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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> go kiss my wife and my kid. i wanting to, hug my family, and drink a lot of budweiser tonight. >> i have nothing but great things to say about philadelphia a. >> he is going deep for agholor, touchdown. >> i want to be back here. >> this is "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. >> welcome into sports sunday alongside jeff skversky i'm ducis rodgers. lots to get to tonight. we will begin with super bowl 50 in the books. carolina was favorite with cam newton the league mvp but denver had number one rated defense in the regular season
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for a reason. >> dues is say defense wins championship. broncos forced fumbles, turnovers all over the place. a sloppy super bowl 50. how fitting, the quarterback ratings tonight in the the 50's. neither cam newton or payton manning throwing a touchdown. payton manning is the oldest quarterback to ever start in the super bowl. this could be his last. opening drive he scores the first points. how about north penn high grad and former temple kicker brandon mcmanus, who scores the first points of super bowl 50. 34-yard field goal. three to nothing denver. later hot in the first carolina the highest scoring offense trying to get going but that number one ranked d takes down cam newton. von miller, mvp, knocks it the free. jackson the touchdown. denver takes a ten to nothing lead. >> to the second quarter panthers driving cam newton find philly a's own corry brown, he picks up 13-yard to the denver two. face mask penalty on talib.
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next play jonathan stewart goes airborne for 1 yard touchdown. panthers are on the board down ten-seven. former eagle will and penn stater george norwood with the gutsy play, fields a punt in traffic. 61-yard return. carolina a 14. longest punt return in super bowl history. it lead to i afield goal, and denver lead 13-seven at the half. >> all right. third quarter denver goes up nine thanks to another mcmanus field goal panthers trying to come back newton throws it up to corry brown from cardinal o'hara high school. what a catch. 42-yard. wow leave with the concussion. plays later newton trying to get them going but this is through the hand of ted ginn, picked off, another turn over, denver hangs on to this ball, tj ward drops it right here but carolina still down nine. heading in the fourth. >> in that fourth, four minutes to play carolina down 16-ten. von miller gets two and a half
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sachs for miller. he would be super bowl mvp. ball is loose. broncos recovered. newton sacked seven times on the night. that is all she wrote. broncos add a touchdown to win 24-ten. payton manning wins his second super bowl of his career. we will see if the 39 year-old decides to retire. broncos as a franchise gets the lombardi trophy for the third time. >> and by now payton i'm sure has had a drink. >> or two. >> thanks to von miller. will manning ride off in the sunset? dodging questions again and again tonight. he says he wants to give his wife a kiss and get that drink. if this is it he can toast to a brilliant career. the most wins all time, passing brett favre tonight, two of them have come in the super bowl. >> it is a special feeling. i know how hard it is to get here. it takes a lot of hard work and got to have some good fortune and we were very grateful to be here to be in this game and play in the 50th super bowl and to be
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victorious. it is very special. we beat a great football team. >> we had our opportunities. it wasn't nothing special. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over. we gave up stats. threw bad passes. that is it. >> cam newton not happy, eventually walk off the podium. >> he's retiring early. >> you can say that. >> moving to the eagles, if they are to get to the super bowl they have to figure out their quarterback position real quick. >> eagles have a in to get a deal done with sam bradford if not he becomes a free agent. espn reports they do not plan to franchise him. no team wants to pull the franchise tag out on a player but i don't think you have any other situation, any other direction you can go. there is not a quarterback in the draft. if you have to work out a deal, you you will keep sam bradford. he hasn't been great. where else can you go.
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>> franchise tag will cost him 23 million-dollar. is he worth 23 million-dollar? no. is he the best free agent quarterback available out there? you have to say yes. >> we are going to mark sanchez or perhaps maybe nick foles. >> are eagles considering a dip in the past. espn insider adam thefter citing sources that they are exploring bringing foles back in the fold. >> here's the problem. he is still under contract with the the now los angeles rams. if they were to let him go it will be a cap hit of eight million-dollar. if you were to trade for him, he is making a lot of monday think year. he had his worst season ever. look, doug pederson likes the guy. he played his rocky year when he was quarterbacks coach. i don't see us going in that direction. we will see. foles had that unbelievable season in 2013 for chip kelly, 27 touchdowns, two interceptions. >> we will see what happens here but i don't think foles is the answer. >> interesting off season. still ahead here on sports sunday villanova is in line to
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be the new number one team in the country. plus demarco murray talks about his desire to make things work here with the bird. thanks, guys. here's the exclusive seven day forecast, showers mainly likely east of philadelphia, early in the morning, otherwise mostly cloudy. high of 43. lots of snow expected -- light snow expect, on tuesday, one to 3 inches. at 39. flurries linger on wednesday with a high of 39. that is latest with our forecast. a "action news" sports sunday continues right after the break.
