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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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it is march 27 i'm dprai -- gray hall. nydia han is off. this is some of the stories we're following on "action news." it is a an unforgettable
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birthday for the villanova team contaminate. the pope remembers refugees at the matt at the vatican. those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, good chris, the jacket is gone thank you. >> reporter: we're doing better this afternoon, gray, with the temperatures. every now and then we'll get a few breaks of sunshine. 55 in philadelphia. millville, 55. most of the area picking cloudy skies, wilmington, 53. upper 40s for lancaster, reading and allentown. jersey shore you're dealing with a wind this afternoon out of the east/northeast an onshore breeze making it feel cooler down there. atlantic city at the airport has 15-mile an hour staged wind out of the east/northeast.
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beach haven, 10 miles per hour. sea isle, 30 miles per hour. it's a nice day out here, we have a lot of clouds to deal with. that will be the trend of the rest of the way. the green that you see toward the bottom of the screen, the showers will stay away from the delaware and the lehigh valleys this afternoon. here's the forecasted call for accuweather. mainly cloudy and mild, 59 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 57. 8:00 p.m., 53. later this evening, let's say between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., the light rain starts to push through here. rain moves in overnight tonight. it will linger into the first part of tomorrow morning. allow yourself extra time monday morning. otherwise we'll see sunshine, temperatures will respond again we're warming back up into the 70s. when i come back i'll show you when we hit the 70-degree mark in the 7 day forecast. in sports, the villanova
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wildcats are on the way to houston next week. right now they are on their way home their upset win over kansas. the action cam is live at the campus where the team is expected within an hour. some have turned out as you see here to welcome their team home. the wildcats dominated their earlier games, but they battled last night over kansas. , the number one seed in the ncaa tournament. ryan arcidiacono scalder 1 points and used a 10-0 run to take the lead. it is the first final four appearance in several years, jeff skeverski said they are savoring the win. this is what they were talking about all season they are training to get to the final four. they are cutting down the the net in louisville, villanova is
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going to their first final four since 2009. [inaudible]. we worked hard we sacrificed a lot, everybody on the team is willing to do whatever it takes to win. we hope to see the goal. you said you would never be done. we're not done, we're not done. [cheers and applause]. and what a scene in louisville, the entire arena singing happy birthday to ryan arcidiacono whole remember his 22nd birthday for a long time. this is what we worked for all year we didn't see we wanted to make the final four, we wanted to be the best team we
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can. >> reporter: what did it feel like with when they were singing happy birthday to you? it was great, it was something i wasn't expecting i don't want to take a focus away from the team it was a whole team effort. it's an unbelievable birthday. now that the wildcats cut down the net they will get ready for oklahoma for the final four in houston. jeff skeverski channel 6 "action news." fun times indeed. as we said the team is due back at the villanova campus. that's where trish hartman is live as the school gets prepared to welcome home all the heros. hi, trish there's a crowd behind you right now. >> reporter: the plane has touched down in philadelphia, the november extra -- nova fans have showed up. they will be at the nova center in the next 20 minutes.
