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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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surveillance. thankfully there was no serious injuries, but those involved want the attackers arrested. >> hopefully we can get some justice here. >> it happened sunday morning in front of the philadelphia brotherhood rescue mission, it feeds the homeless and helps recovering addicts. they did not want to talk on camera for fear of retaliation. >> they were hurt. baseball bats. i wouldn't want to get hit with a baseball bat. police are looking at what led to this assault. officers say it could have involved a couple of incidents not caught on camera. whatever it was it brought the two angry suspects back to the mission on girard avenue. the gentlemen goes back and lights the cocktail. and sees the fire in the video. and begins to fight with the gentlemen standing in the doorway. taking the cane and beating him with his own cane. the director believes it was the
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result of of a bar fight that fell into the streets and it caught innocent bystander sfwlz we don't have people hanging in the front at no time of day. and came out to check the security of the building and got attacked. they hope that someone will see this video and turn in the attackers one threatened to come back and burn the place down. >> that concerns us we don't have them in custody, we are putting the video out there and hopefully going to get these guys in. >> the mission is thinking about increasing security that would include surveillance cameras, meantime police say that those two suspects were last seen driving a light colored kia, anyone with information should call police back to you. >> thank you gray. police are investigating the attempted fire bombing of a south philadelphia home. according to authorities someone
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threw a molotov cocktail at the house here on the south block of beachwood. the device broke a window but did not get inside. a neighbor did not want to be identified was awake at the time. >> when i looked out the window her pavement was on fire. >> "action news" spoke to the resident of the home, she is thankful neither she or her two children were hurt. the motive is unclear. three former leaders of a franciscan religious order have until friday to sounder after they were named in a sex abuse case. it's centers around a --
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accused of conspiring to cover up sexual abuse of fellow brother, steven baker. they knew he was a child predator and that baker faced allegations of child molestation in 1988 and again in 2000, these individuals did not report this knowledge to police. the three men charged were all once leaders. despite allegations against baker he appointed him to work at bishop mccourt high school from 1992 to 2000 where he is accused of molesting more than 100 children and when allegations surfaced there they
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reassigned him to retreats. >> they tried to protect the reputation of the franciscan friars rather than act in the best interest of the children. >> she hopes these charges will help other victims get justice by coming forward. >> if these charges stick and these guys go to jail, it's sending another message to them saying we will find a way and stop you from hurting the children. >> baker committed suicide three years ago. the men are charged with conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children. they live out of state and are expected to turn themselves in later this week. fow we are following breaking news out of washington, d.c., the city's entire subway system. the country's second busiest
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network will shut down at midnight. an emergency inspection of electrical components on the tracks of an electrical malfunction that caused a fire and system wide delays. and one train filled with smoke last year. it's not expected to resume until 5:00 a.m. on thursday. president obama signed a disaster declaration for the state of new jersey in the wake of january's blizzard. the storm hit the jersey shore particularly hard with beach erosion and flooding. cape may county alone suffered 782 milli$782 million in damage. new jersey governor, chris christie is standing firm on his decision to let the state take over atlantic city. he said today he will only sign the legislation that he and senate president, sweeney agreed to and not changes coming from
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the assembly. they have raised concerns about the state potentially ending collective bargaining with that agreement. >> looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you the commodore barry bridge, we saw peeks of sunshine, and clouds may be sticking around and a slight warm-up is on the way. cecily tynan is at the big board with a first look at the forecast. >> reporter: hi rick, clouds definitely dominating our skies again but not as dreary as yesterday. we had clouds to start the day and then lunch time this band of light showers moving through and that continues to the north and east. and lingering showers in montgomery county and a thinning of clouds across the western suburbs parts of delaware and the jersey shore and the poconos. so skies are brightening somewhat and high temperatures
