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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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police barracks in bellmawr. nora lets start with you. a different day in new jersey for every state trooper. >> reporter: it's a terrible loss and every trooper knows it could be then. there say memorial garden here and now trooper sean cullen's name will be put here. >> someone that was motivated and enthusiastic and energetic. >> that is how colonel rick fuentes described trooper cullen. >> two officers were managing the scene when he was struck, you can appreciate that that was a chaotic scene to handle.
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>> cullen was air-lifted to camden where his colleagues gathered and he died at 12:30 this morning. >> i believe up until the end we held out hope. >> sean cullen was born in ireland and came to the united states at age 3, he is survived by his fiance who is pregnant, a 9-month-old son and his parents and three siblings, his older brother, garret is a detective with the state police. prior to joining he worked part-time with several police departments and went full-time at west hampton. >> he understood when someone dialed 911 they really needed him and he understood what it meant to live out your dream. >> the 21-year-old woman that hit cullen voluntarily took a blood alcohol test and has not been charged. and as they grapple with the third trooper death in 10 months, you never get used to it. >> at the end of the day we have
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to pick up ourselves up by our boot traps. and go out and do our job. >> cullen will be buried with full honors. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." new jersey governor chris christie issued a statement on the death of trooper cullen. every day the men and women of the new jersey state police put their lives on the line to protect our citizens, the sudden and tragedy loss of new jersey state trooper, sean cullen reminds us how fragile life is and the dangers that police officers face daily on the job. sara bloomquist is live now at cullen's home barracks in bellmawr. what do his former colleagues say there? >> a very sad day here at the bellmawr barracks where new jersey state trooper, sean cullen was assigned since he joined the force in august of 2014. he is remembered as a family man
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with a lifelong dream of becoming a law enforcement officer. >> today the flag was lowered to half staff at the bellmawr barracks as new jersey state police mourn the death of one of their own. sean cullen was born in dublin, ireland and moved here with his family and leaves behind a mother and father two sisters and a brother and a pregnant fiance and another child. >> they are a strong sprirt you'll family and we hope that will help them get through it. >> cullen graduated from cinnaminson high school, and his college posted a tribute to him. he always wanted to be a police officer. joining his brother garret a detective on the force. >> just last night at the hospital his father spoke about his two loves of his life. his family and career in law
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enforcement. how he dreamed of being a law enforcement officer. >> friends and colleagues remember the way that sean cullen could light up a room. >> was the guy that came into the room and it didn't matter what was going on, everybody was smiling and laughing. >> well-wishers came and went from cullen's home today. his brother lives directly across the street. neighbors were deeply saddened to letter of his death. >> it hits home, especially this close. they are good family people, with the church, it's sad. >> a nice guy. it was just -- didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: state police tell us they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from law enforcement around the region, other officers offering to bring food and transport family and pick up their patrols. live in bellmawr, new jersey,
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i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. our coverage of trooper cullen's death continues at, you'll find updates on the investigation, videos from viewers and chopper 6 hd and support for the family, friends and colleagues. a buck county police officer suffered first and second degree burns to his back after being shocked. morrisville corporal pritchard is being treated at the hospital. police were arresting a drug suspect at the doylestown police station, as officers captured the suspect he threw a bag of heroin between the train cars and the officer was shocked as he retrieved the evidence. upper darby has a money mystery. after a good samaritan turned over a sack of cash filled with
