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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez. margin is razor thin in nevada as hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling to the end in the nevada caucus. they have been on their feet for more than a day and still going strong. we are live, to check in on thon. but the big story on "action news" is a fire that proved deadly in new jersey. we first told but it last night. it was heavy fire that ravaged a condo complex in florence.
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today crews discovered a body inside the wreckage. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the scene with the full details, jeff? >> reporter: good evening, walter. you are right investigators found the body of the seven two-year old victim just up there in a second floor unit. we're told that they did not know that she was up there until they found her body, this morning. at this point police are not identifying their victim. now throughout the day investigators have been sifting through remains of the eight unit condo complex trying to figure out what may have caused, the fire, and where it all started. chopper six was over the scene shortly after the fire started, 9:30 last night, raging flames could be seen tearing through the complex. police say that six people were taken to the hospital, including one police officer, two fire fighters and two residents, most of whom had smoke inhalation. we understand all of them will be okay. now fire crews didn't know a victim was inside until they
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started sifting through this, this morning and just a few moments ago we spoke with the victim's niece. >> she was a kind person. she loved animals. she loved people. she loved her family. she would do anything to go out of her way for everybody. >> last night the structure was, they pulled the fire department out, so because of the structure that they felt was not safe for them to be inside there during the day time and daylight they were able to go in and do another search at which time they found the deceased. >> reporter: now back out here live, police and investigators with the fire department are still on the scene, trying to determine what caused last night's fire, at this point, they are not sure if it is a case of arson. they say a doggies on the scene right now, shifting, and, tracking, through the unit trying to determine whether this could be a case of arson. we are live from florence township, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", walter? >> thank you, jeff. a long time tradition
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honoring fallen fire fighters in philadelphia took place today in center city. dozens of people attended a mass this morning paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. fire fighters have a special connection with saint john's church there. in 1899, three firemen died battling a fire at that parish. that fire also ended up destroying much of that block. moving on to the accu weather forecast, what a difference a week makes. this time last saturday wind chill had a feeling near zero and today we were flirting with 60 degrees meteorologist melissa magee has our first check of the accu weather forecast, help there, melissa. >> hi there walter. days like this are hard to come by in the month of february, we were very warm, well above average. we will take you back to last saturday when we had a high of just 24 degrees as you mentioned. those wind chills near zero if not sub zero and today we maxed out at 60 degrees in philadelphia so across the region temperatures were averaging between ten to 15 degrees above normal and this day more typical of something you would see in early april rather then the
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month of february. so you look at the 24 hour temperature change, and it is a good good 20 degrees warmer in philadelphia 26 degrees warmer in lancaster then it was just 24 hours ago and 21 degrees warmer as well along the coast in wildwood. if you are stepping outside on the town later tonight we've got you covered with the evening planner. maybe just a light jacket is all you need 567894 degrees is number at 7:00 p.m. we will be in the lower 50's at 8:00 tonight. fifty at 9:00 p.m. we will be in the upper 40's at ten. at 11:00 p.m. underneath the a mostly clear sky. we will talk about what we can expect. it is mildly quiet tonight. spring like weather continues for the second half of our weekend, on sunday but we are tracking some rain by day's end and we will go over the details with the the exclusive accu weather forecast. thanks, melissa. lets go live to trish hartman talking to the many people out and been joying the gorgeous conditions. hi there, trish.
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>> reporter: hi walter. i'm sure you remember last weekend people were either hibernating or wearing layers upon layers to stay warm. today we found folks without jackets on, as you mentioned lots of folks enjoying this mild evening at dilworth park at rothman ice rink. we talk to people today that said after that cold snap they are more than happy to have a spring-like weekend. >> this is the rage. >> reporter: golfers dust ted off their club for chance of the rare february round at bala golf club in wynfield. while the course is winterized. >> right now we play temporary greens until the greens thaw out and everything. >> reporter: club is welcoming back its members with open arms. >> anything in the 50's is good. the it is like miami after last week. >> unless you have gone to florida and played a lot of golf it is a much tougher game to come out here and play well in march. we have matches starting in april and this gives us a chance to keep our game going. >> reporter: another group thrilled to spend the day outside...
