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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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turkey, takes over a car dealership, and that is all next. that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! winter a's last gasp, they were out and about in manayunk tonight, some wearing coats, some not. but we will soon see a coal front sweep into the tri-state area and would be believe, we could have a significant
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snowstorm? well, believe it. it is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the changeover from winter to spring, it could happen with a fair amount of snow on the ground. let's get right to the big board a and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim, how ironic as we head toward official first day of spring on sunday, temperatures will be dropping to more wintry levels. yesterday 71. today 63. it is 10 degrees above normal. the even tomorrow pretty mild. 61 degrees. but then a cold front moves through and this will open door for air to dream down from canada. saturday a's high only 48 degrees, and then sunday, the afternoon high only 38 degrees. so that cold air is one ingredient you need if you are going to see accumulating snow. another ingredient is moisture. satellite six with action radar showing we have a couple pieces of energy that are strung out across northern plains. what this will do is consolidate over tennessee
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valley, start to gather moisture from the gulf of mexico and emerge off the coast of the carolinas, as a nor'easter. so future tracker showing these two lows coming together off the coast of the carolinas and virginia and intensifying, bombing out, and what this will do is pull in moisture, sunday 8:00 in the morning. the computer models had been trending earlier, this shows that moisture being pulled in and it does show that north and west of i-95 we're looking at all snow, south and east when it first starts it will begin as wet snow. so breaking it the down, this is the snow event for northwestern suburbs. all wet snow. i-95 met the tro area during the day could be a a little bit of mixing with rain. central delaware, southern new jersey it starts as rain, by evening, it changes over to snow. in the evening is when it will accumulate. i will talk totals in the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. join us tomorrow morning, for very latest information from accu weather. matt o'donnell, tamala edward,
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david murphy an karen rodgers will have the latest track of the spring snow system, at the 4:30 a.m. a 22-year old man who was shot by philadelphia police tonight, is in stable condition, critical but stable condition, at temple university hospital live at the axis "action news" reporter jeff chirico. jeff, what happened here. >> reporter: jim, police say it was a person of interest in another shooting, and when detectives tried to talk with him he pulled a gun on him. in this evidence bag the handgun police say a career criminal pulled on two under cover detectives, just after 6:30. the officers were at 15th and allegheny to talk to the 22-year old man about a shooting in the area last week. when they called his name, he ran into an alley. >> when officers caught up to the male, that is when he pull the gun from his waste band, pointed it at police, officers ordered him to drop the gun, he refused, one officer discharged his weapon striking
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the suspect, in his legs and his torso. >> reporter: the block was closed off for hours as investigators processed the shooting scene. after the suspect was taken to the hospital police discovered that he is wanted on three active warrant for fraud, and stealing, and now, he faces more charges. >> why he decided to point a weapon at police just goes to show how desperate he was to allude capture and to get a away. >> reporter: chief inspector scott small says an internal investigation will be conduct but it appears the officer acted a appropriately. >> there were no injuries to police, no injuries to other civilians and we obviously took a criminal off of the street. >> reporter: small says he will face assault, weapons and drug charges. detectives still want to talk to him about that shooting. we are live at temple university hospital, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". >> jeff, thank you. wilmington police are investigating whether a murder tonight was in retaliation for a shooting earlier this afternoon. a man was kill in the 2,000
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block of connell street at 6:30. police say he suffered multiple gunshot wound. this scene was a block away from where a 17 year-old was shot in the ankles, that happened at 1:30 in the 200 block of north franklin street. authorities in bucks county are investigating the death of the pedestrian on the train tracks, in tulleytown. officials say that the person was struck and killed, at 7:30 tonight by a septa train heading south from trenton. no passengers were on the train at a the time. amtrak suspended services between trenton and philadelphia for an hour. septa a trains are still not running, on the trenton line. police are telling "action news" that the 78 year-old man arrested yesterday for allegedly stabbing a man getting off of a septa bus has done the same thing, twice before. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at church road, in springfield, baltimore pike, and church road, chad, what about the victim of yesterday's a tack.
