet of space. 94% of last year's attendee citizen found the show helpful in choosing their next car. it's the internet in reverse, you can see them, touch them, feel them, put your family in the suffer and see how they -- in the suv and see how they fit an all the features. the camp test track let's people go off-roading indoors and there's a tractor the kids. the auto show end next sunday.
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still more to come on "action news" scurnd he -- sunday afternoon. we're following developing news coming in from syria. all three inmates who broke out of a maximum security prison are back in custody. how police tracked two of them down a week after a jailbreak. meteorologist chris sowers will have back after 89 -- after the exclusive accuweather forecast
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thank you for staying with us, we are following developing news out of the middle east. the syrian government said 45 people were killed in a number
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of explosion outside the country's capitol of damascus. a website with ties to isis claims the responsibility for the attack. the attack comes amid peace talks. three violent inmates are back behind jail. two who were on the loose were caught yesterday in san francisco after someone spotted a suspicious looking vanna whole foods parking lot and called police. the investigation into the escape has centered on a prison english teacher. police believe she may have given the inmates a google map of the area. right now she is in jail. she'll be in court tomorrow. turning to accuweather, meteorologist chris sowers you have one snowstorm, now it's spring. >> reporter: the funny thing if this was last year we would be gearing up for the polar vortex.
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what a change in the season. you can see the folks at the river rink having a wonderful time, this is the time to do something like that. temperatures in the 50s across the alarge portion of the area. double scan live is clear. 49 degrees, 29 is the point. winds out of the west/southwest at 9 miles per hour. slight windchill of 45 degrees, for the end of january we can handle that. dover, 53. millville, 54. lack at the number in atlantic city, 58 degrees, you'll top out in the low 60s today. speaking of 60s they are closing in on that to the west. charleston 59. pittsburgh 59. buffalo, 53. everything moving west to east across the mid atlantic states. you will see that on the radar composite everything slides ai
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don't say the mid atlantic. that's pacific air getting into a west to east pattern. we shut the arctic off all that cold air is bottled up into northern canada. during the course of the week, two frontal systems pull through both reinforcing pacific air. the first one is right here, the second one right off the screen. the second has more moisture in it. even the cool down isn't too cold. 65 in saint louis. new orleans, 73. dallas, 70 degrees, that's the air mass heading this way. the remainder of the afternoon, sunshine and clouds that's about it. easy piecey. tonight, we have fog increasing in the northwest thanks to the melting snow. 8:00 a.m. monday morning fog out
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through here south and east dealing with low clouds they thicken during the day. frontal system pushes through around 1:00 p.m. hit or miss shower not a big deal. tuesday, bright and sunny, mild, highs near 50. here's wednesday this is the second front. this will close in late in the day, you can see this line showers and maybe heavy thunderstorms and downpours, spring-like storm system. the heavy snow is up here in the southern provinces of canada. this will swing through during the day. whatever snow you have on the ground in the lehigh valley and far north western suburbs that could produce localized flooding. that's the only thing we're concerned with this week, otherwise it's nice smooth sailing. 53 degrees, winds out of the south, southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. 36 degrees outlying suburbs, 40 for center city. we'll call it mild.
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that 40 is close to the normal high for this time of the year. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 53 today, 56 tomorrow. another 50 for tuesday. the next several days look nice. isolated shower monday afternoon. greater threat is wednesday, rainy, windy and warm, 63 that would be a record high. the old record is 62. there's the second front you can see the cooler numbers thursday, friday and saturday, but, again, for february we'll take the low to mid 40s, not bad. residents in a south jersy town have a fowl problem. a pack of wild turkeys are wreaking havoc. nora muchanic has the story. they are all over the neighborhood. you have to stop while they cross. >> reporter: when you say wild turkey some folks think about bourbon whiskey. in pal mya -- palmyra and cinnaminson they think about
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birds. wild turkeys that to many residence have become a nuisance most fowl. there are 20 or 30 of them they are in the backyard and at dusk they fly up in the trees and stay there all night. >> reporter: this man lives on the cinnamon son border, he said the furniture was cleaned last week. people are feeding them so they are getting less and less afraid of people. i will go to take the trash out or the recycling they come up to you. they are large they leave a mess and they are aggressive. >> reporter: the wild turkeys cause traffic problems they don't move, they move slowly. i beep my horn and they move. >> reporter: they need ruffling the feathers in the neighborhood for a couple of years now and palmyra has been asking state wildlife officials for help. fish and game plan to set a trap
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using a net suspended over a 60-foot scare foot area. residents are looking forward to the day when the only turkey they have to worry about is the one on their thanksgiving table. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." it is 12:19. just ahead on "action news," top health officials held an emergency meeting tomorrow to address the zika virus. plus a trooper caught on camera doing a good deed. we'll explain the counter of the pizza shop other than with the star wars tilt when "action news" comes right back.
