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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, everyone, 6:00 a.m., friday, march 18. here's what's happening. a murder mystery deepens, the unidentified man who was stabbed to death may have been hit by a passing suv, we're live with the details police are trying to put together. a fire eater erupts into flames during a pep rally in florida. just this time for spring, accuweather is tracking snow. it is almost immoral. >> reporter: can i just say it's the second straight year of i am morality, last year the first day of spring features 3.9
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inches of snow. we could be in for that again. we have sunshine up over the horizon. not much cloud cover this morning. 47 in philadelphia. upper 30s in allentown. mid 30s in millville. 47 in trenton, new jersey. winds not that strong, 8 miles per hour but you will want a jacket with the chilly temperatures. clouds increase and we might see a spotty passing shower in a couple of neighborhoods. mild around 62 about 3:00 p.m. and then comes the weekend we'll chill down on saturday and sunday we're looking at the arrival of rain and wet snow, i'll break that down from accuweather coming up. what about roads early on a friday? >> reporter: no weather-related problems impacting us. s we're dry and no fog. this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound traffic moving toward center city. moving nicely. i-95 southbound approaching
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cottman. traffic heading toward center city. maybe a little more volume than a half-hour ago. no delay. an easy 14 minute ride northbound and southbound between vine and woodhaven. speaking of vine, it did not close overnight for construction. no big issues there. septa put out a notice for possible delays on all regional rails. they are having issue with the number of trains they have. you could see delays or overcrowding due to the equipment shortages they are experiencing right now. we'll keep on top of that one, no specific times on any lines just yet. just warnings matt and tam. we have new developments in a murder investigation, a man was stabbed to death in the frankford section of the city. police are looking for a driver, because they think the victim was hit by an suv right before the attack. annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with the full story.
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annie. >> reporter: police are trying to sort it all out, matt. they say they are not sure if the victim collided with the vehicle or hit. they say he was stabbed several times and did die at temple hospital. take a look at the video. this is video from the scene shortly before 8:30 p.m. the victim was discovered in the 1500 block of folkrod street. initially the call was for a gunshot victim. they learned that the man in his 20s was stabbed multiple times in the chest. the stabbing took place on the 4700 block of oxford avenue. when the victim ran a half block from where he was discovered he came in contact with the suv. police are stopping short of calling this a hit-and-run. when he was running in the 1500 block of folkrod he either ran into or struck by a white suv vehicle that was traveling east on the 1500 block of
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folkrod. after coming in contact with the stabbing victim, the white suv-type vehicle fled the scene. >> reporter: police say so far witnesses have been very helpful in the case. witnesses did get a tag off that suv. they also say they found andreas that is linked to the suv and located the vehicle. witnesses saw a man running done oxford and frankford and saw him throw something into a sewer. they discovered a bloody handle they believe to be from the knife found in the sewer. it's a busy intersection and there are a number of cameras there and they hope anyone else with information will come forward. matt and tam. a 22-year-old man is in stable condition after he was shot by an undercover police officer. authorities say two officers were at 15th and allegheny to
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talk to the man about a shooting in the area. he ran into the alley. he pulled a gun. one officer shot the suspect in the leg and torso. they later learned that the suspect had three active warrants out for his arrest. funeral raiments were announced for a maryland police officer who was killed in the line of duty on sunday. jacai colson was a delaware county native. his funeral be services will be held in maryland. a grave side service will take place delaware county march 28. an officer killed him during a shootout in a case of mistaken identity. naacp demonstrated outside philadelphia school district building. they say they are upset about the school commission's recent school takeover. they don't they think they
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should be the governing body of philadelphia schools. a teacher said he has to reapply for his job next year and teachers have gotten the same letter. strike averted in nazareth. they will be presenting a proposal to teachers early next week. they have been working without a contract since august. atlantic city be known as the summertime concert destination as well as gambling resort. maribel has more at the nasdaq in time square. >> reporter: atlantic city hopes to get a boost from summertime concert. the reinvestment development authority approved three year live nation contract. more than 08,000 people came to beach concerts by maroon five
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and rascal flatts last summer. futures are pointing to a higher open we have consumer sentiment due out later today. you can bring your own cup to 7-eleven for a slurpee tomorrow. you can fill up a cup for 1.50. no trash cans or kitchen sinks. that would make for an interesting visual. who brought a kiddie pool to 7-eleven. there are those who would try. i hope they washed it out first. >> reporter: hey, mild today again, but progressively cooler over the weekend and it looks like rain and wet snow on sunday, wow. storm tracker 6 live double scan we are dry for now.
