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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> meanwhile, state police in new jersey lowered the flag in half staff today to honor one of their fallen brothers. sean cullen died in the line of duty today after being hit on the highway. it's tuesday afternoon i'm sharrie williams. >> i'm brian taff. the big story is the tragedy death of new jersey state trooper sean cullen. we are learning more about his life and career of public service. we begin with nora muchanic live in ewing this afternoon. >> reporter: we are here at state police headquarters and the memorial garden of fallen troopers. sadly sean cullen's name will be added. sean cullen was born in ishld and came to the u.s. at age 3 and realized early on he wanted
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to be a state trooper. tonight state police are grieving. >> it's a terrible tragedy for the organization, it sends shock waves through the organization. >> colonel nickntes is talking. >> two police officers managing the traffic at the scene when he was struck and the circumstances are still under investigation, you can appreciation that was a chaotic scene to handle. >> cullen born in ireland and a trooper for less than two years was air lifted to camden where his family and co-workers kept vigil. >> think sean had a way of
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communicating with people from all walks. >> a 1988 graduate of cinnaminson high school, from joining the state police he worked part-time police jobs in sea isle city, mount holly and then full-time with the state police. >> everybody loved him. it didn't matter what was going on everybody was smiling and laughing and he was a great guy. he really was. >> he understood what this thing of service was. he understood that when someone dialed 911 they really needed him and he understood what it meant to live out your dream. >> back live now at division headquarters, the 22-year-old woman that hit cullen stopped and took a voluntarily blood alcohol test, and has not been charged. clearly family will travel from ireland to lay this trooper to
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rest and we learned that trooper cullen's fiance is pregnant at this point and it's an extra tragedy all the way around. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> indeed it is. we learned about sean cullen who was a trooper for two years and started with the sea isle city police department. his fellow officers left him a tribute. we remember him fondly, sean had a great sense of humor and was a good friend to our department, rest in peace brother. he graduated in 2007, today the school's athletics department tweeted out pictures of cullen who was also on the wrestling team. they write cullen is one of the great ones, a 2005 wrestling all american, and finished his
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career 94-30, and governor chris christie offering his condolences. and his death reminds us how fragile life truly is and the dangers that police officers face on the job. we find out that he leaves behind a fiance a 9-month-old son and a baby on the way. >> our coverage of trooper cullen's death continues at we are updates on the investigation and videos from viewers and chopper 6 hd and photos showing the outpouring of support for the trooper and his family, friends and colleagues. montgomery officials confirmed the county's first case of the zika virus. the patient is a 55-year-old woman, she had traveled outside of the united states to an area affected by zika. zika symptoms are generally mild
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but are linked to birth defects in pregnant women. the case brings the total to six in the state of pennsylvania. time now for a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> we are still 12 days away from the official start of spring. but we got a nice preview today. lets head outside to meteorologist, adam joseph, and adam these are the warmest temperatures of the year so far. >> the warmest march we have seen in four years as well. this is pretty exceptional and temperatures will only get warmer. as we look at the numbers so far in philadelphia. this was may-like today. 74 degrees. the official number still yet to come in. and again the first 70 plus degree in philadelphia since 2012. as we look at other numbers, we are on the brink of 80 degrees in washington, d.c., 77 in richmond and 77 in roanoke and look at new york city, the warm front has not pushed through
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there yet. they are only sitting in the 50s. the morning clouds and the front taking control as the front moves into new england overnight. as we go through the evening and overnight and early morning hours. temperatures near 50 degrees as we start your wednesday morning, that sour normal high temperature for this time of year. we'll chat sharrie about some unbelievable numbers the next two days. we moved them up from yesterday. we'll show you coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> quite the tease there adam. lets keep talking about the weather. for the ski resorts in the poconos, this means an abrupt end for the season but for everyone else it's a chance to enjoy the sunshine. walter perez is live in norristown, it's a nice day on the greens, maybe i should add my putter and head out there.
