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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 15, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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they came together tonight on north salford street in west philadelphia. they came to mourning for an
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18-year-old woman whose life was cut short, very short. a mistake, just standing on a porch talking with friends. it turns out she was standing in the way of astray bullet. it is monday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a cry to stop the violence, and there is tragic irony here. the victim was a volunteer for an anti-violence organization. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at police headquarters tonight, and walter, you've got all of the details. >> jim, investigators are working on information that a scuffle broke out about a block away from where the 18-year-old victim was shot and killed by the spray bullet over the weekend. and today, an emotional outpouring after promising life that ended way too early. >> i love you so much. [crying] >> hundreds of people came out to honor the memory of 18-year-old nadje steedley. they gathered along the 400 block of north salford street,
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the very location where she was struck and killed by astray bullet this past saturday night standing on a porch. the mother, zykia clayvon is doing all she can to remain strong while she makes arrangements for her daughter's burial. >> staying home the right way, and how mom can't because i am a woman and then a mother. >> and thanking the enclosed lighting candles and releasing balloons as an outcry to stop the violence. and those who remembered nadje best remember her with life. >> i didn't have to run after her do this do, that. she was so determined. she was determined to turn her life around and i was determined to make sure that everybody came and honored her today. >> and the crowd took the time to urge anyone with information about the case to step forward. >> nobody knows who he is.
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let's save another life and step up and hopefully that person will come forward. >> a $20,000 reward posted for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. but nadje's mother says it's not about the money. >> i don't care about the reward. there is a reward out there but i could careless. i just want to know who killed my daughter and that's it. >> once again, anyone with information is asked to call philadelphia police. reporting life from police headquarters. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, walter. the police investigating the murder of a man this afternoon. 911 called called the police to 26th and toronto street. a man shot multiple times crashed a car. the victim died at the scene. witnesses tell the police the suspect in a red-hooded sweatshirt ran from the area. the side of the home in the
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winfield section of philadelphia crumbled leaving a three-story home exposed to the elements. it happened at 6:15 on lebanon. the person who lives there is ok. lni has been called in to assess the situation and determine if nearby homes are in danger. today's rain continued in the form of drizzle and a harsh mist. after unseasonably warm temperatures last week it was back to late winter reality today. and meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> it certainly was a cool and dreary and damp start to the workweek. the radar showing the bulk of the rain came earlier this morning. by 11:00, it was all east of philadelphia. and then it was lifting up over new england. so now we don't have any organized rain, but we've got a lot of low clouds with the mist and some fog. with the winds out of the east, temperatures have been holding in the 40s. a pretty good soaking today.
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philadelphia more than an inch. and trenton.85, and wilmington.88 and atlantic more than an inch and a quarter of rain. the high today 50 degrees, two degrees below normal. the first day of the week with below-normal temperatures. and now visibility shows we have low clouds. visibility not that bad, but it's down to around three to two miles across the shore points. and some fog in the morning hours. the next 12 hours temperatures hold steady throughout evening. not going to be a cold morning and up into the mid 50s by about 1:00. plenty of clouds with the possibility of a shower. but late in the day we should see some glimpses of sunshine. so it's going to be nicer tomorrow than it was today. looking ahead, a week of roller coaster temperatures. more clouds and sun, and i am tracking several opportunities for more showers. details on that coming up in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. and please join us at 4:30 for
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"action news." matt o'donnell, tamala edwards. david murphy and karen rogers with the news, forecast and travel conditions. >> and late developments today in the death of a maryland police officer with ties to this area. word came from prince george's county police officer jacai colson was killed by friendly fire yesterday as he was responding to a gunman in landover. and colson drew up in delaware county. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli, is live in the satellite center. chad, there is a lot of grief down in maryland and here in the delaware valley. >> yeah, jim, listen to people talk about colson and you hear what a tremendous young man he was and how this was tragically a life lost too soon. >> jacai was the greatest grandson you could ever have. kind, courteous and just wonderful and i am going to miss him a lot. >> hugs of comfort did little to
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ease the pain of losing jacai colson too soon. >> when the phone rings at night you always fear something bad happened, and that's when she told me that he had been killed. [siren wailing] >> investigators say the 18-year-old was killed by friend killed by friendly fire in maryland. and they say the ambush was intended to be suicide by cop. and ford wounded but survived. and his two brothers allegedly filmed the attack and taken into custody. and colson died doing his dream job, one inspired by his grandfather who was a chichester cop. >> colson a star athlete in high school, vice-president, and all-around good guy according to those who knew him. >> he was the chi pride. the quarterback, liked by everyone. and a counselor.
