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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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it is tuesday night and theig ory on "action news"
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tonight, it would have been almost inconceivable just months ago dald tmp d bere sders ve w the new hampshire primary bo in landslide fashion. we willo live mica malpass in new hampshire wi resultsnd reaction, in just a few moments. > meanwhile, this is t way it lk tonight evergreen road in limerick with the snow stillalling d the roadways still mding caution theart of the motorist. that will be the b story for the morning commute. "action ns" rorterhad pradelli is live in king of prussia tonight but first lets go to meteorologist cecily tyn, cely is the at the big board th double scan radar. >> jim, ourn and off ow shower event is finally completely turning off. storm tracker six live double scan showing a few flurries here and the, a few light snow showers near trenton but this is all lifting out. how much sn y got depend on your location. iladelphia not ch ly a half in but eagle in eer county reporting 6.5 inches of snow.
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gilbertsville, montgomery county, five and a hf. hockessin delaware 3.3. chad forward rorting 4 inches of snow. that would be the c on the temperature. we are dropping below freezing, all right in many parts of the viewing area wilmington 32. trenton 31. reading 30. philadelphia still holding at 34. we wille dropping near freezing overnight. so the morning commute you do want to use caution. we have mratures below freezing in most of the viewing aa and a few lingering flurries there will be sck spots ureated surfaces. the big story ts week will be the arctic cold on the way. i will talkbout tt in the full accu weather forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. lets go live to "action news" reporter chad pradelli on route 202 in king of prussia. chad, what e t conditions there and ahave you seen in your travels nht. >> reporter: well, jim, the snow has stopped here in king of uia it was heavy at times especially around 00 this evening butt is not sticking to the roadways at least on route 202 behind me. we werell over the daware
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valley. it a much different sce in other parts of t ar but not that mh fferent. tonight, in off and on snow, fell across t delaware valley. snow accumulated here in limerick... bnging traffic on the side rd d22 to a slow. the pws and salt trucks spent the nht roading supplies, but drivers say that the rd were dent. >> some parts are slippery, sticking in some places but other thanhat rd are not theoo bad. >> reporter: tired of this weatheret. >> yes, i'm nwith the snow already. >> reporter: in king of prussiaoad we wet but mostly e. we caught up with is penndot towruck dver. i was onhe e blue route l night so from 3:00 to 7:30 i have be the bl route. reporter: many accidents. >> no accidents tay. sot isalm and o >> reporter: some pi dertments reported fder benders on secondary ros but snowas mo of a nuisance then a j oem. now mother nature s sgle digit temperatures
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on the horizon. >> i don't plan on coming t of the u at all, pretty much. reporter: not a whole lot of snown our area. some roads are still very wet. temperatures are dropping overnight. so you ndo be careful becauseheyan get ic live from kingf uia chad pradelli for ael six "action news" jim. >> thanks, chad. the threat of significant coastal flooding has ceded tonight at the she t not before some neighborhoods we swamped during daylight hos like here in r wildwood. in ocean city, many businesses and homes beme island for a few hours. high tiedrought bay water right over bkhead and otr parts of the city. some drivers tried to navigate through the hh t although boots re a better option, for others. the "action news" morning team will g another r start tomorrow. ashey mitor the srm's effects on the morning commute. so jo us starting at 4:00 a.m. for the latest from
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accu weather and le traffic conditions. new to the story of the the new hampshire primary. if you we to ve said six months ago th donald trump and bnie sanders were to be the wners on th night most people would have id you don't ow anything abt politics. well, it the looks like the joke's on the trump is kg 34 percent of the vote in a cwded republican field. ohio governorohnasich rises to number o ted cruz is thir and bush, rubio and ristie are four, five a six. christie says he is gng home to new jerseyo ta stock. on t democratic side, vermont senator re sanders crushes lry cnton by 20 percentage poin in stunning defeator clinton who h 6point lead in new hampshire less than six months ago. monica malpass has been in new hampshire for t past three days. nical interesting in
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addition tohe results were that the rut may ha be of historic pportions. >> reporter: that is right jim. we he not heard final ts on the turnout but we do kw that people were led up, many atolling places had to stay opened hours later then they were pting . so y, there was a historic maybe up to 55, 60 percent turnout in new hpshire. incredible. if abody expect clairety to be the result of the new mpshire primary today's relt shows that the ra is more uredictable and even chaotic then ev. for dald trump a convincing victory tonight, just as the pos predict. >> we are going to make america great ain but we will do it the old shion way. we will beat china japan we're going to beat mexico at trade. wee going to beat all of these uries. >> reporter: surprise second place fisher ohio governor
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john kasich who at ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio and newery vnor chs christie came in sixth. heays he is gog ck to newerseyo analyze the results and ce what to do next. >> we have decided tt we will go home to new jsey tomorrow, and we will ta a deep bath, and s what the final resultsre nht because that tts. >> reporter: on the democratic side bnie sanders aid a big win over hillary clinton what healls the srt of a political revolution. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say hu we won. because we got the energynd the excitement. >> reporter: sanders major win sets up a swdown in south carolina nevada a super tuesday states. >> now we ke th cpaign to e entire country. we will fight for evy vote in every state.
