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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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eagles safety malcolm jenkins a late arrival to the roster and just a little late there picking it off in the first. andy reid making his fifth trip to honolulu calling plays for team rice. andy has a trick up his sleeve. how about a fake punt. gets them the first down. reid cannot stop there second quarter darren sproles up the middle, two guys, 29-yard touchdown catch. sproles, only had one of those over the last few years in the regular season. sproles and jenkins and company hell team irving win 49-27. super bowl 50, it is a week away from tonight. today both denver and carolina a arrived in santa claire, california where they will practice and prepare for the big game. perhaps final one for payton manning. check out panthers quarterback cam newton rocking skin tight exotic versace pants. they retail for $849. i don't think i can pull those off. >> i don't think you could.
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>> no. i don't know about those pants. all-star weekend in the nhl. if you love new overtime three on three hockey rules this season you will love the all-star game. the flyers captain claude giroux and company playing three on three for one million-dollar tonight. >> claude giroux. >> giroux suiting up for his fourth all-star game in nashville. g comes so close to scoring right here in the first. ahh. g and metro division eliminated by the the atlantic division and former flyer jaromir yagr who scores just shy of his forty-fourth birthday. how about this story, john scott, voted in by the fans, and then sent to the minor leagues, scores twice and becomes the most unlikely mvp of the all-star game you will ever see. scott and pacific is division all stars win one million-dollar, so how does he feel about the the new three on three tournament. >> nobody wants to get hurt, obviously a lot have have guys
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are in the playoff race and they want to go back and continue to do that. this one was pretty good. there was a a lot of ice. you cap in the play physical or anything like that but you can still get into it a little bit. >> college hoops, villanova maybe sixth ranked team in the entire country but they don't look like it early on. nova add their worst first half. they scored only seven bunk et cetera. villanova a coach jay wright supporting sneakers. wright pacing during ugly first half down one with josh heart coming up with the steel, miguel bridges with the slam. they shoot 23 percent in the first. they have 11 turnovers as well. big john causing bringing problems in the big apple. he warnings it n nova up one at the half. second half, the the cats, clicking on all cylinders. chris jenkins a three. and then booth from behind. villanova pulled it out winning 68-five 36789 they are 18-three. temple rebound with the win today against south
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florida. tray law, how about the the steel, and the slam. um. end of the first. wow. that inspires the happen. quinton decozy, 20 of his career high 30 points come in the first half, temple win 70-six 36789 they are two-eight. they have work to do to make a tournament run. much more tonight on "action news" sports sunday, 97.59 the fanatic mike missanelli joins us in the studio at 11:45 to talk about sam bradford and much more, about the eagles. a lot to get to. >> thanks, jeff. still to come on "action news" a surprising sight in the skies. >> but what experts think this was soaring over washington d.c. when "action news" comes right back.
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sky near washington d.c. last night. people in maryland and virginia, also spotted the bright light streak ago cross the sky, cord to go nasa fireballs like that are simply unusually bright meteors. but no reports of any fragments hitting the frown. we are in the thick of the award season in hollywood and last night one of the bigger a award ceremonies were held in tinseltown. >> queen actors guild handed out award last night and abc chris connolly has more now. >> oscar so white, perhaps. >> queen latifah.
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>> viola davis. >> saga awards, yes, not so much. >> welcome to diversity tv. >> not even nominated for an oscar, id ris elba, winning, look at how sag actor only voters flipped the script to award a wide spectrum of work. >> build your own boxes, not people. >> reporter: queen latifah honored. >> this is what we talk about when we talk about diversity good orange is the new black, winner of two award. >> jason baitman best tv comedy male actress to a man played his father, jeffery tambor a transparent. >> i am going to stop shaking. >> supporting female actor alycia mccandor a awarded for danish girl winning meant hitting the road. >> i just want to go out and celebrate. i will go out and get on a plane and get really drunk by
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myself ape ask everyone in the cabin to dance with me. >> cast of spotlight. >> game on with the win for outstanding motion picture cast, spotlight, climbed back into the the oscar's best picture race. >> did you know this was something special were you doing. >> the the mini read it, i felt like it was a special, special thing this had to be shown and sold. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio recalled his childhood. >> to my parents, thank you for listening to an overly ambitious, slight thely a annoying 13 year-old kid. >> and for brie larson her best actress with the room, a culmination. >> why is it right to come right now in your life. >> i'm really grateful to have had so much life, so many trials and tribulations. >> experience the the key to success, just ask how to get away with murder viola a davis now a four time saga ward winner. >> you just deliver these powerful emotionallal moments. how do you drive that kind of power. >> when you observe life, you
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see so many things that you would not even expect. i'm always watching people. >> thank you. >> reporter: chris a abc news, los angeles. they are not even old enough to drive but crowd of girls pack the philadelphia auto show today. we will tell how they were there to see when "action news" comes right back.
