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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, first day of the month of march. we're working on several developing stories. >> a heated argument between two families takes a violent turn and gunfire erupts. we're live with those developing details. >> sweet about face. philadelphia mayor kenney now supports a plan that would have city residents paying a little more for their sodas. >> super tuesday showdown. it's the make or break point for presidential candidates. all of those candidates are scrambling for last minute support. >> let's turn to david and karen. david, one question, lion or lamb. >> march is here and
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fortunately it is baaing across the region. sunshine on the way a little bit later on. cloud cover off to the north that really isn't making much of a run at us. we expect a sunny start today and overall we should wind up with sun and maybe some high clouds filtering in. 40 degrees in philadelphia, down to 36 in allentown, so a little cool in the beginning of the day. 36 in allentown. 38 in wilmington. 42 in trenton, 44 in wildwood. winds on the light side in the singlsingle digits across most f the region. headed out to the drive way or the bus stop a little later on 6 o'clock 39 degrees. and probably about the same up to about 40 by 8 o'clock. clear skies for the most part this morning. cool conditions and just a light breeze. and as we roll through the day things do stay on the mild side this afternoon. 40 by 8 o'clock, 44 by 10 o'clock and then 40 -- actually 48 degrees by noon and then we wind up with 58 degrees for a high at 3 o'clock with lots of sunshine and again winds only running about eight to
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16 miles so not as windy and blustery as it was yesterday. we have some rain arriving later tonight, karen and it could still be around for tomorrow morning's commute. details ahead. >> okay, a lamb today, the lion will be roaring tomorrow. let's look outside live right now. this is the schuylkill expressway approaching girard. we still have this disabled vehicle. what a bad way to start the day being stuck on the schuylkill expressway. it's off to the side so it's really not affecting traffic but watch for this westbound approaching girard. also schuylkill westbound approaching the conshohocken curve another disabled vehicle on the shoulder there. looking live here on i-95 it's kind of a dark ride n overhead lights are out so look for this. southbound traffic still moving okay. just watch for your travels there in the dark. the overnight construction southbound at business route one is clear as well so at least all lanes are opened on i-95. we have some emergency road work going on right now and it's a problem here in mercer county on 206. they've shut it down between lover's lane and hutchinson drive. stick to mercer road as your alternate for that one. tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. developing right now, an
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argument led two people in a household being shot several times. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at east detectives in hunting park with more on this investigation. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. police say a violent struggle escalated, knives were involved and then somebody pulled a gun. two men were shot in the end, one is in critical condition, the other is in stable condition. now, police say the people on both sides of the argument, the gun shot victims and the shooter and several family members live in separate apartments on the second floor of a row home on the 3900 block of north percy street in hunting park. just before midnight police were called out for a report of a person with a weapon. when officers got there the front door was wide opened, there was a trail of blood along the steps and walls. up on the second floor there were three knives on the floor, broken glasses, broken beer bottle, overturned items. police soon learned two men with multiple gun shot wounds showed up at the hospital. one was in critical condition, the other stable. the shooter had fled the
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scene. >> he fled with three other family members including a one-year-old boy. we're getting reports that the one-year-old boy was inside in the second floor apartment when the shots were fired. >> reporter: so, police want to locate the gun plan but they're also very concerned about that little boy. they want to make sure he's okay. police know who they're looking for. they know the names of the shooter and the people that the gunman was with but they haven't released them yet. we're live in hunting park, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you. philadelphia mayor jim kenney has a new strategy to stem the tide of violence in the city's grays ferry section. residents packed the vare recreation center in south philadelphia last night. councilman kenyatta johnson says the violence is part of an ongoing turf war. he urged people to step in and try to intervene. >> no knowing that there's a war going on and everybody sitting back not saying anything as opposed to trying to figure out at least trying
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to reach out and calling somebody and say listen. >> the mayor's solution is to raise and borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to renovate or refurbish rec centers libraries parks and expand social programs. he is also pushing for a soda tax to help pay for it. speaking of which, kenney's tax would be three cents per ounce on sugary drinks not diet ones which the mayor says would produce $400 million over five years. kenney wants to use the money to fund his universal prek plan green jobs and repay a bond for rebuilding parks and rec centers. we already mentioned that. mayor michael nutter proposed a two cents per ounce tax on soda. then council menken know opposed it. >> we'll see how it works out this time. coming to the big board, talk about politics today is super tuesday, probably the most important day of the presidential primaries. now voters are going to go to the polls in several states. alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota,
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oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont and virginia. that's a mouthful. in alaska only the republicans will caucus. democrats will caucus in colorado and american samoa. on the democratic side hillary clinton will try to end bernie sanders' insurgent campaign. she's already looking past sanders. in speeches she's turning her public rhetoric away from sanders and towards donald trump. sanders says he hopes to win minnesota and massachusetts. he announced he has raised more than $40 million in february. let's see where things stands for the gop. frontrunner donald trump is looking forward to what he thinks is going to be a huge night and if the polls are right, he will indeed win most of those super tuesday states. ted cruz is ahead, though, in his home state of texas. a lot of talk going on about this video. take a look at what you're going to see. this is time magazine reporter christopher morris who wanted to get out of the reporter's
