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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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walter perez is in montgomeryville but first let's get the late word from accuweather. adam joseph and cecily tynan. >> and jim, double scan live showing that right now we're getting snow in our far northwest suburbs. we have the sleet and freezing rain along the i-95 corridor and then you get closer to the coast, this is where it's all rain and this whole line, the sleet, the freezing rain and the rain line will continue to push to the north and west as we head through the evening hours. but zooming in, this is a big problem. right along the i-95 corridor really right in time for the evening commute we have sleet and freezing rain so do you want to be careful. anything that's untreated, any roads, this will cause a glaze. sidewalks i've been told very icy. i-95, the schuylkill expressway really the blue route into the new jersey turnpike and then when you get closer to the coast along the garden state parkway this is where we have the pure rain and this rain line will advance to the north and the west, gradually as we pull in warm air.
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the problem is that the atmosphere works from the top to the bottom. so, the cold air lingers at the surface the longest. this means that we will have a period of icing really the northwest suburbs, we're looking at generally light icing but about a tenth of an inch to about a fifth of an inge could cause a lot of problems. if it looks wet, just consider it ice but temperatures will warm in the overnight hours. details on the timing to the changeover all to rain let's led to adam. >> yeah, that process will be slow at first cecily and then it will excel as we go deeper into the overnight hours. at the shore we have the rain temperatures 41 in beach haven. 1 degree above freezing in millville and despite that you see 33, a 34 in your neighborhood still you'll see some sleet and freezing rain because the ground surface is so cold after that arctic air it's going to take an extra degree or two to really be in the safe zone when you flip over to some of that rain and then we're still in the 20's to the north and west.
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in fact as we look at that transition time from some of that sleet, freezing rain to rain it's between now and 7:00 p.m. over the next hour southern central parts of delaware and also southern new jersey. the metro areas of philadelphia, trenton and wilmington between 7:00 and 10 o'clock and those far northwestern suburbs up in the lehigh valley not until 10:00 through 1 o'clock in the morning. then a round of heavy rain comes in right around lunchtime tomorrow from the west to the east as low pressure rides to our north and west, very strong winds along with it as well. the rain is not going to last long tomorrow. it's only about two-hour window between about 10:00 and 4 o'clock from the west to the east. we'll see a quick half inch to an inch of rain. it's a frozen ground out there so we'll have some runoff. it won't be seeping into the ground. that will pond on some of the roadways create something flooding around the region and even some small stream flooding could also occur. jim, when meteorologist cecily tynan comes back she'll time that rain zone by zone for you coming up in future tracker weather.
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>> thank you. mobile6 is out and about checking out the conditions on area roadways tonight. this is a live picture on ridge avenue in roxborough. as you can see there is still some slush on the roadway but all in all it is reasonably clear. penndot is urging drivers to stay off the roads if travel is unnecessary and if make -- making a left turn here -- and if you head out, speeds are reduced to 45 miles an hour on major roadways. let's go live to "action news" reporter walter perez on the bethlehem pike in montgomeryville and walter, what are the condition there is? >> reporter: jim, not too bad right now. a bit of a lull in the action, a little drizzle coming down but not too bad as you mentioned. as we give you a live look right here at bethlehem pike near the five points in montgomeryville about an inch of snow on the sidewalks. the roads are just wet right now as we wait for the freezing rain to begin in this part of our region. penndot still has 108,000 tons of salt in stock to deal with
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whatever old man winter throws our way. and so most of the pretreated roads across our region have accumulated nothing more than a layer of slush so far. but penndot officials say don't think we're in the clear once temperatures rise above freezing later this evening. >> our pavement temperatures have been very cold due to the frigid weather we have, so they can still continue to ice after the temperatures have risen above freezing. >> reporter: as a precaution, penndot has temporarily reduced the speed limit to 45 miles per hour on highways across the region. that order remains in effect as the snow continues changing over into a freezing rain. >> changing conditions will present a challenge because it will be slippery and then bridges, overpasses elevated ramps will tend to freeze quicker than the roadway when the freezing rain starts. >> reporter: we spoke with commuters who say traveling conditions are deteriorating a bit but most say they've seen worse. >> it's coming down pretty quick. starting to get pretty slick.