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on the cool side. 52 in philadelphia, but just to the south in washington, d.c., 62 and richmond, virginia, 68 degrees and the warmer air will move in for the next two days. some peeks of sunshine by 7:00 and 52 degrees and temperatures like last night will be slow to cool off. by 11:00, 49 and patchy fog developing what is ahead? i'm tracking a warm-up but tonight for two days and a chill and wet rain coming up in the full accuweather forecast. now, to the race for the white house, today it's another primary showdown for candidates, right now the polls are open in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs and on the republican side, florida and ohio, are winner take all. in south jersey police are
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looking for any information related to the arson attack on a trump billboard. according to police in egg harbor township, someone poured a liquid on the sign and lit it on fire over the weekend. the second time it was burned in two weeks. he is the frontrunner in four of the five states. on the democratic side hillary clinton is leading and senator sanders leads in missouri. we'll have more on the showdown at 5:30. time now for a check of traffic report tuesday night. lets go to autumn marisa with the latest. >> reporter: hi rick and monica, it's looking good overall. we are looking at the schuylkill expressway, we had a disabled vehicle this is near vine street. and a disabled tractor trailer there was an accident earlier. right at the boulevard and the westbound lanes, a delay but not too bad. we expect to see the delay
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diminish soon. speeds across the region looking well. 19 on the schuylkill and 25 miles per hour on the blue route right now and all very, very accurate for this time of day. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thank you. the u.s. is cutting back on the decades old restrictions on cu cuba, the sanctions that are loosened ahead of a trip by president obama. and taking aim at addiction, the new guidelines from the cdc hoping to curb pain killer use in the u.s.
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police in germany says this explosion that killed a driver and destroyed a car was not a terror related attack. the explosion happened at 8:00 this morning in berlin. even though debris littered the street around the car no one else was injured and police believe it was caused by a bomb and likely linked to organized crime. mother theresa will officially become a saint. pope francis set the date for september 4th. mother theresa won the nobel peace-prize and mother they are he is adied in 1997. the obama administration is easing rules for travel to cuba and cuba's use of the dollar
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ahead of his historic trip to cuba. ats move expected to fill demand for commercial flights and the change is also eliminating cuban ban on access to the banking system. former pro wrestlers hulk hogan is suing the website gawker for posting a video of him having sex with his best friend's wife. and hogan says he did not know he was being filmed at the time and a representative of gawker media was on the stand and he says that the public's right to know trumped the celebrity's privacy. >> is it true? is it interesting? >> and check with legal? >> check the legal department? >> yes, that is the practice.
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>> he argues that hogan made his life a public matter. and the nfl's billion dollar concussion could be in danger. they have found a connection between football and brain disease for the first time. the head of health and safety discussed the link between football and the condition cte yesterday on capitol hill. they put out just 4 billion there's for cte. and he is calling the compensation inexcusable in light of this week's testimony. turning to the health check, the cdc issued recommendations to dares when prescribing pain killers. ali gorman has the details at the "action news" big board. >> this has been in the works for sometime now, the country's problem with addiction and overdose deaths has gotten worse
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and now the government says the risks of paper killers like oxycontin has gotten worse. and now they want them to try over the counter treatments like eibuprofen first. and they want drug tracking systems to see if patients are getting pills somewhere else. doctor as possess the new standards and cdc says it's not a mandate but a tool to help doctors balance the risk for addiction with the needs of the patient. they do not apply to cancer patients. and new research shows that parents that have their children skip vaccinations significantly contribute to cases of measles and whooping cough. most vaccines are not 100% effective and experts say that