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it's absolutely exisity out here. and reminds me of a friend in l.a. he always tells me he loves california because it's the oath place you can ski in the morning and golf in warm sunshine in the afternoon. but today we proved him wrong. just in case you are confused winter is not over yet especially here at jack frost here in the poconos. warm conditions through this past december forced jack frost into a much later than expected opening but the january cold snap and our one and only blizzard was enough to keep the snow guns humming and sallage the season. >> it's a challenging season, the toughest one we have ever been through, we lost the start in december but it finally got cold in early january. >> the same goes for bear creek ski resort in macungie, they
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could not begin making snow until after the new year. despite this warm weather now, they were able to produce enough snow over the past few months to stay open two more weeks maybe three. and the skiers say that is good for them. >> any desire to go golfing today? >> no. >> jack frost still has a 10 to 12 foot base and still 100% open. bear creek has a 4 to 6 foot base and the ski resorts, the golf courses we could not find one that was closed today. and spring begins in 12 days. reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right my equipment is in my truck i may do it thank you waltder. keep close at hand for the first word on any changes in the forecast and interact with all the members of our "action news" weather team by following them on facebook
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and twitter and the other platforms. the eagles are working on a pair of trade that could shake up the nest. three players appear to be on their way out of town a year after arriving. jaime apody is live now, we learned of another move for the eagles. >> the eagles have just signed former bills corner back mcelvin to a contract and they have moved on from byron maxwell along with keiko alonzo is xpeked to be traded to the dolphins and demarco murray expected to be traded to the vikings. fans have a lot to say -- >> no. no i will not miss demarco murray. >> will you miss keiko alonso? >> no, none of those guys. >> a sentiment shared among the eagles fans i talked to and the
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trade will not become official until the new league year, maxwell and alonso will be history. >> he showed last year he was not ready to be an eagle and he is gone and we are okay with that. we'll wait for someone that comes in that wants to be here. >> i feel it's a great move on that move shouldn't have happened in the first place as we have the very best running back in the league. chip kind of screwed up the entire team. >> the eagles former coach has become public enemy number one. >> they are getting rid of chip kelly and everything he did which was a disaster as it turned out. >> hope turns to howie, who has the team back in his hands. >> i'm not sure what he has done, to have any confidence in howie rosen at this point. >> we'll see how they do in the
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draft with the picks and hopefully we have a better team than last year. >> they made the first free agent move with mcelvin and i'll have the latest information on my facebook page. brian and sharrie back to you. >> seems good, they are scrubbing away any signs of the chip kelly era. >> bye bye. time now for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets head over live to matt pellman in the traffic center, it's a busy afternoon matt. >> there are things we say good riddens too. to set up the tuesday ride home, including the septa landsdale doyles down rail line, if that is your line, and you take it outbound to doylestown don't expect to get farther than the link belt station. if you go to delaware university or doylestown, you won't get through because of the police
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activity. the officer shocked at the doylestown station. and septa's 44th street trolley is shuttling with a bus. and an accident at cotman avenue that is just pushed off to the side and penndot is on the scene and extra slow now from academy to this point at cotman and lower moreland at byberry road. and 541 at the mount holly bypass. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon. sandy beach, yet another pothole at newport cap pike. lets go to the beach. back to you. >> my perfect there. >> another great idea yes. still ahead. police make an arrest in a philadelphia murder and one suspect is only 15 years old.
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what investigators are saying about the case. plus voters in four different states are going to the polls in the race for the white house, who is voting and who is expected to win. and season 22 of "dancing with the stars," today we found out the full cast of celebrities heading to the ballroom this year.