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>> reporter: back to bernie sds, here'sow he cebrated his major victory playing basketball with the grd kid in t gym ofhe building where he later ve his victory speech. so at happens next, is really abody's guess. thes kasich told his supporters if you don't ha a seatelt yet get ou get one because rler coaster ride will dinitely continue inouth coline, nevada and super tuesday. for tonight trump sanders having the sweet tte ha of victory. monday california malpass reporting live fromew mpshire. now back to yo >> thank you monica. back in our area the lesean mccoy ca isn e hand of the philadelphia d.a. prosecutors will weciding whether to press charges er therawl in an olde ty nightclub, this is new video from inside of the recess lounge early sunday morning reportedly showing rr eagles running back vved in a ma th off-duty li officers. two of the offirs were
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seriously hurt. sources are lng "action news"h arrest warrants are being prepared. mccoy'sigh profile defense attorneyack mahon was telling espn, if prosecutors do charge mccoye wi tu himself in. police identified the person found inside a car bmerged in the hlkill river as a nine three-year ole missing man from montgomery county. police say harold aer disappeared from his home pottstown last thursday morning. friend tell pice that he felle hit his head, the day before he nt missing. today north coventry police und his i in t river in pottstown. lice have he not id how or why ear d up tre. the first cases of t zika virus has been confirmed in both pennsylvania and delaware. none of the patients contracted the mosquito born illness in the united states. all of them caught it while traveling out of the cntry. pennsylvania authorities say that the patients e two women but they wld nosay
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if the women are pregnant or veal their ages, e they a from or to e they he traveled. >> i can tell thaw they were very ry mild s. a fever rash, and then they did not have any complications of the zika virus. first case in lare involves a wan ahough pregnancy is t an issue. zika is expected to born wi a birth defect wi be business abnormally small heads. cdc advi wood n avoid affect areas in caribbean latinnd south america. abington township school board met tight to concern school fights. last week they id there wer five gs ur ds. school district said that students escalated the situation when th took to social media using the hasht abington fight wk. and tonight board members said that the events were sensationalized on social media and cause aid great deal
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of fear. they also said fighting wi not be tolerated. today, pennsylvania governor m wo olined h budget plan for next year, despitehe fact that the state'surrent buet is sti in limbo. wolf proposed a 3 billion ending planhat u take effect in july, that is a two year 14 percent increase. to make it balance he will need persuade rublicans to he pass a nearly 3 billion-dollar tax increase. governor wolfompared pennsylvania's current nancial situation to a ticking time bb. >> it is a ti bomb. ckg a right w en as sa ifthe explodes, the pple in th chamber if u alw it to explode, then pennsylvania will experience a fiscal castrophe the likes of which we ve nev se. >> wolf blamed g.o.p.ouse leadersho refused to allow a vote onhe compromise budget the last dember. theonight top republicans said they are committed to dealing with the deficit withoutaising taxes accounts
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and they sa wolf's proposal cludes billions in extra spending. still to come on "action news" tonight government predicts to fightor the st ofhe ye. plus how the investigation of the two passenger trains driving eadn wh ddly results. and we will share remarkable story of a montgomery countyan who died, at the e of 108 years ol last we and drove a limousine untile was 10 cecily. well, snow showers are moving out b i'm tracking more lar this wk lled by coldest air mass far this seas. we willavehe details in theccu weather fecast. and ducis rodgers th villanova on the court yg to defend tir number one ranking when "action news" continuesonight.