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pen, there was a black lives matter protest. they were being let outly he got into it with a secret service agent and what you see there is the agent grabs him by the neck and slams him to the ground after a verbal altercation. morris was arrested after this. a lot of back and forth over whether or not this should have happened and what exactly went on here. matt. >> tam. comedian bill cosby's lawyers are still trying to get his upcoming preliminary hearing in montgomery county delayed. 33 want an appeals court review their argument that cosby had an agreement with a former district attorney that he wouldn't be prosecuted for the 2004 incident. former temple university employee andrea constand says she was drugged and sexually assaulted at cosby's home in cheltenham. his preliminary hearing is scheduled for march eighth. a fire is burning right now south jersey but there's nothing to worry about. this is a controlled burn in a wooded area on the border of camden and burlington counties. it is between routes 30 and 206. the philadelphia police department's aviation unit flu over the scene to check it
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out. officials are burning under brush so there is less fuel if and when wildfires break out during the spring. >> so, today is really nice but tomorrow may be a different story. >> yeah, tomorrow morning in particular looks a little bit wet. storm tracker6 live double scan though today slows we have no issues with precipitation. as we take a look outside temperatures aren't all that bad either. we're down to about 40 degrees across much of the region, couple spots down in the low 30's, there's temple university the athletic buildings and the field's all lit up and might be some athletes up early getting ready to do some working out. 40 degrees in philadelphia currently. you'll need a little bit of extra gear if you're going to go out done something this morning. 36 degrees in allentown, 42 currently in trenton, 38 in wilmington, 30 in millville and 47 in cape may. satellite shows that you it's going to be a sunny start a little bit later on as clouds are displaced up to the north around i80. and so most of us are going to begin the day bright and probably finish it fairly bright as well with just some clouds digging in. sun, some clouds up in the lehigh valley, pleasant with a
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high around 55 degrees. winds not as blustery as yesterday. down the shore, a light breeze, clouds mixing with some sun and 52 degrees the high there. and in philadelphia, mild again today. a high of 58 degrees. sun mixing with some clouds. and winds out of the southeast eight to 16 miles per hour. so it's not that there's no breeze but yesterday i was walking around and somebody rolled down their car window and said dave, did you call for these blustery winds 'cause they were noticing how blustery it was and i said yes, i did but today is not going to be quite as bad. 47 degrees increasing clouds. there will be some showers moving in later tonight. i'll show you those in a second and then winds southwest at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. so, here's the showers arriving on future tracker. by 8 o'clock we're probably still drive. after about 9 o'clock, a couple of these things will begin to develop and by 11 o'clock, a couple of you especially in the northern suburbs will be a little bit damp. it's overnight into tomorrow morning when we get the more significant showers. unfortunately it looks like these could be rolling through during the rush hour. after about 8 o'clock they're mostly over to the east and
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the rest of the day we have the chance of some increasing sunshine. unfortunately we also are looking at the return behind this departing front of some gusty winds so remember march tends to be the windiest month of the year around here and by march seconds tomorrow it is going to be blustery with winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. a high, though, of 49 degrees which ain't too bad. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we're looking at a high this afternoon of 58 degrees, bright conditions overall and still nice. then 49 degrees tomorrow, although that is in the morning with temperatures sliding during the day. i could see us down to about 40 by dinnertime. again, that rain as you just saw ends early tomorrow morning but it could be there for the morning commute. and then brisk and colder on thursday with a high of 40, feeling like it's in the 30's at the best of times. friday 39 degrees, clouds moving in. now, we have that southern storm we're watching on friday and overnight into friday morning we could see a touch of snow out of that especially from philadelphia south. but we're right now not expecting much more than about a coating to an inch, maybe a little bit more than that in
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some spots. and then the weekend rolls in and we're in pretty good shape, a little bit of a morning wet snow or rain shower on sunday. >> okay. keep us posted. thanks, david. 5:11. still ahead more stories you didn't see last night. protestors took to the streets of raleigh, north carolina, where police shot and killed a man. >> a bus was left gutted in california after an explosion and firely we'll have that dramatic new video. karen. >> we're clear, dry, kind of quiet here on 202 at baltimore pike. we're going take you to fort washington and check out 309 coming up. >> and a doggie dentist gives a puppy braces. >> ♪ it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here sky6 looking out over philadelphia international airport. 5:14, 47 degrees right now. dave murphy says we're in for a nice day today but rain will come our way tomorrow. >> how are the good folks out there, the few of them enjoying the commute so far? >> you know, people are waking up, they're getting out on the roads and now is the time to do it because we don't have any problems. it's a little too early out there so you kind of have the road to yourself certainly if you're in fort washington, this is 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike and we can see no weather related problems impacting us coming from quakertown or montgomeryville. you're looking good right here on 309. no problems right here. we did have some construction and it just cleared on the turnpike between downingtown and 29. they were blocking a lane. so things are moving better there and the roving construction crew i warned you about has cleared here on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid-county. we now have all lanes back opened. we're opening the waze app and saying good morning to eagles fans are the best. i love that.