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and going outside taking a live look sky6 live hd cape may,
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new jersey. temperatures will reach the 50s today. put on your dancing shoes because we could reach temperatures in the 60s in the coming days. "healthcheck," world health organization will held a emergency meeting tomorrow to determine whether the zika virus is a public epidemic. they released mosquitoes that will mate with the mosquitoes that carry the virus. experts believe the virus may have contributed to four thousand babies born with abnormally small brains. first graders in school are always in motion during class. they cycling while they read or
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where it. they were donated by a local hospital and seem to be a solution for fidgeting problem. when i'm not with the bike i feel a little craze. i read a few articles saying that students who have a hard time focusing if they are moving more it makes them easier for them to focus. >> reporter: there are not enough cycles for everybody, but the class is so happy with the results they may try a fundraiser to buy more ever them. they cost sue dollars each. if you seen star wars movie, you know the troopers are not all bad. a man in a biker gear with a storm trooper helmet and mask turned a pour -- portrait that
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was stolen a few weeks ago. they thought he was going to hold the place up, he brought back the wrapped painting and took off. he didn't take his mask off and we were not sure what was going on. you get nervous in these situations. he left a note signed darth vader. she plans to frame the note and hang it next to the painting. i would like to get a closer look at the note. did he steal the painting and is returning it? that's what it sounds like. he is a storm trooper.
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no vac jocovich won his 6 title overnight night. it was murray's if it time in the australian -- 5th time in the australian tidal and his 5th lost. he hopped on a plane to reunite with his wife who is due any day. >> reporter: the sixers almost pulled off an upset against the best nba team. >> reporter: the difference between the sixers and warriors winning percentage is the large in nba history.
12:28 pm
sold jut last -- sold out last . sixers fight back from as many as 24. sixers down 13. here's the come back. nerlens noel part of a 9-0 run. sixers down 6. 38 seconds left, isaiah cannon three. the fowl four point way, sixers within two. in a turn of events they steal the ball right back. yes, we're tied up with 22 seconds left to go. the warriors get the ball back, they can win it not left. harrison barns, oh, sixers lose 108-105. golden state 43 and 4. it's the best start by an nba team since the sixers 49 years ago. for us to be down 24 points at home not to roll over and not
12:29 pm
get caught up in the moment and give something back to our fans who were fantastic. it was a great thing for our young team. doesn't matter how we play, we have to win. we have to keep winning. it's not all about hockey at the nhl all star game for captain claude giroux. friday g visited the shed of the show nashville to hang out with their stars. giroux showing off in the nhl competition. right on in the accuracy shooting challenge. ng getting oohs and ahs skating in the obstacle course. fellow all star with a cool stick handling. how about chewbacca. nhl all star game tonight featuring 3 on 3 hockey. college hoops villanova and
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temple both in action later today. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. happening right on "action
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news," we are less than 32 hours and counting until the cause ofa caucuses. neck we go live to iowa for more on the rush for last minute support. new at noon, how police say a 4-year-old boy fell to his death at a north jersey
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apartment complex. is search for a suspect is underway in frankford after the fight on a septa bus ended with a stabbing. those stories, but first, meteorologist chris sowers i've been smiling all weekend. >> reporter: you will be happier when you see the numbers in the seven day. we're closing in on 50 degrees this afternoon and we could be 64 by wednesday. 58 in atlantic citiment -- atlantic city. trenton, 46 degrees. atlantic city and wildwood 20 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. even the poconos enjoying temperatures in the 40s. zonal pattern this week means mild conditions settling in. it means the winds below west to east across the entire county. this is pacific air, what will
12:33 pm
happen, that's pacific air racing across the country. all the arctic cold will stay up here, it has no way of entering the lower 48. if you're someone who enjoys a lot of cold and snow, what you will want to see is the jet stream looking like this, then you get all the cold dropping into the lower 48. that will not happen this week. as a matter of fact, 53 degrees today. 56 for monday, 60 by wednesday. i'll have the details coming up in just a bit. thank you, chris. iowa voters have just about one day left to make up their minds about who they want to be the next president. new polls show it's anyone's race on the democrat and republican side. lana zack joins us live outside the media caucus hub. lana all eyes on iowa. >> reporter: while you may be
12:34 pm
enjoying 60-degree plus weather in philadelphia. in iowa it's a different story. we're looking at a blizzard watch that's supposed to come in on monday night. the forecasters are saying that will happen after voting has finished. it's critically important to the campaign especially those candidates that are looking to turn out first time voters. ♪ this land is your land >> reporter: could the insurgent candidates walk away with a win in iowa? the pundits say crowning people come out to rally, but you know what they will not come out to participate in the caucus. how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night? >> reporter: an energic bernie sanders played to his large -- largest crowd yet. he is three points within hillary clinton. clinton appeared confident on