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police in connection with a deadly shooting picked up suspects and one was just 15 years old. they are charged in the murder of 20-year-old jayvon pendleton on the 2100 block of north philadelphia. it's another big day in the race for the white house, republicans are competing in four contests today. democrats are facing off in two. the big prize of the day is michigan. polls show donald trump holds a
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lead over republicans and gop voters will also cast ballots in mississippi and idaho, and they will also caucus in hawaii. on the democratic side there are contests in michigan and mississippi, hillary clinton is expected to beat bernie sanders in both states. the william penn foundation will benefit both states. mayor kenney was on hand for the opening of the preschool in huntsing park. it works to expand early childhood education for low income families. 12 celebrities and one mirror ball trophy. and today on "good morning america" the full cast was announced season 22 and it's a star studded lineup of familiar faces. [ applause ] you know that song, on the
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roster boyz ii men star and philadelphia native juana morris, up against jodi sweeten and miles demarco the winner of "america's next top model" is the second deaf person to compete for the mirror ball trophy and ginger zee and brand new mom we must add also in it to win it. athletes have traditionally done well. this season there is stiff competition. four big names in sports. super bowl 50 mvp von miller and pittsburgh steeler brown, and paige van sant and former nfl quarterback, doug flutey. there are others that are no strangers to tv. they include tooty kim fields over there, and marla maples and
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mischa barton. and you recognize this guy, talk show host geraldo rivera. "dancing with the stars" returns in less than two weeks and the season premier is march 21st at 8:00 p.m. i am loving this cast, i will be on board this season. >> yes. all right alicia thanks. lets talk about the accuweather forecast adam says the numbers are better today than they were yesterday. >> and going up i heard in the tease? >> reporter: yes, they will skyrocket here the next couple of days, we cannot complain about today. the huge jump from the 61 yesterday, sky 6 hd live in center city. you see the crystal clear sky and a few high clouds earlier today as the warm front drifted through. presently it is 73 in allentown and 74 in reading and 73
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wilmington and 74 in philadelphia and 74 in millville and dover, and a big difference at the shore with the southeasterly wind and the ocean is only in the low 40s only 55 in beach haven and 63 in cape may not bad but nothing compared to what we feel farther inland. as we look at this warm front it's drifting to the north over new york city where it's still only 56 degrees, a couple hour drive to the north we are sitting at 74 and boston 45 and burlington, vermont, 48 and pittsburgh in the late spring air feeling. and now satellite and radar, clouds moving to syracuse and upper new york state as well as northern new england and clear skies to the northern and west and that sky stays clear overfight tonight and it stays exceptionally mild for the overnight lows. 45 in reading and 44 in allentown and around 51 for a
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low tonight in the city of philadelphia and even at the shore where it's cooler now it kind of evens out with the inland locations as upper 40s is the only place we'll stop here late tonight for most of us. playground forecast for most of us, mostly sunny and no jackets needed and get the kids outdoors and round the kids up so they sleep better, on the brink of 80 at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, as we look at tomorrow's numbers, we are forecasting the records for 2000 especially expecting to smash it. we go for a forecast high of 80 tomorrow and allentown breaking it by 6 degrees and by 3 in wilmington and just shy in atlantic city due to that sea breeze. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast. tomorrow it's almost really no words to say here. we have two back to back days of 80 degrees, that is june-like
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and extremely rare to get 80 degree temperatures this early in march let alone back to back. not as warm but the front slips through 66 and sun to clouds here saturday with your temperature at 62 degrees, so wherever we move forward here throughout the end of the march it will seem cooler than the 80 the next couple of days. >> you are going to spoil us. >> thanks adam. still ahead here today an iconic band cancels its philadelphia performance because one of its members is in danger of going deaf. and a very special 8-year-old boy from allentown gets to play sheriff for the day. it's the story that is spreading hope and smiles all across the internet coming up.
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we have an update to the breaking story we started this newscast with.
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this is a live shot from temple university hospital. this is where we expect the police officer, he is being treated here in the burn unit. we have reports of a police officer suffering electric shocks at the train station, he was air-lifted for treatment and we are told that his family is now arriving to the hospital. you can also see different police officers from different units from around the city. coming to check on this morrisville police officer. that is the latest on this breaking news story we started the newscast with. governor wolf went on the road to ramp up pressure on lawmakers to raise the minimum wage. the governor stopped at mom's market in bryn mawr, yesterday he signed an executive order for state workers to $10.15 an hour.
4:27 pm
and now wants a bill for $15 an hour for the state for all workers. they say that brian johnson, from a.c.d.c. is at risk of going death. the doctors told him to stop touring right away or he may completely lose his hearing. with that the band postponed its u.s. tour including a stop at the wells fargo center. the group will likely reschedule and perform with a guest vocalist. they have not said who it will be and when they may play. >> a crime vigil turns into a crime scene and now willing police are trying to solve two murders that rocked one neighborhood. "action news" has a live update on the story straight ahead. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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and the local rescue caught on camera. the heart stopping moments two children are pulled from a burning car. but first we have breaking news we want to get to here at 4:30, coming in from west philadelphia. chopper 6 hd live over the interests section of 55th and baltimore avenue. where three men have been stabbed. police tell "action news" that one person has died from this incident and two others were rushed to the hospital. an active scene here as investigators say they have recovered a weapon at the scene, so far no one has been arrested. you can count on "action news" to bring you more information as we get it. it was suppose to be peaceful vigil honoring the victim of a crime and turned into a crime scene itself. the deadly gun fire erupted in a wilmington neighborhood reeling from recent violence. chad pradelli joins us now live with the latest on these unsolved murders.
