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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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flyers, candy for wayne simmonds tonight in new york. they are talking trash pregame and then opening minute, dylann mcilrath goes after simmonds. wayne gets a few in there but simmonds has a bloody eye lid. twenty seconds later another fight, tanner glass wanted simmonds but instead gets ryan white. flyers have a bigger fight on the hand, the playoffs. later in the fourth, derek hazard by steve mason's food. they fall behind one to nothing. they are having trouble tying it. second period best shot on the power play brayden schenn off the post, he stops 21 shots. third period dave hakstol won't like this. derek stephan scores twice, wide open net, good night, bad hockey, flyers lose three-one. they have dropped five of six. they remain six-point back. well, where does the time go? we saw him become a star right here in front of our own eyes at lower merion high school and now kobe bryant is playing in his 18th and final nba all-star game tonight, 20 years later.
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>> kobe bryant. >> i just want to thank you guys, for all of your support, for all of these years, and i have been extremely fortunate to play the game that i love and being in the nba for more than half of my life. >> how about the lakers forwarding head to head with fell will owe philly native kyle lowery. at 37. he helped take the roll right there. ten-point for kobe with seven assists. lots of dunks anal i hoop. anthony davis with the slam. the west wins 196-173. kobe walks away a winner to a standing ovation tonight in toronto and they are chanting, kobe. >> just like a bouquet of roses, temple blossoming at the right time. owls are red hot. they have won a season high five straight and temple takes over first place in the conference today. temple, lots of love for john cheyney and 91 team that went
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to the elite eight. they are honored during the game against south florida. how about the owls, they come out flying, first half, and here he drives to the basket and the foul. temple up 15 early. end of the half south florida's jamal mcmur friday half court. wow. temple up by nine at the half. after the break, temple takes over, dann you'll dingle, temple wins 77-65. that is five in a row. they are in first place heading in to wednesdayes game against number one ranked villanova a. the listen to the owls tonight. you can tell they are chomping at the bit. >> they are the number one team, does that factor into it the because it is villanova, it is a big five game, familiarity, does it still feel like a regular game. >> of course, it does but you just want to treat it like every other game but with the number one fact, number one ranking definitely has a factor. >> any other game, come on. hope springs eternal, the expression dead on, describing
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the 2016 phillies. the fans are going to hope for a winner all they want but phillies are rebuilding. and here's a years away from contending. phillies and purchasers and catchers report wednesday. their bats, uniforms, a arriving in clearwater florida where it is 70 degrees. pete mackanin will have a big bright smile. after decade in baseball he is finally a full-time manager. >> there is a manager taking over in the first day of spring training, you put your fingerprint on what the team will look like and how you will go about getting to the point you want to be at. so it is, it is strange at this level for me but i'm looking forward to it. >> let's go, baseball. doug pederson follow in andy reid's footsteps by drafting a franchise caliber quarterback in his first year, among topics on the table for eagles coach. but that is not biggest piece of advice big red gave
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pederson. >> he just said be your self. that is something that echos in my head all the time. you know, be who you are. don't be anybody that you are not, i just go do it and be your self. be transparent, be opened, be honest and let's see what happens. much more with pederson and eagles, on "action news" sports sunday, just about ten minutes at 11:45. doug pederson with interesting things to say this week to "action news". he thinks they can compete. >> all right. let's hope so. >> thanks, jeff. still to come on "action news" from the young to the young at heart. >> we will introduce to you folks uniquely qualified to share with us their stories of true love on the valentines day when "action news" comes right back. on this valentines day a
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montgomery county couple is proving it is never too late to say, i do. anita smuckler and ralph block were widowed when they met in an on line dating services in 2008. the two hit it off right away and they have been together ever since. >> suddenly there we were living together. before you knew it. >> eight years, i don't believe i have been happier. >> resident of the ride he will park retirement village ralph and a neat got married last year at ages of 88 and 85. block's were doublely bless they say each finding true love, twice in their lives. >> very nice. >> no shortage of people with their own stories of love and
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romance but as usual some stories are more compelling then others. >> for a couple married more than 80 years to the teen with all of the the right moves, lots of people spent this day making others feel special. here's abc's beyond donovan. >> reporter: hundreds of weird predictions made about this day in the movie ghost busters two, 27 years ago. >> according to my source, end of the world will be on february 14th, in the year 2016. >> valentines day, bummer. >> she said her source was an alien. >> whatever, on with the stunts. we have john and ann, both over 100 years old and married 83 years giving relationship advice on twitter. we hang on to one another just a few little hugs and we're fine. we have brian and florence stewart a small businessman and ph.d. hold inner organic chemistry making the waffle house their celebration get the away. we have a high school senior named heyden god free. >> i want to make as many
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people happy as possible. >> reporter: who gave a flower to every single girl in his high school, 800 flowers and cost him more than $500. gesture appreciated by recipients. >> so cool. >> reporter: admired by heyden's girlfriend too. the note to aliens we are still here this valentines day, so far, anyway. donovan, abc news, washington.
