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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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coverage this afternoon. we'll check in with vernon odom and walter perez in just a moment but we'll get things started with our team of meteorologists adam joseph and cecily tynan. adam live at the big board with storm tracker6 live double scan to track the changes in your neighborhood. adam. >> it's all about location here this afternoon on double scan live radar. some of the region seeing the white, which is that snowfall, the blue which is the transition from that snow to sleet and freezing rain and the green and far southern areas the transition is over with. it is now raining will stay rain. as we look at double scan live radar some very light snow across much of the area and you probable are noticing kind of this band of purple here from chester county and downingtown east to parts of delaware county, the blue route, center city philadelphia, lifting off to the north. that is the transition from that needle like fluffy snow and this band is a heavier bigger flake type of snow consistency and that is the actual transition zone from
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all snow to eventually mix of sleet and freezing rain. in fact as we head to the south, the blue is all sleet and freezing rain and millville smyrna now approaching glassboro and hammonton all rain at the coast in southern parts of new jersey and this will continue to inch from the south to the north as we go through the evening hours. you'll see a coating to 2-inches more especially north and west of philadelphia where we still have that snow going on. very slick on untreated surfaces where you have that transition period of sleet and freezing rain and it changes eventually over to rain a little bit later on tonight. in fact, the area of concern when we're talking about a period of icing here this evening of that sleet and especially freezing rain is really north of the pennsylvania turnpike, most of northern chester county, montgomery county, bucks county into the lehigh valley poconos berks county and lancaster county where we pick up between a tenth and 210ths of an inch of ice before it goes over to rain and meteorologist cecily tynan we're watching those temperatures really rise in
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the south and by tomorrow morning it is warm everywhere. >> that's right. hard to believe when we only hit a high of 20 yesterday, right now you can see that this storm system is pulling to the west is going to be pulling in the warmer air off the ocean. the atlantic city airport this is why it's raining there, it's 35 degrees, wildwood 31, philadelphia though 26, allentown 21 and reading 21 and the poconos only 15 drones the atmosphere works from the top down so that's why the warmer air will gradually be moving to the surface and that's why we'll get the sleet and freezing rain before that changeover all to rain but this is pretty unbelievable. look at this rapid temperature rise overnight. typically overnight temperatures really drop off very quickly but by 10 o'clock, up to 35 degrees, up from 30 at 7 o'clock and temperatures will continue to rise in the overnight hours so in a 12-hour period we're looking at temperatures up 15 degrees when typically they do the opposite overnight. so these are the key times,
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the changeover to rain, this will happen very gradually so central delaware southern new jersey, it's happening now and it won't be complete until about 7 o'clock so you really do want to be careful driving. the i-95 metro area including philadelphia that changeover will happen after sunset between about 7:00 and 10 o'clock tonight. the northwest suburbs this is where we could see more of that extended period of icing that changeover between 10 o'clock tonight and 1 o'clock tomorrow morning and then future tracker showing the next part of this system will be a cold front and this will bring a band of some heavy rain in through our region perhaps even some thunderstorms and also pull in some very warm air so this is what to expect tomorrow. we're talking rain, not snow showers a quick half inch to an inch of rain between about 10 o'clock in the western suburbs and 4 o'clock the east coast up across the shore points. we're talking about two hours of rain, the problem though, the ground is frozen, there's going to be a lot of runoff that could cause localized flooding and some small street
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flooding but temperatures are going to be off to the races. adam will talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> cecily thank you. as the storm moved in from the south, people in delaware saw it first this morning and they've been dealing with the effects all day. vernon odom continues our team coverage tonight. he is live in fairfax. vernon. >> reporter: good evening, sharrie. for most of this day there have been no major problems reported in the delaware and the -- in the state of delaware. the residents were ready and so, too, were state officials. as you can see as we step over here to the grassy area here, snow is built up, it's very light and fluffy, it's built up here on the grassy area as well as on some side streets. the snow blowin blowing into dee 11:00 a.m. it came from the south. motorists headed north said it was tough going headed towards the mason-dixon line. >> they're not plowing the
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snow in virginia. >> they're not plowing the snow. luckily we know how to drive. >> reporter: as the day wore on and the snow made side streets a lip slippery delaware and took it in stride. a high school basketball coach held his practice session on this cool holiday and came home. >> we had practice this morning. we got it out of the way and here we are looks like got some work to do at the house now. >> reporter: shoveling? >> yes. >> reporter: going to rain this afternoon this evening and wash it all away. >> it is. this weather has just been crazy. because deldot treated the roads with brine before dawn the main roads never got slushy. allowing a lot of folks to get to work and do their food shopping without a hassle. >> doesn't seem to be bad. it's any other slipping. >> reporter: supposed to rain later today and wash it all away. >> i work tomorrow and hope to have the sunshine out here and dry ground. >> reporter: indeed we all hope so mr. o'connor. along 202 as you can see traffic is moving along here at a pretty good clip. state officials have not