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>> i'm a mailman. i have four wheel drive. i'm used to it. i work in it every day. we truck around in it and hope for the best. >> reporter: all right, back out live penndot's advice remains the same tonight. avoid unnecessary travel, keep a safe distance between vehicles and ease off the gas pedal a little to stay safe tonight. reporting live from montgomeryville, walter perez, channel6 "action news. jim. >> walter, thank you. let's switch live to "action news" reporter vernon odom who is in fairfax delaware tonight. vernon, what's the story in new castle county? >> reporter: jim, it stopped snowing here well over an hour ago after a steady snowfall for a good portion of the day. but there's been a light but freezing drizzle here ever since. take a look out here on concorde pike. route 202. not treated. it has been plowed and treated throughout the day but knot none treated streets are getting icy and slippery in many spots at this hour. >> 202 is great. main roads are good. these roads are a little icy.
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>> reporter: frank has been traveling around wilmington and its suburbs all day long. he has seen it worse, much worse. no major traffic tieups or accidents have been reported statewide so far today. but delaware officials are still urging motorists to reduce their speed on sidewalks as well as main highways. >> i just got a massage. my back hurts. >> reporter: bonnie enjoyed her holiday off from work and enjoyed demonstrating her no lifting technique for removing snow from her sidewalk. she claims to love this weather. >> i love this weather. it's the second storm. this is nothing, nothing u you want more. >> more. bring it on. >> reporter: main roads were treated with brine anti-ice solution before dawn today and created safe passage when the snow came and stayed covering yards and sidewalks but did not appear to hamper the travel of the go getters.
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>> didn't have if you problem. >> reporter: this is all going to wash away tonight with the rain. >> that's what they're telling us. that's a good thing. hopefully spring is around the corner. that's what punxsutawney phil told us, right? >> reporter: yeah, jim, phil says a lot of stuff. listen, if you have to go out and drive around delaware proceed with caution and reduce your speed tonight. it's going to get slippery out here for awhile in a number of nontreated spots. live in fairfax delaware, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> vernon, thank you. the snow fell steadily in atco, camden county this afternoon. a pretty picture there. but salt trucks were kept busy trying to keep roads and parking lots clear ahead of the changeover to that wintry mix. and after bitter temperatures kept many inside home this weekend cabin fever center many flocking for some fun at this indoor water park in west berlin. let's go to "action news" traffic reporter matt pelman.
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what about this winter weather causing any major trouble spots on the roads tonight. >> it's been sort of a steady stream of accidents throughout the afternoon, jim, most of them pretty minor in nature fender-benders and such but they're causing major delays, the latest of can which is right here in west conshohocken. this is the blue route northbound just north of the schuylkill expressway. you can see the flashing lights up there. the crash is taking out the right lane causing delays on the blue route as well as the schuylkill in both directions as you head toward the blue route. most of these roads are not snow covered, they're just kind of slushy and slippery but it is leading to a bunch of accidents. on the northeast extension accidents both ways. there's one southbound by lansdale, one northbound past mid-county. on the east-west turnpike eastbound by bensalem crash taking out the left lane and causing slowing. this is the scene in chester county along 202 northbound just past 252 paoli. you can see an accident here and you can see the shine on the road. it is icy, it's slippery and people are losing control in some instances. 45 miles per hour is the maximum on the pennsylvania highways. 25 all you can do on the ben
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franklin bridge. and you're doing less than that on the delaware memorial bridge because of a crash as you head into new jersey on this monday night. jim. >> plenty of trouble spots on area roadways. thank you, matt. as the snow sleet and rain moved through we asked you to stay with you can use street level forecasting from storm tracker6 live, also be sure to follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and on twitter. coming up on "action news" tonight two villanova university freshmen face serious charges after an allege assault and student overdoses involving lsd. one-on-one tonight with temple basketball coach fran dunphy now the winningest coach in the big five in history. ducis rodgers with that and more. those stories coming up when "action news" continues.