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just 1% of kids need to skip vaccines for true medical reasons. and we take a closer look at schizophrenia, it's one of the most misunderstood mental health illnesses. we hear from a local man that started hearing voices at the age of 24. >> it can be isolated and lonely, nobody wants to stop working and no one wants to stop their life. because of schizophrenia. >> i also spoke with mental health experts who explain how we as a community can help people with schizophrenia, and i got a firsthand experience on what it's like to hear voices with a special training exercise, i'll have more of this in a special report tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you. the students at colonial
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meddle school took to the basketball court and the winner was a -- the four on four tourney raised money for the associations and money to fight lou gehrigs disease. and a deal between sony and michael jackson's estate worth $750 million. the multimillion dollar purchase by the music giant when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ ♪ music giant sony now has sole ownership of the beatles extensive catalog, michael jackson's estate agreed to sell its half share for $750 million. that means that sony owns the sole rights for the beatles and bob dylann and other hits. and dallas sefy won the
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iditarod, he did it in record time. he won $75,000 and a new pickup truck and his dad, mitch came in second. how about that? >> not bad. a medford, new jersey, gr grocery store were honored for bringing in money for the shop-rite partners and caring for cheerios contest. the employee winners will appear on an upcoming coming cheerios box. the youngsters that graduated from grow clinic, they are now healthy enough to move on. each child was staying at the grow clinic because they were diagnosed with failure to thrive. they no longer suffer from low
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weight or weight loss. their families were all smiles at today's celebration. >> coming up we'll check the accuweather forecast. >> sky 6 hd showing you great clouds over the center city skyline and cecily tynan says we have a changing forecast in the weather department.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> we are brightening the skies a bit. it's a long process but live in cape may we have a thin veil of clouds but they are thinning out. most of the region is rain free and we have a few sprinkles in parts of burlington county and browns mill and crossing route 70 and that is pretty much it. and we have another storm on the way with a warm front later on tonight and tomorrow. temperatures are on the cool side, philadelphia 52 degrees and breaks of sunshine in allentown and warmer and 54 and poconos 59 degrees and dover legs peeks of sunshine and cape may currently, 51 with winds from the northwest.
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satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have an area of low pressure move ago way from us, but there is another system on its heels as we head to the midwest, this actually is producing severe weather so we have tornado watches in effect there. that low pressure moves up to the north and what we get is a warm front moving up tomorrow. that will bring us more clouds and showers and also an increase in temperatures. tonight lots of clouds and patchy fog and could slow down your morning commute and watch "action news" at 4:30, 48 in philadelphia and allentown 42 and wilmington 43 degrees, not that cold overnight and future tracker showing tomorrow morning at 9:00 the fog should be burning off and we'll see peeks of sunshine and the first half of the day. is brighter than the second half. as we head into the afternoon clouds begin to thicken and late in the afternoon and evening, as the warm front passes we'll see
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a possibility of scattered showers. so the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow transition peeks of sunshine and then late showers, a high of 69 degrees and thursday st. patrick's day not a bad day, partly sunny and isolated showers and breezy and mild and 66 degrees. and then on friday we drop the temperature to 56 and a few more showers. and saturday we get a day with mostly sunny skies and high of 50 degrees, don't get used to that sunshine on sunday a coastal storm will bring us the possibility of rain and maybe even some wet snow in the northwestern suburbs right in time for the first day of spring. march madness. >> truly. thank you cecily. more to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:30. three thieves think outside of the box when they get into a local business, what they did to get the cash. chris christie responds to
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criticism after he did not attend sean cullen's funeral yesterday.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight, a primary showdown with far reaching implications, voters in five state could make ore break presidential campaigns. who is the man in the mask? chester county authorities are trying to find that information before they strike again. and hotel guests are forced out in the cold air when a nearby business goes up in flames. >> now to a pivotal day for the race for the white house, voters in five states are holding primaries today. republicans and democrats will decide who will represent their party in november. voters in florida and illinois and ohio and north carolina and missouri are at the polls today. many counties are reporting
