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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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capitol so pay respects to antonin scalia. we have a beautiful day, temperatures in the 60s and we could see snow before the week is over. come on with the snow. >> reporter: especially with what you'll see today that's the last word you want to here. sky6 live hd looking from our temple university camera the center city skyline. it's a beautiful morning, mild, we have high, thin clouds, later today that thins out and we'll see sunny conditions. 46 in trenton and philadelphia. 46. you could have taken both saturday and sunday high temperatures last weekend, it wouldn't have equaled the 46 we're seeing right now. big improvements out there. wilmington, 45. millville, 44. allentown, 43. the poconos 38. satellite and radar, note how
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everything is moving west to east across the mid atlantic states this morning? that's pacific air. there's no arctic air in the pattern over the next several days. we're sitting at 46 degrees. look at how quickly we jump into the 60s. 1:00 p.m., 58. 3:00 p.m., of 2 and 5:00 p.m., 64. tomorrow is nice, a little bit cooler than today, but nice for this time of the year. we're talking about the rain snow chance sunday night into monday morning and the coastal storm next week which looks pretty big. lots to talk about in just a few minutes i'll run it down for you in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. one person is dead after three others are injured after a bad crash in cumberland county. the action cam was on the scene on the 27 hundreds block of east landis avenue in vineland. that driver lost control and hit
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several trees after 5:00 a.m. one person died at the scene. a second person had to be flown to the hospital in serious condition. two others hurt, but there is no word on their condition. in south jersey, 6 people including two firefighters and police sergeant are recovering after a two-alarm condo fire. this started after 9:30 on the unit morocco of whole -- florence holgate in burlington county. firefighters managed to rescue a dog while fighting the flames. as soon as it looked like it was partially out, the firefighters pointed to a porch and they moved the ladders, apparently his dog made his way out on the porch. they carried the dog out. the dog is expected to be okay. four units were destroyed by this. 8 others damaged. the american red cross is assisting those displaced by the fire.
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it is not clear about the cause. now to the final farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. as many as as 4,000 people are expected to attends his funeral mass. we go to washington to see how scalia is being remembered. >> reporter: thousands will fill the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. it's another ways to farewell as thousands went around the block. he said you you can stand up on principal and the stand up to the laws. >> reporter: 8 justices waiting in the light filled great hall where scalia's body lay in repos on the flat -- platform that once held the casket of abraham
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lincoln. his son paul said a prayer. the president and first lady bowed in silence after meeting privately with scalia's family. italso there, those believed toe on the potential nominees of the supreme court. even though the republicans don't plan to confirm the next justice until after the presidential election, president obama is not waiting to act that binder he carried as he left the oval office friday is filled with notes he is reviewing this weekend about possible nominees. justice scalia passed away a month shy of his 80th birthday. after his funeral his family and friend attend a private burial. reporting from the supreme court, abc news washington. flags in washington are flying at half staff in honor of
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justice scalia. he was born in trenton in 1936 he moved to queens when he was a boy. flags remain lowered throughout the day. our coverage continues at we'll be streaming the mass live on our website at 11:00 a.m. new this morning, a chester high student is behind bars accused of shooting a fellow student earlier this week. 16-year-old hernandez turned himself into police, officers say he brought a gun on a school bus wednesday. when he got off around 1st and highland, police say he started shooting hitting another teenager in the backside. he is charged as an adult. this morning police in camden county have a new warning, scammers are stealing people's money through what's called virtual kidnapping. dann cuellar spoke to a victim. >> reporter: the fake kidnapping starts with a frantic call from an unfamiliar person saying
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someone you know has been kidnapped and e and is in danger unless you pay a ransom. he kept threatening me and my daughter if i didn't follow instructions. >> reporter: the woman said the caller told her he kidnapped her daughter and wanted $1,000 for her safe return. he convinced me to follow his instructions and do what he said. >> reporter: the victim was instructed to stay on the phone as she went to a nearby western union and wired him the money. she wilder $800 which was all she had in the bank account, the man hung up. she made contact with her daughter and realized she was scammed. he did a good job on me, i felt stupid, but i did what i thought was right to protect my daughter. >> reporter: police say there were 17 such cases in camden since january 24th. police call them virtual
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kidnapping. the suspects use social media to target their victims. fbi said they have seen an increase in the types of calls across the country, they are operating over seas using phone accounts and difficult to trace and they are practiced at the art of intimidation. his voice was horrible, scary, he did a good job convincing me of that. >> reporter: advice from police? they should not pay any monies from anyone, again jot down the number and terminate the call and inform the police department. >> reporter: you should note that the scammers used a blocked or private number. be alert, try to slow down the conversation and try to text or call the person who was kidnapped and call police. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." in the race for president, south carolina will make its pick on the republican side.
