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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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stand testifying he was troubled that cosby alleged victim andrea constand waited an i year before going to authorities and hired a civil attorney before doing some and testified that her behavior was inconsistent with a person whose was sexually assaulted. and that bill cosby would not invoke his fifth amendment right and cosby did and ultimately settled out of court with constand but a judge recently ordered his testimony be released. the 78-year-old testified he gave the former temple employee three blue pills and had sexual contact but said it was consensual. kevin steel the new da, say they are unaware of any
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non-prosecution agreement and there was one it should have been in writing. while caster is playing a central figure in the hearing, he did testify in defense questioning, quote, lets be clear, i am not on your team here i want them to win. >> again, this hearing is underway and expected to continue into tomorrow. and then the judge will decide if this case gets dismissed or continues. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. we have given you a live look inside of that courthouse all day on our website. it's all at meanwhile, in california a lawsuit accusing cosby of sexual abuse was dismissed. model chloe gowhens dismissed
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her complaint. they said that some of the details could not be confirmed . heavy rains are heading our way and penndot crews are making sure the roads are ready. workers cleared storm drains today. they are worry that snow or other debris could create flooding issues and meantime cecily tynan is timing out the rain and is outside with the accuweather forecast. >> outside tractor trailer place to be we have bright sunshine and comfortable conditions and there is a storm brewing and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this storm system is bringing blizzard conditions to the upper midwest and severe weather to the deep south and that low pressure west of kansas city is lifting to the great lakes and we are not dealing with the low pressure and the snow but we will get a trailing cold front and ahead of it a warm front in the morning. timing out the rain, tonight we start clear and it clouds up overnight and the morning rush we have fog and a few light showers west of philadelphia,
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that is with the warm front and the heaviest rain is wading into mid-afternoon into the evening commute between 2:00 and 6:00, and this system winds up quickly and the showers ending wednesday night and we watch for the potential for some flooding along the creeks and streams, part of the reason why not just the rain and 51 in philadelphia and areas to the south, raleigh 60. with that surge of moisture from the south we tap into the warm air and that means the potential for flooding and the flood watch is posted and goes into effect at noon on wednesday and through the day on thursday and we are looking for the best potential north and west of philadelphia not only because that is where we have the greatest snow pack that is where we see the heaviest rain and along the coast are you not experiencing any of that flooding. i'll talk more specifically where to find the flooding coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> lots to watch thank you. >> please want your help finding this man that broke into a south
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philadelphia home and stole cash. it happened last monday on the 400 block of fitzgerald street the man entered through the front door and the man took $1700 and walked off. to politic now after months of campaign, hillary clinton and ted cruz walked away victorious in iowa but the race for the white house is almost anyone's game. clinton took it about i a narrow margin, senator bernie sanders will collect 21, going forward clinton said she is focusing on attracting young and first time voters to her campaign. >> ted cruz is using his win to try to gain momentum. he lashed out at donald trump and marco rubio on their stances on immigration and donald trump had few words to say after his
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second place in iowa. he did tweet his placement there was a great honor. now the focus turns to new hampshire and the first primary. martin o'malley and mike huckabee are out. they have said after their poor showings in iowa it doesn't leave them much choice and leaves two democrats in the field and 11 republicans as you can see. i'll head to new hampshire this week to cover the second showdown of 2016. watch for my reports this sunday night here on "action news." >> thank you. new at 5:00 new york city officials unveiled some serious miss management of the mail distribution center, vital documents were not processed on time leaving people across the city open for legal trouble and fines. sara bloomquist is live in spring garden with the mail room mayhem what are the detail here's. >> people come to the courtroom
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to pay late fees on citations but the problem is that people may not have received the initial citations in a timely manner in the first place. now they are revealing the results of investigation, that the city did not send out tens of thousands of pieces of mail on time. >> the city's mail distribution center sits underground of a concourse at 17th and jfk, behind this door is the place where the city processes bills. he sent them out for deliver. today city comptroller says that most of that mail is not going out for delivery in a timely manner. >> we estimated in our on site visits, as many as 10,000 pieces of mail were in bins not being processed. >> parking authority citations ten days after they were dated.