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>> left, right. >> reporter: kids and those who entertain them. >> i was so excited. i said we had to go to the park. she loves, it. >> reporter: four year-old pea shed her coat in rittenhouse square as her nanny is enjoying milder temperatures for a change. >> it was so cold. we walk every where too. it the is hard to handle walking around dragging a four year owed behind you. >> reporter: at rittenhouse farmers market vendors were happy to see crowd return, with single digit temperatures last week even, some sellers stayed home. >> if it gets below freezing, 32 degrees, the food will actually freeze. if i put apples out they will start to rot. >> reporter: across the street diners enjoyed brunch outside some in short sleeves. >> you don't need a sweater. >> yes. >> and is it so bad. >> no, it is perfect. >> reporter: back here live at dilworth park lots of people enjoying these milder conditions on and off the rink tonight.
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the next weekend will be your last chance to skate at rothman ice rink and with cooler temperatures returning next week, folks say they are taking every opportunity to shake off this cabin fever, while these mild temperatures, persists. we are live from dilworth park, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> thanks, trish. meanwhile a dance floor is packed in happy valley today aspen state students take part in the school's annual thon fundraiser. they have been going strong since yesterday and they will be out the there until tomorrow. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is right there as well and he joins us live now with updates, hi there chad. >> reporter: hi walter. when these dancers are done tomorrow they would have been on their feet with no sleep for 46 straight hours. you can see behind me there are performances on stage, the dancers are still moving around, i would say, inside the bryce jordan center, it is still electric, as they raise money for pediatric cancer. >> ♪ >> reporter: thon 2016 is near
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midway point, fatigue will be a faux, over remaining hours. >> the muscles and the arches in your feet, you but they tense up and your lower calves but other than that, i have pain in my lower back and hamstring. >> i'm not too tired yet. we have no idea how much longer we have to go though. >> i feel great. my feet hurt a little bit but i'm having a great time. >> ♪ >> reporter: performances on stage help pass the time but it is the children who provide the motivation. >> three, two, one... >> reporter: several volunteers went up on stage to have their haircut for wigs for kid, including ten year-old mana potter whose brother is a cancer survivor and was helped by thon and four diamond fund. what do you think of the new dew. >> i like it the better. >> reporter: what made you decide to do this. >> i have done it for three years now so i wanted to do it
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again. >> reporter: another way to pay back. >> another way to pay back for what they are going through. >> reporter: here at the nursing station dancers are made sure to get prescribed medications and others come for advil, tylenol to help with the grueling task of endurance. >> so far they have been pretty good, just pain medication for their legs and everything, but so far i don't think we have hit that point in the dance yet where they are like physically and emotionally tired. >> reporter: as you can see thon 2016 is a fully affect. now, here in the next half an hour we will sit down with the family who is benefiting from thon and four diamonds fund. we will have that story on later additions of "action news". for now live from the bryce jordan center, chad pradelli, for channel six "action news". >> thanks, chad. donations are still being accepted to fight pediatric cancers. go to to get what you can and we are pleased to be streaming all 46 hours of thon
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on our web site at six and you can see more of chad's photos and videos all weekend long by going to our facebook page, of course, abc "action news". hundreds gathered in philadelphia this morning, for the mummers mardi gras parade. >> ♪ >> you can see the mummers strict band performing along main street shopping and dining district. this parade is now a two year tradition. organizers say mardi gras parade is part of the efforts to showcase the mummers string band, beyond the annual new years day parade. that is why they are hoping that this event will be a new, long term, city tradition. much more to come on "action news" tonight, coming down to the wire in nevada where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are lock in the tight race, latest, coming up. plus new sculpture in the art museum. we will explain what this is and why it is being showcased.
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plus phillies pitchers and catchers are hard at work in clearwater. jamie apody has sports when we come right back.