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record turnout is projected. polls show businessman donald trump leading ted cruz in south carolina. the palmetto state is home to evangelicals loyal to people like ted cruz. nevada will hold democratic caucuses, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are running neck in neck. black vote will be crucial in we next weekend's democratic primary that takes place in south carolina. still to come on "action news" saturday morning, can vitamin c supplements help fight off the common cold, experts way in. i don't i don't thon is , we'll take you to espn e penn
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state where students are dancing the night away. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the 60s and there's snow in the seven-day forecast at least for some, i'll have the details when we come right back. this weekend penn state
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students have their dancing shoes on you're looking live at thon. students are dancing for 46
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hours straight this is all to raise money in the fight against childhood cancer. chad perdelli is in happy valley we'll have more coming up next in in the next half-hour. dancing for a good cause. meteorologist chris sowers was over there dancing. >> reporter: remember the movie hitch, the dance scene that's what i try it. making the pizza. it's a great flick. looking live at penns landing, a nice quiet morning, a warm afternoon on tap for the delaware valley. last weekend we had windchills as low as 33 below in the poconos. this weekend the poconos will be in the 50s and philadelphia probably 64 or 65 today. so enjoy it. double scan live is clear, although colder changes will quickly re-emerge monday and tuesday. but even the cooler air that will make its way in here is not
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too terribly cold, especially when you look at the bigger picture. 46 degrees, dewpoint, 27. wind out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. we have a windchill of 40. give it another couple hours temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s. big swings in the numbers this week. 33 degrees monday, light snow some areas picked up one to two inches. all of a sudden we shot up to 60 by tuesday. wednesday, 45. thursday, 48. friday, 39. allentown, 43. atlantic city at the airport, 46 degrees. note the direction. arrows, out of the southwest that's a nice, warm wind flow for us. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 12 in atlantic city. 14 in sea isle city. as we look wider on satellite, notice how everything is moving west to east.
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last week, everything was coming out of the arctic. the clouds were moving north to south. that was the arctic invasion. as long as we the wind west to east that's a pacific air mass, a zonal air flow that means nice warm weather. tomorrow is cooler, but well above seasonal averages we're talking about highs in the upper 50s, this reinforcing front gets in here by next week and cools us back down to the 40s and brings light snow to parts the area. we'll skip over today, today mostly sunny, partly cloud, sun and clouds, however you like to world it it's going to be a nice day. we get into sunday, light rain overspreads the area southwest to northeast. 8:30 you're picking up a few rain drops areas south. as it pulls away, expect to see light snow mixing in on the tail end of this and north and west
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of philadelphia, you'll more than likely pick up a minor grassy accumulation, maybe a coating at best. when you wake up monday morning don't be surprised if you see snow on the ground. big changes here, sun and clouds, warm. 64 degrees is the forecasted high. breezy winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows another mild one tomorrow, 58 degrees, and then cooler air by next week. sun and clouds, pleasant for monday, 47. tuesday, cloudy some rain developing late, 48 degrees. wednesday periods of rain, 49 that's the coastal storm right now. it appears as if it is going to be another cutter, looks like it will be mild air and rain. thursday, 350, friday, 44. i'll focus on the coastal storm, all models except one is
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pointing to rain. 9:15 we would like to remind you you can find the storm tracker 6 live radar at the windy city is living up to its name. look at this here, concrete wall came crashing down crashing a car across the street. nobody was in the car or near the construction site. gusts clocked at 60 miles per hour and delayed flights at o'hare international airport. right now a cyclone barreling an long the northern coast of fiji's mainland. gusts up to 250 miles per hour. fiji is low lying in the pacific. the popular tourist area is not expected to feel the brunt fortunate cyclone.
