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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  April 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. yes, it is, it is 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday. april 5th. >> villanova time. the region is celebrating a national championship. villanova university's victory over the tarheels came down to a clutch shot. >> three seconds to go. across the time line. jenkins three right wing to win it. he made it. he made the three from the right wing. >> kris jenkins canned a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give villanova its seconds ncaa basketball championship in 13 years.
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it was heart stopping win over north carolina. >> while the wildcats rushed the court fans along the main line poured into the streets. while much of the partying was innocent fun some fans climbed light poles and started some fires. >> let's turn to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> off to a cold starter. congratulations to villanova. what a way to win a championship, hm, as time is running out. storm tracker6 live double scan asy an indication of how cold the air is. a little bit of a light snow shower popping down from the north through southern berks county about ready to leave there and coming right down through chester county. you want to take it slow just in case there's a little bit of slickness beneath that but it's not doing a whole lot. there's another batch of snow down south that's just clipping cape may and southern delaware and another place to be careful. we have a freeze warning until 10 o'clock. in these highlighted counties before we get those temperatures up above freezing and we were telling you to
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bring in those pottered plants maybe cover up sensitive stuff. hope you did that because we're on our way down. still just above the freezing mark in philadelphia. we're down below it in allentown and reading and trenton. 33 in wilmington and millville and these numbers probably dropping a little bit more before we turn it around. we have a wind blowing coming down out of the north with that cold air with it. so the wind chill currently making it feel like it's just 23 degrees so kids if you're out there celebrating, do bundle up this morning, okay. you can still put your jersey on on top of your coat maybe. mostly clear breezy and cold on the bus stop with temperatures around the freezing mark between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. as we roll through the day it is going to be a cool one this afternoon with a high of 46 degrees. we'll probably hit that a little bit late in the day say right around 4 o'clock and then down top 42 degrees by 6 o'clock. been the way tonight it looks like we're going to do it all over again. there's a freeze watch that kicks in for tonight later this evening and extends into wednesday morning. pretty much a repeat of the same counties with those subfreezinsubfreezing temperatu.
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we'll have word of a rebound in the seven-day forecast. karen. >> i was driving to work with the signs indicating it could be icy in some spots. something you hate to hear this time of year. this is radnor delaware county the blue route at route 30. all ramps reopened, no closures through this area. the exit for villanova, saint davids looking pretty good right there. we had an accident with a vehicle that went into a ditch and we're still seeing crews out here but they're all off to the shoulder. watch for the ramp from matsonford road to 476 in west conshohocken. on the vine street expressway starting to see some westbound traffic move through at this point. eastbound as well. so westbound reopened a few minutes ago, eastbound had been blocked but it looks like eastbound traffic starting to move again tonight. the closure there due to the construction. and will close again overnight tonight. we have one more accident out here involving an overturned vehicle off the rod way in upper township. this is cape may county. garden state parkway as you're heading northbound at route
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50, that's exit 20 watch for emergency workers out here. they're blocking the left lane and the shoulder at this early hour, matt and tam. >> all right arc than, thank yo. villanova wildcats are national champions. >> they beat north carolina 77-74 in one of the wildest finishes in the history of the ncaa tournament. >> live team coverage of the win and celebration. annie mccormick and katherine scott are in villanova this morning. we'll start with katherine outside the pavilion. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam and matt. yeah, i think the campus is still buzzing from that huge win overnight. what wane, what a finish. it came down to the last final seconds and villanova pulled it out and now they're national champions. >> three seconds. jenkins. gets it o jenkins for the championship. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: story book finish for the wildcats. the crowd erupts the team piles on top of each other with hugs as streamers and
