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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 29, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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it started off as a high speed chase in houston and ended with the suspect stuck in the mud. driver cut through fields and construction sites and then jumped into a muddy river perhaps hoping to escape by swimming away. instead. he needed officers' help. they pulled him ashore with a rope. there's no word on what led to the chase or why he took his clothes off. >> all right. never know. here in new york city, tourists have taken note of a philadelphia fairious costumed characters harassing for tips in the heart of times square. it's really annoying. >> is it? >> yeah. >> the encounters may be fun for some but the opposition to the relatively new neighborhood fixtures has been steadily growing. former "world news now" legend rob nelson reports for wabc. >> elmo, arrested. for aggressive solicitation. cookie monster, nabbed for
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groping a teenager. these are just a few samples from a long list given out by city leaders looking to reign in commercial activity in new york's pedestrian plazas. one-times square employee wrote "a friend's son was grabbed by one of the costumed characters to solicit a photo op. the mother was told to give $10 and the character would not let go of the child until the money changed hands." susan, a manhattan resident said, "i have been aggressively approached multiple times by the cd and picture hawkers who don't much like the answer no. it makes it highly enpleasant to walk through the area." the new law would give the transportation department the power to regulate plazas including regulating zones a move designed to give people the option of avoiding the characters and topless women who have generated so much controversy in recent months. >> we need to protect the uni e
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uniqueness and excitement of times square while bringing some order out of the chaos. >> reporter: city council members and times square alliance leaders surrounded themselves with supporters of the law including the naked cowboy, a times square fixture. ♪ this is my occupation, that's why i pledge my full support for little regulation ♪ >> the end. >> yep, that happened. meantime, leaders stress that this is not any kind of ban. just an effort to try and better contain the chaos. when elmo grabs your [ bleeped ] in times square, your childhood is immediately ruined. these are real tweets that come from real people. this is a real issue. >> reporter: the goal for supporters to get the law passed and in the books before the start of summer. rob nelson, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> i took the kids to toys 'r us in times square over christmas. >> hate being harassed by them. >> yeah. >> sorry. not sorry.
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>> i was kind of curious about the banana loose in the newsroom now. nobody called security? nobody called security. >> i do recall that's the first time the naked cowboy is supporting anything that's little. >> anything that's little >> he said. >> very interesting. >> it's a little thing that he could do. >> coming up, folks, secret sorority online. >> who is that banana? >> and an exclusive look at sisterhood in the digital age. you're watching "world news now." we don't know what fruit is going to come out next. might be an apple, might be an original. >> what are you calling
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♪ we are family, i've got all my sisters with me ♪ ♪ we are family >> colleges, universities around the nation, their institutions. but sororities can sometimes get a bad rap. one woman is working to change that through a digital sisterhood. >> a secret online community for women that could be shaping the
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future of how friendships are formed. kayna whitworth is getting a inside look. >> reporter: when most of us think of sororities we think of i think like this. >> this is a sorority house? >> but emily nielsen is turning that image on its head creating a similar experience digitally. her group girls night in is the 21st century's answer to friendly neighbors but ladies only. >> when people call this kind of an online sorority, what's your take on that. >> it's a club and it's a bunch of girls or at least people who don't identify as male getting together and doing all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: there are nearly 2,000 ladies in the l.a.-based girls night in ranging in age from 18 to their mid 40s. everyone from executives, former reality show contestants, actresses and models getting into the highly selective group is tricky. at least three veteran women in the group have to nominate new
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members and even then, this he have to be deemed worthy of entering. >> one of the most interesting things about girls night in the exclusivity. they krul member who are not active because those are lurkers who might spill the secrets that allows it to be this be really supportive bare all your dirty laundry community. >> reporter: posts are about everything from politics, relationship advice, designated drivers and, of course, fashion guidance. >> so i'm a guest in the group today. we just post aid picture of me asking if my outfit looked like pajamas. it's a fair question. it's been what, three minutes. and there are almost 30 comments. >> they're supporting your choice to wear fashionable pajamas. >> reporter: then there are the more serious posts. >> one person share had they had been raped, right? within the group and threw felt that was a safe place to talk about that. >> any experience that these people can can have does get talked about. >> reporter: if someone wants to
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connect in bern not just through a computer, it's not unusual to place a post and see what happens. analyst sa's suggestion of an online wine and pizza party brought a dozen people to her home within an hour. critics say similar to real life sorori sororities, the group's exclusivity gives it a bit of a mean girl persona. but members say it's about the supporting one another. >> it's not excluesive in like a snooty way, a way where we want to keep the group of people that we can trust. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. and we should thank our sister network the fusion for supportingthon story. >> i like that. it's a community where anybody could go at any point. you don't have to be in the same room together. i like the sisterhood. >> nice sisterhood. where is the brotherhood society? >> maybe that's your next calling. > good deal. >> coming up, the white house