12:35 pm
the trail with the family. and with her gabrielle giffords. speaking is hard for me, come january i want to say these two words, madam president. >> reporter: on the republican side the last poll has donald trump at 28. ted cruz at 23. as trump hits cruz' canadian big picture harold. hard. cruz laughed it off in public. he is taking fire from other candidates, too. else running a deceitful campaign at the end. people see through that. >> reporter: people see through that that's what marco rubio is saying, he is going after ted cruz and so many are telling me now they are watching him very closely, rubio, that is. you know, 45% of republican voters have not made up their minds and when they go into the
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caucus gatherings tomorrow evening we'll have to see who comes out on top. reporting live from des moines, lana zack channel 6 "action news." rick williams is in iowa following the candidates movements leading up to the big event. you can watch his reports live from des moines at 6:00 p.m. tonight. an early-morning house fire in olney section of philadelphia left three people homeless on the 5400 block of north 5th street after 4:00 a.m. arriving firefighters found flames shooting through the first and second floors of the home. additional crews were called to the scene. nobody was hurt, red cross is helping the families. new at noon, residence of an apartment complex in north jersey say a little boy who fell to his death fell out of a broken window. the four-year-old plunged from a 6 story apartment building yesterday afternoon hitting the concrete parking lot.
12:37 pm
other residents said the windows do not have child safety mechanism. the management has not commented. philadelphia police telling us they want your help to find the man they say is responsible for a stabbing on a septa bus. it all happened friday afternoon in the frankford section of philadelphia on the route 56 bus. a passenger got on the bus at torresdale avenue but couldn't pay the fare. the bus driver said get off, but when he would not, the driver stopped the bus and waited for police. that's when another frustrated passenger pushed the bus hopper out the front door. the suspect jumped back in and goes on attack. during the course of the fight looks like a fistfight, but turns out he had a knife. he stabbed the victim several times in the neck and body area. police warn passengers should not take the law into their own hands and say the
12:38 pm
stabbing could have been presented. there's the suspect, 5'7", 30 years old, if you have any information contact philadelphia police. tomorrow information will be released about why the train derailed from amtrak last may. excessive speed is a key factor. investigators say the train was going 100 miles per hour when it approached the curve with a 50-mile an hour speed limit. this is the last day to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. only 15% of the uninsured know today is the deadline. two-thirds have been not been contacted about signing up. the same number have not figure out if they qualify for subsidized insurance.
12:39 pm
minimum penalty for no insurance goes up to $695. university of pennsylvania is replacing thousands of priceless artifacts for construction. >> reporter: it's a careful and considerable process. gently delicately, thousands of artifacts must be safeguarded over the coming months at the university of pennsylvania archeology andology. the heavy equipment and demolition cause vibrations that could damage the artifacts. museum leadership began meeting with penn medicine a year ago. the objective was to work
12:40 pm
in a collaborative fashion about any potential impact the work could have. the biggest concern is when they go into the bedrock, it will shake and send it into our buildings. >> reporter: special projects manager said the museum has 1 million pieces in its collection. a survey of all the material in storage and galleries identify the susceptible pieces. some of the larger ones need to be deinstalled. sensors with alarms had to be placed throughout the building. we had to address a few thousand pieces on display. much of the egyptian section will be moved off sight smaller artifacts packed in foam packed cavities. we wrapped it in tyvec
12:41 pm
which is a nonabrasive material. >> reporter: they will stay open during construction and work to improve the pieces that remain on display. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." a neat behind-the-scenes look. it was all about the actors last night in hollywood, big names that walked away with the statue and oscar buzz during the screen actors guild award. we'll take you behind the scenes of a new broadway musical coming to the academy of music when "action news" comes right back.
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>> blue route you're still with us, chris sowers has another update from accuweather. it's a good one. >> reporter: wewe had this huge blizzard last weekend, my brother, up on the left, that's my brother head over heels on the right. i think your twin is on the
12:44 pm
left. >> reporter: i'm on the left. the funny thing, my brother was a tremendous athlete in school and he can't slide down the hill. i thought it was funny, think about the person snapping the picture, what perfect timing. this he goes going down the hill, all did not go well. folks having fun with the snowstorm. now we're seeing spring-like temperatures. as a matter of fact couple times this weekend we could be flirting with 60 degrees. double scan live is clear and we have no precipitation to worry about today. things could change tomorrow, but just a spotty shower. 49 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the west southwest at 9 miles per hour. giving us a windchill of 45. 54 in millville. dover, 53.
