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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> it is wednesday, february 3rd and it's time for "action news." >> here's what we're following for you. heavy rain and melting snow could cause some flooding problems throughout the area today. >> bill cosby will return to a montgomery county courtroom today. we are live in norristown where a judge could decide if cosby's sex assault case can stand. >> authorities say a fake priest is behind bars accused of selling fake tickets to see pope francis in philadelphia last year. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers for more on the rain coming this way. >> yeah, we already have some of it out to the west of us on storm tracker6 live double scan.
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you can see areas around get tease berg and baltimore beginning to pick this up and southwestern chester county will begin to get some of this before too much longer. as we go through morning we are looking at things to begin to moisten up and then heavy rain really starts to come through later this afternoon. there's the wide view and it is a big area of precipitation. now looks like it's not only going to come in perhaps a little bit sooner than we were projecting yesterday. probably hang around for most of the night as well and we still have that flood watch it t starts today at noon and doesn't end until thursday at 5 o'clock. the heavy rain combined with snow melt will give us possibility of poor drainage area flood where did you go we still have a lot of snow on the ground. the flooding in we see he that rise in creek and stream levels will stay with us until tomorrow. 43 degrees in philadelphia. we're mild even up in allentown you're well above freezing at 39. 44 in millville. 40 in wilmington and 38 degrees currently as you step outside in trenton. as we head to the bus stop
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cloudy skies, some showers are possible especially out in the western portion of the region between six and 8 o'clock. 40 degrees by 6 o'clock, 43 degrees by 8:00 a.m. i would keep my eyes on the radar on this program or on your storm tracker app on your smartphone as you go through the morning just in case maybe the kids want an umbrella on the way out the door. they'll need it on the way home. 46 degrees by 9 o'clock, 56 by 11 o'clock. it's going to be a very mild day. we'll see a high of 64 degrees probably pretty late in the day, say around 4:00, 4:30 but it's going to be raining cats and dogs later this afternoon. we'll have more on futurecast six comelying up. >> raining cats and dogs, a meteorological term t the overnight construction is clear on 95. all lanes opened and looking pretty good right here. become see the road surface still dry. we're going to anticipate some of the concerns when that rain comes through later. let's look at the big picture. speeds in good shape.
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lots of construction causing problem. the falls bridge this is the first week it remains closed, closing until april 1st. portions of monument road also closed near belmont as well as art museum drive, that closed. stick to eakins oval as your alternate. in delaware county upper providence construction going on on the route one media bypass northbound blocking the right lane for about another half hour n new jersey things are looking good so far right here on 42 northbound, matt. >> thanks karen. happening today, bill cosby will return to a montgomery county courtroom. a judge hopes to decide by today if the sexual assault case against the comedian can stand or should be thrown out. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the courthouse in norristown with the full story. >> reporter: matt, one of the main issues is was there a nonprosecution agreement in place and was it valid. former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor was the only witness to take the stand yesterday and he testified that he didn't push the prosecution, he didn't
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push the case forward against cosby back in 2005 because there were cy serious flaws in the case. while he said there was no formal agreement in place he thought this decision to not prosecute cosby would stand for all time. bill cosby left montgomery county courthouse yesterday waving to a small group of supporters. his lawyers are trying get the sex assault case against him thrown out arguing that he had a valid nonprosecution agreement in place with then district attorney bruce castor. castor testified yesterday there was no formal immunity but believed by deciding no to the prosecute it took away cosby's right to invoke the fifth amendment and castor believed by doing that accuser andrea constand could at least get justice in the civil courts. i was hopeful that i had made miss couldn't stand millionaire. but last summer a judge unsealed cosby's testimony where he said he gave couldn't stand three blue pills and had sexual contact with her. he says it was consentual.