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♪ to the good old days whether he the mama sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out ♪ ♪ ♪ wish we could turn back time to the good old days when the mamas sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out ♪ >> well, finally this half hour with president obama's presidency going into its final months, the first family system saying good-bye to one tradition after another. >> and the annual easter egg roll turned into a star-studded event for the obamas, their
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guests and their kids, as well. serena marshall was there is. >> reporter: it was a monday fun day at the white house. the obamas hosting the annual easter egg roll. >> this is always one of our favorite events of the year. it's so much fun. >> reporter: the event in its 138th year could put some state dinners to shame. featuring the national anthem sung by idina menzel. ♪ and the rockets red glare >> presidential escort by none other than storm troopers and appearances by athletes including shaq on the basketball court. the obamas even treat ago the kids to an animated reading of "where the wild things resolution." they roared their terrible roars. let's hear a roar. roar. >> you can do better than that. >> one more time. roar. you don't have your claws up. >> reporter: families from all 50 states partake in a lottery to be one of the 35,000 people on the south lawn for the white
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house's biggest event. activities like yoga and soul psych were part of the day's fun. tying into the first lady's let's move campaign. it also included the first ever fun run around the white house lawn. >> you've got it. run hard. you're almost there. >> reporter: but if running and spin were too extreme in your easter best, dancing was always an option. >> we've got a little whip and a lal anyway anyway or however you do it. something like that. >> reporter: serena marshall, abc news, the white house. >> i'd never seen him do the anyway anyway or is that the whip? >> it looked like just a royal wave was what the president did. >> it is. it's coming to an end for them. a few months. >> all the traditions going away. we're going to whip and anyway anyway out of here. >> you do it, you lead. e 50 to :
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this morning on "world news now," gunfire at the u.s. capitol. >> the frightening scene as a man with a weapon is shot by police. the details emerging about the suspect who was known to investigators on capitol hill. >> terror accomplice. the intensifying manhunt for a man seen in the brussels airport wearing a hat. what newly released videotape shows as police across europe are on the lookout. >> security breach. how did a woman barrage past airport security and take a seat on an airline jet without showing her ifrg d. or her ticket. the investigation and fear among passengers. >> later important lessons to be learned at sean p. diddy's new school. the music mogul's amendment to rethink education one charter student at a time. it is tuesday, march 29th.
3:01 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. we can only hope it's better than trump university. >> diddy's new school. i'm very curious about that one. >> we'll see. >> it's here in harlem. >> of course, he's trying to help out his community where he grew up. of course, we're going to start south of there, four hours south to the capitol where it was a chaotic scene. police shooting a suspect at a screening area, sending families and school children running for cover. >> some visitors were evacuated while others were rushed into offices to hide. the man accused of pointing what appeared to be a weapon at officers is now in critical but stable condition. it's not his first run-in with capitol police. the latest from abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: pandemonium in the capitol's visitor's center. >> all of a sudden, it was like hell broke loose. police everywhere with guns drawn. people running and screaming and people just dropping to the
3:02 am
ground. >> shelter in place, shelter in place. >> reporter: tourists are told to shelter in place or run to safety. >> they said there's a shooter. so we ran out. >> reporter: the entirely capitol compound on lockdown. >> we were told to get down on the floor and we were staying, lying on the floor for about 15r, 20 minutes. >> reporter: a man approaching the screening area in the underground visitor's center set off the panic. >> during routine administrative screening, the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. >> reporter: a police officer shot the suspect. 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee. he was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. dawson is no stranger to capitol hill. a judge told him to stay away after he interrupted a session of the house last october shouting that he was a prophet of god. >> i'm a prophet of god. >> reporter: police lifted the lockdown one hour after it was put in place. at least one witness praised the quick actions of the police.
3:03 am
>> they did the best they could given the sfirkss. >> reporter: one woman was slightly sxwroirpd police are still investigating how often bullets were fired. as for the suspect, it happened to be his birthday. >> abc's lauren liftner washington. thank you. the 138th annual easter egg roll at the white house brought thousands of children to the south lawn and an arrest. a woman was arrested when he she tried to move a security barrier, the same woman arrested last week for jumping over a bicycle rack. she will. >> breaking in you to get to. an escaped murderer has been recaptured in ohio. john modie had been missing for about 24 hours from a prison in anyson vil about 60 miles south of columbus. his escape force recented a college campus to shut down for the days and residents to stay in doo doors with their doors locked. police say he was captured withoutnent? nelson vil.