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tranquil conditions over the ben franklin bridge, the promise of sun coming up later. winds are light, but it's chilly. we have dipped into the 40s, 47 degrees currently. the winds southwest at 8 miles per hour. not all that strong, but cool enough for coats again. up in allentown you're in the mid 30s. 43 in reading, 50 in cape may. future tracker 6 showing you a sunny start. later this afternoon we get clouds filtering through, there may be a pop-up sprinkle or shower, it doesn't look like much. 7:00 p.m. we're looking at clearing skies. it will be mild, 50 degrees by 10 m-- a.m. noon, 54. we're expecting a chance of a spotty shower. not that windy right now, but winds pick up as the day goes on. high temperatures north to south, 58 in allentown, 58 in cape may and low 60s 234 between with the sun and clouds mix. high pressure buildings --
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builds in on sunday. look for the changes to begin. tomorrow, 48. breezy cool day on tap. sun and high clouds that will come up from the south because we'll see an area of low pressure develop down to the south. that will move north on saturday giving us higher clouds. on sunday passing us by it will bring precipitation. it will be a mix of rain and in some cases wet snow from the i-95 corridor up to the north and west we're looking at an even chance of one to three inch snowfall and even chance of 3 to 6 depending on the track and which model you believe. we're back and forth between the two scenarios on the model recently. if we get the worst case scenario the highest will be 3 to 6 up north and a coating down south. some models have the storm system close to the coast we'll have to much warm air coming in,
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it may be snowing north and west of philadelphia. we'll see rain in the i-95 corridor and snow in the northern and western suburbs. what happens with the snow line we expect a total changeover to snow at the tail end before it ends. this is not january snow. it's march snow. it should be a wet snow and in cases where the roads are pretreated with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and well above we're dealing with largely wet roads during the day. of course it's snow and snow can give you surprises, so take it slow if you see the wet snow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today no problems, mild and windy, 62. tomorrow, brisk and cooler, high of 48. sunday before you wake up in the morning it's probably raining and in some cases wet snow. through the afternoon it will be wet and snowy through the day.
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union home opener on 67 abc. if you're fan and want to go to the park you'll need rain gear. monday, brisk and chilly, 42. tuesday, 44. we'll have 60s by wednesday. be careful as you drive around. 6:11. unanswered prayers, a scam artist dupes the devowt -- devout into paying for help from above. >> reporter: looking live on the platt bridge, i-95 trafficking moving nicely, some of the volume picking up a little bit. we'll look live at 422 and talk about an accident coming in. bringing a fire breather to a high school pep rally turned
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out to be a bad idea. you'll see why on "action news."
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welcome back taking a live look here, the sunrise starting there, the commodor barry bridge, beautiful start there to our friday. 6:14, 55 degrees. if the bridge were a
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rainbow it would be the commodor barry bridge. >> reporter: i'm so glad we have that camera, the shots from there are so beautiful. this is 42 northbound traffic coming up from deptford and turnersville. no major problems, a little bit of volume, but no delay. we have a disabled truck on the pennsylvania turnpike, the westbound ramp to norristown. it's a disabled tractor-trailer that's causing a problem on the pennsylvania turnpike that's new and coming in right now. let's see when it looks like on 422. near trooper that's eastbound traffic heading toward 202. no weather-related issues, no fog causing problems like the past few days. look at the numbers, 44 degrees in quaker. 40 in kennett square. 450 in warrington. we dip to 47 degrees in center city. still not bad for this time of the career. 45 in hammonton.