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making it impossible for the recipients not to avoid a fine and there is more -- >> subpoena for people to appear in traffic court, they were the same day they were ordered to appear in court. >> he was just leaving traffic court after paying a fine because the court did not receive his payment for a citation on time. >> i have to pay $25 extra and i paid my ticket if full. and who am i, you have to comply. >> they said that the department of revenue that oversees the mail room is inspecting. and the inspector general's office has an ongoing investigation with which we are roo cooperating. they found that they were overpaying for postage and they
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advise people to call and tell them they did not receive fair notice. if you ref received a court notice or bill from the city and got it late they want to hear from you. >> thank you sara. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets send it to matt pellman with an update tonight and sun glare. these days we don't complain about the bright sunshine but it does slow us down a bit. when it's this bright through delco, we see extra slowing from 95 to delco to 320 and that bright sunshine is not helping us out. plenty slow on the vine street expressway especially westbound on an earlier accident on the westbound schuylkill now gone and the delays continue in both directions on the vine. a crash in chester county along lincoln highway. there by the pizza hut and one
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in hanover at 29 gravel pike by rc collision center. and ben salem a wreck along high avenue by the sunoco and njt's a.c. rail line is suspended because it's stuck in the upposition so the trains cannot go through. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> stuckup bridge right there. >> we are following developments out of virginia after a seventh grader was found dead. new details investigators released just hours ago. and a name change for a car from india, because of concerns over the zika virus. when "action news" returns tonight.
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what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. seventh grader nicole lovell was stabbed the death the same day she climbed out of her bedroom window last week. after she revealed more in their murder investigation, student david isenberg is accused of kidnapping and killing that student and natalie keeper is accused of disposing of her body. >> nicole had a passion for pan daz, music, dancing and dreamed
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of being on american idol some day. >> eisenhower and keepers are being held tonight without bond. a major drug maker with facilities in pennsylvania are answering the global call for help with the zika virus. the company that makes flu vaccines here has launched research into the zika vaccine. they did not say when that may be ready for testing. meanwhile, a brand new car. the zica is getting a name change because of the zika virus. tata, india's biggest auto maker was to be unveiled, and it was named for a zippy car. and they will rename it because of the victims of that growing
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virus. it's not only groundhog day but the second day of heart month and for a well known radio personality starts the mission of heart association raising awareness of heart disease. ali gorman is at the big board with her story. >> heart disease including heart attack and stroke is a common and potentially deadly condition, the biggest mistake is people ignoring early signs and delaying treatment that is why patty jackson is sharing her story. >> philly best r&b and throw backs -- >> patty jackson is on the radio for 33 years, her voice is smooth but also energetic like she is, but this past november -- >> i think that everything came down on me. >> she fell november 11th, but didn't think much of it. >> i noticed that my right side
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kept getting weaker and weaker. >> i kept going that is my nature. >> it would take her two days to get to the doctor and she learned she had suffered a stroke. >> couldn't believe it. i thought no way. >> patty was sidelined for two months and her symptoms progressed and she had to learn to walk again and hold a pen and is working to strengthen her right side and get her full vision back and she believes that stress played a big role. two weeks before her mother passed away and she had been taken care of her and raising her son and working full-time. >> women have to take care of ourselves, we want to be super woman and do it all. >> she says she is back to work and drinking a lot of water and hit the pause button. >> pay attention to the signs, when something is wrong, stop
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and say hey, i think something is wrong. >> important advice there, this is the easy way to remember warning signs, f for face drooping and a forearm weakness and s for speech difficulty and t time to call 911. even if you are not sure, it's best to get it checked out right away. >> absolutely thank you ali. still ahead on "action news" an about face for women in the military and the country's draft system. >> first a convicted swindlers items headed to the auction block. when "action news" continues tonight.