3:04 am
>> the manhunt intensifying after the brussels terror attacks. the 32 second video shows a man wearing a dark hat and light colored jacket walking with two alleged suicide bombers. and four more people have died from their injuries bringing the death toll to 35. abc's alex marquardt las the latest from brussels. >> reporter: a call for help from belgian authorities, releasing that new video to help find the man in the black hat, one of the most wanted men in europe, seen here walking calmly through the airport departures hall, moments before the blast went off. this weekend, it seemed police were close to cracking the case. charging this man, faycal cheffou, with terrorist murder in connection with the brussels attacks. cheffou calls himself a freelance journalist, and has been detained in the past for trying to recruit refugees for jihad. a senior belgian official on twitter calling him "an
3:05 am
extremist jihadi horror." but chepfou was released. the judge saying there isn't enough evidence to hold him. in doing so, likely conceding that cheffou is not the man in the black hat. we tracked him down as he came home from jail to his mother's apartment. mr. cheffou? >> oui? >> reporter: he invites us to come upstairs. but at the door, realizing we were reporters, he angrily shouted at us to get out. even free, cheffou still faces multiple terror charges, and police are dealing with the reality that the man in the black hat is still out there. european authorities across the continent stepping it up their anti-terror crackdown. over the weekend we saw arrests in holland, belgium and italy. at least one person arrested in connection with the brussels attacks others with potential plots in the works. police under heavy pressure tosh
3:06 am
prevent any further attacks. >> apple is in the middle of a security showdown with the federal government and now off the hook. the fbi says it was able to break the encryption on an iphone without and's help and has dropped its lawsuit. the fbi will not say how it unlocked the phone. the device was used by one of the san bernardino terrorists and may contain information useful to the investigation of the december shooting. 14 people were killed in that shooting. and the fbi is investigating after hackers crippled computer systems at major hospitals network in the washington area. medstar administrators say there's no evidence of compromised information. but a virus stopped doctors and nurses from accessing e-mail accounts and medical records. authorities are trying to figure out if that virus is so-called ran some aware. that's when hackers extort money in exchanges for restoring it wases. >> an american airlines co-pilot arrested at detroit airport for allegedly being drunk on saturday has been charged.
3:07 am
authorities say john mcgwire was in the cockpit and acting intoxicated when he was detained. he now faces a misdemeanor charge of operating an aircraft while under the influence. and a kentucky woman is facing criminal charges after authorities in nashville say she breached airport security. they say naja hanes was able to board a delta flight in nashville white house being screened. a delta spokes plan says she was able to access the boeing 737 because she pushed past several airline agents to get on board. >> i don't know, from the beginning to end, they're very strict with making sure that you have everything. every time i go to tsa, they always stop me and ask me for my i.d. they pat down my hair. >> when police finally reached haines in her seat she apparently refused to leave. and was eventually led away had handcuffs. another benefit to the mediterranean diet. it apparently promotes healthier bones. i a new study found that older
3:08 am
women who stick to the button may lower their risk of hip fractures slightly by about a third of a percent. remember the diet empathizes fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, peas and whole grains and linked to preventing cardiovascular disease and other aments. we've got to get on that diet. >> it sounds like every other diet. paleodiet. >> it sounds like the i'm hungry diet. >> and campbells super will stop using the chemical bpa in cans by the middle of next year. it is used in the lining of the cans. there are fears it raises the risk of cancer, brain damage and hormonal problems. campbell is the world's largest soupmaker and produces swanson broth and spaghetti owes. the switch to non-bpa linings has begun. >> i had no idea about that. >> did you know about this? there's a switch, tesla later this week unveils its new more affordable all electric vehicle. >> what do you mean by more
3:09 am
affordable? >> you know, they're pretty pricey cars. this sedan is expected to cost around $35,000. tesla will begin taking orders on thursday in its stores and friday on its website. >> $1,000 deposit required. model 3 is expected to be smaller than other tes laz with a range of 200 miles in normal conditions. when had he say smaller, i'd better be able to fit my groceries ins back trunk. do they have heated trunks? >> exactly. it's supposed to be like the original model a for tesla cost about $79,000. when we say this is affordable, relatively speaking, yes, it is at $35,000. >> i need the minivan version. when is that coming out? >> i love that you talk about driving all the time to give this be entire concept that you actually get behind a wheel. >> it's very rare because we don't want to endanger the national public but it does happen on occasion. >> is this how you order your
3:10 am
car service? i'll need the minivan version. >> i've got to do school pickups and drop-offs every now and then. >> coming up "the mix," the 7-year-old grandmother ho can probably lift a lot more weight than you can. >> also also ahead, why ted cruz insists he will beat donald trump in the wisconsin primary. the big showdown before next week's contest. >> later sawn diddy combs wants to rethink education one student at a time. the bold new charter school he's establishing and what makes it so different from the others. >> don't miss our behind the scenes pics on instagram. plenty of surprises at abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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an ash cloud from alaska's pavlov vol cave know is limiting travel by air and on the groundswell. alaska airlines says it has canceled dos of flights involving six cities. the volcano spewed an ash cloud that roads to 20,000 feet. 50-mile-an-hour winds have blown the ash across all of alaska and more than 400 miles away in anchorage, the volcano alert is at its highest level. >> the supreme court has refused to hear an appeal from form err illinois governor rob blagojevich. he is being a 14-year term at federal prison in colorado. hills wife says the family is disappointed in the high court's refusal.