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designated any major roads impassable throughout this day but they are urging caution as you travel anywhere across the first state tonight. live in fairfax, delaware, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> vernon thanks very much. he just mentioned that conditions on the roads behind him. let's give you another look, mobile6 driving right now through south philadelphia. this is the scene on ninth street heading north to the italian market where they welcomed this kind of weather, a bit of an outdoor refrigerator for all that delicious food. as you can see snow piling up on the roads there and it is a mess to navigate those small streets of south philadelphia today. penndot crews have been working all day to make sure roads are clear. the wing treatment means you could have to deal with slush as you head out this evening. walter perez continues our team coverage live in montgomeryville this afternoon where it is snowing at a pretty good clip, was there. >> reporter: that's right, brian. live look at bethlehem pike,
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near the five points in montgomeryville. it has been snowing steadily over the past four hours or so much you can see some slush but nothing plowable. officials say the tricky part for them is going to be when this snow develops into that freezing rain. roads across our region remain passable for most part but slick conditions are developing despite the fact that penndot crews did a thorough job brining the roads over the past 24 hours. and penndot officials say don't be fooled by the fact that temperatures are expected to rise above freezing later this evening. >> our pavement temperatures are very cold due to the frigid weather we have. so, they can still continue to ice after the temperatures have risen above freezing. >> reporter: still the fact that the snow is arriving before the rain is working in penndot's favor. that allows the salt to begin working before the rainwashes it away. lower traffic volume due to the holiday is also a plus. be aware that if you're out and about this evening penndot has temporarily reduced the speed limit to 45 miles per
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hour on a number of highways. and that order remains in effect through the evening rush as the snow is expected to turn into a freezing rain. >> changing conditions will present a challenge because it will be slippery and then bridges, overpasses, elevated ramps will tend to freeze quicker than the roadway when the freezing rain starts. >> reporter: we spoke with a bunch of local commuter whose say it's all just one more reason why this winter really needs to end. >> i'm done. it hasn't been that bad but i'm ready for warm weather. >> what can i say? i'm ready for spring. i think we all are. >> reporter: back out live penndot offering the usual advice, avoid unnecessary travel, keep a safe distance between vehicles and lower your speed. we'll keep an eye on the situation here and have an update on "action news" starting at 6:00. reporting live from montgomeryville, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> walter thank you. a snowy day indeed. >> yeah. >> the good news is the president's day holiday should mean lighter traffic for the evening commute.
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>> that's where the good news ends. we turn to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. you've got the story from there, hey, matt. >> you think i would have bad news for you on an afternoon like this? you're absolutely right. we're thanking those presidents that the volume is a little bit lighter than normal because the people that are out and about this afternoon brian and sharrie they're having a tough enough time as it is without a whole bunch more people on the roadways. this is 202 the southbound lanes. you can see an accident taking out the two left lanes. just the right lane squeezing by very slowly. you're seeing delays coming down 202 because of this accident near chesterbrook and as you can see the snow continues to fall t let's see if it continues to fall, yes, it does, here in northeast philadelphia along 95. you can see some of the blacktop but you can also see there's definitely slush on the roadway meaning it is slippery and that's why we've seen a number of accidents. little bit of southbound volume passing cottman entering the work zone headed towards s had a crash on the ramp from the walt whitman bridge to the northbound side
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of 95. would have been right about up there. looks like it may be cleared out. good thing about accidents in weather like this, they're often minor in nature so they can clear pretty quickly but we've seen a bunch of them this afternoon. in center city this is the vine street expressway stacking up headed toward 95 so whereas normally on a holiday like this we might not see the typical afternoon delays because people have to go so slowly this afternoon because of the wet and slippery conditions, we are seeing some of those delays. this is the blue route 476 in delco. a southbound accident approaching the route one media bypass. just got it pushed off to the side. you're seeing plenty of slowing as you come down from villanova. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this holiday monday afternoonly i hope you had a good holiday weekend and a good valentine's day. pothole on the road along almonesson road in gloucester township. no speedy out there this afternoon. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, in the next half hour. >> definitely take it slow. matt thank you. as the storm moves through the region today keep your devices open to
4:11 pm use street level forecasting from storm tracker6 live to stay ahead of the snow changing to rain and be sure to follow our team of meteorologists on facebook twitter and other social platforms. >> and up next here on a monday afternoon developing news. a series of drug overdoses on a local college campus. what police are telling us about them. >> plus, the latest on the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia as his family makes plans for his remembrance, the fight over his replacement is already heating up. >> and investigators finally know what is causing an outbreak a at ursinus college as more students come forward to report their symptoms.