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google company's parent alphabet has -- due to revenue growth because of revenue business including youtube and android. google is looking for new ventures beyond the iphone. and at the 5800 block of german town avenue they are
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offering job shops for applicants to make them more competitive for potential employers and they will host on site hiring events. you could own a piece of jewelry that once belonged to convicted swindler, bernie madoff, they auctioned off jewelry once owned by him and his wife. and a watch going for $21,000. he cheat the investors of $65 billion. abc will take you inside of madoff's life, two part mini series, madoff starts tomorrow night here on 6 abc. two lucky pennsylvania lottery ticket holders have big dreaming to do. they announced two winners one hit the jackpot worth $6 turn,000 and a match six ticket
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bought a fair way beverage, matched all six numbers and that is worth $500,000. we have the winning numbers at so you can check your tickets. good luck to everybody, still ahead we have a check of the accuweather forecast. >> a live look outside looking at penn's landing on this tuesday night. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. when "action news" comes right back. winter is hard on your nose.
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we very breaking news from norristown, you see the back of former d.a. bruce caster, and we are watching the courtroom door for bill cosby to come out. he is there all day trying to get a case, a lawsuit dismissed. a sexual lawsuit from when he was in the company of andrea constand, a former temple university employee, the 78-year-old says he at the time made an agreement with the d.a. that there would be any prosecution so she could pursue the civil case which they later settled. it's a long day for the 78-year-old, there are up to 50 women and many say he drugged some of them to get to that in that way. we'll have much more to say about this once bill cosby
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emerges from the courtroom. lets go to cecily tynan tracking flood concerns for tomorrow. >> very warm air and rain is on the way, right now we have a live snapshot from bear creek resort where people are getting in skiing and snowboarding. 51 in philadelphia and wilmington 49 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing really full sunshine today we are just beginning to see the leading edge of clouds working in from the west and the storm system i'm tracking, it's a big storm, low pressure south of omaha, south of that low pressure is where you get the blizzard conditions and the trailing cold front is where we see the severe weather and the cold front is pushing to the east and that brings us a round of rain and bringing up warmer air. the call from accuweather, clear and then the clouds thicken and earlier tomorrow morning patchy fog and sprinkles and showers
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mainly west of philadelphia with a warm front. 38 in philadelphia and trenton 34 and allentown 32 could have freezing drizzle and fog in allentown and cape may 3 and wilmington 39 degrees, the fog warning goes into effect except along the shore. from noon tomorrow until 5:00 thursday, we could still have runoff even after the rain that could cause minor flooding. tomorrow morning the clouds are here and again have a few showers, mainly philadelphia on west, not all that heavy for the morning commute and then as we head into the afternoon still the bulk of the heaviest rain around noon across the poconos still some showers and then this whole system slides to the east at 3:00 and this brings us downpours along the i-95 corridor pressing in south jersey by 6:00 and then off the coast temperatures well up into the 60s looking at record warmth tomorrow, and big concern that we could have gusty winds,
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something called a low level jet, this is 5,000 feet up in the atmosphere when you get heavy precipitation it can pull down the winds to the surface, up the low level jet, and we are not getting wind gusts, but up to 45 miles per hour. the concerns the creeks and streams and neshaminy and brandywine is minor flooding, and minor flooding of the schuylkill basin on thursday. 66 and record warmth and temperatures stepping down and 62 on thursday, and weekend looking good, and temperatures around 50 degrees, believe it or not. there is snow next week and adam can talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you cecily. here is an another live look at the courthouse in norristown, bill cosby is still inside of that courtroom we believe huddling with his attorneys after a day in court as he tries to get the sex assault charges
5:28 pm
filed in montgomery county tossed out today based on an agreement he said he made with the former d.a., bruce caster, we'll stick with this and we believe that bill cosby is coming out momentarily. a fascinating legal question being debated here today, and has ramifications on this case and other cases. here it is, the bruce caster, says that i made an agreement, albeit a verbal agreement, with bill cosby that if he testified truthfully in a civil case filed by andrea constand he would not charge him criminally. well we know he has been charged criminally by the current d.a. kevin steele and caster says that should not be allowed to happen. >> and here is mr. cosby being led out to the elevator and
5:29 pm
deposed in the civil case and that was released to the public and the testimony where he admitted obtaining prescription medication and giving it secretly to have sex with them. that caused many of these cases from years ago to come out. he is leaving now in norristown courthouse and that is in fact what has been the issue and the statute of limitations have run out on many of the women who said he assaulted them so only a few are still legally able to pursue the cases, we are showing you the side of the courthouse from chopper 6 hd he still has a long walk from the elevator banks to the steps, we'll stay with you a moment and give you a look as he gets into his vehicle. the statute of limitations had not run out because the attorneys for andrea constand, maybe one day before her case would have run out.