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record turnout. the first of the winner take all states for republicans up for grabs and florida and ohio and one u.s. territory has chosen donald trump the northern marietta island awarded all their delegates to him. >> it appears that donald trump is spending this primary day laying low. just one event from tonight from his palm beach area resort. is he leading all of the five contests tonight except ohio. we should see evidence of strategic voting today that means that people will cast ballots other than their favorite candidate to hopefully take support away from donald trump and john kasich is out in full force hoping to wrap up a victory and he had a message for republican rival trump. >> what do you have to say to
5:32 pm
donald trump today. you are not going to ruin my day after i voted myself for president. >> but kasich will talk about his concerns about his campaign, including his combative comments at rallies and his comments about women. >> senator ted cruz the man considered to be the only challenger to trump for the nomination by many appears to be laying low. and he will hold a rally in houston, texas. while campaigning in illinois, he says that after today's primary, he believes that the republican race will whittle down to himself and donald trump. he hopes to get enough delegates to force a contested convention and florida senator, marco rubio is fighting for his life and trailing donald trump in his home state but is hoping to sneak in a surprise win. and outside groups put some $18
5:33 pm
million into trump attack ads alone. they say they may not be able to support trump if he is the republican nominee. meanwhile the democratic presidential candidates are looking past tonight's primary. in raleigh, north carolina, hillary clinton spoke about how proud of the campaign she and senator bernie sanders has run so far. >> i have gotten more votes than everybody including donald trump, 600,000 more and i think i'm ready to take him on. >> delicious says she and bernie sanders share a lot of the same goals just different approaches. >> and bernie sanders spent the primary morning in chicago, illinois, polls there and in ohio. show that he is only trailing clinton by a few percentage points and sanders says he is in it for the long haul. >> and we have great
5:34 pm
opportunities to win many of them so we are feeling really good. >> sanders says it will help him gain momentum. >> why is it a pivotal day in the presidential race, i'm here at the big board to explain it bit by bit. there are five states holding republican and democratic primaries. on the republican side there are 367 delegates up for grabs and the democratic side 793 delegates, some are pledged and some are superdelegates. here is where it gets interesting. for republicans, florida and ohio are winner take all. that means the candidate finishes first gets all the votes, the other candidate that may have done well but not the winner will get zero, for the democrats there are none of those winner take all contests
5:35 pm
but the candidate must get 15% of the vote. so if they get 14% they get no delegates. interesting day today all the presidential delegates use twitter to get their supporters out to the polls. donald trump want them on the trump train and cruz wants them to hashtag choose cruz and marco rubio reminded them it's the day to vote for him and john kasich wants to make our voices heard and hillary clinton asked supporters to declare they are with her and bernie sanders calls on what he called on our brothers and sisters in the primary states to make their voices heard. he needs a big win too. and abc news will have all the coverage of the primaries as the polls closed. you can find more all the information on our website at
5:36 pm and we'll have a wrap up of all the results at 11:00. it's exciting. back here wilmington's mayor race takes center stage tonight? >> the first wilmington mayoral debate is scheduled for 6:30 this evening at the grand oprah house, some 300 tickets were distributed for the event. there are three participating. eugene young, former aide to cory booker. and state senator bob marshall and kevin kelly sr. in other news tonight, chester county authorities are still searching for the masked man that broke into a woman's home and tied her up and stole her money. christie aleto is live now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: well rick, police
5:37 pm
have few leads but the mask the suspect was wearing is so unique they hope that someone will recognize it. a wells fargo center atm camera saw him making a withdrawal from a stolen credit card. not far from where he broke into a woman and binded a 67-year-old woman with duct tape. >> it's a quality mask, where the mask would move with the person when speaking. it had a cap built into it as well. the 69-year-old woke up to find the masked suspect standing at the foot of her bed, saying be quiet and you won't be hurt. after binding her he ransacked the home, and used a weapon to get her pin number before fleeing in her car to the bank. he left the car at the stratford
5:38 pm
