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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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bill cosby as his defense team tries to get the sexual assault case against him dismissed. john rawlins is live now with more. >> reporter: it's not finished. it's detailed and at sometimes it's conflicting and a bit confusing. the goal is to knock out the criminal case against mr. cosby and so far most of the focus is did the prior district attorney, bruce caster make a promise not to prosecute mr. cosby, most of the focus is on that today. and mr. caster is on the stand today telling why he made the decision not to prosecute. cosby's defense team was among the first to arrive and not long after the 78-year-old defend came into the courtroom, bill cosby, who suffers from vision problems was escorted by several
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men. at issue is the deposition he gave in a civil suit be used against him in the criminal suit brought guess him by d.a. steele. the argument that 11 years ago the then d.a. bruce caster promised not to prosecute cosby prompting him to give the damaging deposition. he confirmed he made a decision with cosby attorney. he thought constand a temple employee would not be credible in court because she waited a year to contact police and made inconsistent statements and said quote, her behavior was inconsistent with a person that was sexually assaulted. and caster said no way would the case improve and get better with time absent mr. cosby confessing and he thought the best chance was a civil suit. and that he had the sovereign
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authority of the state and deciding not to prosecute that would set off events that would give a chance for some justice for andrea constand. >> those events would be a civil case we are told and that mr. cosby would have to give up his fifth amendment rights and testify in the civil case knowing he would not be prosecuted in montgomery county. caster says he is certain he had the authority he could make such a decision and the prosecution we believe will not agree and it will be up to a judge to decide. the testimony is still going on right now, and the judge did alert us there may be a second day of testimony that would be tomorrow we presume. live in norristown, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> as it all plays out there is no shortage of i's on our area, we have star power with bill cosby and international media
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covering it and norristown taking center stage than means that businesses are part of what many are calling and coining the quote, cosby circus. kassono's cafe where it is all playing out. the owner was up and adam at 5:45, opening early and ordering extra food to accommodate the extra crowd. >> we got set up and by 6:00 we got crazy with people and hasn't stopped since. my feet hurt now. >> probably serving a lot of sandwiches, spectators are showing up just to get a glimpse of cosby. they have never had a case with this much media attention and they spent weeks preparing and multiple agencies around the area assisting, just to give you an idea, montgomery county
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sheriff tells us there would be three or four deputies there and today there are more than 30 assigned to the cosby case. the hearing came on the same day that a california woman dropped her lawsuit accusing cosby of sexual assault. she sued in october, she says that cosby drugged and assaulted her in 2008 but court records show that she dismissed her court case without explanation. prosecutors decided not to file criminal charges, that some details of the case could not be confirmed. we are bringing you live video from the courthouse in points county all day at as well as the new developments as they happen and you can get the full details from today's hearing and see more of our month long coverage of the cosby scandal. >> other news now, we know now
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that chaka fattah jr. will spend five years in federal prison on fraud charges. he was convicted on 22 of the 23 charges against him on bank and tax fraud. fattah jr. will have to pay a million dollars to his victims. vernon odom was in court as the congress's man's son was sentenced. that is coming up at 4:30 this afternoon. a beautiful day outside today, a dramatic difference, lets go outside to adam joseph standing outside in the sunshine. >> wall-to-wall sunshine from start to finish and cool this morning and really pleasant this afternoon. we take a look at the numbers in philadelphia. the latest hour 52 in philadelphia and 53 in the last hour and charleston, west virginia, 61 degrees and the 60s will be here tomorrow with record highs for many of us. as we take a look at satellite
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and radar. we have clear skies that are in control right now across our region and someone is in the weather office for some reason the clicker is not working, and a storm is developing in the midwest, double scan live radar showing from chicago to nashville, and a line south of nashville, heading in our direction a flood watch goes into effect at noon and .75 inch of rain then is mainly i-95 north and west and the timing for the morning rush, patchy fog and light showers west of philadelphia and the heaviest rainfall is 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow and tapers off as showers end tomorrow night and we'll watch the smaller creeks around our region for reaching bank or a little bit above. we'll talk about which creeks may be susceptible to minor flooding coming up in the full
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accuweather forecast coming up. a high school in kensington spent the morning on lock down because of a missing gun, the gun belongs to a school police officer who says he lost track of it earlier today. walter perez is live in spring garden following the story. walter you have the latest. >> reporter: the officer believes the gun was stolen from inside of his vehicle he simply doesn't know when. city officials and city police officers responded under an abundance of caution. they descending on the school this morning after a school police officer reported that his personally owned handgun was missing, he believes the gun was stolen from his vehicle after forgetting to lock the doors, the officer also said he is unsure if the weapon was stolen at school or before he left home this morning.