3:15 am
analysts say the request for the supreme court to consider an appeal was considered a long shot. let's move onto the race for the white house. it is getting nastier as if that's a surprise 0 even say by the day. the gop candidates are set to appear separately tonight in a cnn town hall. >> but ted cruz is challenging donald trump to a one-on-one debate instead as the feud escalates before the wisconsin primarily. hillary clinton sounding the alarm on trump. here's more from abc's jon karl. >> ted cruz in wisconsin, thank you both for your support. >> reporter: -- says this is the state where he will stop donald trump. >> it is neck and neck and together, we're going to win. >> reporter: after dropping in on the lunch crowd at the altoona family restaurant, cruz unloaded on trump. >> he yells and screams and curses and attacks people and threatens lawsuits and attacks their wives and attacks their families. >> reporter: trump got an earful from one of wisconsin's top conservative talk radio hosts, a cruz supporter, after trump
3:16 am
defended his attacks on cruz's wife, heidi, saying that cruz started the war over wives, something the senator denies. >> i didn't start it. he started it. if he didn't start it, it would have never happened. nothing like this would have ever happened. >> we're not on a playground. we're running for president of the united states. >> i agree with that 100%. and my views are not playground views. >> reporter: and those twitter attacks on cruz's wife? we asked trump if he'd do that kind of thing as president of the united states. would you be doing late-night twitter wars with world leaders who insulted you? >> it's a great way of communicating, as far as i'm concerned. but i'm not going to be doing it very much as president. >> reporter: but it's exactly that kind of behavior that has hillary clinton warning about trump's judgment and the kind of justices he'd name to the supreme court. >> as scary as it might be, ask yourselves, what kind of justice would a president trump appoint? as you know, he believes muslims should be banned from entering this country because of their faith. what would that mean for a
3:17 am
nation founded on religious freedom? >> reporter: but something trump and clinton could actually bond over. trump's daughter, ivanka, gave birth over the weekend, giving the billionaire his eighth grandchild, theodore. >> and on tuesday, trump takes his campaign to wisconsin, campaigning in the city of janesville which just happens to be the hometown of speaker of the house paul ryan. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. the latest polls showing that ted cruz is really starting to move slightly ahead there in wisconsin. so the next big match yuch could be critical for trump and cruz. coming up here on our next half hour, a major drug bust on high seas, a custom made submarine carrying millions of dollars worth of cocaine. just the latest in a wave of hi-tech smuggling operations. but first, music mogul sawn diddy combs founding a charter school in his old neighborhood. we'll hear from parents and kids excited for the new opportunity.
3:18 am
you're watching "world news now." >> announcer
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♪ ♪ ♪ the d, the i, the d, the d, the y ♪ >> apparently brian said they picked this song because it's educational. it teaches you how to spell. >> you mean like the k, the e, the n, the d, the i. >> i was trying to make it work. >> you don't know how to spell your own name, my friend. >> of course sean p. diddy did drop the p. and diddy in his name awhile back but the producer and entrepreneur is making a move that will spell success for a lot of kids in his hometown. >> diddy is now the founder of a new charter school right here in new york city and promising to
3:20 am
recruit some of the best teachers from across the country. wabc's kimberly richardson has more. >> reporter: he's had several successful business ventures but his next surprising and some say most significant. come the fall, you may bump into sawn diddy coves here at this building at the corner of 5th and 104th street. that's when the rapper will open capital preptory charter school. >> it's real cool. going to be impacting on the community no less. >> reporter: students will soon share space was kids from boys and girls har ver, a non-profit organization that runs a prek and after school program. capital prep will be free and admission is done by lottery. but some admit in general, they're not fans of charter schools. >> they overrely on testing many of them. and i find that many of them are there to break teacher's union. >> reporter: in the works for five years, combs met prustly
3:21 am
with community leaders here in east harlem and education experts. know no one was available from the school to speak on camera, many are excited. >> i'm surprised. i've been living here my whole life. you don't see any rappers or anybody giving back to the community. it's a good thing. >> reporter: the deadline to apply is april 1st. they'll start with grades 6 and 7 with 160 students. the plan is to eventually expand to grade 12. i'm curious what he knows about education and educating inner city youth. there's a couple charter schools where you know, well-known people in the community have supported it and an that's wonderful. i'm just curious his knowledge of education. >> reporter: kimberly richardson, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> apparently the school is based out of a school out of hartford which has a high graduation and college acceptance rate. >> diddy is hoping many of the students will go there and shake their tailfeather and will have more money, more problems.
