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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 here on this wednesday march 16th. >> here's what's we're following for you on "action news." clinton and trump win big on super tuesday part tree. a third winner of the night will campaign in our area this morning. >> a north philadelphia high school is mourning the loss of a ninth grader who died sudden from bacterial meningitis. >> and a chester county facility is caring for this horse that someone shot up with a paintball gun. >> very sad to see. but first up let's go right over to meteorologist, david murphy he and to karen rogers. they've got your accuweather and your traffic. good morning. >> we're taking a look at
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satellite this morning. we're actually looking at clear skies across most of the region with cloud cover coming in later today. the caveat there is that some of this forms some low lying cloud cover and fog and we'll take a look at visibility in a second. 45 degrees in philadelphia. so it is another cool start. 40 in allentown, down into the upper 30's in millville. 446 trenton. 2646 cape may. we have 3-mile visibilities in philadelphia which isn't bad but there is some light patchy fog developing. down the road in wilmington only a half mile. lancaster's particularly low visibility. reading also a low problem with that, a little bit down through millville and these numbers will shift a bit as the morning goes on. keep in mind there's the possibility of patchy fog on the bus stop and when you're driving around the neighborhood. clear skies otherwise though with that patchy fog. 43 degrees by 6 o'clock, 44 by 8 o'clock. on the bus stop and septa stations it's going to be chill to start out but this afternoon we will see those numbers climb. 49 degrees by 9 o'clock, 57 by 11 o'clock and then into the
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60's for most of afternoon with a high this afternoon of 67 degrees around 3 o'clock. clouds will increase as the day goes on and after about 3, 4, 5 o'clock there is the chance of a pop-up shower and we'll show you that on future tracker6 in a couple minutes with the full forecast. remind that you pollen is up. we're in the medium range, even medium high at times as we go through the next several days. karen rogers what about that fog? >> we're scanning the cameras right now. we're seeing some low lying clouds. we're not capturing a lot of fog in our cameras at the moment. looking live we can see construction i-95 northbound at route one, watching for that one. also i-95 southbound between the betsy ross bridge and bridge street we've got construction here blocking the left lane. and this one's causing some problems as well. construction also likewise here 30 westbound between 340 and reeceville road. let's take a live look in new jersey. this is 42. we see police right down there northbound near creek road. an easy 13 minute ride. we're not talking any delays as we look at that northbound
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traffic. in this shot you get a hint of some of the low visibility we'll be dealing with this morning but as we look at the ben franklin bridge you can see visibility here actually pretty good. so kind of driving in and out of the fog. i know i dealt with that coming up from south jersey. looking live on the ben traffic moving okay, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. >> ♪ and overnight another seismic shift on the political map. it was a big night for hillary clinton and donald trump but the talk of the contested gop goes on this morning. kasich won the gop in ohio. kasich be there at villanova for a town hall later this morning. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. right after his win in ohio kasich announced i'm going to philadelphia tomorrow. part of his trip to the philadelphia area will include here at villanova university where he expects to have a town hall at noon today. he's coming at the request of the villanova student government association. john kasich has a win in his
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home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> reporter: frontrunner donald trump took florida illinois north carolina and is leading in a very tight race in missouri. he said his campaign is changing the party. >> and the people that are voting are democrats are coming in, independents are coming in and people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> reporter: marco rubio lost his home state of florida and announced he was dropping out of the race. ted cruz did not win any state but still has the second most delegates behind trump. >> tonight we continue to gain delegates and continue our march to 1237. >> reporter: now, the question is whether the race will become a brutal fight that that will go a contested convention in the summer. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november.