5:30 pm
they went ahead and filed charges and that is what we are debating tonight. >> the last time we saw him walking into a courtroom in montgomery county was when he was first charged. he emerged from a car then wearing his somewhat iconic sweatsuit looking somewhat confused and guided by his attorneys and tripping and now he emerges wearing a suit and tie and smiling even as he got inside of the elevator seeming more confident and of course some legal experts say he has reason to be confident because of this agreement that bruce caster says he made. here indeed bill cosby is mile smiling and waving to the crowd. he is being guided, because he has vision issues rather than tripping like he did when we came here a few months ago, he has serious charges he is asking
5:31 pm
to be thrown out completely based on a verbal agreement made and today in courtroom testimony, d.a. bruce caster concurred with that saying he made the verbal agreement and the d.a. bruce caster said today that that agreement should stand but of course it's not up to him anymore, it's up to a judge in montgomery county to make the decision. that would in effect throw out the case that andrea constand filed. there we are on chopper 6 hd and what you see is a tremendous amount of news media that came from around the country and the world to watch this. really the fall of an icon, here in america, and here he is waiving as he gets back into his suv. and it's worth note in california today, one case against bill cosby was in fact dismissed a model that filed charges, with similar claims decided to withdraw her suit.
5:32 pm
one victory in california for bill cosby even though that never played out in a courtroom and he is hoping for another vkv victory here today. >> you remember him as america's father for television shows that he produced and owns the rights to, he is a wealth person and actor and was honored in the country and now many people would say because he has these issues come forth tarnished his image. that is what is happening today with bill cosby.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime 3 "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, 5:30 and rick is off and i'm brian taff. the iowa caucus is in the books. there was record turnouts including a substantial amount of first time participants. >> it took until this morning
5:35 pm
for iowa's democratic party to declare the winner. hillary clinton officially won the contest but by a razor thin margin. she earned 49.8% of the vote and bernie sanders won . s.6% of the vote. the last time the iowa caucus was even close or this close was on the republican side, at first it was project that mitt romney equaled out a win by rick santorum. but a recount was done and won by a margin of 34 votes. >> ted cruz earned the top spot in the republican caucus. and donald trump second with 24.3 and marco rubio came in thpod with 23.1%.
5:36 pm
marcy gonzales is in new hampshire now tonight. >> reporter: on the trail in new hampshire, fueled by iowa inspired optimism. >> so what a victory last night. ted cruz pulling off the big win in the caucuses ahead of donald trump, the one time frontrunner calling the second place finish an honor. and then tweeting he has not been given credit for funding his campaign and marco rubio talking with voters after his stronger than expected third place finish. and campaign confidence today for both democratic candidates, despite leaving iowa in a virtmittl tie, clinton declarin victory. >> it was a great win! >> bernie sanders talking to a
5:37 pm
crowd. >> we began the journey all over new hampshire and not just iowa but all over this country. >> mike huckabee and martin o'malley have dropped out of the race but the rest are full throttle here ahead of the next week's primary. >> i feel good about the opportunity to break out here and the ground work we laid will prove it out next tuesday. >> that was mar 2 gon.1les reporting and anchor monica malpass sitting next to me tonight soon to be in manchester, new hampshire, she will be there starting next monday. next year's budget to fund programs to fight isis, defense secretary, ash carter, says the coalition campaign is supporting smart bombs and lasers to target isis.
