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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 4:30 a.m., friday, march 18. here's what we're following on "action news" new details in a deadly stabbing investigation in a philadelphia neighborhood. philadelphia police investigate a suspicious piece of mail sent to donald trump's son. get ready to anger your boss, march madness is playing their tournament games today. that's the way it's going today. let's go over to david murphy, go temple owls and the
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hawks and the cats and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: any of the local teams winning is okay with me at least in the first round. we have cloud cover up to the north and we're looking at clear skies to start out. 51 degrees in philadelphia currently. in allentown we've dipped to 36. 46 in reading. 37 in millville. 49 at cape may. on the bus stop this morning between 6 and 8:00 a.m. 46 degrees by 6:00. dipping to 45 degrees by 8:00 a.m. mainly clear and not much wind today. 52 by 11:00. 57 by 1:00 p.m. 62 around 3:00 p.m. at some point during the middle of the afternoon there's a chance of a spotty light shower. i'll show you that on future tracker 6. we have sunshine on saturday, but it's likely we'll see wet snow on sunday, i'll have the
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latest from accuweather on that. >> reporter: i was out last night and that's what everybody was talking about. i-95 southbound at business route 1 we have one lane blocked. construction crews on the scene. they are in the process of clearing out shortly, though. let's look at this accident scene causing restrictions on the boulevard, southbound near rising sun avenue. the outer drive has two lanes blocked. here's the boulevard near the schuylkill expressway, southbound traffic heading near the schuylkill expressway, moving just fine. the past few days we saw a shot fogged out. i-95 southbound traffic at cottman, hardly anybody out and about here just yet. matt and tam. new details on a deadly stabbing investigation police say the victim collided with an suv after stumbling away from the stabbing. annie mccormick is live at police headquarters, good
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morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, and so far homicide detective's have not made any arrest in the case. they say the victim was stabbed multiple times and died a short time later at temple hospital. take a look at the video from the scene a short time at 8:30 p.m. the victim was discovered in the 1500 block of folk rod street, they learned the man in his early 20s was stabbed multiple times in the chest. investigators believe the stabbing took place in the 4700 block of oxford avenue. when the victim ran a half block where he was later discovered he came in contact with an suv. police are stopping short of calling this a hit-and-run. they are not sure if the victim was hit by the vehicle. the suv took off. they have located, no word if they have found or been in contact with the driver of the suv. back out here live, witnesses
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saw a male running on oxford avenue an throw something into a sewer, police recovered something from the sewer. they did not find the man. he was wearing a tan jacket with a fur hood or collar. if you have any information contact philadelphia police. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thanks, annie, we'll check in with you later. this is video of a three-alarm fire in allentown. flames shot through an apartment building on south carlisle street last night. firefighters rescued several dogs from the flames. the red cross is helping those who were displaced. detectives in wilmington are investigating whether a murder was retaliation for another shooting. a man was killed on the 2,000 block of carnel street at 6:30. he suffered multiple gunshot wounds.
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this scene is about a block away where a 17-year-old was shot in the ankle. that happened on franklin street. john voguen stepped down and the entire team staff have been removed. an unsupervised locker room allowed players to carry on no gay thursday. three students have been charged. the school district will now higher a full time athletic director for more oversight. developing now, a suspicious piece of mail was sent to donald trump's son eric in new york city last night. it reportedly contained a white powder and is in a lab for examination. stop trump movement was discussed yesterday to make
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plans if there is a contested convention in cleveland this summer. democrats have declared hillary clinton primary winner. president obama told a group of democratic donors that the vermont senator's campaign should end soon. happening today, the villanova, temp, and st. joe's basketball teams will open their ncaa tournament play, march madness is here. katherine scott is live with more on the growing excitement. >> reporter: we've got nova, st. joe's, temple, there's no shortage of philly teams to be rooting for today. there will be people at the bars and watch parties. fans will be heading brooklyn,
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philly is ready for the dance. we're just focused on our next game. >> reporter: the wildcats are keeping their eyes on the early game plan. we try to focus on last year, completely different scene. if we tried to think about that, in the game, it will take our focus from unc asheville. >> reporter: temple is facing iowa, jaylin bond is the only owl who played in the ncaa before. his teammates are drawing on his experience. what else the excitement like? -- what's the excitement like? it's nothing like a regular-season game. we have to play the game,
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we have some poise about us and toughness, we'll be okay. >> reporter: st. joe's is out west in spokane washington, awaiting their game tonight against cincinnati. tipoff is just before 10:00. it's an experience these seniors never want to forget. we want to go out fighting. we played hard and given everything we got, this is what we're here for. >> reporter: so if villanova and temple advance today they face each other on sunday in the text round. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." the times of the games it is advantageous to have a morning shift on this friday. 4:38. still to come on "action news," police were surprised who was caught on camera shop lifting a northeast pennsylvania storm. take a look at the kids, we're dressing in jackets today,
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it will be a chilly start, but milder this afternoon, however, the wind pick up, a slight chance of a spotty shower, not enough to go overboard on the rain gear. looking at the weekend call, possibility of wet snow on sunday, i'll have the details coming up. this is new video from
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texas, baseball-sized pelted a man's car in arlington poking holes in the windshield and the interior was damaged. this happened as a fast moving storm moved through the lonestar state. time to turn to david murphy, hopefully we won't see that, but we could see snow. >> reporter: because it's wet snow on sunday, some of it may wind up on the grass.