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she says she was drugged and violated. new elected district attorney kevin steele says cosby would have needed an agreement in writing to be binding. castor testified he believed couldn't stand's story but there were flaws in the case which would have made it difficult to push forward. it took her almost a year to go to authorities, she hired a civil attorney before going to police hadn't continued contact with cosby. but caster tour bristled at the perception he's supporting cosby saying to defense attorneys let's be clear, i'm not on your team here. i want them to win. and the proceedings here will resume this morning up on the third floor, the barricades are already in place for the crush of media that is expected here. the judge hopes to rule on the matter today. we are live in norristown, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you. two more legal developments for bill cosby. chloe goins dropped her
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lawsuit without explanation for an incident she said happened in 2008. another civil case will go forward. a california state judge ordered cosby to give a second deposition in the judy huth lawsuit. she claims cosby forced hadder to perform a sex act in the 70's when she was just 15 years old. cosby's legal team has repeatedly denied the allegations. >> surveillance video from yesterday afternoon those a crash along south broad street near dickinson. a mother suffered critical injuries. her five-year-old has a broken leg an six month old baby has scrapes to its head. police are looking for the striking car, a red honda accord come. coming up at 5:00 a.m. we'll here from one of the people who rushed to help the family. philadelphia police opened fire on a suspect at 55th and arch in west philadelphia before 7:00 last night.
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authorities say as they were chasing a man with a gun one officer fired a single shot. it missed the suspect but police were able to finally take the man into custody. no officers were hurt as well. >> los angeles police arrest he antidepressant man who they say posed as a priest and sold thousands of dollars in fake tickets to see pope francis in philadelphia. investigators say erwin mina has been posing as a post around california since the 1990's and always vanished before authorities could act. police say they caught up with mena this time accused him of selling two dozen people phony tickets back in september. "actioat the fox run shoppig center in bear. police say he walked in yesterday evening handed teller a note demanding money. they did not say how much the man got away with. investigators say the suspect
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also may have attempted to rob a well wells fargo bank in wilmington. no one was hurt in either incident. >> university of pennsylvania police investigating the report of a flasher. police say it happened on the 3700 block of locust walk right there on the penn campus. a 19-year-old woman claims a man flashed her monday night. officers looked for the suspect but were not able to locate him. >> i'm erin oh he hearne at the big board. a storm that brought everything from a blizzard to tornadoes is marching east. this is video of a twister in western alabama last night that caused extensive damage. the tornado in pickens county alabama damaged several homes and a correctional institute. many residents lost power. fortunately no one was hurt but officials are warning everyone in that area to be on the lookout for dark rotating clouds. heading over to mississippi, multiple tornadoes touched down yesterday. fortunately there there were no injuries either but the same could not be said for severe structural damage.
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buildings were ripped apart and trees were uprooted. this is the scene for about a quarter of a mile. and this scene looks familiar, doesn't it? what you can see of it. but this blizzard was in south dakota. the high winds and low visibility were enough to bring a stretch of a major interstate to a close. the national weather service says it is not uncommon to see major thunderstorms to the south and major blizzard conditions farther north. and this was sort of a domino effect. i 80 in nebraska was closed so hundreds of trucks were trying to get through 70 but got stuck. the storm prediction center has been keeping an eye on this since it was in the pacific so this is certainly having a widespread impact across the country and unfortunately it is not over yet. matt and tam. >> thank you erin. still to come on "action news" the likelihood that you may one day be able to buy amazon stuff in an actual amazon store. >> a new jersey waitress got a special celebration on her 90th birthday.