12:45 pm
trenton, 46. even the poconos almost 50 degrees at this hour. satellite and radar again we've been showing this all morning everything moving from west to east across the lower 48 states and that's a very mild wind flow for us, pacific air you can see it from the west coast to the east coast. every time we get into a pattern like this it locks in the cold air up here across the provinces of canada. it will be nice and cold up there closer to the pole. for us this is all mild west to east across the entire country. there will be a snowstorm across the high plains, but temperatures are borderline just cold enough to get the snow. when you look at averages, the numbers are above average. the mild air is rushing across the country. maybe a couple of showers associated with the front. this front as it crosses late in the day, it fizzles out. it's pacific air behind that. it's reinforcing front that gets into the mix wednesday and that
12:46 pm
will cool us down a little bit. smooth sailing the rest of the afternoon high, thin clouds that's about it. tomorrow, cloud cover, patchy fog north and west, some of it could be dense where the snow is meting in the lehigh valley and the poconos. in the afternoon hours, maybe a couple of hit or miss showers developing. if you get a shower it will pull through quickly. tuesday morning skies brighten up, pretty nice, temperatures back up near 50 degrees. wednesday thkdz -- this could be of concern, again, because of the snow pack up in the lehigh valley. you get heavy downpours, the snow melts and combines and you have areas of localized flooding. across south jersey and delaware, most of the snow is gone. for those folks down there, probably no flooding out of this. rapid snow melt combined with the scattered downpours i wouldn't be surprised if we saw
12:47 pm
localized flooding north and west of center city. 48 in reading, 53. millville, 54. atlantic city, 56. dover a pair of 5s, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 56 tomorrow afternoon shower possible. groundhog day looks good, sunny and nice, 50. rainy, windy, but warm as we head into wednesday, 6 approximate. cooling it down, thursday, friday, saturday. thanks for the update. carolle king is one is a celebrd pop music writer. >> reporter: carole king received a kennedy center honor in december. now her biography is being shared on a national broadway tour that starts in philadelphia. basically her story is kind of the story of rock and roll. and beautiful. the musical tells the inspiring true story of her rise from
12:48 pm
teenage song writer to superstardom. she grew up in britain and her mother wanted -- grew up in brooklyn and her mother wanted her to be a classical pianist. she started out as a kid writing songs to her creative partner and husband. songs like locomotion and ways to love me tomorrow and you've got a friend. broadway philadelphia programming director, says the songs that served as the sound track for a generation served to entertainer and educate the audience. it's telling the story of her life through her songs. it's a show that helps a generation learn about the history of rock music. if you love american music and
12:49 pm
great songs i think you'll love beautiful. >> reporter: beautiful the carole king music is at the academy of music 22 to april 3. go to the arts for this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers.
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12:52 pm
after orange is the new black won the best comedy. look at this face, we talk about diversity. you know different race, color, creed and sexual orientation. several black actors took home several awards including viola davis. earning big win leonardo decaprio for the revenant it was his first sag award in nine nominations. leonardo decaprio is the favorite to win his first oscar. abc 6 is your home for the oscars coverage begins february 28. making a murder documentary has a new attorney. avery's innocence lab called into question since the release
12:53 pm
of the netflix series. the prosecutors have spoken out against the producer accusing them of cherry picking evidence to cast avery in a more favorable light. his new attorney said she is focusing on the murder victim's car. i want to test the car what she would have been tested. >> reporter: she is known for overturning wrongful convictions. she is hinting at another investigation regarding other suspects in the case. we'll return with the top stories in just a moment. recapping our top stories
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on "action news," police are looking for five men who kicked and beat a man on a west philadelphia street leaving him in critical condition. the victim in his 20s was found lying at 52nd and arch streets early morning. he was unconscious and bleeding from his head. in west philadelphia the search is on for a killer who shot a man repeatedly as the victim was in his car parked. the action cam was at the scene 6000 block of pine street. the victim died at the hospital. tomorrow morning and afternoon rushes will get worse in philadelphia. the falls bridge which spans the schuylkill river is closed for construction. it will take two months to finish the work. meteorologist chris sowers has a final check of accuweather. looking good.
12:57 pm
do you have another family photo . no, but we have nice weather.53 today, 56 monday, tu, 50 degrees, wednesday we have very warm air coming, 6 approximate -- 63 degrees. college basketball is next. "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. him for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you back here next weekend. make it a great sunday!
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the following is a presentation of the acc network. an exclusive production of raycom sports. >> tim: 2015 was the year of the irish. as notre dame won


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