4:31 pm
>> two murders since friday one during a vigil for the first victim. it has residents wondering what is going on. you can see the evidence markings behind me and dried blood and the remnants from last night's vigil. neighbors gathered at the 500 block of west 7 and, to reflect on the second murder on the block within the last week. >> we were like wow. what's happening here? it's a strong neighborhood. >> the weather is getting a little warmer and temperatures are starting to flare and it's unfortunate. >> why samuel copelan is unclear but the vigil last night led to leroy to being killed. >> it's called the first place, your home and second place is a workplace and third place is where people in the community can gather together.
4:32 pm
>> this community is not normally a hot bed of violence, police are not saying but for these residents frustration is mounting. >> i live three blocks away and i know it's not the end of it. but i'm here for healing purposes. >> and a peace rally is scheduled for friday just a few steps from where i'm standing on west 7th and a 10,0$10,000 rewa. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meantime, "action news" is continuing to learn more about the life and career of a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. trooper sean cullen died from head injuries he suffered after being hit by a car in west depford. the 31 leaves behind a family including a pregnant fiance and 9-month-old child. coming up we'll have more on how
4:33 pm
friends and colleagues are remembering cullen and the life he dedicated to public service. traffic was backed up in strawberry mansion at fairmount park. nobody was seriously injured but it slowed down the traffic in the area adding to the already congested morning rush but this afternoon everything back to normal in that area. a big talker today the weather, the sunshine and temperatures we are enjoying today. >> and we'll spill it into tomorrow and again on thursday, and nice days back to back for the middle of the week, as we take a live look now at the sun soaked center city skyline, 74 is your temperature now after topping off at 75 officially at philadelphia international airport, 25 degrees above normal. winds from the southwest 10 miles per hour and the pressure right now 30.09 inches. so i know kids don't like being in school on warm days like
4:34 pm
this. we'll evolve the question around the warmth today. what is in fact the warmest march temperature in philadelphia in recorded history, was it 84, 87, or 89 degrees. please tweet me your answer and the first one to get it correct will get a shout-out on the air along with the accuweather forecast. the beginning of march or the end of march. it can't go that much higher. >> you'll find out. >> adam thank you. upper darby police are plotting a septa employee for turning in $15,000 that he found in the road. 61-year-old bob tracy says he was driving home last night around midnight when he saw a big bag in the middle of state road, he pulled over and got it, saw the large sum of money inside and immediately called police. >> saw all the money i thought
4:35 pm
it may have been a nighttime drop for a business, so i had to turn it in. it's the way i am. >> we deal with dirt bags day in and day out. and lock people out for stealing and robbery and pillages and here is a gentlemen that finds $15,000 and turns it right over. >> so far nobody has come forward to claim the money just yet. >> could not love this anymore. a story from allentown defending hope and smiles across social media. in lehigh county, sheriff joe hanna handed over his badge, this is little caleb, he loves people and loves the law, he has a rare disease but is living the dream. >> do solemnly swear -- >> there he is taking the vows.