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>> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton app fierce have won all of the races, ohio, florida, north carolina and illinois. she is ahead in missouri but bernie sanders is only behind by 1500 votes. sanders shows no signs of dropping out of the race. >> but we cannot go forward unless we deal with the realities of american society today. >> reporter: and kasich's town hall is expected to be at noon today on villanova's campus. doors do open at 11:00. it's free but it's on a first come first served basis. for now reporting live at villanova, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you annie. votersness in the tri-state will have a while to wait to cast their ballots. primaries take place next month tuesday april 26 and voters in new jersey will have wait to go to the polls until june 7th. >> new this morning hazmat crews rush to a philadelphia business to contain a gas
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leak. the leak was coming from a 6,000-gallon tank of liquid nitrogen which appeared as white smoke when it poured from the active radiator company this morning. the business is located at east tioga and tulip streets in that port richmond. it took about an hour to get the gas leak under control. crews did not say if the incident posed any health risks to neighbors. >> also new, a shooting critically injured a man in delaware. first responders from wilmington crowded around the victim on the 100 block of reed street last night. the man was shot several times it's unclear if the shooting happened where police found the man or if he collapsed trying to get help. >> counselors will again be available at a north philadelphia high school mourning loss of a ninth grader who died suddenly from bacterial meningitis. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside school district headquarters in spring garden with those details. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that's right, this was very sudden. this ninth grader was in school on monday and thenearly
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yesterday morning died of bacterial meningitis. health department officials notified and officials here at the school district and grief counselors will be back again at that school today in north philadelphia. the student attended george washington carver high school of engineering and science, 16th and norris. the students learned of the passing yesterday. two letters went out to parents. one had information from the health department. those who shared a classroom lunch table or bus with the victim are not considered at risk, only those who had very close contact such as kissing or living in the same houses are considered potentially at risk. the other letter explained that their children could show signs of emotional stress with the death of a classmate. >> young man that seemed to have been very liked and very well known, he was part of the basketball team, also, students were very sad and shocked by his passing. we spent a lot of time with students and staff at the
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school today. >> reporter: bacterial meningitis is pretty rare. most people survive sit. about one in eight do not. obviously a lot of people very unsettled about this situation and this school district will be holding a meeting at the school tonight at 6 o'clock to answer any questions from parents and students. we are live in spring garden, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. and two philadelphia families say a landlord took their rent deposits but never handed over the keys. nancy jennings says she put down more than $2,000 to live in this home in the 6200 block of reedland street. she was supposed to move in on february 1st. however, jennings says the landlord sherri gordon johnson continued to give her the run around. jasmine mcqueen says she went through the same thing she says she also gave johnson money, $850 in 2011. she says she never heard back. in the jennings case she says she needs her money so that she can rent a new home. >> i moved out of my old house
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to move into this house and i have four children and now me and my four children live in my daughter's apartment. that's a one bedroom. >> both women have contacted police. "action news" reached out to johnson who told us that she plans to give jennings back her monday this friday. however, johnson denies taking any cash from mcqueen. >> a delaware city contractor is accused of scheming an elderly woman out of thousands of dollars and detectives are looking for more possible victims. authorities say a new castle county woman hired 31-year-old james small to remove the flooring in her master bedroom and do some spackling. she paid him $17,000 for the work and says small never completed it. authorities wants to know if small has failed to finish any other projects so, if so, contact authorities. >> new here on "action news" an abandoned horse abused with paint balls is recovering at a chester county facility. you can see the remnants of more than 100 painter balls staining willie's coat. willie is also blind in the right eye and likely never saw those shots coming.
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animal welfare officials are trying to track down the horse's owner. in the meantime will will he will undergo eye surgery at the new bolton center run by penn school of veterinarian medicine. sad that somebody did this to a horse. >> very unfortunate. 4:40 now. "action news" will be right back with newly released video he that shows a hollywood style prison break with inmates getting away in a chopper. >> how you can win a chance to sit court side at kobe bryant's last nba game. david. >> we have jackets on the kids this morning for temperatures in the 40's and we're keeping a jacket this afternoon although they might be able to unzip it and toss it over their shoulder depending how things are looking later mon. we're looking at a warmup this afternoon at least relative to the last couple days. details on that and we'll let you know when it cools down again in the accuweather 7-day. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" kobe bryant offering a chance to win a pair of seats to sit court side at his last nba game in los angeles.