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at least ten people were killed today, more than 80 others were hurt, when two commuters trains crashed head on in germany. it happened in the rural area 40 miles south east munich. german officials say multiple safety measures fail. two black boxes have have be recovered. they a l ready under analysis. royal caribbean cruise ship th went tough a dangerous storm is stl making is way ba to new jersey nht. the anthem of the seas was on itsay to florida's port caveral on sund when it sailed intourricane conditions. tonight theaptain says that thehip will return tomorrow night nine. he slowed theh down because of u wes. supreme court has dealt a majoretback to president barack obama's plan address climate change. enforcement will halted until legal challenging can be resolved. justices wereivided in a five-four dision. opponents said they should not to ha y wi comply wi iions regulations now that may
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be uimately overturn. twenty-seven stat aironk ose challenging e federal government. resolution not likely to happen, before president obama leaves fe. the mayor ofhe flint michigan announced today a million-dollar proposal to remove lead piping fm the cities water system. id high sk hseholds will get pve. fli is currently under a statef eency because of lead tainted water. health officials s dangerous levels of lead potentially caused deadly cases of legionnaires disease. rapper dmx is out of the hospital tonight after a le threatening medicalncident. the his attorney says that the 90's music sr had died, in a ramada hol parking lot in yonkers yesterday. the 45 year-old rapper had no pulse a stopped ehing. but le were able to rescitate him. medics administered t overdose medicine narcan but dm x to rrs after he
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was revived ate suffered an asthma tk. government agency in charge of aing ergy prices now thinks at gas will ay under $2 a glon for the entire year. if true, awoulde the rst ti in 12 year the government forecast fo 2016 averages $1.98 a gallon. they attribute sings to a 70 percent collapse in crude oil pces or e pt ar and a half. in ardmore montgomery county theyameo a viewing tonight to pay respects to an extraordinary m. his name wasawrence johnson. he died last e he was 108. "action news" pter dann cuellaras the story. >> reporter: thinks the remarkable ory o108 year-old lawrence johnson of ardmore. hisrandfather lived to be a hundred. >> reporter: he was born m sixth, 1907 in north carolina where his parents she croppers had a tobacco rm. that is where he met his wife of 79 year yr
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>> when e firstet him e was3. she fe in love itantly. >> reporter: couple would later november ardmore where he was a ma line ir, drivingretty famous people. merv griffin, mike douglass, the radio personalitynd he dre nelson rocker feller when was in mne. >> man of inn lng grit. >> reporter: johnson was a patriarch of the ame church eree was a long term member. she remembers the first time meeting hi >> this is lawrence jos. it was in a way that, you know, you knew you were in the presence of seone eal. >> reporter: if there was a key to his longevity his friend will ll you. >> his smiling, all theime. the that was one of the things that he dn't get into th >> his eating bs, he didn't eat a lot but hete good food. >> reporter: another things friend and faly says loved cars. his first a914 model t. >> he droventil was 10
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>> reporter: kidding me. >> 103. he would have continued to drivead he not flen and bren his leg. >> reporter: his church named the social hall in his hor for h dationnd many years of services. ehats where you'll fd a rayed of him d his wife. >> when i walk through you cannot help but be ipired and knowod granted him 108 years to li and to be this earth. certainly, testament to him and hwill be certainly be missed. >> reporter: in ardmore, nn cuellar for channel s "action news". quite a guy. >> amazing. >> snow out of here. what about the morning haven't few slickpots but i don't anticipate the any mar problems. i told my kids, do your homework, youre going to school torrow. storm tracker six live showing a few nring uies. theost of them r and east of pladelphia they are mong ou we still have had a issue wi visibility. sky six take a look at center city. snows out t w clouds, visibility at two a a half milesut that will be lifting as we
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head rgh the overnight hoursnd the cloud will continueo bak. temperatures will sh thaw we will op below eing. north wt suburbs heor snow pack. the ptstown 30. quakertown 30. theat v 31. warrington 31. center city 34. south jsey mratures slightly wm. sea isle city5. boardwalk lantic city 34. hammington dropped down to2. hockessin delaware and smyrna currently 33. satellite six with action radar showing thisess of the storm, with a fragmented moisture finally beginning to pull out. youan see how it is bringing so dryer air. the cuds a breaking, west of philadelphia, but tommy stillhink we will see a lot more cloud then sunshine. t morning commute e b stop forecast, temperatures, hovering around freezing. be careful. there will be a few slick spots. primarily on the sidewalks untreated surfaces, cloudy with a flurry, no dional cumulation. temperature grees at 00. heinghrough t day temperatures will be seasonable. about 40 degrees in e
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afternoon by 1:00 o'clock 38 degrees. same 40 o'clock. cloud breaking for me sunshine but sy cloudy skies and it wi feel cooler with the breeze. buthe real cold air arrives, over the weekend. right t now there is a mass of really bter co air that is entrapped over the noh le. what will happies a jet stream takes a hu dip to the south. that drainshatold r right in our region. so tday aernoon temperatures only in the teens, and sgle digits. we willeep that air ss on sunday and sunday mning, we will lely be at leastying a record lowo th is the coldest air mass, since last february. so, it wille elusive ac weather seven day forecast, torrow breezy, few lingering flurries. nothing american that. theostly cloud which a hi of0. on thursdaynher cold front brings us a round snow showers, not the big storm high 2degrees. behind that system on fday is brisk d cold. irty-two. but the r particular air arrivesver the weekend
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saturday morning somenow showers with that arctic front. the high of 22. we wi t at in the morning. temperatures fall, in the teens, the low of o on sunday morning. that withie the record low andhen sunday the high for valentines day only 19. monday for presidents day not quite as hsh 32 degrees, rns cloudy. oure system arriving on tuesday. the it willtt ky as snow but then we ha push of mildir withhe hh of 46 degrees. that snow will be changing overo ra so sunday is valentines day cid doesn't he just wear a diaper. he will be essed in a parka in a h scarves mtens. >> a down jacket. >> yes. >> thanks, cecily. how mtic. >> you have a vual. >> they hded o mummers viewers choice award tonight at sur house casino in philadelphia. winner of the best strg b waso land sing band. winner of the best fancy brigade bill macintyre's shooting stars.
