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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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here are stories we are following this morning. this is on "action news". baby, it is cold outside. we're talking really cold. temperatures will plumet to dangerous levels this weekend. also, pennsylvania state trooper is off the job and facing charges for allegedly kicking a man, while he was handcuffed. plus the boss is rocking the house in south philadelphia last night. we will get to those, stories in a bit but first a brave man, meteorologist chris sowers outside. >> i will not be defeated, gray. >> looking at the forecast, man it is cold, so glad you are out there and hi, chris. >> how are you doing. >> much more rain right now, it is cold but the real dangerous stuff arriving overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, temperatures will fall, throughout the day, and right now it noise picnic, 22 degrees in philadelphia, 18 in allentown. 9 degrees in poconos. coming up. twenty-two in dover. factor in the wind it feels like 8 degrees in zero in the poconos. eight in philadelphia four in wilmington.
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and 7 degrees in dover. lets look at is what waiting in the wings here, it is already down to 18 below in buffalo, 4b low in binghamton. 12 degrees in pittsburgh. the as we expand and go further north look at these numbers, 53 degrees below zero right now, in southern canada and 54 degrees in the polar vortex is sitting at this hour right there across the southern canada province. only a piece of this is moving in the delaware valley but it is cold enough. here's your day planner, 19 degrees by 9:00 o'clock. we are at 22. numbers will continue to tail off throughout the day by 11:00 o'clock, 19, by 1:00 o'clock. nineteen. by 3:00 he clock 17 and then by 5:00 o'clock 14. what you are not seeing there are wind chill values that will range from 5 degrees above zero to as much as five to 10 degrees below zero today. then those numbers get colder, ten to 20 degrees below zero
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overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning some areas well north and west of philadelphia could be as cold as 5 degrees below zero with that wind. when i come back here in a few minutes we will talk about that and possibility of accumulating snow, on monday, into monday night, gray? >> chris, looking forward to it. thanks very much. 7:02. officials are taking extra precaution toss get people out of this bitter cold this weekend. code blue is in effect in philadelphia. other parts of the area, and delaware has declared a code, purple, anyone without a place to stay can head to warming centers. meantime those who work outside are bracing for what is to come. >> i'm a college student just trying to get a little bit of extra money on the the side. i will be out here. stay warm. get me hand warmers ready. i'm ready to go. >> half a block. >> staying warm is the key, dangerous cold is also keeping triple a crews busy. one worker tells us he has made several calls for dead batteries and also frozen
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fools. cars were encased in ice accounts after a water pipe broke in western pennsylvania. quite a scene there some cars had tires frozen to the ground here on the 500 block of 63rd street. this all started when a fire hydrant connection, broke thursday night. and that is, cars flashing water on those park cars, of course, then froze over. keep track of the brutally cold temperatures anytime from accu weather on our web site at six also, we'd like for to you follow meteorologists as they post updates throughout the weekend. this morning police are looking for suspects who are believed to be teenagers, who threw rocks at a septa bus and broke some windows. we know this happened on the route 60. this happened near tenth and allegheny avenue in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. septa police say four windows were, dropped and no passengers were hurt. a fight on the school bus in delaware has led to charges against several high school students. three christiana high school students have been charged in
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connection with the violence that happened on that bus, on thursday. things got so out offhand the bus driver had to pull over right on i-95. we are told this started when a girl started to throw out some candy. police say more arrests are possible. your time 7:04. if you are just waking up with us a philadelphia lawyer is charged in maryland with drug trafficking. a federal indictment accused six three-year old jay michael ferrell of taking part in the drug dealing organization that racked up almost 15 million-dollar in marijuana sales. the indictment claims he conducted financial transaction for that drug ring, and police say they have found drugs in the the suspect's home, that attorney has pleaded not guilty. pennsylvania state trooper ryan luckenball is facing charges, the skateboarder chris sinnick said that trooper kick him in the face in harris burning while handcuffed. sinnick was detained for allegedly spitting, and throwing something on the that trooper's cruiser. a new report did not back up
