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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m., thursday, march 17. here's what's happening. a nasty crash at a toll plaza in delaware sent four people to the hospital. we're live with details. the stark warning from the gop front uner if he keeps -- frontrunner if he keeps his sizable delegate lead. a taste are winter is on the way, just as spring begins. that's no pot of gold to me. this is why david murphy may not be our favorite irishman. david has accuweather and karen rogers has traffic good morning. >> reporter: take a look at satellite we are looking at sunshine coming up over the horizon. like yesterday we are starting out with patchy fog, obviously clear skies out to the west of the city. here current visibilities, lancaster under a mile.
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millville, under a mile. in fact half mile there. half mile at the airport in atlantic city. looking good at philadelphia international airport. 46 degrees in philadelphia. 48 in trenton. 42 in wilmington. not all that windy on the terrace. as we roll through the day, the temperatures will get good. 1:00 p.m., 63, no problems with any rain 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., but after 3 or 4:00 p.m. we're on the look out for spotty showers, not a washout, but you might have to take cover from a passing shower. the pollen count is in the medium high range. we'll get sunshine on saturday, and higher pollen levels. karen rogers it's cooler tomorrow and i will have the details in the seven day. >> reporter: you can see the reduced visibility we look live with our cameras. this is the blue route past mid
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county. fog not everybody deterrent right here. southbound traffic moving on the blue route. we have a car stopped near the toll plaza. looking live on the vine street expressway, westbound traffic starting to jam up as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. not happening just yet. eastbound okay be no overnight construction, no problems on the vine. how about the boulevard, looking at southbound traffic a little bit of volume building as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. a touch of fog, but not enough to create any big problems. we have an accident in salem county where a vehicle drove into a house, i shut down dunlap avenue. i talked to crews between cedar and hook street. stick to sunset avenue. accident 78 eastbound lane restrictions at 863. tam. new this morning, a car flipped on to its side after a driver lost control getting on
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the eastbound schuylkill expressway. this happened at 1:00 a.m. on the city avenue ramp. we are told that the driver was checked out at the scene for injuries and they are expected to be okay. the accident is under investigation. a crash at a delaware toll plaza sent four people to the hospital. the driver who police say caused the accident is being questioned. "action news" reporter, katherine scott has been working on this story all morning, she is live on i-95 in newark with the very latest details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, the driver of the striking vehicle was taken in for question. the circumstances remain under investigation. happened at the toll plaza in the northbound lanes of i-95 near newark. you can see the cars smashed into the toll plaza. three cars involved in all, two as you suvs is a does sedan.
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a vehicle was paying a cash stole, the struck vehicle went flying. when paramedics arrived, the woman was trapped in the suv she was riding in. fire department used the jaws of life. she was in stable condition. three others were taken to christiana hospital. a 19-year-old passenger was in serious, but stable condition, two others whose injuries were not life threatening. delaware state police continue to investigate. authorities are trying to determine if the driver of the striking vehicle was imairld in in -- impaired in anyway. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." maryland officials say a case of mistaken identity led to the killing of a plain clothes officer in the delaware valley. authorities say a fell officer who didn't recognize shot jacai
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colson who grew up in delaware county. three brothers have been charged with provoking the original gun fight as police described as an attempted suicide by cop. 6:05. as the battle for the republican presidential nomination continues establishment firvetion within the gop -- first things in the gop are trying to stop donald trump from becoming their nominee. trump has the most delegates in what is a three-man race for the gop nod. trump is warning if the republican party tries to block him, it could get bed there could riots. hillary clinton has set her sites on a november showdown with trump. deion sanders is trying to remain optimistic, he would have
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to win 66% of the remaining delegates through june in order to erase her lead. a 1,000-dollar reward is being offered to find the people responsible for pelting a horse in lancaster county with dozens of paint balls. lily is being cared for at new bolton center. it was found abandoned in a stable in new hold -- holland on monday. mega horse rescue found her and willing to pay for the treatment. they will facilitate an domtion domtion -- adoption once the horse recovers. let's go over to maribel abers good morning. all major automakers have agreed to install automatic breaking system in all u.s. vehicles. it include everyone from general
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motors to honda and ford. they will be installed by 2022. they are designed to prevent crashes when drivers don't apply the brakes. stocks rallied as federal reserve left interest rates unchanged and cut the forecast two more interest rate hikes. a report on weekly jobless claims is due out later today. nike has introduced self tieing sneaker. step into them and press a button the laces tighten as the shoe lights up. marty mcflie had -- mcfly had a pair of these in back to the future ii. no word on how much they cost. matt it's a way to go back in time. maribel he loves that. that's an elevator scene, people that got it, that's all that matters.