3:22 am
can't nobody hold -- >> he's sampling all of p. diddy's music. >> many come with me. mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel.
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we're going to start off the "skinny" with something quite appealing. yeah. so as you know, charlie chaplin, we've seen all these movies and all these cartoons where you have the old little banana gag. kind of walking down. whoops. kids nowadays don't remember charlie chaplin and don't really believe that that can really happen. so now there's been the banana peel challenge that has been taking over the internet. and this young man decided he would give it a go. jason oaks. >> and he went back to puberty. he tried it. and yep, it really does work. take a look. the web's filled with people who are trying the same thing.
3:26 am
>> you slip on a peel and that's a challenge? >> they're trying to see if you really do slip on a banana. they've seen it in cartoons. >> so you look like a fool and you post it and up upload it on to social media. >> winning. > that sounds like a great waste of time. >> winning. your kids might be doing it right now. >> it's good to know what the kids are up to, right? good to know. >> who is that? >> jack is on vacation. we have substitute producer filling in. never know who's going to show up. >> appealing. > you're a big gym buff. >> yes were, i try to work out. >> you talk about this all the time. flex them for us, baby. there you go. i have a 78-year-old woman, a 78-year-old woman who might outdo you. i know she can outdo you lifting weights. shirley webb can dead lift 225 pounds. >> no, those are fake. >> 225. >> good on shirley.
3:27 am
>> isn't that amazing? she set the record in illinois for 237 pounds and in missouri 215 and she's won in both age and weight. >> congratulations, shirley. i can't even do that. that is impressive. >> she worked with a trainer for about six months and look where she's gotten. >> what's also impressive are real estate prices in san francisco, the most extensive city. this guy came up with an interesting option. he built a harry potter style cupboard to combat the san francisco rent. here it is. it is the average rent in san francisco, by the way, is about $3500. and he built this within a prend's apartment. it is tiny but it would and it is certainly cheap. he's got a bed, deck, shelf, curtain. >> everything anyone could want. >> surfing. >> this surfing video is great. >> 19 years old in australia. a dolphin surfing right by soy bailey, captured together. >> take a look.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," capitol chaos. the suspicious visitor with a weapon at the entrance to the u.s. capitol. the gunfire and swift action by police and new details about the suspect. >> rights fight. the conservative governor cracking down on a state law that would restrict lgbt rights. why the battle is far from over. and new this half hour, the pet cat that could cost its owner several thousand dollars. >> feline in the middle of an expensive and emotional fight between a woman and her condo board. the fur is flying. and later in the "skinny," it was latin night on "dancing with the stars" from the impressive scores to the disappointing dances, see who dazzled the judges and who did not. it's tuesday, march 29th. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." >> good morning. >> it's a sad morning. we really thought, you didn't. there were three of us here that did believe that he was going to -- i'm not going to ruin it. but the person who got -- >> "dancing with the stars." >> i thought he would stick around for one more round. >> yes. but his moves spoke. >> i thought he had the moves like jagger. >> we're going to get to that all in a few minutes. of course, we're going to start on a serious note on all that's happening on capitol hill. >> with the bullets flying on capitol hill setting up panic at a visitor's center packed with tourists. police opening fire shooting a man who drew what appeared to be a gun. the suspect was in critical condition as police tracked down his pickup truck on the other side of the building, and they say he's no stranger to the capitol. abc's david kerley was there. >> reporter: the halls of the capitol erupted. visitors ordered to flee as shots ring out.