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that. harrisburg police reported that the officer, calling his kick, another the line. >> i would agree with that complete thely. i am will's glad that they spoke out against it. >> the officer was suspended without pay. he could be removed from his job if the misdemeanors are proven. his partner who he says witnessed the kicking is off the force for undisclosed reasons. today there is a large search scheduled for a missing air man who was stationed at dover air force base. kieffer huhman was last seen at his apartment complex on kersey court in dover on sunday. family and friend plan to search near chesapeake and delaware canal today where his truck was found earlier this week. dover police are process ago this truck for evidence the right the now. the air force and delaware state the police are also helping with this search. right new 7:05. lets get you caught up on breaking news we are following this morning. this is all happening, in fox wood manor apartments, this is
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middletown bucks county. fire fighters working this fire here. crews were called around 5:30 to the 2100 block of veterans highway, at building number four where they discovered flames shooting from one of the apartments on the second floor. crews are busy there as they work to put out that fire. they were able to put the fire out and get the upper hand on this fire. this fire was brought under control at 6:06. the here's what we know about the injured, two people were injured in this fire. one was treated there at the scene, the other transported to st. mary's hospital for smoke inhalation, that person is expect to be okay. we also know that in total, eight units were damaged, four destroyed and four suffered from damage there as a result of this fire. this morning the red cross helping those affect by this fire but again fire fighters working this fire, middletown bucks county. we also know they are still there on the scene of potential hot spots. we will keep monitoring this situation and bring you new updates on this breaking news
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as it comes into our news room. 7:06. we have learned that classes will resume monday at ursinus college after nearly 200 people got sick. that school now says that there are 192 people who suffered from stomach bugs this week. students started to get sick, on tuesday, and as a result of that out break. school had to cancel classes. we are told crews will spend this weekend cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. the boss is heating things up on a cold friday night in philadelphia the bruce springsteen and the e street band, performed before a pack crowd at wells fargo center, exciting times. "action news" reporter jeff chirico checked things out. >> philadelphia a. >> reporter: jersey boy back in pennsylvania, bruce springsteen and e street band performing before a near sold out crowd at the wells fargo center where earlier, bundled up fans had been waiting for hours to score some of the last remaining tickets. >> twelve hours and sub freezing weather. >> it is for bruce, come on,
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bruce. >> he is like my hero. >> i was ready to cry tonight. >> reporter: cold and snow forced most tailgating inside, while diehards came prepared. >> i have a tent from a friend of ours at work, put sides on it, the heat, beer, how could you beat it. >> we are hard core bruce springsteen fans. >> we are. >> even though we cannot talk right now. >> ♪ beautiful woman >> reporter: springsteen has performed in philadelphia american 50 times including his world tour stop at the spectrum in december of 1992, these ladies first saw the boss in concert as college roommates 30 years ago. >> he is just awesome. you know, he takes you to another place when you listen to him. >> reporter: after more than 40 years on stage some think the demand for springsteen tickets hasbeen higher. ted kerr rig has been to more than a hundred shows thinks he knows why. >> he is 66 years old. how many tours does he have left in him if i don't get to within soon i don't think we will make it.
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>> reporter: springsteen is the only musical artist to have performed in every live music venue in the city, including veterans stadium, the spectrum and jfk stadium. the boss definitely in charge here in philadelphia. in south philadelphia, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". all right. fun times there. 7:09. still ahead on "action news" this saturday morning we will introduce to you a legendary jazz artist who has been serenading local fans for decades but has in plans to hang up her microphone anytime soon. plus a bizarre accident, send a manhole cover flying through the air, this killed one woman, chris. gray, we have light snow falling this morning across bucks and montgomery county. more snow in the seven day forecast for monday and dangerously cold wind chills tonight, i'll have details when we come right back.