station and exited the area and we have strong reason to believe he took the train. >> oh my god it's terrifying and it seems like a nightmare movie and the visual is just scary. >> residents remain rattled. >> what do you make of that? >> it's scary. 1:00 in the morning you wake up and see someone standing at the foot of your bed in that mask, i think it has to be shocking. >> definitely on high alert. >> definitely keeping the doors locked no question. >> now police are still sorting whether this was random or targeted. but anyone with information is asked to call detectives. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a diner in chester was badly damaged by fire overnight and promptsed guests at a next door hotel to be evacuated. this is what is next of the grape leaves diner on edgemont avenue. the two alarmer caused smoke to
5:39 pm
seep into the days inn and that is when the fire chief decided to get everyone out. >> i heard the fire alarm and saw smoke and came down to ask what was wrong. >> very, very smokey and it was hard to get out. >> the hotel guests were allowed back in the rooms after a few hours and nobody was hurt. the cause is under investigation. philadelphia detectives are hoping that newly released surveillance video will lead them to three thieves. it happened outside of the tropicana bar in german town, the trio broke into a vacant building next door and broke a hole in the wall and stole money from the register and atm and change from a juke box. if you recognize the menu are asked to call philadelphia police. and a check of the traffic on a tuesday night. lets go back to autumn marisa with the low down on the slow down. >> there are no incidents to
5:40 pm
report on the majors, a few slow-downs, the vine street expressway and the eastbound lanes heading up to 95 and westbound to the schuylkill expressway you can see nice and slow there, and the taillights. another one the northbound lanes of the boulevard as you make your way up to broad street, expect to tap the brakes as well. a little busier in the neighborhood. man you're avenue and spring road is closed because of an accident. washington road is the road you want to take to get around that. and 130 and lincoln avenue, an earlier incident involving a school bus. and mount laurel, haines port road and union mill road is your alternate around that incident. back to you rick and monica. >> thank you. still ahead "action news" has this story, chris christie is addressing new criticism over skipping the funeral of sean
5:41 pm
cullen. you'll hear from the governor. >> we'll take you behind the scenes of the sound of music. >> and this is one of our favorite things, seeing the sunshine return in much of the area, this is a live look at reading where the sun is in full force. how long will it last. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> coming up, and sports with the latest.
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may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. new jersey governor deafed the decision not to attend the funeral of sean cullen. he stuck to an appearance beside donald trump in south carolina. during an economic speech in linden, new jersey, he was not planning on attending the funeral any way. the lieutenant governor was scheduled to go long in advance. >> i understand no matter what in this job i'll be criticized that is fine but it's no different than what we have done before.
5:45 pm
>> christie has consistently -- the governor had flagged lowers learning of cullen's death. and now they are looking for a contractor accused of allegedly scheming an elderly woman out of thousands of dollars. police say that james small was paid by the woman to remove flooring in the bedroom and paid him $17,000 but smalls never completed the work and if small has done any work for you, you should contact authorities. time for sports and jaime apody is here and a big game. maybe the biggest game of the year for the flyers. >> it is the biggest game of the year. but tonight is the game of the season, the flyers could pull within a point of a playoff spot. all they have to do is beat the red wings in regulation. five of the flyers final 15
5:46 pm
games are against detroit and pittsburgh, it will be tough to knock the red wings out, this is a team that has made the playoffs 14 years in a row. >> it's an amazing streak and takes good players and consistency. it's an amazing streak. >> as we ponder who the eagles will draft with the eighth pick they continue to take care of their own business, they signed nolan carol for a deal. he will earn $2.6 million next season and started 11 games before missing the last month with a broken leg. friday cannot get here soon enough, three teams from the city all in the big dance and all playing on the same day. eighth seeded st. joes, but first they have to beat ninth
5:47 pm
seeded cincinnati in spokane on saturday. >> it's one game at a time, nothing new for us. we focus on this one game at a time and we'll be ready for it. >> the local team that should advance the farthest, second seeded villanova continued to prepare for their match-up against unc ashville. they are not about to look past a 15th seed. not this year. >> we have to play harder and more together because if we don't, we can lose to anyone, it's the naacp tournament. anything can happen, we have to be focused. >> then there is temple, if they can get past seventh seeded iowa, they will face villanova. they barely snuck into the tournament and with that they have plenty to prove. >> i think we can make a run. and know our goal every game.
