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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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the primaries tomorrow. and we have new details on what caused a fire at a cracker barrel restaurant in chester county and a school bus full of students passes by railroad tracks just in time as a train barrels by. but we begin at 12:30 with a developing story out of south jersey. police and emergency crews remain on the scene of a serious crash at at co, camden county. it happened on the intersection of white horse pike, a hemedica helicopter was called to the scene. there are police in the area and we'll bring you more information from atco, new jersey, as it becomes available to us. now the forecast, we have a big change coming our way, tomorrow will feel more like spring than winter finally a
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nice shot showing you the commodore barry bridge. it's cold now but a big warm-up tomorrow. melissa magee is here now. >> a spring fling is on the way as we head into the weekend, it's mostly cloudy and temperatures are on the chilly side this afternoon. 34 in philadelphia and 33 in allentown and the lehigh valley, 32 for reading and lancaster, along the coast in wildwood. 39 in beach haven and 32 in trenton, mercer county. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we have light precipitation moving across upstate new york and pressing into pennsylvania as well. a lot of this precipitation will lift to our north and east and right now the atmosphere is dry to supanything moving on through. there could be flurries north and west of philadelphia but otherwise it stays mostly dry into tonight. once the boundary moves on through, it's a warm front and
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temperatures respond nicely in time for the weekend. 6:00 in the morning, 35 in philadelphia but as we get into the afternoon hours tomorrow. check out these numbers along the 95 corridor, 60s in lancaster and 54 in wildwood. we'll talk about what to expect and the call from accuweather for the weekend, plenty of sunshine and high temperature tomorrow up to 60 degrees, partly sunny and breezy and sunday mostly cloudy and a high temperature of 58 and it's mild and we are tracking changes into late sunday and into the beginning of next week. we'll get into the details. of course with a mild weekend ahead and a chance for some rain, check back often at, stormtracker 6 live double scan and our weather team will keep you updated on any changes. turning to politics now, things are getting heated on the
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campaign trail with just one day until the next voting contest. the candidates are taking shots at each other and the frontrunner is taking on the pope. megan is live from south carolina with the latest. >> reporter: rick, good afternoon. the vatican clarifying the comments, he was not speaking of anyone specific candidate and hearing from the republican voters here in south carolina, they don't think the pope should be involved. donald trump sticking to his stance. >> we have to have the wall and stop the drugs from coming in. after the pope that thinks about building walls and not bridges is not a christan. >> he has an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> i thought it was i appropriate for the pope to intervene in the height of a
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contested primary. rubio campaigning with the popular south carolina governor, nikki haley. and ted cruz appear with duck dynasty star in myrtle beach. a citizen there is worried that his canadian birth will disqualified him. >> ted cruz knew about this for years and did nothing about it. >> on the democratic side it looks like a dead heat in the caucuses in nevada. hillary clinton is not going down without a fight. >> i'm not just making speeches and promising free this and free everything. >> here in south carolina, the polls show the race is not as close. trump has a double digit lead followed by cruz and rubio, many believe that after tomorrow, this could be a three man race. megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in washington thousands of
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mourners are paying their respects today to supreme court justice, antonin scalia, he died last weekend at the able of 79. lets take a live look at washington where scalia's body is laying in repose. his funeral mass will be held tomorrow. as for replacing the supreme court justice, vice president joe biden says that it's unlikely that president obama would pick the most liberal justice. retired justice sandra day o'connor, said someone is needed now to do the job. back here philadelphia police are searching for three suspects after a home invasion and brutal beating. it happened before 1:30 this morning in port richmond.
