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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 9, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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in our memory. police are investigating six murders. in southwest philadelphia, north philadelphia, west philadelphia, strawberry mansion, grays ferry and east falls. six killings in six separate neighborhoods, the mean streets of philadelphia tonight. tuesday night, the big story on "action news" is a horrific night on the philadelphia crime scene. and this sequence of deadly crimes began at 56th and baltimore in southwest philadelphia. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar, is live at police headquarters. dann, a random stabbing spree, what are the details? >> jim, no one here at police headquarters can make rhyme or reason of what happened in southwest philadelphia. it seems the victims apparently chosen at random never saw it coming. >> the blood, it was just so bad. >> still shaken by what she and her daughter saw as they were
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driving by the intersection. about 1:30 a man with a knife running across the street towards nathan speaking to his fiance fiancee. >> he just can over to him, turned him around and stabbed him in the chest. >> and he collapsed dead on the trolley tracks. >> and the guy ran off after he stabbed him. and he looked like he wanted to attack somebody else but he moved away and ran further up the street. >> minutes earlier the 55-year-old assailant walked into the cricket store where a 31-year-old man was trying to pay his bill. >> the offender appeared to be walking around the floor and walked up to the 31-year-old victim and put the knife in his chest. >> and he runs outside and a 51-year-old man in his parked car with the windows down and
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doors unlocked. >> and he gets in the car and tried to stab him in the chest and he blocks it. >> and neighbors say he is known for strange behavior. >> he walks down the street and barking like a dog. woof, woof. he is smoking that wet, and i don't know what else, but i know he is smoking that wet. >> the two victims surviving were streeted for what they said are non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect was captured by the police and is here going to be charged with assault and other offenses. and there is more, dann. homicide detective investigating a double shooting in north philadelphia in the 2100 block of north vanpelt. at 6:00 police say a 21-year-old
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man was killed when he was shot in the neck. a 22-year-old man survived a gunshot wound to the head but in critical condition now at temple hospital. a hail of gun fired killed a 31-year-old man upon north hollywood and that is the strawberry mansion section of the city. at 8:15, gunfire in the 1400 block in west philadelphia. and here, too, with deadly results. the victim, a 22-year-old man. and in east falls, a person shot to death at 9:30. the scene here, the 3100 block of abbottsford avenue. and the 2300 block in grays ferry a biker was killed. and now the police are trying to determine if the crash or shooting killed him and if he was the target. a bucks county narcotics
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officer on the trail of a suspect shocked an electric shop trying to gather evidence. at the doylestown septa station, they saw the suspect toss drugs on top of a train during a foot chase. when corporal michael pitcher climbed the roof to the bag he found 89 bags of heroin but was shocked by equipment and suffered second- and third-degree burns. and the suspect was caught. on the political front, donald trump won at least two more primaries tonight with victories in michigan and mississippi. trump appeared tonight in j jupiter, florida. and he is awaiting for results in idaho and hawaii. trump the target of barrage of negative advertising in these states and he says the
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advertising is less important than competence. and the governor of ohio showed strength in michigan currently leading ted cruz just barely for second place just about or less than 2,000 votes. and marco rubio a poor showing in fourth place. the democratic side it appears that bernie sanders will defeat hillary clinton in the michigan primary, but dividing delegates almost evenly here. clinton appeared in cleveland after winning the primary in mississippi. and she won 83% of the vote there riding a continuing wave of support from the african-american voters. she will take the bulk of the delegates in mississippi. nearly doubled the amount of delegates, as has sanders, and that's the election story this hour. if you enjoyed summer temperatures today wait until tomorrow. that's when we are likely going to see records fall across the tri-state area. the latest information from
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agoing a aago ing a -- from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> pretty nice, all you need is a light jacket. the warmest day of the year and the high of 75, the first 70-degree day in march since 2012. and high and across the mid-atlantic warmer to the south. washington, d.c. nearly 80. 79 roanoke, and richard 78 degrees and the air mass moves in tomorrow and for thursday. and satellite 6 and action radar showing the reason why we have the high pressure off the eastern season known as the bermuda high it is responsible for heat waves in the summer providing a heat pump tomorrow. and philadelphia forecasting a high of 80 degrees and that will
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shatter the old record of 83. allentown, trenton and wilmington likely highs. and on thursday another warm day as we head into the weekend, tracking changes on the way. details on that in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily. and live to "action news" reporter christie alletto and how are the philadelphias taking advantage of the weather? >> people out on the schuylkill trail. and some restaurants with patios packed and businesses, ice cream stores managed to open up early. >> i had chocolate ice cream and water ice. >> ice team might seem unusual except when 70 and sunny. >> and actually opened up today and good timing. >> the first time we have been
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open this early ever. >> why is that? >> the nice weather. we didn't expect as many customers, we were setting up and serving people at the same time. >> how long have you been out here today? >> for about an hour now. i might hit another bucket of balls. >> and to the range in horsham. >> the first time out all year. >> compared to last march, probably up 2000% to 3000%. >> diners are coming out. >> and trying to be outside as much as possible. it has been a long winter cooped up in the house. >> and many are asking -- >> winter is over, right? it's not coming back? >> now we're still a couple of weeks away from the official start of spring, but wouldn't be surprise have had we see more people out tomorrow, even thursday with the warmer temperatures. reporting live for channel 6 "action news"." i am?
