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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-10:31am EST

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overnight making it feel like it's below zero. firefighters battle the elements while they try to contain a 6-alarm fire. all lanes of 78 in lebanon county is reopened after a pileup. dangerous conditions gripping the tri state region. sky6 live hd looking at the center city skyline. the sun is shining brightly, but not doing much to warm us up. the temperatures plunged to single digits the windchill makes it feel like it's below zero. >> reporter: temperatures wise it's cold enough, if you factor in the winds we have dangerous windchills over the last 24 hours. the wind subside throughout the day and the windchills ease up a bit. tomorrow we are above freezing and tuesday some areas could be approaching 60 degrees, so this cold weather is not going to last too much longer.
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there's the live shot, looking at spring mountain. nobody on the slopes this morning, but this is a perfect day day to enjoy it if you're a skier. temperatures are winged -- winding up toward single digit territory. morning lows in the record low in allentown warning minus 2. you bottomed all the at 2 above. smyrna, 8. philadelphia, bottoming out at 8 degrees. the record was 2 set back in 1979. we fell short of record territory, but cold enough, 6 degrees in reading, 4 in allentown. minus 9 in the poconos. 6 in trenton. 13 in millville. you factor in the winds it feels like 12 below in allentown and reading. 31 below in the poconos. minus 2 in millville. the forecast for today, a nice looking day, lots of sunshine, hardly a cloud in the sky, just
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frigid. 10 degrees right now. 12 by 11:00 a.m. 16 by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 18. same number for 5:00 p.m. topping out at 19 or 20 degrees. we get into tomorrow you can see how the snow is going to be impacting the weather. once we get past the morning commute the snow moves in. the evening commute looks very messy at this point. when i come back we'll talk about the potential snow accumulations throughout the area and the possibility of flooding as this flips over to rain by tuesday. guys. thank you for the update. cities across the delaware valley have issued a code blue alert to keep residents warm that means shelters are available to the homeless or anyone who needs to escape the cold. high winds make brutal temperatures tougher to deal with. for those who ventured out of course they had to bundle up. this is south street, people
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pulled out the winter accessories, coats and hats and gloves. "action news" spoke to aman who normally works outside. it's too cold, i'm a roofer, i'm out here everyday, this, i have to talk off for this. check out when the peco building sign said at 5:17. , -- 8 degrees. some people sought the warmth of the mayfair diner overnight. it's cold. if you don't have to you mean consult, don't come out, because it's -- if you don't have to come out, don't come out. it is cold, this is a look at the benjamin franklin parkway, early morning the flags along the parkway got no break from the strong, severe wind. a stunning scene of the fire and ice as firefighters
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battled flames and the bitter cold. they worked in the wree hours of the morning -- wee hours of the morning that knocked down the blaze. take are a look at the icy scene as firefighters poured water on the building overnight. vehicles parked outside the building you can see now encased in ice. ice dangled from the firefighters ladder. flames railed through an auto body shop into several other businesses at 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning. the cold weather making it especially difficult for firefighters. you can see the frozen lines and ice on the buildings. once you have water flowing and this tief -- type of temperatures, it freezes up quickly. several people and pellets were evacuated and they are waiting to see if their homes are okay. the cause of the fire is under investigation. your time 9:04.
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interstate in lebanon county is completely reopened. this comes a day after a massive pileup left three dead and dozens hurt. eastbound and westbound lanes of i-78 are open to traffic once again. saturday morning, 60 vehicles became entangled in a pileup in bethel township. snow squall may have triggered the pileup. a witness described the horrific scene. it sounded like two bombs went off, there was a couple of people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed, cars underneath tractor-trailers, in between tractor trailers, it was total destruction. crews are working on getting the westbound lanes cleared and reopened for traffic. now to the passing of a legal legend and the controversy about the successor that is
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erupting. antonin scalia died in his sleep in texas. antonin scalia is being remembered by his fellow justices and politicians on both sides of the aisle and president obama. diane gallagher is live for us with more on the reaction of the justice's sudden death. the flags have not been lord by the time the political lines were being drawn after hearing justice scalia passed away when the news broke yesterday afternoon. it's probably because we have 9 months to go before the election. expect to see not only debate whole replace scalia but whole nominate him to replace him between now and november. antonin scalia will be remembered as the champion of the conservative voice. his sharply written opinions
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brought ideology to the forefront to the court. scalia passed away while on a hunting trip to texas. he was 79 years old. we honor his extraordinary service to our nation and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> reporter: politicians and presidential candidates wasted little time before debating whole pick the next justice. the president said he will nominate. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities in nominating a successor in due time. there's plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and timely vote. >> reporter: republicans in congress don't see it that way, they believe a president with less an a year left in office to make the pick. at last night's cbs republican debate the men vying agreed.