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a woman knocked on a man's door asking to use his phone and then two men busted in and beat him with a baseball bat and gun. and then the female joined in. >> the female started to scratch him in the face and he realized that the woman obviously had something to do with this. >> the suspects made off with cash and two video game consoles. the victim is recovering. nearly two weeks since the nightclub assault that involved buffalo bills running back, lesean mccoy, two philadelphia police officers were injured in the incident at the recess lounge in old city on february 7th. cell phone video shows mccoy in the crowd, that the former eagle and three friends got into an argument over a bottle of champagne. the argument got physical and a
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third off duty officer was involved but not hurt. district attorney, seth williams, is going over the case but has yet to decide if mccoy and the others should be charged. we have more coming up on this today beginning at 4:00. it's 11 years since the day that two men were last seen alive. they issued northern plea to the public for information. they were last seen leaving a south street bar in 2005. they were riding in a black toyota pickup. they have not found the couple or the car. there is a $50,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. and anyone can submit an anonymous tip, by calling the number on your screen.
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utility crews finished making repaired after a crash. one vehicle crashed into a street sign and a traffic light was also knocked down, both drivers were injured and police have not said what caused the collision. a restaurant in chester county is back open after it was damaged by fire, it caught fire in the parking lot of the cracker barrel. they say the rv belonged to a repair company that was working inside of the restaurant when the fire happened. the flames burned the side of the business and fire officials are trying to figure out how the blaze started. the pennsylvania legislative black caucus is calling on the city of brotherly love to support the people in flint, michigan. they led the legislators day of action in philadelphia, an effort nice wide to support
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safe, clean, drinks water in flint and around the country. penn state kicks off its annual thon weekend, it features 700 dancers and the large of the student run philanthropy event in the world. last year alone thon raised $13 million for children battling cancer and 6 abc is a proud supporter of thon. we'll have a live stream at much more to come on "action news" at 12:30, captured on cell phone video, terrifying moments from students from one texas high school when an on coming train nearly smacks into the back of their school bus. and a 6-year-old nightmare for a woman on the pta. and more on your forecast for the weekend when "action news" comes right back.
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someone cute a fire tornado going through a brush fire in missouri. crews battled the fire for several hours yesterday. they believe that grass cutting equipment sparked the fire and they brought in heavy equipment and bulldozers to stop the fire from spreading. a houston bus drive ser out of a job after a near miss crash. a train nearly hit her bus that was full of students at the time. candace gibson shows us -- >> reporter: a frightening near miss caught on tape. >> we are all going to die, a school bus getting past railroad tracks in the nick of time. >> she stopped in the middle of the railroad track and pulled ahead a little more. frightened students filming it
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and posting it to social media sites where it caught the attention of administrators. the driver said the students were too loud to drive the bus safely. but an investigation found that the driver did not follow procedures when crossing a credit card track. >> i am happy she is gone. snool a mother in california and also a pta president is speaking out after being framed by parents she says. >> i won my lawsuit and it's basically finally all over. >> a jury awarded kelly peters nearly $6 million in damages earlier this month. the entire ordeal began in 2010 when attorney jill easter started to throw accusations when her child was delayed at a
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pickup. and they went as far as to plant drugs in her car and it shows the couple's dna on the items, the easters were charged with false imprisonments for her bogus bust. the prosecutors and defense attorneys were fourth graders from blessed theresa of calcutta. they presided over the case of goldilocks and the three bears and use tropical disturbance to teach the students about the judicial process. you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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meteorologist, melissa magee, is back now with a closer look at the friday forecast. we are looking is past friday and looking at the weekend. >> it's going be a nice one make sure you get out and enjoy that. it's dry out there and up north and west there may be a few flurries but the atmosphere is dry, to support the