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confetti come raining down on them in houston. a buzzer beater for the ages. a buzzer beater for the 2016 national championships. >> that was one of the great college basketball games we've ever been a part of. >> reporter: the trophy hoisted high above their heads, the thrill of the victory still fresh. a hard fought win over the tarheels. villanova was down after the first half, then up, then even. it all came down to that last shot. seconds left. neshaminy grad and senior point guard ryan arcidiacono passed the ball and jenkins sunk it. >> it's surreal. >> reporter: you're taking a look inside the main entrance of a picture on the wall of the villanova wildcats 1985 ncaa national champions. well, it looks like they're going to have to make more space on that wall now. we're live from villanova's
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campus katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> that is a happy problem to have. just a let his guard down. he cut his piece of the net and flashed the villanova v. then team captain ryan arcidiacono took his turn waving the hoop like a rally towel. [cheers and applause] >> that's the way to do it. the wildcats were roaring outside nrg stadium houston overnight. most traveled hundreds even thousands of miles to watch the cats in action. it's villanova's first national championship title since 1985. alicia vitarelli caught up with another proud alum. >> did a great job. boys did a great job. never thought they would get back to a championship game let alone win a championship. it was villanova basketball, perseverance, battle down the line, pull it out and hammer it home at the end. >> it really was a game for the ages. most fans we spoke to agree it
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really was the most incredible experience watching their team clinch the title. >> police stood in riot gear as thousands of fans flooded lancaster avenue. students and fans celebrated on the streets. "action news" report annie mccomic is live on the villanova campus with more on that. hi, annie. >> reporter: hey, matt. plenty of celebrating out on the streets but things are pretty much under control. in total there were about three arrests one of those for punching a police horse, one of the members of the mounted unit. about 22 people were injured from intoxication and one person who did break an elbow. like we said overall they felt they kept it all under control but people were excited. i want to give you a look inside here at the trophy case. you can see right there is most probably where the new championship trophy will go. thousands spilled out onto lancaster avenue following the historic win. radnor township police got assistance from multiple local, state and federal agencies to man the crowd.
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students climbed light poles, raised flags and even started several small fires as they cheered in the streets. mounted units quickly came through and officers extinguished the fires and dispersed the crowds. it was under the watchful eye of authorities. radnor police had a command center set up where they monitored cameras on the campus. for the most part students' excitement did not get out of hand. those who packed the pavilion for the watch party got the feeling they were actually at the game in houston and in those final heart pumping seconds when the wildcats clinched the national title, cheers inside before they hit the streets. >> this is like the best day of my life. i honestly didn't think it would come true and those last four seconds i was praying that he would make the basket and god answered my prayers. >> reporter: now, what does everybody want after you win a championship? you want a t-shirt, right? yesterday we were at the bookstore where they told us they already put in their order for 5,000 of
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those t-shirts. they said that if they won last night they would immediately go to print so that has happened. now the members of the bookstore have to drive to new jersey to pick up those t-shirts from the printer there and then they'll bring them back over. they'll be ready at 8:00 a.m. when the bookstore opens. reporting live from villanova's campus annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> annie, i'll take a lady's medium. villanova coach jay wright barely flinched when the wildcats scored that winning shot but only "action news" was there when he watched a replay of that 3-pointer miracle. jeff skversky spoke to the coach and players in houston. >> reporter: it's one of the greatest finishes you will ever see with no time left, villanova's kris jenkins stood right here drained the three with no time left. it is the first time in national championship game history a team won at the buzzer on a three and the villanova wildcats are national champions. they cut down the nets here in
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houston. >> has it sunk in yet what you did on that last shot. >> it still hasn't. i love this trophically i ain't going to let it go for awhile. >> it's a dream come true. whew i'm have no words. just amazing. i'm glad i could share this moment with my basketball family. >> reporter: honestly what in the world was going through your mind as that's going through the nets? >> did that just lap? is this real? is this real life and we just all piled on him and it was just so much great emotion. >> reporter: did you pinch yourself yet. >> i'm trying to embrace the moment. >> right now numb, i really am. it's a thrill. it is humbling. we're so fortunate. >> reporter: villanova coach jay wright couldn't believe his eyes, so he watched the replay with us for the very first time with his family. >> great screen by daniel.