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lakers star has billed it as the ultimate fan experience. the winner and a friend get to sit front and center and will high-five the lower merion grad as he takes the court. if you don't live in l.a. bryant will fly you there. you can enter on the web site for $10. the money goes to charity a court side seat for that game is going for nearly twenty thousand dollars. i'll tweet out a link if you want to enter the contest. >> i bet a few people will try to win that and then sell the tickets. >> maybe. >> we are dry this morning. however, some areas may be looking at some fog. let's take a look outside and see what we see at the airport. little bit hazy there at the airport so some fog possible but so far it's been pretty patchy in some areas to the north and west and central south jersey you might find it's a little bit thicker and of course that fog can shift and change so if you happen to run into a dense pocket this morning you slow it down. 45 degrees is your current temperature. similarly cool as to where we
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were yesterday morning. the winds are light of course whenever we've got fog in the forecast, part of the story is the light wind and we're only looking at a 6 miles per hour wind right now. dewpoint up there pretty close to the temperature an indication of that saturated air this morning. 40 degrees in allentown, 44 currently in wilmington, 46 in trenton. down to 37 in millville. and out in reading and lancaster we're also in the upper 30's. and again, some areas looking at some fog. now, where you don't have the fog you look up and you see some stars out this morning and we will see some sunshine fairly early in places that manage to get rid of the fog. future tracker6 then looking at the general sky cover and you can see how we are going to start out with some sunshine. then as we go through the day 3 o'clock clouds fin gwynn to go fill n rain out to the north and west by 3:00. after 3, 4, 5 o'clock we'll be looking at showers popping through. these aren't going to be particularly pronounced but possibility of a light shower here or there and you see a little bit more of that up until 10 o'clock. by 11 o'clock looks like we
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are clearing out. most of the showers to the northern half of the region, fairly light holding off until late today. 44 degrees by 8 o'clock, 53 by 10 o'clock and as we've been saying for the last couple of days it is going to be a mild one today. we'll get into the 60's by noon. a high of 67 at 3 o'clock before dropping back to 65 by 5:00 and again a spotty shower possible later in the afternoon and early evening. high temperatures across the region with those clouds building as the day goes on, 64 in allentown, 65 in reading. press night afternoon really. 67 in philadelphia. 68 degrees in wilmington. 64 in millville. down by the shore a little cooler but that 60 in cape may still isn't bad for this time of year. then tomorrow we've got a frontal boundary that's past us getting away from us to the north. we'll still be in that warm pocket. looking at a high of 65 degrees on thursday, saint patrick's day. there could be a pop-up shower around as well and then behind that on friday and especially saturday and sunday we are looking at the return of cooler air and there's some rain arriving on sunday
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afternoon, sunday night into monday morning. we're up in the poconos and maybe some of our northern and western suburbs we might even mix in a little bit of wet snow. it would be mainly on grassy surfaces though i wouldn't get too excited about it and there's one model that will has the storm so far away from us that we don't get anything. sun to clouds today, 67 degrees is your forecast high. it is going to be on the mild side. just a slight chance of a spotty shower late. mostly cloudy on thursday, 65 degrees, again a spotty afternoon shower is possible. doesn't look like a whole lot and then friday that's when we start to cool down, a few showers around and a high of 56. saturday now looks sunny but cooler way high of 50 and another 50 on sunday with more clouds building in and there's the chance of some rain in the afternoon overnight into monday. and maybe a little wet mixing in on the lawns north and west of philadelphia. monday a high of 48. partly sunny on tuesday looking good for now, 50 degrees there. if you are interested in the latest weather from accuweather and 6abc and we're not on the air you can always
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go to the web site and get the very latest there and that time of year when we get a lot of these spotty showers in and out of play. storm tracker6 app on your smartphone a good deal. it helped me the last couple days when i was walking. >> four burglars target fundamental the wrong home wrong home. the off duty officer grabbed his gun and 20 investigate. >> confronted two individuals inside his house so during the commission of the burglary that he interrupted that's when the officer-involved shooting occurred. >> one of those men was shot in the leg and is in stable condition can: detectives say the other injured suspect was taken to the hospital by two other accomplices. he's in critical condition can. neighbors say the suspects all of them juveniles had been seen earlier walking suspiciously through the neighborhood carrying back packs.