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>> reporter: victim is doing okay, thankfully, because the stabbing just missed an artery, according to investigators, edward gay is responsible for three unprovoked random stabbings on septa since june. the most recent one, right here and i spoke with the victim. >> the one in my neck is a screwdriver and one in the head is knife. >> reporter: metal plunged in deandre coston neck and head but the 18 year-old had in idea he was being stab. >> when i touched my head i seen blood on my fingers. have been ran off the bus saying he got stab. he didn't do anything. >> reporter: authorities say costen is latest victim of 78 year-old edward gay, it was wednesday afternoon where he was walking off the bus at baltimore pike and church road heading to work. >> he had a stake knife and screwdriver. >> reporter: what did he hit you with. >> both of them. he sat right back down to the bus. >> reporter: good samaritan works as a security guard and was armed kept gay secured in the bus until springfield police arrived.
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septa police arrived on the scene a short time later and knew, that they had their man. wanted for two similar attacks in june and november. all of them on septa, random, and unprovoke. >> sharp object. >> reporter: lieutenant nicole lawson says gay is home less and used several aliases which made finding him difficult. >> we have been looking for him, for several months now. he has been in homeless shelters, counselors, anywhere we can find him. >> reporter: coston was treated in a local hospital and he like other victims was in the seriously hurt. the upper darby high school senior is grateful that his injuries were moth worse. >> it was like this close to hitting a major artery in my neck. >> reporter: and court record revealed that gay has a lengthy criminal history and suffers from mental illness. i'm live from springfield, chad pradelli, channel six "action news", jim? >> chad, thank you. they held a prayer vigil will tonight near scene of the stabbing spree that left one
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man dead and two injured last week in southwest philadelphia a. state representative joanna mcclinton and community angries paul moore led vigil tonight. it took place in the same block where a man with a lengthy criminal history allegedly stabbed three strangers, killing one of them. people who attended the vigil tonight called for an end to violence and prayed that the victim's family find peace. funeral arrangements have been announced for maryland police officer colson who was killed in the line of duty on sunday. colson is a delaware county native. the his viewing and memorial service will be in maryland but his funeral will take place at lawn croft cemetery in marcus hook. colson was killed by a fellow officer during a shoot-out in the case of mistaken identity. philadelphia city officials have an idea what may have caused a partial building collapse in olde city this morning. demolition crew where is working at fifth and race when a column gave way forcing a
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slab of concrete to the ground. that concrete hit a lamp post and tree that then felon to a school bus. only the bus driver was on board at the time and he is okay. new developments tonight in the i-95 toll plaza crash in newark, delaware that we first told but last night at 11:00. police say 31 year-old matt rue was drunk when he caused this crash. it involved four vehicles. four people were hurt. rue from maclean, virginia faces dui and drug possession charges. strike averted in northampton county. a tentative agreement has been reached for teachers who had planned to walk off the job tomorrow. the nazareth area education a association will be presenting a proposal to teachers early next week. they have all been working without a contract, since august. the philadelphia school district is looking to hire 800 new teachers. the district is getting a head
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start in hopes of finding best candidates for next year. last fall the district waited too long, and ended up with nearly 100 vacant positions, this this year. starting salary is just over 45 you this dollars a year. conestoga high school's football coach has resigned in the wake of the hazing scandal. john logan stepped down, and the entire team staff has been removed. police say an unsupervised locker room allowed the players to carry out a tradition they called no gay thursday which involved hazing and bullying. it escalated in october when a freshman player was violated with a broom handle. three students have been criminally charged. the tredyffrin easttown school district will hire a district wide full-time athletic director for more oversight. this is how it looked as police officers arrived on the scene of the house fire in salem county, early this morning. this is viewer video of the fire along dunlap avenue in
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pennsville at 5:30. police say that the the fire was spark by a truck, that lost control and then slammed into the house. the the vehicle struck a gas line. a husband and wife were asleep inside, and they had the driver, made it out okay. close call there. still to come on "action news" tonight a gloucester county car dealership got an unexpect intruder today. how a huge turkey got inside. the ncaa tournament is underway but local teams are just getting warmed up for their first round games tomorrow. we will have a preview, cecily? this cold air will be heading our way this weekend, then coastal storm could bring accumulating snow. we will talk about snow fall totals in the the a accu weather seven day forecast. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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angeles sky scraper under construction is dead after plunging 800 feet. it was his second day on the