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this is 130 southbound in logan and eagles fans are the best are reporting animals near the road here so use a little caution if you're in that area. it's dark yet and if you see some deer off to the sides of the road you don't want that to impact you. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's a little chillier than yesterday. it's only 32 in millville and 36 degrees in allentown but this afternoon is going to be a nice one. some sunshine, still mild, a high of 58 degrees before the colder weather comes. enjoy today, matt. >> got it karen. thanks. new on "action news," protestors gathered in raleigh, north carolina where police shot and killed a man who they say was fleeing an arrest. it happened just afternoon yesterday but protestors remained in the streets well after sundown. officials say the officer opened fire after trying to arrest the man on drug charges. they add a firearm was found near the man's body but did not say whether it was his. an investigation into the police shooting is under way. and this is new. charges could be filed as soon as today in connection with a fight involving nearly 30
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girls at a high school in pittsburgh. police were called to the university prep school yesterday afternoon when the brawl broke out. parents arrived to find the school under lockdown, their children could not leave the building. district officials say the fight was the result of a neighborhood rivalry. one girl was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. >> a 14-year-old student is charged with attempted murder after police say he shot two classmates inside a high school in ohio. police in madison township say the two students were shot in the cafeteria. they're expected to make a full recovery. investigators say the suspect initially ran from the scene but was caught. police say there was a motive for the shooting but they have not revealed that publicly yet. and officials at an illinois high school apologizing after some students held a mock slavery auction over the weekend. it was part of a competition to show their knowledge of greek and roman cultures but parents sitting in the audience said they couldn't believe what they saw. they say at least one student was wearing chains around his neck. parents call it an open display of racism and say that
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they're deem offended. >> the nhl trade deadline came and went and the flyers did nothing. they have chosen to go ahead with the team they have t brayden schenn had his first career hat trick scoring all three goals in the first two periods against the flames last night. the flyers lung on to win five to three. they remain three points behind pittsburgh for the final wild card playoff spot in the eastern conference. >> it is now 5:17. the man who has been out of this world for nearly a year says he's ready to come back home. >> subway customers can finally be certain that they will get all 12-inches of their sandwiches. >> ♪ (vo) my name's nick
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and i make dog chow in denver, colorado. one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector. i trust dog chow to keep khloe healthy because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. the standards that we follow are top notch. i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day. >> happening today, astronaut scott kelly is set to return to earth after spending 340 days in space. kelly and russian cosmonaut are scheduled to touchdown at kazakstan about 11:45 tonight and scientists will study the changes in kelly's body while on the international space station with his identical twin brother mark who has been
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living comfortably on earth all this time part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can that handle a trip to mars. i have a picture of the kelly brothers on my facebook page and just so you know the one that was on earth has the mustache. >> i'm glad that he actually has something different than his brother. >> so you can tell the difference. let's take a look outside right now. this is southwest philadelphia. sitting right on the mid span of the platt bridge. we've got no problems this morning between 26th street and i-95. looking good right now. let's switch over to the ben franklin bridge. equally nice here. on the ben that's your westbound traffic. just a couple of cars on your right headed in towards center city and mass transit is on time, dave. >> karen on the big board we're dressing the kids with a warm jacket on the way in but they can ease back on the gear again this afternoon because it's not going to be as bad. going to get mild again. 40 degrees by 7 o'clock, 42 by 9 o'clock. lots of sunshine with a few clouds gathering as the day goes on and your high today 58 degrees again well above the average by more than about 12 or 13 degrees. and winds a little lighter
5:21 am
