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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hey everyone its 5 o'clock on this wednesday march 16th. here's what's happening. >> the sudden tragic death of a young student shakes a philadelphia high school. we're live with the details. >> each party's frontrunners
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added to their winnings. another candidate drops out and yet another will be campaigning in our area today. >> accuweather is tracking a warmup but the wet weather will stick around for a few more days. >> let's see when the rain is coming in with meteorologist, david murphy and also the roads with karen rogers. >> unsettled springtime pattern in what is really late winter but kind of acting like spring. that continues over the next several days. for now we don't have precipitation out there you can see clear skies on satellite. however, down at ground level we do have some fog developing in some areas and the visibilities are dropping a bit in some places both in reading and lancaster we're below a half mile visibility. everybody else up above a mile. this is a shifting changing situation. as you drive in you might wind up with a bit of fog. slow down if it gets thick. 44 degrees in philadelphia currently so it's another chilly start. 40 degrees in allentown, 39 in reading, 43 in wilmington, 45 in trenton, 46 in cape may. again, where you don't have a lot of fog you're liable to see some early sunshine come into play pretty quickly. clear skies with that patchy
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fog in some neighborhoods. on the bus stop between six and 8 o'clock we stay in the low to mid 40's. as we roll through the day it is going to be a mild one later. 53 degrees by 10 o'clock and then 61 by noon and we're going for a high of 67 degrees today at 3 o'clock with clouds increasing during the and after about four or 5 o'clock we'll be on the lookout for a couple of showers. they're going to be fairly light and spotty but they'll be rolling through. again a reminder pollen counter is in the medium to medium high range over the next several days. karen what do roads look like and more importantly is that fog an issue. >> you can see the fog right here. i don't think people are having too much of a time driving through it but nonetheless reducing visibility so you've got to watch out for construction workers pedestrians anybody out and about because it is a little hard to see especially this shot. this is 309 near the turnpike. southbound traffic headlights heading towards flourtown and looking pretty good but coming out of quakertown, montgomeryville ambler this is your ride on 309 and you're fogged in. that's the way it is in a lot of areas.
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as we look at the vine street expressway you can see how greatly the visibilities vary. you'll be driving in and out of the fog. westbound, eastbound moving all right at this hour. it's early. not a lot of people out and about. i-95 not looking bad, either. fog not too bad at cottman. that's southbound traffic headed towards center city moving without a delay. in fact speeds reflecting there mostly in the 50's as you head out the door right now, matt. >> thanks karen. new this morning two people are in critical can condition after a crash in new castle county delaware. happened on carr road and brandy 100. the driver lot control and hit a tree. police believe speed is to blame. friends and family are mourning a local high school student who died from bacterial meningitis. counselors will be at george washington carver high this morning to help students cope. katherine scott has more on this tragic news. katherine. >> reporter: matt, bacterial meningitis is pretty rare. most survive it but around one in eight do not.
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grief counselors will be back out again at school today in north philadelphia to help those students that are grieving. the student attended george washington carver high school of engineering and science at 16th and norris in north philadelphia. he was a ninth grader. he played basketball. he was in school monday but died early yesterday morning from bacterial meningitis. the health department alerted officials here at the school district. two letters went out to parents. unexplained their kids could show signs of emotional stress with the death of a classmate p the other had information from the health department. those who shared a classroom lunch table or bus with the victim are not considered at risk, only those who had very close contact such as kissing or living in the same house are considered potentially at risk. ly. >> talks about how it is not something that is as contagious as the flu or a regular cold. you actually have to come in contact with bodily fluid to get this particular
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meningitis. >> reporter: and the school district will be holding a special meeting tonight at the school at 6 o'clock to answer any questions that parents of students may have. live in spring garden katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you for that katherine. and the big primary wins with big implications in the race for president. hillary clinton and donald trump and john kasich all scored some significant victories. >> and a.m. embarrassing loss in his home state prompted marco rubio to suspend his presidential campaign. >> on the republican side trump took florida north carolina and illinois. kasich won his home state of ohio. for the democrats clinton wop florida north carolina ohio and illinois but clinton and trump are leading in missouri right now but the race there still too close to call. >> marco rubio suspend end his bid for the white house after suffering a nearly 20-point loss to trump in florida. rubio is the first sitting senator to lose a presidential primary in his home state since 1960.