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>> ♪ >> developing right now radnor police have arrested a college freshman in connection with lsd overdoses at villanova university. 18-year-old justin yim is facing a list of charges now. investigators say they recovered what appeared to be dozens of lsd tabs from his
4:15 pm
dorm room on villanova's south campus. they searched the room after three possible were hospitalized from apparent overdoses over the weekend. all of them have since been released. sarah bloomquist will explain how police tracked down the suspect in a live report tonight at 5:0 5:00. >> funeral arrangements are still being set for supreme court justice antonin scalia. he passed away in his sleep over the weekend at a hunting lodge in texas. his body was flown to virginia late last night after authorities determined that scalia died of natural causes. as flags fly at half-staff in the nation's capitol to honor the longest serving member of the current court, the battle over his successor is waging both in washington and on the campaign trail. candidates on both sides already weighing in. ted cruz even launched a new round of tv ads today using this platform. it's the president's constitutional right by the way to appoint a judge to the supreme court even during an
4:16 pm
election year. >> plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility. >> the senate also has the constitutional right to confirm or deny that appointee. today republican senator lindsey graham said on "good morning america" it's something they may choose to do after the election. now, among the names mentioned for a possible replacement circuit judge, the first asian-american on the supreme court. sharrie. >> we'll see where this goes. firefighters battled the frigid temperatures to put out a raging fire in havertown today. chopper6 was over the burning home on strathmore road and found flames shooting out of the roof. crews say the fire started around 10 o'clock this morning. one person had to go to the hospital because of this. and we are still trying to find out that person's name and how badly he or she was
4:17 pm
injured. investigators have not told us how the fire started. >> of course we know weather is playing such a detrimental role in these firefighter's efforts over the weekend and again today so let's turn our attention now back once again to the accuweather forecast. >> let's also head outside. sky6 giving us a live look at spring mountain and you can see people spending their president's day on the slopes. a nice amount of people out there and they got a fresh coating of powder. meteorologist adam joseph here now of course with what we can expect and also this warmup that should be happening. >> yes, kind of a transition period from that deep freeze we had over the weekend to near 60 degrees that comes in tomorrow. so as you introduce that warmer air over that arctic air you got to ring out some precipitation. you can see it is in every single form on double scan live radar from the white to the north when is some of that light snow that continues to fall, the blue is sleet and freezing rain and then the green is rain. as we close in on double scan live a little closer you can see a large area of blue, so this is where we're seeing those sleet pellets, the pellets you hear kind of
4:18 pm
pinging off of the window and bouncing on the ground from salem middletown smyrna to hammonton. it's raining out and temperatures on the ground still below freezing and it freezes on contact. that is the worst type of winter precipitation you can have and it is all rain in southern areas and this will continue to lift to the north. now we can switch double scan live radar into a different mode called the correlation co-efficient mode. our radar has two scans, one in the vertical, one in the horizontal. both radars is indicate where did you go it's seeing similar particles. where you're seeing the smooth nature where the purples are it is one constant color, that's snowflakes. that's the isis the radar is picking up in the atmosphere. south that of area you can see these colors, it's kind of confusion the radar saying there's many different particles in the atmosphere, what's going on? well, that's that mixing of some of the ice crystals and the water in there atmosphere and that's
4:19 pm
where you're seeing the mixing. in fact let's flip back to the radar mode and you can see north of 70 which is where we're dealing with the white and that snow and that continues to lift off to the north and there you see that mixing line approaching from the south and the east. as we take a look at how much snow has fallen so far in harrington, two and a half inches of snow this afternoon, wilmington delaware about a half inch in mays landing 1 inch, cape may courthouse near 2-inches of snow now that it's changed over to rain and in philadelphia picking up just over a trace of snow so far. you look at the numbers. we're above freezing at the shore, near freezing millville and dover and then it's in the 20's to the north and west and as you see this transition overnight tonight the ground surface is so cold that it will take longer for it to warm up so even though temperatures may be above freezing as we get that transition overnight and you see rain falling, it can still freeze on contact. then you look to the south. severe weather. all of this will lift to the north and east and bring us a
4:20 pm
heavy round of rain tomorrow. 7 o'clock tonight rainfall southern areas but still seeing icing along 95 at 7 o'clock. snow in the lehigh valley. 11 o'clock later tonight still near freezing 95, rain falling, patchy ice, still icy conditions in the lehigh valley and then it's light drizzle for tomorrow morning's rush hour. no icing concerns, 40's and 50's as we start the day tomorrow and then a heavy round of rain with temperatures near 60 at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and that will continue to push away to the north and east. you're only going to see about a two hour period of rain tomorrow. we take a look at that four day at 4:00 forecast, we'll notice rainy windy and mild here tomorrow with temperatures approaching 50 degrees and again really no problems with that morning rush for any icing concerns. that will be over with by about the midnight hour tonight and then it's breezy, some sun on wednesday, 46 degrees. mostly sunny thursday 40 and sun and clouds friday with a temperature of 45 degrees so a much better forecast as you get into the middle and the end of the week, guys.