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a driver was killed in a freak accident in boston, yesterday, a manhole cover,
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went flying and crashed right, through the windshield. elementary school art teacher was on her way to work. the manhole covers way 200-pound and police do not know how it became dislodged and went airborne so they are inspecting high waves to see if other covers, are coming loose. we have some new video that depicts nightmare passengers endured that cruise ship last week even. this is time lapse video from aboard anthem of the seas. you can see here calm waters and sunny skies, in the ship set sail from bayonne, new jersey but you can see this, dramatic difference when the luxury liner encountered a storm in the atlantic ocean, hurricane force wind and 30-foot waves battered that ship and those passengers on board that ship. as you plan your day, chris sowers is here. >> yes, basketball court, stacked on top of each other. >> wild, right. >> wild weather too. we're on a wild ride i think
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my mouth is still frozen, from being outside. >> it is early. >> gray, we have some cold stuff on the the way. beautiful shot though. a little something to make you warm there. sunrising over the commodore barry bridge in chester, pennsylvania. it is going to be cold today. temperatures will be falling throughout the afternoon, and wind chill values get dangerously cold overnight tonight. double scan live for most areas we're clear but we do have one little snow shower, maybe even, intensifying into a squall, right here along mercer county bucks county line. right there getting ready to move into pennington, trenton there, it is drifting off to the south east. we have more stuff across upper montgomery county, as well, but everybody else for the most parties clear at this point, just bitter cold. 22 degrees at philadelphia. dew .6. wind west northwest at 16 miles an hour. watch these wind speeds. those will intensify as well, dropping wind chill values below zero. we have a wind advisory today and then wind chill advisory
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in effect tonight the with the warning for poconos. wind chill values will range anywhere from ten to 20 degrees below zero in this area tonight, 20 to 30 degrees below in the poconos tonight. really cold stuff. it is moving in. 18 degrees in allentown. seventeen in reading. sixteen in lancaster. twenty-two in philadelphia. and 20 in trenton. millville is 21 with a feels like temperature of nine. it feels like zero now in lancaster. three in reading. feels like six below in the poconos. five in allentown. 4 degrees in wilmington. polar vortex is sitting right there just off the screen and we are seeing that continue to drift to the south. that is why this polar is dropping in the mid-atlantic and northeast states this morning. the it will stick around tonight and stick around tomorrow. by the time we get into monday the numbers start to ease a bit. it will feel better by tuesday with high temperatures, ready for this, we're in the low to mid 50's by tuesday afternoon this cold will not last all that long. the that is the saving grace because it is certainly going to be cold enough. wind chill values later this afternoon, here we go by
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3:00 ranging from five above south and east to five below north and west. the gets dangerously cold overnight the tonight, into tomorrow morning, and this is 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning anywhere from ten to 20 degrees below zero, throughout the delaware, lehigh valleys, 30 degrees below zero in the poconos, and those wind chill values can ease up by sunday afternoon. but this is still cold as well, wind chill still stuck in the teens. actually our high temperatures tomorrow, they will be stuck in the teens as well. frostbite, notice this as we pick up tingling, numbness in the fingertips or ears or your skin turns pale. several championship football games. do you remember giants with green bay when you looked at tom coughlin's face turning white. that is a sign of frostbite. you start to pick up these symptoms here and you move indoors. you can go outside in cold weather like this you just have to make sure you bundle autopsy pope eighthly. cover all of the extremities. do not stay outside all that long. head inside and warm up. future tracker with snow later
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this afternoon. there could be one or two snow showers coming all the way off of lake erie here but otherwise we're looking at partly sunny conditions, partly cloudy overnight tonight and then we will get into sunday. sunday bright and sunny, bitter cold with temperatures in the teens. monday we will start off with clouds. then light snow begins to move in from south to north. by late morning into the the first part of the afternoon. this will accumulate. temperatures at this point will still be below zero. this rain or snow will however change over to rain as we get into monday night and tuesday. it will come down tuesday afternoon. there could be some flooding issues on tuesday. very cold today, bitter cold wind chills. temperatures stuck in the the teens. these 20's we're seeing that now dropping throughout the day and then overnight tonight near record cold temperatures, 2 degrees below zero in the the lehigh valley, single digits south and east, partly cloudy and wind chills from ten to 20 degrees below zero. the exclusive accu weather seven take forecast, 17 degrees for valentines day. wind chills values 5 degrees colder then the actual air
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temperatures. so, it is not going to be nearly as harsh thomas what we will experience today. afternoon snow for monday, 36 degrees, changing over to rain monday night into tuesday. then from that point on it is smooth sailing with temperatures in the the 40's. >> so no break at all, just bear it out. >> break is it is only the weekend. >> positive thinking, chris. >> yes. time right now 7:17. in today's art of aging tamala edward introduces to us a jazz artist who has been serenading local fans for decade. >> ♪ >> every other wednesday evening you can find barbara trent at hamilton, new jersey wearing one of her many hats and singing a, soulfull tune. >> she brings excitement to this place. people come in, sing along with her, she makes everybody smile. >> reporter: yes.
