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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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for the market. more than a thousand people showed up for party at reading terminal market. it featured dancing, live entertainment and delicious food for more than 30 merchants right there the at market. proceed go toward helping upkeep at reading terminal market. that building, after all is 130 years old. up next on "action news" jamie apody has sports but first a a look at tonight's winning power ball numbers.
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only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. tonight, people got dressed up for the 23rd annual butterfly ball fundraiser and black tie gala. it benefits an organization called bankcroft which offers education, support and services, to those with intellectually and developmental disabilities. "action news" anchor rick williams served as mc for the event. there was dinner, dancing and silent auction. time for a check of sports. jamie apody is here. the flyers in action tonight.
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a very crucial game in monetary all but claude giroux to took an elbow to the head to make matters worse steve mason, pulled himself from the game after period three, after a injury. later in the third, he beat michael neuvirth. but it only stays that way for 30 seconds. matt read continuing to mess with our blood pressure, and tied it backup. and, overtime. thirty seconds in. jake voracek to shane gostisbehere, the rookie notches his fourth overtime game winner of the year. the plus extend his scoring streak to 15 games, longest by any defenseman in 20 years. flyers win it, five-four. we have a ryan hour sighting. big piece who will likely be more like a part-time piece this year showed up after work outs. position players are not required to work out until monday. as for pitchers all eyes are on aaron nola. here's jeff skversky. >> phillies were so impressed by the way aaron nola handled himself last year as a like
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they are considering doing some with him that has not been done in the 13 three-year history of phillies baseball. >> i don't feel any pressure. >> reporter: face of the phillies rebuilding project is taking all of the expectations that come were being a first round pick in stride. throwing to live hitters for the first time, nola is eyeing his first start at just 22 years old, he could become the youngest opening day starter, in phillies history. >> it is all of our dreams. especially young guy as a dream but we want to start opening day. >> i don't think he is afraid have of anything. he is a true competitor. if you are a true competitor you don't have fear. >> reporter: nola wants to follow in cole hamels footsteps after he started opening day two of the last three seasons. former phillies ace took nola under his wing last year in spring training and his advice came in handy when he made his major league debut in july. nola looks up to hamels, cliff lee. >> they were in my shoes.
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forming a core with their team is impressive. >> reporter: nola says best piece of advice is to be himself. perhaps know lays trying to be more like hamels, down here in clearwater, nola is working on his change up. the it is the pitch hamels mastered on these fields. the with the phillies, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. coming up st. joes streak comes to than a even. nova's continues. when "action news" returns. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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pavilion but junior class stole the show for top ranked villanova before the game against butler ryan archie arcidiacono and his mom and dad and danielle ochefu and his parents honored among winningest senior class in school history. they picked up win 106. josh heart had 22 points and 12 board. chris jenkins added 20. juniors helped nova pull away. the cat win 77-67, to improve to 24-three. >> i think, about teams we
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have played with that are going to the tournament and i think about them. they're as good as anybody. it is in the pretty but if you are looking for pretty, you will in the beat butler. we will just take it. we will move on. >> nova's success it is easy to overlook st. joes stellar season. phil martelli's squad had yet to lose on the road until tonight. isaiah miles had 32. puts hawks up by two. they could not hold it. st. joes lose 99-93. a few days after they knocked off dayton. at the palestra penn had a tough time with the top team in the ivy league. yale justin sears with 31. bulldogs had a 79-58 win. something you have to see from a district one quarter final game, cb south and north penn. that is south's jordan path the pathtelli from beyond half court, ties the game, and end it into overtime, and cb south will win it, 57-54.