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the school put the school on lockdown and patted down every person in the building faculty and students. >> everybody had to be searched in the school to make sure nobody was carrying everything. >> everybody has to come out and get checked. they checked our bags. >> it took two hours before they gave the all clear this morning. and school officials called off classes nor the rest of the today, many parents say their kids are okay. >> can you let us know what is going on our child goes to the school. lack of communication again. all the parents are saying that. lack of communication. >> we found out through facebook and news. they called us at 12:09. from 10:40 in the morning almost two hours later. come on man. >> they would not be surprised to hear that the gun was stolen
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from inside of their community, someone told us about a rash of robberies and break-ins in the neighborhood. reporting live from school district headquarters, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. there is a new resource for job seekers in philadelphia, the grand open of a career link center on german town avenue, it offers workshops for job applicants to make them more competitive to perspective employers, this is one of four new career link locations throughout the city of philadelphia. >> should be a great resource, time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets send things live to matt pellman things moving better today? >> yes, but we have issues today. this is the ramp that links the schuylkill to the roosevelt boulevard there was a nasty crash and they just reopened the lanes on both.
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this is the vehicle that flipped over, it's on its roof and badly banged up, that was the vehicle involved in the accident, both lanes just reopened but damages is done and it's a crawl coming away from bear avenue to this point at the boulevard and delays are spilling back on to the vine street expressway, you can see the westbound parking lot here from broad street to 6-. and eastbound is heavy across town from 76 to 95. this is our first full day without the falls bridge, the city avenue bring twin bridges a better bet but if you have heading northbound are you dealing with the accident i just showed up and an accidents at bustleton in the outer drive and a tractor trailer accident at 38 near the avenue there. and watch out for delays on 95 as well. southbound side by cotman had a couple of earlier issues, just
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some delays now. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon. in delaware they have seemed to clear out and watch for speeded of 6 miles per hour along newport pike. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead here today we finally know the winner of last night's democratic caucus in iowa. plus new details on the virginia tech students charged with murdering a 13-year-old, we heard from the victim's mother for the very first time. and a thief gets more than he bargained for outside a local home, why police gave him cpr instead of taking him to jail. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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now, to the latest in the race for the white house and just this afternoon as hillary clinton hit the campaign trail along with her husband, bill, in new hampshire, the democratic party today finally making the call that clinton narrowly edged past bernie sanders in iowa, the
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closest race in caucus history. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you iowa. >> an even bigger sigh today but it was close, clinton only surpassing sander by a fraction of a point and ted cruz also a fresh win in iowa went to new hampshire as well. >> that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. >> trump taking second place and right on his heels in third, marco rubio also in new hampshire talking to voters after a stronger than expected finish. meanwhile, mike huckabee and martin o'malley dropped out of the race, other candidates like new jersey governor, chris christie, spent the day not in
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iowa but new hampshire. as we head toward new hampshire, our own reports live from manchester, here on 6 abc. it's heating up now sharrie. >> yes and we cover it every step of the way. we are hearing new details of a 13-year-old girl's murder allegedly at the hands of two virginia tech students. police say that nicoleavell was murdered after leaving out the window of her bedroom. >> nicole touched many people during the course of her short life. >> david eisenhower is charged with her kidnapping and murder and natalee kiefer is accused of
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helping dispose of the body. alphabet is now the most valuable company on the planet. google's parent company surpassed apple knocking the iphone maker out of the top spot it held for four years, after the company reported stronger than expected fourth quarter and now the company is worth $554 billion and analyst says it was able to catch apple because it's demand for iphones are not what it used to be. this is how things faired on wall street, the dow off 296 points today and the nasdaq down 103 and the s&p down 36 points on the day. today is groundhog day and unless you are experiencing deja vu, it's the first time we have gone through it in 2016. a huge crowd packed gobbler's
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nob this morning, hopefully they packed their booties because it was cold outside. they got good news, punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow than could mean an early spring. we'll hear what adam as to say about that. phil has only predicted 18 times since 1887. >> we barely had a winter except for one week. >> i could have predicted an early spring too. >> did you see your shadow today. it's a sunny day, adam is taking issue that there was no shadow seen. >> i am going to talk to that little man, no sunshine today through much of the area, and actually he is only right 36% to 39% of the time. that is his record. as we look at the temperatures, 49 in allentown and 52 in philadelphia and 50 in wilmington and millville and upper 40s at the shore.