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the vince lombardi trophy has arrived ahead of the super bowl next sunday. tiffany and company made it. after the game tiffany will engrave the names of the winners on the trophy. in addition to the lombardi trophy the the winning team will also get for the first time an 18 carat gold plated super bowl 50 logo. there are plenty of things to do and see at this years philadelphia auto show. today's crowd packed the pennsylvania convention center to see, world cup champion and two time olympic gold medalist carli lloyd. delran new jersey native gave a talk and took questions from future soccer stars.
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"action news" sports sunday is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at the 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rogers. >> now for walter perez, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah a bloomquist, have a great night.
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this is one of the greatest days of my life. >> i want to be here the the rest of my career. >> i want to be here for a long time and my entire career. >> wow. >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> welcome to "action news" sports sunday i'm's jamie apody with mike missanelli. >> hi there, jamie. >> now that didn't happen around here. eagles were extra busy this week, just dishing out the cash. >> yes. >> they have lock up big pieces of their future.
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zach hearts five-year, 42 million-dollar. tight event brent celek, three years, 13 million-dollar. and real interesting six years, almost 60 million, 35 and a half of that guarantied making him highest paid tackle in the the nfl. >> it is joe banner methodology. they are signing guys that are very important. they are trying to get them for low below market value. if you look at these contract they look like there is a a lot of money out there but next year ertz and johnson account for 12 million on the salary cap. it is friendly that way. they still have money to sign sam bradford if they want to. >> where is signing of johnson mean for jason peters future. this is left tackle money. >> they are trying to get one more year out of jason peters. if he doesn't want to move to guard. they will play him at left tackle. to will be a transition year. then lane johnson will get left tackle money. that is why they got him in. left tackle get paid american right tackle. they think they have him at a
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reasonable price. >> you talk about money that free up for sam bradford. we are waiting to see what they will do. what are they go to go do with sam bradford. what does these signings mean. >> they think maybe it is money but i'm thinking maybe the judgment of the players at this point. i think they have enough money f they sign sam bradford it will eat up about 13 percent of their salary cap which is significant but not too significant where they cannot build another part. i don't think they are sold on committing to him as their quarterback with doug pederson as the head coach. doug would rather go a war where he can groom somebody a young guy, maybe chase daniel will from kansas city and draft a guy and that is the way they go. i don't think money is prohibitive, it is going the rate and they can afford it. >> sam has gotten doors. this week from a couple teammates. listen to that. >> i think sam's a good player. i think we can win games with sam. i like sam to be back. >> i have played for five
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quarterbacks in three years. it seems like a lot. i want to play with sam. ultimately that is not my deis but chemistry i have developed with sam, jordan developed with sam and some other guys developed, it goes a long way. >> the offense, mike but last time i check defense wins championship. it is cliche but it is true. vinny curry, fletcher cox. he wants to be here. people are wand forking that will happen. >> i think he took slight. eagles can play a little game with him where he can play on this years contract and they can get to it during the season. he has one year left. they don't have to do it right now. vinny curry they have to get done f they go to four-three, vinny curry has to be a defensive even. would i expect that would be done soon. zach ertz brown nosing with the eagles green tie. >> it was a nice tie. i was impressed. >> it was president midnight green. it was in between kelly and midnight. >> the the guy wants to be a face of the franchise.
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you want to be face of the franchise. >> gray, pink. >> all right. >> well, can we talk about howie roseman. >> yes. >> speaking of brown nosing, howie roseman in time to hire a new player personnel head who may or may not answer to him signs all of these players. >> i have to be honest, it is concerning to see him with jeffery lurie at the senior bowl. they are making evaluations of these players. howie gets a bad rap. i don't think he has earned the trust of the people. we will find out. i don't think there is any question that the guy he brings in is not over howie roseman. this will be his deal. we will see how he does. he has a big draft, he has free agents, he has to sign these guys that need to be signed on this team. we will see if he gets it done. >> we will see if he wears a green tie. >> it would be a good touch for him. >> for you too. >> lose the pink. >> i will go green next week. >> much more still to come on "action news" sports sunday. how about sixth rankedville
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know of playing for first time since lose to go providence in the wake of the last week blizzard. speaking of which, melissa magee with more on the great melt. >> here's the exclusive seven day forecast. on monday areas of morning fog, other spotty afternoon showers. enough sun to get us up to 59 for first day of february. mostly sunny foreground hog day and tonight, we are at 51. wednesday wet and windy at 63. good soaking on the way which could produce some flooding. "action news" sports sunday continues after the break.