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it came down to the final minute even the last seconds they secured the 64-59 upset win over number one kansas. the team cut down the net ready for the final four for the first time since 2209. fans were proud of them, too. it's like a dream. >> reporter: alum my met at the fieldhouse to watch the game. it's better to watch the game with my college roommate and my husband he graduated with me, too. >> reporter: these fans are hoping that the team goes all the way to the top. we played, and we are going to the final four. and more people are showing up here, some of them in their easter finery coming from church ready to greet the team and say
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thank you. looking ahead saturday's final four game. live at villanova trish hartman. thank you. of course, stay with "action news" and for the latest on the wildcats final four journaly -- journey. 12:07 a number of sunrise services took place throughout the delaware valley on this easter sunday. the action cam was at lake view memorial park in cinnaminson new jersey. families prayed and sang songs outdoors and reflected on the resurrection of jesus after his crucifixion. the action cam was at mount olive baptist church in mantua. they celebrated prayer and song on this holy day. the action cam was at
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easter mass atnen baptist church. pope francis delivered his message to tens of thousands at same time peters' square. pope francis denounced blind and brutal terrorism and under the crowd not to forget the men and women seeking a better future, the migrants that are fleeing from war and hunger and poverty and social injustice. of course this morning we're following the latest developments on the terror attacks in europe. overnight police arrested an algerian man in italy for allegedly making fake documents for those involved in the terror attacks. a free languages journalist is
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under arrest for terrorist murder. many are wandering if he is the man seen in the tan coat with the two suicide bombers. two americans justin and and stephanie schultz were confirmed dead after dropping stephanie of a mother off at the airport. syrians have taken back palmyra the islamic state captured palmyra in may. they were backed by allied and russian airstrikes. 6 people were hurt in a roll-over crash in new castle delaware. two cars collided at east market and marshall street. the impact flipped a car over on to its roof. four people went to the hospital while two others were treated at
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the scene there. firefighters tried to rescue a woman after a crash at 1:30 a.m. on red lion road the injuries were not serious. investigators say a faulty heater is responsible for a carbon monoxide leak in the old city section of philadelphia. several apartments businesses and some people in the 200 block of chestnut street had to be evacuated when the co detecter founded. the hookah bar and restaurant was evacuated. nobody was hurt. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday at noon. college students get inspired by fire in their future profession. people fighting heroin and pain -- per -- heroin and
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addiction something new on the doorstep.
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so glad you stayed with us there's a candy recall from trader joe's that you need to know about. the retail chain is recalling two candy products. chocolate orange sticks and chocolate raspberry sticks may contain milk. you can return the product for a full refund. let's get you caught up up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers on this easter sunday. >> reporter: the yellow and the blue, very eastery. what about the weather?
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eastery? >> reporter: kind of. the sun is starting to peek through that's allowing the temperatures to climb into the 50s. we have cloud cover out there. every now and then we pick up a breeze off the water that tend to cool things down. it's not perfect, but it's not a bad finish to the holiday weekend. double scan live crystal clear, no precipitation expected today. we'll see an increase in moisture overnight tonight especially tomorrow morning. allow yourself extra time first thing tomorrow morning to get yourself to work and school. 5 degrees, dewpoint, 42. pressure is holding steady. 49 degrees in millville. atlantic city, 50 we're seeing an increase in clouds because of a storm system at this hour
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across the gulf coast states. this is a wave you can see that across the southern delmarva and the virginia capes. we have high, thinned clouds that shine through from time to time. as we go wider there's another low here that will pull through the great lakes. combine the two as they head closer to the area, brings us showers overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. there could be a two or three hour period where we get into a steadier rain. tomorrow there's the area of low pressure right there. once this passes through, note what's going on behind it, not much. we have high pressure building in, that sets up a beautiful tuesday, wednesday and thursday for the philadelphia area. this future tracker 6 later this afternoon clouds attempting to thin out a little bit, you'll see the sunshine from time to
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time, otherwise it's mainly a cloudy day, overnight tonight it's cloudy light rain breaking out after 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. this evening. it continues into the first part of monday morning. you can see the darker shades of green representing a heavier downpour from time to time. quickly gets on out of here, 4:00 p.m., the cold front slides through. it pushes up north into new england. 9 winds pick up on the backside of the front gusting up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. monday starts out tranquil, but once the front crosses the area, you'll be wind whipped 40 to 45 miles per hour in the evening hours. cloudy and mild, 60 degrees is the forecasted high. winds out of the east at 5 to 15 miles per hour. for the remainder of the afternoon temperatures close to 50 degrees by 2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m., 59. mainly cloudy skies, sunshine peeking through, 6:00 p.m., 57. by 8:00 p.m., 53. overnight tonight clouds lower
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and thicken, periods of rain developing after 8:00 p.m. drizzle, as well. 44 degrees for the outlying suburbs. 47 for center city. it doesn't look that bad once we get past tomorrow morning. 66 degrees monday. 60 for tuesday. wednesday, sunny and warming up. 65. thursday, 73 that will be the 7th time so far this year we've hit 70 degrees or higher at it is still march. 68 degrees friday. saturday, clouds and sun, high of 59. it's not perfect out there, we've got a lot of clouds, but not bad. overall, the sun eventually came out. >> reporter: and when the sun shines it feels good. there you go. folks in colorado might be a little snow wary today. look at this scene not good at all. for the second time in four days, they are digging out from heavy snow. up to a foot fell across the eastern portion of that state.