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and my youngest son's counselor. >> and the family was giving a police escort and the 28-year-old was with the police. >> and he was a leader as a student and adult and will be missed by the entire chichester community. >> and they surmised this was suicide by cop, why ford chose that police station is still under investigation. live in the satellite center, chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, chad. friends, family and fellow officers said final farewells to the new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. [bagpipes playing] >> it was a somber salute for sean cullen at st. charles church in cinnaminson. he died last week in a traffic tragedy on i-295 in west deptford. and today he was remembered for his dedication and his heart.
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>> sean, i'll never forget him. he may be gone, but clearly not forgotten. he was one of those guys who always got the job done and always made me laugh. >> law enforcement from as far as california and colorado traveled here to pay their respects. trooper cullen buried at lake view memorial park. the 31-year-old leaves behind a pregnant fiancee and infant son. new jersey governor chris christie did not attend the funeral today. ♪ and by all appearances, this is why. christie was with donald trump today engaging in campaign events prior to the primaries tomorrow. trump was "interviewed" by christie before an audience in north carolina despite repeated images of violence at trump rallies, he said about his political rallies "there is no violence. you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think like basically none."
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and kasaik appeared and rubio with a desperate fight to win florida tomorrow. polls have him far behind donald trump. and ted cruz campaigned in rockford, illinois today. the democratic side, bernie sanders told a rally in akron that he would defeat donald trump because the american people will not support a president who assaults so many groups. and in chicago, hillary clinton called on democrats to unify around her presidential bid. florida, illinois, missouri, ohio and north carolina hold primaries tomorrow. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is urging state lawmakers to pass a bill legalizing medical marijuana. and he asked the house to pass the legislation. letting the licensed growers,
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dispenser and processors. and the patient needs a written certification from a doctor or nurse confirming they have a condition that qualifies them for the drug. a final vote could come later this week. still to come on "action news" tonight, philadelphia police are trying to track down the suspects seen on surveillance video stealing a van with a baby inside. and michael jackson's estate sells off its stake in sony music. how much do you think he received or his estate received in the deal? we'll let you know. we have a lot of clouds and drizzle now, but i am tracking some showers and thunderstorms trying to move up from the southwest. i let you know what it means for your morning commute in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and ducis rodgers with march madness philadelphia-style when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> the national transportation safety board investigating an overnight train derailer in kansas. the amtrak traveling derailing shortly after midnight. seven cars off the track, four on their sides. more than two dozen passengers injured, but none of the injuries are life-threat ing. amtrak has not said how fast the train was going, but said that it was foggy at that time. russia going to start pulling most of its forces out of syria. putin has timed the withdrawal to coincide with the start of peace talks. the massive air campaign allowed the syrian president to turn the tide of the civil war making peace talks possible. russia says it will maintain an arian naval base in syria and keep some troops there. the woman convicted for her role in an attack on a gay couple lost her bid on a lighter
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sentence. kathryn knott serving 5 to 10 months in jail for her part in the beating in 2014. and her lawyers said that was excessive wanting probation instead. the judge said the sentence will stand. it stays that knott's crime affect the all of us and she did not take responsibility for her actions. this surveillance video they say shows a suspect wanted for stealing of a minivan with a baby inside. beginning at 7:30 this morning at a corner store at 49th and waln walnut in west philadelphia. the father left the 4-month-old in a car in a vehicle running as he went in the store. and the video shows the suspect in the store before he goes out and drives off in the van. the father used a borrowed cell phone to text his phone that was also left in the vehicle. the suspect texted back saying he dropped the baby off in germantown. the baby was retrieved not hurt. police are looking for the
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suspect in the 2013 white town and country minivan with pennsylvania tags jmx 6013. voters in new jersey will be asked in november whether to approve two new casinos in the northern part of the state. both the state senate and assembly approved that referendum today. the question will appear on the november general election ballot. it comes as officials release positive casino numbers for atlantic city. a 15% spike last month compared to last year. six of the eight casinos were up year-to-year. the >> the university cutting academic programs, 23 experience have been experiencing low enrollment. the money saved by the cuts will go towards other programs including mass communications and applied chemistry.
