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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 27, 2016 1:37am-2:11am EST

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he w and proclaimed his endorsement for trump. trump responded this way. >> thisas endorsement that rlly meant a lot. chris is an ostanding man with an outstanding family. he has done a e job. >> this was the sce tonight in oklahoma city, e trump/christie love fest moved to another super eay state. christie explained why he is supporting trump. >> america needs a strong leader who will restore american strength around the world a donald u is that man. >> pundits are already speculating that should trump win the whi hse chstie could be aorney general or even vice-president. endorsement story derted most of the attention from the war of words bween trump and senator marco b that eated last night at the bate. then rubio continue his mocking attacks ast trp, telling perhaps a tall trump tail, from last nht.
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>> let's read se. then he asked for a fulln mirror. he wted a full length mirror. maybe to make su his pants weren't wet, i don't know. ted cruz aeared at region university in virginia beach today and acknowledged at donald trump cld sam ro with big wins. that he says would be o a very dangerous outcome. on the docratic se, hillary clinton is apparently takg nothing for granted in south carolina where she is ahead in the polls. later in atlanta she sa that she's eager to debateny republican on economics and health care picy. bernie sanders campaigned in orgeberg south carolina. he is yg tt he hasn't givenp on the region. the polls will op up in just hours for the primary. we will be in tas tomorrow on his way to minute so the a. other news at the th hour the man who wentn a deadly raage in ns yesterday, had been served with a protective order, 90 minutes
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before e shooting spree. police thk that was the motive that set off 38 year-old cedric ford. he shot 14 people, kling three before being kied in a shoot-out with a ne policeman. the chieff police sn, kansas was the first to arrive, without backup, he ran toward the gun fi cong from inside thexcel factory where ford worked. authorities cdit the chf with saving td lives since two or 300 people were sti inse. rd was already a ncted felon and obited from owning a firearm, even oh he was se in this facebook videohooting an ak-47 style rif. authorities have charged a woman with supplying ford with the weapons. > a 12 year-old girl is soul survivor ofhe shootingn washington state today th ft five people dead. itappened this morning at a hom in thehe rural wn of bell fa wn a man called police and to tell them he d shot and kill his family.
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officers went to the home, and negotiated with thean w then shot and killed hself. later in this ocast brianaff has a scial report on h local gun owners are training f worst ca scenarios. if ey co fe-to-face th a mass shooter and have to ve themselves. other news tonight police believe that y roads are to blameor this nasty csh delaware county. two cars collided at 9:00 o'clock along route 452 and meeting u road in upper chichester. officials say at least one person was seriously injured. "actionews" s obtained surveillance video fm phadelphia international airport of th botched take offhat used a rway emergency, and the feral investigators believe was as a result pilot error. it happened in march of 24. u.s. airways flightas alreadyff the ground wn the l oed the te off. you can s psenger
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jet t theroundnd ued back in their before coming down ain hard. then the nose gear collapsed and the pne skid to a st. the pasnrs d to evacuate via emergency shoots, two people were hu. philadelphia police were counting onhe idea th a criminal, always returns to the scenof t crime. in fact, tt is wh they said happened, and how they rested an allege church bular. "acti ns" reporter jeff irico is live at our la of calvary church on its ro and jeff, you have the fl story. >> reporter: the philadelphia police department for their hard work d patients in solving... while many comeo pray in it police say lam sides was praying on our lady cvary as ceras ctured him breaking into the church and attempting tory open t poor bo he had no eye tea he was walking in to trap set by officer dennie claire and his partner who h been wting
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forhe thief police say struck the church two times before. >> he was extremely surprised. he actually, ahhou kw, attempted to run outhe si door. >> reporter: officers quickly taledim to the gund. the thefts from the or box that began weeks earlier saddened parishioners. >> of all of the places to steel from a church because they givet to whatever they getheyive to the poor people. >> i plan on being there every nightntil we got h. >> reporter: after one unsuccessful night the police returned for a second on they were tng inhe dark in th front pew when their suspect walked right rgh those doors. >> we ducked down behind the organ, we arde rattling, we observed e gtlemen walk in and we waited until we observed him ygpened e poor box and that when we swooped in. >> reporter: the officers, th catholic, credit divine tervention. >> itas ry gratifying. in factfr the first night fore we left both myself and officer yanco we l a candle and put mey in the poor box