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48 in woodbine, are 51 on the boardwalk in ac. 43 degrees in dover, delaware. we have a chance for a shower, sun and clouds, high of 62. not a bad day. matt and tam. you've heard the phrase pay to play, now a seattle man is accused of persuading people to pray for prayer. the christian prayer center he charged people to request prayers. he charged for repeated prayers and no refunds. he used fake testimonials and fake names and stock photos. he has been ordered to pay back $8 million. march madness gets underway with villanova, temple and st. joes. nova faces unc asheville at 12:0:40. temple plays iowa at 3:10. st. joe's takes on cincinnati before 10:00 p.m. our katherine scott will have
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more on march madness in the next half-hour. arizona basketball coach was feeling the heat as his wildcats fell to wichita state. sean miller's shirt was soaked midway through the first half. he had to swap out the shirt at half-time, but the spigots in his pores were on full blast. one person said he should invest in dry fit. we have jackets on the kids this morning, because we have temperatures dipping into 40s. a couple of spots in the 30s. this afternoon it gets windier and cool enough for the extra gear. we'll have the day planner forecast and let you know where the temperatures are going today. >> reporter: customers will be able to watch unlimited
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internet collectively scratching its head. the question is how many girls are in the picture. that's the debate raging online. it was shared on instagram by swiss photographer. was liked 15,000 times. she tried to clear things up. all she is saying is she only has two daughters. matt and i agree, i think he will illustrate the point these are two girls a bunch of mirrors. >> reporter: before you said two, i was thinking two. >> reporter: david got it first. >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: let's look at the problems on the roads. looking at i-95 near girard you can see traffic is moving just fine right here, no big delay brewing just yet the. i want to show you the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound past fort washington we have a vehicle fire happening right now. watch for restriction
6:22 am
restrictions on the turnpike and disabled tractor-trailer westbound ramp to norristown. >> reporter: mild today starting out in the 40s, 47 by 9:00 a.m. noon, 54. we'll see a high of 62 this afternoon. clouds i know crease as the day goes on. -- clouds increase as the day goes on. there could be spotty shower around this afternoon, most of you don't see that. checking the airport, all green aircraft expected on the big board. we have no fog. no rain in our travel destinations. home e hopefully it's it's clear sailing. thieves targeted a mercer county business owner making off with guitars and other instruments. frank russo spent 30 years collecting the guitars and had 125 of them. he recently discovered 50 pieces of musical equipment guitars and
6:23 am
amplifiers were missing. they are worth 8 to $90,000. i have to accept the fact that they are gone. maybe i'll get one or two pieces back, but i'm trying to accept the fact that i may not get anything back. the thieves focused on valuable vintage guitars, he was saving them as part of his retirement plan. a felon tries to sway a judge through song. a murder case became more complicated in the city's frankford section, annie mccormick has that story. >> reporter: homicide detectives are investigating a stabbing death, but he is also the victim of a hit-and-run. we'll have the details coming up. a pep rally demonstration
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in florida did not go as planned sending several people to the hospital. the fire breathing performer caught fire during his routine in delray beach. they used fire extinguishers to douse the flames. the adult performer suffered burns and flown to a hospital in serious condition. a convicted felon broke into song in a michigan courtroom. brian taylor sang a song inspired by adele hello. see what he did. ♪ i want to say i'm sorry ♪
6:27 am
for the things i've done ♪ if you're going to do that you better be ready to bring it. he was not ready to bring it. taylor and two others forced the man into a carat gun -- car at gunpoint and try to rob him. he did not persuade the judge. he was sentenced to two years. he said after his release he is going to get a degree in business and join the church. nypd investigates a threat against donald trump's son.
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now on "action news," an suv drives off after coming into
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contact with a stabbing victim left for dead on a philadelphia street. winter will not go quietly into that dark night. accuweather is tracking a weekend cool down that sets up a chance for accumulating snow. triple threat sports fans will be in hoops heaven as all three local teams enter march madness. good luck getting anyone to focus on anything else today. show me the remote control right now. >> reporter: good week to be working morning, you said that earlier. satellite and radar shows a lack of significant cloud cover close by. we'll get sun in early today. it's cool, 47 degrees in philadelphia and trenton. upper 30s in allentown, 43 in reading, had a in wilmington. -- 43 in wilmington,45.