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we should not allow judge to be appointed during his time. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: now, this is actually the third opportunity that president obama will have to nominate a supreme court justice, but really it's the first time that he gets a chance to shape the ideology of the court that's if his nominee makes it through. he has a rough road ahead of him, gray and the republicans are set to stand and fight him every single step of the way. back to you. we'llen watching. we have more on justice scalia at, there you'll find details about the impact he had on the court and the nation, as well as reaction to his death. 9:08. a woman is fighting for her life this morning after her throat was cut during a fight inside a bar overnight. it happened at fiddler's tavern in frankford avenue.
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the 37-year-old woman's throat was cut by a broken beer bottle during a fight. she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. no report of any arrests. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man outside a west philadelphia bar. the action cam was at the scene outside the rear entrance of the bar on paxton street. when officers arrived they found a man in his 20s lying on ground shot several times. the victim was pronounced at pen presbyterian hospital. there's no word on a motive or suspects. we have new information this morning about what the montgomery county health department found at ursinus college where nearly 200 people got sick. health inspectors found violations at the school's dining hole that included pesticides and dead bugs and improper hand washing. a second report found in lingering violations.
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officials say 192 people came down with a stomach bug. classes were canceled while the school was cleaned. classes continue tomorrow. there's much more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." disturbing find in ant antarctica arctic can, tens of thousands of penguins are dead. a live look outside sky6 live hd overlooking the philadelphia international airport. if you have to take a flight bundle up on the way there. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we come right back.
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glad you stayed with us on a sunday morning, researchers say an iceberg is responsible for the deaths of 150,000 penguins. according to journal an arctic conditions. the massive iceberg stranded the penguins and cut off their food supply. they had to trek 40 miles to find fooled. happening in china, an elephant rerejectinged by -- rejected by a female elephant broke out of the animal reserve and went into traffic and bumped
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into cars. the elephant is back in captivity and we hope he finds love. >> reporter: he doesn't like rejection. counseling. . let's get you outside it's glufort -- blustery and bitterly cold. some areas got close to record territory. lovely shot in cape may. that sun will do little to warm things up this afternoon. double scan live, crystal clear, we won't see the snow showers and squalls today like we saw yesterday. ten degrees in philadelphia. this is the coldest temperature we've seen this year. minus 12 is the dewpoint. wind out of the north/northwest at 16 miles per hour giving us a windchill of minus 7. wind out of the northwesterly howling, 18 miles per hour in atlantic city.
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16 in the poconos. gives you a feels like temperature ever minus 7 down in atlantic city. feels like minus 13 in the poconos. layers is the key if you're skiing. two, three, four layers, that's really, really cold. trenton, minus 9 and millville, minus 2. that's the windchill number. satellite and radar, we'll keep the skies bright and sunny. the high pressure is in control, it will be slipping off the coast and it will take the cold numbers with it. monday, mid to upper 30s. tuesday, some areas could approach 60 degrees. we'll set it in moxie, later this afternoon, 1:00 p.m., 16 degrees in philadelphia. low teens north and west, 4:00 p.m., 19 for philadelphia, that's the high for today, mid teens north and west, single digits for the poconos. the system that we're watching it's going to march into that cold air initially. the cold air retreats monday night into tuesday.
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we'll set it in motion, 5:00 p.m., this afternoon, sunny skies, nice looking day, cold out there. monday morning everything will be okay for the morning commute. around midday, 1:00 p.m., light snow breaks out south to north. watch out quickly this rain/snow line lifts to the north. by 7:00 p.m. it's in the lehigh valley it continues to pull north new hampshire vermont and maine. even those areas will flip to rain. by tuesday afternoon, that's when the core of this system pulls in, this is all rain and heavy rain at that. so temperatures monday night into tuesday start to skyrocket into the 40s and 50s, all this you see here, monday afternoon this will wash away very quickly. expected snowfall totals on the front end of this, a coating from interior sections of south jersey and delaware. 1 to 3 for the i-95.
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3 to 6 in the poconos, most areas will be closer to the 3 not the 6 inches because you change over to chain quickly. the temperatures will skyrocket, 58 degrees, 11:30, tuesday morning. we flip it over to rain. rainfall totals could range from 1 to 3 inches. you have the melting snow and the warmer temperatures, the heavy downpours there could flooding issues west of philadelphia by the time we get into tuesday afternoon and evening. so a lot going on over the the next few days, sunny skies, bitter today, 19 degrees is the forecasted high. wind out of the north, northwest 12 to 15 miles per hour. over the the next 12 to 24 hours, it will feel as harsh as it has. 19 degrees is the lie. 36 tomorrow, snow developing by midday. changing over to rain tomorrow night into tuesday. tuesday, mild, 56. a miserable afternoon periods of
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heavy rain. the rest of the seven day looks good, combination of sun and clouds, mild temperatures. 56. >> reporter: there's another 56 for next weekend, too. i love it. how about getting up close and personal with a hippo, if that's sounds good to you head to camden. it's hippo weekend. you can learn about the majestic crete you -- creatures, and picp kids painting created by the hippos. all proceeds go to the care of hippos worldwide.
