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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. >> mike: 4-30 from three. steph curry 1-10 from three and the los angeles lakers stun the now 55-6 warriors 112-95. one of the more shocking games in the nba. why did it happen? >> hubie: give them credit. they played the three ball as well as anybody could play it. they put terrific pressure out on the shooter. and then they didn't care if you went by them off the dribble. then offcame off the screen
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looking for the three. they trapped you and forced you out and they indefinitely intimidated the shot. so i want to give them a lot of credit. you say well, why didn't they go over the top and then they have the advantage and take advantage going to the basket? is they tried that but you can't have the amount of turnovers that they have, you know, just kept mounting from 10 to 12 to 15 to 18, just kept going. what you're seeing here is the defensive game plan was excellent, and also, the forcing of the turnovers was major. >> mike: kobe bryant, the lakers get the win. here's heather with kobe. >> heather: kobe, congratulations. you guys hand the warriors their sixth loss of the season. how would you measure the impact of this type of win? >> i think it helps our growth obviously. you know, our bigs did a fantastic job. coming back and making sure they don't drop and show early. that's very hard for bigs to do. but they were pretty consistent all night long.
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>> heather: this has got to be something that is a bigger win in the win category. against the defending champs. how much extra mileage can you give this young team with this kind of a win? >> i think the learning curve comes from trusting the defense, right, and trusting the effort. paying attention to details. those things for young players helps tremendously when they see results. >> heather: this is your first game at staples since february 2nd. how much energy did you get playing in front of your fans that have followed you for so long? >> quite a bit of energy. i just feel terrible not being able to be out here every single game. it's been tough laboring through the shoulder a bit. for the last year if i could give it a go i'll try. >> heather: then there were 18. so the number is starting to dwindle. how does your perspective change as it gets lower and lower to zero? >> every game you try to appreciate it more and more and more right? you know, just go out there and compete and do the best you can. while soaking it all in. >> heather: thanks for everything you have done. >> appreciate it.
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thank you. >> mike: 18 games left in the kobe bryant farewell tour. it happens with a win in los angeles over the defending champs chasing their own history as the warriors lose for the sixth time. local news coming up for most of you. for all of us, thank you for watching. on the home of the nba finals. abc. i'm sarah bloomquist with walter perez. former first lady nancy reagan pass is a way at the age of 94. we will look back at her life and legacy. two police officers are injured after being hit by an
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a hedge drunk driver, "action news" is up next. "action news", delaware
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valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and czar bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night and alleged drunk driver slams into a police car injuring two officers. also the search for perfect dress, the amazing
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event that helps deserving young ladies find exactly what to wear on prom night. but the big story on "action news" is death of the former first lady, nancy reagan. >> mrs. reagan was 94 years old. her assistant said she died of congestive heart failure inside her home near los angeles. >> mrs. reagan a former actress was a towering figuring as a advisor and fierce protect ter of her husband ronald during his term as president. >> her impact was felt far beyond nation's capitol and reaction is pouring in from hollywood, to washington to around the world. we will get the more from lauren lister. >> reporter: walter and sarah a, here is runaway, and we're told there will be an opportunity for the public to pay their respects to mrs. reagan, sometime before her funeral services. a a number of people already showing up today trying to do just that. she was always by his side, in fact, nancy reagan said that her life really began when she married ronald reagan. when they first met in the early 1950's, nancy david was
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an actress. she gave up acting to be a full-time wife and mother but soon to find a new role as first lady, of california, and then the nation. >> congratulate you, sir. >> reporter: nancy was fearsly protective of her husband her influence was occasionally caught on camera as it was here when president reagan was having trouble answering a reporter's questions. >> we will do everything we can. >> after reagan's a as nation attempt in 1981 she consulted with an astrologies on his schedule a practice that raid eyebrows which made public she drew heat from her expensive designer wardrobe and for redecorating the white house while the nation was in the middle of a recession. most though gave her credit for crusade begins drug and alcohol abuse. >> what should you do if someone offers you drugs? >> say no. >> reporter: nancy many love letters from her husband this would be the letter that would change her life.