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>> we are looking live now from sky6 at philadelphia international airport and as you can imagine, this winter weather is having an impact on flights in and out of philadelphia. for those flights that are coming into philadelphia airport, airborne aircraft are experiencing 31 minute delays. departures looks like 31 is the big number tonight. also delays of 31 minutes for flights trying to leave philadelphia international airport. please check with your airline if you are scheduled to fly in or out of phl tonight.
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other news at this hour, the investigation continues into the three overdoses of lsd over the weekend at villanova university. police think they found the supplier of the drugs and put him under arrest. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist has the story. >> reporter: 18-year-old justin yim a freshman at villanova from douglaston new york is in police custody accused of supplying the lsd that sent three young people to the hospital over the weekend. early saturday morning, public safety officers responded to a dorm on the south campus because a male freshman yim's roommate was out of control. >> actually assaulted a female public safety immediately converged on him attempted to make contact where he began assaulting the public safety officers. >> reporter: he was transported to the hospital and charged with aggravated assault. a short time later officers were called again and found another male freshman and a juvenile girl visiting campus also under the influence of the hallucinogen.
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they, too, went to the hospital. the investigation led police to yim's dorm room where they say they found 37 doses of lsd marijuana and close to $9,000 in cash stashed around the room. when yim returned to campus, he was arrested. >> upon his return late sunday evening, he was immediately taken into custody without incident and he was charged with various drug charges specifically with the intender to deliver. >> this was really there was the to be a drug of the past and it's disappointing that it's -- it had made an appearance albeit hopefully brief back on our campus. >> i haven't heard about it at all until that situation. it's not a common thing that takes place on campus. >> usually it's like a very safe campus and not a lot goes on similar to those incidents. >> reporter: all of the students are out of the hospital. yim now faces expulsion and the investigation continues here tonight. in radnor township, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news. >> the montgomery county health department said today
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it was indeed a norovirus that sickened more than 200 students and staff at ursinus college. classes resumed at the collegeville campus today. that after the main dining hall passed the department of health inspection over the weekend. students began showing symptoms of the stomach illness last tuesday. the college officials say aggressive sterilizing and sanitizing efforts will continue through the week at ursinus. firefighters battled frigid temperatures to put out a house fire in havertown late this morning. crews arrived to find flames shooting from the roof of the 500 block of strathmore road. the fire sparked just after 10 o'clock this morning. one person was taken to the hospital. officials have not released the condition of that individual. >> ♪
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>> he is a guy who will never pat himself on the back. he is self effacing, he's
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humble one of the reasons we love fran dunphy. >> it's never about him always about the team and the program at temple. fran dunphy has made history at temple. right now he's focused on making the ncaa tournament. right now the owls will likely be a bubble team. >> reporter: there's humble and then there's fran dunphy. in january he became the fifth coach in division one history to win 200 games at two different schools. in the nine days ago he won his 517th game passing john cheney for the most in big five history. >> i want to just take it for what it is and i've been around a few years and had two great universities i've had a chance to work for, stayed in philadelphia all those guys that have gone before me who would have crushed that number decided to go other places. so i'm very lucky. >> reporter: and very good. dunphy's owls have won five straight. they're 10 and three in sole possession of first place in the aac with march on the
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horizon. >> we have to continue to find a way to win. we're sort of living on the edge at this point. it's not a great florida toys live. you can visit there every once in a while but you done want to live there. it's living on the edge that makes this time of year in college hoops so fun. take temple's neck game wednesday they'll have a chances to knock off a number one team in the nation, which just so lapse to be villanova. >> it's what we live for. you live for the juice and it's a great juice game. >> reporter: with his juices still flowing don't expect dunphy to let on just what a treasure he is. are you ever going to be able to step back and appreciate what you've done and acknowledge how cool it is that you're the winningest coach in the big five. >> not my style. you know, i think you are who you are and i'm grateful. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, jaime apody, channel6 "action news. >> can learn a lot from him. nova remains number one in the nation after going two and oh last week. jay wright's team is rolling. the cats are 14 and one over their last 15 games. there's still a bit of basketball yet to be played. the cats are in line for a