4:21 pm
>> all right, we'll get there eventually. >> yes, we will. >> well, it may be snowing but some kids spent their day off from school today going for a swim. we'll have that coming up at 4:30. >> and up next here today ursinus college students head back to class today even as new cases of the stomach bug continue to pop up on campus. ly today investigators say they finally know what's causing it. >> triplets and a toddler. who can get them dressed without anyone falling or jumping off the bed more quickly? we'll put these guys to the test and tell you who comes outer on top. who do you think? mom or dad? it's a tough one, right. you'll have to find out. remember, "action news" is all about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and of course you can communicate with us on facebook. we're a at 6abc "action news." on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be a part of "action news."
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>> ♪ >> another live look this afternoon, sky6 trained on the philadelphia international airport this afternoon. you can see the low visibility conditions pilots and air traffic control are dealing with this afternoon. also note the thin layer of snow on the runway out there. because of that and weather conditions elsewhere, the airport says arrivals are running about an hour and a half behind because of the weather. obviously that's affecting departures. if you're flying you'll want to check your flight status before you head out. we'll have another check of the accuweather forecast in just about five minutes. >> today we found out just what sickened more than 200 students faculty and staff at ursinus college. the montgomery county health department saying that the stomach bug that's been spreading at the school is norovirus. classes did resume at the collegeville campus today after the main dining hall passed a department of health inspection over the weekend. students began showing symptoms of the stomach illness last tuesday. that's when the administration at ursinus said it started working with the health
4:26 pm
department to launch an aggressive sterilizing and sanitizing effort from the main dining hall to common areas and other buildings. school officials say that they're confident as students return to class today. >> we wouldn't be resuming classes today if we didn't have full confidence that our community is prepared to return. we've done everything we can to make sure that our facilitys are clean, san tides ready to go. >> do you feel confident coming back? >> i do. i feel like they probably did a good job. i was a little nervous about the dorm. >> health officials today saying for anyone infected, the norovirus now just has to run its course. sharrie. >> all right, let's hope those students feel better sooner. the rational liberty museum says their innovative approach to character education is working. today during a presentation at the museum they released the results of the torch bearers of liberty research report. the year long study of philadelphia schools shows that character based
4:27 pm
curriculum focused on leadership helped motivate students to make positive contributions to their communities. and still ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:00 president's day means big sales for many retailers. coming up in what's the deal we'll help you dig through all the ads to find the best bargains. >> thus this instagram post in adidas winning over fans but also causing its fair share of controversy. we'll look at how the company has responded to this and what's the controversy all about ahead in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the investigation into a woman's mysterious death. her body was found inside a recyclely bin. >> and fire tears through three montgomery county homes forcing people to leap to safety. we'll explain how crews were fighting more than flames and smoke there. >> and a brand new program is using dance to help veterans cope with ptsd. the details coming up. >> but we begin at 4:30 with the winter storm blanketing our area right now. we've seen snow over most of the day but right now it's starting to turn to rain. >> yeah, and there are concerns of flooding on the horizon. let's take a look outside. looking live right now at the conditions on the road as mobile6 heads west on lombard street through center city. as you can see traffic moving along but of course a coating
4:30 pm