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david. >> we're dressing the kids with umbrellas. definitely on the way home some of you might need them on the way in. we'll have the latest look on radar and more projections on how much rain we're expecting today and those flooding issues on the way. it's all ahead in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. >> ♪
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>> chopper6 found penndot crews getting ready there on the highways for potential flooding. they were clearing debris from the storm drains along the schuylkill expressway to make sure that today's rain can just run off the road not get stuck and cause flooding. >> david you said that this storm is moving a little quicker. we might get rain earlier today. >> we might. i could see some areas seeing sprinkles before the end of the morning rush hour. the heavy rain focused mainly in the afternoon and hanging around through much of the evening hours. as we take a look at storm track sticks life double scan
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right now you can see that most of the current rain is parked over to the west of us and a closer look shows you that western chester county down around oxford and also areas of the eastern shore of maryland just to the west of new castle county, delaware, starting to pick up some steadier stuff. if you have plans to head down i-95 this morning toward edgewood maryland and baltimore, you're probably going to get wet pretty quickly and a couple of sprinkles down in middletown delaware and parts of southern new castle county. as we take a look outside we have sky6 in philadelphia still dry waiting on the rain but it is definitely coming. here is the current temperature profile. we're at 43 degrees in philadelphia. your winds are fairly light for now as that storm system gets closer to us later in the day, though, the winds will pick up and will get rather blustery. future tracker6 picking up the rain and the main story is that between now and noon you start to see he that rain filtering in all the way down to philadelphia. could even start to get a little bit on the steady side up in the northern and western suburbs, places like the lehigh valley and reading. then we get up to 5 o'clock
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and it's centered right in philadelphia, so the heavy stuff really coming down through the northern and western suburbs around midafternoon. by the rush hour looks like we'll be getting pretty heavy rain in philadelphia and it now looks like as late as 9 o'clock we might still be trying to get rid of some of that fairly steady rain in the city and rest of i-95. by about midnight or so it's starting to get down the coast. it's like that adam and cecily will have a lot to show you a lot on radar at 4:00, 10:00 and 11:00. most models are in line with about an inch or so and that combined with the melting snow of course is going to give us the potential of a lot of flooding out there. when we look at the possible risks downpours definitely app possibility as you just saw on future tracker6 at times this afternoon. snow melt definitely going to see that. and the risk of flooding is very high especially on poor drainage roadways and other poor drainage areas near creeks and streams that might get flash z wind damage slight chance of that as we're
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looking at fairly gusty winds later today. as you're driving down if you see any roads that are flooded or you get any of these road closures signs don't try and drive through this. turn around and don't drown because it's very easy for the water to rise especially when we get all that snow melting going and you can get pushed into deeper water and you definitely don't want that to happen. real quickly we'll take a look at temperatures. 43 degrees by 8 o'clock, 51 by 10 o'clock, by noon, 59 degrees and by 3 o'clock, 63. our high today is going to be 64 degrees and if we hit that, that's actually going to be a new record for this date. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we're going for a high of 64 degrees today. a combination of heavy rain at times combined with snow melt could lead to some flooding and that flooding even though the rain is over around midnight could extend all the way into tomorrow afternoon. takes awhile for that water to recede. thursday breezy and cooler otherwise not bad a high of 52 and then sunny and more chilly on friday with a high of just 46 degrees. we're bringing those numbers
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up a little bit for the weekend. it now looks like a high of 49 on saturday and employees on sunday 51 degrees. then back to 47 on monday and tuesday appears to be the next chance of precipitation. cool and brisk with a high of 42. might see a little bit of snow on tuesday but it's long way off. remember when we're not on the air you can always check out the latest weather conditions on where we have the late of the radar for you. and you'll be wanting to keep an eye on that today especially as we go into the afternoon but even this morning just in case some sprinkles pop up. >> thank you david. take a look at this one. a burlington county restaurant is celebrating one of their waitresses. she just turned 90. katherine walsh has been working at the applebee's in westampton for the last 13 years. on her 90th birthday customers surprised her with a birthday cake balloons. >> i'm out living every day.
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i have a purpose. i enjoy it. >> she makes 90 look great. walsh is one of the -- is the oldest of applebee's 40,000 employees. more than four times older than some of her coworkers but says she has no plans to retire any time soon. >> time for your first look at business at the big board. amazon plans to open at least 300 additional brick and mortar book stores, remember those places you actually went to go buy stuff and not order it online? amazon opened its first bookstore in seattle back in november. the prices in the store are the same as you will find online. ya' who is cutting 15 percent of its workforce. the plan announced yesterday eliminates 1700 jobs from the struggling company. yahoo predicts the move will save it $400 million a year. the company also plans to sell real estate and other holdings worth between one and $3 billion. the up and down continued on wall street yesterday. the dow, the nasdaq and the s & p all posted loses on the day.