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current students in the affected programs will still be able to graduate with their declared majors. union workers and retirees gathered in collegeville, montgomery county tonight to talk about a pending trade agreement. speakers outlined by the transpacific partnership would be potentially devastating for workers and businesses. union officials said that nationwide previous trade agreements cost more than a million jobs and closing factories. and sony reached an agreement with michael jackson's estate to acquire the late pop star's estate in the business. receiving $750 million. sony making a lump sum payment of $733 million with future distributions. and the estate having interest including all of his master recordings and the publishing company owning all of the songs written by michael jackson.
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a criminal investigation underway after video surfaced online showing a man urinating on a kellogg factory assembly line. the company says through its own investigation the officials determined the video was recorded at a plant in memphis, tennessee. and any products impacted could be very limited and past their expiration date. and the company has not eye departme -- identified the person in the video. brothers were honored. greg and scott received the distinguished citizen award for the leader of middletown township. the brothers have been volunteer firefighters for 51 years. and just this past year each made over 400 emergency calls. they began their service in 1965 and to this day they say it is an honor to serve. >> good for them.
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let's get the accuweather forecast from cecily tynan. >> a lot of people already tired of the clouds and the rain. we will try to brighten things up a little bit tomorrow. it's going to get a little bit better. stormtracker live double scan showing we have just the fine mist and drizzle out there. but the action cam looking up over city hall, you see the low clouds. and the clouds are going to be tough to break, but we should at least see some brightening of the skies tomorrow afternoon. temperatures certainly a lot warmer than today. currently 46 degrees down from the high of 50, which is 2 degrees below normal. felt really cold compared to last week with two days in the 80's. allentown 42, cape may 46, trenton 43 and wilmington 45 degrees. the good news is that temperatures really will not be dropping from where they are right now. they'll be holding steady overnight and maybe rising a little bit. but you factor in the winds out of the northeast, it is kind of raw. and we actually have a wind chill factor. it feels like 41 in philadelphia. feels like the 30s in the
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northern suburbs and 20's in the poconos. a little reminder it is still officially late winter. satellite 6 and action radar showing right now we're in between systems much we have low cloud over us, and then if you look to the south and west, you can see this line. these are thunderstorms originally. but what's happening, it is encountering the cooler air. they are really beginning to break up. by the time the system is to the south of us tomorrow, seeing clouds, maybe an isolated shower, but certainly not as wet as today. the dayplanner showing 6:00 or 8:00 in the morning not that cold, 48 degrees. by 11:00, 52. 2:00, 57. and late in the day, by 5:00 the sunsets now after 7:00, 61 degrees with some breaks of sunshine. so getting better tomorrow with a high of 62. that's 10 degrees above normal. isolated shower possible as the low pressure moves away from us. and then on wednesday, we have a brief return to temperatures around 70 degrees. this warm front will take most
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of the day to move through, so lots of clouds and fog in the morning. some showers. we hit 70, but then this cold front is right on its heels, thursday, with breezy conditions dropping it into the 50s and cooling off headed into the weekend. and the seven-day forecast certainly warmer tomorrow with a lot of clouds in the morning, spotty shower and brightening showers by the afternoon. 62 degrees. wednesday, morning fog and showers for the warm front. 70 degrees. and then thursday, which is st. patrick's day, we drop back into the 50s. 59 degrees. lots of clouds, perhaps a shower. kind of a repeat performance on friday. heading into the weekend, saturday is the brightest day of the week. mostly sunny skies, seasonably cool. and sunday the first day of spring. also the home opener for the union. we could have a coastal storm bringing a cold rain and could