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welcome back on this valentine's day. brrr it's cold out there. 13 degrees, 9:20 on this sunday morning. sky6 live hd looking from our temple university camera at the center city skyline. "healthcheck" this morning, super foods that will satisfy
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become forgetful. researchers study five thousand adults between 18 and 40. those who smoked marijuana on a regular basis as teens had poor verbal skills. the results of the study have been found in the american medical journal.
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 9:24 sunday morning, it's icy cold once again, with temperatures in the single digits and teens. in the next 12 hours we'll not climb too high. the normal high this time of year is 45.
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we're 18 by 5:00 p.m. and back in the low teens throughout the evening hours. with all the cold air in place will we change the snow to rain monday into tuesday. it's because of the track of the area of low pressure that is developing here and travel to the west. the wind blow around the low in a counter clockwise fashion. as it comes up the coast, the winds shift out of the south anne all the cold air retreat into canada an northern portions of new england. if you wanted snow, this low has to hit the coast and the winds stay out of the northwest locking the cold air in place. you would need a situation where this low transfers the energy to a coastal storm. but instead you'll see this guy come from the west that means warm conditions in the mid atlantic and northeast. cold conditions today, light
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snow tomorrow, rain monday and tuesday. the stars wars franchise is so big it may stephen spielburg blink for a bit. episode 8 will be in theaters december 15, 2017. it was the same day spielburg staked out for ready player 1. he decided not to go ahead to ahead and moved the film back to march 30th. consumer warning about hidden credit card fees, there's a simple step you can take to find them. rebecca jarvis has the details. i uncovered a charge that was misserious. >> reporter: recurring charges and fees flying under the radar. a dollar here, 3.99 there, payments deducted for descriptions and services you're
9:27 am
not using. my mom said check your bills, but most don't. >> reporter: americans waste a staggering $14 billion a year on these charges. now his company and newly released website offer free service that can cut the pacificky costs for you, you give trim your account info and they scan your statement, reply with cancel to stop a description they will contact the company for you. rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. i like that. there's more to come on this sunday morning edition of "action news," in case you didn't know, it's valentine's day. we'll take a look at how much some are language to spend on their loved one on this romantic day. plus an earthquake hits new
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and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. enduring fridge temperatures, details on when we'll see a warmup. an emotional goodbye to a young boy who tried to save his father from a burning montgomery
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county home. joe biden is heading to israel for meeting with benneta. those stories, but let's go outside to chris sowers. >> reporter: it's cold out here, let's flip it over to the numbers, allentown, 17 degrees below seer vo. the poconos bottomed out at 33 below with the wind. it's better the closer you get to philadelphia. wilmington, minus 9. philadelphia, minus 8. you have a windchill of minus 7. allentown, minus 12. poconos minus 27. trenton, minus 9 and lancaster, minus 2. here's a look at frostbite times. the good news the winds will start to diminish during the course of the day. right now with the windchills as
9:31 am
cold as they are. frostbite can occur in the poconos in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later than that for the delaware and lehigh valleys. temperatures will climb out of the single digits into the teens today. with the winds easing it will feel closer to the temperatures than what we dealt with yesterday. so 11 degrees by 11:00 a.m. 16 degrees by 1:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m., 18 and by 5:00 p.m., 18 degrees, mostly sun conditions throughout the afternoon. dangersous cold in place right now. we're -- dangerous cold in place right now. we are tracking snow monday, and flooding rains monday into tuesday. gray i'll head inside and warm up. you brave man. the time now is 9:31. as chris mentioned we're enduring cold temperatures across the entire delaware valley. a code blue is in effect for the region as the winds make it feel much colder. jeff chirico found people
9:32 am
enjoying the bitter cold on the ice. >> reporter: not even the biting cold could make a grandmother cancel her date with her grand son. they hit the ice at rothman rink, insisting they feel fine. >> it's cold, but when you have good gear on it's warm. once up get the grove you forget about the cold, you start to sway like yeah! , it's awesome. >> reporter: the arctic blast is not enough to cancel all outdoor activities these temple graduate students picked a night to take a tour of old city. i'm still cold. >> reporter: most out and about in center city were bundled up, but not everyone. i tried to bundle as much as i could, my shoes were not a good idea. >> reporter: the bitter cold is keeping animal control officers
9:33 am