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it was not a runaway but was enough for hillary clinton to chalk up another victory in the democratic primary race. caucus voters gave clinton a 52-48 percent win over bernie sanders. the clinton supporters have jammed the ballroom at caesars palace casino in las vegas where mrs. clinton is expect to make a victory speech momentarily. combination of the labor and african-american vote helped her hold off another strong primary challenge. world news saturday will have very latest on the nevada caucus and republican primary tonight, in south carolina coming upright after "action news" at 6:30. more than 2,000 protesters marched in center city today to support, four new york city police officer peter leon who was convicted of manslaughter last week for killing an
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unarmed man in brooklyn. a girl was shot in the stairwell in the dark public housing unit two years ago. organizers say similar rallies took place in 30 cities across the country in support of the leon. he will than sentenced in april. some folks in our area took part in the truly unique form of recycling in center city. combat paper making workshop was held at kimmel center for performing arts. people taking part actually cut up old discarded, military uniforms, and turned them into pulp and converted it into sheets of paper. that paper will be used to print poetry written by local veterans. it was part of the philadelphia international the festival of the arts. all right.
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jamie apody here with a check
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on sports and for the first time in my memory we're talking about spring training and it feels like spring. >> it does feels like spring. jeff has palm trees and i wore short sleeves. we have ryan howard sighting, big piece who will be more than just a part-time, well, like a part-time piece showed up after work out and dropped some stuff off. position players aren't required to report until monday. pitchers and catchers are already hard at work with all eyes on their young gun. here's jeff skversky. >> reporter: phillies were impressed with how aaron nola handled himself late last season showing a no fear approach. he is trying to build on that down in clearwater. among the things he is working on a change up, a pitch that cole hamels mastered down on these fields. >> i don't feel any pressure. >> reporter: face of the filled i go rebuilding project is taking all expectation that is come were being a first round pick in stride. throwing to live hitters for the first time nola is eyeing his first start at just 22 years old, he could be the youngest opening day starter in phillies history.
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>> it is all of our dreams especially me as a young guy. we all want to start opening day. >> i don't think he is afraid of anything. he is a true competitor. if you are a true competitor you don't have fear. >> reporter: nola wants to follow in cole hamels footsteps after he started opening day two of the last three seasons. former phillies ace even took nola under his wing last year and his advice came in handy when he made his major league debut in july. nola looks up to hamels and cliff lee. >> they were in there at one point and watching them move forward and, you know, forming a core with their team was impressive. i really learned from that. >> reporter: nola says best piece of advice hamels gave him was just to be yourself. the with the phillies in clearwater, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". the flyers will play the second of the back to back north of the border tonight and not only did they lose a key game last night, but they also lost a key player. claude giroux will not be in the line up tonight in toronto because of the upper body
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injury. team says it is not serious and lists him as day to day, but flyers captain and leading scorer took an elbow to the head late in the last night's three-two shoot-out loss in montreal. he did return to the game. flyers are without their top two centers and sean couturier is also sidelined. it was senior day at pavilion but junior class stole the show for top ranked villanova before their game against butt low ryan archie arcidiacono his parents, daniel ochefu and his parents and seniors honored as winningest senior class in school history. they pick up win number 106, josh heart, 22 points, 12 board. chris jenkins would add, 20 as the juniors helped nova pull away in the second half. after they at one point surrendered the lead. they won their seventh straight 77-67 to improve to 24-three. >> i think about teams that we have played against, and going to the ncaa tournament. they are as good as anybody. it is not pretty but if you are looking for pretty, you
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will not beat butler. we will take it, we will move on. because of nova's success, st. joes has been overlooked. they have been having an incredible year. they have yet to lose on the road, until today. the hawks at davidson phil martelli's squad led for much of the game, tied at 66 in the second half. deandre bembry, he had 152nd half points. isaiah miles had 32 including this three to pull them back in front with two with eight minutes to go. but hawks could not hold a lead. payton aldridge triple with two minutes left the dagger. the st. joes beats dayton earl are in the week and loses game they thought they would win. ninety-nine-93. they are no longer perfect on the road. as great as things have been for nova and st. joes that is how bad they have been for drexel. riding an 11 game losing streak on the road at william and mary. terrell allen scored 20. tevan scored 156789 dragons and owls win 174-69, they are