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job. the 73 story sky scraper which will be about is 1100 feet tall when it is completed, will be the tallest building on the west coast. secretary of state john kerry said today that the islamic state is committing genocide against christians and other minorities in iraq and syria. today's announcement is just the second time in history that the united states has declared a genocide is being committed during an ongoing conflict. declaration does not obligate u.s. to take further specific a actions, against isis. still, kerry a says the country will do all it can to see that the group is held accountable. supreme court nominee merrick garland had his first courtesy call on capitol hill. he met with patrick leahy who is ranking democrat on the senate judiciary commit thee. of course, republican leaders say they will in the hold a hearing, on garland's nomination. it took a few days but hillary clinton has been
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declared winner of tuesday's primary in missouri. clinton was ahead of bernie sanders by 1631 votes, and sanders conceded today, he says that the taxpayers have better ways to spend their money then by holding a recount. on the republican side, conservative stall warts to the g.o.p. stop donald trump from being the nominee? a group of 30 conservatives met the at army navy country club today in arlington to commit themselves to a stop trump movement. word is they have discussed strategy for a possible contested convention in cleveland, and the idea that unified cruz/kasich ticket or running a third party candidate. publisher a and former presidential candidate steve forbes was one of the keynote speakers tonight at a lincoln day dinner in conshohocken. the event was sponsored by the republican committee of lower merion and narberth. forbes, whose grandfather founded forbes magazine, used his own fortune to launch
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unsuccessful bid for the white house in 1996, and the year 2,000. sea world did an about face today, after years of public pressure, sea world announce today that it is ending the killer whale shows at its parks. the orcas they currently have are the last they will keep in captivity. sea world is stopping killer whale breeding. attendance dropped dramatically after highly, critical documentary called black fish, that was released in 2013. some feathers were really ruffled at a car dealership in westville, new jersey today when a turkey decided to pay a visit. the bird flew through a window of this chevy dealer in westville, and it perched right on top of the desk, seeming to be perfectly content to survey its surroundings but before it had a chance to take a test drive, it ended up in the back seat of the vehicle will cart add way by animal control. on health check at
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11:00 the chewing tobacco you often see stuffed in the cheeks of major league baseball players will be soon illegal at a number of ballpark. boston, los angeles, san francisco and chicago have all passed laws. the law banning the use of smokeless tobacco by anyone at the ballparks in those cities, even the players. most are set to take effect before opening day. more concerts will be coming to the sands, of atlantic city. the casino reinvestment authority approved three-year, six million-dollar agreement with live nation, today. the entertainment group will put on six concerts during each of the next three summer seasons. more than 80,000 people came to the beach to hear maroon five, and, rascal flats, last summer. good to have music, on the beach of atlantic city. >> i like thinking about the summer. >> we will to have put that off for a while. >> yes, exactly n doubt a
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nor'easter will form over the weekend. big question is how quickly does it intensify and how close to the coast does it track. that will impact how much snow we will see. so be prepared. storm tracker six live double scan, showing right now no snow right now out there. we have a few showers just lingering across cape may county, sea isle city and cape may. they are light. they are finally moving away. a as they move, the skies will continue to clear out across south jersey, and temperatures will start dropping there. you can see quite a difference where we have cloud, atlantic city airport 55. philadelphia a few cloud at 56. allentown it has cleared out so temperatures already dropped down to 43 there. lancaster 45. poconos, 44 degrees. the a satellite six with action radar showing you can see northwestern suburbs are clear. still have a veil of cloud over south jersey and delaware. they will continue to clear out as we head through overnight hours. the morning commute is looking good. not expected to see if you go tomorrow morning like we have had the past two morning but
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take sunglasses. sun glare could be a problem. not that cold for this time of the year. 6:00 o'clock 44. by 8:00 o'clock 46 degrees. tomorrow a decent day as far as temperatures. 61 degrees. still mild. as this cold front passes through in the afternoon we could get a few scattered showers. the main influence will be the wind of change. it moves through. we will get wind shifting out of the northwest pulling down some very cold air from canada so saturday's high only 48 degrees. that cold air is one ingredient, you need, if you want to see snow. you also need moisture. and it looks like there is plenty on the way. a nor'easter will develop off the coast of the carolinas. again how quickly it intensifies will determine how much snow we will see. it looks like it will be a arriving before dawn, on sunday. areas to the northwest, wake up sunday morning, it the is already snowing. rain to the south east and the high's accumulations will be northwest of philadelphia, but this is march. you have to remember that we