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>> definitely, anywhere she is i'm following long. >> reporter: barbara has been singing her entire life. >> since i was two years old and as most black artists do i started in church. >> reporter: from the start her voice has touched hearts. >> i never thought about being a star but i knew whenever i got up and sang a song in church the ladies would start to cry and then, of course, in the baptist church they shout. >> reporter: she prefers standard tunes like frank sinatra and every time she sings she prays her music will bring joy to her music. >> we met and fell in love over her music. >> always a cloud to follow her around. where is barbara singing tonight. >> ♪ >> i will sing even if they never paid me. i sing because i'm happy because of the singing. >> reporter: now 76 year-old she says she has in plans to hang up her microphone.
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>> i will in the retire. i will just keep singing as long as i have a voice. >> ♪ >> reporter: tamala edward for channel will six ago news.
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stay with us on this saturday morning it is 7:21. here's is what happening in an around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. get out of the cold, and think spring at the 35th annual philly home show. the doors are opened all weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. we have popular home design stars, on hand there to help you with any questions you may have about getting your home ready for the spring and the summer. plus, check out diy projects by the host of fyi philly and the home show is happening today from 0:00 to
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9:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00 o'clock. cathedral village in roxborough will host its second annual black arts festival in honor of black history month. events include a children's art corner and story telling a jazz group, lecture and silent auction and whole lot more, this happens today from 9:00 to 7:00. this end with the closing program that happens at 3:00 tomorrow. and you can get ready for road trip, you may be planning at the 21st annual atlantic city, rv and camping show. this features from small fold down campers, features everything from small fold down campers to luxury buses and trailers thaw are looking at there. that show is being held at the atlantic city convention center, this end tomorrow. this is a look at what is happening this weekend, we will see you right back here, sports is coming backup next. welcome back.
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7:25. saturday morning a wind advisory in effect, right through 6:00 o'clock this afternoon for just about the entire viewing area here. lehigh valley is included in this as well as poconos. gusts as high as 45 to 55 miles per hour. then with the temperatures dropping overnight tonight into the single digits that will put wind chill values in the dangerous category. twenty to 30 below for higher elevations in the poconos, 15 to 20 below in the lehigh valley and mess of central new jersey. then ten to 15 below in central and southern new jersey, interior sections of south jersey is what i meant, central and southern delaware and extending west to the baltimore, d.c. metro area, gray. thanks very much. 7:25. honors for sixers legend and big night for sixers rookie. the here's ducis rodgers with a look at sports.
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>> reporter: good morning. the answer, ai, allen iverson has many nicknames but later this summer you very much likely will be calling him a hall of famer. iverson has been named one of the 14 finalist for nay smith memorial basketball hall of fame. iverson was 11 time all-star, rookie of the year and league mvp. class of 2016 will be announced final four at april 4th. if elect iverson will be induct in september in springfield, massachusetts. >> allen, congratulations on the nomination and we may be seeing you later this summer, you you never know. >> maybe, where? >> springfield. >> oh, i hope so. >> oh, boy. >> sixers forward jahlil okafor took part in the rising stars challenge last night. nerlens noel sat with knee tendonitis. okafor's kind of game, all offense, little regard for defense. they scored 13 points the in
7:27 am
the united states verse world. u.s. wins 157-154. to the ice, flyers six points out of the playoff spot have a huge weekend, today they host the devils, tomorrow, they will visit the new york rangers. the flyers will have ratco godas who avoided a suspension despite this hit on buffalo rookie danielle, the flyers have been anywhere from two points to seven-point back in the past few weeks. the players were asked how often they check the standings. >> if you win, you look. if you lose, you don't. >> i pretty much every two hours. i know there is so many teams close to that wild card spot that i just stay on top of it. >> it is a must win, every game is a must win for us for this season but we have to make sure we play good hockey. if we play good hockey, we will win the game. phillies loaded up an 18 wheeler yesterday and sent it on its way south to clearwater. they report for spring training on wednesday. it is a thousand mile trip
7:28 am
through eight states and listen to the list of items, 2400 baseballs, 1200 bats, 450 pair of socks, 125 belts and fanatic launch. that is sports this morning i'm, ducis rodgers. you have yourself a terrific weekend.