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four-23. after rough start delaware looking for their third win in four games. they had a tough time at james madison. that is shaker brown slamming it home. and blue hens fall 75-50. college hoops, heating up. >> sound good. still to come did you enjoy our little spring fling. sure was nice to be outside. taking a live look at sky six over penns landing, lots of people, on these warm conditions ice skating enjoying ice skating with one week left, with the rink out there. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. ♪
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a fantastic, artistic
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creation is bringing a fresh new look, to an apartment complex, right there in spring garden. today a giant 21-foot tall, daddy long legs was put into place outside a park town place. the sculpture is designed to grab peoples attention. attracting people to the art galleries as redeveloped arts complex, and apartment complex there just above ben franklin parkway. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. what a rare situation in february to open up all of the windows. >> really. >> very nice today, walter. >> savior it while you can because as you mentioned you do not get these days in the month of february. we have another nice one on tap, tomorrow too. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar, you can see that no issues with precipitation. it is dry. so outside we will go because that is wherever one was today but i'm in olde city. we see will folks stralling along as they get closer to closer to carpenter's hall. we have had plenty of sunshine earlier today. sun giving way to a few more cloud. it looks like it will stay
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mild for the rest of the evening. currently in philadelphia after a high today of 60, well above average. coming in at 56 right now. fifty-nine in reading. same thing, lancaster. up in the poconos mild one in at the 51. the at the coast in wildwood and at 54 degrees. satellite six with action radar is showing thaw frontal boundary lift to go our north taking that precipitation with it. right threw up state new england. warm front lifting through. we are tapping in the southeasterly wind. so temperatures are nice and mild, and well above average. partly cloudy tonight. still pretty comfortable. thirty-five in the suburbs for the overnight low. 44 degrees in philadelphia, keep in mind, our average high, for this time of the year is 45. that is where we will be over the next 12 hours for an overnight low. so here's the setup and here's is what going on. last weekend you will remember an arctic invasion where temperatures maxed out in the lower 20's with that jet stream dipping down to the south of our region. this weekend what a difference a week even makes.
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spring fever, overhead with that jet stream lifting to the the north. tap in the south the to southeasterly wind, nice and warm, temperatures for the rest of our weekend will be in the the 50's and 60's. we will go back to last sunday. it was very cold. can you believe it? we had a high of 20 degrees. lowest wind chill in philadelphia was 10 degrees below zero. and then tomorrow, very comfortable, we're calling for a high of 56 degrees, and compared to normal, we will be 11 degrees above where we normally should be for this time of the year. we are tracking precipitation by day's even. weak boundary that is currently moving through by 2:30 in the afternoon. notice spotty showers breaking out the for philadelphia, points to the south. the at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow evening some light to moderate rain showers across the region and it will continue to see by 11:00 p.m. notice that precipitation shield is from allentown and points to the the south and east. so, we talk earlier in the week how computer models were indicating the possibility of some wet snow as temperatures fall below freezing, north and
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west of that i-95 corridor, really north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike. we will monday to that closely for you but it looks like that precipitation will be in the form of rain as we go throughout sunday afternoon in through the evening hours and for the most part during the overnight. the accu weather forecast is showing you mild tomorrow. up to 56. rain by day's even. sunny and nice on monday and at 51 degrees. mostly cloudy on tuesday, high of just 46. we are tracking some rain that moves in, late tuesday night, period of rain, develop on wednesday, a high of 49. perhaps some wet snow flakes north and west, of philadelphia by then. early slat hours. to the 40's we will see them return next friday and saturday. >> thanks, melissa. you can find the seven day forecast on our web site. world news saturday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. we're back here again on six abc. now for melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." breaking news on this showdown saturday. election battles on two fronts. hillary clinton with a much-needed win over bernie sanders in nevada after a tense neck-and-neck fight. but sanders trouncing her on the issue of trust. tonight, the long lines and the celebrations. showdown in south carolina. donald trump firing away until the very end. >> so, it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> ted cruz and marco rubio with their last-minute push. can they still catch trump? >> it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands. >> the first test for republican candidates in the south. the results coming in right now. >> what donald trump said just as justice scalia was being laid to rest. as thousands


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