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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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shooters team and that is next. last november 6th the conestoga high school football team playing a high pressure game against ridley but it appears conestoga is under a different kind of pressure. investigators want to know if members of the team are guilty of hazing. if so, the consequences could
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be dire. friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a probe into claims of hazing at conestoga high school in berwyn. that is where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live tonight, and dann, what do we know about the investigation. >> reporter: well, jim, sources say an extensive law enforcement investigation is underway with many members of the football team, being interviewed. sources say they first became aware of the allegations on monday. >> i mean we have heard of it like football hazing. >> reporter: word has been spreading around fast at conestoga high school since detectives began snooping around asking questions this week about allege hazing in the football program. >> it is some pretty crazy stuff, involving like seniors, like, doing not so cool things to the freshman. >> reporter: conestoga high has a respectable football program that had success but now clouded by disturbing allegations. sources a say first incident goes back to the football season last year. that led to other allegations
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much earlier. the as many as 50 to 70 people are being interviewed to find out how widespread it was. sources say they will go back at least two years to learn how far back the hazing goes. much of it is said to be your average hazing, but one incident is said to be particularly bad. that it the may make people uncomfortable in that within of the victims may have been injured. authorities say there appears to have been a ritual theme about the hazing and already there are signs of a culture school officials may have to deal with. meanwhile one student who knows the boys involved says that they are really good guys. >> the thing here with the football team they are boys in the locker room, like, you know, stupid things will happen but nothing to the degree that is going around. >> reporter: sources say they are working fast and furious and conducting interviews to try to get to the bottom of this. i'm told there could be an announcement as early a as next week. live from conestoga a high in berwyn, i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news".
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thanks, dann. police in camden county are investigating a a shooting tonight in voorhees. it happened at 7:30 in the 100 block of burnt mill road. authorities are releasing, few details, we know, that the victim was a man, he was taken to cooper university hospital, and his condition has in the the yet been released. a 77 year-old woman was killed today when a tree toppled on to a house in broomall. this was the scene of the 200 block of james road. marjay cooper and her 79 year-old husband allen were asleep when the tree fell, and may have trapped a couple for hours. finally, a call came into police but by then it was too late, to save the woman's life: family members and friend were in obvious pain, anal even cooper is recovering at the hospital. in new york, one of those huge construction cranes, crashed on to a lower manhattan street this morning, killing a man. the crane was extended to 565 feet, and was in the process of being secured
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during a snow squall but the wind pushed it over. the crane stretched for an entire block and caused major disruptions ten blocks north of the world trailed center. collapse killed wall street walker david wicks walking on the sidewalk. three or people were hurt. it would have been much worse had workers not cleared the street before they started to try and lower the crane, to safety. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in center city philadelphia a tonight where there happens to be lieutenant of construction cranes these days. jeff, how do we protect ourself from this kind of a freak accident. >> reporter: yeah, jim, incident in new york definitely has the attention of department of licenses and inspections here, in philadelphia. a spokesperson tells me that the new administration has been considering new rules, to beef up crane inspections. >> philadelphians are a little bit more cautious walking through center city tonight after seeing the video of the
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crane crashing down on the the streets of manhattan. did you realize you just walk under one. >> no, i didn't. i'm in such a rush to get home i didn't pay any mine. >> i look up at this a a lot the but i never thought about a crane falling. >> reporter: cranes are part of the philadelphia sky line at corner of 19th and arch alone at least three are used to bill the new comcast building. others are found attached as sprouting towers across the city leaving some questioning their safety. >> it raises the question is there something we can and should be doing. >> reporter: karen gust of l and i says collapse has the attention of her agency which regularly inspects cranes attached to build goes under construction but she points out l and i has no jurisdiction over mobile cranes like the one in new york. although they are strictly regulated by state and federal government, gust says mayor kenney has expressed interest in having the city supervise mobile cranes too. >> what we do need to do is pay really strict attention to the investigation, that is already started, into what