3:32 am
hill workers told to protect themselves. >> shelter in place. shelter in place. shelter in place. >> reporter: catheryn leff was in that crowd. >> all of a sudden, it was like hell broke loose. i mean, just, police everywhere with guns drawn, people running and screaming and people just, you know, dropping to the ground. >> reporter: the entire capitol compound on lockdown. police with guns drawn, doors in the capitol barricaded. this is the east side of the capitol. we're flanked by the supreme court and the library of congress. this incident happened right in front of the visitor's center, which is just past that van with the blinking lights, underneath the stairs. in that visitor's center, where those hoping to enter the capitol have to be screened, at 2:39, a man approached the conveyor belt and screening machine, when suddenly he has what appears to be a gun. >> the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect.
3:33 am
>> reporter: the suspect down, while officers order everyone out. in addition to the suspect being taken down, an innocent bystander, a woman about 40 years old, received minor injuries. the suspect, who was rushed to a hospital for surgery, is known to capitol hill police. he is larry dawson, who was charged after an outburst last october in the house chamber. by 3:40, the lockdown lifted. just an hour after that frightening shooting in such a public place. >> police say they did recover a weapon at the scene. they have not described exactly what kind of a weapon it is. david kerley, abc news, the capitol. >> breaking news from the middle east, an airliner has been hijacked to the cypress airport. the plane was flying to cairo. late reports say the passengers are being allowed off the airbus. no word on what the hijackers are demanding.
3:34 am
we'll stay on top of the developments. >> turning now to your voice, your vote, ted cruz is challenging donald trump to a one-on-one debate after a week of bickering over their wives. they're scheduled to appear in back to back cnn town hall meetings, but trump says he's already won all the debates. cruz tore into trump on the campaign trail in wisconsin and they blamed each other for starting the feud. >> he yells and screams and curses people and threatens lawsuits and attacks their wives and attacks their families. >> i didn't start it. he started it. if he didn't start it, nothing like this would have ever happened. >> all five candidates on both sides will be campaigning across wisconsin today a week before that state's much anticipated primaries. >> trump is facing a new round of attacks from hillary clinton. she lashed out at him in milwaukee yesterday questioning his judgment and warning about the kind of justices he would name to the supreme court and brushing off a request from bernie sanders to debate him in
3:35 am
her home state of new york. her campaign calls it a stunt by a campaign struggling for attention. >> georgia's conservative governor vetoed a so-called religious liberty bill. it would have limited the rights of gays and lesbians who called it discriminatory. while religious groups are disappointed in the governor's move, the legal fight is not over. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: calling his decision based on sound judgment and solid reason -- >> georgia is a welcoming state. >> reporter: georgia governor nathan deal says he will not sign off on the states's controversial religious liberty bill. >> that is the character of georgia. i intend to do my part to keep it that way. >> reporter: the bill would have allowed clergy to refuse to perform same-sex marriages and protected churches and groups that declined services to someone based on their faith. >> today, we're letting them know, no, you will not do that to us. >> reporter: in north carolina, a similar bill that became law
3:36 am
just last week is now headed to court. the aclu and advocacy groups are suing the state calling the new law unconstitutional. >> this is not over. >> this is not over. >> reporter: opponents have been rallying against the law for days and facing backlash from major corporations legislators in indiana have even amended a similar religious freedom law. tourism officials in indianapolis reportedly believe the law may have cost the city 12 conventions and $60 million before lawmakers took action. experts believe this legal fight in north carolina is just the beginning and this case could reach the supreme court. reena and kendis? >> all right, our thanks to elizabeth. two houston window washers are safe on the ground after some anxious moments. their platform became stuck outside the 21st floor of a skyscraper. they had lost power and power could not be restored. fire department ladders do not
3:37 am
go that high as you can understand. so firefighters removed a window, put a ladder onto the platform and rescued the workers. you won't be seeing many window washers today here in new york. strong wind gusts are expected all day. already some flights have been canceled at airports in northeast areas. there's also extra concern at construction sites. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: with new york city bracing for powerful winds, officials trying to avoid this. it was less than two months ago, when that massive crane came crashing down. >> oh, it broke! >> reporter: officials were in the process of securing it when it collapsed, killing one person, injuring several more. wind advisories stretch from d.c. to boston. gusts could reach 50 miles per hour. the weather in the northeast, remnants of a severe sunday in the midwest. >> why are we outside? >> reporter: tornado sirens going off in crofton, kentucky. >> holy moly. >> reporter: and hail falling hard in harrisburg, illinois. >> wow. >> reporter: and with so many
3:38 am
cranes in new york, officials here are demanding that they all be secured. inspectors are going to be doing random spot checks at sites like this one. they're not taking any chances. gio benitez in new york. >> with all of that in mind, we want to look at the forecast because it could be a rough commute in the northeast with those gusty winds and rain and snow. in the west, heavy snow and powerful winds from salt lake city to rapid city. two feet of snow in the mountains. rain and stormy along the gulf coast. >> 40s in salt lake city and detroit. 50s in chicago and new york. 60s in denver and portland. 70s in dallas and atlanta. a woman on new york's long island is facing thousands of dollars in fees in a battle over her two cats. elizabeth colaianni says the manager at her condo building knew that she had one more feline than the rules allowed. it wasn't a problem until she said she had a handicapped access ramp installed.