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there is a play of the week. >> that is awesomey love it. >> she will take it with her the rest of her life. >> i love it. still to come on 11:30 on "action news" more on the emotional final farewell for supreme court justice antonin scalia. his son, a priest, delivers a powerful eulogy. a couple in big trouble for posting their opinion on yelp, why a business is taking out their and inner court. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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saturday night i'm walter perez. here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. powerful good bye how a son and closest friend honored life and legacy of supreme court justice antonin scalia. plus a little head up if you posted a negative review on yelp, we have a story of a couple being sued for putting in their 2 cents. and a mummers strut their stuff down main street in manayunk today in celebration of the marty grass. thousands gathered today to offer a final farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the 79 year-old conservative icon passed away in his bed last week even, while on a hunting trip in texas. justice scalia's funeral mass was held at nation's largest roman catholic church the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate
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conception. we now have more from washington. >> reporter: in the massive basilica that hosted three popes, surrounded by symbols of the faith he held dear, justice scalia's sons carried his casket up the aisle in the final farewell. >> hope does not disappoint. because of the love of god, has been poured out into our hearts, to the holy spirit, that has been given to us. >> reporter: a skip tour reading by fellow justice clarence thomas closed with scalia ideal with the court. >> deeper he went in the catholic faith the better a citizen and public servant he became. >> reporter: in his homily, justice scalia's son paul, a priest, talk about the importance of his father's christian faith and his love for his love of his large family. >> sure, he forgot our names at times and mixed them up. but there are nine of us.
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>> among thousandsness attendance countless dignitaries, vice-president joe biden, and former vice-president, dick cheyney. >> every funeral remind us of just how thin the valleys between this world and the next. >> reporter: following justice scalia's casket to his final resting place the most cherish part of his legacy, his widow, nine children, and 36 grandchildren. after today's mass scalia's family and friend attended a private burial service. there will be another memorial service held here in washington on march 1st. reporting from the supreme court, bossi cannoni. abc washington. tonight there called could be a solution to the the i phone. jogging mchospital afee is offering to hack in the phone himself for free. mca thefee is defending apple and says tech giant should not be forced to create a so-called back door in the
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phone's operating system n word if the fbi is interested in mcafee's offer. 2,000 protesters marched in center city to day to support former new york city police officer peter leon. he was convicted, of manslaughter, last week, for killing an unarmed man, in brooklyn. a girl was shot in the stairwell, of a dark public housing unit two years ago. organizers say similar rallies took place in 30 cities all across the country in support of the leon. he will be sentenced in april. long time tradition honoring fallen fire fighters in philadelphia took place today right here in center city. dozens of people attended a mass this morning pay tribute this morning to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. fire fighters have a special connection with saint john's church n1899, three firemen, died, battling a fire at that parish, and in fact, that fire also ended up destroying much of that block. and ten million-dollar, that is how much new jersey taxpayers will have to fork over in legal fees, for the
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investigation into the bridge gate scandal. the state attorney general released invoices yesterday revealing more than two million-dollar was paid to a digital forensics firm, in addition to the eight million-dollar spent on legal services. two of the governor christie's allies that pleaded not guilty, in an alleged scheme to close lanes on the george washington bridge as political pay back. if you were impacted by comcast outage earlier this week you could be, eligible for a refund. on monday customers were unable to watch tv for about 90 minutes across the country. a spokesmen says that customers will receive a credit for a day's worth of video when comes out to two bucks but credits will vary depending on how customers were impacted and in order to get that refund, you have to call comcast, yourself. gathered in philadelphia this morning for mummers mardi grad parade.