of snow there along the sides and especially on those cars that are parked. let's get right to meteorologist adam joseph at the big board with the latest from accuweather. hi, adam. >> yeah, guys it's not going to be that clean transition from snow right to rain. you can have a period of sleet and freezing rain before you get to the rain. double scan live radar will show the three different colors locally here. you've got the white snow north of philadelphia, in center city now mixing with that sleet in southern areas with freezing rain with the blue and plane old rain southern delaware and southern new jersey. then you see a break down to our south. that break will come in through much of the overnight hours tonight, first thing tomorrow and then low pressure down near jackson, mississippi, that will be pushing up to our north and west and that will swing a quick period of about two hours tomorrow afternoon of some very heavy rainfall through the region. so, as we take a look at this transition and timing in and around center city and really along i-95 we'll have that mix going on this evening and eventually changing over to rain between 7:00 and
4:31 pm
10 o'clock but before that changeover, you're going to see sleet and some freezing rain because the ground surfaces are going to take some time to really warm up so that rain that falls could adhere as ice on many surfaces that are not treated. same thing for the lehigh valley. snow to some of that ice this evening and not changing to rain until 10 o'clock tonight through 1 o'clock in the morning and you could see as much as .10 or .2 of an inch of some of that sleet or freezing rain and that could create some very slippery spots as we go through the evening hours. but now between now and 2 o'clock in the morning, we will see that transition. we're looking over the next 24 hours. between 2:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., we're going to see a dry slot in here so that's good news for tomorrow morning's rush hour. just some patchy light showers or some light rain but between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from the west to the east heavy rain will be coming in tomorrow afternoon with some street flooding. we'll time that with you on future tracker and let you know what it means for some of the creeks and also the roadways coming up in that
4:32 pm
full accuweather forecast. brian. >> all right, adam thank you. sky6 hd taking a live look at cape may where snow has already started to change over to rain. still you can see there is snow blanketing the beach. people found a different kind of wave to ride today. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic live in bordentown with that story. hi, nora. >> reporter: hi there, brian. we're on farnsworth avenue in bordentown. the snow is falling genderly. it's really a pretty picture. take a look down this street. as you know it's been a tough couple of days for parents with freezing weather. they've been cooped up inside with the kids and today was a day to get out done something the polar opposite of snow ice and the bitter cold. heavy coats, hats, gloves and this afternoon some snow. frigid temperatures create maryland serious cabin fever and with kids home from school for the holiday looking for something to do, hundreds of people turned in their cold weather gear for swim suits and headed to sahara sam's
4:33 pm
water park in west berlin. >> we have not been out of the house the entire weekend. this is our first time out so we're having a great time. >> it's very hot and it's very fun. >> reporter: that's good after how cold it is outside. >> yeah. >> reporter: after a weekend spent largely indoors parents say they needed some kind of activity for the kids. >> my gosh yesterday my son was bouncing off the walls. i needed to get them out. this year round water park was sold out over the weekend with crowds of 2600 each day. there's something fun about it being too outdoors but still be able to go swimming. check out how the cla inch in temperature fogged up our lens at first. >> when it's really cold outside we start to see an influx. >> reporter: it's not the jersey shore but riding a wave in february while it's snowing outside can be an awful lot of fun. >> i was watching, i'm like wow, these people are serious
4:34 pm
and then when i tried, it's just a like -- it feels so relaxing and you just like go up and down. >> perfect day to be here. why be outside when you can be inside 80 degrees. >> reporter: back live now that is a perfectly reasonable question. everyone was having a ball there dan i dressed for outside today and because it's snowing you can see why but i learned a very important lesson today. never wear long johns to the water park. park. it really makes you miserable. more on jersey seal weather in just an hour. i'm nora muchanic live with the action cam. >> words to live by. thank you very much. i totally want to try that surfing. >> that looks very cool. >> my goodness looks like punch let's get another check on the roads right now. >> matt pelman you got your bathing suit? >> wish i d i wish i had a reason to have it. yeah, we're catching the wave riding our way home on this monday afternoon brian and sharrie. those of us that have had to go to work and then go home we're dealing with a few accidents in the midst of the snowy conditions on the way.