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cooler today compared to yesterday but still well above average, here is the sunshine but we are about to lose it, you see high clouds streaming in from the south and west and a powerful system bringing blizzard like conditions in the heartland and great lakes and severe weather in the tennessee valley down to the south. not a solid line of storms, but this has a lot of energy pushing to the west. showers are developing and not until the dawn hours. also with warmer air coming in there could be patchy fog developing especially if you have snow pack on the ground. 38 in philadelphia and 35 in reading and 40 at the boardwalk in atlantic city. as we time the rain on future tracker, 7:30 tomorrow morning for the rush hour, overall dry in the city and temperatures in the 40s and fog and light showers northwest. it's really not until lunch time until the heavier downpours develop north and west of reading and allentown and dry at
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that time through much of new jersey and southern delaware, at 2:00, 3:00, we see the heavier downpours developing and temperatures surging into the 60s and records will be broken across the area tomorrow. 5:30 the evening rush hour is a mess with pockets of heavy downpours, still warm in the 60s and then off the coast and by 11:00, 11:30 tomorrow night it's extremely warm with left over showers. as we look at the risk assessment with this particular system. a high risk for downpours and the snow melt where we have the snow pack is high as well and that leads to flooding on the streets and smaller creeks and wind damage, a lot of wind on the surface that could bring down strong gusts and a low risk of tornadoes. some of the creeks we are watching to hit minor flooding and nothing major or moderate. the perkiomen creek and the brandywine we are watching here
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wednesday night. and look at the orange in allentown, winds of 60 miles per hour and the heavy downpours could bring the stronger winds down we'll have to watch that tomorrow afternoon at around 3:30 p.m. as we look at the four day at 4:00, it's rainy and windy and record highs at 66 degrees then on thursday it's breezy and cooler, with temperatures back to 52 but the sunshine is back and we cool it off friday at 46 degrees, we bounce back to the 50s with sun and clouds on saturday and then the other river we'll be watching tomorrow night is the schuylkill river basin, that expected to be very minor flooding on the schuylkill and no river flooding expected on the delaware this go around. >> adam thank you. still ahead here today an attempted theft and brutal
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beating. the man now behind bars. and chaka fattah jr. was sentenced to prison today. and the 911 call that ended in a dui arrest that came from within a car we'll tell you about a young girl calling in her own mother coming up in big talkers. t
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from our delaware newsroom now an attempted theft led to a fight in claymont and one man ended up in the hospital. police say that a man noticed someone tampering with their gas tank at 7:00 this morning on compass drive and the two ended up fighting and the police say that the suspect was unconscious when he got there. they have to perform cpr as they took him to the hospital, police have not filed any charges in this case so far. meanwhile, police in california are looking for a man that attacked a man on the street. it happened at 5th and west
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airy, police say that a man was walking down the street and looking at his phone when someone came up from behind and choked him, you see it play out in the video here and the suspect grabbed the cell phone and tried to walk away with it and that led to a fight. the suspect did get away with that cell phone. residents at a nursing home in southwest philadelphia got to attend a special performance today. ♪ ♪ students from john w. hal high school put on a show and this was part of catholic schools week. the postal service is celebrating black history month with a forever stamp honoring richard allen, at a ceremony today at the episcopal church in south philadelphia, allen was remembered as a civil leader and activist and preacher.
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it coincides of the founding of the ame church. still ahead on the next half hour of news at 4:00, the son of a veteran philadelphia congressman is headed to prison. vernon odom is live with the latest on chaka fattah jr.'s sentencing. and it turns out that certain pressure washers are sending people to the hospital with bad injuries, the parts that are calling all the concern in what's the deal? today.