3:39 am
it was then that she said the condo board started imposing fees for her second cat. >> these cats are my children. i don't have any children. i'm not married. they're my life. >> colaianni has filed a discrimination complaint with the u.s. department of housing and urban development. an attorney for condo board would say only that it was an ongoing legal matter. oh, boy, this has been a long time coming, folks. others might say long overdue. jonathan the tortoise, the world's oldest living animal had his first bath. nearly two centuries of grime and grit washed away with surgical soap, soft brushes and a loofa had. >> the scrubbing is all part of preps for a while visit that will take place. jonathan is blind and no sense of smell so he's okay with not bathing for more than a century. no word yet or when the next bath is scheduled. hopefully it's sooner than 184 years. >> yep.
3:40 am
maybe he didn't want to be bothered with a bath. why do we have to do this to the poor guy? >> so you're saying this is torture? >> it's been so many years he's gotten away with this. maybe that's his thing. >> maybe that's why he's lived so long. >> could be. if he dies next week, we know what happened. >> we know what his key is. coming up in "the skinny," the injuries, the exits and incredible performances last night on "dancing with the stars." >> also ahead, the specially equipped submarine. it's not for the military. investigators say it's rigged for drug smuggling. the astounding discovery. >> high rise inferno lighting up the sky. smoke, flames and evacuation. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group. weather, brought to you by american advisors group. you can finally break up with bleach.
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authorities are trying to determine what caused a huge fire at a high-rise tower in the united arab emirates. residents were evacuated and some treated for breathing problems and other minor injuries. it's just the latest in a string of skyscraper fires in the gulf nation. on new year's eve, a large fire engulfed the luxury 63-story tower in central dubai. >> now to southern california where a brazen gun store robbery captured on surveillance cameras. a semi rams through steel gates. two suspects barge inside. one grabs a rifle using it to smash a glass case and then grabbing some handguns. it's all over in less than a minute. ventura police say their crime spree started 15 minutes before this with a break-in at a check cashing store. >> the coast guard has captured a drug smuggling submarine off the coast of panama. >> inside the sub, more than 200
3:45 am
million dollars worth of cocaine. with the details now, here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: a dangerous bust on the high seas. watch as the coast guard with guns drawn intercept this sub four suspects clinging to the roof with hands in the air. as they pulled them into custody one by one. the bust going down about 300 miles from panama, custom made for smuggling, officials say only the cockpit and exhaust pipe visible above the water. on board are more than 6 tons of cocaine worth more than $200 million. despite efforts that's include the capture of infamous drug trafficker "el chapo" guzman, production is up in central and south america. drug traffickers are going to great lengths to bring their product to the u.s. >> it's an indication of the adaptability and the unlimited resources of these organizations that are moving these dugs and have the potential to move anything. >> reporter: this is the second semi submersible vessel they've captured this year.
3:46 am
the u.s. coast guard says they're improving technology and ramping up patrols. kayna whitworth, abc news, marinry na del ray. >> an early celebrity april fools' joke. did anyone get fooled? >> donald trump with a moustache on "dancing with the stars"? kind of. we're going to explain next.
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny
3:48 am
it is a tuesday morning. so of course, topping our "skinny" is the latest "dancing with the stars" and dropping its first contestant. >> this is so sad. to the ballroom we go for latin night. the competition was fierce and fiery especially when wanya morris hit the floor performing a sassy salsa earning a score of 24 out of 30. judge carrie ann declaring him the king of the ballroom. >> those are some mad boyz ii men moves. but hold it right there, morris. actually tied at the top with mixed martial artist paige vanzant. her sizzling sam bap pulled in a 24, an impressive feat. considering she danced with a replacement pro. her normal partner mark ballas threw his back out. >> it's incredible. i love that song, too. >> our colleague, we have been
3:49 am
rooting for ginger zee and her partner val also did the samba, earning 21 out of 30. the judges complementing their ability to hit the classic turns on the floor. ginger, you look great, honey. >> they looked great. >> fabulous. >> we couldn't go on without getting to our favorite from last week, geraldo doing his best donald trump impersonation before the set changed to a south of the proposed wall mexican oasis. from there the couple did some pole dancing with geraldo as a pole while his partner did her best dancing. from there somebody had to go home. >> why did it have to be him? >> the first elimination. in fact, can you take a guess who it was? >> geraldo and edyta. >> if i didn't get eliminated tonight, i would have demanded a recount. >> oh. geraldo. you weren't here for a long time but you were here for a good time. >> yes. oh, well, bye-bye.
