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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 3, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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♪ > "acon news," delaware with jim progra > montgomery cnty court in norriownt sce of t latescpter in the bill cosby
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sa. he said not a wd today, but s lawyers a trying to convince a judge to throw out a case that could send cosby to il for up to a decade. it is tuesday ght, a the big story on "action news" tonight is day one inourt f cosb cosby's biggest ally toy, a former d.a. who said that he made a dl with cosby 10 years ago that shields cosby from prosecutionn charges that he druggednd sexually violated andr cotand. a "action news" reporter chad pradelli is outside of the cotroom in norriowtonight. chad? >> yeah, jim, former montgomery coun dtri attorney, bruce castor, spent must of the d testifyi about thatromise t to prosecute bill coy. but it was a verl prome, d now the judge must decide if it is binding. bill cosby left the montgery county cou waving a sma
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group of supportersho just finished listening to bruce castor who testifiede promised cosby's former attorney that the comedn could not be prosecud ever. castosa that he hoped it would me cosby to testify in a vilase brought by anda constand, which ultimely happened and cosby and constand reached an out--court settlement. castor testified he hed that he helped make constand a milonaire. and cos tesfied tt he ve constand three blue pills and had sexual contact wh the temple eloyee in his ho, but instedt s consensual. d newly-elected d.a. kevin steele says any noprosecution argumt should have beenn writing.
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and there is no evidence that one exists. he says whi he believed constand's clai, it took her a yro go to t aorney. ande said her behavior inconsiste with a person sexual assaulted. and he said the case had flaws because of what he calls constand's inconsistcies and contact th cosby. and he said let'se clear, im n on yr tm here, i wan them to win. in the case or the hearing remesorrow morning and the judge will make a decision and we will know whether this case goes to trial ors dismisse live in noisto, cha news."li,hannel 6 "action >> thank you, chad. california model w was suing bill cosby dropp her lsuit tay without explanation. chloe goins accused cosby of drging and molesng her at the playboy mansion in 2008.
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prosecutors declined to fe crime na-- crimal crges in the case. and police opened fire in st philadehia before 7:00. authorities say as they were ching a man with a gun, one officer fired a single shot. it missed the suspect. the police we able to take the man into custod no officers were hurt. > this is surveillance video from south philadelphia. broad and dickinson street the scene of a horrific hit-and-run accident. a car slammed io a mother and her two chdren. all three are in the hospital. "actionews" is live with the police investigation and do they havlea in the case? >>nlyhe driver behind the wheel of a red honda. the police are hoping that someone rognizes the car in this disturbing video.
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a mother and her two chiren are sn crossing dickinson at bad. out of nowhere this red honda goes into them. >>oli only retrieved the car's passeer mirror a are reviewing multie survelance cameras. this one catches t driver speeding a block ay from e scene >> staying whoa, what is going on? and that car shot down here, and shot dowhere and kept gog. what he witnessed unt he saw e mother and her t children layi in the middlef the intersection. he immediately stopped his sanitation route to help. >>nd the littlei with rasio her face. a lot of them. shes like had them all over but the one here, the moth, was onhe ground. i said i am here to cfort you, b i wanto take your baby so
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you won't roll overt and suocate the baby. >> and the mother has injurs to her head, 5-year-o with a broken leg and the other with scrapes to her head. and tse who walk the intersectn everyay are rattled. >> no reason for you to hit someone and keep going. >> tnk g the mher and by isti alive, becau that h, that hit. whoer did this nds to turn themselves in. >>he dve last seen on dickinson and everyone with information is asked call the poli. >> thank you. t philadelphia police investigatg how a 7-year-old boy eed up being shot in the fa by a bb gun tonight at 5:15 in yfairn the 3200 blo of tyson avenu fortunate the child only had a minor injury to his rht cheek. nd getting ready for rain
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torrow, and with t snow still aund there is conce about flooding. going liveo the big board and meorologist cily tynan. especially sce the rain is also going to arring with record warmth. double scan lehowi you can't miss the storm system. it is a powerful storm syem. low pressure near chicago. north of that low, hea snow and then sth of it they have had tough night. severe weather, ne tornados reported in mississippi and alabama. we don't get the sn, seve weaer, butetweenhe two there is plenty of rain on the the national weather service issued a floodatch for most of the viewing ars. the couies surrounding the i-95 corridor, sth jersey no thnorthwest. this is the areas with snow on the ground. near 78 cse to a foot of snow on the ground, that will cause problems with the warm air and the rain. the rain timeli, the morning rush hr wh f and light