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$15,000. he was driving late last night when he spotted the bag in the middle of street road tracy said he thought for a split second how he could use the cash and then immediately called police. >> i just came back from vacation, i thought this would pay off my vacation but -- it's not my way. >> chitwood says his investigators are trying to determine to whom the money belongs. >> is it illegal or drugs or somebody legit. i don't know. i don't know the answer to that. certainly we'll find out. >> obviously nobody has come forward to claim the cash. montgomery county officials have confirmed the county's first case of the zika virus. officials say that the patient is a 55-year-old woman, she traveled outside of united states to an area affected by zika. health officials remind officials that zika symptoms are
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generally mild season the concern is for pregnant women zika is linked to birth defects. this brings the total to six in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. a day after raising the minimum wage for state workers, governor wolf has lobbied for a raise for all workers. the governor held a news conference at moms organic market in bryn mawr and supports a bill by the senator leach to raise the way by $15 hour. >> if we raise the wage it will reduce the poverty rate by 9%. that would take 160,000 thousand people off the poverty level in pennsylvania. that is worth doing. >> he signed an executive order
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raising the minimum wage for state workers to $10.15 an hour and he wants to raise the minimum wage for all workers to $15 an hour. on days like this it's tempting to see this as a transition from one day to the other. going from white powder to hitting a ball on the fair way. walter perez is live. today must be lifting spirits there. >> reporter: no doubt about it. the golfers are loving it today and this is the end of our journey today a journey that started at the ski resorts in the poconos. officials here at the center course golf club says it was too wintry the last two winters they were shut down for a full three
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months. >> we started off with 200 golfers today and over 200 booked foam that is a lot for the middle of march. >> but winter is not over yet. they had to absorb a late start to the ski season in the poconos thanks to a relatively balmy december but the blizzard and the cold snap helps the people at jack frost reach a profitable year. >> it was a challenging season, i was here a long time and this was the toughest one i have ever been through. we lost the start in december and then got cold in early january. >> the same for bear creek ski resort in macungie, they couldn't even begin making snow until this past january and now they are finishing the winter events calendar. >> we have two events, pond skis and snowmobile racing on the 26.
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we pull in a lot of people for that. >> believe it or not bear creek snow base is 4 to 6 feet and jack fost 10 to 12 feet on average and they are 100% open. we could not find one golf course closed today and this with 12 days left until the official end of winter. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." coming up on "action news" tonight. a vigil to remember a shooting victim turns viral in wilmington. ducis rogers with the eagles trade and free agency news, the deals made by the eagles today. it felt like spring made it up to 75 degrees today the first time in march we are in the 70s in four years, but are you ready for the 80s? you may have to be. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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a wilmington neighborhood is coping with a burst of violence. chad pradelli was there today. >> reporter: balloons bobbed in the wind and candled littered the ground and they signify murder on the 1200 block of west 7th, far from the hot bed of violence but the scene of violence on friday. >> what are we suppose to do? kevin malloy is among several residents spearheading the peace rally for saturday night.
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>> it's a positive vision for our community. >> it's flight or fight. you have to decide if this is the kind of thing you can't handle and i got to get out of here. or does it make you stronger? samuel cope land was killed friday night and a vigil for him last night led to more gun fire and leroy collins was killed. residents wonder what is next. >> the weather is getting warmer and tempers are flaring. >> it's drugs and girls that, is what it's about. life is not precious to folks and it's taken away so instantly. >> there is a $10,000 reward leading to information for the arrest and conviction in these cases. in wilmington, tell wear, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia mayor, jim
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kenney's plan for universal pre-k got a big investment. the penn foundation announced a grant for low income families. at rising star preschool center in hunting park. >> all of our children can for the first time in a long time to have the opportunity to meet their potential. r -- >> last week kenney announced his plan to pass a tax on sugary drinks. and ryan costello met with school leaders in pottstown while touring pottstown high school, he spoke with members of the high school nutrition foundation about the school lunch program and congress is considering giving school districts more flexibility in creating their own lunch menus.