busy responding to calls of animals left out in the cold. in north philadelphia, two pitbulls locked behind the fence another example of owners ignoring the deadly temperatures. he is running around and trying to keep warm, he is barking at us, he is cold, he is shivering. >> reporter: the owner picked up the animal and took him inside. p spca officials have responded to 40 calls of animals left out in the cold last night alone. if you see an animal outside, call pspca or act philly both numbers are at jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." you can keep track of the
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freezing temperatures and the approaching snow at, there you will find the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and double scan radar at any time of the head to both friends and foes of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia are mourning his death. the conservative legend on the high court died of natural causes. he was known for his sharped mind and staunch defense of the strict interpretation of the constitution. influenced a generation of judges lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. he will go down as one of the great justices in the history of the republic. justice scalia is survived by his wife and nine children. he died three weeks shy of his 80th birthday. reaction to the news of justice scalia's death is coming from all over. new jersey governor chris christie said -- overnight night we heard from
9:35 am
delaware senator chris kunes. he said -- be sure to stay tuned after the broadcast for a special this week george stephanopoulos hosts from washington, we'll have more on the reaction of justice scalia's sudden passing and look back on the legacy he leaves behind. family and friends gathered this weekend to say goodbye to a 12-year-old hero. asassanford harling died tryingo
9:36 am
save his father. full of life, always joking around, had a good time. loved the coaches and his teammates. he was a good boy, he will be missed by each and every one of us. he is a hero. his dad survived by jumping from a second-story window. he is recovering from a broken back. he was brought to the churn for the funeral. -- the church for the funeral. a philadelphia officer who was shot and killed 7 years ago, friend and family gathered to remember john who died 7 years ago this month. he was an all around super
9:37 am
nice guy. took his job cheerfully. 35-year-old shrugs was sentenced to life. statement came from mighten's office about the -- putin's office for a syrian creeds fire. u.s. and russian teams are scheduled to meet soon. israeli prime minister netanyahu announced that u.s. vice president joe biden may visit israel. the advance team will arrive today. the two men spoke in swifts land
9:38 am
after -- switzerland after the sanctions on iran were lifted. the 6 remaining republican presidential candidates took part in what turned out to be the ugliest debate yet. they joined together in a moment of silence for justice scalia then sharply attacked each other on irks from immigration to --en issues from immigration to foreign policy to abortion. they made disparaging comments. john kasich criticized the tone of the debate. south carolina voters go to the polls saturday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are on the campaign trail out yet. hundreds of bernie sanders
9:39 am
enthusiasts gathered for a canvass lunch. hillary clinton in 1/2 1/2 -- hillary clinton in nevada is campaigning. pope francis will hold mass in one of the most violent cities in mexico. 1 million people came out to catch a glimpse of the pope. the holy father held mass. during his procession to the alter, a young boy ran up to pope francis the pope hug and kissed the boy. we saw him do that many times in philadelphia. 9:40 sunday morning, much more to come on this edition of action. the cruise ship that was battered by high waves has returned to service. cars shake as a powerful earthquake rattles an area that was hit by an earthquake five
9:40 am
years ago. looking live sky6 live hd old city there. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cold today, snow tomorrow and tuesday we're in the 50s, we'll be right back.
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>> a strong earthquake has struck new zealand and caused seaside cliffs to collapse. it was in the city of chris church where a quake five years ago killed 185 people. this is video of a resident that shows the earthquake shaking around his house. the shaking lasts 30 seconds. new zealand sits on the ring of fire an ash -- an arc of seismic false the ring of fire. there was an earthquake in oak -- oklahoma that rattled
9:43 am
store shelves and caused cracks in the wall. no injuries reported. let's get the forecast. >> reporter: that was awful out there, my ears are still red. they look like your dress. i was only out there for a minute, though, i came back inside. let's get you outside and show you what's going on. this is a day to enjoy the comfort of your nice warm home. temperatures are bitter today. they will not climb that high with the arctic air pouring on in. we'll be lucky if we get up to 18 or 19 for the high. cold stuff. nice and sunny this morning, 10 degrees at 9:00 a.m. hour. the air mass is dry, minus 12. winds out of the north northwest at 16 miles per hour that's giving us a windchill of minus 7. minus 8 in the poconos. 3 in martins creek, 7 in
9:44 am
pottstown. saint david 9. that's the number for cinnaminson, 12 in glassboro, hammonton, 11. woodbine showing 14 degrees, you factor in the winds feels like minus 5 to minus 15 throughout the heart of the delaware and lehigh valleys. 27 below with the wind up there in the poconos. the good news this is the last of it. the winds subside today and we'll see the cold stuff the core of it start to retreat up north into canada and get into the hudson bay area which is up there by the circle. all this cold stuff will follow that area of low pressure the polar vortex and head north over the next 24, 48 hours. there's the core of the cold sitting yoamp top -- overtop of us today. the cold stuff pulls to the north. tuesday the warm front lifts through winds shift out of the south and we're in the 40s and