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temperatures could reach 06 by tomorrow. today the military is being called in to help fight the biggest wildfire in kansas history. four national guard hell -- helicopters are joining in students from a scientist class are involved in this getting firsthand experience in the real deal. most say they never expected to put their classroom training to use so soon. a controversy over childhood vaccine erupts again, a major film festival brings down the curtain to show a movie. details when "action news" comes right back. > so glad you stayed with us
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on a easter sunday, 12:20 is the
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time. sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse of center city on this easter sunday, a little gloomy, but the sun is coming out in some places. a controversial movie about child vaccines have been pulled from the tribeca festival in new york. that is directed by antivaccine act 'tis -- act robert diniro he and his wife who have a child with autism. yesterday he said the festival board reversed its decision. fda could give an okay to treatment of od addiction. it contain far less than
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what they would be taking in pill form. itit is aimed at patients who don't need dose adjustments and less likely to be abused or misused. the medication contain far atlantic city than what they would be taking in pill form everyday. the same technology could be used for drugs. time 12:22. sports is next, neither the flyers or the sixer it is make it into the win column. the wildcats make a trip to texas. we'll have more on the very big win as "action news" rolls on.
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so glad you stayed with us on easter sunday. in sports this noon, the flyers hit a speed bump on the way to the playoffs. sixers are stymied in a 2 to one lost. the flyers and wings are still tied for the final playoff spot. the sixers lost a close one out west, 108 to 105. it was the sixers 8th straight loss and 19th in the past 20 games. nerlens noel missed the game to a knee injury. of course the villanova wildcats are dominating sports talk today, here's ducis rogers and jeff skeverski with more on the sweet victory. >> reporter: good morning, houston and the final four here they come. villanova knocks out kansas the number one seed in the ncaa tournament to advance to the first final four in seven years.
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ryan arcidiacono playing on his 22nd birthday. first half josh hart steal, 26- 16 nova. nova up 9. second half terry ellis, kansas big star quiet all night. that bucket puts kansas up 37-36. nova down one here, back here on top, 37-45. it's all part of a 10-0 villanova run. nova wins to capture the final four since 2009. our jeff skeverski on the court with cats as they celebrate. >> reporter: 22nd birthday best birthday, i'm sure. it was great, i don't want to take the focus away from the team be it was a whole team
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effort. best 22nd birthday ever. i'm happy, man. it means a lot, man. we want to win when we get to houston. i love those guys, man. so villanova will play in the final four on saturday. the cats opponent will be oklahoma. the sooners took on and took out the top seed west oregon. that tied oklahoma tournament record, 80-68. sooner and nova meet in the final four on saturday. that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers.
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another half of "action news" is straight ahead here's some of the stories we're following for you. bernie sanders goes 3 for 3 in western democratic caucuses, but faces an uphill fight for delegates. a new south jersey police officer cannot reach the pedals of a cruiser, he is valuable nonetheless. those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and more when "action news" comes right back. all right happening right
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now on "action news," villanova wildcats are heading home. next it is off to texas for the final four. and there's a new issue for the republican convention, we'll tell you about a proposal to let guns into the arena there. a co-pilot is pulled from a flight to philadelphia after a sharp-eyed tsa agent noticed something wrong. those stories, but first, let's get you caught up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris sowers is back outside. >> reporter: back outside with no coat on. temperatures are starting to moderate. every now and then the sun peeks through it's feels good. 55 degrees in philadelphia. millville, sharing the same number. dover, 52.