4:36 pm
he was sworn in for the day because he touched their hearts when they heard what he was up against, they got the uniform ready for him. caleb's mother says he is expected to lose his ability to walk, talk, see and hear and he is not expected to make it to his next birthday. >> he can feel what it is like to be a police officer and sheriff, before he passes, it means a lot to have the opportunity to have that experience. >> and that experience as you can see includes a ride in the cruiser, he got to hit the gavel there at court and he even gave the top judge a big old hug. apparently that is how he greets everyone around him. mom says he preferred the real life heros to the superheroes but the officers say the truth in this case little caleb is the real super hero and we are rooting for you little guy. we love this story and is shared
4:37 pm
all over the place and inspiring people. >> love to see him smile there. it's a devastating genetic disease not known to have a cure. it has taken children from parents around the country but a local push for awareness is sparking a glimmer of hope. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with the details on this. >> tasacks is a recesssive disorder that means that both parents have to carry the gene to pass it along to their child. they are introducing you to new lineage they are look agent to try to put a stop to it. no flying experience? no problem. a new program launched by jetblue giving future pilots their wings but no experience is even necessary. we'll tell you about that one. coming up on "action news" at
4:38 pm
5:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you. this morning project home broke ground on its newest facility. the action was there as mayor kenney and others joined the director of the project home, sister mary skullan and once it's built it will provide apartments for men and women that were once homeless and have access to substance abuse services and seventiant with employment service and education. lawmakers visited the westchester schools to talk about changes to the milk program. they met with food services leader, costello says the house and senate is considering proposals for renewing programs. that gives more flexibility with their menus. good meals help students perform better each and every day in school. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, big changes came to a
4:39 pm
pantry staple. kraft debuted a new mac and cheese recipe and hardly anybody noticed. what is so different about the contents of this blue box. >> and an issue that adults can't seem to solve. >> and meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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brand new video how an officer pulled two kids from a smoking car. he was traveling behind when he saw it smoking. he pulled into a parking lot and pulled the child from the backseat and handing the child to a woman. and he went back grabbing the second screaming child telling the other adult to get out. it took just 23 seconds to get
4:42 pm
everyone to safety. the family was treated for smoke inhalation and they are doing just fine today. >> it's the powerful image in baltimore going viral. a young boy praying over a homeless man. eric gaines a police officer for the university of maryland witnessed this very potent and emotional moment and share tropical disturbance on facebook. gaines tells abc news he watched the boy bend down and pray over the man as he slept near a bus stop. everyone that saw this was moved and shared at record speeds. gaines prays that this young man becomes of a leader of his peers and not all youth is lost and some are doing wonderful things and those are the images circulating today on social media. big news from the mac and cheese front, kraft says they switched up the recipe but nobody noticed
4:43 pm
the cheesy changes. >> guess what? moms didn't notice, sneaky moms and kids didn't notice and neither did dogs. >> that is their viral new ads out they removed artificial flavors and colors and dyes from their mac and cheese recipe a few months ago. it swapped yellow 5 and 6 which some customers were asking them to remove for natural spices like turmeric. and to mark national women's day, they take on the gender pay gap in the cutest way. if that is possible. they had boys and girls do chores to earn pocket money and just like workplaces they paid the girls less than the boys. >> why does he get $5. >> that is just the way it is.
4:44 pm
>> that is flat out illegal. i'm not joking or being unreasonable. it should just be how hard you work. if you do the same work you should get paid the same money. when i'm old i'm going to make a change. >> don't forget little guy, we are counting on all of us here in america, women are still earning 70% of the men doing the same jobs. the viral video hashtag equal future is trending again just in time for national womens day out of the mouth of kids. >> i love that little guy. -- if i don't forget -- >> alicia thanks. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman standing by with the update. >> a couple of things i don't want you to forget. but problems on mass transit.