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happened here ande what lessons we can take from that. >> reporter: meanwhile pedestrians say they will be more aware of the potential dangers overhead. >> maybe i will change route i walk to work. >> reporter: to be clear truck or mobile cranes are inspect by osha which is a federal agency. gust tells me that the administration believes that some local supervision could add another layer of protection. we are live from center city, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", jim. >> thanks, jeff. fire fighters battled a a blaze at a home in ridley township delaware county tonight. knocking don't fire within a half an hour. chop are six was over the scene at 100 block of mccormack avenue. fortunately, no one was hurt. but this was the tragic scene this morning at markly street in wayne avenue in norristown. flames were pouring out of the three story twin home, residents of the the house including six children, and their mother, jumped out of windows, to safety. but 12 year-old, sanford
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harling, went back in because he thought his father was still inside. but sanford never made it out. his father had already escaped the flames, and was safely, outside. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at the fire scene tonight. chad this blaze should remind everybody that families need an escape plan when fire strikes. >> reporter: that is right, jim but families need to have their right element in an escape plan or they are not worth very much. here's what families need to know. philadelphia fire commissioner derek sawyer says that chaos during a fire is why families need an escape plan and a meeting point. he says that the plan can be as simple as this 12 routes to escape, number one here uses a door. the second a window. meeting place is a tree. >> it can be in the front of the house, rear of the house but everyone should meet in the same place. >> reporter: it helps attempted rescues like today and allows initial respond
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tours know if someone is still trap. sawyer says the key is families must practice the escape plan. >> it is important because in the heat of the battle, you talk about the chaos. that chaos is going on if you have not practiced it, you will in the necessarily do what you plan to do. >> reporter: fire commissioner tells me as part of the family's escape plan they also have to keep in mind those with handicaps or those young, infants, make sure that family members know who will tend to them when they conduct their escape plan. i'm live there are in is town, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> chad, thank you. meek mill is not going to jail, but instead judge sentenced him today to 90 days house arrest and six years probation. it all begins march 1st. mill violated the terms of his parole in a drug and gun case, and prosecutors pinned some of the blame on his romance with girlfriend nicki minaj as he
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traveled out of state to be with her. he is new barred from performing until june at the earliest and must do daily community services. borgata casino says it will stop paying taxes, and it has the backing of a judge. new jersey courts have ruled that atlantic city owes borgata $62.5 million. until the city pays you have borgata is suspending tax payments. the atlantic city says original debt may force it into bankruptcy and this new move will only further cripple the cities finances. bad news today for pennsylvania attorney yen kathleen kane, the state supreme court declined to reinstate her law license. the license was suspended while she defend herself begins criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury information to the media. and still to come on "action news" tonight, we will show you video as hundreds of people have been rescued tonight from collapsed building, that during an earthquake in taiwan.
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plus how twitter is taking action in the war on isis. and volcanic light show, it is lava and lightening all at once. the cecily? we have a dry, cool start to the weekend, temperatures will maryland rate through the weekend but next week i'm tracking our next chance of snow. we will have details on that with the accu weather seven day forecast. "action news" trouble shooter nydia han is here with a special rorrer. >> jim, new windows or a new roof? no problem. that is what a local company says. owner is facing criminal charges for allegedly failing to deliver. the a "action news" trouble shooters are on the case asking tough questions and getting money back for at least one of our viewers. and ducis rodgers with the sixers looking to pull off a magic trip against the wizard when "action news" continues tonight.
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short time ago rescue crews, pulled a child out of a ruble of an apartment building, the building collapsed, during an earthquake in taiwan. more than 200 people have been rescued so far. the quake which was a
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magnitude of 6.4, struck as most people were asleep. it caused an entire block filled with residential high rises to simply collapse. three people have have been killed, and that is the number that we know so far, including a ten day old baby girl. a japanese volcano erupted in spectacular fashion to today, spewing rocks, more than a mile away. if you look closely the fire and brim stone was lit up by flashes of volcanic lightening. though dramatic scientists a say this eruption was just average for this volcano, and nobody was hurt. twitter is cracking down on terrorist propaganda. the social network says it is suspending more than 125,000 accounts for promoting or threatening terrorist acts, most linked to isis. twitter is taking a more pro active a approach at the request of the obama administration, automatically, flagging tweets, that may supporter wrist -- terrorism.