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precipitation. the moisture moving on through is thanks to a frontal boundary lifting northward and once it does this afternoon and tonight we have a good looking weekend on the way. the action cam was outside earlier today in fairmount park looking at the trees. earlier we had some sunshine but sun giving way to increasing clouds and that is the case as we go throughout the rest of our day. neighborhood numbers, north and west of town we are in the 30s, 34 in slatington and 29 in tannersville and 34 in center city and out to the west in new holland coming in at 33. down across new jersey, upper 30s for hammonton and vineland and same thing in browns mills and along the coastline in sea isle city at 35. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have a mostly cloudy skies and there is the boundary moving on through and a
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lot of precipitation not working its way down into the region, but i would not be surprised to see something going on in upstate new york. and this is lifting to the northern and as it does so we tap into the southwesterly winds. and our numbers respond nicely for saturday. 41 today, typically we should be 45 this time of year. tonight a possible shower north of the city, and we'll drop down to 33 with the northwesterly wind 8 to 16 miles per hour. we have things to look forward to, it was chilly earlier in the week and last weekend temperatures were in the 20s. we have 23 days before the beginning of daylight savings time and 38 days and spring arrives and memorial day is 101 days away. something to look forward to even though we are in the middle of our winter. future tracker 6 showing you 6:00 in the morning a chilly
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start, 36 in philadelphia and 35 in the poconos and 40 in wildwood but as we get into the afternoon hours, look at these numbers across the region. most everyone will be in the 50s the exception the poconos at 49 but 51 in philadelphia and 57 in lancaster and 58 in dover by tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you and creasing clouds today a high of 41 and it's a little chilly and the tradeoff by saturday and breezy and milder in at 60, sunday mostly cloudy and staying mild, 58 degrees for the high and rain is likely on sunday. and monday partly sunny and 51 and tuesday a high of 44 and late in the day tuesday carried over into wednesday, we'll be tracking a storm system all dependant on the track and the kind of precip we see, looks like rain for the most part for the city south and east and mix north and west and thursday we dry out with a high temperature
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of 42, start planning the vacations, it will get better and spring will soon arrive. >> have you had lunch yet? >> i'm working on it. stay tuned there is a brand new restaurant in northern liberties, and it's special because it's the first of its kind. armenian food from an armenian family. >> very tasty. if you are wondering what is armenian food think mediterranean with a touch of middle eastern. it's hardy food and from deep rooted culture. >> apricot stone has familiar dishes on the menu from kabobs but the biba custa is unique to
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armenian cooking and so is the cheese pie. the chef and owner the recipes are hers. >> i learned from my mother and grandmother but it was her son that suggests she serve a taste of her homeland. >> we have armenian music all day long. >> i feel like i'm in your home. dishes are served family style. >> on armenian tables are you not suppose to see the table. it should be a feast. every night at home is a feast. >> it's course after course after course. >> it's heavy, middle eastern food is present. she was raised in syria. >> i'm very much strong armenian i can say. i love being armenian, i'm proud of it. >> as for the name, there is an armenian song about a young girl
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whose mother gave her an apricot, keep it in your hand and it brings you luck. >> and stuffed cabbage is one of the most festive dishes served for armenian new years and there is special armenian coffee. when you finished drinking it she can read your cup. >> they are bringing you good news. >> for armenians it's after dinner entertainment and past time. >> makes me want to have another coffee. >> i wait for my good news. and thanks to femmy for taking the time to read it. karen rogers and i are hosting fyi can you watch it here this weekend on 6 abc. >> looks great, thank you alicia. top our people scene, a new restaurant in hollywood offering
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magical treats inspired by the boy wizard. >> butter beer offered here. >> hogs head pub is now open at university studios, insight of the theme parkland inspired by the j.k. rowling books and it offers cups of butter beer enough to make everyone happy. our one james bond super fan is a bit close toward living the life of a cool super spy, an astin martin made for the movie sold for $3.5 million. the buyer was not identified. the car drives with a top speed of 190 miles per hour. it was signed by the actor, daniel craig himself.
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all right one last check of the forecast now with meteorologist, melissa magee. >> it's mostly cloudy this afternoon, on the chilly side. 41 in philadelphia, 39 for both trenton and toms river and 40 for wilmington and millville and cape may and dover. out to the west our northwest suburbs max out in the upper 30s, chilly today and a nice recovery as we get into the weekend, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. >> a nice weekend to be off. >> hey. >> sorry. finally the newest way to relieve stress and anxiety and it could be fun. it's called tantrum therapy. they let you destory things and throw golf clubs and clients go to town on their frustrations and they offer sound proof rooms
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