4:45 pm
the landsdowne doylestown line remains suspended. the outer chunk of the line. you won't get beyond link belt, get in the cab or uber and call someone to pick you up. the landsdale doylestown line not running at this hour. we have police activity at 55th and baltimore that means the 54 trolley is not running and the buses instead between the 40th street portal in baltimore, there is that police activity, and fire department activity in chinatown eastbound at the vine and 10th street taking out the lane and a crash at cotman off to the side. and outside the weather is cooperating and there is a little sun glare but the roads are dry, it's busy on the schuylkill both directions by montgomery drive. and an accident involving a pedestrian by the corner cafe
4:46 pm
near huddle street and a pair of accidents in lower moreland montgomery county one on byberry and the other along huntington pike. we'll check it again in the next half hour. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the incredible exclusive accuweather forecast. next. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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i'm outside and everybody was in short-sleeves and loving life. >> i was doing a tiny bit of yard-work. and i had a tank top on and it was pretty fice. four days ago we had snow on the ground. four days ago. and now talking record warmth and talking about the warmth here here is your weather
4:49 pm
question of the day. so what is the warmest march temperature on record for philadelphia? 84, 87 or 89? >> i'm going b. >> i will join you in that. >> chico said here on the floor, that it was c. it's b. >> this is the first time you two got it right. and i want to give a shout-out to ethan harris, the first to tweet me the correct answer, that was on march 29th, 1945, to get it that warm in march it's toward the end but to have 80 degrees in march, which we will the next two days, it's unbelievable in the beginning of the month. it was 80 for this date and off by 5 degrees, you hit the mild hide of 75 set at 3:42. and we started at 44 this morning. and the record low can get as
4:50 pm
cold as 20 degrees. as we look at the numbers, you see the sea breeze taking effect in the 50s along the immediate shore and pomona at the airport. and then another 5 to 10 miles it jumped to the 70s for millville and 73 in allentown and still in the mid-70s in reading and in fact the poconos they are wiping the snow away. with the temperature now of 71 degrees, satellite and radar, the high clouds are moving to the north, that was the warm front moving through this morning. a lot of clear skies to the south and get ready to enjoy the sunshine the next two days. for tonight a few clouds around and extremely mild. the lows will only hit 51 degrees.
4:51 pm
it's a very comfortable 80 degrees and thursday night we have an area of showers, this is midnight passing through early on friday morning that will drop the temperature a little bit on friday to 66 but still that is close to -- gosh that is 15 degrees below normal. and late showers and 62 and turn the clocks ahead saturday night
4:52 pm
before you go to bed and lots of clouds and 64 and clouds linger monday and remains unsettled tuesday, so go out and enjoy. we have unsettled day ahead even though the temperatures stay above normal through the rest of the seven day. >> we'll do adam. >> changes to apple's next iphone could have an impact on users. we'll explain in what's the deal? next.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
smart phones will soon be changing in ways you never expected. here is nydia han to explain. >> the internet is abuzz with rumors that apple plans to do away with the headphone check on the next iphone. right now this is how we listen
4:55 pm
to music on our phones but soon we'll see no ports or jacks at all. >> the technology already exists and without ports, smart phones can be slimmer and thinner and better able to resist damage from moisture and dust and other debris. there is already a growing selection of high quality blue tooth head phones that wirelessly connect to your head phone, what about no speaker hol holes? that is on the sharp crystal. how is that even possible. it uses your face as a conduct ter. >> on these phones it's display vibrates and those vibrations are interpreted as sound by your ear. >> consumer reports testing shows the technology works well and to eliminate the need for a powering port there is charging technolo technology, put your phone on a mat for charging. it's available on the galaxy s
4:56 pm
6. and without a port how do you connect to update your music library. >> you have lots of options you can sync your music over wifi and there are tons of streaming services. >> if we want to listen wirelessly, consumer reports has tested wireless headphones, they recommend the jbl for $50 or republic for $100. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." that will do for "action news" at 4:00, hope you'll join in along with sharrie and adam joseph and ducis rogers for an hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> hi there, coming up next at 5:00, remembering trooper sean cullen, how the family, friends and colleagues of this new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty are now
4:57 pm
remembering his life and impact on others. plus, an accident investigation in philadelphia. the accident hurt a woman and her two daughters while crossing the street. and pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, is continuing his minimum wage fight. the effort is he backing in the legislature. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. trooper down -- >> a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. friends and family and law enforcement are mourning the loss of 31-year-old sean cullen. the big story on "action news" is the late night crash that killed the trooper. >> sara bloomquist is live outside of the state police barracks in bellmawr, with the very latest. >> reporter: rick and monica, a sad day here at the bellmawr barracks where sean cullen was
5:00 pm
assigned when he joined the force back in august of 2014. this evening he is remembered as a dedicated law enforcement officer, an athlete and a family man. >> this morning the flag was lowered outside of the bellmawr state barracks to honor their fallen brother, sean cullen. >> because of the job we do, any time a police officer loses their life it impacts everyone because people realize it could be them. >> the 31-year-old trooper responded to a crash, he was going across the street to get a statement when he was struck by a 21-year-old driver. he was flown by shopper to cooper medical hospital and was pronounced dead later. >> we held out hope until the end that there would be a miracle in this case. >> cullen was born in dublin,


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