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"action news" sports sunday is sponsored by audi, challenge all givens. welcome back the to the program, a few days ago demarco murray reiterated his commitment to making things right with the eagles. things were in the right last season. >> not enclose. demarco murray having a brutal
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season. there has been a lot of reporting going on so far that whether or not if he is going to be back with the eagles? i don't see how you don't bring him back. if you out right release him eagles willow him 13 million-dollar, they will be on the hook for that, charged 13 million-dollar. he has said over and over again he wants to come back. he wants to come back with sam bradford. he wants a second shot to prove he can be a quality running back again in the nfl. here's what murray said this week leading up to the super bowl. >> for me personally i'm a guy who looks in the mirror first and i will take the blame, you know, no matter what it is. for me individually i think, you know, i will work hard and i will be better then i was and moving forward i think that is something i will take to my heart. >> do you want to be back and play in philadelphia. >> i do. you know, something for me, it is not lasting impression i want to leave in my mouth, the fans, and my family or anyone. i take football very seriously. the it is my life.
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>> he had 702-yard, his lowest total of his career, and he did not play in 2012. >> that is almost as many a as cam newton had and he is the quarterback. ice appears to be melting beneath their skates. >> you think about the super bowl and philadelphia teams, further and further away from getting going here. so much for capitalizing on a crucial weekend. they were four points out of the playoff spot coming into play and now they are going backward, five out of the playoff spot. lets go to washington. flyers in d.c. they let one slip away. they had the lead but less than a minute in the third how about nick schultz, tying it backup. the his first goal in more than a year. ties it at two. five to go, he beats steve mason. flyers lose three- two. they pick up one of the four points. the flyers are five points out of the playoff spot. college basketball villanova could be the new number one team in the country tomorrow. >> how about villanova wildcats. they have eight games to go.
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there is a position to be number one team in the country for the first time, ever. it has been a while since they have advanced since the first week end. could this be the year ryan archie arcidiacono, and company have the year. >> cats fall to st. johns, couple bottom feeders. >> temple coming up as well. >> only one game remaining against a ranked team for villanova they could run the table here going into the of course conference tournament and ncaa tournament. for the super bowl, what else do we love beside the game. >> commercials. the commercials. >> they are expensive. >> five million-dollar this year, per spot. but that is only 166,000 per second. >> where do you find a bargain like that. >> a lot of celebrities but not great ads. >> my favorite super bowl commercial tonight is the doretto spot. >> i loved it. >> the doctors, office with the doritos. >> and there is your beautiful baby. any day now. >> really you are eating
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doritos. he is eating doritos at my ultrasound. >> i know. >> no. >> give me that. >> they will to have puree that for baby to eat that doretto. >> you and your lovely wife are expecting, my tip, don't bring tonight snacks in the delivery room. >> not doretto how will a baby eat doretto. >> my favorite was kevin hart commercial, philly's own kevin hart where a guy comes over and gives him keys to the car. it has gps tracking. he is in the movie theater, tracking the guy down. >> speaking of comedian how about steve harvey making a amend trying to make a laugh out of what happened, of course, with miss universe that was good too. >> thanks for watching. that is sports sunday. he's jeff skversky.
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i'm ducis rodgers. we will see you back here next week. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> the lobster just melts. >> it's our annual valentines special. >> chocolates are good! >> we'll take you to some local candy makers. >> its so rich! >> meet a man who's making bean to bar chocolate. to l'amore! >> and get some relationship advice. >> its' like rain drops. >> plus some eye candy inspiration for the philadelphia home show. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at shane confectionary, on market street in old city >> this spot has been a candy shop since 1863! >> can you believe it?! >> if you like to buy your sweetie some locally made sweets, this is just one of your options. >> our friends at philadelphia magazine put together a list. >> and erin takes us on a tour through philadelphia's candy land. >> this is the ultimate kid in a candy store kind of feeling. >> shane confectionery is a philadelphia landmark, the oldest continuously operating


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