9:45 am
50s. some areas could get close to 60 degrees by midday tuesday. future tracker not showing anything today. bright and sunny and blustery and cold. monday morning's commute will be light because of president's day, it will be smooth sailing from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., raining for the jersey shore, interior sections of south jersey. northwest suburbs and everyone else it's snowing. 7:00 p.m. it's north of the pennsylvania turnpike pushing into the lehigh valley. it gets into new england upstate new york changing over to rain, vermont, new hampshire, maine, all areas changing over to rain with this system. it's cold to the north, boston is below zero. even up there we're changing to rain. the low will track west of philadelphia pouring in the mild
9:46 am
air. snowfall totals 1 to 3 inches. i-95 corridor wilmington to trenton. a coating interior sections of south jersey and central delaware. 3 to 6 in allentown and poconos. upstate new york they could pick up 3 to 6 inches of this. allentown, 16. wilmington, 20. a pair of 2s for dover. 20 in millville. 20 in cape may. 4 degrees in allen to un, 13 for philadelphia. 9 in trenton. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 36 degrees tomorrow snow developing by midday, 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. its rain, range steadily monday night. periods of rain, tuesday, heavy, 56. wednesday is quiet, thursday is quiet. friday and saturday are quiet
9:47 am
and mild with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. i was going to complain until i saw tuesday. 9:47, the cruise ship that was forced to return to port last weekday after being pounded by rough weather is back at sea this morning. anthem of the seas left north jersey. some passengers admitted they were nervous, although they believed the ship would be a safe one. the ship arrived back at port wednesday night after it was pummeled in a powerful storm last sunday. we'll see you back here after this break.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me.
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sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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sincerely, alex payne. so glad you stayed with us on a sun morning, 9:50 a.m. sky6 live hd overlooking the vietnam veterans memorial there. flags continue to below in the wind. it's really cold out there. you and your sweety may want to snuggle inside. if you don't know, you may be in a whole lot of trouble. it's valentine's day. it's the most romantic day of the year. it's dates back to the 15th century. an estimated $18.9 billion will be spent on valentine's day this year alone. the average amount is $142. while most will receive flowers, the most popular gift gray is
9:51 am
jewelry. no. get out of here. candy is a popular gift for valentine's day day. $1.7 billion expected to be spent on buying sweets. it ranks above greeting cards for popularity and gifts. 55% of adults in the u.s. will celebrate today. a woman in utah did not wait to find out if their sweethearts bought them a ring for valentine's day. they took their fate into their hands literally. the diamond dive. the ring was found in 25 seconds. finders keepers shed gets to keep the gem. > turning to sports, the
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9:53 am
9:54 am
flyers appear to be on a downward trend. the top ranked team in basketball came home to play in front. a home crowd. we're talking about villanova wildcats. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: unfortunately like the weather, the flyers have gone ice cold. they lost four of their last five. they lost a defenseman who is out indefinitely with a wrist injury. flyers fans are face painters. first period against the devils, he gets by, the flyers fall behind 1-zip. early third down 1, the deficit disappearance like a ghost.
9:55 am
11th straight game with a point new nhl record by a rookie-d-man. penalty by jake borachek. flyers lost 2-1. they pick up a point. they are five out heading into the game against the rangers. it's a tough one, we need to learn a lesson, play 60 minutes, first period we didn't play very well. we left it to chance at the end. it bit us. we're trying to make the playoffs, it's a little sour taste in our mouth, because we need the two points. >> reporter: hopefully threat get it tonight in new york. it it has been a painfully brutal time in philadelphia sports, the number one college sports, villanova playing at home as the top ranked team. hanging out at their pep rally
9:56 am
at xfinity live, cats ice cold 0-11 deep in the first half. they were up one at the half. the second half they come out on fire, they dominate, a career high 25. finally they nail a few threes, nova wins 73-63. next up, temple. st. joe's comes out flying against la salle. gets them out to a 9-0 run out of the gate. second half it gets ugly, st. joe's up 30 points on la salle. st. joe's wins by 26. they are 21-4 second best in the a-ten conference. with all the top draft picks, sam hinkey is hoarding, not one sixer will
9:57 am
play in the all star game tonight. in toronto, the three point contest last night it's the slash brothers stealing the snow. thompson beats steph curry. watch this, he jumps over the magic mascot under his leg up and in. zack lavine wins the slam dunk contest. a real show for the ages and the kids. kobe bryant will play in his 18th and final all star game tonight in toronto. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. i could do that, too. i would like to see that. there's more to come on the sunday morning edition of "action news." the new new jersey shore has ben