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we start with breaking news out of the point breeze section of philadelphia. a mother, child and young baby are all rushed to the hospital after a hit and run. christie aleto is live now with the latest. >> reporter: well, you know police are still looking for that driver responsible for hitting a mother and two small children trk happened around 1:30 this afternoon at the intersection of south broad and dickins dickinson, witnesses say the driver was heading west ondic dickinson street. the mother is in critical but stable condition and her 6 month and 5-year-old were taken to saint christopher's, and no word on their condition but it's rattling pedestrians that walk
4:30 pm
this intersection every day. >> regardless, we always have the right of way when it comes down to it. you know. when it comes to the cars and stuff. i'm quite sure he could have stopped even after he hit the lady you know. >> the fact that someone is so inconsiderate to do that to a mother and child -- >> anybody with information is asked to contact the police in point breeze. >> thank you. we'll see if police get leads on that. meantime chaka fattah jr. will spend the next five years in federal prison. the son of a federal congressman was sent to prison for bank fraud and tax fraud. vernon odom is joining us with the very latest. >> reporter: good evening sharrie. chaka fattah says his son will appeal the entire case against him. the original charges and the
4:31 pm
five year prison sentence he received today. fattah jr. is in federal prison serving time for 22 corruption convictions. chaka fattah jr. says despite these convictions i try to be a law abiding citizens, i don't think i can survive an incarceration term but i'll do my best. >> the son of chaka fattah sr. was convicted of swindling banks, the philadelphia school district and the irs of out of nearly $1.2 million to support a lavish lifestyle. the judge lowered the boom on him. five years in prison. mr. fattah you had many opportunities and advantages that most people can only dream about. fattah's father was in the courtroom when the sentence was passed, he contends his son is
4:32 pm
being railroaded by federal prosecutors out to derail his career. >> they have taken my only son and they suggested this is justice i'll leave it for others to decide. >> the judge commented that the sentence had to deter others from committing the same conduct, the judge believes and we believe that it will deter others frommitting similar crimes. he is ordered make restitution on the $1.2 million plus. live from the courthouse vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." meanwhile, a court date is set for kathleen kane, the trial will begin august 8th in
4:33 pm
norristown. kane is fighting criminal charges along with a suspended law license and kane has tee nied any wrong doing, she says she may run for another term. from our new jersey newsroom now, some people at the shore are still dealing with damage from the storm two weekend's ago, furniture and other belongings were kicked to the curb, we found sofas and carpet and refrigerators in front of many homes in in sea isle city and avalon, all of them were left out to be hauled away. speaking of water logged we got wet last night and it will be wet again tomorrow. but a one day break from the rain. >> today sunshine and tomorrow the soaking rain and flood watch in effect tomorrow mainly for
4:34 pm
i-95 north and west. the windchill is down to 48 degrees but if are you in the direct sun it feels splendid out there on this tuesday afternoon. the storm we are tracking is not completely put together, there is snow to the north and a broken line of storms that works from the ohio valley to the tennessee valley, if we look at the four different models we look at, it's not a ton of rain, a half inch to inch on average but the problem is the snow pack melting with record temperatures and a half inch of liquid just waiting to melt than will add to the numbers. we'll chat about the minor flooding expected and where the region is going to be here and i'll let you know what else we have in store with the seven day coming up in a bit. >> hopefully something good. >> for february it's really good. a man hit by a car along
4:35 pm
roosevelt boulevard has now died from his injuries, police say he was running on the street in just his underwear and witnesses say he was singing loudly at the time and it happened at harvest avenue, he may have been hit by four vehicles and two drivers hit at the scene and police would like to talk to anybody else that may have been involved here. icy roads caused a crash this morning along township line road near walter road at 6:00 a.m. one car crashed into brush on the side of the road and the female driver was taken to the hospital with what are described as serious injuries. >> eight rescued horses are nursed back to health in quakertown bucks county, and they visited the last chance ranch yesterday as they started the rehabilitation program. state police rescued the animals during an abuse investigation at
4:36 pm
an undisclosed property. they are severely malnourished and they are doing everything they can to help them pull through. american heart month is underway, and with heart health top of mind for many, one radio personality is hoping her story will help save lives, "action news" anchor, monica malpass is live with more on this. >> that is right patty jackson thought they she was doing a good job of balancing and juggling everything in her life that is until one day last november. >> merry go round of keep it moving and everything came down on me. >> jackson ended up suffering a stroke and new at 5:00. the warning signs she said she ignored and wants other to pay close attention to. >> and mail room mayhem, water bills, parking tickets all processed days or even weeks late. the mismanagement was unveiled
4:37 pm
today and could put you in legal trouble without you even knowing about it. we'll have that coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> patty jackson an incredibly sweet woman. members of the delaware national guard got a big thank you for their efforts during the blizzard. nearly 300 soldiers and airmen were called to duty during the blizzard and helped with evacuations and transported health works to their jobs. >> there when you need them. >> still on "action news" at 4:00, the push to require women to register for the draft. and a house fire turns into a forceful explosion. how the homeowner managed to do all of this damage. >> and an emergency drill like you have never seen before, why a zoo is using a technique to train for a wild escape in big
4:38 pm
talkers. and meteorologist, adam joseph, back with the full accuweather forecast. details on the rain and flood threat coming our way.
