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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off. in the news pope francis weighs in on the race for the white house and his new comments about
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donald trump. and thieves hit a department store and what they got awa with this morning. and the search is on for a hit and run driver that hill a little boy. police say a vehicle hit the boy's stroller and then took off. "action news" reporter vernon odom is outside of the accident investigative unit in north philadelphia with the latest. >> reporter: rick, this morning detectives are working very hard on this case looking for the hit and run coward that ran over that child only 3 years old in a stroller being pushed by his father last night. the hit and run vehicle looks something like this a dark green conversion van with a light green stripe on the side. last night it ran over a 3-year-old child who was being pushed in the stroller by his father. the boy remains hospitalized
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this hour but is expected to recover. detectives are trying to track the green van and driver down. as they investigate last night's case they are trying to solve a hit and run from two weeks ago. a mother and two daughters were injured as they crossed the street at broad and dickinson at broad in philadelphia. a moment too disturbing to show on tv. the driver failed to stop and render aid and headed east ondic dickinson and police need leads in this case. >> the victims are 3 years old and 5 months old. and they need the public's help to solve these two crimes. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a deadly accident shut down martin luther king drive in fairmount park this morning.
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a man going northbound crossed the center line and he collided head-on with a suv coming in the opposite direction. a woman and a young girl were in the suv and they were taken to the hospital. they closed the mlk and it caused a major backup. now to an "action news" exclusive. police were investigating a burglary at a philadelphia department store. people broke into the century 21 through the front windows and took off with merchandise. katherine scott is first on the scene this morning with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: rick, police say an estimated $2,000 of merchandise was stolen from the store fronts, about $7,000 worth of damage was done to the windows here it happened on market street this morning and now police are searching for however is responsible. >> it is just crazy.
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>> windows smashed, merchandise stolen. people walking by century 21 couldn't believe how brazen the thieves were. >> they had to plan it out it's hard with all the police down here. they must have been scoping out the store for a while. >> century 21 is a fairly high end store and i would imagine they have a lot of security here, i'm fascinated that anybody was able to get away with it. >> the call came at 5:45, a burglary alarm and motion center was tripped at the store front on the 800 block of market street and police found two display windows broken and mannequins in disaway and various clothing and handbags stolen, this is on the heels of the robbery at the
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bloomingdales. in that case a group of nine men in ski masks ransacked the clothing racks swiping high end jeans worth $2,000. whether it's designer jeans or handbags, some say that the thefts don't surprise them. >> people want the high end, even though it's discount if you can get it cheaper on the street people will do that. >> reporter: and a spokesperson for century 21 got back to me this morning and she says they are cooperating fully with the investigation with police and thankful that nobody was hurt. live in center city, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news.." fire damaged a newcastle home at 3:30 a.m. at the 100 block. six different delaware fire departments responded as well as units from nearby delaware
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county. witnesses at the scene said it started in the basement and everybody got out in time. the delaware fire marshal's office is now investigating. turning to accuweather we have a sunny but chilly day in the delaware valley, a live shot shows us the commodore barry bridge, clear skies and cool temperatures but plenty of sunshine though. david murphy is out on the terrace with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: it's a bright sunshine like you saw on sky 6 hd, but don't be fooled it's a chilly, breezy day and you will want to be dressed warmly like i am. cloud cover right on schedule it has evaporated and most of us are under the bright, blue sky but at the surface it's cold. 34 in philadelphia and still below freezing in allentown and trenton and 35 in millville and the mildest spots are down the shore at 36 degrees, and that is
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still pretty cold. as we look at wind speeds it's not a horrific wind but it makes this cool air feel cooler. from philadelphia down to wilmington and similar winds everywhere else, you combine that wind with the temperature you get the windchills that are pretty raw. it feels like 24 degrees in the city and cooler than that in allentown and reading and not much better in wildwood so bundle up. 38 is the high well below the average high of 48. we begin to dig our way out from this coldest air of the work week and things do get a lot better into the weekend, rick when i step inside we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now shades if are you driving and coats if you are going to be outside. >> thank you. we'll see you back inside later.
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now to the race for the white house. the candidates are in the home stretch before the next big contest in south carolina and nevada. before they head to the polls, pope francis is letting the world know what he thinks about donald trump. lana zach reports with the new comments. >> pope francis returning home from mass on the u.s.-mexico border. a person that thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not bridges is not christian. he wanted to give trump the benefit of the doubt. in appealing to evangelical voters, trump is adamant of his beliefs on the campaign trail. while cruz and trump are battling over first and second place, a challenger is emerging in marco rubio.
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>> the next president of the united states, marco rubio! nikki haley of south carolina gives her endorsement. >> it's like a nascar race and she is drafting for marco rubio, he was in a close third and could easily pass ted cruz. >> though jeb bush was conciliatory in his remarks, it was a crushing blow. >> i think the bush camp is making the plans for the exit out of this race. meanwhile, president obama is set to make history when he visits cuba, the first sitting president to visit the country in seven decades, and the trip will enforce ties with the communist nations and raise issues of political rights and freedoms in talks with president raul castro. it's drawing criticism from republicans who call the trip
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shameful. still to come on "action news" at noon, several drivers fill up after breaking down at a philadelphia gas station, the contamination that affected those cars coming up. a local man ambushed and killed when was getting out of his car. we stop arthritis pain,
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police in points county are searching for the suspects behind a retail theft ring that effected the east. they stole $500,000 worth of merchandise from the at&t in landsdale and the very same day hit a store at the plymouth meeting mall. police have identified one suspect as demonte davis and they are all suspected of a ring from north carolina to new jersey. and a worker at a waffle house spiked a drink. it shows her taking the cup and walking to the restroom and returning with it.