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trenton and allentown somewhat cooler 49. cape may, 48. atlantic city at the airport, 50 degrees, so temperatures are pretty close to where they were at the same time yesterday. the big difference is we don't have all that bright blue sky like yesterday. we have a lot of clouds in place. they tend to thin out across south jersey and new castle county, delaware. generally speaking the clouds have won the battle thus far today. that will be the case throughout the afternoon. we'll get some sunshine from time to time but mostly cloudy the rest of the way. high temperature, 60 degrees in philadelphia. north and west close to 60. the jersey shore will be significantly cooler the reason for that you're picking up the onshore breeze. east northeasterly wind raging anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour that will keep the communities a good ten degrees cooler. anybody else you'll be doing all right. speaking of mild temperatures look at the warmth buildings to the south, 77 degrees
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jacksonville, memphis, 73. atlanta, 65. all that warm weather pulls north over the next few days. they will set up a beautiful stretch of weather for us. when we come back we'll show you when the nice weather arrives and how warm it gets. the villanova wildcats took a step last night in the hunt for national championship. they meet top-ranked kansas and beat them and advance to the final four. they upset top seeded kansas, the score 64-59. the win gives them 9 south league title and a trip to texas where they face off against oklahoma. wildcats are heading back home, trish hartman is live on the campus of villanova. trish are they here yet? >> reporter: not yet. a crowd has formed here outside
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the nova center loyal wildcats fans are hear ready to welcome the team home. some have come straight from easter mass i don't this mornin. we know the team has touched down. a bus came in with members of the villanova band. we're expecting the team within the half-hour. we talked to dedicated alum and fans and their huge win. we're here to say thank you and welcome home to a great group of kids. i was excited for them. i was here 31 years ago, i was a senior and i just felt i had to be here and the family decided at the last minute, we said let's just go. we're hoping the basketball shows up here outside the davis
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center any minute. we are excited to see nova head to houston in the final four game against oklahoma. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thank you so much for the update. march madness bracket is in shreds, you have high-level company. president obama chose kansas to beat villanova in the elite 8 that didn't happen. christians celebrate the holiest day on the christian calendar dozens of people braved the morning chill to attend the sunrise service in rittenhouse square. the annual service was held by the 10th presbyterian church. people packed the music pier in ocean city, new jersey, part of a non-denominational service that happens every year. they will hold the fashion
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promenade on the boardwalk at 1:00. american airlines co-pilot detained on suspicion of being intoxicated failed two beth alieser tests. a t -- breathalyzer tests. a tsa agent smelled alcohol. the flight from detroit to philadelphia had to be canceled. daniel flint of gladwyn was on the plane when the pilot was hauled away. we were notified afternoon afternoon -- of an intoxicated pilot. faa regulations ban a pilot from drinking within 8 hours of flying or blood alcohol of.04. bernie bernie sanders pulsea trifecta winning three presidential caucuses.
12:36 pm
he scores convincing wins in washington state alaska and hawaii. clinton only needs to win a third of the delegates up for grabs to take the nomination. online petitions will allow guns inside the republican national convention. it was proposed on the petition got 22,000 signatures. the convention will be held in cleveland. neither the ohio republican apart or the convention host are aware of the petition. tirnld -- tinder wants all undecided votes, a swipe the vote for the candidate of your choice. issues organ same-sex -- on samx marriage and more will tell you who most shares your views.
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we like to reminds you the deadline to vote in the local primary is fast approaching. in pennsylvania, time runs tomorrow. in delaware, april 2. new jersey voters have until may 17. go to for links on how to sign you up. the roster of south jersey police department includes the name of a special officer, a 7-year-old boy even first responders call him brave. nora muchanic has the honorary swearing in. >> reporter: with sirens bearing and line of officers saluting him, 7-year-old liam lindsey arrived for a special ceremony to be sworn in as an honorary member of the force. he would be been dealing leukemia for 2 1/2 years. it's never dampened his dream to be a cop. how can you want to be a
12:38 pm
police officer. because it's the coolest job in the world. he wants to help people. heals got a great heart and he is a wonderful kid. >> reporter: the element where student is a student sold the source resource officer how much he wanted to be an officer that led to this outcrying of support. he got to demonstrate in a k-9 demonstration and bird's eye view from the s.w.a.t team armored truck. what did he like best? driving around in the armor truck and i liked the drone. i was so thankful that our community could come together and the police officers and do something like that for a sick little boy. some of the officers came in on their days off, but they wanted to make liam's dream come true. we are not always projected in the best way, when kids look
12:39 pm
up to us like that and we are their hero, it's a good feeling for us, we want to make him happy. whether they are 7 years or 57 years old. >> reporter: in gloucester township, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." let's talk you back outside live to villanova where the wildcats players have arrived home. trish hartman is on the scene right now. trish can you hear us. >> reporter: yes, i can, gray, two buses, one with the team and the other with the cheerleading squad. lots of cheers when the buses rolled in outside the davis center on campus, folks have been waiting all morning, the team back from playing in louisville, kentucky. they touched down in philadelphia a little while ago. later i'll have a chance to talk to coach jay wright and a few players, we're waiting for that.