4:35 pm
this one is along 309 southbound side just past the split with bethlehem pike. the accident now pushed off to the side just beyond the overpass there but it's creating some slowing as you come down from english village. to chester county, 202 south of chesterbrook boulevard crash that we had here that blocked a couple lanes is now gone as is this one in delaware county on the blue route 476 southbound approaching the route one media bypass. accident there is now gone. to northeast philadelphia we go. this is 95, the southbound lanes definitely quite heavy as you enter the work zone here at cottman avenue and you can see especially between the vehicles in between the lanes there is definitely a lot of slush on the roadway this afternoon. on the northbound side looks like that's been pretty well treated and at this point we don't see a lot of snow and slush. so, 45 miles per hour is the max, all you can do this afternoon on most of the highways. 25 miles per hour the speed limit at this point on the ben franklin bridge. you can see they have dropped those speeds because of the inclement weather. we've got several accidents in new jersey. one involving an overturned
4:36 pm
vehicle in gloucester county is blocking the ramp from 55 southbound to route 47. and in burlington county a crash just cleared from southbound 295 but still slow there. and in mount laurel downed wires shutting down rancocas boulevard. it's a smorgasbord of issues, brian and sharrie. we'll check it again in the 5 o'clock hour. >> as the snow moves out and the rain moves in, keep your devices opened to use street level forecasting from storm tracker6 live to stay ahead of the changeover and be sure to follow our team of meteorologists on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. >> two people had to jump to safety overnight when their house caught fire in norristown. by the time the flames were out three homes were damaged and 15 people will to stay the night in a hotel. the fire broke out at 11:30 last night along the 1200 block of powell street. one of the homes had belonged to a family for decades and friends are shocked to see the burnt shell that's left. >> new year's and christmas,
4:37 pm
thanksgiving, we always come over here, all the families. >> i'm just glad everybody got out safe. >> now the bitter cold made things especially difficult for firefighters today. salt trucks were dispatched to help keep water from turning to ice and buses kept crews warm. "action news" just checked with investigators and they're still working to figure out what sparked that fire. philadelphia police are investigating an afternoon shoot, in frankford. they were called to the intersection of pratt and duffield streets just after 3 o'clock today. there are initial reports that one man was shot but police are still trying to sorter out the details. we'll bring you more information on this developing story as it becomes available. >> lehigh county officials are investigating a woman's death after her body was found inside a recycling bin in allentown. her body was discovered yesterday afternoon in a parking lot near the 800 block of east tillman street. police are still trying to identify the woman and say an autopsy is planned for tomorrow. they describe her as an asian
4:38 pm
woman between 18 and 30 years of age. police are asking anyone who knows of a missing person matching this description to give them a call. two delaware men are facing a list of charges after a drug bust in wilmington. police arrested shay ron barksdale and leon wilson after they found nearly a thousand bags of heroin inside a home on robinson drive. police went there to find wilson because he was wanted for a domestic incident earlier that day. investigators say he flashed a gun in front of a woman and two children. well, in addition to the drug charges he's also now facing three counts of aggravated menacing. >> some of the country's top doctors are making it easier for women to recognize signs of a heart attack. monica malpass live with more on a brand new paper on this. monica. >> reporter: that's right, hi, brain it is the first time that warning signs for women and their heart have been put together in one place believe it or not and tonight in health check we will review
4:39 pm
what women of any age need to watch out for and how doctors are hoping this new bit of information will help. plus, it was the ultimate president's day sale in south jersey, this historic hotel sold off everything it could ahead of a major renovation. we'll take you to this sale and much more coming up in a little bit on "action news at 5:00. back to you sharrie. >> monica thanks. see you at 5:00. philadelphia police and the university of pennsylvania teamed up for a president's day tradition. more than 200 children participated in today's pal day at the palestra. officers were on land to coach kids from around the city. of course the children spent their day off from school because of president's day and they spent it playing basketball. police officials say the program keeps kids off the streets and teaches them about staying safe. >> and still ahead here on "action news" today, a huge donation to fix the lincoln memorial on this president's day. >> plus, a dangerous laser
4:40 pm
strike forces a u.s. bound plane to turn around. we have the latest on the investigation coming up next. >> and also coming up first mom took other challenge of getting her four little ones ready for bed. now it's dad's turn. see who wins the viral video, bedtime battle coming up in big talkers. >> the goal is to keep them alive. >> oh, yeah. >> let's head outside. sky6 hd looking at the snow coming down spring mountain and the people coming down the slopes. meteorologist adam joseph will be back with the accuweather forecast when "action news" continues next
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