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delaware valley, putting the cities homeless population in danger. delaware state the police right now are investigating a shooting that sent two men to the hospital, plus a police officer in georgia, who was shot and killed in the line of duty is honored by a local fire department. we will get to those stories in a bit but first meteorologist chris sowers decided to play tough guy and stepping in the ring with mother nature, chris, who is winning. >> they are. tell me again why i came out here? wind are humming right now. we're seeing gusts from 20 to 30 miles an hour, get a load of these temperatures too combined make for a lousy feels like temperatures at this 7:00 o'clock hour. it is 16 in quakertown. thirteen in fleet wood. nineteen in pottstown and saint david. seventeen in kenneth square. twenty in chester. and 20 degrees for glassboro. same number for cinnaminson and ewing. colder air arctic air is sliding in. the worst of the wind chills is still yet to come.
7:31 am
look at buffalo 21 degrees below zero. thirteen below in binghamton, 12 below in pittsburgh. that cold air is flying south east over the next 12 to 24 hours. here's double scan live, you can see a couple snow showers pushing through montgomery and bucks county getting ready to pull into trenton. we will zoom in there. some of this is coming down at a pretty good clip. the thinks called a squall. just west of trenton. visibility may be fine one minute but then next minute you are experiencing white out conditions where you see that purple shade. good news is that this is moving along pretty quickly. it should be out of here within the next half an hour or 45 minutes. the it will continue to push south, into burlington county. and then once we get past that most of the afternoon we will just see a combination of the sun and included. the here's your day planner 19 . same number for 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 7 degrees by 3:00 p.m. boy that stings a little bit. 4 degrees by 5:00. wind chills will continue to tank all the way down to ten to 20 degrees below zero
7:32 am
overnight tonight. so again, dangerous stuff is on the the way, make sure that you dress appropriate liz. i should have a hat honor ear muffs and a scarves, if you are out tomorrow morning you will need everything. when i come back in just a few minutes we will talk more about the possibility of frostbite and accumulating snow, monday into tuesday. gray, i'll send it back into you. >> you you are proving you are tough. thanks very much. temperatures are dropping to dangerous levels as you heard chris mentioned and as you head outside this weekend you will need to wear layers. because of this dangerous cold, warming shelters are opening up across the delaware valley to help the homeless who have risk in these extremely dangerous conditions. as "action news" reporter chad pradelli found out cars don't fair too well either in these temperatures. >> park a half block from the opposite direction. >> reporter: triple will a crews have been busy. kim posepanco lost power to her car but bill jolean was quick on the scene. he has responded to several calls for dead batteries and even frozen fuel.
7:33 am
what do you think it is. >> i do in the know yet. >> i totally lost power. thank god for triple a because i would be stranded out here for quite a while. >> reporter: this is just a start of the arctic blast that could break record. valets and others who work outside are bracing for the brutal cold to come. >> i'm a college student. i'm just trying to get a little will bit of extra money on the side so i will be out here. i will stay warm. get my hand warmers ready. i'm ready to go. >> reporter: city issued a code blue triggering outreach to the homeless like kenney thomas. where will you go this weekend? >> i will be sleeping at the mission at south street. >> reporter: she had a dead bat theory in the end, but 150 bucks, and then she was back on the road, she is relieved her misfortune happened tonight, and not this weekend. >> another happy member. >> i'm note getting my car towed tonight, all good. >> reporter: cold weather will get dangerous this weekend so some tips for you. make sure you turn on your faucets, even a trip, it will
7:34 am
cost you a penny but prevent your pipes from freezing. also, remember the animals. bring your pets in. if you see neighbors, not doing it, let authorities know. in logan square, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". plumeting temperatures make it dangerous for home less. the frostbite can quickly set even for those who like to go out and exercise. the doctors say moving actually helps keep your body warm but sweating can increase the risk, of frostbite, early signs including numbness, tingling and skin turning red, white or gray or appearing waxy. the doctors say from his bite can set in within ten minutes if not dress add prep eighthly. you can keep track of the brutally cold temperatures, anytime from accu weather. our web site six also, follow our meteorologists, as they post updates throughout the weekend. police in delaware are investigating what led to a double shooting, we know someone shot two men, at about 10:30 last night on the the 300 block of clive street in
7:35 am
delaware. crews rushed victims to christiana hospital with serious injuries. police have not made any arrests. a fire department in south jersey is paying tribute to a georgia police office shore was shot and killed in the line of duty. the lawnside fire company, put out black bunting outside of its building in camden county in honor of the major greg barney. the flag is also lowered to half staff. barney worked here as a volunteer fire fighter for 17 years, and he was shot and killed while helping police survey warrant thursday near atlanta. the the suspect was also shot and is suspect survive. from our delaware news room this morning the widow of the man who killed his former daughter in law and another woman at new castle county courthouse has been sentenced to life in prison. sixty-nine year-old lenore matusiewicz learned her fate leg in the hospital bed. her son said she only had three to six months to live. math the switch, her son and daughter were all convicted of conspiracy and cyber stalking in 2013 death of christine