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and the incident happened just before christmas. he has been on life support ever since. a los angeles hospital paid ransom to hackers in order to gain control of its computers. they handed over 17,000 in the form of bit coin a form of internet currency. they locked access to the hospital computer system and prevented electronic communications. they determined that paying the ransom was the quickest way to fix it. the fbi is investigating. a pennsylvania gas station is in hot water for selling watered down fuel. people filled up at the ebz station. and one car broke down and had to be towed to a mechanic. >> it stalled in the
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intersection and i was towed before getting hit. the pumps were filled with water that leaninged in from recent rain. they are reimbursing people for towing and other repairs. and an airport intruder in wisconsin. >> it's running down the main south runway. runway number one. >> that is a coyote that snuck on to the mitchell airport in milwaukee. one plane circled around while ground crews moved the animal out of way and into the woods. that only affected one flight that made a safe landing. a local retirement community is creating strong bonds with young and old.
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we have breaking news to has along from center city philadelphia. chopper 6 hd over the scene of this three vehicle accident here. this is 15th and jfk boulevard. one of the vehicles crashed into a building here. looks like a td bank building
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looking like a black suv, a school bus and taxi cab. no word of injuries. police are at the scene and yellow tape is up. usually indicating a crime scene but we are not sure if that was the case. no one was on the school bus we are told at all. but fire and police are on the scene trying to determine what happened. a black suv careening into the building there looks like a td bank. here at 15th and jfk in center city philadelphia. traffic is rerouted around the scene and we'll keep an eye on the situation and bring you more information as it becomes available to us. turning to health check this noon, researchers say that one particular cancer therapy is showing incredible results. it involves the patient's own immune cells, the cells are tricked into fighting the cancer. it was used on terminally ill
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patients and 90% of them went into remission. they hope to make it available to more and more patients. a delaware county retirement community is bridging the gap between old and young. "action news" anchor, tamala edwards, has the report in today's art of aging. >> reporter: high school and college students are hired to work the dining room. >> having young people around when you live in a retirement community is one of the best things that happen. >> here the young people receive sensitivity training to help them understand aging. >> you get to know the people. >> they make you feel a part of they are life. they don't look down upon the fact that we may be a little bit older. >> in fact the young people grow so close to the seniors, they often invite them to games and
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graduations and even their weddings. >> they always ask how is school going and how is your grades. >> megan is one of my favorite. >> it's about relationships and they feed off one another and the residents feel it. it's a family. >> like another grandmother or grandfather, it's like you have more than one and they look out for you. >> they think of us as grandparents and we think of them as grandkids, i have a young man here who calls me grandmom. >> they get college credits and a lesson in history. >> they have been here for 50 years and they can be a mentor. >> for students and seniors it's a win. well, the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli live in
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the newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: hey rick coming up today at 4:00 we have tips to get a jump start on that spring cleaning. coming up on what's the deal? and kanye west's financial situation made headlines this week and now the philadelphia police department has air proposal for the star. we'll explain their idea to help them get out of debt coming up in big talkers, you will not want to miss that. >> i can hardly wait. thank you alicia. quick break and accuweather and david murphy when we come right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy,
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is back inside now. >> at least we are dry with a couple of puffs of activity and now that is gone. as rick mentioned bright blue skies, if you are driving you need the shades. but it's cold out there and there is also a brit of a breeze blowing. winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour and put it together and a windchill in the mid-20s and i expect that the windchills will stay in the 20s. no better than that in the afternoon. temperatures currently across the wide region still below freezing in allentown and reading and lancaster not reporting but 30-31 degrees there as well. 34 in wilmington and 35 in millville and 36 at the airport in atlanta city. not much difference in cross the region. everybody is dealing with the breeze. the cloud cover really melted
12:26 pm
away and now the dominating high pressure to the north of us. close enough to dry the air out and give us the mainly sunny skies. and clear conditions in the lehigh valley, a high of 34 degrees it's on the chilly side and 37 at the shore a high down at the coastal communities, lots of sun and breezy and definitely coat weather and extra gear on you if are you outside for a bit. in philadelphia breezy and 38 degrees, about 6 degrees below average and winds 10 to 20 miles per hour and gusts of 25 miles per hour. for the evening commute not terrible winds but keep a good grip on the steering wheel. 35 by 5:00 and then close to freezing mark by dinner time as soon as 6:30-7:00 tonight. the winds die down to the single digits and the skies remain
12:27 pm
clear and that is a good combination. and a low of 23 degrees, with some out lying suburbs to the mid to upper teens. less wind tonight and pretty darn cold tomorrow morning. in the afternoon the high pressure center that was giving us the sunshine to the east. a warm front approaches to the west and morning sun giving way to increasing clouds and with the warm front coming through we'll had a few degrees to the high temperature and the big story is what comes behind it for the weekend. high temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. 38 today and sunshine, 41 tomorrow and increasing clouds and could be spotty rain or snow shower tonight. and breezy and milder on saturday with a high going up to 60 on saturday and 56 on sunday, and sunday night there could be showers or some rain, monday no problems and then tuesday into wednesday we are looking at a system that could be mild enough to provide us rain for a good
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it's resting on top of stairs that leads to the subway. we are waiting on reports of injuries for the people involved. police are on the scene as well as emergency crews and fire crews and the "action news" team is on the scene. lets go to ground video again, this is 15th and jfk, this is a live picture as we look from our "action news" cam on the ground, they have yellow tape on the ground to keep pedestrians at bay. that is a black suv that careened into the td bank next to the school bus. the school bus resting on stairs and a cab is also involved. we are trying to determine what caused the collision but this is the final resting point if you


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