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>> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry, we'll get green on the radar later on. as we look outside, we have the ben franklin bridge. we have the promise of sunshine coming up up quickly this morning, but there's low lying clouds. 48 degrees in trenton. 42 wilmington. 46 in allentown. 46 in philadelphia. 45 in millville. you're waking up to 46 degrees in cape may. future tracker 6 showing you the clear skies up until noon and we'll see clouds gathering north and west of philadelphia. looks like we stay dry until 3:00 p.m., and in the northern and western suburbs we'll see spotty showers pop up. between 4 and 7:00 p.m., it's spotty on and off precipitation, a mix of sun and clouds otherwise, and then we get into the evening hours and we dry out and things clear out. temperatures are going to be good today, too. lehigh valley getting up to 63 degrees for st. patrick's
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day, a mix of sun and clouds, spotty showers can't be ruled out. down the shore, we have a spotty shower in the forecast. overall sun and clouds, a nice high of 65 degrees. as the draw of air is in the directly off the water today, so you're warming up more. in philadelphia, clouds and sun, 65 degrees, there will be parts of the day where it's nice and bright. during the afternoon and late afternoon and evening chance of spotty passing shower and rumble of thunder. wind will be blustery today. generally speaking grab a jacket we'll be in good shape and enjoy st. patrick's day. 64 in the city by 2:00 p.m. with a high of 65 around 3:00, 3:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m., 53 degrees. late-day showers and rumble of thunder. 43 degrees overnight tonight, clearing conditions, chilly, winds dieing down overnight. tomorrow, cooler, a front comes
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through, did i think back to 58 degrees -- dipping us back to 58 degrees. spotty shower can't be ruled out. behind the front on the weekend we're looking at air cold enough on sunday when rain arrives it could change over to wet snow in the afternoon and evening hours. it depends on whether or not a coastal storm is close enough to interact with the the cold air and bring us precipitation. possibility of wet snow on sunday. sun and clouds, breezy, 65 degrees, no big i, we have a spotty -- no big issues, we have a spotty shower in the afternoon. spotty shower on friday, 58. saturday, sunny and chill, 46 degrees. sunday, cooler 38 degrees, and we go into the evening, wet snow accumulating on grassy surfaces.
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it's the figure day of spring. last year we got 3.9 inches of snow, so it can happen. 46 on monday, tuesday 48 and back in the 60s on wednesday. up next, stories you didn't see last night, including the murderer who is suing the company that he says provoked a his michigan rampage. a woman in florida has a friendly alligator rambo. >> reporter: traffic moving along all right, and we have fog and disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway. one team is in the playoffs, if it ended right now, that's next. welcome back you're taking
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a live look, the view of the platt bridge right now. 6:14, a little hazy and foggy out there 50 degrees. how is your st. patrick's day going so far, karen? >> reporter: leprechauns visited the house and left the kids
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things, good day all in all. schuylkill expressway past the curve, disabled vehicle off to the side. watch for that as you head off this off-ramp. no major address on between the vine and the blue route, traffic looking okay. southbound traffic starting to slow on the boulevard as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. just a touch of fog yesterday we were really fogged out. we have anlt accident northeast -- we have an accident northeast extension southbound watch for that. salem county, a pennsville involved a car that ran into a house, they shut down dunlap avenue between cedar and hook road. use sunset if you're in salem county. let's show you the weather reports and getting the visibility issues, we're looking at 4 miles per hour at philadelphia international. not too bad, look how quickly it gets half a highly in
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allentown -- half a mile in allentown. .3 in reading. less than a mile in dover. half a mile in millville and atlantic city. be careful about the fog out there this morning. the uber driver who was charged with the michigan shooting spree that left 6 people dead is suing the ride-sharing company. jason dalton is suing $10 million. he claimed driving for uber caused him psychologic damage. investigators say he told them uber's app took over his body and made him do it. he faces 16 charges including 6 counts of murder. come over to the big board, you got to see this one. matt i think i've seen it all. a florida woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator rambo, he wears clothes and rides on the