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and said a prayer we u get this gentlemen. >> reporter: sadly sides could after voided this andot he had he kcked on the rtory door first. >> the priest i if he would have ju came to e would have gaveou the me >> reporter: sides has a storyfrug arst and police believe he mayave been stealing from the church in order toupport that habit. theight now poce are investigating how he got a key to the church, and whether he is responsible for anymore thefts from churches. we are lerom the northeast, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. fire iestigators don't expect any quick swers about what causedh restaurant inferno overnight. the blaze cated chese/chap knees restaurant called house of nn the 200 block of clten avenue in germantown. federal agents joined the search for evidence as we have i mhinery ban tearing down the building. thei flar backup at 6:00 o'clock tonight but it was extinguished quickly. > philadelphia police are
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trying toi a pk of u people who be a robbed freshman at roman catholic high scho. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has en investigating the incident and he is li across the street from city hall, chad, what do you o >> reporter: yeah, jim that freshman was attacked right here on wednesday and another student was aacked day, nothe far from here and police say there may a third victim this week. police say that these tacks, by a group of tee are becoming an increasing problem. jimmy fallon's eye is swollen bloody. he has a nssion after a group of tes jumped him here in front of the municipal services building at k and broad wednesday aernoon. >> they were just tng there and first kid swung at me. i trd to defend myself d then as ideaended sf others srd jumping on me. >> it makesou scary cse ten minutes prior i'm tellg my sonny love him d i tting ahe call saying your son just got be up and
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he is laying he cing. >> reporter: roman catholic freshman estimates more than a dozen students fr another school pummeledim. heas walking to the trn station after school when he was attack. >> they rolled me over d started to kick . when they got up the kid took myhone and ran with it. >> reporter: phone was tracked to west philadelphia but at thehis point le november suspects. tuesday the philadelphia school district, police, septa and others met to find ways to curb the problem of students, converging onenter city after school and mtting cres. >> it is hrt wnching. this is like the fourth tk for roman kidsh year. you want them to be safe and stuff and i don't know. m husband said i don't know what the awer is. >> it just seems like in my opinion the catholic school kid, pveids are tng picked on cse peoplehk they have n.
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>> reporter: while oicials work on comprehensive man to deal with the pblem police sayhere is one thing pents can do, make su yr child goes home, rht after school. i'miver cter city, chad pradellior channel six "action news". >> jim. >> thanks, cd. trump taj mahal has emerged from bankruptcy fro atlantic city. move extinguishes final 10 percent stake of the donald trump. the casino is owned by billion air vtor karl ic w has been keeping t casino aoat since lgor aer 11 december of 24. we are less than 48 hours away fr the oscars, and hollywood is already f its close-up. right now we'reooking live at the dolby theat and red carpet where stars will walk down sunday night. crewsere busy putting the final touches on the staging today. behind the scenes, cebrity chef wolfgang puck was preparing 50 dishes for 1600
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guests. two time host chs ro was bus which some of the last rehearsals before is lights ceras and action on sunday night. you can watch the 80 annual oscars only he on channel will s. live coverage begins sunday at 7:00 p.m. we want to tell you this as uatch e sw we are enhancingour oscars erience onix and six caction news" facebook page, we will he live streaming video from t red carpet and t best moment from the show and yes, please be re to jo our febook chat wi acia varelli she will be talking wi you throughout the entire broadcast on sday nht. coming upn "action news" night, silencing the tanks a tenuous a-fire takes effect tonight the t most dangerous r nin the world. we haveail of two seasons this wkend, feels like wter tonight with wind chills in the the 20's but by sunday get ady for a taste of spring. i willave have dails in
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the accu weather seven d forecast. "action news" anchor brian taff i us nht the wi a special rort. >> jim recent hdlines gun crimes, mass shootings give all of us paeut there is oneroup of people and a number of gring people who are turning their anger a fear into aion. coming up we will go inside locallass training people what to do if they are faced with an active oer siation. ducis rodgers with the the sixs trying to bounceack from a six ga losing streak. that and much more when "actionews" continues tonight.