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loving couple from delaware county celebrated valentines day at the very spot of their love story beginning. john and dot i massera ate dinner at clam tavern in clifton heights in the same table where john popped the question in the early 197 on's. they had been married now for 45 years, they have three children, six grabbed children and wanted everyone to know that some love stories really do last a lifetime. blue cross river rink hosted an event tonight to warm up this cold valentines day. three sweetheart skates, sessions with flowers, and chocolates, and a dj providing a romantic sound track. warming cottage were also a
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nice place to get out in the cold. rink wraps up its season on february the 28th. "action news" sports sunday is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. >> for walter perez, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great night and happy valentines day. >> ♪
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he is sacked, he is sack. fletcher cox. >> fletcher cox, jason peters and zach ertz and they are exited to get in here and talk to build a championship team. >> nothing should amount to this type of incident where you have someone going to the ground or any individual stumping at a person over a bottle of champagne. this is "action news" sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> champagne was in the studio here. welcome to "action news" sports sunday i'm jamie apody with 97.5 mike missanelli. >> pour me a glass herey don't have any. >> happy valentines day. >> same to you. >> will we grow to love doug
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pederson. >> that is a tough, tough question of the evening. >> i know. >> i like him a little bit. >> a little bit. >> he is a ahead of himself by saying there will be a contender. i think a lot of things have to go their way, like they have to sign the quarterback sam bradford to be a contend inner that division and being a contender is only being a nine-seven team at best i think. >> so can they make the playoffs this season. >> i think they can make a playoff if they sign bradford. if not they will not make the playoffs. if they had bradford back and simplify offence and use demarco and go to the four-three and jim schwartz has that front seven really going, i think nine is the maximum they can win but nine in this division can win something. >> that is for sure. >> jeff skversky sat down with the eagles new head coach this week and here's what he said about their chances to compete right away. >> this team vice close. when you evaluate this team, this roster, you know, we are a few pieces a away possibly.
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when do that through free agency and draft. we are looking at that every year anyway. i feel like this team has the talent, you know, on this roster to really make a run here in the next couple of years. >> can you guys be a playoff team this year? you said you are close. >> i mean i have to say yes. if i didn't, you know, i probably would be lying. i think that this team can put us in a position to be there at the end of the season. >> pederson has a lot of roster decision toss make like bradford. were you surprised he cut riley cooper. >> no, it had to be done. fan discontent was such he became such a negative vibe on this team. it really wasn't, helping at all, on the feel. that doesn't make it an hard decision. they saved a couple million-dollar, two or three, not much but i think it is an addition by subtraction. >> speaking of a negative vibe, it is not pederson's problem but lesean mccoy. let's talk about him. he got himself in trouble.
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here's the video from tmz sports showing shady involved in the fight at philadelphia nightclub. one night ago that left two off-duty police officers injured. he is facing serious charges. >> maybe an off-duty police officer involved somewhere. well, it is bad news. i don't know what will happen in buffalo to him but it is bad news here because off-duty cops were involved. so you know they will press the issue here. this remind me of the situation with allen i've on got in many years ago where they charged him with maiming, that will not happen here because it is philadelphia and different political climate here. this is no the good. this is trouble civilly and criminally. >> it sound like charges could be serious. so writers in buffalo are calling for bills to cut him. how do you think they will handle the situation. >> i don't think they will cut him. with rex ryan as a coach he will not impose this kind of discipline. he is a key running back. i think they are hoping to slip through cracks on this and get him to get a half
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hearted apology or probation on the charges or whatever. will play for the bills next year. >> interesting to see how that plays out here in the legal system as well. we will be on it the for a long time. >> like chip kelly knew what he was doing with him. >> with him and couple others maybe. >> flyers in trouble mike. >> yes. >> they need points the most, they have dropped five of their last six. six points out of the wild card spot. is this team done. >> yes, yes, tonight i think, with the goose was finally cooked tonight. they have a big road trip now where four straight games on the road, they cannot score. they had two goals this weekend without sean couturier and dell zotto i think this is the end of it. they had momentum for a while but this weekend solidify they are not going to make the playoffs. they have too many teams to pass. there is a point, one thing but you have to leap over four or five teams that will not be done because those other teams will not just lose out. >> so some more on the depressing flyers let's send to it jeff skversky and the
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big game. >> maybe valentines day is maybe just, a day full of love, lets get to the music, trying to get flyers and range tours love one another impossible. in fact rangers want to rip wayne simmonds face off after they gave ryan mcdonough a concussion last week no flowers or candy for wayne simmonds tonight in new york. opening minute, dylann mcilrath goes after simmonds. wayne land a few punches but walks away with a bloody eye lid and then the fight on the ice, for the flyers, bigger one, the playoffs, later in the fourth, decker l.a.sard right by steve mason's foot. flyers fall behind. derek stephan scores twice, third period, good night. bad hockey. the flyers lose three-one. they have dropped five of six. they are six points out of the the playoff spot, as we go forward, and it is a bad way for flyers to start their five day road trip. another loss to the rangers, just two goals against the devils and new york. >> well, that is uplifting news. since we will not have playoff
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who can toy look forward to at least is there march madness. temple hoping to help their case, we will talk local college hoops coming up but first frigid stats from melissa magee. >> thanks, guys. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. the on monday we have got snow to start especially bite the afternoon and evening hours. then changing over to a mix, eventually rain on the way overnight monday, a high of 36. rising numbers on monday, we will drop down to 35, but by tuesday, good soaking rain is on the way, flooding is also a big concern. "action news" sports sunday continues after the break. welcome back.