3:50 am
next an unlikely hollywood couple trying to weird people out on social media. >> over the past few days, comedian john lovitz and jessica loundis have been posting sweet and creepy messages online hinting at a romantic relationship. >> the 5-year-old "snl" alum tweet add easter photo featuring his 27-year-old girlfriend calling her his bunny. then things really heated up when she shared a photo of what, an engagement ring? >> kendis, has his briefs all in a bunch. don't worry. it's an early april fools' prank. >> i have what on? >> she admitted that the elaborate joke was to promote her new music video "deja vu." >> lovitz plays her love interest. we should call it "knickers in a knot." people don't know what knickers are. >> next, actor kiefer sutherland proving that he's truly a res sans man. he has been busy making music and is debuting a country sound. >> he sounds good.
3:51 am
it's real country. not the pop stuff or any of that stuff that hootie tried as evident in the music video he just released for the song. ♪ not enough whiskey in the world tonight there's not enough whiskey to see the light ♪ ♪ not enough whiskey to make it all all right ♪ >> wow. >> yeah, i like it. sutherland told "rolling stone" magazine he's the first to roll his eyes when he hears about an actor doing a music project but he says he felt strongly, this is something that he wanted to. >> and the album called "down in a hole" is due out this summer and finally, harrison ford giving "star wars" fans as the quite a souvenir. he's auctions off the jacket he wore as hans solo that he wore in "the force awakens." >> the proceeds used will go to a medical center that diagnosed his daughter's epilepsy. bidding stands right now at $30,000 on if
3:52 am
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and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah, ♪ ♪ show them how we do it now >> we'll never end up on "dancing with the stars." >> if i could find my black card, i would give it to you. >> there's a bonus end to "dancing with the stars" this half hour. a fan favorite we didn't get to in "the skinny." > nyle dimarco turning heads and breaking hearts last night in the ballroom earning a solid 21 out of 30 from the judges. >> he's so good. incredible, especially considering that the model can't even hear the music. he was born deaf. and abc's jesse palmer has his inspiring story. ♪ >> reporter: last week's first place tying cha-cha brought down the house. ♪ >> reporter: nyle and peta nailed it, exploding on social media. and you thought you were
3:56 am
surprised. >> i was like wow, i can actually do this. >> reporter: how do they do it? their secret weapon a set of signals and cues between them that keeps them in step. >> sometimes i tap his back, okay? that's to count him in to the five, six, seven eight. i have the squeeze. i go like this when i want to be brought back for the rhumba, the good old scratch on the back. that means turn around. as soon as i lift my head, that's his cue to come in. we do it hundreds and hundreds of times so he gets to feel how long to hold something, how quickly to move through something. >> it doesn't always work. on his vlog, nyle let fans in on a secret, a mistake during that first dance when pete tea gestured for him to come toward her. in sign language, that gesture means hurry up. >> i ran to her and hurried. we had to hold our frame before we started. >> reporter: his entire family is deaf going back four generations. he's become an overnight hero to the deaf community.
3:57 am
>> to actually represent them, that's an honor for me. >> reporter: this weekend he hosted an event for the communications company for the hearing impaired. >> hello, everyone out there. i'm so glad to see a full house here. >> their superstar model and now dancer is an inspiration to deaf and disabled children and to all of us. >> it's been such a beautiful experience so far. and i think it's just incredible. he's showing america that anybody can dance, no matter what. and i'm so proud of him. what could be more inspirational than that. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> oh. >> quite an experience. >> hero, that is truly the word for this guy. what an inspiration he's been to so many people. the fact they had these signals. i had no idea. >> yeah. that's all he's working with. absolutely incredible. root for him, everybody. >> his mama was there last night. it was emotional to see them together. very, very sweet moment. >> beautiful dance. he tweeted from the show, wait,
3:58 am
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. good morning, everyone. we're coming on the air right now with breaking news coming out of the middle east right now. >> an egypt airplane has been hijacked flying from alexandria and diverted to the island of cyprus. >> there is a person on board that claims to be wearing an explosive belt. you see the island of cyprus right there and lama hasan is tracking it all with the breaking details. what are you hearing from your post right now? >> reporter: good morning to you, kendis. this is villing right now. information is still coming in but here's what we know at this hour. according to cypriot officials the hijacker is reportedly demanding access to a


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