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lets take it to the hospital but is -- his injury was not related to the explosion and no one was seriously hurt. top military brass says that all women should have to register for the draft now that they are eligible for all combat
4:41 pm
jobs and they told the senate arms services committee that it will be up to three years until the combat roles are fully integrated. they will not lower standards to bring women into more grueling jobs. they have been reluctant to endorse the draft requirement. health departments around the world are trying to raise awareness of zika virus and mosquitos. but they are using a catchy beat to spread the word. ♪ ♪ s that will make you move on hopefully get your attention. outside of the news jamaica is training is 100 more health officers to combat the disease. in this world we have to be ready for a new disease every
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two years. big talkers now and a big move from a daughter who called the cops on her own mother. the girl calling 911 with a dui tip from the backseat of her own car. police in georgia pulled over deborah miller after her 16-year-old daughter made the call telling them her mother was drinking and driving and would not pull over. >> she noticed her mom weaving all over the road and asked her mom to pull over and also her friends were in the car. miller is now facing dui charges and her daughter now being hailed for making the call and for turning her own mom in to keep others and herself safe. there is no shortage of animal viral videos but this one is tearing up social media because the zoo staged the drill in the event an animal should escape using a zookeeper in a
4:43 pm
costume. the wild zebra pulls down netted fences and pushes down another plain clothes zookeeper, all of this is enclosed by nets and is he dated. they took this seriously, there were 150 staff members responding to this staged scenario. the reason they are not joking around here that zoo in tokyo has had a few animal escapes including a panther, elephants and even monkeys. but that zebra is not going anywhere. >> moms often the unsung heroes do little things that mean a lot. like making and packing your lunch. one woman in brooklyn is celebrating her mom and all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she made for her growing up. she made 2,340 peanut butter and
4:44 pm
jelly sandwiches the approximate number her mom made for her over the years. it's in honor of her mom. so jessica raised $3,500 for the project that was part art and part charity. after all the sandwiches were made ola donated to the homeless mission there in brooklyn and a very good cause hoerning mom and that is a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. >> my wife made pbj for our boys this morning. it's one of those things that make you feel good. lets get another check of the roads now. matt pellman has the update. >> from that jam to this one. there is one here on the schuylkill expressway a pretty big jam in the westbound lanes, a sticky situation because of
4:45 pm
the earlier overturned vehicle accident, there is the vehicle attached the tow truck and being pulled out of the mud and the westbound traffic is extra heavy coming away from there all the way to the point at the roosevelt boulevard. on the boulevard northbound a crash by bustleton that clears and now one in the outer drive, and if you travel by the art museum use the cut through and darning court drive on the backside of the museum. that is closed this week for construction and that is giving some of you problems for the commutes. by the northeast extension overpass, some downed wires are on school house road and getting ready for the burlington bristol bridge. head for the turnpike connecter bring as your alternate and the tractor trailer is in the building at 38 at mansion boulevard near canal liquors and a crash at evesham road at sussex avenue west of the mormon
4:46 pm
church. >> thanks matt. the accuweather forecast coming up after this.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
well, you wouldn't know it by today's sunshine but we are tracking flood concerns for tomorrow. >> a half inch to inch of rain for tomorrow and add that the snow on the ground and areas that still have snow, those are the areas that have concerns for street flooding and minor street flooding for tomorrow and tomorrow night. the sunshine is out and helping to melt and continue to compact that snow especially north and west of philadelphia and another very mild day 52 in philadelphia but 11 degrees above normal, 50 wilmington and millville and near 50 for reading as well address the lehigh valley. the storm is bringing blizzard like conditions to omaha and minneapolis and the western great lakes.