6:31 am
3:00 p.m., 62. a couple of changes today a slight increase in clouds as the day goes on. there's a chance of a spotty passing shower probably around 2 to 4:00 p.m. most of you won't see that. finally the winds will pick up. it's not windy now, but it will be blustery in the afternoon. we cool down on the weekend. we are looking at a mix of rain and wet snow i'll have that on future tracker 6 and projected possible totals that is coming up. >> reporter: we're looking at the schuylkill expressway, that's westbound traffic at city avenue. we've jammed up, slower on the schuylkill expressway, westbound starting to jam up at city avenue. no major accidents on the schuylkill expressway. we have a problem here, a disabled truck we were getting reports it was on fire, it might have been smokeying, -- owe smoking, it's just disabled. westbound past for fort washing. a new issue marlton pike
6:32 am
eastbound route 70. the traffic lights are not working at that intersection. that's causing problems, they are blockerring a lane, as well -- blocking a lane, as well. look for that to be an issue in cherry hill with the traffic lights not working. septa is reporting they have equipment shortages and we could see delays oreo crowding on septa regional rails. something we're watching look for this with mass transit, tam. thank you, karen. there's new information about a deadly stabbing in philadelphia's frankford section. police think the victim was hit by an suv. right now they are out there looking for the car. annie mccormick is live at police headquarters, she has been gathering string on this all morning, she's got the latest. >> reporter: goodgood morning, , that's right, police are not sure whether the victim ran into the vehicle or the vehicle hit him or had an involvement with his death. the victim was stabbed multiple
6:33 am
time and died at temple hospital. take a look at the video. this is video from shortly before around 8:30 p.m. it was shortly before 8:30 p.m. that the victim was discovered in the 1500 block of folkrod police. initial call was for a gunshot victim. they learned he was stabbed multiple times in the chest. the stabbing took place on oxford avenue. when the victim ran to where he was later discovered he came in contact with the suv. police are not sure he ran into the suv or the suv hit him. the suv did take off. back out here live, witnesses have been a huge help in this case, they did get a tag on the suv. so they were able to get the registration that is connected there. they have they have located the vehicle. they say witnesses told police they saw a man around oxford and
6:34 am
frankford that was running and he threw something into a sewer. they did retrieve a handle that appears to be a knife with blood on it. thebl it is connected -- they believe it is connected to the crime. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thanks, any. this is new video of a three-alarm fire in allentown. flames shot through the apartment building on south carlisle street. firefighters had to rescue several dogs from the flames. the red cross is helping those displaced. detectives in wilmington are investigating whether a murder was retaliation for another shooting. a man was killed on the 2,000 block of conell street at 6:00 p.m. he suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. this was a block away where a 17-year-old was shot in the ankle. that occurred on north franklin
6:35 am
street. philadelphia -- police are investigating a suspicious letter that was sent to donald trump's son with white powder. 30 conservatives are organized a stop trump movement they discussed strategy for a contested convention. trump has warning there could violence if party elite thing they will get to the convention in ohio and intervene to deny him the nomination. it took two days, but hillary clinton was declared the winner of tuesday missouri primary. clinton was head of bernie sanders by 1500 votes. sanders has conceded missouri. that coincide with the report that president obama told donor it will be time for sanders to ended campaign. 6:35 three local teams
6:36 am
begin their quest for a national championship today. katherine scott whose tournament bracket has shown signs of cracking is live in center city. katherine. >> reporter: matt who can blame you, i don't think the elis knew i was going through yesterday. i should have known about wichita state. productivity will take a nose dive across the area. villanova and temple play this afternoon and fans will be watching. we're focusing on our next game. >> reporter: nova that game is at 12:40 p.m. in brooklyn. they face unc asheville. the wildcats are keeping their eyes on the game plan they are not using their early tournament exit from the last two years for motivation. if we tried to focus on that it will take our focus from
6:37 am
asheville. >> reporter: temple is up in palestinian, -- brooklyn, too, waiting for their matchup iowa. bond is the only owl that played in the ncaa tournament before and his teammates are drawing on his experience. it's nothing like a regular-season game or any game we were in last year. we'll be okay if we have poise about us and toughness about us, we'll be okay. >> reporter: meanwhile, st. joe's are out west in spokane, washington waiting for their game against cincinnati. tipoff is just before 10:00 p.m. it's an experience these seniors never want to forget. we want to go out fighting. we played hard and give it everything we got. this is what we're here for.