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>> images are now just is your facing from a prison break in canada where the inmates were dangling on a rope hanging from a helicopter. a court released the video yesterday of the dramatic prison escape in march of 2013. the clip shows two inmates at a detention center in quebec making their escape by hanging from the helicopter. two accomplices had highjacked the chopper and forced the pilot to fly to the jail. authorities recaptured the inmates just a few hours later. prosecutors revealed the clip during the trial of one of the escapees. >> that's an effort. 4:48. still to come on "action news" workers in the nation's capitol are getting ready for a potentially commute with their d.c. system shut down right now. >> a hike are in the middle east stumbles upon a coin that dates back 2000 years. that's later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> hey everybody, welcome back. if you're headed out you want to watch for some fog. you can kind of see it in this shot here. this is route 100 at commerce drive. visibility reduced just a little bit. it's not too bad. you see people moving okay but a little bit damp, lower visibility so take it easy out there. how about the roosevelt boulevard. i think you see the fog just a little bit more here. that's your southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. we've been busy lately on the boulevard but not at this hour
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'cause a lot of people still sleeping. again you see the reduced visibility. i think with fog as you often do you'll kind of be driving in and out of this as you go from town to town so watch for. that let's switch our view to i-95. construction just pulled away. traffic moving a little bit better here so i-95 northbound construction just cleared and things moving pretty good through that ongoing soap. you still see the cones out there. hamburg road between 13 and route nine construction should be cleared in about another half hour matt and tam. >> thank you karen. the entire metro subway system in washington, d.c. remains shut down this morning and will remain that way until at least tomorrow morning. crews are inspecting cables following a fire on the tracks on monday night. officials say it was caused by the same kind of electrical component that malfunctioned last year causing a train to fill with smoke. today's shutdown was announced yesterday morning surprising commuters and even d.c.'s mayor. federal workers are being
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allowed to work from home. >> ♪ >> time now to take our first look at business here at the big board. and you're taking a look here add baeder field in atlantic city. now, the city is hoping to sell it for 150 million do. the money would immediately go towards paying off the city's $437 million debt. it's a historic airport. it dates backs to 1910 and they closed it in 2006 and here's the sad part. the city had had an $800 million offer for the same property back in 2008 and they said no, that's okay, we're going to hold out for more money. so they won't even get a quarter of what they could have gotten. instagram making some changes. instead of seeing the most recent posts first the app will show posts each user they think is most likely to care about. if that sounds familiar it is. that's how facebook work and facebook now owns instagram and it uses a formula that's based on a number of factors including whether the post came from a close friend and how you have responded to similar posts. major stock indices were
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mixed yesterday. the dow was up two points and some good news for this morning. it looks as though things are pointing to a higher open. and starbucks is offering app special cherry he blossom frappuccino now through sunday. the drink is a blend of strawberries and cream with white chocolate and green tea drizzle. starbucks stores in japan have been offering the drink for years but this is that it's being offered in the u.s. so we'll see whether or not people like it. >> we'll see. time right now 4:54. new on "action news," health officials in north jersey are testing thousands of students for lead poisoning due to drinking water concerns. details coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> ♪
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>> belgian and french police say they killed a suspect linked to the isis militants who were involved in the paris attacks back in november. police raided an apartment the in brussells saying the suspect confronted them with an assault rifle. four officers involved suffered minor injuries. and a hiker in israel discovered a rare $2,000 -- 2000 year old coin. there's only one other coin like this in the world sitting in a british museum. the coin shows the face of emperor augustus who was caesar's heir. the hiker turned the coin over to israel's antiquities authority. >> still ahead and new here on "action news" now facing her seconds deposition bill
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cosby's wife says the questions during her first session were outrageous. >> social media fan pope francis may soon start posting on additional social network. "action news" will be right back. z i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around,
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hey everyone its 5 o'clock on this wednesday march 16th. here's what's happening. >> the sudden tragic death of a young student shakes a philadelphia high school. we're live with the details. >> each party's front


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