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number one seed come tournament time. coach wright knows wednesday's game against temple will be a tough one. >> i want them to own this moment and really take it on as just our next game. that's how we look at every game and our next game is a big game for us no matter who it is. we try learn to do that. so i want them to really focus on the here and now and this game. >> to the ice. the flyers are fading. they've dropped five of their last six games. they are now six points out of that final eastern conference wild card spot. last night the flyers lost to the rangers. two third period goals did them n they lost three of the five meetings to the rangers. nine post season will be a pipe dream if the flyers don't start putting some victories together soon. >> we would have liked to have played better ideally obviously. lost two big points we needed but short memories you got to forget about this one. we got to move on to new jersey on tuesday night. >> middle of a five game road
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trip all against pretty good teams. there's still two months to go in the season but time is going to run out soon. >> coming up on "action news" we have cecily tynan and the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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>> still a messy night in some cases a little treacherous. you got to be careful but it all changes tomorrow. >> exactly. it's an unusual situation where temperatures rise in the overnight hours. the problem is that you get about a two or three hour window of the sleet and freezing rain and that's what we're getting rider now. storm tracker6 live double scan the pure snow is holding across the northwest suburbs and we have rain along the
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coast. it's the problem the area in between the two but rain right now across the garden state parkway and it's beginning to move in toward millville smyrna also a few breaks in the action, a little bit of dry air moving in and then the northwest area we're looking over the i-95 corridor, this is where we have the blue, this is the sleet and freezing rain on top of the snow so you do really want to be careful. a lot of times i had somebody from trenton who posted on my facebook page it's raining in trenton. it's freezing rain. it may look like rain, it may look like the roads are just wet but they are icy so you really want to be careful because this changeover to the rain is going to be a gradual process. right now it's 41 degrees in wildwood. that's why it's just raining there. 38 at the atlantic city airport. philadelphia, though, it's still 30. allentown, reading and lancaster it's 21 and the poconos only 16 degrees and this storm system is powerful. satellite6 along with action radar showing we're dealing with a warm front right now and then there's a cold front associated with it and what will happen, that low pressure will track to the west.
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that pulls the warm front through our region bringing the warm air overnight. so, future tracker showing around 8 o'clock as far as delaware and south jersey it's all rain but we still have some of that freezing rain along philadelphia and trenton. it's reaching up towards the lehigh valley, just snow in the poconos and as we head later in the night, around 1 o'clock, this is when it should all be just rain, maybe a lib of icing in the poconos and look what happens overnight. a lot of people asking me will the kids have school tomorrow? absolutely. in the morning temperatures in the 40's and 50's and actually a lull in the action with just a little bit of drizzle and then that cold front really barrels through midday around 12:30 some heavy rain west of philadelphia. it skirts off the east coast by about 5:30 and then temperatures will be dropping but during the day tomorrow temperatures up around 60 degrees. so, these are the key points the next 24 hours. early evening icing. that rain line will really not be hitting the lehigh valley until about 1 o'clock in the morning. so, this is a steady process,
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very gradual. temperatures will be in the 50's early tomorrow but then we're looking at that quick hit of some heavy rain, about a half inch to an inch of rain and since the ground is frozen, there could be some areas of localized flooding. i don't expect anything widespread but you do want to be careful tomorrow. some of the creeks and streams could be overflowing. as far as the wind gusts, too, with a very strong upper level jet we're looking at wind gusts northwest suburbs 30 to 40 miles an hour. i-95 corridor and interior south jersey 40 to 50 and right along the coast winds will be howling tomorrow, winds high 50 to 60 miles per hour especially when the front flows through. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, rainy, windy and very mild, 59 degrees. yesterday's high only 20. on wednesday, breezy with some sunshine, 46. we drop it down to 40 on thursday. friday bump it up to 45 degrees and what a difference a week makes. this weekend is going to be mild. lots of clouds, perhaps a
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shower on saturday, 58 degrees. still mild on sunday with a high of 54 and monday a few showers with a high of 48 degrees. so, we are really having a weather whiplash. yesterday's morning low 8 degrees and tomorrow temperatures close to 60. >> thank you cecily. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner t we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, all the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air. the passenger jet headed to new york, 252 people onboard. and the emergency in the cockpit. and, going to the dogs. seven new breeds competi


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