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futures are flat right now. people who are seeing uber's new logo are wondering what is that? where is the u? the company dropped its u and the cofounder of the ride sharing company says the new logo is designed to bring out the human side of uber. >> i think that's going to be a branding fail because when you see the u, you think of uber. >> tam says this at 4:48 on a wednesday morning. we'll see. >> it is 4:48. much more to come on "action news." could women be draft into. hear what top generals are saying about women in combat. >> a british open charge shows off his skills other hardwood. does it go if? you'll see later on "action news." >> ♪
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i've always wanted to go to college. that helps you evolve as a person. i just feel like that's my destiny. my name is queen, and i am your dividend. >> good morning, everybody. how you doing today? >> great. >> thanks, matt. i'm glad you're doing well over there. this is the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill. matt told me to take my time and show you a nice traffic report nice and slow. no overnight construction here on the vine. all lanes are opened so you're looking good right now. we do have a disabled vehicle stuck out here in bala cynwyd. this is belmont avenue at jefferson street. watch for restrictions in this area. not a good day to start your day. the not even 5 o'clock in the
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morning. northeast extension we have construction here as well. it's blocking the right lane northbound between mid-county tolls and lansdale so watch for that as you're headed out right now. one other thing here. northeast extension southbound between lehigh valley and quakertown we have some construction there as well so the crews out there hard at work this morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. well, happening today, michigan governor rick snyder is expected to propose that his state come to the aid of residents in the city of flint with $30 million to help pay their water bills. this after scandal over lead in their water has shocked the nation. the fbi is now joining the investigation working to determine if there were any federal violations, state and independent probes are also under way as calls go on for lawmakers to actually face charges. lead contamination can cause learning disabilities and other problems. residents say if there was a coverup, someone should lose their job and maybe go to jail. the marine corps has announced that trace elements of dna was found from marines killed in a helicopter crash
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off of hawaii last month. they were found during the search operation that is ended january 19. captain brian kennedy of philadelphia was one of those 12 marines who was killed during nighttime training. a navy diving unit will use under water robots to survey the area of the crash and map the debris field as ocean conditions permit. >> thcommander of the marine corps and the army's top general say women should be required to register for the military draft. the comments came during senate hearings about putting women into combat roles. patrick murphy now the army's under secretary wants more discussion on forcing women to register for the draft. the army and marines say it may take up to three years to fully integrate women into combat. >> it's 4:53 and new this morning an investigation is under way into a cheating scandal at the pennsylvania state police academy up in hershey. details coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> a young girl from north jersey jumps from a burning building into the open arms of police officers.
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her story and rescue is next on "action news." >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" a north jersey girl took a terrifying jump to escape a burning building. and landed safely in the arms of police officers. nine-year-old sophia was home alone insider apartment building when a kitchen fire broke out across the hallway. sophia says she tried the front door but smoke and flames blocked that and every exit except for the third story balcony.
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three police officers stood below waiting with opened arms. >> i didn't know what to do then just -- just listened to them. i just jumped. >> the three officers caught sophia. no one was hurt in the fire. the blaze did destroy five units and damaged several mor more. >> stuart cink proves his professional golf skills work on every surface even a basketball court. he flowed a 90-foot cup through a small placard at the opposite end of the court. part of the half time festivities at his alma mater as they took on duke last night. >> there was no break on that court. >> i couldn't do it. >> 4:57. still ahead on "action news" a different kind of memento. a texas mother uses breast milk to create unique pieces of jewelry. >> horrific hit and run crash landed a young mother and her two children in the hospital. we have a live report on that up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news prprogram. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, february 3rd and here's what's happening. >> the search goes on for the driver who struck a mother and her two young children in south philadelphia. we've got a live report on the latest. >> decision day. a judge could rule on bill cosby's bid to toss the sexual assault charges he faces in montgomery county. >> rain and record warmth could cause some flooding today in our area. accuweather of course is tracking the very latest. >> let's get you ready for it wi


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