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back of a motorcycle and has his own bedroom in marry thorn's home. she said she considers him like her child. mary said she knows you think she also crazy, but she said she is not nuts. i get that all the time. once they meet him, his personality takes over. you see how he is sitting there? he will sit like that until he has to go pee. or mauls you. >> reporter: thorn has had a license for the alligator since she rescued him a 6 years ago. florida wildlife said you have to have 2 1/2 acres of land in order to have an alligator. the case is under investigation, by the way, thorn said rambo also knows how to work the tv remote control, matt. next thing they will have
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talking horses with their own tv shows. wait a second it already happened. a cashier grabs a baby right before her mother drops to the floor. >> reporter: st. patrick's day, we're looking at a good one. there's going to be a spotty shower after 4:00 p.m. we have visibility issues in a couple of areas and we'll be on the hunt for fog. >> reporter: hover boards are being band not just over safety issues. the band affects all hover band imports into the u.s. they will be halted almost entirely for right now. planned ride feature asks user what time they want to arrive at a location and clailt clailt -- calculate the time
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happy st. patrick's day. he like the irish potatoes, i didn't bring them in, i ate them all. this is business route 30 eastbound traffic is coming toward you. you can see the fog in the shot. we can see fog significantly in
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some pots -- spots. we have an accident coming in involving a pedestrian, tall minute son, 40-foot road, a pedestrian is stuck near a parking lot -- struck near a parking lot. >> reporter: fog is not everywhere, but we have low visibilities in atlantic city, lancaster, millville. these numbers have a tendency to shift around a little bit it's in the heart of south jersey and delaware and west of philadelphia. allentown has redeveloped for, under a third of a mile there. today's high 65 degrees, though, mix of clouds and sun as we roll through the day. that's well above average. the only other issue then is the pollen which is going to be on the high side over the next several days or at least in the medium level. by the way, a spotty shower with a rumble of thunder not out of the question.
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tam that will miss most areas. new on "action news," terrifying news for five thousand patients across four states they could have been companiesed to hepatitis c and b and handcuff because a surgical technicians is under investigation for tampering with patient medication. rocky alan switch out needles containing the powerful narcotic fentanyl. he worked in colorado, california, arizona and washington state. he is facing ten years in federal prison if convicted. the flyers kept up their emotions and their winning streak in chicago last night. they beat the blackhawks 3-2. they are 1 point ahead of detroit for that final wild card spot. 6:23. up next, see the clerk who saved
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a baby as the mother fell to the floor in a seizure. annie mccormick is on the scene where a couple led police on the chase. >> reporter: a philadelphia police officer is okay after he dodged a vehicle that he was trying to pull over. we'll have more on the two suspects who are on the loose.
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the u.s. state department said north correspond -- north
6:27 am
korea handed down a punishment to an american student who confessed to stealing a propaganda banner. the state department urges north korea to pardon him. a gas station clerk is being hailed a hero. a customer carrying a baby began to sway, so the clerk realized something was going wrong, reached over the counter and grabbed the baby. the mother hit the ground. both the mother and the baby are doing fine this morning and good on that clerk who realized something was going on. 6:27, someone is seeing snow on the first day of spring. gunfire causes a driver to
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spin out of control on a philadelphia street. it's one of several new stories we're following, they are all up next. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best prices, quality and selection. wake up with wegmans family pack ♪ 1,2,3,4 you can save 30% or more. from tasty energy bars to creamy and delicious yogurt. let us help you find that perfect balance of size & savings. how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too.