9:58 am
battered by storms. you have to see it to believe it, that man and his pet rls squirrels. , plus chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see you back here after the break. ♪
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i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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10:00 a.m., sunday, february 14. in the news, dangersous -- dangerous cold. strong winds whipped around flags at a car dealership overnight making it feel like below zero. firefighters battled elements and fire overnight. a highway in lebanon county is open after a pileup. dangerous conditions are gripping the tri state region. the sun is shining brightly this morning, but it is not doing much to warm us up. the temperatures plunge to single digits and the windchill made it feel like below zero. chris sowers is at the "action news" big board with a look at accuweather. >> reporter: it's mighty cold, temperatures are improveing a little bit, but below where we
10:01 am
should be for this time of the year. 6 degrees in allentown. 13 in philadelphia. 14 in millville. atlantic city at the airport checking in at 1 degrees, windchills in the northeast, there's the polar vortex right there, the cold stuff is up here to the north. quebec, minus 26. burlington vermont minus 27. the outerdges are just like like. that polar similar vortex will move to the north an retreat into canada. right now it's sitting here. the outer edges of the colder air are like this, which include the delaware and lehigh valleys. by the time we get into tuesday, this retreats up here, there's the hudson bay and the bay in greenland. all that cold weather moves in like that, all this is suddenly
10:02 am
mild. i mean very mild. we'll go from single digit lows this morning to the mid to upper 50s tuesday afternoon, as the winds go zonal or west to east across the country. the pattern is changing, starting tomorrow we'll see big improvements. next week looks mild. sunny and bitter, 19 degrees it will feel like the upper single digits and low teens. guys. chris, thank you. the big story on sunday morning is the dangerous cold. the wind kicked up overnight making it feel extremely cold. some people say it's too much for those who are used to it. trish hartman joins us live from at this time, i don't think you ever get used to this, trish. >> reporter: i don't think so, nydia. officials are calling this cold dangerous, if you're heading outside don't like have your skin exposed for any long period of time. i have my thermal heat gun, you
10:03 am
can see on the screen, there's a hand warmer inside my glove keeping my hand nice and toasty, but the ground is measures negative 9, negative 10 degrees, we're on 18th street right outside the cathedral of st. peter and paul. people are venturing out going to church and breakfast trying to stay as warm as they can. the cold was almost too much to bear on this frigid sunday morning. i will be in the house all weekend long, i thought i would go out and go to church and go back home and stay in for the rest of the day. >> reporter: but that's not for everyone. ink for the united states it's cold, for us it's not. in ukrainian, russia this is normal. >> reporter: at 5:00 a.m., the peco buildings displayed the bitter truth, 8 degrees.
10:04 am
wind raged keeping people inside, but we found brave souls who ventured out. you need extra layers. i should have stayed in the house in the warmth and drinking hot chocolate and beer. i heard three, i'm going to bundle up tomorrow. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: now, i did check in with the city's homeless hot line, while there were no incidents overnight they are experiencing a much higher volume of calls than they normally do. we have a number of resources at if you see any people or pets outside who need shelter make sure you contact authorities, live in center city, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." nydia? you need to keep everyone safe. a stunning scene of the fire and ice in frankford as firefighters battle flames and the bitter cold. they worked in the wee hours of the morning to knock down a 6-alarm blaze that left
10:05 am
firefighters and two others injured. firefighters continued to pour water on the building overnight. you can see the vehicles parked outside the buildings are encased in ice as is the buildings itself. flames raced from the auto body shop to other businesses. the bitter cold made battling the blaze very difficult for firefighters. you see frozen lines, frozen ice on the building. once you have water flowing and this type of temperature it freezes up quickly. several people and pellets were evacuated. residents are waiting to see if their home are okay. a woman and juvenile were taken to the hospital for observation. the cause is under investigation. 10:05 an interstate in lebanon county is reopened a day after a massive pileup left three people dead and dozens
10:06 am
hurt. eastbound, westbound lanes of i-78 are open to traffic once again. saturday morning, 60 vehicles became entangled in a pileup in bethel township. three people died 40 others hurt. it sounded like two bombs went off, there were a couple of people laying out and trucks and cars smashed. cars underneath tractor trailers and in between tractor trailers, total destruction. >> reporter: police believe the snow squall reduced visibility and may have triggered the pileup. now to the passing of a legal legend and the controversy about his successor that quickly erupted. antonin scalia died in his sleep during a visit to texas. he was a trenton native and first italian american to serve on the court. else being remembered by those on both sides of the aisle and black -- barack obama.