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wages are growing and more people are looking for work. so it is a mixed bag. today's labor department report for january, shows that the the economy added 151,000 jobs in january, again but that was below expectations, and the unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent which is the lowest level in eight years. more people working, has helped raise wages two a and a half percent over the past year. well, there is no surprise here, it is snowing in new hampshire but that didn't stop the election workers from going door to door, hoping to convince folks to roth for their respective candidates. this comes one day before the next republican debate. which is on abc tomorrow night at 8c o'clock. on the democrat being side, they release aid new quinnipiac poll today and coming on the heels of their don't last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical dead heat
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nationally. clinton has 44 percent, sanders has 42 percent but that is within the poll's margin of error. clinton was ahead by the way 60 to 30, in this same poll, just over two months ago. "action news" anchor monica malpass is covering the new hampshire primary. she will be on the ground, in manchester, we will watch for her live reports, beginning sunday night. so, the owner of a local home improvement company is in hot water accused of criminal fraud and theft. "action news" trouble shooter nydia han is on the case, and tonight she joins us with the details. nydia. >> jim, talk about a double whamy, we caught up with the owner of this company twice in one day. first when he was coming out of court for a criminal case in montgomery county. then right after as he was going into court for another criminal case in chester county. this is ron arsay and this is not his lucky day. >> my name is nydia han with
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channel six a "action news". what do you have to say for yourself. >> i have no idea what is going on. >> here's what is going on. he owns south jersey base o omega window system and facing charges for taking deposits from people that allegedly failed to do the work. >> he has been charged with home improvement fraud and also theft. >> theft, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and consumer fraud. >> reporter: were you planning on doing jobs or planning on ripping them off. >> we were doing the jobs. >> not according to the people we talk to. you gave them $442 as a deposit. >> yes. >> in august of 2014 angelo smith gave an omega salesman a deposit the for a new door. in february of last year, the thompson's gave a different salesman $500 for new windows. the last april after one positive experience with omega, vera gave the company a whooping, $3,000 deposit for a new roof with a lifetime
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guarantee. >> i did not get anything for the $3,000. they never started. i did get a lot of aggravation. a lot of stress. a lot of e-mails. >> thompson's and smith say a arsay didn't do their work either. >> i was practically in tears when i would be here waiting for them. >> company has an f rating at better business bureau. >> i don't want them to take advantage of someone else. >> omega a windows system goes bio mega energy systems and the owner ron arsay shows he is ceo of home shield energy llc which he says is a separate entity. all these consumers tell me arce promised them refund. >> $400 is not a lot to some but everything to me. >> she got her money back thanks to the "action news" trouble shooters and call for accounts a. >> would i call it again. it was wonderful. >> unfortunately, the others are still waiting for their money. despite these e-mail promises
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from arce last year. >> stating wow refund us the money and he never did. i was upset bit. $500 is not easy to come by in the for us anyway. >> what about the thompson's, they gave you $500. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. >> really, thompson's say they both talk to arce directly. >> he said to me $500 doesn't mean anything to us because we're a multi million-dollar company. >> mr. thompson is on dialysis, this is last thing he need. do you have anything to say to to your customers? when will you give them their refund. >> arce did e-mail me a statement saying omega and essentially myself as a principal are not the in the business of cheating customers. the business hit a rough patch and any new start up may, i did not steel peoples deposits. i invested more of my own personal money in omega then i have ever taken out of the company. every customer issue will be resolved and satisfied. now, consumer advise how to avoid a situation like this all together on six
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and follow up to see what happens with arce and his customers. he is taking new omega jobs so buyer beware. >> i think the last words that someone hoist being led away from handcuffs, want to hear is i'm nydia han, from channel six "action news". good report, thanks, nydia. >> thank you. lighter side here dance party on the red carpet tonight at the police touch museum, in center city with red pompons in hand these little ones had a great time celebrating national wear red day. it is a all in support of the national heart association. another event marking go red day was held at the beat street station in manayunk. doctors and staff from temple's heart and vascular institute hosted motown night. long time wda thes dj patty jackson who recently returned after suffering a stroke, served as a mc tonight.