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>> mummers string band performed along manayunk's main street shopping and dining district this parade is a two year tradition. organizers say mardi gras parade is part of the effort to she case mummers string band beyond the annual new years day parade. they are hoping that this event will be a new long term city tradition. and it was a great day for parade, great day for just about anything outdoors really including a round of golf. in february. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> it is just this or the range and this is better. >> reporter: golfers dust ted off their clubs for a chance of the rare february round at bala golf club in wynfield. while the course is winterized. >> right now we play temporary greens until they thaw out and everything. >> reporter: club is welcoming back its members with opened arms. >> anything in the 50's is good. it is like miami after last week. >> unless you have gone to florida and played a a lot of golf it is much tougher game to play well in march. we have matches, starting in
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april and this gives us a chance to keep our game going. >> reporter: another group thrilled to keep and spend the day outside, kid, and those who entertain them. >> i was so excited. i said we had to go to the park. she loves it. >> reporter: four year-old pia shed her coat as her nanny enjoyed milder temperatures for a change. >> my gosh, so cold. we walk every where too. it is hard to handle sometimes walking around with dragging a four year-old behind you. >> reporter: at rittenhouse farmers market vendors were happy to see crowds rush. with single digit temperatures last weekend some sellers stayed home. >> if the fruit gets below freezing, the fruit will actually freeze. if i put apples out they will shrivel up and rot. >> reporter: dine's cross the street enjoyed brunch outside some in short leaves. >> i don't need a sweater. >> no. >> it is so bad. >> no, it is perfect. >> reporter: trish hartman for channel six "action news". a hobby show attracted
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hundreds of people this week toned wilmington. here you see more than 07 exhibitors from across united states, showing off their collections during greenberg's great train and toy show. train enthusiast ache some youngsters got a chance to check out the detailed displays set up in the chase center on the river front. there were workshops, demonstrations and plenty of train set were up for sale as well. some philadelphia police officers were enjoying a sweet treat as a thank you for their services. the fraternal order of police auxiliary held annual cookies for cops deliver think morning at their lodge in northeast philadelphia. 123 trays of cookies were delivered this year. there were treats for some k-9 units as well. much more to come on "action news" tonight, lots of people have done it, write their opinions on businesses on yelp. now a couple is facing a lawsuit after offering their thoughts on line. we will tell you why. plus a day that went to the dogs in montgomery county.
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melissa. walter, mostly clear, pretty quiet tonight, mild start to our weekend. it looks like the trend will continue on sunday. we're also tracking some rain by day's even. we have details with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast.
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a very special moment unfolded 35,000 feet in the air, during a flight, from los angeles to washington. alaska airlines flight attendant was able to grant her dying mother a's three wishes. christie larson's mommies battling cancer but wanted to see where her daughter lives and where she worked and she wanted to see her daughter get married. christie was able to make it happen this past friday. she married her husband in
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front of the plane full of passengers and in a thank you, the couple made their way down the aisle passing out candy and christie's mom says it is one of the best days of her life. time for a final check have of the accu weather forecast. >> it will be a really nice day tomorrow, too walter. we will show you what is going on, storm tracker six double scan radar. no issues with precipitation. we might have have a little bit of light rain showers by day's end come tomorrow. we will show you outside in the near term that is wherever one is, on a really nice saturday night. we have mostly clear sky at blue cross river rink, and you don't need to bundle up too much with temperatures well above average at this hour. a contrast from where we were this same time last week even, right. we've got spring fever overhead. last saturday we had a high of 24 degrees. today we have maxed out at 60 in philadelphia. we were ten to 15 degrees above normal. typically these are numbers you will see for early april, rather than the month of february. neighborhood numbers north and west of town, 55 in pottstown.
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forty-six in center city. fifty-two in oxford. forty-seven in new who will an. forty-five in tannersville. down in new jersey, 50 for ewing and browns mills. forty-nine in the beach. and lower 50's for smyrna and dover at this hour. here's satellite six with action radar, it is mostly clear across the region. we have had a frontal boundary that lifted off to the north. it is a warm front that moves to the the south of that warm sector. you tap in the southeasterly wind which is why these numbers were well above average today. and arctic invasion, that is what we had last week even. highs were only in the lower 20's. sub zero wind chills. most of the day last week even with a dip in the jet stream allowing for that colder air to spill out of canada into our region and this weekend big difference. spring fever overhead. rest of the weekend numbers will be in the 50's and in the 60's. future tracker six is showing you as you wake up tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning we are in the upper 30's north and west of the 95 corridor.
