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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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during a children's easter egg hunt, next up on "action news". "action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa a magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. it is a chilly night the outside there with temperatures calling for wind breaker. the rain held off for easter sunday but we may not be so
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lucky tomorrow. sunday night, sarah's off, the big story on "action news" is a damp start to your monday morning commute. heading back to work or school tomorrow you might want to bring an umbrella meteorologist melissa a magee is live at the accu weather big board with the first check of the forecast. >> if you bring the umbrella you will only need it for first half of the day. we will talk about the specifics, moisture that moves through overnight but overnight outside in philadelphia, 47 degrees after a high today of 60. fifty for reading and lancaster. forty-five at the north of our region up in the poconos. 47 degrees in cape may. here's what is going on satellite six with action radar a fair amount of cloud cover a cross the region today. cloud are continuing to build up and thicken in the region. we are tapping into an easterly wind off the atlantic and we are dealing with light precipitation and light rain showers, for philadelphia and areas to the south and east across south jersey. here is our change on the way, storm tracker six live double scan radar. one feature to the south that will work northward but mainly
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stay off shore but the western feature, however, currently moving across great lakes producing rain to chicago, detroit and cincinnati. this will work eastward overnight tonight and for first half of the day on monday. we will talk about what we can expect with that easterly fetch that wind coming off the atlantic tonight. areas of patchy fog on the way. damp for a.m. commute tomorrow morning and it will be turning windy as we get into monday evening with wind gusting to 40 miles an hour. coming up we will take a closer look at future tracker six, time out precipitation and let you know how much rain is on the way tomorrow with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. a man from upper darby is recovering after a scuffle with a man that police say was awe suspect in the series on knife attacks involving women. this time victim gave the suspect more than he bargained for. a "action news" reporter christie ileto is live at up are darby police headquarters with more, christie. >> reporter: well, the man says she was at his front door
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looking for perfect keys and then all of a sudden man came from behind, grabbed her and started wrestling her, for her purse. >> open the door, and i'm looking down and he tried to take my purse. >> reporter: ashley walks us through terrifying moment police say 27 year-old saltan abdullah tried to rob her at knife point on the, front steps of her upper darby home. >> ahh. that is how i am. i'm fighting for my bag. i didn't realize. i didn't even necessity. i thought he was trying to grab me. i said ahh. >> my dad opens up the door. >> i heard screaming outside the door and my brother was chasing him. i chased after my brother. >> reporter: her 29 year-old uncle didn't want his face on camera but tells "action news" he describe his scratches on his neck face and shallow stab wound after he chased abdullah in the nearby alley and wrestled him to the ground until police arrived. did the suspect say anything to you. >> he said, no. i said why are you going after
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little girls. he said i didn't rob anybody. out of in where i got stabbed. >> reporter: abdullah confessed to a total of three recent armed robberies this movement he is considered a prime suspect in two others. >> got him off, you know, i feel like it was worth it. we got him off the street. y knew my uncle was cool like. that i know wow risk his life for me. i didn't think there would be a time that he would have to do that. >> reporter: now police say abdullah has a long rap sheet including retail theft and simple assault. he is being held on hundred thousand dollars one. reporting live from upper darby, christie ileto for channel six a "action news". walter? "action news" has learned police are investigating vandalism involving school buses parked next to chester high school. it is located on the 200 block of west ninth street, four buses were involved. vandals broke windows ripped off doors and damage tires. the students in the chester up land district are on spring
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break tomorrow but no word when those buses will go back into service. carnival in south philadelphia was shut down tonight after chaos erupted over rumors of gunshots. it was right around 7:30 when a fight broke out on the carnival ground right along seventh street and packer avenue. someone the in the crowd said that shots were fired which resulted in a stampede toward the exits. he said that the crowd was made up mostly of teens, no injuries have been reported and no arrests have been made. police in philadelphia are on the look out for person who shot a woman in the cities oxford circle section. at 4:00 o'clock shots were fired along 1400 block of lardnor street. victim was taken to aria frankford hospital with the neck wound before being transferred to another location. she remains in stable condition tonight. police are investigating a shooting of the woman in the oxford circle section. it happened this evening in the 1400 block of lardnor street. officers received 911 call and arrived to find would the man had been already driven to the hospital. she remains in stable