than yesterday, not as blustery. if you're heading to the airport hoping for all green aircraft on the big board which would signify no major early morning delays and that's what we've got. there is some rain out in chicago, actually it's snow out in chicago. looks like everybody else is dry this morning now, matt and tam. >> okay. thank you, david. >> time right now is 5:21. up neck in the morning buzz, oprah's hand me downs could be yours. >> also the man who led police on a slow [inaudible] >> good morning. topping america's money, things are looking up for your 401k. >> after a rough january the dow was up slightly in february. while the nasdaq lost more than 1 percent. but here's the good news. march is historically a good time for stocks and april is the strongest month. >> subway promises your foot long sandwich will really be 1 foot long. >> the plaintiffs aren't
5:22 am
getting money. everybody ate the evidence. >> and the easter bunny may be stopping off at mcdonald's. the fast food chain is now offering cadbury cream egg mcflurry. >> delicious is the combination of the soft serve mcflurry topped with pieces of cream eggs. only available in australia. >> then we got the to fly over there. >> that's america's money. >> have a great day. >> "action news" troubleshooters have a warning. this viewer has been waiting 12 years to get $450 she says her former swim club owes her. >> every year they told me you're this number on the list. >> how could this happen and what could you learn from this. >> plus. >> i was upset. i was upset. it was almost $800 really and it should have been caught. >> the troubleshooters work to solve the case of yet another incorrect med bill. it's all coming up tonight on an hacon channel6 "action news"t
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> in health check one of the students and new moms can temperature you sleep deprivation can make a person cranky and give you munchies. researchers at the university of chicago kept subjects on a strict eating and sleeping schedule. half got a full night of sleep while the other half only got four and a half hours.
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they found the sleep deprived group asked for more high protein high fat snacks than the well rested group. new dramatic video here on "action news" a small passenger bus and four fuel pumps can destroyed in a fire at a san francisco gas station. the engine began heating and smoking and moments later something exploded and fire engulfed that bus. investigators are still working to figure out what exactly caused that big boom. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. >> ♪ >> time to head to the big board. oprah winfrey auctioning offer her wardrobe on ebay. these would probably not be her favorite things. she's clearing out her work closet at harpo studios. the collection will feature more than 250 designer pieces. shoppers can expect to find high end classics like gold pumps, flirty pink os today de la renta skirt.
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all proceeds will directly benefit the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls in south africa. next we have a dog. the six month old golden retriever puppy is getting relief he in his mouth thanks to a zest braces. photos have spread across the internet. before his braces the puppy wasn't able to fully close his mouth and chew well, he began to lose weight couldn't eat. the braces will correct the problem and they'll come off later this week. tam, back to you. >> okay, matt, thank you. it is now 5:27 and still ahead in the next half hour of "action news" google's self driving car caused a crash for the first time. also a bucks county high school student is facing criminal charges after police say he was caught selling pot laced brownies. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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man: my kids have taught me how to live in the now. you know, life gets so busy with work and responsibilities and things you want to check off your list. it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even.
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and kids have sort of taught me that. it's like, "hey, playing is a lot of fun." ♪ >> ♪ >> developing now on "action news," the search is on for a shooter who wounded two men then took off with a
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one-year-old and the rest of his family. >> happening today, super tuesday showdown. we'll break down what this pivotal day means for the presidential candidates. >> and march comes in like a lamb but don't think those lions aren't going to be let loose soon. sunshine and 60-degree temperatures will soon be replaced by wind and rain. >> good morning, it's 5:30 here on this tuesday march first. that's okay, dave murphy, because i know spring is around the corner, all this stuff is moving out of here. karen rogers also has your roads. good morning. >> march is typically a very windy month and you can have storms coming through and rain, even some snow but we're actually beginning the day with -- or the month without any of that today. right now there's a little bit of cloud cover falling apart well to the north. we'll start out with some sunshine. temperatures aren't too bad. still at 40 trees in philadelphia. we have dipped into the mid 30's in allentown and 38 in wilmington. still below the freezing mark in millville and 42 up in trenton. winds aren't all that bad today, either. this morning they're in the single digits in most spots. so, clear skies, cool conditions this m


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