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developing now on "action news," the search for the people who ditched a minivan after a close call with a police officer. toll plaza pileup arc serious crash is cleaned up just in time for the morning rush. a major dad, a pro baseball player steps away from the game saying he was force to do choose between his career and his son. good morning 6:30, march 17. let's head over to david murphy he has the latest for the st. patrick's day forecast. and karen rogers let's see if anyone is having luck of the irish coming to work. >> reporter: we are having good
6:31 am
luck, we have clear skies to the west and we expect to see sunshine today. low visibilities in wilmington, lancaster, atlantic city, dover we're having problems. every now and then it's possible you run into patchy thicker fog and you slow down if that happens. 46 degrees in philadelphia. 48 in trenton. 46 in allentown. not a lot of wind across the region at this early hour. as we roll through the day, it will be mild again. 63 by 1:00 p.m., the high 63 degrees by 3:00 p.m. there's a chance of a spotty shower and rumble of thunder around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. that continues into the early evening hours, satellite showing you nothing going on. karen when i step inside we'll track the spotty showers and rump of thunder on future tracker 6. we have cooler air arriving tomorrow. dave showed us the visibility shots, you have to watch for
6:32 am
pedestrians and construction workers, this is the schuylkill expressway westbound the off ranch to conshohocken. we want to watch for a disabled vehicle stuck out there, mostly off to the side. keep an eye as you take the off ramp at conshohocken. meanwhile, you can see westbound and eastbound traffic building not a major delay on the schuylkill expressway. the ben is in good shape fog not too bad, looking live at the ben franklin bridge. westbound traffic volume buildings. i-95 starting to jam up, academy to cottman. we can see that southbound traffic heading toward center city. moving okay. particularly heavy, one guy was stopped off to the side making it an extra slow go. 24 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine on i-95 southbound. we have an accident involving a pedestrian tall minute son -- toll on 40-foot road. a car ran into a house,
6:33 am
pennsville salem county. did you lap avenue is -- dunlap avenue is blocked, stick is to is cedar. a police chase in philadelphia nearly hit a responding officer. annie mccormick is at the end of the spiewt where police are -- at thent of the pursuit where the police are looking for the people involved. >> reporter: police did get the van, but at this hour, two suspects are on the loose. this is video of the van we are talking about. according to police it came on the radar in southwest philadelphia. it fit the description of a vehicle that was used in burglar. when the officer approached the van, i veered toward him -- it veered toward him and he dove and got out of the way just in time. it drove over the passyunk bridge. officers stopped the van on carlisle in south philadelphia.
6:34 am
one possibly two suspects fled. pursuit continued on foot, but police lost the two on wolf street. they are hoping to get clues from the van that will lead to the suspects if you have any information contact police. reporting live from south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning, a 17-year-old is under arrest for shooting a driver in the city's holmesburg section. it happened on the 4700 block of meridian street. a bullet shattered a rear drivers side window and went through the head of a man behind the wheel. it crashed into two parked cars. a witness saw the shooter run into the back of the house where police took the teen into custody. authorities are trying to pinpoint a motive. this is new this morning, fire damaged a row home in philadelphia overnights. the action cam was on the ten hundred block of mount airy avenue in the west mount airy neighborhood. fire crews focused their
6:35 am
attention to an attached garage. all toll lanes are back open after a wreck on i-95. mangleed steel and shattered glass. jaws of life had to be used to get a woman out of the wreckage. a 67-year-old man stabbed a student on the bus in springfield township. the older man rushed from the back of the bus and stabbed the 18-year-old twice in the neck without warning. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. it is believed the attacker suffers from mentality health issues. president obama has introduceed his nominee, merrick
6:36 am
garland to the supreme court. he is a moderate judge. he had a noted career as a prosecutor including verdicts against timothy mcveigh and the uni bomber. typically he would receive a shoe-in confirmation hearing. republicans are saying they will not hold confirmation hearings saying the balance of the court should be decided by the next president. it is the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on the president and with hold its contend. president obama has called on republicans to give his nominee a hearing and vote instead of tieing it to election year politics. to go down that path would be wrong. it would be a betrayal of our
6:37 am
best traditions. but there could be a change coming depending on the political wind. a number of republican senators have agreed to talk to garland on the phone. we have breaking news coming in from pennsville, salem county. karen rogers told you about a truck slam into a home and igniting a gas-fed fire, katherine scott has just arrived on the scene, dunlap avenue she is live with breaking details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, police say the driver of the pick up truck somehow lost control and crashed into the house. that started the fire. you can see the fire crews on the scene. the pick up truck is charred and it came to a rest at the house. there was damage to the house, as well. fire damage, you can see firefighters are inside the house right now. the flames under control. but as they assess what actually
6:38 am
happened here salem county this morning. north hook road is shut down along the stretch for all the emergency vehicles. this happened before 5:30 a.m. right now we're not hearing reports of any injuries, again this remains under investigation. it just happened that could change. the driver lost control and crashed into the house. that ruptured the gas line and caused the fire. flames were leaping into the air earlier, before fire crews got them under control. rescue and fire crews are on the scene, as well as utility crews as they shut off the ruptured gas line. there's no word on what caused the driver to lose control of the truck. firefighters are on the scene, utility workers are on the scene. the pick up truck still smashed into the house in pennsville. live in pennsville katherine scott channel 6 "action news." 6:38 let's check accuweather.