7:36 am
bellford. dave matusiewicz and his sister will be sentenced next week. your time 7:35. in arizona police now say that the deaths of two students at the a high school are a murder/suicide. investigators say a suicide note was found at yesterday's shooting in glendale. both victims were shot once and a gun was found near the bodies, in the schools cafeteria. we are told both victims were 15 year-old girls. fbi this morning is helping figure out motive in that machete attack that happened in the restaurant in columbus, ohio. four people injured. the suspect was shot and killed by police. during a getaway attempt. officers say the somalia native was in the fbi database. he allegedly knew people potentially related to terrorism. in that ohio attack he entered an israel i own restaurant. the owner says he asked where he was from, then left, and came back with that machete. columbus police and suspect's former roommate spoke about the case. >> lone individual, machete,
7:37 am
going in the public place. those are the things that give us concern. >> it is not something i expect from him. it is shocking. >> reporter: police say information connected to the registration of the car driven by that suspect led them to contact the fbi. the six republican presidential candidates square off tonight in a debate. this happens in south carolina. a week ahead of that state's primary. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, marco rubio, jeb bush and doctor ben carson all will face tough questions. they will court the state's two thirds of the evangelical voters, of course, a corner stone for conservatives. nevada caucus is also next saturday. democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders spoke at a labor convention in minnesota but their focused on winning the key black vote. south carolina and also nevada. after rick are can americans make up half of the democratic elect trait in south carolina black vote could be a, deciding factor on super
7:38 am
tuesday races that happen in two weeks. in minnesota, clinton and sanders painted themselves asal toys president barack obama and taughted their civil rights record. happening today, six flags great adventure in jackson, ocean county will host a job fair and entertainment auditions. for a thousand employees, four thousands employees are needed for upcoming season which kicks off in just six weeks. if you are interested, you can go to the park's employment sent they are saturday. the job fair will be held from 10:00 to 4:00. the auditions will take place at the one and be sure to fill out an on line application at www six flags before you head out. just about 7:40. thousands of people packed in the wells fargo center last night to see the boss. >> ♪ the >> bruce springsteen and e street band, brought the river tour to south philadelphia.
7:39 am
this is the 12th team the band has performed at wells fargo center. he did 42 conditions ertz over the years and at the spectrum as well. people travel near and far to see springsteen perform his hits live and in person. still ahead on "action news", this sat the day morning, our extreme cold can do more than just damage your skin, we will tell you how you can protect yourself from getting sick. plus a plane full of passengers is struck by a van without a driver, we will explain what happened at this very busy airport. also meteorologist chris sowers will have exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, prepare for the cold, starting here, "action news" on this saturday morning continues after this. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
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corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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a plane full of passengers was hit at leg an international airport in boston by a runaway van. state police say the driver of the delivery van, failed to put tonight park before he got out of the van. not good. when he realized it was moving he tried to stop it before that van hit the plane. the van's driver was hurt. passengers was put on the different plane and then got to their destination. wow, that is not good. >> also what is not goodies the weather. i take off my hat the to you because you went outside. >> if you went outside you will feel like you got hit with a runaway van. lets get outside. wind is starting to pick up. wind chills are awful cold this morning. the most areas reporting wind
7:43 am
chills in the single digits. some locations actually seeing wind chills below zero now. we are live at sky six and spring mountain. if you do skiing you need to build up in several layers and cover up the extremities. i mean everything. the gloves, make sure you put gloves on, scarves, hat, ear muffs, keep yourself warm. this is dangerously cold stuff filtering in the area double scan live is just about clear, overall but we have this snow shower, pushing into burlington county. here's another one right there just to the north of georgetown and wrightstown. the that is quickly drifting off to the south east. once that pulls through it the is combination of sun and cloud rest of the way with biting cold wind chills, 22 degrees, temperatures holding steady any philadelphia, 2.6. wind picking up west northwest at 16 miles an hour. the gusting over to 25. wind chill of 8 degrees right now in philadelphia. that is actually one of the warmest numbers compared to what is going on north and west. temperatures this week, we have been on a free fall. do you remember first week of february, 50's and 60's.