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kris gets into the play. wow. >> reporter: what's going through your mind watching this. >> i'm thinking there's going to be time left. maybe .7 and i got to get everybody together. >> reporter: you seem so calm and chill. >> because it's my job. i know i got people -- i got people -- i got 18 to 22-year-old's that are out of their minds i'm got to get them together. i never actually heard it's over, you know, there's no time left. >> reporter: i think you won, jay. i think you're national championships. >> i know. i got it now. it's still hard to believe but the villanova wildcats are national champions for the seconds time in school history. they're cleaning up the floor here in houston at the final four but time to start planning a parade back home. with the villanova wildcats, the national champs, i'm jeff skversky, channel6 "action news. >> the cover of this morning's philadelphia dale news sums up the villanova wildcats title win perfectly.
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>> thrillanova. they won it right after unc tied it. our coverage continues on see a slideshow recapping the heart stopping action plus fan reaction and the celebration in the streets. >> it is 4:42. still to come on "action news" two of the presidential candidates will be heading right here to philadelphia after today's primary in wisconsin. >> a family's suv falls into a sinkhole while traveling along a roadway in nevada. david. >> cold this morning so dress the kids up with the extra gear and keep them fairly bundled this afternoon. we'll be back with that chilly afternoon forecast, another freeze warning likely tonight. >> ♪
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>> a sinkhole swallowed up part of an suv in las vegas. the water district says a pipe broke leaking water and eventually causing the ground to give way yesterday afternoon. the driver of the suv says four children were in the vehicle with her at the time but everyone is okay.
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>> time now to talk about the weather. it is incredibly cold. >> yes. >> for day. >> especially for this time of year. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us there's a little indication of the cold out there in the form of some snow if we take a closer look, it's real light stuff highlighted in dark shades of gray. if you have any of this and it looks like it's making the roads a little bit coated you want to slow it down the looks like chester county another little batch coming down through the lehigh valley and down south in cape may there's also just a little bit clipping cape may. heading outside we have sky6. there's the shore and it's a little bit breezy out there and obviously cold this morning, too. temperature in that philadelphia is at 33 degrees. we are going to be dropping down below the freezing mark over the next half hour or so. winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. wind chills are making it feel like it's in the 20's out there. 33 in philadelphia, 33 in wilmington. already below freezing in trenton allentown and lancaster and the west of the areas very likely dropping a bit below freezing for a couple can hours and that's
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why we have that freeze warning up until 10 o'clock. satellite shows you the precip that came through yesterday. again a little bit of it left over down by the shore, a couple of lingering snow showers still popping down from the north but we are going to bind up mostly sunny and chillier today. 32 by 8 o'clock. by 10 o'clock rising up above the freezing mark and 38 by noon. 45 by 3 o'clock and this afternoon's high is 46 degrees in philadelphia, probably at around 4 o'clock. high temperatures across the region all chillier than yesterday, 41 in allentown, 42 in reading, 45 in trenton, 46 in millville and a four and a five in cape may. and future tracker shows us the story with the temperatures tonight. we'll be down close to the freezing mark again by 11 o'clock and by tomorrow morning, back into the frozen zone and it does look like we're in for another freeze warning tonight. right now it's a watch. they'll probably change to it a warning once this morning's warning expires. your exclusive accuweather 7-day sunny today for the most part but brisk and chilly with a high of just 46 degrees. feeling like it's in the 30's with winds still definitely a
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factor today. breezy and milder on wednesday, 56. up to 61 on thursday but we will have periods of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm. and now it looks like friday features a morning shower but the afternoon and evening are dry. good for union fans although you'll want to bundle up with an afternoon high of 53. brisk and chilly on saturday, 48. maybe a sprinkle. 50 on sunday, clouds, some sun and then partly sunny on monday, 60 degrees. maybe a late shower but hopefully not until after the phillies home opener concludes. remember, when we're not on the air, you can always get the latest weather information by checking out all the information is right there. cold this morning, though, so bundle up. >> will do. thank you david. happening today, the 2016 campaign trail winds through wisconsin. both republicans and democrats there will be voting in the state's primary. republican donald trump is trying to prove the polls wrong and pull out a vic 94 wisconsin tonight. his wife melania made a rare appearance on the campaign trail in an effort to improve her husband's standing with women. ted cruz who according to some polls is up by 10 points