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condition tonight the with the gunshot wound to the neck. no arrests have been made. no word on a possible motive. from our delaware news room a teenager was one of two people wounded during a shooting just before 8:00 o'clock. officers responded to the pine street near 28th street after several people called 911. when they arrived they found a 17 year-old shot in the leg there, and the second victim had already been rushed to the hospital. no word on the victim's condition, investigators say nearly two dozen bullet casing where is found scattered along that street. so far no arrests have been made. the white house officials say that the president obama made a phone call to the parents of an american couple killed, during last week's terror attacks in brussels. the president offered his condolences this afternoon and praised justin and stephanie schultz, referring to them, as epitome of all that was good about america. today stephanie's aunt talked about her nieces kind heart. >> i think if there were more people like stephanie and justin, then there wouldn't be
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this evil in the world. i mean she was the peace maker. if there was a problem with friend, or with family, she was always the one, you know, just making peace. >> you don't a how these thing and why they happen but i know stephanie had a very strong belief in god, and stephanie is in heaven. >> justin schultz was originally from tennessee and his wife stephanie was from kentucky. they graduated together from vanderbilt university owen graduate school of medicine. family members say they were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport and watching her walk through security, when the bombs went off. more than 300 crashed with police have after rally with anything central brussels where a shrine had been made for victims of the tuesday's attacks. crowd threw chairs and trash cans at police. police responded with water cannons. officials say it proved to be a daunting task for police because there were so many families at the memorial paying tribute to the victims.
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ten people were arrested and to second police officers were injured. pope francis celebrated easter sunday with the mass at st. peters basilica. as part of his traditional noon time easter homily, the pontiff spoke about the victims of attacks in europe, africa and elsewhere around the world. he voiced dismay that people fleeing war and poverty are denied welcome as european countries squabble over the refugee crisis. tens of thousands of people, patiently endured long lines, backpack inspections and metal detectors before entering st. peters square. after celebrating mass in the steps of the basilica pope francis traveled around the square in his open top pope mobile. coming up later on "action news", we will show you how authorities worked to make sure that easter celebrations all across europe were peaceful. easter, of course is holiest day on the christian calendar and those who believe celebrated the occasion, all around the world.
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>> ♪ >> here you see hundreds of people turning out for annual resurrection services at enan tabernacle church. church held two easter services today one at sunrise and another later on in the morning. over in cinnaminson hundreds bundled up, to take part in easter services there. the services took place at lake view memorial park. ♪ >> and the action cam was also there in center city as dozens gathered for sunrise services there. this one was organized by the penn presbyterian church at rittenhouse square. they trade and sang songs outdoors as they reflect on the meaning of easter as christians believe jesus christ rose from the day. passers by were also welcomed to join in. the faithful also came together at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in center city for easter sunday mass. after sunday services it was time for brunch or a parade or anyplace else to show off your easter best.
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"action news" reporter jeff chirico has more on how folks spent the day. >> reporter: it was a bunny bow nan as, with hopping hairs kick off the philadelphia easter prom men nate donning a bonnet, henry david returned as mc. >> it is a chance to dress up and those kid, the little kid, that is the best. >> reporter: as freedom band played, marchers bunny hospital down south street. we caught a bouncing mayor jim kenney. "action news" anchor alycia vitarelli and her daughter don and their easter finest along with their eighty-fifth year. >> weather is so beautiful. i am will's happy to be out here with my husband and daughter enjoying the holidays. >> reporter: from the old tradition to the new one, bunny express rolled into new hope bucks county for the first time today. families boarded a vintage train with the special guest conductor: the easter bunny himself. he passed out treats. >> meanwhile, in new castle delaware parents and their well dressed little ones
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participated in a easter parade on the green, some tikes were flannel, others a little frill and even fur. and although it was chilly the boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey was pack on this easter, families enjoying time together a bit of the ice cream and half priced tickets. >> we usually come every easter, make it an annual trip to go ride some ride and we have some tickets for the season and walk the boardwalk. >> reporter: what is easter without a easter bonnet? this "action news" fan may be wearing our favorite. >> ocean city, it is really fun because now that they have a new roller coaster, it is more fun. even better on easter to spend witt my family and cousins. >> reporter: chirico for channel six "action news". villanova wildcats are getting much needed rest tonight. the team arrived to cheering crowd fresh off their big win a begins kansas last night. their next stop the final 46789 "action news" reporter trish hartman has more.