6:38 am
>> reporter: keep in mind if temple and nova advance today they will play each other on sunday. good luck everybody, live at the art museum, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." now i know you have a problem, you love all three teams you can't decide which one to support. how about getting behind all three. you can do that by sharing this badge we're showing on the 6abc facebook page where you can support the wildcats the hawks and the owls. aren't we clever? >> reporter: we are. i posted one go owls, i did say i'm rooting for all three in the first round. until they face the wildcats. >> reporter: we have to get past iowa, we'll see what happens storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at no rain, stepping outside we have sun coming up over the commodor barry bridge, elsewhere across the region. it's a nice bright start, 38 degrees in allentown. 47 in trenton.
6:39 am
millville we dipped into the 30s. future tracker 6 showing you a sunny start clouds rolling in the afternoon, there might be a spotty sprinkle or shower, most of you don't have to worry about that, we maintain bright conditions in the afternoon and early evening. lehigh valley, sun and clouds, a spotty shower in a few places, probably not in most places. 58 degrees does high there. at the shore, 60. sun and clouds, a spotty shower can't be ruled out. in philadelphia, sun and clouds, mild, 62. it's not windy right now, clearing tonight and brisk and colder. 38 degrees the overnight low, the drop in temperatures is sort of warning sign i guess that we are looking at cooler air coming in for the weekend. high pressure sets up north and west of us on saturday, you ushg
6:40 am
in a low 48 degrees. the clouds will come up from the south, because down to our south on saturday we'll have a developing nor'easter that will push the cloud shield over us during the day on saturday. the logos past saturday night through the day on sunday. it will bring us a combination of rain south and east of philadelphia. the potential of wet snow in the i-95 corridor and points north. we'll go for a chance of it being light, one to three or moderate 3 to 6. some of the models are going in this direction some in that direction. this is mainly philadelphia north. if the worst case scenario develops 3 to 6 in the northern and western suburbs and one to 3 in philadelphia. down the the shore rain most of the time. the future tracker 6 model shows it could be snowing early on sunday morning there's 7:00 a.m., this has the low so close to the coast it pushes the
6:41 am
snow rain line 6:00 p.m. on sunday it's raining in philadelphia. with light snow up north. i think at the end, cooler air will have the tendency to transition everybody back to snow as the system pulls out sunday night. this is march snow not january snow. it should be a wet snow and making roads just wet through most of the eventful weekend after dark maybe it gets slushy. mild and windy today, 62 degrees the high. chilly tomorrow, sun and high clouds, 48. high of 38 with wet snow and rain on sunday. the best chance of snow is north and west of philadelphia. if yoosh heading to the union -- if you're heading to the union game, rain gear is important. monday, brisk and chilly. 42 degrees, sunny and chilly, on tuesday, 44 degrees. 60 on wednesday, 68 degrees on
6:42 am
thursday. 6:41. more brand new stories are up next, including a brush with death for a couple just out to eat at a pizza place. twisted sister, police track down an elderly thief at a convent. >> reporter: we're starting to back up here baltimore pike. we're getting details on a problem in cherry hill, new jersey. i'll have the latest coming up. and workers at a car dealership recorded an animal invasion we'll show it to you later coming up on "action news."