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>> thank you. >> the state of new jersey paying tribute to the trooper killed when hit by a vehicle. 31-year-old sean cullen. the trooper was out of his vehicle responding to a crash on the highway last night in deptford and the authorities say that the person who struck cullen is cooperating with the investigators. cullen was born in dublin, ireland and moved to new jersey as a teen ager. he served as an officer before joining two years ago. >> enthusiasticic. >> and everybody loved him. when he came in the room everything smiling and laugh. >> leaving behind the a 9-month-old child and a fiancee pregnant with their second child. and praising the septa employ year for being a good
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samaritan, turning over $15,000 he found in the middle of the road. tracy was driving home and saw the bag on state road. he pulled over. when he realized it was filled with money he called the police. still they don't know who lost the cash. the allentown man that the police say got into a shoot hospital out with officers last month is tonight charged with killing his girlfriend and stuffing her body into a recycling bin. 59-year-old rose sieniawski was found dead on valentine's day. while serving a warrant at the apartment she shared with walter bravold, bravold opened fire on them. and bravold was injured in the gunfire. and parents talking about the concerns of hazing. and answering questions in an open forum. last week three football players were charged for allegedly assaulting a freshman teammate,
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that during weekly hazing ritual. the philadelphia police officers met with community members tonight frustrated over recent dog attacks. dozens of people in west mountain airy attended the meeting to complaint about two pitbulls who they say have bit three other people and at least four dogs. the police explained the judge has to determine if the dogs are dangerous but encourage people to file reports with police. montgomery county reporting the first case of zika virus and the patient a 55-year-old woman returning from international travel. symptoms in adults are generally mild. this case brings the total in pennsylvania to six. still to come on "action news" tonight, a university student from the united states was killed in palestinian attacks in israel. and video from inside of the berks county taxi cap during a
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gun-point hold up. he does not realize a cop is parked right behind the cab. showing you what happens. and f.b.i. agents under investigation for a possible cover up during the oregon militia stand off and shooting. going to feel more like june than march the next few days, but after that not all warm and sunny. up settled weather on the way and the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> and ducis rodgers with the signing of a new philadelphia
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>> we want to show you surveillance video from inside of a taxi cab in reading as it was a gun-point hold up in progress. the would-be robber never looked in the rear-view mirror. if he had, he would have noticed that he was committing a crime right in front of a cop. the berks county sheriff's
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deputy wondered why the taxi hadn't moved through two green lights. he comes over to the cab and immediately realizes what is going on, draws his weapon and orders the gunman out, saving the day. >> i believe i said to the deputy that he saved my life. i almost had a heart attack in the car, my heart was beating when that gun is pointed at your head, your body is doing things. >> this all happened yesterday afternoon, but today the taxi driver was talk on the job. the 18-year-old herrera in jail on $100,000 bail and the authorities say he lives a block away from the scene. elite team of f.b.i. agents under investigation for a possible cover up, that during the fatal shooting of an oregon standoff suspect. the authorities released dramatic video of the deadly showdown january 26. it was recorded as robert tries to make the getaway taunting who
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was -- taunting officers to shoot him. >> authorities say the oregon state police were justified to shoot because they believe that he was reaching for a gun. however, an f.b.i. agent is suspected of firing twice but never reporting it to supervisors and getting help covering it up from four other agents. an american student has been killed in israel during a stab and being shooti inin inin inin and shooting attack. and they launched an assault that killed him. the american 28 year old taylor force, a graduate business student at vanderbilt university. a west point graduate serving tours in iraq and afghanistan.
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and vice-president biden arrived hours earlier meeting a short distance from the scene of the attacks. an illinois police department wants to deter people from drinking and driving, so it released dash cam video from who would have to be most bizarre indications you have seen. in january a drunk driver crashed into a tree. and instead of stopping, he kept going with the tree wedged into his front grill. you might say the hood become the trunk. it is international women's day a day to highlight the contributions of women, but also the inequality and dangers that women face around the world. in the united states, first lady michelle obama invited young ladies to the white house in support of let girls learn initiative. it fight for the idea that every girl in the world deserves an education. 62 million girls around the world are not in school.