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has been going to cheese shops. john kasich is not in wisconsin. he's focusing on the new york state primary on april 19. and the democratic candidates will be turning their focus from wisconsin to right here in pennsylvania. hillary clinton will be in philadelphia tomorrow to speak to the afl-cio at the convention center and then bernie sanders will speak there on thursday. tomorrow night he holds a rally on temple's campus at the liacouras center. both candidates have also agreed to another debate on april 14th which is before pennsylvania and delaware's primary on april 26th. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> a live look at philadelphia international airport. things moving very nicely there and outside here looking good on 422. here we are at trooper. we do have construction still blocking the left lane. should be clearing out pretty soon. you can still see the cones set up. no big problem right here as you're heading out. we have very light volume but we do have an accident where a vehicle went off the road into o a ditch. traffic moving better on matsonford road to 476 southbound. few cars westbound. eastbound looking pretty good. the construction there has cleared nonproblem there on
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the vine. the tacony palmyra at this point just finishing an opening for a southbound ship. little bit of slowing on both sides but traffic moving not too bad if you're heading out early right now. >> take a three. right wing to win it. he made it. he made the three from the right wing at the buzzer. cats win it all. cats win it all. cats win it all. >> villanova's play by play man ryan fanning called kris jenkins winning shot on the broadcast. the ball left jenkins hand with only .5 seconds left to the clock breaking a tie giving the wildcats a win sending everyone out of the arena. >> the wildcats didn't just mop the floor with the tarheels but villanova did some plane old mopping with seconds left in the game. daniel ochefu helped the mop boy clean up a still. here's what chef had to say about it after the game. >> the kid was having a hard time of i'm the one that -- i
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left a big wet spot on it. i'm like let me make sure the floor is dry. thank god we didn't slip on that. >> a lot of people on social media joked that chef's mop was ryan arcidiacono's m.v.p. trophy. >> a car thief swiped a vehicle and then ditched it a few blocks away. as it turns out two children were in the back seat sleeping through the ordeal. details at 5:00 a.m. >> you might want to file this story under how low can you go. security footage shows thieves is stealing a scooter and other items from a make a wish foundation office. the story on what happened here is up next. >> ♪
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>> former philadelphia eagle lesean mccoy will not be charged in connection with a fight in an olde city nightclub. the video shows the fight in question which happened on february 7th at the recess lounge. off duty philadelphia police officers were involved. one suffered a broken nose and broken ribs. district attorney seth williams said there wasn't enough evidence to hold mccoy responsible. mccoy could still face discipline from the nfl. authorities are released the identities of the two men that were killed in the amtrak train deflate delaware county over the weekend. 61-year-old joseph carter jr. of wilmington was the backhoe operator. 59-year-old peter adamovich of lincoln university pa was a track supervisor. ntsb investigators say the train was going 106 in a 110 miles per hour zone when
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it struck the backhoe on sunday morning. they say the engineer applied the emergency brake five seconds before impact. they still do in the know why a train and a backhoe were on the same track. >> new this morning, thieves have ransacked make-a-wish foundation's office in san francisco. surveillance video shows them making off with a scooter on saturday night and not just any scooter, it was donated and signed by san francisco giants outfielder and former philly hunter pence. besides the scooter, computer back packs be o and other itemse missing. the thieves stole from children with life-threatening illnesses. >> the smack talk is just getting started for one wildcat. the silent treatment is over for two brother whose played on opposite sides of the court last night. we'll explain the friendly sibling rivalry. >> beaten and robbed. a million dollar jewelry heist put a man in the hospital. the violent encounter was caught on camera. that's all up next on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday april 5th. the wildcats pounce and are coming home national champions. >> every time . >> the buzzer beater shot heard around the world. more on the history making play that will be talked about for decades. >> the bars and streets were packed with students and fans to celebrate villanova's 77 to 74


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