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it almost appears like they are trying to get rid of the last vestiges of chip kelly. get him out of the building. >> it seems that way. but they are trying to get rid of big contracts they had. but it was chip kelly that brought those guys in. today they agreed with corner back mcelvan formerly of the buffalo bills. he spent his entire career with the bills, he had six interceptions. and he can also play safety and returns punts and will be reunited with jim schwartz. >> he tells me about how the defense he is going to run, and similar to what he ran in buffalo. similar terminology, and get ready to come in and just play ball. >> there was a need at corner
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back after word that byron maxwell will be shipped to miami. he will be traded with keiko alonso to the dolphins, that is expected to be finalized tomorrow along with demarco murray to the titans. and aaron altear will be out for surgery, he will be out of action four to six months. phils and pirates from clearwater the sun was out and the sunglasses were not. darren rough gets the start at first base and he swings like that he'll get more at-bats this season. 2-0 phillies, hernandez with two men on and he has wheels, it's a gaper, it's phillies win 4-2. and college basketball is heating up villanova left for new york city for the big east
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tournament. the cats as the one seed will open on thursday and the owls first game is friday. they need a good showing to make the naacp tournament but that is nowhere his focus is. >> we have to play our best basketball. 40 really good minutes, hopefully three days in a row and try to do our very best and be on our focus, that is the biggest thing we have talked about. st. joe's stud is named the big ten conference player of the year. they open friday in the quarterfinal round. despite being 24-7 st. joes not a lock to make the big dance not after dropping their last two games. >> we dropped two in a row and we have not done that all year. we are a number one defensive team and all the games we lost was because of defense. the flyers will hope they
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don't lose ground in their playoff chase. they are just 2 points out. the flyers won five of six games and shane got two goals and in the process broke the franchise record for a rookie defenseman, there are 17 game remaining and 10 are on the road. >> it's just too darn hot and cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. find fantasy shows.
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el niño? retro grade? >> you are pulling out all the terms? it's going to be warmer the next two days. >> take it slow. >> i called to open up our pool. they can't do it until late april. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have no rain falling, loads of sunshine today and bridget posted this shot of the sunsetting, wildwood crest officially at 6:01 and sunday it will set at 7:06 eastern daylight time. first day in the 70s this entire year so far. allentown 74 and trenton 72 and wilmington 74 and cape may not quite in a warm but still 65 degrees in march not bad. and the next few days temperatures are reaching for the records, tomorrow we should
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shatter the record high. it's 73 and forecasting a high of 80 degrees and thursday around 80 again than would break the old record of 76 also set back in the year 2000. right now 69 in philadelphia, you don't need a jacket and allentown 67 and trenton 69 and millville 62 and the sea breeze knocking the temperature down into the 50s. and the ocean temperature is 43 degrees that has a big impact. satellite 6 along with action radar showing what happened today a warm front moved through that brought us clouds and the warm front is well up to the north over new york state and that will keep us in the warm zone really for the next two days. tonight exceptionally mild and 44 degrees a low in the suburbs and philadelphia 51 degrees and the normal high for this time of year is 50. overnight low is actually warmer than the normal high and the next two days we have the classic high pressure off the
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eastern seaboard, often referred to as the bermuda high and temperatures up near 80 degrees, this set up in the summer brings us a heat wave and over the next few days if you like it mild go out and enjoy it. from the eastern seaboard to the i-95 corridor and northwest suburbs, temperatures around 80 with the sea breeze areas southeast of i-95, probably not record highs, it was exceptionally warm for march. the exclusive accuweather forecast loads of sunshine and we do it again on thursday with a high of 80 and overnight thursday we get a cold front that moves through and it could bring us showers around midnight and behind this system, temperatures drop on friday and 66 degrees well above average, and lots of sunshine heading into the weekend, we start saturday with sun and increasing clouds and we spring forward to daylight savings time and we go to bed on saturday night and
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sunday unsettled and clouds and showers and 64 degrees and monday more showers and 61 and tuesday cloudy and showers but still a high of 62 degrees. even with clouds and showers, temperatures remain more than 10 degrees above normal. >> you mention heat pump? >> heat pump. >> covering all bases. world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, ducis rogers and adam joseph and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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breaking news tonight. the first word from voters coming in right now. is the national race tightening for trump? at this moment, donald trump's pledge being compared to a nazi salute. also, we ask, is the math possible for bernie sanders, if hillary clinton wins tonight? and what sanders told us about helping clinton. also tonight, we're on the scene right now. the commuter train off the tracks. the rescue effort. more than 200 passengers. one car plunging into the water. we're tracking the deadly storms tonight. tornadoes hitting. neighborhoods destroyed. up to ten inches of rain from texas all the way up to illinois. breaking overseas, the american tourist killed. the images coming in. and your money. tonight, when is a deal not a deal online? three words to watch out


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