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our son phillip ran away when he was 17 years old. we did not know where to turn. the boys town national hotline was there. when i called the hotline angelo answered the phone. he gave me hope - he gave me guidance. tdd # 1-800-448-1433 if you are a parent struggling, tdd # 1-800-448-1433 i would urge you to call the boys town national hotline tdd # 1-800-448-1433 to help you. this is just io "action news", yoko ono the wife ovulate beet jo lenon has been rush to a manhattan hpital after suffering a possible stroke. ono was 83 years
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old. she's best kwnor beg marriedrom lenon from 1969 until he s rred in t december of 10. onotayed in the pl eye as an artist d man rights activist. we do notnow her condition but again yoko ono is in a new york city hostal tonight with stroke symptoms. serious civil war haseen goingn f five a. tight, a a-fire, okered byhe u.s. and russia went into effect across that country. but the cease-fire does t include, isis, al qda cessation of hostilities applies to government fors and over 100 rel groups. there is rus eicism about chances for success. as we detailed just a few moments ago two separate ms shootings have played out in two different arican cities in the pt 24 hours. andhose are the very kind of helines that have a lot people aing, what ty would do under the same circumstances. well, "action ws"'s bri taffys here tonight with a storyf one grp that has
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come up with its own answer. >> they are doing it very clearly not the for eone. i recently went to the gun rangen chester county to meet a group of people who ll me they will not be a statistic, ma shooting, but there is one stistic of whh they are already a r it happened after the ddly shooting at sdy hook and again after the mie theater scre in aurora, colorado and again in the hours afterhe terror attack in san bernardino. every time a ms shooting foldness america n sales se. cember set a single wl nthas record n seen in two deca. and the are the pple buying. >> i haveo protect sf kind of thg sto go ov basic information so i'm not afraid in the future. i love e idea of beg empowered. >> reporter: for the the last several weeks this group men and women almost evenly split has been eing evenings and weekend rngs howo firehe nthat many of tmreely ait they never thought they would ow
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the point. >> you are not trying to depend on mne or someone else toe yr ptecter you are rponsible for your protection. >> reporter: at night the th get cssroom instruction here in fnch cek outfitters in phoenixville talking about the same scenario what to do in the event of the active shooter. >> one ofhe things you have to develop is a defensive mind set. >> reporter: that means learning to live are and alert to your surroundings at all time. andt so mes being are that is a choice to buy and to carry a gun also cries with it rponsibility. >> unless you are willing will to take up that responsibility, then don't pickp at gun. >> reporter: chester county d.a. tom honupports these kind of classes he says responsible, trained gun owners, can play pivotal role in thee mergecy before police arrive. >> run, hide, fights something tt we have bn teaching cster cntyor last three ofour years. >> reporter: even when armed runnd hidere the best options but fighthen neither of those is possible. if that part tt is grp
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is learning. >> check one. >> one thing you may notice this is wre shooters wher they are training typically stand, way inhe the cof the gun rge. but these folks, they are as close to the target as they canet and that is by design. all soting that they will b engaged in real le will be close range. it islmost ways going to be frome to you. >> reporter: students spent hours in the range firing point blankt a empty rgets that in a massive shooting scenario might be firing back. they shoot around barricades, even with purses in e ms to sulate aty. >> they help you practice the ings overnd over and over again so hh stress situations, you can be more prepared. >> reporter: for them, it is about preparation, but also, making a pnt. >> being one that can perhaps look like i'm a innocent viim and sprise, i'm not. i'm not victim at all. >> reporter: we should be clear that gun ls do ry from wn to to city to
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city, a if y are so in klinet may not be so ea forou to carry a n as was for many of the peopleou just saw. specific permits are required. but instructors of th class who do emphasize siousness of the the decision to take that css said they are seeing growg interests. so we have put mo information about the the laws and classes like that one on o web site, j, six >> brian, thankou. >> you got it. hundreds of people tned out to barnee's heritage ballroom in delaware county tonight for vy good cause. this ishe homes f hoes fundraiser, that benefits mission first fund for veterans. that is an organization that provides rental aistance to veterans in need. so far the group has ld more than 100 veterans. lets get that weekd ac weather forecast from cily tynan. >> jim, beautiful weekend. storm tcker six li db scanhowing we have no rain ornow falling from the sky in c we have e skies
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and it is a great shot. this/your sky six cameras lkgver reading from t pagoda and with thelear skiesnd diminishing wind it is quite chilly out there. currently 34 degrees in philadelphia wilmington1. alntown 28. atlantic city aport 29 degrees. temperatures will be falling will intohe w 20's in the suburbs about 2degrees, in center city. satellite six with action radar is ong weave car conditions, so no cloud to ally insulatehe eahnd acts like a blanket. soomorrow morning you step outside, its iy at 7:00 o'clock, 28 degrees and then temperatures will be st slightly bew arage. 1:00 o'clock 43. by 4:00 o'clock 45. loads of sshine. average high for this time of the year is 47. we will be 1 degreehyf. that pretty cse 46 degrees. et wi feel better then day. toyay's high on 41. we will getind gts of 40 miles anour. not near as windy tomorrow. ifouike it rr then that, that will arrive on