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sher in the west. heavy rain in the afternoon and eveng thundershowers between 2:00 and 6:00. the evening commute will be impacd. and wednesy night the showers end and this is whene will ve to watch the streamsnd now that being said, the morning commute,e're not going to be aling with much ra, but fututcr showing visibily an issue. dense fog. less than aile of vibility. talking morebout tt and what to expect with the systemn the full accuweath forecast. >> thank you, cecily. chopper 6 hd fod the penndot cre getng ready for the highways. getting them ready for potential they we cleing debs from storm drains ang the schuyi expressway to make sure that tomorrow's rain can run off the road. the "actionews" morning moving in, and any effect it might have on the morning commute. they are on t air binni at meanwhi, a lot of fks in nristown aretill smarting from t way the borgh clean uprom t bliard a wk and
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a half ago, or more accurately and "action news" reporr dann cuellar liveonight whe the officials ok a lot of heat and dann,ou have the details. >> that's right, jim. the residents he can exprsed outrage for iling to have a plan for the blizrd and e disastro efct them. >> you still haven't said you you still haven't said you were sorry. >> one of numr ridents unlehing outrag thetresf norristown in left unplowed for days and v virtually no one could get there. and they admit they did not he a plan to deal with e tons of sn that fell during the bliards. >> if somebody says state of emergency. saying there is a statef he tv emergency, wt does that mean? that means y obviously need to do something, and we didn do a thing. >> and tellg of watching an
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ambulancerew havingifficulty getting down the bck to take a neighbor to the hospil. >> they had to basally shol their way to her house. d iwas just appaing. >> it s a disgra. im sure you heard that before. this is the county seat of montgomery county. >> micipal admistror jones says they have still not found someone to headp public works and are looking to fd e. >> lking to establi short-tm agreements. now the discussions in way with firms to spo us in any plowing and snow removal. >> and a long-time observer of the boroh affairsays it is a lack leadership. >> we nd a may back. >> what areou ing? >> looking to change the chart. >> a nber of groups are okg to secure, spearheading
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an effort for 2500 signatures to puthe queson of a mayor on they hopeo have a final ndidateo head the pubc worksy the end of march. >>hank you, dann. five yrs bindars was the sentence today for chaka fattah,lso ordered to pay $1.1 millionn restiti of the son of a philadehia congressman w convied in november of 22 of3 counts of misspennloan and some the nearly $1 million in funds he g as a school managemt subcoractor. and today we learned the results of the investigation into philadelphia's mail disibution center in center ty. the cy contrler says that the city did not send out thousas of pieces of mail on time, including bills and parking authority citations. that means hundreds of riden finedor late payment even though it wasn't their fault.
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the controller's office is mpilg a day that base of people affected by all this. we put the contact information on ord tonht seval restaurants in r aare among tse hit by a nationwide data breach. t cyber criminals stole credit card information bween may 4, 2014hroughecemr of last year. some of the eight places hit local inclu the mccormick and schmicts. and kicking off the book and this year's selections is "cd mouain" by chaes frazier, which is about theivil war. hend t compore of the
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ora were he. kicng off the book programs that take placehrough march 3 still to come tonight, going for anite. showing you what t candidas of up to tight in the granite state of new hampshire. plus, panic at 30,0 fe. firaboard a pla and a hole blown out of the side. the ce of terrosm just a terrifyg acdent? >> plus, bad for buness. how much chipotle suffered from the e. li outbreak. and t weather coming up.
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a cmercial airliner made an emergency lanng in somia after an explosion and fire blew a hole in the side. passengers reported hearing a loud bang mutes after takeoff. the pilot was able to turn the aircraft around and land safely. toeop were slightly injur. theilot tnks that it was a bomb, and aviatn exper say the damage w consistent with an explosion device. a prosecutor says a 13-yeao rl, aegedly abducted and kildy t virgin tech students w abbed to death. virginitech student dav eisenhauer is accused of kidnapping and killing nicole lovell on wednesday. fellow studt, natal keepers, h her charges cnged fm accessorafter t fact to accessory before a after the fact. earlier tay nicole's mother talked about her daughter, saying she had survived vario heth aments during her li. s became choked up and hado
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step away from the podium before she could finish reading her >> nicole was a very loveae person. nicole had many peoe throughout her short life -- >> eisenhauer and keepers are both being held without bail tonight. police have not reased a ssible motive. chipot's ecoli outbreak taking out the profit down 44%. a never h a quarterlyales dr until now. ty have bn served wh another subpoe, a cminal investigation into its food practices gets ever wider. winners and losers in last night iowa caucuses in new hpshir and it appears to be a three-n race for the republican
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for the democrats, hillary clinton finished ahead of bernie sdsy .2 of 1% in the closest iowa caucus race ever. without having conceded the e ntest in iowa and told devoted followers we're in ts for the long haul. and t senator from neighboring vermo, he h a huge lead over hlarclion in new hampshire. clinton aived in new hampshire mh relieved that she could a claim. and cruz, trump and rub a week-long blz fding new hampshire has a ls religious and me undecided electory -- electora compared to iowa.
