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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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plus dancing tour own muse being, it is called silent philly, and it is next. the weather in the deep south is severe, spawning a number of tornado, and then claiming a number of lives. we won't get this but this is the system that will give us a va wet day tomorrow. it is tuesday night, and the
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big story on a "action news" tonight is a a day and night of deadly tornadoes in louisiana, and mississippi, and at least two people were killed when a tornado ripped through an rv park in convent, louisiana a, 50 miles north west of new orleans. thirty others were injured here. this is the way it looked in a assession parish a third person was killed in mississippi. more than 6 million people in parts of the five states were at risk. storms moved across south texas, leaving thousands of people without power, and with plenty of broken windows. but lets get a look at double scan radar here's meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim, double scan live shows scope of the storm system this large, powerful storm system. there have been 20 reported tornadoes in a pretty concentrated area of lou san, mississippi and panhandle of florida. still tornado watches in effect there. that low pressure is over northeastern, louisiana and that will track to the west.
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that puts us in the warm sector of the storm system. that will be what will be happening later in the day. future tracker showing as we head in the morning hours. you can see low pressure track ago cross ohio valley, even some snow across northwestern flange of. that here we have a little bit of light rain and drizzle. so the morning is not a big deal. as we head though through the afternoon, the evening commute, steady rain, and then we will be watching a squall line to begin to develop across western pennsylvania, it looks like that will be pushing in, later on wednesday night between about nine and 11:00. this could bring us some very heavy rain and also, some gusty damaging win. to break down the commute: the morning rush doesn't look like a big deal. area have of drizzle. temperatures near 40. no freezing rain here. the evening rush, heavy rain, ponding on the roads and then after that this strong, gusty wind. we will have more on the storm system and what to expect behind it in the full accu weather seven day forecast,
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jim. >> of course, the "action news" morning team will be on starting a at 4:30 as they track this system moving ever closer and any impact it could have on the rush hour. it happened tonight in sharon hill, police got into a scuffle with a man and it ended with gunfire, law men shot the suspect, that man is in critical condition, and "action news" reporter dann cuellar is on the unit block of barker avenue, the scene of the confrontation, dann. >> reporter: and police remain on the scene here jim, tonight as this investigation continues. word i'm getting is that the officer will be okay but suspect remains in critical but stable condition. the here's what we know right now. sources say for three days sharon hill police have been having problems with the mental patient on the block. shortly before 8:00 they before responding to another domestic disturbance at his home. two officers a arrived at the home but man would not let them in or otherwise answer the door. sources say after a while they
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had to barge in and as they did, the suspect lunged at them with a butcher knife. sources say during a struggle one of the officers was stab in the left ear. a county detective who was also responding to the scene, and at that point, fired a single shot at the suspect, striking him in the chest. he was rushed to penn presbyterian in philadelphia where he remains in critical but stable condition, under going surgery. the sharon hill officer had to get three stitches to his left ear and has now been treated and released. ordinarily police, delaware county detectives, would investigate any officer involved shooting as a matter of routine but because county detective was involved, they have called in detectives from the montgomery county d.a.'s office to investigate this matter. that is very latest from here, we're live from sharon hill, delaware county, i'm dann cuellar, for channel six a "action news". >> dann, thank you. lets show you the scene tonight as former philadelphia eagle lesean mccoy was leaving
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20th and market street, that after a meeting between mccoy, police investigators and representatives of the district attorney's office. live at that location is "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad, do we know anything more about the chances that mccoy could be charged for fighting with two off-duty philadelphia cops. >> reporter: jim, it is unclear at this point. the district attorney is still investigating this case but a source tells me that mccoy is claiming that one of the off-duty officers involved was the aggressor in this case. lesean mccoy and his attorney walked out of his lawyer's center city office and proclaimed mccoy did nothing wrong night two off-duty cops were severely beaten at a nightclub earlier this month. >> the one quote i have on the public record is exactly that, he did nothing wrong. >> reporter: his comments were few, high profile attorney says that he won't try the case in the press. >> this is very simple thing. he would love to talk to you. he would love to talk to you.