7:44 am
here's the second week, 44 monday. then all downhill from there. mid 30's tuesday and wednesday. thursday only 28. and then yesterday, pretty much started this cold spell. 26 degrees. wind chills in the teens. right new we're seeing gusts as high as 31 miles an hour in dover. 26 miles an hour in wilmington. twenty-four in millville. twenty-three in atlantic city. beach haven showing 25. with the wind advisory in effect today some areas could see gusts as high as 40 to 50 miles an hour during the course of the afternoon. so these wind chills this morning will feel rather balmy, compared to what happened later this evening. into the overnight. the it feels like will degrees in philadelphia three in reading. six below in the poconos and 9 n millville. satellite six, along with action radar, a little bit of cloud cover across the mid-atlantic states this morning. polar vortex sitting right there. that will continue to drift toward u.s. canadian border up here in new england. real cool stuff is here. high temperatures get as warm as let's say ten to 15 degrees below zero when you get in vermont and new hampshire.
7:45 am
we are missing out on that but this is cold enough this air mass drifts further south overnight tonight and into tomorrow. the got news is by the time we will get into monday this cold front here will actually lift north in the form of the warm front. we're in the mid to upper 30's on monday and then these actually by the time we get into tuesday. so fortunately this will in the last all that long. here's future tracker six. these are wind chills later this have afternoon. the it the will feel like single digits south and east. single digits below zero north and west. and watch this, overnight tonight it will start to get dangerously cold. wind chills range from ten to 20 below for the delaware and lehigh valleys, up to 30 degrees below zero for poconos. your frostbite times in the poconos doing skiing, wind chill values ranging from 20 to 30 below, tonight into tomorrow morning. the frostbite is going to occur in 15 minutes. then for the delaware and lehigh valleys tonight into tomorrow morning, wind chills ten to 20 below, frostbite can occur within a half an hour. again you need to bundle up in layers today.
7:46 am
very cold this afternoon, to degrees and falling. wind north woes. these are sustained wind speed or constant wind speed, 25 to 35 miles an hour, gusting 40 to 50, and then overnight tonight, near record cold, two below, well north and west at four for center city. wind chills ranging from ten to 20 degrees below zero as that polar vortex just sits overtop of the mid-atlantic and northeast states. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 17 degrees. sunny and frigid for tomorrow. valentines day. one of the coldest valentines day ever for the city of philadelphia it will be top five. 36 degrees for monday. cloudy, snow developing by afternoon. the it will accumulate a couple of inches before going over to rain. monday night into tuesday. and then look at tuesday's high, gray, periods of rain, 53 degrees. the it will feel like spring out there compared to what it is like out there right now in the 40's rest of the way. >> fifty-three, can't wait, thanks, chris. >> too bad not a string of those 50's. one is better than none. >> we will take it. time right now 7:46.
7:47 am
tonight we have an all new fyi fill that i brings you a hidden gem in south jersey, plus a host battle it out for their own diy. plus a new version highlights the best in our city as we honor black history month. here are rick williams and melissa magee with the preview. >> here's is what coming up on visions 2015. >> we will interview a few local trailblazers making their mark in government, culture and industry. >> and we will introduce to you several successful local entrepreneurs. >> we will feature those investing in today's youth fostering jobs and culinary arts. >> we will introduce you to a swimmer going for gold. >> celebrate oldest black newspaper in the country. >> it is a special visions 2016 tonight at 7:30 right here on six abc. >> we hope you you join us.