12:40 pm
many came straight from easter mass and some are here in between lunch and dinner working it into their easter schedule. everyone saying they had to say thank you and congratulate the team, they were so excited by the run that the team has had and they are excited about the final four game this coming weekend. hopefully we'll talk to the players in a little bit and in the meantime i'll toss it back to you. we'll right back after this break.
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turns out hugh jackman is not just a super hero on the big screen. he helped to save his son's life. he pulled his teenage son an other beachgoers who were caught in rip tide. this happened in sydney australia. a representative said he and his son are doing fine.
12:43 pm
climate change could be changing the wine we drink. five hundred years of data from french harvests, they noticed harvests are coming earlier. that means better quality wine. they expect better years for french vineyards but there may be a tipping point where it falls off. >> reporter: i haven't notices anything. what's in your coffee cup, chris? >> reporter: it's not wine. we have a an interesting forecast it's not too bad right now. we're seeing sunshine, the clouds are pretty much winning the battle this afternoon. it will be tomorrow afternoon and beyond where we start to get into that nice weather where we see sunshine and temperatures spiking into the 60s and 70s. double scan live we'll keep it clear. it looks like there's patchy drizzle across the southern cape
12:44 pm
may county and the villas, reeds beach. should be cloudy afternoon. 55 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 42. pressure reading 30.35 inches. the winds are out of the east/northeast at 9 miles per hour. millville, 535. atlantic city, 50 degrees. upper 40s on the beach. trenton, 49. allentown 49 and reading 50. satellite and radar, we're watching a couple of storm systems ones to the south, it's just off the screen off the carolinas. you can see moisture pulling away from the virginia capes that's what's increasing the clouds, trying to thin out, but we're seeing mainly cloudy conditions. what will happen, two areas of low pressure, one there and one to the south will converge on the philadelphia area over the next 24 to 48 hours. there's philadelphia right there. this low again will pull to the north. it's the trailing cold front that slides through tomorrow morning and then the sect low
12:45 pm
which is currently here -- sect low which is currently here will push to the northeast. we're situated in between the two aerials of low pressure. that will increase the moisture. expect to see light rain after 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. that will continue into the late morning hours tomorrow. we'll clear out and sunshine returns by afternoon. from that point on it looks good. later this afternoon, 4:00 p.m., ghani the sun trying to peek through south jersey and delaware, otherwise it's mostly cloudy, cloud skies overnight tonight. especially tomorrow morning. the light rain overspreads the area south to north, it's quickly out of here, it's up into new england by 4:30, at that point we start to see the clearing. but the winds will pick up out of the west/southwest 30 to 40 miles per hour. the winds are humming tomorrow afternoon. if you have anything of loose furniture you want to tie down, the winds will take it here, we expect good gusts tomorrow
12:46 pm
afternoon. that's ushering in milder temperatures you'll see that in the seven day in just a moment. allergy reports the only thing you would be suffering from today would be the higher than usual pollen count thanks to the tree collin. pollen. flower pollen and we'd -- weed and grass pollen teams up on you next month. reading, 60. allentown, 59. millville, 57. trenton, 59. mostly cloudier and mild overnight tonight. periods of rain and drizzle, temperatures falling into the mid to upper 40s. millville, 47. dover, 50. allow yourself extra time to get into work and school. ponding an area roads, foggy drizzle. by the evening it becomes windy an warm. temperatures in the low 60s. the exclusive accuweather
12:47 pm
seven-day forecast, 60 degrees today, morning rain tomorrow, afternoon sunshine 66. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, lots of sun, 60, 65 and 73. gray? monday not looking pretty. chris thank you as you go through the easter activities stay on top of the changing weather at any time with storm tracker 6 live at the international space station got a welcomed delivery yesterday nearly 4 tonls of food and -- tons of food and health supplies arrived at the station. among the gizmo, robotics. so far so good for the newest american on board, jeff williams a grandfather becoming the first american becoming a three time long term resident on the space station while his 6 month stay is done he will have pasted scott kelly for the most