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and trump admitted skipping the debate m have caused h. a we wl be covering the primary and lking for live beginning this sunday.lpass famous groundhog punxsuwney phil prected an early spri. emerginfrom his burrow, actually a mock tree stump before 7:30 and did not see his shadow. he only predicted an early spring 17 tis sin 1887. and the fact is he only has a 4 accacy rating. compared to wte expect now from people like cecily tynan. 45% is eble. >> you know, stepped outde this morning and i saw my shadow. [laughter] i think weave more wier to come. >> you are not in agreeme with phi >> he is adorab, i hate to tomorrow will feel like spring.
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se spnshowersn the way, and actually heavy rain on the is the calling before the storm. in fact, we had a beautiful sunset. john lloyd tweeted this to me from center city, philadphia. ande had some high, thin clds rolling in around sunset at 5:21. beaiful picture. with the clouds and winds out of t soh, temperaresot coolingff quickl currently degrees in philadelphia, down from the high of 53, which is 12 deges above it is going to get a lotarmer tomorr. reading 40, trenton 37, atlantic cityirpo 32, and sea isle city 43 degrees. satellite 6 and action radar showing when you see this comma shape, it is a powerful stm. this is caung bzzard cdions across the upper midwest. towards acrosshe deep south. you see t ribbon of moisture and how it is slowly advancing as it does, it also taps int warm air from the gf of tomorrow, record warmth and the
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bus stop forecast is not looking allhat wet. a few showers. the concern wilbe the fact we have warm air over a cold surface a snow. a that likely will cause fog. by 8:00, 47. futuretracker timing it ou you s around 8:00, lig showers mnly along the i-95 corridor a are nth and west. around luhtim sll t avst rain aoss the poconos andorthern ligh valley. heading into the afternoon this is whene have the ribnf heavy moiste around 4:00, look at thtemperatures. 63 degrees in philelphia. it pushes to the coast arod 6:0 the evening commute is going to be very wet. and then it pushes off the coast later on tomorwighty but then we have to deal wh sme flooding, the flood concerns late in the afternoon the strts wre you have the snowpa that is right over your stormrains thais basically blocking them, causing localiz
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foding, and also smaller creek wednesday night into thursday is when we get runoff. t schuylkill rirasin could have minor floodg as well on big problem also the low-lel jets. the airbout 5,000 feet in the per hour.e, the wds 70 miles so when y get some heavy precipitation it c pl some strong winds to e suace, so i think we will have pretty intense nd gusts tomorrow afternoon. and the seven-day forastay d win with record warmth. high of 66. and behd the system on and the weekend looking nice, saturday 51, sunday 49 and then the pattern chang early next week. jet stream blast to the south. thatulls down someolr air 44. there are indication a coastal w could develop along t stalled front. a i will keep you posted on that. the bigr conce is theisk of fodg torrow night.
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>> thank you. the council of philadelphia hosting damon john at the marriott in center city, best known for his role on abc news's "shartank" and startedis careerith a clothing line. healked about his experiee as an entreprene, specifically fusing onow being brean be a competitive advantage.
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flyers and canadians. >> two ways to go out othe all-star break, the flyers have only one viable chce. thetart of an portant stretch of games and thelyers come out with a ton of energy. t first period, simmo on the powerplay and on the powerplay again and this time iis schenn. and plang better the pt four games or so. now 2-0. and early in t second period left ale squaring up and
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dialing it in, tying it at 2-2. stays that y unt the middle of the third period. and the second of the nigh and e fers win 4-2. and they remn five points back. >> and it is aong bre and toght staed off really well. i think the second period, or the end of the fst hit lile wall, giving up 2 goals, and we stayed strong and kept going. the eles are on a shopping spree and their own players are the beneficiars. vinny curry the fouh eagle in the last eight detls to get a deal. keeping m here tough 2020 and it is $23 million guanteed. the 27-yeaold had 3.5 sacks st season and 9 the year before. and on the heels of cek and jos getting a contract.
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call this number now. ♪ college basketball. don't sleep on st. joe's, winning seven games in a row. ifhey beat st. boventure tomorrow the lgest win streak
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in 10 years. phil rtelli's squad flying unr t radar, he is ok wh that conrned only with wins ad losses. lteason only 13 victies, a ey are 18-3 this year. the difference, cohesion. wants to call it chemist and that's fine, theyan call it chemistry. but these guys like each other, they respect each other. >> our depth, i mn we he a lot more guys who can contribute more than lasyear. they know their roles a are gd collectively. it makes us a good team. and finall the eagles and teamed up to make a boy's day. in the en he got a surise of a lifetime. nholas dn got to tr t novacare fality. and last week he had relapse, but he got to tour the locker room and meet cch derson.
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and he gave them morehan the hand shake. >> we he something for you. >> . >> are you ready? we have something for you. bowl?bo going tthe per u that be all right? >> yeah. that be good? >>et's take a look, what we t here supero 50. you want those? yes. >> a little speechless. hopefully by the te t game comes arodunday he will to cheer on.ver team he wan "jimmy kiel live" next on channel 6 lwedy "nightline." his guestses tonight are george clooney and dave salmon for the "action news" te i'm jim gardner, good night. "action news" is sponsed in part by --
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