6:39 am
chilly this morning, but dry. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you that as we look across the region, there is cloud over out there, but generally speaking looking pretty good. as we look outside, we have skies starting to clear a little bit over the platt bridge and temperatures right now are generally speaking in the 40s there's not a lot of wind just yet, so overall this is all looking fairly good as we take a look at numbers in a second you'll see it's cool enough for a jacket, certainly. 46 degrees currently in philadelphia. the dewpoint 43. take a look at these numbers. looks like winds are calm or running lightly out of the east/northeast, ocean temperature, 48 degrees. 48 in trenton. 46 in allentown. 40 in reading, 44 in wilmington. 46 in cape may. starting out cool. future tracker 6 shows you once we get rid of patchy morning fog and low flying cloud covered
6:40 am
we'll wind up with fair amount of sunshine. late in the day we'll have showers arriving, i don't expect them to pop up until after 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. in the i-95 corridor. there could thunder along these lines that come through. most of the afternoon and evening will be dry in any given area. by 7:00 p.m. it's spotty presimm sayings and just -- precip, and after that we expect clear skies. mild temperatures, 60 degrees by 11:00. i expect a high of 65 around 3:00 p.m. before we dip back to 60 by 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., 53 degrees. again after 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., be on a look out for rumble of thunder and spotty shower popping through. it's not going to ruin your day, but a factor in it for brief periods. 63 in allentown. notice how down the shore we'll
6:41 am
get up into the 60s as the draw of air is in the coming off the cool ocean water. tomorrow a change, cold front comes through and dips us down to 58 degrees. a spotty shower can't be ruled out. for the weekend cooler air comes in. saturday, sunshine, sunday a coastal system may tap into chilly air and change over to snow a couple of inches is not out of the question if the coastal storm gets close to us. 65 degrees, spotty shower rumble of thunder later. cool and spotty shower on saturday, 46. look at sunday, we'll get up to 38 degrees. rain arriving in the afternoon mixing with wet snow
6:42 am
particularly at night. hopefully it's mainly only the grass, you want to slow it down if that winds up being the case. we're in the 40s in the beginning of the week and 60s by wednesday. a tailgate take down, a driver follows another car too closely, but police say both drivers are at fault. we can see the fog on 202 past 401. that's northbound traffic heading toward exton. we'll check 422 and have another new accident for you when "action news" comes right back.
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6:45, brilliant sunshine bouncing around on the clouds as we take a look live on sky6 live hd. today is st. patrick's day, and it's going to be a good one. all right, let's go over to karen rogers and see how the commute is looking. >> reporter: it's funny you look at different shots, you see things differently. that shot on sky 6 was so clear, now we're on 422, eastbound at traffic heavy fog from oaks to 202 of we have an 11 minute ride and 4 minute delay and with reduced visibilities, i wouldn't be surprised to see a slower go. we have an accident west philadelphia, 34th and girard avenue. you want to watch for that. slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway near that area as you head eastbound into the city.