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>> reporter: buses pulled up and the fans, came running. one by one the players stepped foot on campus after a nail biting win over kansas, earning them a trip to the final four, in houston. >> oh, my god i was physical willly ill. it was amazing. they are just so much fun. >> reporter: coach jay wright says it has been a long trip a way from villanova. >> we were driving up on lancaster avenue and we said it is so nice to be home. >> reporter: he says he knows his players will keep their focus despite the hype. >> when you get to the final four it is off the charts. i thank god we were there once before so we had a feel and we can hopefully help players handle it. >> reporter: many fans were sporting their know of gear and signs but some were in their sunday best having just left easter mass. >> we're going to dinner this evening. we had nothing on the schedule for this afternoon. we thought we would pop down and cheer on the cats. >> reporter: players were thankful author that. >> anytime we come back from anywhere and nova nation is out in full force. i think they were, you know,
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on easter sunday. it is pretty awesome. >> people know we were coming back but it shows how great our fans are. >> reporter: those fans just had to show their support for a team that has been i blast to watch all season long. >> i was here 31 year ago when i was a senior and i just felt i had to be here. >> my kid love villanova. we watched the game last night. so exciting. we are happy they are in the final four. hopefully they can keep on winning. >> reporter: team has the day off for easter holiday but then back to practice tomorrow preparing for that final four game begins oklahoma on the saturday. reporting live, from villanova university, trish hartman for channel six "action news". we have breaking villanova news. we have learned tip off for nova's next game will be at 6:09 p.m. much more to come on "action news". he was face of the anti violence campaign in chicago pleading for peace. this weekend he was hit by a stray bullet. plus the high tech to the wild, all of the the way that people, hunted for eggs on this easter sunday. jamie apody has sports when "action news" comes right
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it was a really good weekend for bernie sanders. the democratic presidential candidate racked up double digit victories from washington, alaska and hawaii. in order to clinch nomination he need 73 percent of the remaining delegates and mathis against him. today his campaign kick off a series of voter registration events all across philadelphia. john fishman, who is a drummer for the band fish, is a sanders supporter. he met with people at the center in broad street in south philadelphia. they enjoyed music, food and a opportunity to register. an deadline to register in vote in time for local primaries are fast approaching n pennsylvania time runs out tomorrow. in delaware cut off is april 2nd. new jersey voters have until may 17th. a 13 year-old from chicago who appears in the anti violence video is in critical
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condition tonight after getting hit with a stray bullet. he is seventh first gunshot victim of the year. on friday night there was a dispute down the street from trotter's home. stray bullet hit the youngster in the back. he had surgery yesterday. seventh grader took a stand begins gun violence starring in the public service announcement. >> why i got to keep on hearing, people keep getting shot, people keep on getting killed. >> police are investigating the shooting but no arrests have been made. the pez companies reconsidering its annual easter egg hunt after it turned in the shoving match involving parents. annual event hosted by pez museum in connecticut draws thousands of people every year and featured nearly 10,000 eggs hidden all across three fields. but yesterday parents ignored rules and rush the field. the witness essay it turned into a free for all with some children getting pushed and even injured. well, there were lots of or people out there today perhaps more well behaved.