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all right so glad you stayed with us, 9:18.
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ups is expanding its passport services across the country. they reported 8% increase in passport service sales last month. according to a u.s. spokesperson the only company that allows people to schedule photos online. 250 million passports are expected to expire next year. it will create long lines at the renewal process. walmart employees are getting raises. the company is boosting the minimum wage from $9 to $10 an hour. it applies to the hourly workers. it won't be cheap. the raises will cost the company an additional $1.5 billion this year. americans spent more than a billion dollars on vitamin c supplements last year might seem like a good idea when you have a cold. consumer reports says it could be a mistake. alicia vitarelli explains.
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>> reporter: the common cold can leave you sniffling sneezing and aching for a week or longer while you might be tempted to try anything to feel better sooner, think twice before loading up on vitamin c supplements. chances are you're already too late. there's evidence that if you take vitamin c supplements on a regular basis might shorten the cold by a day or so. >> reporter: it taking them won't prevent a cold in the first place, according to the national institutes of health. taking high doses can cause other health problems. men who take excessive amounts are twice as likely to develop kidney stones and consuming more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin c a day can cause an upset stomach and painful cramps. 90 milligrams per day for men
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and 75 for women maintaining good health. that's about the equivalent of a single orange. the best way to get vitamine is through fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: for that cold forget the quick fix if you need relief from your symptoms, choose over the counter medication like acetaminophen or single ingredients decongestants and to help your could have drink tea with honey -- to help your could you or sore throat dk tea with honey. alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." your daughter wants to stay organic.
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like
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sky6 live hd giving us a live look this morning over spring mountain, snow on the mountain, thankfully no snow on the ground. down here we'll be in the 60s. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a bit. in sports the sixers return from the all star break, the flyers with a crucial point on the line in montreal, jamie apody has that and the phillies reporting to training camp. >> reporter: good morning, it was a big one, the flyers had a two point lead on their opponent the canadians both teams fighting for a wild card spot last night. flyers had a lead only for five minutes or so. it's tied back up on the power play goal. they go to a shootout.
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we know how that usually ends for the flyers. so it's up to brayden shenn late in his career, make that 1 for 9. flyers fall -- 3-2. you would think that the 9 sixers would have a chance against a team name the pelicans the sixers down three. cannon down two in the third quarter. in the 4th. it is put away for the mighty pelicans, sixers fall 121-114. it's only day two and we have an injury, say it ain't so. >> reporter: phillies starter
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jared icoff picked up last year, he has a broken bone in his right thumb he suffered from a bunting drill. he is expected to start in the rotation come start of the season. most of the position players are here like cody ashy and darren ruff. the only position players that are not here infielders ryan howard and mikhail franco. is manager meet cannon upset? i would like to see him, but i'm not upset. it's a long season, i'm sure they have good reasons why they are not here. >> reporter: mccann none said howard has been hitting on his own and in a good frame of mind. when he comes to camp he will be
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coming to a position he has never seen before as a part-time player. it's going to be so nice out today, i'm going to get a polo shirt and go and find myself a palm tree. have a great. one. there's much more to come on "action news," including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: this is our "shelter me rescue of the week" winner this week. you can meet marissa and some of her friends on the "shelter me rescue of the week" segment of "action news." meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, when "action news" saturday at 9:00 continues. > happening now on "action
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news" saturday at 9:00, the ultimate dance party in happy valley, we're taking you to thon. thieves snatch half a mill dollars in diamonds from a center city store. let's take you outside and chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. chris, why do you have a coat on. >> reporter: if i wasn't sick all week, i would probably be out here without a coast. i'm not doing that again. trenton, 37. philadelphia, 40.