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but i'm not letting him talk to you. >> reporter: investigators say fightin side recess lounge began over a champagne bottle. a source say mccoy is claiming one of the off-duty officers was the a aggressor this cell phone video shows a man appearing to be mccoy throwing what appears to be a punch. this is the photo of him by "action news" showing officer darnell jesse's injuries. a second officer suffered a broken nose, broken ribs and other injuries. jesse's attorney and the fop maintain that the officers were the victims in this case. >> i can assure thaw someone will be charged and ultimately the truth will be made known that these two young men who were out that night are the victims of a violent a assault. >> reporter: the fop says district attorney seth williams is dragging his feet in this case. but williams has said all along he is trying, not to do it fast but to get it right. live from center city, chad
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pradelli for channel six a "action news", jim? >> thanks, chad. upper darby police released video today showing officers using narcan to revive a man after he overdosed on a septa bus on thursday. in the video police say 25 year-old michael meaney shoots heroin in his arm. we won't show thaw. then becomes unconscious. police inject him with narcan a drug that reverses overdoses. he faces drug charges tonight. "action news" was there today as they moved the love statue from its home in philadelphia's love park. it was a delicate operation that saw statue moved across the street to dilworth park next to city hall. it will be there for about a year, while the city gives love park a multi million-dollar renovation. twenty-five years ago tonight one of the philadelphia's most devastating fires erupted. the meridian blaze swept through the upper floors of the high rise, across from city hall killing three fire
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fighters, and sparking changes to building safety codes in the the city and how fires are even for the. today engine 11 in south philadelphia marked the solemn anniversary with a moment of silence for fire fighters, david holcomb, philip mccallister and james chapel, the meridian was torn down, eventually, and it is now site of the ritz carlton residents. in south jersey tonight, the extraordinary story of a personal possession used in war, thousands of miles away, and returned more than 70 years after the fact. "action news" reporter christie lleto has that story. >> there is the man. how are you doing? >> reporter: strangers until today, a medford new jersey family and a couple from england are bonded pie this. >> it is a mess case. >> yes. >> a mess kit belong to go hudson leroy funk who served in the b company 330, eighty-third division during
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world war two. >> i was called two weeks ago and it was i heard about glenn finding this. >> they said they found dad's mess kit over in france. i said that is hard to believe. >> we didn't know anything. we knew very little, other than yeah, my father stepped on the land mine. >> reporter: roxborough native lost both of his legs and left behind this on a farm in normandy. >> unaudible. >> 3,000 bullets we pulled out. >> reporter: glenn nightinggale pulled out the mess kit. >> we saw the initials. and we did a lot of research. >> it took until just after the new year, to actually fine proof he was in b company, 330, and he was in normandy. >> reporter: offering the funk's a reminder of their father, no longer alive to share this moment. >> this is just amaze ago this we're going back and really finding out what happened with our father. >> reporter: christie lleto for channel six a "action
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news". still to come on "action news" tonight, the president unveils his plan for closing, excuse me, the prison at guantanamo bay. what he would do with the the terror suspects still there. and it is spring training today ryan howard talks about his situation, and for the season ahead. cecily. the storm is sparking tornado across the deep south will bring us heavy weather tomorrow night. we will have details on the timing and what to expect behind the system in the full accu weather seven day forecast. sharrie williams joins us tonight with a quietly growing trend in philadelphia's night life. >> that is right, jim. club scene is getting the silent treatment. we will take you up side the hot new parties where there is no music, blaring from speakers and everyone is wearing headphones. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪
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today presented his plan, to finally close guantanamo bay, and move terror detainees elsewhere. but it took little time for
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republican leaders in congress and republican candidates for president to express their opposition. obama said it is finally time to shut down the facility. the obama plan would transfer 35 of the 91 remaining detainees to other countries, leaving the rest to be moved to a yet to be built facility, in the united states. it will be midnight before we start getting significant result from the nevada caucus, but republicans are choosing from a among donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and ben carson. trump is heavy favorite but polls have been notoriously inaccurate in past caucus in nevada. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are campaigning in advance of saturday's primary in south carolina clinton has a big lead in the polls. she told a town hall tonight that she supports president obama's plan to close guantanamo, sanders held a big rally in virginia which holds
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its primary as part of the super tuesday, on march 1st. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney is endorsing hillary clinton. he cited her long, accomplished career today and said she's most likely to beat donald trump if he becomes the republican nominee. it has become less likely that the senate will confirm any nominee named by president obama to fill vacant seat on the supreme court. left by the death of antonin scalia. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell won unanimous backing from the 11 republicans on the senate judiciary committee and then proclaim that there would be no hearings on an obama nominee. so, a new nightclub trendies sweeping the area. and the concept might have you, reimaging, the usual, nightclub atmosphere. a "action news" anchor sharrie williams is here to explain all of this. >> reporter: it was a late night assignment jim, but i was up for it.