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well, if there is anything to warm our hearts n'synx will digit temperatures, it is, the sight of the spring, and mike is excited, it is equipment truck that arrived in clearwater. they have baseball, 1200 bats, one philly fanatic hot dog
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launcher. >> yes, 25 golf clubs. >> yes. >> they need that too. >> yes. >> pitchers and catchers, first work out thursday. mike, what are you most interested in seeing in the baseball season. >> i want to see these young prospects they brought up in the 40 man roster this spring training you get to see them play. i want to see nick williams, the outfielder, i want to see jason crawford, i want to see these guys coming up and be the team in 2020 that i think could be a decent team. i want to see rotation and whether they can get anything out of the middle of the rotation with guys like hell innings son, jared eichoff and hoff that fifth starter is. it is a lost season. over under number in las vegas is 65. >> brutal. >> sixty-five. >> better 65 then it would be last year because there is young guys, at least you can follow along with. >> think about 2020. >> how about happier thoughts our baseball team is not the very good for the next three or four years but we have
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three potential teams bidding for ticket to the dance. sunday less than a monday away. st. joes 21-four. >> very under rated 21-four. >> temple 16-eight but first place in the ac c. and also, villanova. >> villanova get in and may get a number one seed and if they win out. st. joes gets in. temple has done enough to get in even if they lose enough to villanova a they have gotten a lot of big wins over the last couple weeks that will get them in as well. >> jeff skversky has more on nova's upcoming opponent, hi jeff. >> for a team that need help from the selection committee temple, of course, also needs to help themselves. down the stretch, here like a win over villanova, of course that would be a big deal on wednesday, but they cannot overlook today's valentines day game. lots of love in the house, beyond cheyney and 91 team that went to the elite eight, they are honored during their game against south florida. second half how about daniel
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with the slam. three minutes later, off the steel, jaylen bond finishing it off right here. bond scores 18. temple wins 77-65. that is season high five straight. they will move into first place, big day temple. nba all-star game, final appearance for lower merion's kobe bryant. kobe gets a standing ovation and they loved him in toronto. kobe on villanova's kyle lowery, two of his ten. kobe has seven a is ises. his final all-star game. west wins 196-173, kobe walks off winner in toronto, a champion again. russell westbrook wins mvp but kobe a four time all-star mvp, nobody has won more. his most memorable his first 1202 at the wells fargo center in his hometown guys who could forget that one. >> thanks, jeff. >> he got booed, that is yes can't forget it. >> that is why he doesn't like philly anymore. how about the sixers, it looks like they will have three big man.
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can they get rid of these guys. >> they will have to weighed for embiid because it revolving around when can play and his foot can hold up. that is what they have to wait for. fit can definitely one will get traded and figure it out from there. trade deadline coming up. do you trade okafor now. you don't trade him now. if you do that you take a chance that embiid can't play and then you leave yourself thin. this play out the rest of the season, lose as many games as you can, get draft picks, and figure it out from there. >> they have all three, who would have to go. >> would i say no ellis guy to go and i know people disagree with that. >> i like him. >> i think there are guys that can come out every year that have noel skills. he cannot score but jump and block shots. it is an easier player to find then a post player who can score. >> okay he is mike missanelli, he knows his stuff about the nba. for jeff skversky i'm jamie apody, happy valentines day. thanks for joining us on "action news" sports sunday. >> i'm alicia vitarelli
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>>and i'm erin o'hearn. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >>rocking my inner carrie bradshaw. >>we shop the latest addition to what is become center city's outlet row. >>oooh i like that >>do a day in swarthmore. >>oozy, gooey good. >>discover an unexpected gem in south jersey. >>yes! >>and we're getting ready for the philadelphia home show with an fyi diy upcycling competition. >>hi everyone and happy valentines day!we are in oh-so-relaxing new spa at the logan hotel >>and doesn't this place just ooze romance. >>it does, especially when you throw in the chocolates and champagne that come with the romance package here this weekend. >>and while we indulge, melissa is spending a beautiful day in swarthmore. >>it's just a short 20 minute ride from the city in our fyi toyota and we're in the heart of small town america - swarthmore, pe


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