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get high sun angle will, so most of the accumulation will be on non-paved surfaces, during the day, we're looking at wet road. but the snow will likely continue until about midnight, on sunday night. that is when we couple gold accumulation. we are doing percentages because there is still a lot as far as track yet to be determine. right now highest percentage it looks like we will see a maryland rate snow event. three to 6 inches of snow in philadelphia however, if that storm system develops later, we are looking at light snow, one to 3 inches this time of the year it is like threading a need toll put heavy snow but 25 percent chance we could see six to 12 inches of snow. we will keep you posted as new information becomes a available, over the next 24 hours. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow, partly sunny, windy, shower early in the afternoon with a high of 61. saturday good amount of unshine. high only 48 degrees. on sunday, that is when we will see wet the snow, rain, south and east and south east
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by the evening, it will be cold enough for snow. the high 38 degrees. the and then behind the system on monday it is blustery, it is chilly, 44 degrees, still cool on tuesday, 46 but look at what happens by wednesday, 62, and then by thursday, up to 07 degrees. so whatever falls will be melting very quickly next week and we will get new information overnight. david murphy will update on "action news" at the 4:30. >> cecily, thank you. a south philadelphia a elementary school is getting a make over thanks to a fame as you alumni. oklahoma city thunder guard, dion waiters, who was born in south philadelphia, has donated $10,000 to create a new school yard at em stanton school. right now it is an asphalt lot but it will soon be renovated with artificial turf, running track, basket the ball court, trees and a garden. waiters had has suffered tragedy recently his 21 year-old brother was murdered, in a shooting in grays ferry,
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on march 8th.
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in need. three local teams get started tomorrow. >> yes, we cannot wait, wait is nearly over for our local teams. all hoping their ncaa tournament play, villanova and temple are in brooklyn. jeff skversky has both covered. >> reporter: after early exits last two years villanova says they are ready to make a deep run. for ryan arcidiacono and company that starts with unc/ashville on friday. >> we want to win the national championship. how does that start? unc/ashville. >> reporter: villanova says they are focused only on the present. friday's opening round game with unc/ashville, wildcats are not using their early exits the last two years as motivation. >> yes, we have to let it get f we try to focus on last year, completely different team, if we try to think about that in the game, it will take our focus from unc ashville. >> it is in our past. we have had a whole year of, you know, something new and we are focused on our next game. >> reporter: while nova a has
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been here before the big dance is unchartered territory for this temple team. senior captain jaylen bonnies the only owls to play in the tournament before and they have been picking his brain heading in to their game against iowa. >> i asked them what is the excitement, what is energy like. he said it is nothing like the regular season game or even like a nit game that we were in last year. >> just play the game. we will be okay if we do that. we have some poise about us. some toughness about us. we will be okay good if both villanova and temple advance and win their opening round games they will play each other, sunday in the ncaa tournament the for the first time since 1970. with temple, and villanova in brooklyn, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". st. joes and cincinnati will be the night cap in spokane. hawks are eight seed in the the west. phil martelli knows cincinnati is a tough draw. >> their defensive field goal percentage is the same on the road as it the is on the road. so, you know, i'm not into
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adages and all that stuff but defense is traveling with them and i'll be selfish and say i hope their offense didn't make the flight to spokane. >> still ahead, the same old story for sixers, plus, it is not the a same old story for ryan howard. phillies highlights are next.
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america runs on dunkin'. inside of a a month left in the season, about 15 games, amen. tonight the they host wizards. third quarter sixers are getting blend out. otto porter, three ball.
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sixers are down by 24 points. can you believe it, they come back. fourteen seconds to go in the game, thompson puts sixers down by just one point. wizard hit their free throws down stretch. sixers lose 99-94. oklahoma city thunder are in town tomorrow night. phillies and, rays, strong outing for vincent vel yes, sir, five innings, one run, strikes out seven. he will be in the starting rotation likely. fourth inning ryan howard facing a left-handed pitcher. this is ryan's first home run of the spring and represents phillies lone home run of the game. tampa bay hit four home runs. phillies lose six-one. friendly programming note union home opener is this sunday, against new england. might be a bit messy. catch match here on six abc, coverage begins at 2:00. that is sports. finally tonight after performance worthy of a tone a
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ward right on the walk outside the academy of music. >> ♪ >> a few of our favorite things ♪ >> this is one of our favorite things these talented singers are from the philadelphia performing arts charter school. they performed a songs from the sound of music, which, runs at the academy of music through sunday. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest, henry cavel and "action news" continues at 4:30, with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy a and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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