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the normal high for this time of the year is 45. we're close to that mark already. atlantic city, 32 degrees, those were the morning lows. quakertown is up to 44. pilots, 45. coatsville, 46. chester and center city both showing 46. levittown 47. same number for browns mills and ewing. glassboro, 45. southsmyrna 478. once we get rid of the high, thin cirrus deck and pushes out to see we'll see sunshine and the temperatures climb. 1:00 p.m., 58 degrees. look at 3:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m., 62 and 65 degrees, mostly sunny conditions, combination of sun and clouds, give or take, it should be a nice looking day, when i come back in just a few minutes we're talking about rain, we have a couple of chance in the seven day, one arrives sunday night
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into monday morning, the s.e.c. one arrives coastal storm tuesday into wednesday. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast, gray when i see you in just a few minutes. fire investigators right now they are trying to figure out the cause of this inferno in burlington county. flames destroyed four condos and four condos were damaged. residents and police officers and firefighters were overcome with smoke a dog was impacted. a brushfire in south jersey, chopper 6 was over the scene, 25 acres were on fire at the sunoco refinery in west dep folder. there were no reports of injuries or evacuations. two nypd officers are
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recovering after getting involved in a shootout with a suspect who rammed his car into a police cruiser. one officer was struck in his bullet proof vest. the other was shot in the hip. both are in table condition, they are expected to make a full recovery. now as for the suspect he was shot multiple times, no word on his condition we'll keep you posted. now to the final farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. as many as 4,000 people are expected to attendance the funeral mass. we want to take you live to the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. folks are gathering there. the mass is scheduled at 11:00 a.m. vice president biden and his wife will be among the mourners there. paul scalia, the justice's son will lead the funeral mass. we'll be streaming that on our
9:33 am
website at 11:00. in penn state, a tradition, students are dancing 46 hours straight at thon. chad perdelli is happy valley with the latest. 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: with that 700-plus penn state students started a 46 hour journey of perseverance. it's special, it's unique it's the largest student philanthropy in the world. this is what it's all about. i'm overwhelmed with emotion, we've been talking about this weekend for the entire year. >> reporter: these inspiration young men and women entered the bryce jordon center to a roucous cloud. it's a yearlong commitment to raise money for the diamond fund and penn state pediatric
9:34 am
hospital and childhood cancer. since 1977, thon has raised 127 million-dollar. the record for one year is a little more than 13 million. sunday we'll learn how much was raised this year. thon is so much more than an event at the end of the year. it's a monetary reputation, but it represents so much more. we could raise a dollar or $20 million. we're making the difference in the life of a child, not just one, but hundreds of children. >> reporter: this year's theme is belief beyond boundaries, cancer can put up walls where the boundaries seem limited. for the students it's ftk, for the kids. they are the inspiration to not sit or sleep and dance for 46 hours. it's so rewarding. you see all the work you put in throughout the entire year and you see it is smile on their face and it makes it. >> reporter: chad perdelli channel 6 "action news."