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a letter in which former president reagan would tell the world he was suffering from alzheimer's disease, nancy became an advocate for research into alzheimer's disease. when president reagan passed away in june 2004 she again was thrust in the lime light. the love story that began in hollywood ended up on a hill top in california, as it has been nancy reagan once said a wonderful life. nancy reagan will be buried here at reagan presidential library outside of los angeles. right next to her late husband, ronald reagan. lauren lister for channel six "action news", simi valley, walter and sarah. >> thank you, lauren. reaction to mrs. reagan's death is coming in from around the world and that includes the delaware valley as well. "action news" reporter nora muchanic joins us live from independent mall with that part of the story, nora in. >> reporter: hi there walter. people offering their on doll answer on the passing of the nancy reagan as you just heard she's the first laid hoy started out in hollywood and wound up at the white house.
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tonight she's being remembered and bringing grace, elegance and a lot of influence to washington in her day. >> she did a lot for the the country. her say no to drugs. that was big when i was young. so, that was impacted me a lot. >> reporter: tourist at independent mall are remembering nancy reagan as an elegant, strong woman who stood beside her husband and fearsly protect him. >> absolutely she's very memorable. for the most part what sticks on my mind was her fight against drugs and just say no campaign that she brought to america. >> reporter: these canadiens remember nancy reagan fondly. >> always with ronald reagan, always. always by his side, yes. nice lady. >> she wore a red dress a lot of the time, i remember the red dress. >> i love the way that she used to whisper into ronald's ear, you know, if he forgot a word or something, she would coach him on what to say. >> reporter: nancy reagan
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invitation new jersey governor chris christie spoke at reagan library back in 2011, a memory that the governor says he will always treasure. in a statement the governor says nancy reagan was the rock behind one of the the greatest leaders of our time. she was her husband's greatest source of strength through the toughest decisions he made as president. she embodied grace, poise, for generations of americans. pennsylvania governor tom wolf tweeted this today, saddened by the loss of the former first lady nancy reagan who lived an incredible american life. may she rest in peace. one woman add independent mall said that she thinks nancy reagan is the best of the modern day first ladies. >> her demeanor, her just classiness and very warm person. she just fit life really good. >> reporter: and nancy reagan was first lady back in the 1980's so you have to be a certain age to remember her. she did have her share of controversy, but people are
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remembering her fondly tonight. live from independent mall, i'm nora muchanic for channel six "action news". >> nora, thank you. for more on the life and legacy of nancy reagan log on to six a through can find a photo gallery from her early days as an actress to her years at the white house and her life, with ronald, after politics. moving on to other news, two philadelphia police officers are recovering tonight after being hit by an allege drunk driver, earlier this morning. the crash happened at about 4:30 this morning along the 100 block of 52nd street in west philadelphia. investigators say that the driver of a lincoln navigate or rear ended a parked police wagon. the impact bashed the wagon into a nearby patrol car. two officers inside the wagon and driver of the lincoln were taken to penn presbyterian medical center with non-life threatening injuries. investigators say they found what appears to be drugs inside that lincoln navigator. the driver faces several charges, including dui. police in philadelphia also working to determine if drunk driving was behind this crash in the city a's logan section.