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lunar new year doesn't begin until monday but the fess to tifts were in full swing at the international house at university city tonight. in addition to the traditional line dance, participants enjoyed a meal of authentic chinese cuisine. this year by the way is the year of the monkey. okay. >> lets get that weekend accu weather forecast from cecily tynan. >> first weekend of february is looking spectacular, really nice conditions, storm tracker six live double scan showing there is nothing going on, nothing falling from the sky, after we had snow this morning. most regions one to 3 inches but we did have have some areas like toms river with up to 6 inches of snow. right now still above freezing in philadelphia, 35 degrees. that will be changing in the next few hours, millville down to 26, and atlantic city airport 30. allentown 28. wilmington 31. with temperatures dropping below freezing well down in the the 20's you do want to be careful late tonight and early tomorrow morning, any of the melting on untreated roads
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will be refreezing, black ice could be a problem early tomorrow morning. the satellite six with action radar showing set up a as we head in the weekend. this high pressure will control our weather this weekend. that means it will be a dry weekend, temperatures climbing for second half of the weekend really nice. that le pressure over texas, that is kind of the bad guy. if you are hoping for a big snowstorm here, next week. i want to show you why. this is the 500 millibar chart, this is what is happening in the atmosphere about 20,000 feet up. that le pressure over texas will be a very big coastal storm. but that storm, sunday night will be heading out to sea. that will not affect us directly. the next system right on the heels moves in, monday into tuesday. but when you have a big coastal storm ahead of the second system that first within really takes most of the moisture from the atmosphere. the that means that next system monday night and tuesday, it is not going to develop into a very big storm.
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so this is what to expect. not a major storm. it will be rather disorganize. however, it will have enough moisture and cold air that i expect a light to moderate snow, monday night really through the day on tuesday. so potential travel delays, again, doesn't look to be a blockbuster storm but it could cause some travel problems on tuesday with at least a couple inches of snow. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, weekend beautiful. 45 degrees. good amount of sunshine. high cloud sunday with a high of 50. monday morning sun and increasing cloud, 44 degrees, snow breaking out monday night. tuesday, period of snow with a high of 39 degrees, on wednesday, still 39, and lots of cloud, and then behind this system, temperatures will take a nose dive. thursday the high only 32 degrees. wind chills in the the 20's. and friday it will stay cold with a high of 34 degrees, through the weekend we will iron out more details on the tuesday system and we will be offering a snowfall map over
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weekend with chris sowers and melissa a magee. >> i like that millibar chart good that is where magic happens good 20,000 feet. >> yeah. >> 20,000 leagues, under. >> no over. >> the other way. >> audience at verizon hall at kimmel center felt the earth move under their feet tonight. >> ♪ >> tonight was philly pops opening night of the carol king song book featuring songs from the iconic album. the show featured such hits as so far away and it is too late, it runs through sunday.
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sixers in the nation's capitol tonight. here's ducis rodgers. >> they are beaten again, jim. last time we saw sixers they were getting run out gym. they lost to atlanta by 30 points. tonight a closer contest with the wizard but a similar outcome. pick up the action in the third, bradley beal on the run out. scores a game high 22 points. sixers eventually fall behind bias many as 25 points. they get it the to within nine in the fourth. and then nick stauskus, sixers down 92-83. wizard put ate way later. john wall with the triple double. an assist to beal. sixers lose 106-94. to the ice, flyers continue to make up ground in that chase for playoff spot. thursday's win over nashville pulled flyers within four points of the final wild card
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spot. they have scored 14 goals in the last three games, all victories. and tomorrow afternoon nicer will host rival rangers a team they are chasing in the standings. >> they have been playing good hockey, and, we are trying to catch up to the rangers right now. so, playing at home against them, obviously, it will be a great chance for the fans, fans are excited when we play rangers. so it will be excited to play in that game and it should be a good game. >> a flyers alumni game tonight in reading. game featured a representative from every decade have flyers hockey including bobby clarke, danny briere, not that long out of hockey shows that no rustt settled in. tickets were $2. back with more in a bit.
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