5:38 pm
they want to support nato's efforts to counter russia. and an airplane made an emergency landing aubier a fpoe broke out on board, passengers reported a loud bang minutes after takeoff. the fpoe on boa3 s burned a big hole right there in the plane's side and two people were slightly injured. not sure if the incident was caused by mechanical issues or would have been intense nal. s old have been intense nal. all have more on this and a complete wrap of the iowa causes, on world news following "action news" at 6:00. police in philadelphia are searching for the person that attacked a robbed a man on the qtreet.d a robbed a man on the in this surveillance video you can see the victim walking and looking at his phone when someone comes up from behind and starts choking him and the suspect grats the cell phone ad that led to a fight but the suspect got away with the phone. the incident happened a week ago
5:39 pm
today ats and two people are recovering after an early morning fpoe at ther the 100 block of cleveland avenue and sommers point, one person was treated for shock and there is no word on how this fire started. time to get a traffic check tonight on a tuesday. >> matt pellman is keeping an eye on things in the traffic cente d >> it feels like that groundhog day movie on the schuylkill ehis wvemalp day in and day out but today they are worse than s coming from the bouleva3 s into south street is where the vehicle broke down in the last half hour and they got it meeke out of the way and it causes extra slowing and westbound an er accident on the estbound an boulevard that gave us delays out here pretty much all aubiernoon. delays southbound here at cotman avenue and the bigger news starting at 8:00 tonight they s oill take 95 down to one lanet cotman avenue to do emergency
5:40 pm
construction because the barrier s oas damaged in an absident ier le r this afternoon. starting at 8:00 avoid 95 southbound at cotman. delaware bridge issues this afternoon including a.c.'s rail line is not running between philadelphia and pennsauken and in pennsauken a vehicle ran into a -- >> thank you. still to come ats and tonight a home is left in utter ruins after a driver makes a fateful mistake. and a proposal from two of the nation's top military commanders involving women in comt 8t. and we have rain, and wind and minor flooding coming up in the absuweather forecast. andr including a super bowl preview. more when "action news" comes right t 8ck. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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a home exploded in western new york it turned out a parking mistake set it all off. the homeowner hit a gas line pae oning in his ! ran next door and called 911,
5:44 pm
firefighters were on the propery a when the home blew up but they were not inside of the home at the time and moments before the children were waiting for a school bus on a nearby corner. time for sports andr apody is here talking about getting ready for super bowl 50. apody is here talking about getting ready for super bowl 50. day off all except for the quarterbacks who had their work cut out because oormthe media. media day was actmittlly media night. all the craziness moved to prime time, there is peyton mapreving and cam newton did not wear his versace pants but he did wear a towel on his head. >> they are both top draubi pics but 13 years apart. and the man had pro's t for the kid cam. >> he is off to an incredible start, a tremendous college career and number one pick oorm
5:45 pm
the draubi and with that comes expectations. >> there is a lot of things that expectations. >> there is a lot of things that that i wish i could mimic, but only he can do this, i try to translate things i learned from him or sba him do and other quarterbacks in this league. >> the flyers are back at it for the fpost time since the all-star break, february is a short month, and eight games in a 13 game span andr knows it's a stretch. >> you cannot give up one game and have you to keep gconng evey single game. we are 5 points behind, just make sure to be reaon' for evet game. and obviously you won't win every game. >nniit may feel like we areot rs raway from saying e 9les and rs
5:46 pm
super bowl in the same sentence. i will say it because the team did assotherr super wish come true. dion was a special guest, he is t 8ttling le doemia, and rela's last week, he is a football fanatic and was given a tour oom the weight room by the prestardt and then the locker room and later got to go inside oormthe c, beteria, but the big surpris happened when he was escorted into the office of the new head coach, doug peterson and he offered a handshake and good news for the youngster. >> got something forot rou read? >> yes. >> how about going to the super bowl? will that be all right? that will be good? s ohat do we have here? super bowl 50 you want those? >nniyes. >> here you go.
5:47 pm
>> a wonderful moment, nicholas and hi family heading to santa clara and w all have another story coming up of another family heading there. >> love to see him smile can like that. meantime the marine corps commandant saying women should reightster for the a , bt. the secretathe discussion first. the army and marines say it may take them two to threeot rears fully integrate women into combat. i do everything on the internet but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here. (husband) i heard that.