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six people were injured. this crash occurred at 2:30 this morning when the driver of a chevy slammed into an acura on old york road. impact sent the acura into a wall there. two people in the car had to be strict dated and four men inside chevy were also hurt. all were taken to local hospitals. three fire fighters were remembered today, 25 years after they killed -- were killed when a a fire swept through one meridian plaza in center city. a memorial plaque where is presented to the members of the engine 11 in engine 11. the it broke out in the between the second floor of the high rise across from city hall. on february between the they can, 1991. fire fighters david hol comb, philip mccallister and james chapel were all killed. moving to the accu weather forecast, cloudy start to the morning but those cloud gave way to nice breaks of sun. from here on out though it will be just getting better, each and every day for the next few days n fact we're looking at temperatures reaching in the 70's later on this week. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the first check of the accu
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weather forecast. hi there, melissa. >> hi walter. certainly nice to look forward to in the accu weather forecast and things will be improving for the bet's cross our region. the as you mentioned we will start off with a fair amount of cloud cover overhead today. cloud giving way to plenty of sun this afternoon and right now we're coming in at 44 in philadelphia. thirty-seven in the poconos. forty-two for both reading and lancaster. the at the coast, 39. big changes up ahead. we are tracking a march warm up on the way. we have this trough of low pressure over the west coast, so a big ridge of high pressure build as cross eastern half of the u.s. which means temperature will be well above where they normally should be for this time of the year. we will time it out. future tracker six showing you 1:30 tomorrow afternoon numbers along i-95 corridor will be the in the upper 50's. in fact most locations will be in the 50's, tomorrow, some spots, flirting with the 60's. we will talk about what we can expect. big warm upcoming our way, temperatures this week will be in the 60's and 70's and record are also within reach. we will see over all the details with the full and exclusive accu weather
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forecast, sarah. >> melissa, thank you. breaking news from north philadelphia, an employee has been shot inside a fast food restaurant, on north broad street. we will have details coming up. plus details on this story, dozens of irish immigrants gave their lives to help build a railroad to day their sacrifice was remember. a new exhibit at the academy of natural sciences takes a look, even further back in history, in fact, it delve deeply in the the prehistory and it is something kid will like. plus one of football's greatest quarterbacks is calling it quits. jeff skversky has the story in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios north philadelphia, where the employee at a fast food restaurant there is shot just a short time ago. >> "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the scene with more, jeff? >> reporter: well, walter and
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sarah, we are told that employee was shot by a customer who happened to be eating dinner at church's chicken. i'm joined by captain nick brown. captain, can you tell me what you necessity right now. >> right now we believe the offender was inside eating, at which time he became involved in the verbal altercation with an employee. second employee who happened to be the brother of the first employee, attempted to squash the argument between the two people, two participants, a at which time the offender produced a handgun fired and struck the plaintiff once in the check. the defendant was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the description of the offender for the shooting matches identity to a shooting that occurred approximately 35 minutes earlier from a 2500 block of 17th street. so that description is a black male, 5 feet seven, black pants, black shirt, black three quarter length trench coat right there. the motive in the first shooting was domestic incident. but, possibly right new we are looking in the incident to see if they are related.
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descriptions are absolutely identical. >> reporter: thank you very much, captain. we understand motive in this case may have been, some arguments over table cleaning here at church's chicken. we will have much more on line at six and coming up on "action news" at 11:00. we are live from north philadelphia, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". a new exhibit that combines history and comics opened at the pearl buck international in perkasie. the exhibit is called comic book unmasked a look at race. it provides history, historical look at port trail of race and racial relationness comic books over the past several decades. johnny every man comic books are on display as well as other comic books featuring non-traditional super heroes. group gathered to remember 57 irish immigrant railroad work hours died while building pennsylvania's first railroad. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney joined other state lawmakers for ceremony at west laurel hill cemetery in bala cynwyd. five years ago the remains of five men and one woman were laid to rest there.
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they died in 1832, while working on the railroad the at duffy's cut in malvern. researchers uncovered their remains, many years later. >> ♪ >> st. patrick's day festivities started early today in gloucester city, new jersey. dozens of marching band and irish dance groups performed in this annual parade, this years theme was, celebrating the 100th anniversary of irish independent. it was all about dinosaurs today at the academy of the natural sciences in center city there were dinosaurs and other fossils on display as part of the paleo festival. the kid took part in dinosaur activities including arts, crafts, and digging for fossils. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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sports getting ready to say so long to payton manning. >> a living legend walking away. one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever live is throwing in the towel, payton manning, plans to officially retire, tomorrow, four weeks after the broncos quarterback won his second, and final super bowl. after 18 seasons with the colts and broncos, manning will walk away from the nfl having thrown the most touchdowns, most yards, ever. he is tied with brett favre for most wins all time. there is no question five time mvp and 14 time pro bowler is a first ballot hall of famer. former phillies great chase utley will not be suspended for that ugly and controversial playoff slide after all. utley will be available to play on opening day. utley won his appeal of the two game suspension stemming from this slide in october. he broke mets short stop ruben's head coming in high and late. the because of this baseball did change the take out slide rule last month. how about phillies spring training, fanatic trying to