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and eh wning o was presented with a check f $2,500 and a trophy for tir hard work and creativityor the mummers day parade. >> ♪♪ thousands of people bundled up in a ry ld w orleans today for mardi gras celebrations. the annual paradeas marked with colorful smesnd floats, as always. party is ramping up at brbon streetn this hour. mardi gras marks the gning of the lent a beginning of the penance and spiritual renewal
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flyers, fighting for a ayoff spot, and they ho e ducks tonight. >> yeah, things do in the the look good from the outside in this one jim. flyers might in a ta spin. saturday they lo a het breaker to the nrs. sunday ather one gl loss to washington. tonight i lkluster showing begins anaheim. flyers out shot 15-five in t firsteriod. rachel on thehe power py. he beats steve mason. e to nhing ducks. and five minutes lar it is
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rachel again. the his second of the period. thelyersind themselves in the zero-two he. samin t second period chris stewarts awarded a penalty shot, and this one gets by mason. >> he sres. >> four-one is the fal. the flyers thirdtraight l. >> tonight we were in the playing our game. a team we want to ha an identity and tonight wasn't the case d wee to we just need to figure it out. >> buffalo is re on thursday. number one ranking cos with glory d a big old bull's eye. villanova c its first opponent since being nd as number one team in the nation. ts op up on a -o ru josh ht throwingt dn. he scores 18 pnts. later in thfirst half ryan archie arcidiacono dumps it offo danielle ochefu. he is back after missing three games with the ncussion. nova up den after the
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break. second half, t freshman point guard whoent gh school 20 miles away from the a reen, he had 1 nova cruises 86-59. temple fat ball lsed it2016 schedule tay. ls op up stember 3rd at home against army. they will visit penn state on september 17th. still ahead cam newton faces questions about in the
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(sounds of birds whistling) ♪ music ♪ introducing new k-y touch
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gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. we're two days removed from the super bl andam newton remains a hot bton
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issue. wton is catching heat for catching an tude following sunday's sur bowl s panthers quarterback barely answered any questions po game before storming off, and todaye explained his actions. >> i have been on record saying i'm a sore los. who likes to lose. show me a good lor and i will showou a lose youn wt i'm saying? it is not a parity contest, you know wh i'm saying. i'm here to w ftball games. >> and eight daysr n phillies will be in oda. the that is where pitchersnd catchers are due report for spring training. mack pete cnin kws it is a long seas but that won't st him from sting a te with his pyers. >> when you are the captain of e ship it is ai have to dis be the most sive guy the room. i have to lead everybodynd the mostut of every player. i have to remain posi. >> baseball is almost back, and brings a smile to my face. >> mine as we. >> the flyersay in the be doing well on e ice but off the ice ty were having a
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celebration tonight. a celebrationave their 50th anniversary. celebration involved a lge cake and at tonight's game at theells fargo cter. yers president pa holmgren was on hand to cut the cage, of course, it the features the teams 50th anniversary logo. jimmyimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest bill m alycia vikander dusic from nothing butead. "action news" begins at 4:00 o'clock wi tamala edward matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy d karen rodgers with traffic. the cy tynan dus rodgersnd the eire "action news" tm, i'm jim gardner good ght. >> ♪♪
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