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a quarter of 7:00 a.m., we have impressive hues of color on the horizon as we stair across the delaware river into south jersey on this friday morning. let's hope the traffic is doing it's part to make it a nice morning. >> reporter: it's beautiful, as you look at the sky condition you can tell we don't have weather-related problems for us this morning. it's clear, that's good news. this is eastbound photographic on the 30 bypass at 113. we are backing up already on the 30 bypass eastbound. you want to watch for that traveling in. road conditions are clear, no major accidents, just giving you an idea where it is starting to get heavy. i just got off the phone with
6:46 am
police in cherry hill, new jersey. it was a dump truck that took down electrical wires, cuthbert road and chapel avenue. it's affecting traffic lights in the area. it's marlton pike eastbound, route 70 the intersection new jersey turnpike east of the turnpike. you have to be careful in the area. they have a lane blocked while they are trying to stick it. we're seeing five to ten minute delays marlton pike eastbound because of that. it's a dump truck that took down wires and traffic lights are out in the region. we're hearing about an accident involving a pedestrian out here on hollow road at river road this is just coming in right now. be careful about this one in lower merion. another issue on the pennsylvania turnpike, it's been getting busy in the past 30 minutes. past for fort washington, we hed was a truck fire. the fire is out, it's a disabled vehicle these stuck out there. let's look at the numbers
6:47 am
through the region as far as temperatures. 46 in pottstown, saint davids. upper 30s in kennett square. chilly there. 47 degrees in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey we've dipped into the upper 30s in vineland, 40 in glassboro and 44 in dover. we're dry, but a passing shower, high of 62. nearly ten degrees above average. matt and tam. dramatic video shows a driver crashing through a south florida pizza place that happened early yesterday morning. the suv slammed into a couple who was waiting inside the restaurant for their food. both were hospitalized. request it's
6:48 am
the driver was seen sitting in the back of a deputy vehicle. a plane was struck by lightning from raleigh to laguardia when it was hit. sister agnes was at a surplus outlet, a customer saw her stuffing items into a grocery bags and leaving. her license plate indicate the she lived at a convent. she will face a a a summary chae which comes with a fine.
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♪ today at dunkin', save when you sip. come in for a freshly brewed medium iced coffee or iced tea for 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'.
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time for a preview of "g.m.a." let's turn to our good friend amy robach with the run down, good morning, amy. >> reporter: happy friday, coming up next on "good morning america." donald trump under attack. the group known as anonymous claims to have hacked his personal information. details on the 26-year-old virginia native captured by kurdish forces. this morning he is saying he regrets his decision to go and fight for isis. abc excuse exclusive, the actress who made headlines after she and sean penn met with joaquin "el chapo" guzman.
6:52 am
this is her first interview since that meeting. diane sawyer has that. dy mention it's friday? it's friday. have a good weekend, amy. >> reporter: we have problems with mass transit. i want to show you the latest let's go to the septa regional rails, septa is saying delays due to equipment shortages an overcrowding. this is on all the lines. the glenside train they are doing express there, it's overcrowded. for -- fox chase, 805 and 807. two cars shot. expect overcrowding. looking live i-95 at allegheny, you can see the heavy traffic, dave from the ben franklin bridge to -- betsy ross bridge to girard. >> reporter: it's cooler today, it's going to be windy this afternoon. might be a shower in a couple of
6:53 am
neighborhoods. 47 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 52 die 11:00 a.m. with -- by 11:00 a.m. with sunny conditions. later in the day it will be milder, high of 62678 it will be be -- 62 by 3:00 p.m. we're looking at higher winds. some feathers were ruffled in west field, new jersey. the bird flew into a window and sat on the top of a workers desk. before it could take a test drive was carted away by animal control.
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6:56 am
our top story detectives are searching for an suv that can be connected to a deadly stabbing in the city's frankford section. the victim was stabbed multiple times in the chest. police are trying to figure out if he was a victim of a hit-and-run. >> reporter: we have delays coming in, the vine street expressway eastbound looking live near the benjamin franklin parkway. look how jammed you are, an accident coming into us right now, police trying to get to the scene david. >> reporter: we're chilly temperatures in the 40s in most neighborhoods. 10:00 a.m., 50, a fair amount of sunshine and clouds digging in this afternoon. getting up to 62 milder and
6:57 am
windier. there's a slight chance of a spotty shower. that situation on the vine could get ugly. we'll see you in 30. for karen rogers, matt o'donnell, david murphy, i'm tamala edwards have a great weekend.
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good morning, america. spring on hold. a snowstorm and freezing temperatures targeting millions in the northeast after record-breaking heat as more violent storms slam the south. two reported tornadoes touching down and blinding hail putting drivers in danger. donald trump under attack. hackers reveal his personal information in an attempt to take down the gop front-runner. >> we are serious about stopping any proposed forthright fascist donald trump. >> new attack ads. >> the woman who found the world's most wanted man. how mexican actress kate del castillo tracked down the drug lord authorities hunted for years now speaking out in an abc news exclusive about what drove her to find el chapo. >> i love adrenaline.


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