4:49 pm
and all of these watch boxes, these are tornado watch boxes in the deep south there is wind energy with the storm. as it passes by we could see gusty winds and downpours north and west of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. but tonight the showers do not develop until near dawn, especially west of philadelphia and with warmer air we could see areas of fog developing where you have the snow pack with overnight lows near 40 degrees. the flood watch does not go into effect until noon and that is for areas that have snow on the ground. philadelphia trenton to the north and west. and it lingers until 5:00 p.m. thursday because we have to watch the smaller creeks and rivers and looking at .75 inch of rain on average. at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the morning rush just some lights showers around north and west of philadelphia and areas of fog north and west and at lunch time are you waiting for
4:50 pm
some of the rain across half of our areas with heavy downpours in the poconos and the lehigh valley. and downpour as arrive from the north and west and gusty winds and temperatures in the 60s and that continues at 5:30 during the evening rush hour where pockets of heavy rain everywhere and it quickly move as way by 10:00, 10:30 tomorrow and lingering showers and staying very warm. to break this down with the flooding concerns, wednesday late in the afternoon we watch for street flooding especially if you have snow pack and also very minor flooding on the smaller creeks in southeastern pennsylvania and delaware and new jersey you look good here escaping minor flooding and wednesday night and thursday you watch the schuylkill river expecting maybe some minor flooding along some of the points but right now it looks minor and the delaware river not expected to go into crest. as we look at records as well. record warmth tomorrow all of
4:51 pm
these could fall in wilmington and allentown wreckers overall in the low 60s, with highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s. rainy and windy and 66 tomorrow, breezy and cooler and for february this is a pretty nice looking seven day until you get to the end of it, weekend it's dry questions sunny and temperatures near 50 degrees, sun and clouds build on monday and we'll watch a weak system try to develop near the coast on tuesday and could bring some snow showers but that is a week away. we'll worry about the flooding concerns tomorrow first. >> thank you adam. we'll be right back with what's the deal? .
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4:53 pm
pressure washers can cause
4:54 pm
serious injuries including lacerations and punctures and eye damage. they send nearly 6,000 people a year to emergency rooms. one particular feature is surprisingly dangerous and consumer reports are no longer recommending pressure washers that have it. nydia han now with the details. >> ben knows all too well the dangers of pressure washers, he got a deep cut in his hand that required seven stitches. >> i know tools i am very careful with them and do my research with them. any little slipup can lead to injury. >> consumer reports tested pressure washers and they are usually sold with interchangeable colored nozzles or a wand tip that adjusts. can you choose the spray at various angles thank is 25 degrees and this is 15 and this is the most powerful 0. >> we are concerned about the 0
4:55 pm
degree nozzle it puts all the pressure into that pinpoint blast. >> here is what is does to a heavy duty work boot, and this to a carrot. consumer reports is no longer recommending nozzles or sprays that go the 0 degree. >> if you already have one don't use the 0 degree nozzle. >> they recommend this $190 electric one from green works. wear safety goggles and protective shoes and never point it at a person or your pet. nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> consumer reports is asking manufacturers to make products without that 0 degree setting at all. the pressure washer manufacturers association says that the instruction manuals and the markings on the products
4:56 pm
show how to use them safely and stand by the use of a 0 degree nozzle for tough jobs and reaching longer distances. >> the knowledge is important thank you. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian, adam and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is monica malpass now with a look ahead. coming up next at 5:00 bill cosby is back in court to try to get the charges against him thrown out. the argument they used today. and all eyes are on new hampshire as the presidential hopefuls make their push to the white house. and the drug maker with local ties doing what they can to stop the spread of the zika virus.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. comedian bill cosby was back in court today this time in
4:59 pm
norristown all part of a push by his attorneys to get the sexual assault charges he is facing in montgomery county dropped for good. brian taff is joining us and the big story on "action news" is the hearing still underway at this hour. a live look in norristown where we are waiting for bill cosby to walk out of the courtroom. that hearing is expected to last well into tomorrow. chad pradelli is live outside of the courthouse with the latest developments. >> reporter: today's hearing boils down to this, was there a verbal agreement between bill cosby and the former district attorney here in montgomery county and if so, whether the judge believes the agreement is enforceable. that is the focus of today's testimony. >> walking gingerly and escorted by a few men, bill cosby entered montgomery county court hoping to have his inedent assault charges thrown out.
5:00 pm
and bruce caster was on the stand testifying he was troubled that cosby alleged victim andrea constand waited an i year before going to authorities and hired a civil attorney before doing some and testified that her behavior was inconsistent with a person whose was sexually assaulted. and that bill cosby would not invoke his fifth amendment right and cosby did and ultimately settled out of court with constand but a judge recently ordered his testimony be released. the 78-year-old testified he gave the former temple employee three blue pills and had sexual contact but said it was consensual. kevin steel the new da, say they are


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