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we'll have a live report on the super tuesday part three results in the next half hour. >> it is 5:05 and new here on "action news," bill cosby's wife is fighting attempts to get her to answer more questions in a defamation lawsuit filed by several women against her husband. camille cosby's lawyers say the women's lawyer asked what she called improper and offensive questions during a session last month. she said some of the questions can were related to her sex life. the lawyer wants a judge present for the next session of the deposition in april. the lawsuit says bill cosby sexually assaulted a group of women decades ago. >> detectives in philadelphia's fishtown section are asking for the public's help in tracking down the people who carried out a brutal attack on two homeless men. this happened outside the philadelphia brotherhood mission on east girard avenue early sunday morning. police say one of the attackers chased a homeless man with a bat, you see that, while the other hit a plastic bag on fire and threw it at the second victim. they beat the second victim with his own cane. there's the fire.
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both homeless men were not seriously hurt. and a camera captured the moments when two armed robbers stormed two philadelphia businesses. the most recent crime happened yesterday in west oak lane. the masked men carried rifles as they ronald mcdonald reyes grocery. police say robbers hit an employee on the head and stole cash. investigators say the same duo held up customers at the silver star kitchen in ogontz. you see they're wearing masks. that incident happened on march 2nd. >> people in the midwest will be cleaning up this morning. severe storms brought violent winds and some hail to the region. >> unfortunately it's that time of year. multiple tornadoes were reported yesterday in parts of illinois, missouri and iowa. they don't know if they touched down so the national weather service will conduct surveys later today. "good morning america" will have much more on the severe weather elsewhere coming up right after "action news." >> seeing so much damage in the midwest. i'm sure when those sirens go off it just stops the heart.
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>> this is the time of year, too, where in the southern states a lot of of tornadoes tend to hit at night. that's more dangerous because you can't see them coming and people are sometimes asleep. sirens really important. storm tracker6 shows us no major precipitation issues today but as we take a look outside some of us are seeing some fog and at the airport it's not too bad. visibility stim over a couple miles but -- still up over a couple miles. the fog is getting thicker in some parts of the area and as you're driving around this morning if you encounter it slow it down. 44 degrees in philadelphia, 45 trenton, 40 in allentown. we have slipped into the upper 30's in reading and lancaster and down in millville so a chilly start, maybe even a little bit chillier this morning than it was the last couple of mornings in some places. future tracker6 between now all the way up to about 3 o'clock shows that you we start out once we get rid of the fog with some sunshine early and then clouds gradually get thicker as the day goes on. by 3 o'clock it looks like we're still dry. then after about 4, 5 o'clock a couple of sprinkles and
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showers particularly in the northern half of the region are possible and that continues up until about nine or 10 o'clock and then it is over. so, nuisance rain just a couple of light showers mainly north and that is late this afternoon and early this evening. lehigh valley overall sun to clouds a late spotty shower possible. 64 degrees the forecast high so fairly mild up in the lehigh valley. and at the shore we'll go to about 58 degrees, perhaps 60 the farther south you go toward cape may but atlantic city and most of our coastal communities in the upper 50's. light winds sun to clouds, probably dry this afternoon. and in philadelphia, a high of 67 degrees. this will likely be the mildest day of the seven-day forecast. sun giving way to clouds today. we got that early fog we've talked about and the winds are light, six to 12 miles per hour. overnight tonight not too bad. partly cloudy, an evening shower as you just saw is possible in a couple of corners of the neighborhood but generally speaking, partly cloudy and 47 the overnight low, still fairly mild and winds still fairly light. and for saint patrick's day it looks like it stays on the mild side with a high of
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65 degrees. as soon as 11 o'clock we'll be in the low 60's. by 5 o'clock we'll be back in the 50's so if you're out and about as a lot of people are on saint patrick's day you do want to bring along a jacket and maybe have a layer you can add later in the evening. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, sun and clouds, 67 degrees. tomorrow cloudy, 65 degrees and a spotty shower in the afternoon and evening. it does not look like a lot of rain though. cooler then on friday behind a cold front with a few more showers 56 degrees and for the weekend we're still looking at that cool dewpoint with a coat coastal system dishing cooler air in off the ocean. sunny on saturday with a high of 50 and another 50 on sunday with more clouds and if that storm is close enough to us we could get some rain sunday into monday. and it might even be cool enough in the poconos and perhaps the lehigh valley for a bit of wet snow. i would expect that to be mainly on grassy surfaces. there's one model that has the storm so far off the coast nothing happens. >> okay. we'll see. >> we'll see. thanks, david. new water concerns have
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emerged in a large school district in north jersey. we'll tell you what is happening with the water in newark schools. >> and new jersey state police say goodbye to a beloved horse. karen. >> you can see a bit of a fog out here on 202 at 29. northbound traffic headed towards king of prussia moving okay right here. we'll show you what the fog looks like around the area coming up. >> oscar orally organizers are finally responding to a controversy surrounding the portrayal of asians during the telecast. that's later in the morning buzz. this price can't be right...