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dancing all for a good cause. we want to take you live back out to thon. you can check with the dance party all weekend long, you can see the folks there very active. we're streaming it live at it was posted videos from the events. police are hoping surveillance video will help catch two thieves from a jewelry heist on jeweler's row. they smashed display cases abbey took off with $400,000 in jewelry. anyone with information call police. a township in south jersey shut down its only working well after a chemical was found in the water supply. jeff chirico spoke to concerned residents and has the latest. >> reporter: deborah a breathing easier now that contaminants are not flowing through her faucets. the township shut down the tainted well after concerns from
9:36 am
citizens. they heard what the residents want. >> reporter: deborah has been reluctant to drink the tap water ever since the well was opened last summer. the contaminants including tcp a cancer causing substance used for paint removal. she drank water with the contaminants in it. the residents never had a health risk at all. >> reporter: ment levels were too low to threaten the public's hep. they learned the fix for the well will be in place this spring. the well is off are year using new jersey american water there are no contaminants in that. >> reporter: the switch comes too late for deborah who had the whole house water facility --
9:37 am
filtration system installed. this may not cost the township anything unless all the water is used before the well is fixed. in moorestown, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." we're learning information about yesterday's airstrikes on isis targets in libya. officials say two serbian hostages are believed to have killed in the strikes. they were kidnapped in november after their convoy came under fire. a top isis operative is believed to be among those dead. two texas police officers jump into action to save a woman and her baby from a burning apartment buildings. plus are are you feeling hungy how about trying to some traditional armenian food being
9:38 am
served up at a restaurant. we got a sneak peek inside. we'll have another check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. up with us, police officers in texas saved a mother and her 3-month-old son from a burning apartment building. the officers asked the mother to drop the boy to them from the second floor window. i told her stick herself as
9:41 am
far out of the window as she could with the baby i'll catch it. wow, he did catch that baby. the partner and bystander caught the mother another resident did not make it out alive. witnesses say this could have been a bigger tragedy is not for the big action of the officers. mom and son are doing okay. so thankful the officers are there. let's talk about the forecast and good news we'll hit the 60s today. >> reporter: are you happy gray. the biggest smile on his face ear to ear. we're in the 60s today and close to 60 degrees in some locations tomorrow. looks like a nice weekend. there's the shot live on sky6 live hd as we look over the ben franklin bridge, a little high, thin cloudiness upstairs right now. that he pull east and work out to sea. double scan live. no issues to talk about. 64 degrees is the high temperature. 20 degrees above the seasonal
9:42 am
average. 43 is where we started out this morning, the normal low is 29. this is the polar vortex sitting here, the arctic invaition winds out of north -- invasion winds out of the north. temperatures plummeting from north carolina to maine. the polar vortex is not even on this side of the pole. the jet stream is up in canada and we have the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the lowest windchill values versus the temperatures we're expecting today. minus 8 in philadelphia last week. today we'll 72 degrees warmer this afternoon. allentown, 17 last sunday. 58 is the high.75 degrees than t
9:43 am
weekend. unbelievable change of events as we see the weather pattern breakdown and the warm air rushes in. 46 in trenton. millville, 46. 46 in philadelphia. reading, 46. you still have partly cloudy skies, once this cloud cover pushes out to sea and we go mostly sunny, the numbers will increase. most areas will top out at least in the low 60s. you get enough sunshine you're in the mid 60s. future tracker 6 we'll skip over saturday, sunday evening, most of sunday is dry, you go late in the day, showers work in southwest to northeast. that will continue throughout the evening hours, light wind in philadelphia and all areas to the south. the first part of monday morning you see the green, even though the model is not showing it, we'll switch over to snow north and west of philadelphia, some
9:44 am
of that will accumulate on mainly grassy surfaces. monday afternoon we'll go mainly clouds breaking for sunshine. monday looks like a decent day, as well. with temperatures back in the 40s. tuesday night into wednesday, right now this looks like mainly a rain event as this is called a cutter, the low travels north and west of philadelphia, an all south windle there will be mixing across the far western suburbs and the lehigh valley and the poconos. if what i saw this morning hold true, this mix line will be way up here. for now we'll leave i meant in the lehigh valley and the poconos -- leave it in the lehigh valley and the poconos and see how it pans out. looks like a rain event for next week. 64 for philadelphia. 63 in wilmington, millville, 63. trenton, 61. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 58 degrees
9:45 am