10:07 am
many are reacting to the death and what's going to happen next here. >> reporter: good morning to you both of you, we have learned that the body of antonin scalia was taken to a west texas funeral home. the conservative jurist died while on a hunting trip in west texas. the county is remembering his legal standpoint he had across the entire county in america. body of justice antonin scalia transported by a caravan into the parking lot of a west texas funeral home heavily guarded by u.s. marshals. this is as america mourns the loss of one of the most influential jurists on the high court. scalia nominated by president reagan in 1986 serving 30 years on the bench known as the
10:08 am
conservative wing of the supreme court he will be forever remembered for the strict interpretation and staunch dwebs of dwebs -- defense of the constitution. this is a tremendous blow to conservativism and to our county. he will go down as one of the great justices of this country. >> reporter: he reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes. flags are at half statue to honor him. the president said he will fill his cooingal responsibility to nominate. senate republicans threatening not to confirm an obama nominee. i believe the president hulled not move forward and we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. the president has a responsibility to nom flight a new justice -- nominate a new justice and the senate has a
10:09 am
responsibility to vote. so the controversy did continue as to whole replace justice scalia. he leaves behind his wife and nine children. justice scalia died at the age of 79 three weeks shy of his 80th birthday. live in new york, channel 6 "action news." we'll send it back to you, gray. we have more at, there you will find details about his impact on the court and the nation, as well as reaction to his death. 10:09. a woman is fighting for her life this morning after her throat was cut during a fight inside a bar overnight. it happened at fiddler's tavern on the 7300 block of frankford avenue. her throat was cut by a broken beer battle during the fight. she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. no reports of any arrests. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man outside a west philadelphia bar.
10:10 am
the action cam was at the scene outside the rear entrance of the bar. when officers arrived after 10:00 p.m. they found a man in his 20s lying on the ground. he was shot several times. the victim was pronounced at penn presbyterian hospital. there's no word on a motive or suspects. time, 10:10 a long time philadelphia journalist and pull pull -- pull -- columnist for the philadelphia inquirer. aifl moore is being -- acel moore is being remembered as an inspiring journalist those those of color. he was a crusader in getting more and more black journalists hired not only in philadelphia, but across the
10:11 am
entire nation. he was a founding member of the association of black journalist. he is survived by his wife and son and daughter. he was 75 years old. a fire on the train tracks impacting those taking amtrak. leaves used at a jersey shore town used to protect the shore. live look at cape may, you wouldn't want to go into the water this morning, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast after the break.
10:12 am
10:13 am
>> glad you stayed with us, the fire on the train tracks on the spillway in louisiana has disrupted amtrak service and causing problems for cargo ships in the area. the fire started yesterday morning and took 6 hours to get under control. amtrak passenger trains use the rail line. there's no word when the service will continue. 10:1, mother nature giving us the cold shoulder today. >> reporter: literally. let's get you outside. it's blustery and cold out there. we had low temperatures close to some records in some areas, the core of the cold off to the north, temperatures will struggle today. some areas could reach 20 degrees, but most of us stay in the teens this afternoon. there's the live view penns
10:14 am
landing, windchill advisory has been discontinued by the national weather service. it's mighty cold out there. double scan live is clear, we won't have to worry about the pop up snow showers, some of us picked up a good snow shower which produced blinding conditions briefly for a time as the arctic front barreled through. 19 degrees that's the high temperature we're shooting for. the normal is 44 way off the mark. philadelphia was 6 or 7 degrees around the philadelphia area above the record. minus 6 in tanersville. 4 in martins creek, 8 in saint davids. center city, 13 degrees, glass borough, 13. smyrna and dover, 17. sea isle city, 15. woodbine, 14 degrees. satellite and radar, the polar vortex sitting there north of the us/canadian border over top of quebec that's pulling away.
10:15 am
it is going to the north and it will take the cold weather with it. monday we rebound getting into the mid to upper 30s and tuesday, into the upper 50s. 2:00 p.m., 15 degrees, 4:00 p.m., we're in the mid to upper teens. the good news, 6:30, 16, 17, 18 those are the actual air temperatures. the windchills are not too much lower than that. 10, 12, 16. it's much easier to handle today than yesterday when the windchills were hovering near zero or some instances five to ten degrees below. looks like monday morning we'll be okay with the snow developing around midday. we'll start to increase the impacts here later and later. by 7:00, philadelphia may start to change over to rain at that point. north and west, north of the pennsylvania turnpike, probably 8 or 9:00 p.m. that's when the snow switch over
10:16 am
to rain there. future tracker 6 we're clear today, sunny conditions, a nice looking finish to the weekend. bluster and cold. tomorrow morning, no issues, cloudy skies a light breeze, bitter cold temperatures once again we're back down into the single digits. we advance this into the 2, 3, 4:00 p.m. hours, look at how the snow overspreads the area southwest to northeast. interior sections of south jersey and north and west everybody included in this. the rain-snow line charges to the north. it's in allentown, pushing into the poconos and 9, 10:00, and 11:00 p.m., syracuse and albany is switching over to rain. some of this will come down at a good clip. we're expecting one to three inches of rain on top of one to three inches of snow. when all is said and done there could flooding issues north and west of the delaware delaware r.