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taking part in easter egg hunts across the region. long tradition and new technology is insuring that everyone gets to take part. abc's john donovan has the story. >> reporter: how your easter egg rolls rolls? here the question is how deep was your egg. because at this easter egg hunt staged in florida the eggs did indeed, beep, which is how these kid who cannot see, were in the left out of the day. >> did you hear that one. >> yes. >> nice. >> easter bunny passing through, one child had a joyful day, and another way the egg rolled, blue tooth chips and hunt by smart phone this was, where else? california. prize for finding golden egg a thousand bucks. >> wow. >> reporter: meanwhile in cincinnati no prize except the pleasure of the hunt itself all they someone tried to get the gorilla on the zoo in the action which they were in to, sort of but do you want to crown for easter egg hunt. try dropping the treasure from the sky and letting loose
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hundreds of kid. plastic eggs, check late inside here's what that looks like on this day when we like our eggs more cold, and roundish then scrambled, fried or sunnyside up. john donovan, abc news, washington. still to come on "action news" little leah still is about to make an important visit to penn state. what she and her dad plan to do to help families affected by cancer. and meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> walter, we have light rain, moving in overnight tonight and with us for the commute, on monday morning. but it doesn't look to be a whole lot. we will talk about the details. the here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see we have light rain in philadelphia a, even some moisture, moving into south jersey, and atlantic city at this hour. we have got a line of moisture and low level moisture, coming in off the atlantic.
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easterly component to our wind brings in a little bit of the sprinkle activity and light rain showers, before the main batch moves in from the west east direction overnight and into monday. the outside we will go action cam was outside earlier tonight and penns landing looking at the mushulu there. we are a modally cloudy skies. we have areas of patchy fog as well. watch out for that if you are out and about on the road very late. after a high today of philadelphia of 60, we are down to 47 in philadelphia. forty-eight in allentown. fifty for reading and lancaster. at the coast in cape may 47. beach haven in at 46. here's satellite six with action radar and a couple features we are tracking here for you. we have an area of low pressure forming off the coast of the carolinas. you can see moisture moving across great lakes where we have rain in chicago and cincinnati. these two systems are actually going to combine and become a big storm system across areas of nova scotia but until that occurs we have to watch this piece of energy out across
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west working its way eastward as we go throughout the overnight hours and into the day on monday. future tracker six, timing out precipitation, 6:00 in the morning. we have light rain. pockets of moderate rainfall south and west of philadelphia it will continue for the commute, in the morning, but it looks like bulk of the heavier precipitation ride to the north where you'll fine the best dynamics of finding heavier rainfall. 10:30 in the morning we have light showers that will start to depart and lift off to our north and east. as we go throughout the afternoon hours, 3:30 in the afternoon it could be an isolated spotty, instability shower on the way but cloud will be breaking in for more in the way ovulate day sunshine and then wind will be picking up on the back side. here's set up for our monday. high temperature at 66. we are tracking this area of low pressure that moves through with early morning rain showers, and then in the area of low pressure departs. high pressure works its way eastward by tuesday, sunny and cooler but we are sandwiched in between these two systems which means we will pick up a
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tight pressure gradient and northwesterly breezes kick in. high on tuesday is cooler coming in at 57. we will recap what we can expect for us on monday, early rain, and drizzle for commute. little bit on the damp side. more than a tenth of an inch of rainfall expected depending on your location. "action news" sun breaks on the the way but wind will be gusting close to 40, 45 miles an hour. future tracker six is showing you calm in the morning as far as wind are concerned but as we go throughout the evening hours with the actual passage of the front, wind close to 44 . 36 miles an hour, in philadelphia. high of 41 miles an hour, up in the poconos. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, morning rain, afternoon sun, wind pick up in the evening tomorrow. high temperature in at 66. he brings it in on tuesday in at 57. not bad on wednesday sunny and nice and at 60 degrees. on thursday it is a warmer afternoon in at 72 with evening rain moving on through. on tuesday, mostly cloudy work
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rain possible, a high temperature of 68. and we're cooling down next sat the day with a high of just 59, and cloud and sun, sharing the sky on sunday, walter with a high of 53. early morning rain showers but then we will clear out with the wind picking up tomorrow evening. >> i have seen worse. >> we all have, right. >> thanks, melissa. you can find the seven day forecast and live look at tracker double scan radar just go to six up next on "action news" jamie apody has sports. nova nation is moving on to the final four. wildcats talk about next weekend's big match autopsy begins oklahoma.
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