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i check out one of these parties. when you first walk in you can notice a difference right away. the it is so obvious because there is no music being played through loud speakers but there was plenty of music to choose from. the key to the silent party are the headphones, lets take a look. >> reporter: normally when you go to the club you expect to hear this. >> ♪ the >> reporter: also, the music thaw can feel in your chest, but a new kind of party is growing in popularity, and it is having you hearing this. >> don't adjust your television sets, the volleys just fine. this is a silent philly party, our cameras were given exclusive access during a recent event at landmark americana tap and grill in west chester. >> it is fun. >> reporter: here's how it works. when you attend a silent philly party you are given a pair of headphones at the door. each one has three channels that are color coated.
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each represent a different type of music. green plays top 40. >> ♪ >> reporter: red play's 80's, 90's and 2,000's. >> ♪ >> reporter: and blue is all hip-hop. >> ♪ >> it is kind of like quiet when you walk n you put your head phones in. you are zoned in. >> reporter: silent philly president eddie rot says the extended play list is what sells the party. >> so if you come out with a diverse group of friend everyone can hear what they want and happen anyone place. >> reporter: as far as socializing any silent philly event, simply remove your head phones. >> when you take them off is no pounding music overhead. >> reporter: party goers say it is easy to get into the music and sometimes they forget that they are even singing. >> before you know it, you are singing at the top of your lungs. >> you can hear me sing, i feel sorry for them but i mean i don't care. >> reporter: they are out having a good time.
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silent philly has a number of scheduled event coming up. you can find a list of those on our web site. ticket prices range between ten and $20 depending if you buy the ticket presailor at the door. if you have been thinking about germs, and how sanitary this is, silent philly says each pair of headphones is sanitized before and after each event. so jim, i didn't really know who would be into this but as you can see a lot of people turnout to enjoy this. >> why do you think young people come up with all of the good ideas. >> they still want to have a good time, they have to find new ways to do it. >> thanks, sharrie. philadelphia water department is trying to raise rates roughly 12 percent over two years. that would start this summer. utility answered public questions tonight at first of five hearings to be held over the next week and a half. it says it will cost the average household an extra $8 a month. the independent water rate board must approve the hike. to bring attention to the 29th annual national eating
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disorder awareness week for 45 landmarks structures across the u.s. are being lit in blue and green tonight, and that includes this building, the cira center in philadelphia and sandblast furnaces of bethlehem. we are going to have one very wet day tomorrow. >> yes, especially second half of the day and tomorrow night. overnight, just a little bit of drizzle here and there storm tracker six live double scan showing we have spotty drizzle around. really nothing all that impressive but a pretty low cloud deck. so sky six is taking a look at center city sky line which you cannot see thanks to the clouds but temperatures have not dropped much. forty-three was our high. it cast a currently broad day. it has been at 40 degrees the past three hours. allentown 36. trenton 37. wildwood is 45. atlantic city airport 44. poconos 30 degrees.
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notice winter weather advisory in effect for poconos for freezing rain. but temperatures will be climbing overnight by 7:00 o'clock, 42 degrees. by 10:00 o'clock, 46. right around lunchtime a warm front will move through and that brings us a surge of very mild air. a jump up to 54 degrees by 1:00. fifty-nine at 4:00. after the sunsets, 62 degrees, so it will be very mild but it is also going to get very wet. satellite six with action radar showing you the next system we're tracking is same system that brought 20 tornadoes across the deep south. you can see that right here. this storm system will be lifting to the northwest. that cold front will focus severe wet's cross north carolina tomorrow, but we will get a good slug of moisture. future tracker showing 7:30 in the morning no real big problems for morning commute. cloud with some spotty drizzle, in heavy organized rain. a as we head into lunchtime it gets more organized, some heavier rain and then in the
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evening commute a steady rain but then it is have after the evening commute when we get, what looks to be a pretty good squall line, moving through philadelphia around 10:00 o'clock and off the coast by 1:00 o'clock in the morning. this will be arriving at the same time as the low level jet. what this is, very high wind, about 5,000 feet up in the atmosphere. when you get either a really rush of some heavy precipitation, heavy rain or even a thunderstorm it can help transport those high wind to the surface. so that means we could have some wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. i don't think it will be widespread that anyone gets a wind gust like that could have some tree damage. it could be enough to cause some localized damage. the exclusive a accu weather seven day forecast tomorrow, rain, heaviest in the afternoon and evening with the possibility of again, gusty wind. the high, we will hit that tomorrow night 62 degrees. the not feeling like february. thursday, transition day, a few lingering showers as