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sunday. we have a wmront lifting upo the north d at this this front does is it rlly cuts off arctic air. there is a lot of cd air but its pushedv canada. at is ere ll be staying for i. instead we have wind southwest. that wi brg us very wm air. so grees, feeling li spring on sunday, plenty of sunshine that front mos throughn monday, could bng us a sprinkle will, a few clouds but temperatures on monday and tuesday, in the lower 60's. so t exclusive ac aer seven day forecast, tomorrow, suy, a little b on the chilly side with a high of 46 degrees. we will keep sshinen sunday anwe ll add several degrees. 62 degrees, try to get outside and enjoy that spring like warmth. on monday just as warm 62 but more clouds, but again possibility of the sprinkle. tuesday, march is coming in ke a lamb, partly sun which a hi of 60. and wednesday is our ne storm system a this one like t past several will be cutting out our st and that means it is not sn but
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rain, perhaps uer with a high of 55. behind th system temperatures will step down, 46egrees on trsday and friday a possibility of rain, or wet snow, with a high of 39 but no precipitation over the weekend, loads of sunshine and teeratures warming through the end. looking good. >> sound gd. >> yep gooducks cnty elementary school to a bedtime story to a wleew level nht. it dsens students fr wrightstown elementarychool rolled outheirleeping bags at the hl and ld a nittime read in. the yngsters wore their pj's whileom and d setpents and t th everybody settled into enjoy a few gd books. it is turkey trouble in buington county. this bird was reallyuffling the feathers of a mount laurel woman today. no tr, t betty ann giacomb did it kept mg back to thehe a youar in the driveway all puffedp ready for fight.
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her efforts gobbled up hours ofi morning and this ternoonnd even neighbors and police had to get involved but wild life experts the say the at aggressiveehavior isn't unusual when ming seasons comes around. the adess event turkey likely saw its fction as another male birdnd wanted to prove th it was gr, in the pecking oer.
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sixers at theells fargo center tonight. >> yes. >> well, you know. >> what do you think. >> no. >> no is the correct answer. sixers entered the nht on the six game losing seak. i don't mean to bury you you with numbers they have been buried eir defense n that stretch they have gin up 120 points per game. hosting wizard jerry cngelo getting a close look at tse issues. second quarter nemanly legal okafor 21 points, and sixers lead nine. backomes wards in t third. john walluts them wn fo. buin the fourth, sirsow trailingnd sers down 97-92. sixers out rd on the boards. the wards have 17 offensive
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rebound. sixers fall 103-94. their 50th loss of the ss. the flyers, can't seem to get good newsithout also getting bad w claude giroux is closer a return but we have learned that jake voracek kill miss tomorrow's game with the the lower body iury. the t focus on the positive. girl right skated for first time afr suffering is what lieved to be a ccussion. he siss $3 straight games. even tu he skated, flyers are not ready to say if he will play tomorrow. >> i don't know just t. we have to look at e some things. what is going . how we feel after t practice. >> and nfl sutingombine is underway in indianapolis, it runs through monday, gs head coach doug dson check tunning backs d offensive lineman showcase today. derek henry of ama turned some heads. the o ne though is more of a concern for eagles, these days, and they kn it. >> taking a look at our current situation the are some holeshere are some
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holes, but we're going evaluate, continue to evaluate, guys not oy on our roster but here th week. ee en is mg up younow, there is ptunity there to l improve that talent le >> and still ahead, high school basketball takesver the liacouras nr plus a local guy
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the phillies he some holes, they also have plenty of ayersilling to step up and fill them including a local product dw il is a reiver -- a reliever
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who hopes to be closer. former rookien have the year hasetithnjuries in the pastew seasons. he attended pa the sixth high school in haddonfield and you beer beeve he gw up a hugehillies f. his family is thrilled. >> i was growing up in haddon heights, you know, watching the early 90's phiies, a you know the fact that mickey is our first baseoach is pretty cool. you know, definitelyy family and friend are ong forward to it and hopefully it all works out. >> college basket the ball penn helps continuing cornell darren nelson header his ninth double/double of the the season, 16 pnts, ten boards, nn wins 79-67. chester and plymouth white marsh, playing for the strict 14a cmpionship that is xavieralone the senior guard. gw wins 68-57. first title sce 1998. congratulations to them. jimmy kimmel live next followed by night line. "action news" ctinues at 5:30 a.m. forecily n ducis rodgers
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and the entire "action news" a i'm jim gardner. have a good night and a gat weekend.
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