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young leaders in training honoring the women they look up to tonight. the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania hosted the take the lead award in center city. honoring four local women who made a difference in their communities. and they also learned their own lessoned, called emerging leaders because they organized this entire event. unseasonably warm tomorrow. >> and even warmer the next two days. and today sunshine, but showing you what is happening in southeast asia. they were completely in the dark for a few minutes, a total solar eclipse. the best view was over indonesia, seeing images like this through a filtered lens. a solar eclipse when the moon, earth and sun perfectly align and the moon blocks your sun. mark your calendars the next is august 21, 2017.
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and hopefully we have clear skies like tonight. stormtracker live double scan showing dry conditions out there, and temperatures even this hour very mild. the average high this time of year is 50. it's 59 degrees in philadelphia. it's 60 in reading. trenton 52 degrees. and satellite 6 along request action radar, pretty much clear conditions. i want to show you they are getting very heavy rain over parts of arkansas. that's very slow-moving front and that's helping to pull the wind out of the southwest. the low pressure to the west, high pressure off to the east that is providing the heat pump. so tomorrow it is a the kids get ready to go to school go ahead, they are allowed to wear shorts. i am letting my kid wear shorts, it is mild. temperatures in the 50s but they jump up closely. by 10:00, 67 degrees. by 1:00, 77, by 4:00, pushing
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80. by 7:00 down to about 70 degrees. the march heat pump really on high the next two days. high pressure, the bermuda high wind out of the southwest. looking at temperatures 30 degrees above average and that means records will fall. forecast high 80 will decimate the old record of 3 set -- 73 in 2000. and this is usually for march. the exclusive accuweather forecast, enjoy the weather tomorrow. if you like it warm this is your kind of weather. 80 degrees and mostly sunny. a repeat performance sunday, 80 degrees. but late in the day some clouds move in and thursday night a cold front moves through. that will bring us some showers, but if happens in the middle of the night around midnight. behind the system sunshine on friday, and the temperatures still about 15 degrees above normal. it will be cooler. 66.
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and the weekend sunshine and increasing clouds, 62 degrees. and don't forget to spring forward one hour saturday night going to bed starting the daylight savings time. the first day we will have clouds. clouds and showers, 64 degrees. monday more clouds, showers, 61. and tuesday stays unsettled, mostly cloudy and a few more showers and a high of 62 degrees. even when it cools off temperatures will still be about 10 degrees above normal. so all in all a pretty mild forecast. and speaking of the heat, some of the season's hottest fashions on displace in center city, philadelphia. and nicole miller with a show. and the event for a very good cause, supporting three local charities including alex's lemonade stand. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> the new member of the defensive secreta secondary.
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>> and they needed a cornerback and leodis mckelvin comes from the bills. a two-year deal. the 31-year-old mckelvin spent his entire year in buffalo. 19 games over the last two seasons he had six interceptions. and mckelvin can also play safety and return punts. here eel' be reunited with the defensive coordinator schwartz who coached him in 2014. >> basically telling me about the defenses going to run, similar to the defense he ran when he was in buffalo. and similar terminology, keeping some of the words the same. and that's pretty much it. just get ready to come in and play ball. the phillies are billing this season as the year to see exciting talent. one less stud on the field for a long time perhaps this season. undergoing surgery on the wrist, the recover which time expected to be 4-6 months. the outfielder suffered the injury friday while diving for a
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fly ball. the phills and pirates this afternoon. and howard continues to sit with an illness, giving rupp absent- and he makes the most of it and phillies double up 4-2. villanova left for new york city and the big east tournament. the 1-seed not playing until thursday. the turney the precursor to the big dance. >> i want our players to relish in it. win or lose they will always remember playing in the garden, always remember being in manhattan that week and will come back after they finish playing in the tournament. and a girls' high school
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>> temple no lock to make the ncaa tournament but they are not focused on that, the owls are preparing for the first game on friday. in conference tournament play you play every night you better get the stamina up. >> we have to play our best basketball. is it hard? yeah, but i got a good sentence our focus was good today and now it has to be good tomorrow, and then on thursday, and obviously has to be right where we need it to be on friday. st. joe's opening the conference tournament play friday. and junior bembrey conference
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player of the year averaging 1 points and nearly 8 rebounds per game. penn's men's basketball team falls to princeton. the women of penn are headed to the ncaa tournament! they returned after beating princeton 62-60 claiming the ivy league title. cut down those nets! they learn their opponent on monday. and girls' high school basketball. south jersey style. hello! beating the first-quarter buzzer, the daughter of the flyer. and not enough in this game. straight shot though. >> doing it twice in a row. >> might have done it three times. >> if you played it again. finally season 22 of "dancing with the stars" debuting right here on channel 6 in two weeks. and today we learned which celebrities will battle for the mirror ball trophy. and philadelphia's own morris from boys2men and several nfl
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players dance off including vonn miller and the steelers antonio brown. geraldo rivera also joining the cast for this time around. for a full list go to our website at and we have everybody there for you. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." his guests tonight or ray romano and mitt romney. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. i'm jim gardner, good night. ♪
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