6:46 am
let's look at the other problems around the area. i want to go back to i-95 southbound eve noticed heavier traffic approaching cottman. we're jamming up. we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. somebody is still out there, trying to push it off to the side. 28 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. i-95 southbound heavy approaching cottman, disabled vehicle looks to be right about there, you can see people slowing down. they have to get over into the left lane. it's causing a little bit of a backup there. i-95 northbound at the newark toll plaza we were talking about the accident in delaware, while they cleared out the accident scene they are doing repair. the toll plaza, the two middle lanes are blocked for the repairs. visibility reports better in some spots, worse in others. 6 miles at philadelphia international. .3 in delaware. that's low. 1.7 in millville. half mile atlantic city airport. .3 in allentown.
6:47 am
it's hard to see in some spots, matt. thank you karen. brand new this morning, sea world announced they will end all killer whales starting today. they will introduce natural orca encounters rather than shows. ceo said as society's understanding of orca's change sea world is changing with it. a crash caught an dash cam in wisconsin is talking about which driver was wrong. the driver was tailgating, the driver in front brake checks the car and the driver behind loses control and spins out. the driver in the median was cited in the crash. but police say both were at
6:48 am
fault and police are looking for the other driver and want to charge him with reckless driving. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington, while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security -
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it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn.
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minutes away from "good morning america." let's check in with amy robach with a look at what's coming up, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you tam and matt. we're talking about the race for the white house, donald trump warning of riots if his party tries to stop him. new details in hulk hogan's legal battle with the website gawker. the woman seen in the sex tape
6:51 am
tearing up during her testimony. robin's exclusive interview with prince harry his important mix he is taking on. a side of the royal we have not seen any more -- we have not seen very often. harry looks like he is a lot of fun. i would like to play pool with him. >> reporter: i would too for different reasons. [laughter]. this is the schuylkill expressway, westbound, you can see we have lots of fog in the area, too, just be careful out there. schuylkill expressway westbound the off-ramp to conshohocken we have a disabled vehicle, be careful as you head out. we have an accident at 34ing and girard avenue in west philadelphia, as well, dave. >> reporter: dressing the kids in green for st. patrick's day.
6:52 am
it's cool enough for a jacket temperatures in the 40s. this afternoon we'll get into the 60s, there's a chance of a spotty shower after the kids get home from school. .3 visibility in allentown and same story in wilmington. it's bad in dover, delaware. 60 degrees by 11:00 a.m. we're expecting the fog to break up today. 63 by 1:00 p.m. the high 65 degrees at 3:00 p.m. after 3 perform, there's a chance of a spotty shower or rumble of thunder passing through, this is not the order of the day, it won't be a total washout later. a chicago white sox player is walking away from $13 million because of a feud with team management. adam laroche said he will retire with a year left on his contract. the center of the controversy is his son drake. management requested that
6:53 am
laroche cut the visitors in half. we -- the visits in half. we have decision on our 6abc facebook page. tell us if there's a right time and wrong time to bring a child to work.
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6:55 am
new video now from our breaking news from pennsville,
6:56 am
clem county. this is viewer video of a truck that slammed into a home. look at the flames. the truck hit a gas line that sparked the massive fire. this is action cam video from moments ago showing the aftermath on dunlap avenue. the pick up truck is charred. firefighters are at the scene. so far we've heard no reports of injuries in pennsville. a vehicle involved in a police chase in south philadelphia nearly hit one of the responding officers. the vehicle fit the description of one cruised in the -- used in a burglary. the suspects are on the the loose. 30 eastbound off ramp to you route 100 are jammed up. hook road is still shut down because of a truck into a house. >> reporter: it's cool this morning, 44 degrees, patchy fog around it will burn off, sun and clouds, it will be mild, high of 65 around 3:00 p.m.
6:57 am
after 4:00 p.m. look out for a spotty passing shower and rumble of thunder. happy saint patrick's day, everyone, look out for rainbows and four leaf clovers. >> reporter: and be nice to leprechauns. see you!
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good morning, america. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me and i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival says he's ducking him and the president prepares for an epic showdown over his supreme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca shows. the park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell walking away from his team and $13 million after management stopped him from taking his son to work. did the team go too far? a royal exclusive. prince harry one-on-one revealing the mission that's changing his life. >>


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