>> ♪ >> virgin atlantic airways is working with investigators to track down the person who put an international flight at risk. the new york bound plane had to return to london after someone shined a laser at it yesterday. of course lacers can cause temporary loss of vision and even have the power to leave someone blind but police have not said if the pilot suffered any problems due to this
4:43 pm
particular incident. the plane landed safely and passengers were given a place to stay overnight. >> new on "action news" at 4:00 the lincoln memorial is get something much needed repairs thanks to a big president's daidone nation. today the national park service announced that billionaire david reuben stein is giving $18 million to fix the national icon. the money will fix the memorial's roof, clean the marble and improve accessibility. he donated money to fix the washington monument. in health check today at 4:00 there's a whole new way to help soldiers with post traumatic stress or brain injuries and it's musically inclined. >> ♪ square dancing is the basis of the dancing well recovery program. it was created by a doctor who noticed a patient got his memory back after learning to play bluegrass guitar. the music draws the vets in,
4:44 pm
the steps help repattern their brain and many are able to forget about their worries. >> i'm here dancing three minutes, i had a big grin on my face and i looked around and the other vets were grinning and the volunteers were grinning. >> the therapy helps them feel less anxiety pain and isolation. it helps promote better overall health. dancing well started at fort knocks kentucky but it is starting to spread. >> you know what, the smiles spreading, too. we're all smiling watching that one. big talkers now and it's the valentine's day photo that has generated both cheers an firestorm of controversy. adidas posted this picture to its instagram account with the caption the love you take is equal to the love you make. it shows what appears to be a same sex female couple either in an embrace or kissing. since it was posted the picture has got 10 more than 175,000 likes but also more than 85,000 comments. some of them commending adidas
4:45 pm
for their inclusive nature, others scathing and homophobic with one user writing shame on you add deed today, i'm going nike now. adidas quick to respond to any negativity writing this day is for love. happy valentine's day followed by a kiss emoji. adidas add add new clause saying their sponsorships would not be affected by their and sexuality. okay, they call themselves the baby gang. last week their video of mom trying to change and wrangle a two-year-old toddler and eight month old triplets went wildly viral. well, now as you can see it is turn and it looks like mom and dad are just a little bit competitive here because for the white family this is like an olympic sport. keeping the kids from rolling off and toddler from jumping offer the bed while they diaper and put the pj's on. here's the deal. in dad's new video he gets it all done all four kids in two minutes.
4:46 pm
but mom's video runs two minutes 12 seconds. so, how did he beat mom's time by 12 seconds, right? the onceys they have zippers and not snaps. any parents know the snaps get you every time. he says average dad beats sire super mom. anyone with multiple, brian can tell you, this is impressive stuff. >> familiar scene. i just had a little ptsd just watching that. [laughter] >> alicia thanks very much. >> coming up meteorologist adam joseph will have a look on the latest on this winter storm. >> ♪
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> ♪ >> just tweeted this out a short time ago. we got snow, freezing rain, rain and temperatures in the mid-50's to high 50's all in a
4:49 pm
24-hour period. >> we're going through quite the transition. at least the atmosphere is and we're dealing with it unfortunately here this evening. so, it will be slippery and slick travel as we go through that transition. in fact we take a look at double scan live radar and we really try kick out the arctic cold and move in that warmth. so again we're having a lot going on in this short period of time and double scan will show we've got the white to the north. that is all of the snow that is still falling through southeastern pennsylvania, far northern new york but much of southern parts of new jersey and delaware dealing with that mixing going on right now. only the shore is seeing plane old rain at this point but from millville to mays landing malaga to glassboro berlin, the new jersey turnpike south and west of woodbury, all this in blue and some of of it is heavy here is sleet and freezing rain along 322 and 40 so any surface that is not treated will turn icy before you change to rain but we're not seeing that rain line at this point. notice it is not moving all that much so you'll have a period of some of that icing
4:50 pm
going on and then as we lift to the north, you bump into the colder air that's still existing stacked through the atmosphere so it is still light snow lehigh valley, northern montgomery bucks county chester county but even here we will see that transition period and although the temperatures will be rising above freezing here this evening and overnight, that ground is so cold the last few days of that arctic air that it's going to take a little longer than seeing a temperature of 32 to warm the pavement surface. right now it is 32 but still dealing with that icing in millville. 20's along i-95 and we're in the low 20's in fact for reading and allentown which will be the last to see that switch over. as we look at satellite and radar, the low is actually still way down to the deep south north of new orleans. this is a watch draped to our south overflowing that warm air on top of the existing cold air squeezing out that precipitation and this low will ride to our north and we have the and that will send warm air and heavy rain at
4:51 pm