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even end as cold wind. and monday, a gusty breeze behind the system, high of 52 degrees. two days in the 80's last week it will be awhile before we get back to that. >> you know what that is, don't you? unacceptable. >> unacceptable, i should have known that. >> the numbers in the 2016 philadelphia flower show a big successment organizer say 255,000 attended to check out the beautiful blooms throughout the week, the highest attendance since 2012. and the flower show is the largest fundraiser, revenue supporting programs all year. this is from north jersey, not a good story there a water main break causing big problems in hoboken. causing the street to give way, swallowing a car with it the crews had to bring in a crane to remove the car before they would
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st. joe's, villanova, temple, which is the last team standing? >> wow, that's a good one. i want to say st. joe's. >> st. joe's? >> all right. i have a feeling they will be number 1-seed in the region, oregon. knock on wood much we shall see. right now starting with villanova. the cats are brooklyn-bound opening against unc-asheville. they hit the court this afternoon and trying to beat their trend. 2009 the last time they won more than a game in the tournament and nova no plans to overlook the tournament. >> any team you play is good. they are playing good basketball, winning straight games, but we have to be prepared. anything can happen in the ncaa tournament and we know that from first-hand experience. we can't take anything for granted. temple also in the south region, meaning the owls and cat cost meet in the following round. friday the 10-seeded owls travel
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to brooklyn taking on iowa. a year ago the owls were snubbed by the ncaa selection committee and that means they savor this trip more. >> i am grateful we're in. i would have gone anywhere to play and play anybody just to have our guys have the opportunity to have. when they come back in ten years and look up on that banner up there it will say 2016 and they can say you know what? i was part of that group. st. joe's a long way to go for its game playing 2500 miles away in spokane against cincinnati. being away from home will not rattle them. >> we should get away as far as we can. we could have been an undefeated team on the road this year. we are a good road team and that is it helpful. the penn's women's basketball team watched the show and earning a 10-seed the highest in program history. opening against washington in college park, maryland. >> our girls are elated.
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10-seed is a tremendous accomplishment. a great place to be in. great atmosphere here, very nice. >> we're so excited. we have been waiting for tonight for awhile. we celebrated hard this week and really enjoyed the moment of winning the ivy legal championship. now excited for this next journey. >> good for them. and still ahead, jake voracek feel ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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flyers a huge game tomorrow against the detroit. the red wings they trail by 3 points in the playoff race. an important stretch of games and flyers are getting healthier. jake voracek gets a nice welcome from his teammates, skating with them the first time since suffering a lower-body injury last month. while he won't play tomorrow, voracek appreciates the gesture. >> it was amazing. it was -- it felt really good, i am not going to lie. and after missing three weeks, skating with the team was a great feeling. and i am very happy the boys did something like that. phills and orioles from sarasota today. maikel franco playing out of this world! first inning the ball leaves the building, a solo homer. third inning franco again, this a 3-run blast. however the phillies lose 8-7, the second time this spring he hit two homers in a second game. and a legendary rock band in
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philadelphia for the last time. ♪ >> the who formed before a packed house at the wells fargo center. the group sold over 100 million records. the tour is called "the who hits 50." and they are still going strong. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests tonight the winner of "the bachelor," lauren, and maria menounos and music from sia. "action news" continues at 4:30. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night. ♪
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