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nonetheless, it's one to prepare for and think of possible slow going. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are precipitation free. as we look outside we are looking at sky6 live hd down in chester, the commodor barry bridge. 51 degrees in philadelphia. suburbs in the 40s. windy, west northwest at 8 miles per hour. 46 degrees in trenton. 46 in reading. 49 in cape may. a couple of spots like allentown and millville have dipped into the 30s, light winds, but coat weather everybody. we get a sunny start today. as the day goes on, there's a chance of afternoon cloud cover and by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., we could see spotty showers. they are not mounting to very much. by 7:00, those who are seeing showers aren't see them any
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more. 54 degrees by noon, high of 62 degrees this afternoon only a few degrees lower than yesterday in a lot of neighborhoods. 5:00 p.m., 59 degrees. high temperatures across the region. 58 in allen torn -- allentown, 59 in reading and 58 in cape may down by the cool ocean water. saturday, cooler high of 48 degrees. we have sun fading behind high clouds and then we have our eyes on a coastal storm. looks like a developing nor'easter down to the south. it will sweep past saturday night and come through on sunday. i'm going to give this an even chance of a one to three inches of wet snow and 3 to 6 inches in the northern and western suburbs, a low chance of it being heavier than that.
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if we get, expect one to three inches of wet snow through the i-95 corridor. less down the shore, although it will change to rain down the shore. 3 to 6 in the northern suburbs, however this depends on the track and these numbers could get shouldled. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, still mild and during the day it will get windier. we'll have a spotty shower. brisk and cooler on saturday, high of 48. looks like on sunday by the time you get up, it will be precipitating across the region, we'll have wet snow mixing in with rain along i-95 down the shore. 38 degrees is the high, the union home opener, you'll need gear and layers to fend off the weather. brisk and chilly monday,
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42 degrees, tuesday, sunny and chilly, 44. wednesday, 60 degrees, thursday, warmer getting back to 68 degrees. remember when we're not on the air check the latest weather conditions and forecast at not that there will be a little bit of checking going on this weekend as we get closer saturday night into sunday. investigators in northeastern pennsylvania say this surveillance video shows a nun shoplifting snacks, soap and shampoo. a customer spotted her stufferring those items into a grocery bag and leaving. employees managed to get her license plate which was traced to a nearby convent. if she pleads guilty she'll have to pay a fine. new on "action news," a reward is being offered to find the person responsible for killing a flock of snow geese by blowing over them with their
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vehicle. it happened in lewis, delaware, this past sunday, 1990 black chevy blazer with window stickers. the division of fish and wildlife are calling the act a cruel and senseless waste of natural resources. they are awfergd a reward -- offering a reward of $500. we have more information on an electrician that had fallen 53 floors from an unfinished sky scraper. it wassed second day on the job. he was not supposed to be above the third floor. an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing last night. the plane was struck by lightning. it was traveling from raleigh to newark airport when it was hit. passengers say they saw a flash
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of light and heard what sounded like annual explosion. nobody was hurt. employees at a gloucester county car dealership find themselves calling animal control when an uninvited visitor breaks through a window. what people are expected to spend on easterly e easter when "action news" comes right back.
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sky6 live hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport where people are getting ready to go or arrive, and these are the last few days of winter, so we here at "action news," karen are enjoying them. >> reporter: you are. until next year. i'm happy to see spring. >> reporter: i'm enjoying it, too, all right if you say so. looking live at the schuylkill expressway, here we are at girard, westbound traffic is moving just fine, good shot of the roads. we're clear and dry no precipitation, no fog out there this morning. it should be all right for a friday. nonetheless we have an accident on the bum -- boulevard southbound outer drive.
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ben franklin bridge, ladies and gentlemen, web going into the city -- westbound going into the city moving just fine. hamburg is closed for a half-hour, stick to dupont highway. blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 speeds are doing all right, matthew. a wild turkey went into a gloucester county car dealership and is being treated for injuries. the bird made itself at home on the desk of the manager. it shattered the glass and sat on the printer for a while and flew up on a shelf. an animal control officer chased it around a bit using a net to catch the wayward bird. once patched up, he will ebb released into a -- he will be released into a appropriate
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spot. struggling atlantic city reinvestment authority has approved a three year contract with live nation saying they will put on 6 concerts over the next three years. there's two recalls affecting tuna fish one from bumble bee and chicken of the sea worried about products being sterilized. there's more information at the dow gained 55 points. future are pointing to a mixed open. national retail federation think we're going to go crazy
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with easter basks. $146 a person, most of it will go to food and clothes and candy. a fire-breathing routine at a florida high school pep rally goes awry. we'll have more at 5le a.m. there are inflatable air dancers scaring off people we'll tell you about it when we come back to "g.m.a." to "action news." behind what you are paying for, right. the final answer.
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hampshire jumping will decide whether to provide bail for owen will labree who was convicted of sexually attacking a classmate. he was 18 at the time of the 2014 encounter and the girl involved was 15. a south jersey woman said people moved heaven and earth so her dieing mother could be part of her wedding. erica myers said shell cherish this pick forever. wedding called
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their caghts and they walked down the aisle. a what canny attempt to scare a dozen sea lions are working. last year the port tried beach balls to keep the sea lions away, but the attempts failed. the sea lions are blamed for lost fishing revenue and damage to the pier. a convicted felon plans to earn freedom by singing an adele song in front of a judge. a man is on the hook to pay back $7 million to customers, we'll tell you what's going on here. this price can't be right...
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♪ bada ba ba ba is 5:00 a.m., friday, march 18. here's what's happening. a murder mystery deepens the unidentified man who was stabbed to death may have hit by a passing suv. we're live with the new details. new this morning, a fire eater erupts in flames during a high school pep rally in florida. just in time for spring, accuweather is tracking snow. ooh. it's just not according to my plans. >> reporter: okay. >> reporter: not according to your plans, matt, i'm sorry to hear that, that's a


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