times tuesday. we're still mixing right around that freezing mark at the i-95 corridor. shore is already in the 40's by 8 o'clock tonight and still 20's to the north and west. by 1 o'clock in the morning everybody is over to rain and above freezing by that point. any mixing will still be ongoing in the poconos little after midnight and then for the morning rush tomorrow, again many kids on twitter saying. i going have a school delay tomorrow. not going to happen i am sorry. 50's for that morning rush tomorrow with some very light showers. then we'll get about a two hour window of some heavy rain that comes in right around lunchtime with temperatures in the 50's. this is when we could see some ponding on the roadways and also some of the streams could come up briefly because you'll have runoff that grounds frozen so the rain will run off the ground not seep into the ground but it doesn't last long heavy rain is out and by the evening rush we'll see some light showers around with temp in the 50's. so as we look at next 24 hours some early evening icing and
4:52 pm
then temperatures jumping into the 50's early tomorrow morning. midday soaking and that will cause areas of flooding. on top that of the winds tomorrow will be wing around 30 to 40 miles an hour north and west. most of the region 40 to 50 miles an hour and right at the shore 50 to 60 miles an hour winds as some of that heavy rain especially passes through. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, rainy windy and mild at times tomorrow up near 60 degrees. breezy, some sun on wednesday, 46 and pretty nice on thursday and friday. temperatures between 40, 45 with sun and clouds and a very mild weekend ahead. near 60 again on saturday but it comes with a lot of clouds. still mild sunday and a few showers come monday of 48 degrees. so, the rest of that seven-day forecast not very february-like especially after what we've just went through, guys. >> adam, thank you. >> coming up in that what's the deal, retailers are offering sales galore on this
4:53 pm
president's day. we'll talk about the best bargains straight ahead. >> don't forget to tune in for abc prime time tonight. the bachelor kicks things off at 8 o'clock. it's the hometown visits getting under way. you know how those go. after that it's a new episode of castle at 10 o'clock and then stick around for "action news" at 11 o'clock. >> ♪
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> in today's what's the deal, it is president's day and retailers are offering some great deals to save i was few benjamin franklins of course. this year the sales are running all the way through next monday so here's a little roundup for you. mattresses always a hot deal on this holiday. retailers like scenes are offering 60 percent off. sleepy's is also offering up to half off every mattress so heads up there. clothes now. the retail winter purge has officially begun. and you can get up to half off coats hats and other cold
4:56 pm
weather gear at almost all retailers and you know what, we still need it. so, we love it when it's a win-win like that. appliances and home items often go on sale this time of year. right now best buy is offering up to 30 percent off major appliances. that's happening all the way through next week. tools. how do you like this? the bargain hunters at deal news put out the good word today that there are big sales on too long. the regular kind, the power tools so if you're looking to do some diy or work around the house perfect. big sales on tablets. some up to half off because the new generation is coming out so you can get the old ones on sale. brian and sharrie. >> i'm shopping today. >> all right. >> me, too. >> good deal. that's it for "action news" at 4:00 now for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass for what's next
4:57 pm
on "action news" at 5:00. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5 o'clock team coverage of the wintry mess moving through our area continues tonight. we're watching major roads and city streets as snow starts to turn to rain in the middle of the evening commute. >> plus, two students are facing serious charges after a drug bust at villanova university. what police found in a dorm room allegedly after a woman and public safety officers were assaulted on that campus. we'll have those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00. pet moments are beautiful,
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> looking live at philadelphia international airport. we do have average arrival times 90 minutes late at this point because of the rough way we're starting the week weather-wise. a worm many is bringing snow, sleet and really a seasonal mess to most areas around delaware and lehigh valleys. and it's not over yet n some places what is now snow will be turning into rain. it will make a messy ride for you if you're out and about tonight. >> it is monday night and the big story on "action news" is the winter weather advisory now in effect for much of our area. we have live team coverage tonight tracking conditions in
5:00 pm
the city and on the roads around the tri-state. but first the latest from accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan starts us off at the big board. hey, cecily. >> hi, rick. storm tracker6 live double scan slowing we have four types of precipitation right now. we have snow in the white, we have sleet and freezing rain in the blue and we've got just plane rain in the green and that transition is happening from southeast to the northwest. so, zooming in on storm tracker we have that transition over to sleet, it's actually just a little bit north of that blueline. it's just right now south of philadelphia, woodbury, glassboro, berlin, medford lakes, you are getting that combination of the sleet and the freezing rain. what happens, there's warm air moving in and it's higher in the atmosphere. the atmosphere works from the top down. you don't get that changeover to the surface for a few hours but there has happened right now along the garden state parkway through tuckahoe fortescue approaching route 49 and we will see this line of rain moving up to the northwest, gradually as we head through the evening hours but it's just a slo


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