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look
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here, the view out across center city, it is now 5:13. it's 47 degrees out there at the moment. >> so, we have a dry commute right now, hm? >> yeah, we have a lot of low clouds so i know my windshield wipers were going a little bit with a little bit of misting out there with the low clouds but the issue really is the fog. as you look at this shot you get that idea. it's not that it's raining, it's just lots of low clouds out and about. this is 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike. northbound traffic headed towards montgomeryville, those headlights that are coming towards you and a good shot of the roads at this point, you can see roads in good shape but the fog reducing visibility and that's the big issue as you're heading out. watch for this. let's see what it looks like in new jersey. this is 42 northbound. you see just a hint of the fog here northbound traffic here at creek road moving okay. we do have some issues with construction going on in royersford. construction starts at 9:00 a.m. they've been shutting down main street all week and that affects a lot of people when main street is shut down between first avenue and second so stick to arch street as your alternate when that construction begins in a few hours. let's show you these
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visibility reports. look at this 2.5-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. enough that you need to call ahead if you're flying out but much less than that in some of the suburbs. half a mile in toms river, .3 in millville, half a mile in wilmington, .3 in reading and lancaster so that's a big deem as you're traveling this morning. remember the low beams not the high beams matt and tam and be careful driving. >> president obama can could announce his pick for a supreme court nominee as early as today. sources say obama is eyeing eitheeyeing senate republicans vowed they will not hold confirmation hearings or meet with any obama nominee. they insist the next president should make the selection. >> new on "action news" flint, michigan isn't the only city dealing with a toxic water crisis. city officials in newark new jersey will test 17,000 children for lead poisoning.
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this after officials found dozens of schools there have elevated lead levels thanks to aging pipes and fittings. because younger children are most at risk health officials decided 2,000 students in early childhood programs will get their blood tested first but that's not sitting well with some officials. >> i'm more concerned about the kids who actually can reach the water fountains in the schools, the toddlers are too short. >> school officials in newark recently admitted that the district knew about elevated lead levels more than a year before parents were notified. >> the flyers won one of their biggest games of the year in south philadelphia last night. a four-point swing in the standings was at stake against the red wings. the flyers took advantage and defeated detroit four to three. they are now a single point out of a playoff spot. plus, they play the wings and the penguins who are also just ahead of them in their -- four of their final 14 games. sixers were not so lucky on the court in brooklyn last night. the nets' bogdonavic sunk 44
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points. he's a player who only
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>> movies earned nearly $2 billion at the box office. a new one will debut in july of 2019, a week after harrison ford turns 77. >> and that's america's money. >> have a great day. >> ♪ i've been on my feel all day.
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>> ♪ >> time for the morning buzz in the morning buzz. comedian chris rock is still causing controversy nearly three weeks after the oscars. the academy apologized to asians for a skit performed during last month's show. rock was recognizing an accounting firm as the official ballot counter for the award show when he brought three asian children on stage. several prominent asian figures in hollywood protested the skit saying they are tired of stereotypes about asians and math ability. a lancaster man pleaded guilty to hacking into online accounts of several celebrities and stealing nude photos and videos. authorities charged ryan collins in connection with a posting of nude photos of
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numerous celebrities including jennifer lawrence and model kate upton. collins is not suspected of being involved in releasing those images only hacking and stealing them. pope francis may be on a divine mission to become the most tech savvy pontiff in history. he already is but he's adding to it. the pope is prepping for a debut on instagram. he already has made a name for himself on twitter where he has almost 9 million followers. according to sources the pontiff's instagram handle will be francisus. >> $10 could win you court side seats to kobe bryant's last game as well a sad and disturbing story. a horse abandoned at a stable in lancaster county was found riddled with painter balls. those stories and more when "action news" comes back.
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an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. >> now on "action news" another big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. but they're still awaiting the official call from one final state. >> new this morning, paintball
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pellets paint a cruel picture of animal abuse in central pennsylvania. >> it's a fairly dry start to your day but drivers might have to deal with a little bit of patchy fog out there for the morning rush. >> good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday march 16th. let's get you ready for the commute with david and karen. good morning. >> on infrared satellite that low lying cloud cover and fog generally doesn't show up because the temperature of the clouds are very similar to the surface and that's how infrared shows clouds, it judges that difference in temperature. so, right now we've got clear skies indicated on satellite and that is true in parts of the region but in some areas, there is some low lying cloud cover that has developed beneath that infrared satellite image n some cases the fog visibility levels are fairly low. millville reading and lancaster will be among the lowest below a half mile visibility spots right now. philadelphia two and a half miles. these numbers have a tendency to change though and the general idea of the morning is that most of you will be okay but if you happen to encounter that thicker fog slow it down. 44 degrees and cool to start out in philadelphia, down 40 in allentown, upper 30's in


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