10:17 am
coating to an inch south jersey and delaware, 3 to 6 in the lehigh valley. in the poconos. that could wash away monday night into tuesday, sunny and blustery today, 19 degrees is the forecasted high. 36 degrees tomorrow. breezy rainy mild tuesday, 56 degrees. cooler air rushes in by midweek. thursday, 39, friday, 45. and saturday is bomb, another 56 with sun and clouds. one jersey shore town is taking an unusual step to protect the beaches from storms. leaf base are lining the coastline in mystic island. nora muchanic explains how it works. >> reporter: the base -- these bail -- bales saved our shore.
10:18 am
>> reporter: these composeed leaves are being tested to avoid flooding. the leaves stand up better than concrete blocks, they held their own during several high tides that battered the shore two weeks ago during the blizzard. i think they can take more from the pressure of the wave action. >> reporter: that saved ten to $15,000 on road repairs from flood damage. nature choice makes the bail which would make them a living best you berm. it didn't flood here at all. on our street it did, because we didn't have this. >> reporter: parts of little egg harbor flood regularly with a strong high side as they did this morning. you can see the seaweed
10:19 am
behind me, and a little further up, the tide came in. >> reporter: folks are curious about the simple environmental friendly way to hold flood water back. it's done more than it was expected to do. it saved the land around here. it's doing it's job. >> reporter: the hay es are generating a lot of attention from the army corps of engineers. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." r
10:20 am
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time for odd and unusual pictures of the week. when it comes to relaxing in pouch, one baby kangaroo in australia is not picky at all. check out the little one as she hospitals into a pillow case. the cloth sack is a great sure gate for the orphan kangaroo. she is content to be carried out by the staff members. check out the union of peanut the rat and the orange tabby cat is winning the hearts of people across the social. they are supposed to be bitter enemies, of course their owner took in both of them back in
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2008. we should say the cat was not hungry. squirrels are not the animals you think of as a pet. this man as pet squirrel. it takes a treat from his handle. he saw something fall from a tree one day and he discovered it to be a small baby squirrel. new it would not surprise, he nursed it with goats milk. he said it is free to leave and roam the wild, but he chose to stay right there at the house. if you love something it will love you right back. up next, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment.
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stayed with us, inside story is up next on 6abc, here's matt o'donnell with a preview. >> reporter: hey guys, i hope you're having a great valentine's day. coming up on inside story we'll talk about the budget proposal that is designed to replace the phantom pennsylvania budget. governor wolf delivered his budget address in harrisburg, they don't have a budget right now, he hears boos. we'll talk about it. governor christie is out, we talk about what went wrong for the guy who everyone wanted to run for president four years ago. kathleen kane the pennsylvania attorney general is she the new comeback kid? inside story at 11:00 a.m. one more time for the forecast. >> reporter: we're up to 19 degrees, the winds ease up quite a bit later on.
10:26 am
sunny skies, frigid. windchills if we hit 19 we'll hang around 14 or 15. tomorrow, snow developing by midday, not as cold, temperatures rice riezing monday night -- rising monday night into tuesday. tuesday morning, 58. monday morning, light breeze cloudy skies, no issues, nothing falling from the clouds all of it holds off until midday. it's the afternoon when we expect the snow to start accumulating. 1 to 3 for the i-95 corridor and 3 to 4 for the lehigh valley and the poconos. 19 today, 36 tomorrow. a special this week with george stephanopoulos is coming up next. george will have an one hour show dedicated to antonin scalia. the trenton native and longest serving member of the court died this week at 79 years old. he will talk to those who worked closely with him and how a
10:27 am
firestorm is developing around his death. braving the bitter cold we're live with more on how people are keeping warm in the frigid temperatures. in "healthcheck," cleaning out your medicine cabinet why it's not the best place to keep your medication him for chris sowers, gray hall and and the ee "action news" team, i'm nydia han. happy valentine's day everybody! enjoy
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. battle for the bench. justice antonin scalia, conservative legend, dies at 79. the fight to fill his seat already under way. >> i plan to nominate a successor. >> it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> as both sides dig in, will the presidential election become a referendum on the court? plus, trump targeted in the nastiest debate yet. the billionaire businessman under fire. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. >> and, firing back. >> you're a principal. >> you're the single biggest liar. >> this morning, trump, cruz, rubio, kasich, all here live. from abc news, it's "this week."


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