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"action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi, challenge all givens. welcome back to "action news" sports sunday. officially super bowl week because broncos and apartmenters both arrived in santa claire a to get ready for super bowl 50. cam newton a winner for showing up in these pants. look at this.
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they are versace yellow zebra print and they retail for $849 but they are sold out every where. you cannot get them. payton manning's suit is still available at mens warehouse. >> what do you make of this match up on the field and in the on the runway. >> you know, cam will get that 20 percent off macy's coupon. >> i think lou good. >> there is no way i would be working those pants. i love it. i love the carolina panthers. they are a confident team. look at their quarterback how confident is he wearing versace, you know, you are wearing versace you are a confident player. >> that is a sign. >> you wear versace, you will win. >> absolutely. >> take it to the bank. >> speaking with someone who could sport versace pants, man wears the pants in our "action news" relationship jeff skversky. >> they don't sell vera at macy's, come on. >> eagles defensive lineman fletcher cox, perhaps increasing his worth this weekend in line for a contract. his first trip to the pro bowl cox a among few bright spots for eagles in 2015.
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cox and the eagles, out of the pro bowl, is there former eagles coach andy reid making his fifth a appearance, calling plays for team rice. eli manning nearly pick off by malcolm jenkins a late addition to the pro bowl. how about second quarter, we cannot stop this. how about darren sproles. 2-yard touchdown, and there you go, sproles helped team irving win 49-seven. claude giroux, the flyers loan rep in the nhl all-star game which features three on three hockey. g on the top line for metro division. he comes oh, so close to scoring a goal right here in the first 20 minutes. g gets two shots off, and metro division loses out on the one million-dollar and end up going to the pacific division, and john scott, who was recently sent to the mine are league but still allowed to play. college hoops sixth ranked villanova has in the lost to an unranked team all season but that streak in jeopardy today after nova has their
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worst first half of the season begins st. johns. they made seven shots. st. johns causing big problems in the big apple. villanova in trouble early, second half, they will come out on fire. chris jenkins the basket and foul. cats up 15. later how about josh hart around the defense and then he lead the way with 16. nova escapes, madison square garden with a 68-53 win. only two coaches in temple history of have more wins, then fran dunphy, today against south florida you can thank quinton decoast hoy scores a career high 30 points, 20 come in the first half, owls win 70-63. delran new jersey super soccer star carli lloyd was a driving rival countries nuts during her remarkable world cup run and she's now a hero to kid every where. lloyd helped kick off the philadelphia auto show this weekend with an a appearance at the convention center. two time gold medalist holding a soccer clinic and doing q
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and a with her fans. carli showing up in normal soccer pants. she didn't have courage to show up in versace pants. all they they are good look. you like those pants, jamie, mike. >> where is the soccer ball, where is the ball. >> okay. >> i think so. >> pant work. >> soccer pants, versace pants, jeff can do it all. >> it is auto show. it opened this weekend. tailgate was friday night and may husband and i had a blast there you had a blast with karen rodgers. what is going on here for fyi philly. >> that is the the mcpeculiar even. >> yes. >> the wing doors and i'm flying around valley forge park. i exceeded the speed limit. i got the that up to 145. >> it looks like driving gloves but they are just regular gloves. >> is that allowed. >> it is probably not allowed anywhere, but karen drove as well. she drove a big muscle car dodge challenger and a
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mustang. she took the curves a little slower then i did but she gave that slip brake when i was driving. she had the foot braking. >> see, i would probably not hand that will welk the passenger but as a driver i would be all right. >> it was smooth, i took the curves smooth, you would have like it. >> well you buy one. >> i like the lamborghini as well, wasn't bad. they are about 300 you this dollars, little bit of the out profit range. >> if you can afford versace pant you can a a afford a mcclaren. >> there you go. we have had driving licenses and fashion from mike missanelli tonight. jeff skversky shops at macy's. thanks for joining us on "action news" sports sunday. we will be back with even more fun stuff next week. i cannot wait to see what pants cam newton wears to the super bowl. >> or me. >> have a great day. thanks for joining us on "action news" sports sunday.
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>> welcome to the heart of center city philadelphia and the pennsylvania convention center. >> we've got our black ties, our rolls royce and a fun night planned for you at the philadelphia auto show. >> the red carpet is already rocking guys, the party is heating up. >> start your engines everybody, 6-a-b-c's preview of the philadelphia auto show >> welcome to the show. >> for 115 years the automotive world has brought the best they have to offer here to the city of brotherly love. >> music >> philadelphia is gonna be crankin' >> only the cream of the crop make it inside these walls. there's exotics to see technology to touch and classics that will teach you a little history. >> you just can't feel anything but excited. >> with 700 thousand square feet of parked cars it's an


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