6:23 pm
get a good look, look at all of the new players with the yankees. charlie morton whom they trade for in december retires first six batters. gets some help too. nice play there at first. morton works in the third, allows a run, strikes out two. fanatic well, he has to like what he sees. he will love this. how about the bats exploding in the sixth. andrew nap their second round pick from 2013 goes yard the with the three run shot by catchers. phillies win six-five. forget binoculars, you can see much better, from that seat. the sixers just underway in miami but both big men jahlil okafor and nerlens noel are out. neither player traveled to south beach with the team. sixers have lost 11 straight coming into play. college hoops regular season finally for fran dunphy and temple today. the first half against tulane, obi, he puts temple up by 13 at the half. second half, more three's. owls shoot 50 percent from beyond, devon coleman yes,
6:24 pm
temple wins 64-56. they take regular season conference title winning 14 of their final 18, they now go on the american conference tournament at the number one seed on friday. well, it is march madness for flyers too. season end five weeks from today. if they will score a coveted playoff spot, they have to make some noise, like right now. their next seven games are all against, potential playoff teams and none may be tougher then next two when they face hottest team in the conference. flyers with back to back games against tampa bay starting tomorrow at home, flyers are currently three points out of the final wild card spot thanks to their six goal performance last night. >> we're coming off a good performance. we did what we had to do in yesterday's game. now we will turn the page and get ready to do what we need to do tomorrow night begins tam pennsylvania bay. >> you know, we're gaining some confidence right now. all around the league, we think, so we will try to be prepared, and take last night,
6:25 pm
we have a tired hockey club and tomorrow we will get a team that is rolling pretty good. >> this isn't exactly an eagles/cowboys opener but union kick off their mls season in dallas looking to end the longest playoff drought in the league. the union has not been in the post season since 201 1789 union with the tough test, nobody has had more points then fc dallas last year. the just 22 minutes into this season, goalie a andre blake, beat. castillo one to nothing. row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. union fans about to scream, seventh seventh minute they how another. they lose two to nothing. they only had two shots on goal, all game. finally flyers fans you may just dislike penguins more after this. look what they did, they welcomed justin schultz this weekend, by hanging his clothes from the rafters. not quite sure how he got them down.
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i don't know what he wore home. >> my goodness. >> all right. >> thanks, jeff. >> great week ahead if you like sunny skies and warm temperatures. >> taking a live look at sky six in high definition from the commodore barry bridge, meteorologist melissa a magee has exclusive seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
6:27 pm slash eastern.
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accu weather forecast, with meteorologist, i cannot speak today but meteorologist melissa magee. normally people are looking forward to the weekend. with this forecast beginning of the workweek looks great. >> monday looks like a nice
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day. >> it does. >> it looks like it gets better throughout the rest of the week, yes. >> yes. >> just a little tickle. >> storm tracker six live double scan radar it is dry, no issues with precipitation right now. in fact we're looking dry, mild as we go throughout the next several days. we will show you picture outside, action cam was outside earlier today, there at rittenhouse square in center city. we had mostly cloudy sky early this morning. we're tracking weak disturbance all of last night, did not have any moisture associated with it. so clouds, this morning, and, gave way to sunshine this afternoon and temperatures responded nicely. pretty close to average. our high today in philadelphia, 47 degrees. normal for this time of the year is 49. record by the way is 71 setback in 1935. 70-degree numbers will not be out of the question as we head into this week ahead. forty-four in philadelphia. forty-one in allentown. thirty-six in the poconos at this hour. thirty-nine in dover, 42 to the north, along that i-95
6:30 pm
corridor in trenton. thirty-nine in beach haven. upper 30's in wildwood. satellite six with action radar. we have a partly cloudy sky across the region. high pressure will continue to dominate in the wake of the disturbance that rolled through during the overnight hours and early this morning, so high pressure will set off shore, tapping in the west to southeasterly wind and temperatures will go soaring, as well. so call from accu weather for rest of tonight mostly clear, star lit sky, dropping down to 28 in the suburbs, and 34 in philadelphia for the overnight low. we have got that south to southeasterly wind at three to 6 miles an hour. here's set up back to work on monday, sunshine and cloud, it is mild and breezy tomorrow. this ridge of high pressure moving to our south, and wind around that high are clockwise and we will tap into that return flow. high temperature tomorrow in philadelphia a coming in at 60. average for us this time of the year is 47, so we are well above that tomorrow. we have a nice wind. the sunshine to enjoy as well. a


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