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residents at a nurstarng ho in southwest philadelphia are treated to the special in southwest philadelphia are treated to the special callahan catholic high school put on a small variety school and delly ered coffee and spent time with them. it was part of catholic school week and they put on quite a olhoand wihey put on quite a >> i'm sure they agotreciated i. adam joseph is here with the weather and sounds lle ge we ar going to get a enched. >> we have record highs and rain and snow melt and could lead to flooding concerns. ra beautiful tuesday with lots f
5:51 pm
sunshine, the radar iserfrmet presently and the nothbers a! normal and we are sitting in the middle 40s from lancaster to reading to the lehigh valley, 52 in philadelphia and upper 40s for the state of delbaare and low we has right now for the sh. as we look at satellite and radar, clouds start to increase from the south and west and the center of the low is from omaha to chicago and mconsture from te to c iulormof mle geico and sev weather with multiple tornado waleah boxes and as severe nort as the tennessee valley and clouds are thickening up and a few showers near dban esupereciy s oest of philadelphia, and are of fog developing late as the warm area comes in late as far as the snow pack with temperatures of 40 degrees, if you have snow on the ground, that is whereot rou have the fld watch, that goes into effect on wednesday lasting until thursday raubiernoon dy ands not include
5:52 pm
southern new jersey or delaware where the ground at this point is completely t 8re, iks s the of the rain in edition to the snow melt. future tracker 68:00 tomorrow morning, dthe notice how warm already, 50s to the south and a few showers north and west and the morning rush should be okay. a few showers northern and west and the steady rain is still holding off before lunch north and west of philadelphia and some downpours could contain ishsty winds with this system having strong winds 5,000 feet up and heavy rain for the evening rush, that is a mess no matter where you are with temperatures in the 6ave and t middle part of the evening and latter part of the night and the olteady part is lingering light olhowerswhen3 >> the highest risk here tomorrow is downpours and snow mef oltreet flooding and wind damag
5:53 pm
is moderate and gusty winds and low tornado risk for the raciaantic, wednesday afternoon street flooding where you have the snow pack, and minor creart flooding and wednesday night and thursday, and the schuylkill bay olon watches for minor flooding there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast rainy and windy tomorrow and be 6 warm record degrees and breezy and cooler on thursday but still abeeke average at f, and pretty nice here on friday at 46 degrees and on either side of 50 for saturday and sunday and then ra pattern change will come eary next week as cooler air comes in, it could sa the mid-atlantic. mainly it's the smaller creeks in pennsylvania watch for minor lattooding here tomorrow into tomorrow night. >> with flooding rains in the forecast no no
5:54 pm
the new episode of the muppets airs at 8:30 after "fresh off the boat" and then "what would you do" and watch "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner.
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♪ ♪ there was song be prayers today to celebrate the new forever stamp at the postal service. they gathered at the bethel episcopal church for the event
5:57 pm
is celebrates activist and preacher, richard allen. allen is the 39 and subject in the series of black heritage stamps. >> congratulations. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with stories next at 6:00. bill cosby is in court trying to have his case dismissed. and hear about a woman and to children hit by a car this afternoon. a waitress that worked five days a week and loved it. i'll have that story coming up. those stories coming up next, for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
5:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. tuesday night and chaka fattah jr. is sentenced in court. and the big story on "action news" tonight is a courtroom drama starring bill cosby. cosby arrived at montgomery county court at 9:00 this morning. and was inside court for most of the day. his lawyers are trying to persuade a judge to dismiss charges against him stemming from the alleged drugging and sexual violation of former temple employee, andrea constand
6:00 pm
and it has to do with this man, former district attorney, bruce caster. john rawlins is live at the courthouse. what is the current situation? >> reporter: well court is done for the day that is for sure, it will resume tomorrow and presumably mr. cosby will be back here but he really played the role of spectator. all day today mr. caster was on the stand and went to great pains to say why i made the prosecute not to prosecute more than 10 years ago. it's important stuff because if it's found to be valid and found to be binding, it could scuttle the case against mr. cosby. >> bill cosby said nothing as he moved through the courthouse, he is charged with the indecent assault of


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