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forty-four in philadelphia. forty-eight in millville. 47 degrees in dover. as we advance this 1:30 in the afternoon we're at 52 in philadelphia same thing in wilmington. forty-five in allentown. average for us this time of the year is about, 45 degrees, so we are well above that come tomorrow. and the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you mild tomorrow. we are tracking that afternoon and evening rain, high temperature of 56. so there was some indication that there could be wet snow north of that pennsylvania turnpike but it looks like a lot of that moisture moves off shore by the time numbers, north and west of the city drop below freezing mark. we should be in good shape with that. on monday mostly sunny high of 51. tuesday mostly cloudy in at 46 . we will track some rain by day's even on tuesday, and then on wednesday, period of rain develop, high temperature coming in at 49 degrees, and it looks like this system cuts up to the west on wednesday which means, that it is a
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milder solution so it is mostly rain, maybe some wet flakes north and west of the town. thursday early showers and 50. and lower 40's, on the move, as we get into friday, 44 and 42 next saturday, walter, not so bad. >> all right, thanks, melissa. >> you got it. many of us have done it, venting our customer service frustrations on yelp. now a couple from texas is getting sued for doing just that. question is could it happen to you as well? abc's gloria riveria has more. >> good boy. >> reporter: michelle and robert are pet lovers, so much so they have their own cameras to check on their pets during the day. with the texas couple planned a vacation, they hired prestigious pets to look after their group. >> when i pick the company it was pretty much all five star reviews. >> reporter: michelle says she grew worried when she he could not reach anyone. she said gordie's tank looks cloudy. >> i cannot reach it
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personally. had to e-mail through the company. when you see something wrong you want to address it the right then. >> reporter: michelle says, 500 word one star review on yelp. she said care for her dogs was fine but the walker would not share her phone number and communications had to be e mailed through the company. she complained that the fees were confusing. the company wrote back, demanding they take review down and saying, this is a 24/7 business and our communication abilities support that. when review stayed up, prestigious pets hit the couple with the $6,700 lawsuit citing the contract the couple signed agreeing not to trash the company. pet sitters say the family posted false, misleading statement on yelp and they were forced to pursue legal action for violating the terms of the contract. >> my intent was never to harm the company. >> reporter: gloria riveria, abc news, washington.
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crucial player in claude giroux. he took an elbow to the head and did not suit up tonight. flyers in toronto desperate for points at this point. this game was kind of exhaust continuing. they were up three-one. pick it up with the flyers down four-three in the third. matt read ties it backup. in overtime, good news, it did in the get to the shoot-out. thirty seconds in jake voracek to super shane gostisbehere, five-four flyers. rookie's fourth overtime game winner of the year. he is first nhl defenseman with the point in the first 15 straight games since chris chelios in 95-96. let's talk about senior day for the number one team in the nation, villanova wildcats.
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nova nation celebrating winningest senior class in school history. the it was the juniors, who stole the show in the pavilion. josh heartart can 22 points, he had 12 boards, chris jenkins added 20. wildcats improved to 24-three, and they beat butler tonight, 77-67. temperatures here not that much different than clearwater. we don't have palm trees. aaron necessity lah threw live batting practice for first time. phillies 22-year old ace looking to be their youngest opening day starter ever. he said today was a big step. >> the bull pen you are just throwing to the catcher. you are working on things. working on your spots. for myself especially. but having a hitter in there when they are swinging, it definitely helps because it is more game like. that is how i will learn. >> another young phillies pitcher hoping to be in the starting pitcher, in opening day. jared eichoff came over from
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the rangers in the cole hamels deal. he suffered an injury while taking bunting practice prior to the start of the spring training. it is a small setback for the 25 years old. >> it is like a bruce and it is hard to maybe trust it, when you get to the point of release on each pitch and each ball. it has been improving significantly since last week. the fact that i can throw is a big deal. if i could not be throwing i would be more worried. greatest things, for villanova and st. joes that is how bad it has been for drexel. riding an 11 game losing streak on the road in william and marry. terrell allen won. they are new four-23. after a rough start delaware, with the third win in four games. but they had a tough time with james madison. that is shaker brown slamming it home. blue hens fall, 75-50. march is around the corner, guys so college hoops axis heating up. walter? >> thanks, jamie.
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hundreds of people and four leg friend went to montgomery county for greater philadelphia a pet expo. the second day for this three day event at the greater philadelphia expo center right the there in oaks. a along the pet vendors and educational eggses, there were also k-9 competitions and a petting zoo. if you didn't make it out today pet expo continues tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, gray hall and chris sowers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, jamie apody and the entire "action news" team, have a good night, we will see you right back here tomorrow. >> ♪
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