7:48 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
7:49 am
a sat the day morning. this is a live look at temple university camera as you can see the wind is really whipping those flags out
7:50 am
there. it is windy, cold, if you have to go out, bundle up in layers, please. in health check this morning, a winter air warning, it can often dry our skin, cause stat you can shock and play a role in getting sick. the it is all because cold winter air has left moisture, meaning the air we breathe at a low humidity. >> mucus that should be thick and trapped get dryer so you are more likely to get a cold because your mucus is not able to catch what you breathe in. >> you you can raise humidity in your home with humidifiers or even placing large bells of water around the house, and keep humidity between 30 and 50 percent, hydrated skin, drink more water and shorten these showers. some doctors say omega three supplements can help by help to keep fat and oils, trapped in skin cells. there may be a survival benefit to weight loss surgery after age 35. researchers at brigham young university studied more than
7:51 am
7900 people who had gas particular bypass surgery and 7900 who didn't over a 18 year period. it found those who had the procedure after age 35 or less likely to die. in the procedure, surgeons reduced size of the stomach, and reconstructed the gastrointestinal tract, so food will will bypass part of the intestines as it is being digest ted. meanwhile there are new questions about the safety of those popular weight loss clinic. researchers at johns-hopkins university looked at nearly 200 facilities in the greater washington d.c. area. they found that in most cases, their web sites did in the include important guidelines from top medical groups. only 15 were in compliance with the strict standard. researchers say more work is needed to determine if the findings are reflected of clinic is a cross the country. 7:51 is your time. your help is needed for a very critical matter. blood bank of del marva says it has a urgent need for
7:52 am
negative zero blood downers. that is the universal blood type that can be transfuse todd any patient in the the critical situation, particularcally when there is not time to determine a patient's blood type. because of the critical need the blood bank is welcoming those walk in donors. blood bank of del marva has five permanent donor center. we have add that had information on our web site at six and always call 888-eight-blood-eight. coming up next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look the a the accu weather forecast. we will see you right back here after this quick break.
7:53 am
7:54 am
so glad you are with us, some people looking for love, back on those personal ads and then you have this, workers at
7:55 am
a long and garden company in michigan, paid for a highway love on billboard, excuse me, a love ad on billboard for one of their co-workers. this included his picture, his even if number and then his e-mail. matt hill is the guy on the the billboard. they is, he says hey i'm looking for lasting love. hill says his perfect date is a small party or a bond fire in the woods. >> yes, there you go. >> that is how you do it. >> yes, that is way to go. lets take a look at this, gray, we have a lake effect snow band, we're zoom in the baltimore, d.c. metro area do you sees that streamer from northwest to south east that is a lake effect snow band that developed some 300 miles away and it is stretching south east ward along the coastal plane. we could see something like that in parts of the area later this afternoon. we will go combination of the sun and clouds but one or two areas may pick up a brief snow shower. 20 degrees this afternoon and falling. only 17 degrees for the high for tomorrow. overnight tonight in between the two we could see wind
7:56 am
chills ranging from ten to 20 degrees below zero. much better by tuesday, periods of rain but we will go from three to 4 degrees from an overnight low tonight the to 53 degrees by tuesday afternoon. >> wait for tuesday. >> yes. >> thanks, chris. 7:56. and we're just a few minutes from say good morning to good morning america. here's paul paula ferris with the preview. >> coming up on gm a this saturday after a big win in new hampshire donald trump said he would tone down the attacks but trump takes to social media with vicious attack to ted cruz. is this trump's most bit's tack yet. new warning to parents this morning, federal agencies are taking big steps to examine the safety of those popular synthetic athletic field used nationwide that could threaten your child's health. we will have details just ahead. and finally, new development in the string of the jewelry robberies caught on cameras the fbi has busted two brothers who they say recruited and trained this woman to pull off a huge heist, and we want to say have
7:57 am
a safe, happy valentines day weekend in the middle of all this dangerous weather. so happy valentines day weekend to you. we will see you soon on gm a. >> well, thank you, paula. "action news" continues at 9:00. here are stories we are working on this morning, developing two people are hurt and several apartments are destroyed after an early morning fire bucks county. plus, still looking for that perfect valentines day gift? we will see how about getting a massage when and where you want. sound good. we have details at 9:00. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall, make it a great day. >> ♪
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8:00 am
good morning, america. happening right now -- life-threatening cold. 100 million americans chilled to the bone. >> it's terrible out here. >> how many layers do you have on her today? >> 24. >> the struggles to stay warm for man and beast in this dangerous weather. everything you need to know about the frigid forecast. setting the stage. republicans ready to rumble again in the next debate. and with donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz, get ready for fireworks. >> and as it gets closer it's going to get nastier and nastier and nastier. >> cruz taking aim at hillary clinton in this spoof and bernie sanders trying to take her down. >> got it, abc? fears on the field. the feds focusing on the artificial turf.


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