5:48 pm
and iowa is our first test. >> phillies have done it again, they beat the rays 5-2, and have nine games and a tie if their last ten games. >> the philadelphia home media day was today and their home opener is april 1st. >> that is always been our goal, is to be the best in the arena football league, not to be 8-8 but to be the very best. we feel we have a great coaching staff and organization and awesome players to be the arena champions. there is a lot going on in town right now. >> absolutely. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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meteorologist, adam joseph is here. >> the sky is brightening up before sunset. but then the clouds roll back in -- >> just as you predicted -- >> right. right before sunset you'll get a peek of sun. taking its time. lets take a look at double scan live radar any of those showers and patchy drizzle has pushed on off to the east and many of you are also sending in your photos, are you so quited after the last couple of days, with the gray
5:52 pm
skies capturing the photos from your cell phone and uploading it on social media and this came from my twitter page, from meg in smyrna delaware, she said look at this the clouds have moved out and a brilliant blue sky and moving in from the southwest to the north and east. 52 degrees today at 3:59 and that was the high temperature in philadelphia, that is on target for this time of year. the low is below the normal of 45 degrees and we are getting close to the start of spring where you have equal day, equal night so the sunrise is at 7:12 and sunsetting at 7:08 p.m. 53 in allentown and 53 in reading and 57 in dover where the sun broke out first and saw in millville and the poconos they have seen quite a bit of sun over the last couple of hours and the temperature on the
5:53 pm
verge of 60 degrees. temperatures have spiked to summer like levels in dallas and nasty weather in chicago, right on the edge of cooler air to the north and west. omaha 56 and chicago 56 and then st. louis 81 degrees and 84 in atlanta, and 81 in memphis, we won't see the 80s return but the temperatures will warm the next couple of days. tonight partly cloudy and patchy fog develops after midnight and 42 to 48 degrees for your split in temperature. tomorrow we go into the upper 60s but not like last week but it feels nice compared to the next couple of days, early sun in the morning and another boundary passes by with atmospheric energy, we see an afternoon or evening shower, thursday it's still unsettled despite the system is to the north, partly sunny and 66 and
5:54 pm
watch out for pop-up showers in the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, peeks of sun wednesday and thursday morning, both days there could be spotty late day showers developing in highs in the 60s and thursday we show at 3:00 in the afternoon it's scattered around the area, and then friday another front drops in from the north and it's breezy and showers from the north and clouds and back down to 56 and a cooling trend sets in over the weekend and sunsets on saturday, and wet snow to the north and west on sunday and that is the first day of spring, certainly not feeling or looking like it and monday or tuesday we are back to normal in the low 50s with a mixture of sun and clouds. a little sun before sunset to brighten the mood say bit. >> with more clouds and rain in the forecast, keep a screen open to, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar will show you what is coming and when. the hills are still very
5:55 pm
much alive at the academy of music. the sound of music stage show continues this evening, we went behind the scenes with rebecca brown, she plays one of the nuns. it rounds up if philadelphia this weekend and then the show is off to pittsburgh. pet moments are beautiful,
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right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. three former religious leaders are facing child abuse charges. and an 11-year-old girl found herself in a life-threatening situation, how neighbors came to her rescue. and what is behind the success of the largest elementary school in philadelphia. we hear from teachers that work there. coming up next at 6:00. for cecily tynan, nora muchanic and the entire "action news" team.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and temple university students protest plans for a new stadium and president obama signed a disaster declaration after the blizzard in new jersey. and the big story is the search for a suspect that tried to fire bomb a house in philadelphia. this is where it happened. the 2200 block of south beachwood street. the police roped off the area after finding two molotov
6:00 pm
cocktails in the street and one detonated and spread flames on the street. trish hartman is live tonight. trish what are the details on this? >> reporter: the woman that lives in the home is thankful that she and her two children are not hurt but in the meantime the investigation continues into the suspect and a motive. neighbors on the 2200 block of south beachwood street heard a boom this morning. one woman looked out and saw the sidewalk on fire and a man standing nearby. >> just watching it and didn't stay anything or do anything, just walked down the street. >> police would like to talk to that man. one damaged the window but did not make it into the house. the man was last seen walking north on beachwood. and the suspect may have been standing there watching the fire and nobody was injured in the


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