mostly cloudy and mild for tomorrow. a little bit cooler monday, still rather comfortable for this time of the year, we'll call it pleasant 47. tuesday evening that's when the rain moves on in, 48 degrees. it could start out as a wintry mix north and west. there you're going over to rain. wednesday, periods of rain, 49, maybe a leftover shower thursday and 50 degrees. that was a good shot of cold air i'll admit that. we've improved very nicely. spring is not here. >> reporter: there will be more cold shots down the line, but not close to what we saw then. folks, 9:45. this week's shelter success story takes you to unionville pennsylvania where 40 acres provides shelter for reese can - rescued animals. tricksy loves to run. they was part of a an abandoned
9:46 am
litter saved by the rescue and adopted by this family. when it's time for a walk, she e is a no kill shelter that saves all animals. dogs, cats, goats, sheep. >> reporter: 44 acres provides a sanctuary-like setting for the animals and that leads to a transformation for dogs that may not have a chance elsewhere. more than 50 volunteers help socialize the animals and prepare them for adoption. rene is a american staffordshire treasurer. mannery was an abuse case found with a color embedded around her waist. lauren and buddy is an odd
9:47 am
couple that was surrendered when their other than passed away. and this is ma -- marissa who was very thin when she got here, she is ready for her forever home. if you're interested in any of the animals you met today visit the website, if you would like us to chair the success story, post a picture to "fyi philly" facebook page and tells us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you. we'll be featuring your story on upcoming segments. with marissa, i'm monica malpass channel 6 "action news." sky6 live hd right now
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overlooking center city. you remember how cold it was last weekend? not this weekend, we're going to reach the 60s, do your happy dance. so glad you're waking up with us, here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. it's a perfect day to head outside and enjoy the mummers mardi gras parade in manayunk. it runs until 1:00 p.m. along the manayunk shopping and dine district. if you're heading out you're urged to use public transportation. all pet lovers unite. the greater philadelphia pet expo is being held in oaks montgomery county. more than 100 vendor are on handle. there are performances both
9:51 am
educational and entertaining and petting zoo and pet adoptions. happening today from 10:00 to 7:00. admission is $12 for adults and five bucks for the kids ages 11 and under. in "healthcheck," top leaders with the world health organization say the zika virus will not ruin the olympic games in brazil. by the time the olympics gin it will be winter. the venues are in confined areas it will be easier to control the mosquito population. they recorded 1 million suspected cases of the virus. the concern is whether it leads to a birth defect in babies. a new "fyi philly" is coming up on 6abc, alicia vitarelli takes us inside a new restaurant in northern liberties that is serving up armenian
9:52 am
cuisine. >> reporter: there's plenty on the men you, -- menu, but this s unique to armenian cooking. so is the cheese pie. the chef and other owner, the rs are hers. it was her son who suggested a restaurant to get a taste of the homelands. when you are here it's like you're in an ameanian person's dining room. tables you're not supposed to see the table. it's covered in food. it's course after course after course. while it's heavy armenian, middle eastern food is present.
9:53 am
she was born in syrian. i'm strong armenian and proud of it. there's an armenian song about a young girl who gives the girl an apricot and says keep the stone in your head for good luck. when you're finished drinking it, she read your cup. for armenians it's after dinner entertainment and afternoon pastime. makes me want to ever another coffee. [laughter]. i am hungry now. you can get "fyi philly" at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. up next, the exclusive
9:54 am
accuweather seven-day forecast we're coming right back.
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we want to take you live to the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where the funeral mass for supreme court justice antonin scalia is being held. it is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. as many as 4,000 people are expected to attend. scalia's son reverend paul scalia will officiate mass. up next, chris sowers, looking good. >> reporter: 64 degrees, the fun thing you could take last saturday's afternoon high and
9:57 am
triple it and we're above that. it's warm and sunny today, 64 degrees, mostly cloudy tomorrow, 58 degrees and rain sunday night into monday morning. jack hanna's "wild countdown" is up next. we're back tomorrow morning. a new documentary digs into the physics behind the pitch. and now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm gray hall, make it a great day.
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announcer: jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." 70% of our planet is covered in water, and most of it is still unexplored. today we're gonna try and fix that. just like in the movies. whoo-whoo! diving in fiji... i've never seen anything like that in my entire life. the great barrier reef... these colors down there are incredible. and the caribbean sea. sue: you just felt like you were one with them. that's what i love so much. jack: plus my blooper of the week. 6 unbelievable undersea


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