12:48 pm
cumulative days spent in space for a u.s. astronaut. philadelphia international festival of the arts or pifa returns. in 6abc loves the arts, karen rogers runs down just a few of the events. >> reporter: pifa is a 16 day celebration of the visual and performing arts with events being held all over the city and many of them are free. the kimmel center for the performing arts curates the biannual festival. this year's celebration features 06 events. they will see works they have never seen from international artists and new work they have never seen before. >> reporter: the theme is we are what we make. it opens april 8 at penns landing with article 13, a show that's equal parts spectacle and
12:49 pm
documentary. the finale is a giebt sand curtin -- giant sand curtain where people go across the border and sands rains down on them. it's stunningly beautiful. >> reporter: also at the him orm is architect occur in motion performed by l.a. dance company. it's very bold and at -- at athletic. each kids that are part of the show are handed paper and masking tape. >> reporter: it's culminates with a street fair avenue of the arts on the 23. >> reporter: pifa8th to the 23. visit the arts
12:50 pm
for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. all right, sky6 live hd
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showing you this right here on a gloomy easter. temple university camera looking at city hall. the sun has been in a bit of a battle with clouds, meteorologist chris sowers will update you a bit later in the forecast. many marked colorful saturday yesterday performing their unique version of the passion. it includes evil man in masks and barefoot dancers and ankle rattles. the story of a cinderella with four hooves. molly was hours away from the slaughterhouse when a woman saw
12:53 pm
a facebook post to buy for $650. she nursed her back to health. i spent a lot of time with her, i would walk her and pet her and let her know i wasn't going to hurt her. she shows talent for an 11-year-old rider. to everyone's surprise they took a ribbon at the houston rodeo she'll be featured in a national rodeo magazine. how about that. kelly said she next expected her to be a miracle horse, we're back right after this recapping our top stories
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on "action news," the villanova wildcats are going to their third final four since 2009. they beat up the kansas tomb last night. they face -- team last night. they face oklahoma. pope francis said the easter sunday mass, tens of thousands of worshipers packed st. peter's square to hear his message of hopefully'. check of the final the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with chris sowers. a little gloomy. >> reporter: the sun is putting up a good fight. 60 degrees later this afternoon. parts of the area in the mid 50s, not a bad day, mostly cloudy and mild. tomorrow, 66 degrees, rain in the morning, by afternoon it's bright and sunny, windy. the wind could gust as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour.
12:57 pm
that ushers in milder air. 66 monday, 62 tuesday and 73 on wednesday. michigan national guard members got an unexpected thank you for their service in rock ford, i illinois. they took a break to have lunch. next thing they knew, a mystery man picked up their tab for nearly $200. the citizen soldiers were very appreciative. first time it happened so it was cool. grateful for the little things. great toddes the general public -- great to see the general public supporting us. the mystery man had a big impact. they are organizing a military appreciation day for more area
12:58 pm
service members. gospel music presents is next. "action news" continues tonight at 6:00 p.m. for nydia han, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall make it a great day and have a great easter!
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- [voiceover] and now from badami productions and brought to you by mcdonalds, i'm loving it. its "gospel music presents: great performances" where the message is in the music. this episode presents established and independent gospel music artists and was designed to give the whole family a spiritual lift. this show stars brian courtney wilson, alexis spight, derrick doc pearson, adrian gause, kierra sheard, anita wilson, l.a. samuel, tasha cobbs, charles jenkins, rizon and sounds of blackness.


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