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another cold front moves through. it will be wind which a high of 55 degrees. friday, finally the sunshine moves back in and we will put away umbrella will a a but blustery and cold. high of 40. factor in the wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour and it will feel more like 32 but the weekend is looking great. saturday mostly sunny and 45. sunday another taste of spring, 58 degrees on monday. we will bump it up to 60 before a cold front brings a round hoff showers and drop temperatures back to the more seasonal level which is tuesday the first day of march and a high of 46 degrees. the next 24 hours a lot going on. david murphy will have an update on "action news" beginning at 4:30 in the morning. >> yes, he will, thank you. tonight we are learning how an amtrak train had to make an unscheduled stop so a philadelphia woman could make an unscheduled delivery. chera lowe went into labor on board saturday evening. baby was not due in the march 4th. the train stopped at aberdeen
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maryland so medics could take care of the emergency birth. cristina stokes was born a healthy 8-pound, 5 ounces. her middle name is in honor of the fellow passenger who comforted her during the experience. jim i kimmel live coming up a at is 11:35 right after "action news" tonight and here's jim which a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim, hello philadelphia. sharing is caring, and i'm sharing this with you because i care. i will show what you is very bright here, okay, now that is my head with leonardo dicaprio.
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league tonight and tonight 76ers game. during half time there was a pal kid verse media basketball game, and, yes, that is, "action news"'s wendy saltsman, you can't be serious. >> yes. >> that is it, how did that happen. >> that is wendy saltsman, she was at the annual event which raises money for youth development programs. all right. >> it could take a hundred years to do that again. >> earlier before the game happened she told me she would do it a and made a promise would i not make fun of her on the air. i will not say a word about that. >> she told me she would hunt me down. her word exactly. >> that she would play the game not the that her shot
11:28 pm
would be stuck in the backboard. >> she said that to me the other day, don't show it, don't show it, of course, we showed it. >> yes. >> needless to say. >> ryan howard said he can hit left-handed pitching. we will see. >> we have been waiting for him to do it the last three years. elephant in the room was in the room today. ryan howard answered questions about his future and as jeff skversky said, howard was fired up. >> questions, how are you doing. >> bigger question how is the big piece doing. ryan howard is heading in to his 13th, likely final season with the phillies. despite everything he has done from winning a world series to mvp, he now has to fight for his job. >> do i think it is fair? me personally, probably not. but i mean it is what it is. i mean the situation is the situation. you just go out there and play. >> i know i can hit leftes. the there has been talk in the media and all this stuff over past three years about not
11:29 pm
hitting left-handed pitching. i mean man it business going out there and doing it the. >> that has been a problem. hes a career .219 hit's begins leftes and may have left him with a reduced role on a rebuilding team? >> am i surprised that i'm still on this roster? i don't know, to be honest with you. i don't sit at home waiting for the call to say hey ry you are traded. turf focus on getting ready for the season. do i want to be here? yeah, i want to be here. >> it was anything but excited for howard in the off season when al-zawahiri seer annette work accused him of taking performance enhancing drugs. not only is howard denying it but suing the network for defamation. today he called it surprising and shocking he was named in that report. with the phillies in clearwater, jeff skversky, channel six "action news". to the ice, five points, entering the night was the spread between flyers and final wild card spot visiting hurricanes. first period in score matt read to scott lawton, good
11:30 pm
start but flyers only goal of the night. the hurricanes scored twice in the second. this is a a strange one. it hit referee. jordan stall gets it a and beats michael neuvirth. flyers lose three-one. sixers home tonight, connor barwin, at the game. mavs in transition they get it to nick. sixers lose, 124-115. he scored 35. college baskets ball is next. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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tonight and saw a team in the similar situation on the ncaa bubble. owls at the tulsa, midway through the first half, temple was cruising. jaylen bond put owls up a dozen this go ice cold. down to the break, second half, pat bird two of his game
11:34 pm
high 23. temple loses 74-65. tomorrow villanova gets its toughest test since being voted number one. the cats visited number five xavier, team they beat by 31 points in december. jay wright knows xavier will be gunning for his cats. >> when we get challenge, and see how good you can be. you want to see how much you can stand and what you can do in situations like this. >> he is looking for to it. jimmy kimmel live next, followed by night line. jimmy's guest ellen pomp eau, music from travis barker. a "action news", continues at 4:30, with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. and for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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